Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Parasite - full transcript

Starfire acquires a space parasite, and insists on treating it like a pet. The parasite succeeds in winning over all of the Titans except Robin, who alone sees the growing organism as the threat it is.

2x21 - Terra-ized


Yep, something tells me it's
going to be a great morning.

♪ Morning, morning morning,
morning, morning ♪

♪ lots to do today so
quit your snoring ♪

Morning, Starfire!

♪ Morning, morning morning,
morning, morning ♪

♪ breakfast will be cereal
that I am a-pouring ♪

Morning, Raven!

♪ Morning, morning morning,
morning, morning ♪

♪ breaking villains' bones
until they are moaning ♪

Morning, Cyborg!

- Morning, Beast Boy!
- Why are you singing, dude?

♪ Morning, morning morning,
morning, morning ♪

- There he goes again!
- Knock it off already!

♪ Morning, stranger going
through the Titan computer ♪

Stranger going through
the Titan computer!

Security breach!
Security breach!

Slow your roll, fool!

This isn't an unidentified female intruder.
This is Terra!

And you can identify
her as my girlfriend.

"Girlfriend" isn't
the word I'd use.

You prefer "soul mate," huh?

How did she get in without
setting off the alarm?

I gave her the tower
security codes.

Aw! Trading security codes already!
This sounds serious.

Oh, please regale us with your tale
of love at first visual contact.

Okay, it's a pretty
typical story, though.

Boy meets girl.

Girl asks if boy will get her
access to the Titans tower.

Boy falls for girl.

Girl insists on getting a schematic
of the Titans' defense capabilities.

I told myself I wouldn't cry.

So what's an attractive,

decent smelling girl
doing with Beast Boy?

I guess I like how
trusting he is.

I mean he is really,
really trusting.

You know, she has
superpowers, too.

So, if this works
out, which it will,

she'll make a great
addition to the team!

A new Titan? Let's
see what you've got.

Rock manipulations. Sweet!

I like what I see.

But if Terra wants to
be a part of the team,

she'll have to pass a series
of carefully designed tests!

Be prepared!

For anything!


Come on, sugar, I'll show you
around the rest of the tower.

No touching, remember?

Titan test! Yeah!

Well played, Terra.

But that's only the...

first test.

There is something I
don't like about her.

I think I know what
you don't like.

That she's all up in
your man's grill.

And you're all, "uh-uh,
boo bear is mine."


We watch a lot of daytime
talk shows together.

I have something
special to show you.

You know how you're telling me how
you love secret compartments?

- It's my favorite thing in the world.
- Well...

Wow! It's beautiful, Beast Boy.

Can you bring me my camera?

We're not really supposed to
be taking pictures in here.

- Not even of our first kiss?
- Oh, snap!

Gonna find that camera!

I'm in and everything is
going just as planned.

Soon, the Titans will be
nothing more than a memory.

Oh! Where is that camera?


Titan test!

Sorry! You startled me. I
just wanted some milk.

Enjoy your milk.

You have earned it.

The next test won't be so easy.


And how are things progressing
with the lady friend?

It's getting pretty serious.

She wants to know
everything about me!

All my hopes and my dreams,

my pass codes and security clearances.
All yours, too.

- Oh, boy.
- Oh, the boy, indeed.

Now, do you guys see
what I'm talking about?

Look, there's something you
should know about your girl.

What? What is it?

I think she is in the
"L" word with you.

- Lobster!
- Love.

Oh, that is an even
better "L" word.

I am filled with the
happiness for you.

Really? You think so?

Why else would she be
spending so much time

picking your brain about
everything concerning you?

And the Titans?

Sounds like she's using him
to collect intel on us.

Do you know what
else it sounds like?

That somebody's j-e-alous!

That's sweet, Raven, but
I've found my match.

Still friends?

I hate you all.

Oh, man! You have got it so
bad for Beastie, don't you?

Well, I'm late for a date in the
Titans' secret lair with my boo.

- It's your world, son.
- That's what's up!

There you are, my sweet.

Tell me, why did you pick
this place for a date?

I didn't say "date".
I said "data".

As in, data transfer.

I'd like to put all the Titans' most
sensitive files on my flash drive.

Mmm, sounds romantic.

How about a little kissy first?


Oh, I see how it is.

Confidential data
first, then a kiss.

Guess who now owns all
the Titans' secrets?

Wow! This was way too easy.

Isn't that what they
say about love?

"When it works, it's just easy."

I knew it!

Let me go!

You know how I had my
suspicions about Terra?

Well, I spied on
her and found out

she's been collecting
info to take us out!

I cannot believe it!

Do you know what
this means, Raven?

That you are completely nutso!

We never realized you are so
in the love with Beast Boy.

I am so sorry,
Terra, but I guess

jealousy just makes
people do crazy things.

I am not jealous!

Look, you'll believe me when
I show you the evidence.

Titan test!

You're gonna make a great...

Now, will you admit that Terra was
using Beast Boy to take us down?

Wow. You guys said she was
crazy about Beast Boy,

but you didn't tell me she was cuckoo!

The villain world is gonna pay a lot
for what I have uncovered here.

- Peace out, Titans.
- Terra? What's going on?

Uh, um...

You're leaving without telling me.
Aren't you?

Sorry, uh, things are just
getting too intense between us.

Beast Boy, wait!

Just wanna tell you,
go get her, tiger!

Don't leave, Terra!

You can't tell me you don't
feel anything for me.

You wanna know how I really feel?

Azarath metrion zinthos!

What did you do to her, Raven?

Vanished her to another dimension.
You're welcome.

She was just about to
tell me how she felt!

Looks like somebody's
a little...


Well, guys, looks
like Raven was right.

Thank you.

I guess it was kind of silly to think
you were in love with Beast Boy.

Why is that so silly?

Because you lack
redeeming qualities.

- We're sorry.
- You should be.

Just the thought of
Beast Boy and me.