Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 31 - Hose Water - full transcript

When Cyborg and Starfire find a baby bird, it awakens their inner child.

2x31 - "Hose Water"

Stop what you're doing
immediately and look at me!

I'm looking, bro.

Ready for the most amazing sight,
ever, ever, ever, ever?

My eyes can't take the anticipation.

- Is it hiding behind the bird?
- It is the bird!

Isn't nature amazing?

It's just a bird, brah.

Oh, look, I'm a bird.
Am I amazing?

Oh, my goodness, yes!

No, bro, not amazing at all.

Dearest friend, Raven, I must
show you something wondrous.

Cool, thanks for sharing it.

- But you have not even seen the "it" yet.
- I get the gist.

- Look!
- No.



Behold, the object of beauty!

You made me open my lids for a shell?

Does its colorful exterior not
bring you the feelings of joy?

I hate colorful things.

Oh, I didn't mean that.

I hold a tiny miracle
in my hand, and he's all,

"Whatever, bro."

This shell has captured
the colors of the rainbow

and Raven responds with a "uh."

Look at the cutest
of baby birds you are holding!

♪ Baby bird, baby bird ♪

♪ Oh, how I love that birds ♪

♪ are still the baby ♪

♪ Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp ♪

I think that's the shell
this little guy hatched from.


- I don't believe it!
- Where did the little bird go?

- Oh, there you are.
- Oh, there he is.


- The birds hatch out of the eggs?
- Not all eggs.

- How can we be sure?
- I never thought about it like that.

We must free the imprisoned birdies!

So, you think you're hard boiled?
Well, you're going to crack!

Just like the rest of
your egghead friends!

I'm so lonely.

Be free, tiny bird.

No birdie in this one.

There's more in here, Star!

Be free!

- Be free!
- Freedom!

Stop! You're destroying

nature's best source
of protein and puns.

Better safe than sorry.

What's with all the eggcitement?

Raven, please, I'm the egg pun guy.

And what's happening
is Cyborg and Starfire

are egging each other on.

- Well played.
- We are just having the bird fun, Robin.

- And the breaking stuff fun, too.
- Let us break more of the objects.

- What? No!
- Too late!

- What do we do now?
- Let's build a fort!

Star, we should hang out more.

Come on out here, you two.

What is the password?


- Cucumber.
- Oh.

- Yes?
- We need to discuss your recent behavior.

Why? We're just having fun.

Bro, you can't tell me
she's more fun than me!

It's a different kind of fun, Beasty.

The innocent kind, like
when we were little kids.

Back when you tried to find the
end of the rainbow, or build a fort

or just enjoy some silly nursery rhymes

like the one about the old
woman who lives in the shoe.

That rhyme is most wondrous.

- How big must the shoe be?
- And how stinky too.

- Stop acting like children!
- Is that wrong?

You see, there's a reason
we leave childish things

like excessive exuberance,
wonder, and innocence behind.

What is it?

I can't tell you.
But if you don't heed my warning,

the consequences will
be highly eggstreme!


But we like having the
exuberance of the child's, Robin.

That's right!

Hey, you want to race
up and down the lawn?

I do, indeed.

No, I cannot allow that to happen!


- But wait, your shoes are untied!
- They are?

Ah, I don't even have laces!

I have not had this
much fun since I was little bungor.

I feel like a kid again too.
It makes you wonder

why people stop having silly
fun when they get older.

It's crazy!

- What are you doing?
- Face paint, really?

I know things about face paint.

It's dangerous. I was a tiger once.

Your faces!

- What's wrong with our faces?
- See the...

the features, the bone
structure, everything looks...

- younger!
- I believe we appear the same, Robin.

No, look at the
differences between Star now

and a picture I took
of her eight hours ago.

Now, the differences with
Cyborg are even more pronounced.

- Look! Look!
- Oh, Robin, we are not younger.

Can you not see that we just bring
out the inner child in each other?

We just feel younger.

Now, we'd love to look at
more boring pictures with you,

but we're going to go
drink from the hose.

Hose water? Joy!

You're absorbing each
other's childhood exuberance

and it is literally making you younger!

You need to be isolated
so I can run some tests.

You shall have to catch us first.

- Oh!
- I'm running.

Stop having fun!

- What's going on?
- Yeah, all this noise is eggravating me.


Starfire and Cyborg are toying with
forces they can't possibly understand.

It just looks like they're
playing hide 'n' seek, dude.

That's how it's done!

Unless we can stop them
from having innocent fun,

they'll continue to de-age.

What was that?

What happened to them?

They've been unborn.
You know what this means?

Yes, more egg puns!

Oh, snap. It's the pickle bird.

- Got any pickles for me?
- That's not the pickle bird, Beast Boy.

Remember when you asked
me where babies come from?

Oh, it's that bird!

What up, Stork?
Got any babies for me?

This is not a drop off, folks.

This is a pick up. I'm going
to need those eggs right there.

Thank you.

Sorry, Stork. But we don't
serve breakfast after eleven!

Titans Go!

Wait a second!

- Where's he going?
- A place of hope, discovery and dreams.

So, this is where babies come from.

Yes, and if we want to
re-age Cyborg and Starfire,

we have to destroy it all!


Look, Beast Boy's
starting to de-age too.

We all are.

The optimism here is too strong!
We have to act fast!

Just look at this world

through the eyes of
an adult with a mortgage.

Right, Beast Boy?

This shoe is so cool!
Look how big those laces are!

Beast Boy, no!

Ha, ha, ha!

- What now?
- We start acting our age!

We have to remind ourselves
bugs are not fascinating!

They're disgusting creatures.
Right, Raven?

I forgot how neat bugs are.
I want to study insects when I grow up.


Don't give up, Titans!
We can still be sad, lonely adults!

Is that face paint?

Must resist temptation.

Colors, so bright.

I want to be a tiger.

Well, I wasn't eggpecting this.

You see that!
I'm the egg pun guy!