Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Terra-ized - full transcript

Beast Boy thinks the villainess Terra is his new girlfriend, but she is just using him to gain access to all of the Titans' secrets. Only Raven suspects Terra, but the others just think that Raven is jealous.

1x25 - Colors of Raven


Okay, Titans.
To take down Dr. Light,

I'm gonna need your best.

Your best one-liners.
Titans go!

It's lights out for you, Dr. Light.

Light's about to have his punched out.

The Dr. Light shall need a
doctor when I am through with him.

Great job, Raven, but
where's the one-liner?

This is stupid.
How's that?

Eh! Really should have the
word "light" or "doctor" in it.

Now that Dr. Light is back in prison
and the museum is destroyed,

I wonder what we should do with this.

Well, if I were you, I probably
wouldn't be messing with it.

- Easy there, Raven.
- Yeah! What's got you all worked up?

- I'm not worked up.
- Oh, well, sorry.

It's hard to tell how you really
feel with your delivery sometimes.

But you should really stop passing
that thing around like a ball.

You need to calm down!
You are out of control!

Oh, yeah. You're not mad.

You are at least excited about the
butt-kicking of the Dr. Light, yes?

Was that excitement or your
trademark use of the sarcasm?

Uh, guys, I think this
thing just turned on,

Or something. You take it.

- I don't want it.
- Uh-uh!

I love this game.


Oh, no!

We just split Raven into
four versions of herself!

- Actually, there are five Ravens now.
- Are you sure? Because...

Go ahead, Beast Boy.
We'll wait.

Zero, one, two...

You don't start at zero when you count.

Huh! Then five it is.

Oh, no!

We just split Raven into
five versions of herself!

You okay, Raven... s?

I told you not to mess
around with that thing.


Free! Free! I'm free!

- I don't like it here.
- What's not to like?

Seems the prism has divided Raven into

the five core parts of her personality.

- Purple is her passion.
- Cyborg: Red is her rage.

- Starfire: Pink, her happiness.
- Beast Boy: Orange, her laziness.

Robin: And gray is her timidity.

Well, at least now we know
what the Ravens are thinking.

This is going to be awesome!
Just think.

Five Ravens in battle.

Ah, maybe having five
different Ravens around

won't be such a bad thing
after all. Ow!

Time to watch everybody's
favorite action movie. Ow!

It's not everybody's favorite
movie. Just yours, jerk.

Now the old Raven would
have just said, "whatever,"

but you, you say what's
on your mind. I love it!

Oh, and I hate it that
you scream all the time.

Ow! Good to know!

Well, everyone likes
horror movies, right?

Just thinking about them
gives me a nervous stomach.

- Oh, no.
- Message delivered.

You're not going to
have to tell me twice.

Perhaps a comedy?

Comedies make me laugh.

- Ow! What was that for?
- Because I love comedies.

This might be the fastest
we've ever come to a consensus.

I'm really liking these
different Ravens. Ow!

Nothing's better than
pancakes in the morning.

How about this?

I see a giraffe.

Is that a llama doing the tango?

Can't a person get a decent
non-dancing breakfast around here?

Hey, gang, what's for brea...

Titans, go!

Ravens, go!

As great as finally knowing
how the Ravens actually feel is,

they're really messing
up our battle game.

Since the prism split them up,
we should be able to use the crystals

to trap the Ravens and
put them back together.

Oh! Do we have to?

I kind of like this one.

Should we be discussing
our plan in front of her?

Don't worry about me.
I don't really care.

But I do!

- Ow!
- Ow!

You're not going to use that on us.

I don't want to be
combined with these losers.

That looks too scary to me.

- I'll go if you come with...
- I'm good with whatever.

Let's get out of here!

Robin: Looks like they're
spreading through the city.

We're going to have to split
up to capture all the Ravens.

- I'm going after purple.
- No.

- Oh, come on, please.
- No.

Then Beast Boy and I will
take the most dangerous one!

- Pink.
- Oh, yeah, pink.

- We may not come back alive!
- Isn't she the happy one?

When she makes those marshmallow clouds,

the cholesterol alone could kill you.

Not looking forward to this.

- See you!
- See you!

I guess we'll go after the rest.

Titans, go!

Just go away.

There she is!

Gumballs! Wink!




- Pink! - Pink!
- Huh?

- We missed you!
- We missed you!

I missed you, too!

- Let's have fun!
- Oh, my gosh! Yes!

All: Whoa!

Bees: Go, go, go!

I hope this never ends.

- What are you going to do?
- The only thing I can do.

Robin, be careful!

Beast Boy!
This hamburger is fantastic!

I know, dude. I know.


- No!
- No!

We've captured all the
Ravens except for orange.

And we've already searched
the whole city for her.

Oh, hey.

She has been here the whole time?

And she ate everything in
the fridge. How could you?

Let's get our Raven back.

Thanks for making me whole again.

Uh, you're being mean, aren't you?

- No, really. Thanks.
- I believe this is the sarcasm?

Not being sarcastic at all.

Oh, the confusion!

I can't tell what she's trying to say!

Just great job, guys.

Make it stop! Make it stop!

Who knew that under that
dark cape and darker scowl

that a mix of happy, scared,
loving, angry, lazy emotions exist.