Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 32 - Let's Get Serious - full transcript

After Young Justice easily takes out the HIVE while the other Titans make silly jokes, Robin decides the team needs to get serious.

2x32 - "Let's Get Serious"

This ends today, H.I.V.E.

Today justice will reign!

Today evil will...

Today evil will fall to its knees!


Shh-shh. He's looking.

Today, hope for the city's renew...

Excuse us for a second, please.
Thank you.

How many times do I have to
tell you to not make fart noises

when I am striking fear
into the hearts of the enemy.

This is supposed to be the final
showdown and you're ruining it!

Dude, why do you take
yourself so seriously?

Have a laugh once in a while.

We are the last line of
defense for this city,

if we can't be serious about
being superheroes, then who?

Look how serious they are.

Ooh! They have the
eyes of righteousness.

- No one's even smiling.
- I feel so intimidated...

and I like it!

Now those are real heroes.

Send these cretins to our base in the
Kratoa nebula for further interrogation.

Something tells me...
this is only the beginning.

Hey there, Aqualad.

- Hello, Robin.
- Sweet moves out there!

I do what must be done.

Now, uh, excuse me.

There's an emergency in the SN 1885
quadrant that needs my attention.

Cool, cool, cool.
Yeah, I'll probably head out there too.

What? On your way to
a pie eating competition?

What's that supposed to mean?

- Did someone say pie?
- I love pie!

♪ When I say I want, you say... ♪

Not now!

- What?
- I did not wish to say anything.

But you and your team have
brought nothing but shame

to all real superheroes.
The Teen Titans are a disgrace.

Hey, hey, hey.
You are way off base, buddy.

There's no difference between our teams.

We may do things a little differently,

but we're both just trying
to take down the bad guys.

- Is that right?
- Quick. Before they see us.

Who is ready for another
of the girl's night out?

Superheroes are supposed
to inspire hearts

and teach valuable lessons
about friendship and life.

We... do... that?

What? Lessons like
books can be dangerous?

Or what is better, burgers or burritos?

You are a mockery of everything
the world holds sacred about heroes.

Come on. What is so bad about being
a little silly from time to time?

I am all for a good laugh,

but the Teen Titans cannot be
serious for one single moment.

- Good day.
- But...

- I said good day!
- Okay. Good talk, Aqualad.

Yup. We'll catch up later.

What's up with you, dude?

Oh, nothing.
Just thinking about my dead parents.

So tragic.

- Whoa! What was that?
- Keep it light, dude.

- Yeah, where did that come from?
- I have the depression now.

Sorry, I'm just brooding.

Well, can you brood
in the kitchen, dude?

And maybe bring me back
some pickles and tahini.

No, I want to brood here!

- And it wouldn't be so bad if you could too.
- Are you down in the dumpster

because the real heroes made
us look completely inadequate?

We are real heroes!

But we have forgotten that
because you've all become real jokesters.

Even Raven.

What are you talking about?
I'm no jokester.

Don't play dumb.
I've seen your act.

Thanks for coming out.
Good to be here.

Anyone from out of town?

So my Dad came to visit.
You know what that's like, right?

Hi, honey.
Mind if I devour your soul?

And I'm all like,
"Can we do that after breakfast?"

The good thing about having a demon
as my father is being immortal.

The bad thing is having to deal
with him for the rest of my life.

He knows what I'm talking about.

Try all you want, Raven,
but you're not funny.

None of you are!

Admit it, we're a little funny.

Aren't you tired of
being two dimensional?

There's so much more to us!

I mean, look at Cyborg!
He's half man and half machine.

- I know! Pretty cool, right?
- No. It's not pretty cool.

In fact it should be tearing you apart.

Are you a man
or are you a machine?

- Whoa!
- That's heavy, dude.

Could not being more
serious fracture the team?

Yes, but that's how
we become stronger,

by being torn apart and
coming back together.

- Preferably in front of a sunset.
- I do not understand, Robin.

Of course you don't,
because you're an alien and

that's your struggle.
You should all be struggling!

Maybe Robin's right.

Aqualad and his friends
did look really cool.

They sure did.

And I want a tough
face and tight muscles.

Of course you do!

I have always wanted to
visit the SN 1885 quadrant.

We can interrogate some
filthy cretins there right now!

I'd like to tell a villain,
"It's just you and me now."

Then let's... get...


♪ It is time ♪

♪ To get really,
really, really serious ♪

♪ No time for toys ♪

♪ No time for food ♪

♪ There's no time
to be in a good mood ♪

♪ Serious eyes
and a serious nose ♪

♪ Serious faces
and a serious pose ♪

♪ It is time ♪

♪ to say something
really, really serious ♪

If you're not gonna help
then get out of the way!

I work alone.
You'll only slow me down.

I'm saying the one-liners
like a real hero.

There is good
and there is evil

and the line between them is clear.


Who among you would like
to sing a song about pie?

How can I sing
when I am so conflicted?

I have been so conflicted and unhappy
all this time and never even knew it!

I've never felt more
emotionally complex.

We should have gotten serious years ago.

Finally we are no longer disgraces.

We are the team I always
dreamed we could be.

Look at how defined my muscles are.


And I can't smile anymore.

Crime alert!

The President sends word the H.I.V.E.'s
murder satellite is ready to launch.

If we can't stop them
the world will be destroyed forever!

- Robin.
- Not now, Star.

There's too much work to do.

Titans go!

What are we looking at, Robin?

- It is very... dark.
- Of course it's dark.

Night time is the most
serious time to fight crime.

Yeah, but I can't
see anything either.

Makes it even more dangerous.

I can use my cybernetics to see.

But what I did not lose my humanity!

Robin, there is
something I need to tell you.

Not now,
we have a job to do.

In case we don't come back,

I wanna say it's been an
honor serving with you all.


Everything is ready.
Missile is go for launch!

Not on our watch.

Whoa! You guys look serious.

We're done playing
games with you, H.I.V.E.

That's too bad.

- How do we stop it?
- With serious firepower!

That is some serious hero work, Titans.

- Aqualad.
- We came here to clean up your mess,

but it looks like you have
everything under control.

Perhaps you can admit you misjudged us.

You do look pretty serious now.

- I just worry, is it too serious?
- Too serious?!

You don't understand what it's
like to be half machine, half man!

Let's get out of here, Titans.
There's a life and death emergency

in the Mooka-Mooka sector
we have to deal with,

and something tells me
this is only the beginning.

Can you believe Aqualad
thought we were too serious?

Not now, Robin.

I need to have a little
talk with my friend, Cyborg.

- What's this all about?
- You know what this is about.

You drank my juice and I wanna know why.

I was thirsty.

You knew that was my juice!

- My name was on the carton!
- So? It's drink, it'll be dranken!

If I can't trust you with my juice
then maybe I can't trust you at all.

Well, that makes two of us.
Trust is a two-way street, hombre.

Hey, break it up.

- It was just juice.
- Easy for you to say!

It wasn't your juice!

Guys, the monster in me
is feeding on your anger.

- I don't know who I am anymore!
- Snap out of it!

- You're Raven.
- Am I?

Or am I a monster, a freak?

I don't think I can
be a part of this team anymore!

- What is happening to our team?
- It's too late, Star.

He knew what he was doing
when he drank the juice!

- My juice!
- And I enjoyed every sip of it!


Hmm. Could this be
the end of the Teen Titans?

I thought being serious
would bring us closer

but it's only driven us apart.