Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 38 - Breakfast Cheese - full transcript

Starfire has an epiphany and convinces her fellow Titans to join her in living lives of peace and nonviolence.

1x42 - Birds

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Do not panic! I have the water.

Everybody, stop, drop and roll!

I'll save you, little buddy.

Live, I say. Live!

I've got this, Titans.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

Hmm. Check this out.

"Chimney blockage detected."

That's what set off the alarm.

I guess somebody ought
to go unblock it.

But who is the one who cleans
the blockage of the chimneys?

Wait, I'm a leader. Leaders
don't clean chimneys.

Stupid, ridiculous,
filthy blocked chimney.

Now, let's see what's
causing the trouble.

Oh no! Mockingbirds!

What are a couple of lowlife,

filthy mockingbirds doing
clogging up my chimney?

Why can't they be more dignified?
Like the majestic Robin.

The aristocrat of
the bird world.

Time to take out the trash.

Hey, mockingbirds! Get
out of my chimney!

Oh, mocking the Teen
Titans team leader, huh?

Bad idea!

I can fight dirty, too.

Oh, what? Don't like Birdy Cide?

You like that, eh?

You see something you like?

Oi! Good grip! Deal it, man.

Hey! What's going on here?

We heard some cool music playing

so we came outside and
found these cool guys.

And they are the coolest.

Super cool.

This is our leader, Robin.

You don't look like
no Robin to me, mate.

Wait... What?

Are you mocking me?

Oh! You're the mockingbirds I
kicked out of the chimney!

That's right.

Why would you kick 'em out?
They're really cool.

When I kicked them out
they weren't this cool.

The chemicals I used
must have mutated them.

I noticed you have laser eyes.

Just so happens I do too.

Oh, what's wrong, Mr.

Can't you fly?

The hawk.

The Canadian goose.

You bird call like a pro, mate.

How about a Robin?

Oi, everybody, I'm the leader.

Me name's Robin but me
ain't got no feathers.

Why are you encouraging these guys?
They're just filthy birds.

I think they are sweet.

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

Mockingbirds are
nothing but trouble.

These guys? Yeah, right.

♪ Yeah ♪

Ah! My room! What have you done?

You thought you was
oh, so clever.

Chucking us out of the chimney.

Well, mate, we're taking
over your nest now.

But it's my room!

Oi, he's disrespecting
us, brother.

- Can't have that.
- Too right.

Stamping time.

Stop! My eye! Ahh!

Ahh! Ooh! Me eye!

Well, have fun with
your birdy friends.

I'm leaving.

- Did he say something?
- Oh!

Forget about him. Now we
can have some real fun!

Excellent notion, brother.

- I think it's time for a...
- Bird party!

♪ I'm free as a bird ♪

So I said, "Let's shake
a tail feather, baby."

She's all like, "Yeah."
And I'm like, "What?"

♪ I'm free as a bird ♪

Hey, baby, what's shaking?
How you doing?

Nice beak.

- Man, these bird girls are cold!
- I told you to back off.

My name is Raven. I
am not "a" raven.

Come on, guys. Gimme a break.

Look, everybody. Garbage!

♪ I'm free as a bird ♪

♪ The bird, the bird, the bird ♪


Eew! Bird dookie!

The feathers are everywhere.

Oi, can we help it
if we're molting?

Is that an egg sandwich?

Yeah. Maybe.

What happened?

He used to be cool.

Another nature documentary?

You shut your scone hole!

Chimney's blocked again.

Who shall remove the
blockage this time?

I no longer like these
birds who mock.

- They are bossy and mean.
- Robin was right about them.

Okay, let's see what kind of
trash is blocking this thing.


- Who are you?
- Robin, it's us.


You were right, dude!

Those birds are the worst.

You have to help us
get rid of them.

Help you, help you, help you?
Why? Why should I help you?

Not help us, man.

You gotta lead us.

Titans, go!

Oh, I thought we got rid of you.

You got it backwards, friend.

- Oh, you're getting rid of us?
- "Oh, you're getting rid of us?"

Are you mocking us? Get 'em!

Birds of a feather,
fight together!


- These guys just won't go!
- How did you ever

remove them from the
chimney the first time?

Birdy Cide.

Uh-oh. They mutated again.

We have not mutated.

Rather, we have evolved into
the birds of the future.

With our newly
advanced intellects

has come an understanding of
the futility of conflict.

You have nothing to
fear from us, Titans.

We have foresworn acts
of disgusting violence.

- And desire only to live in peace.
- Uh...

Okay. In that case...

Filthy mockingbirds!

Not on the brain,
not on the brain!

Oh! Uncivilized.

Ai! That was me bum!

Filthy mockingbirds!