Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 43 - Yearbook Madness - full transcript

Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to make a yearbook for the Titans.

2x43 - "Yearbook Madness"

- Ooh!
- Yeah, baby!

- What?
- We...

- Just...
- Had...

- The...
- Best...

- Idea...
- Ever!

- BEAST BOY: And...
- It's...

- Not...
- Just...

- Taking...
- Turns...

- Saying...
- Each...

- Word...
- In...

- A...
- Sentence.

What could be a better idea
than the alternating of words?

Please don't encourage them, Star.

- We...
- Had...

- The...
- Great...

- Idea...
- To...

Just say it!

We want to make yearbooks
for the Titans.

Of what year is this book?

The year is this year, Star.

This year!

We're gonna finally
commemorate all the highlights

of the last year
in the form of pictures,

- in the form of a book!
- Absolutely not!

Yearbooks are only popularity contests

that leave people with hurt feelings.

Tell them
this is a bad idea, Robin.

Popularity contest...

Popularity contest.


May I sign the yearbook?

Sure, I still have some space
in the corner of this page.

- I want to sign it too, Your Majesty.
- Keep in touch with me, bro!

I want you to have a good summer.

Whoa! Whoa! One at a time.
One at a time.

A yearbook is a great idea!

My notable achievements will
finally be recognized in print.

Like "Best hair"
and "Class clown".

Class clown!
You're not funny.

Only the yearbook can say for sure.

Finally, I can prove I'm
socially superior to all of you!


What is the first step
in the making of the yearbook?

Picture day, girl!

- Ah!
- Ooh.


So good! Silkie,
you are working it, buddy.

The camera is in love with you.



Smile, tiger.

- Next!
- Let's get this over with.

How about we get a shot
with your hood off,

so we get a picture
of your smiling face?

- No.
- I know there's a pretty girl under there.

- Just take it.
- Oh, come on.

Don't be shy.
You're so pretty.

Show the world how beautiful you...


Handsome devil.


I have to nail this photo.


Cha- cha!
Hi- yaw! Ha.

- Dude, how about a smile?
- Sorry.

Cool dudes don't smile.

Oh, come on, Rob, give us a
little smile for the birdie.

Oh, you...

You think a dog toy is
going to make me smile?

CYBORG: We're two birds of
a feather, aren't we, Robin?

I want to be your friend.

He's my friend.

- Got it!
- Nooo!

Well, picture day was a disaster.

- I told you yearbooks were a bad idea.
- It's okay.

It was only one picture
out of possible thousands.

There can be more of the
pictures in the yearbook?

Of course, like
pictures of all my clubs.

- Yeah!
- You're not in any clubs.

I'm in a lot of clubs!
I'm just the only member.

There has to be two people
in a club, otherwise it's

just a sad and lonely little
man hanging out with himself.

Yeah, like we're in the
Pancake Appreciation Society.

♪ Silver dollar short stacks ♪

♪ Syrup on my flapjacks ♪

♪ Pancakes!
Pancakes! ♪

♪ We appreciate pancakes! ♪

BOTH: Pancake Club!

That's not a real club.

It's real 'cause I like
pancakes for real, mama.

All it takes is two members.

Ooh, then let us all form the clubs.










Sorry, none of your
clubs worked out, dude.

That's funny
that you mentioned that.

I just formed a new club.
Anyone else want to join

the "People Who Talk
to Themselves" club?

I do, Robin.

That's two members.

Uh, me too.

This club is growing so fast!

It's nice to meet
so many fellow voices.

I was worried about this.
His need to be featured

prominently in the yearbook
is driving him cuckoo bird.

Don't worry about me, Raven.
I'll be featured.

I'm a lock for the yearbook awards!

"Best hair."
"Tightest pants."

Don't forget the "Most
Voices in His Head" award.

Why, thank you, voice.
And of course "Most Likely to Succeed".

What exactly makes you more
likely to succeed than us?

Just watch me!

Come on, come on, come on.
Think, Robin, think.

How can I be a success?

I just have to start a business
providing something everyone needs.

But what?


Ha, ha! I made a multimillion
dollar boot industry.

Time to give me that
"Most Likely to Succeed" award.

Sorry, Robin, we can't.

- But my boot factory is a huge success.
- They are super comfortable.


Well, how can you be the
most likely to succeed

when you've already succeeded.

It does defeat the
whole point of the award.


- Hey!
- Everyone!

- Yearbooks...
- Are...

- In!
- Check...

- Them...
- Out!

Just give me the book!

Oh, you beautiful
leathery little book.

You're finally going to
validate me as the most

- popular Teen Titan.
- Oh, yeah! Check it out!

I got Most Likely to Have Worms!

Who is this dashing
gentleman on pages 7, 18,

24, 109, 157, 187, 191,

211, 215 through 236 and 254?
Oh, it's me!

I'm on nearly every page!

- Oh, look, there I am. Cool.
- Quiet!

I need silence while I
check out all my pictures.

Not me, not me,
not me, not me, ha!

Oh, that's a cactus.

Not me, not me.
Hey, there I am!

Ooh, that's not a very good picture.

Not me, not me, not me,
not me, not me, not me,

not me, not me, not me, not me.

- What's happening to him?
- Yearbook madness.

Not me, not me, not me, not me...

One page!
I'm on one page!

That's okay.

It's not like the true
test of popularity is

how many times you
show up in the yearbook,

it's how many signatures
you get in your yearbook.

Sign my yearbook!
Sign it!

Oh, I see, you're afraid
I'm going to be most popular.

I don't need your signatures,

because I'm going to
get the most signatures

of anyone in any yearbook,
of all time!

- Raven, will you sign my book of the year?
- Sure.

Sign my yearbook!

Sign my yearbook!

Sign my yearbook!

Sign my yearbook!

Sign it!

Sign it!

Sign it! Sign it!

Sign my yearbook!

Ha, ha!
I have more signatures

in my yearbook than anyone else.

♪ I am the best ♪

A-Are those... signatures?

Green Lantern, Aqua Man,
Haunted Tank,

Aliens Rule, Superman!
Where did these come from?

The heroes heard about our yearbook

and wanted to sign
the adorable messages.

And you didn't have to
scream or beat them

- to get them to do it?
- No, bro. They just like us.

Huh! Must be nice.

Well, I can still get more signatures!

Great job, Robin.

Oh, thank you, Robin.

No, Robin, you're clearly the best.

See you next year.

Good luck. KIT.

To Robin, a true BFF.

Too good to be forgotten!

It's not a popularity contest, Robin.

Yes, it is!
And I'm going to win it.

I have to be in the yearbook.

You do have the one
awkward picture, Robin.

No, I mean, I have to be
in the yearbook, literally!

- Raven, magic me in there, now!
- No way.

How about you just calm down,
take some deep breaths?

I got a little worked up.

This is supposed to be fun, right?

- Can I sign your yearbook, Raven?
- Sure, why not?

Will you read what I wrote you?

Of course.
"Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

Wow! I'm dumb.

We're the best bros ever!

Keep in touch.

"Most Likely to Get Married."

Chess Club rules!



- Can we save him?
- Yeah, but do we really want to?

I win yearbook!

Yes, yes, yes!