Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Tower Power - full transcript

Cyborg shorts out when he gets wet, so the others disassemble him to dry. When they can't figure out how to reassemble him, they upload Cyborg into the Tower's main computer.

1x20 - Staff Meeting

Titans, I've assembled you all
here for a staff meeting.

Staff meeting! Staff meeting!

What was that for?

I've been going over the
performance reviews

and vigilance is down 4%.
Justice, 5%.

Yet, somehow,
horseplay is up 95%.


Now, if you guys were just
more like my staff here...

Here we go again.


You treating that staff
like it's a person!

They got a great tuna melt there, too...
Uh, I'm sorry, what, Cyborg?

I missed that. We were
discussing lunch plans.

Yeah. It's super weird, Robin.

Oh, yeah? Well, we think
you're super weird. So, ha!

On Tamaran, many people
communicate with lumps of wood.

Thank you, Starfire.

Those people are banished from
our city and fed to the dorpnug.

You do know it's
just a stick, right?

Uh-oh! He hates
being called that!

A stick?

You better stop
calling him that!

Well, that's what it is.
Mr. Sticky Stickerton.

A stick, stick, stickitty stick!

Whoa, whoa! Calm down, buddy.
Trust me, they're not worth it.

Look into my eyes. Go
to your happy place.


I warned you!

- What you call a stick...
- Ow!

Is the most refined fighting
instrument on the planet!

- Perfectly balanced!
- Ooh... Ooh... Ow!


And the best friend a
guy could ask for.

But I thought I was
your best friend.

- No!
- Oh! Ow!

Bottom line, this staff is the best
sidekick any hero could ever have.

Oh, what's that?

Oh, yeah, burger
sounds great, buddy.

They got that cool kaiser bun that...
You driving?

Uh, anyone seen the plunger?

Why not use Robin's staff?

Yeah, he seems to think
it can do any job.

Wow, this stick is awesome!

I love this stick.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, dudes,
I got a solution.


Ooh... I think you broke it.

Aw, snap! Literally.

Robin will be greatly upset.

Then no one better tell him.

Maybe I can put this together
with a little magic.

Morning, guys. Anybody
seen my staff?

- Uh-uh.
- Nope.


We broke it!


- Yeah, your stick got broke.
- But, we taped it together!

Good as new. Here you go, bro.

Yeah, I can still use this.

Sure you can, bud.

I have a feeling
everything's gonna be a-o-k.

A-o-k, yeah.

Everything is not a-o-k!

It's not fair.

It worked so well before.

Sad punch... sad punch!

Frowny kick!

Oh, how I hate when Robin
glorbnaks with the sadness.

Yeah, bro needs a new stick.

But you heard him, that
staff was irreplaceable.

If a spell won't work, there is
one place he could get a new one.



I know a place where you
can find a new staff.

One that's even better
than the last one.

There can never be another staff!


Look, I don't want a new staff.

What if it was magic?

I like magic.

Then you have to journey to
the ancient universe tree.

The tree that will heal your
pain and give you a new staff.

The universe tree?

- How do I find it?
- Make no mistake.

The quest is long and dangerous.

You will have to scale
the mountain of doubt,

pass over the infinite chasm, and
only when you see the falcon of truth

will you be halfway there.

And finally, you will arrive
at the universe tree.

Is there somewhere I
can drive to instead?


Whoa... this must be
the universe tree.

I am, indeed. I have been
waiting for you, Robin.

You can talk?

Of course I can talk. I am
the magic tree of Elderioth.

In fact, I speak many languages,

some only known to
demons and fairy-folk.

I've come to find a new staff.

It would appear you
have already found one.

- This? - You see, Robin, your

journey was not about finding...

Yeah, this is a root! I ripped it out
of the side of a filthy mountain.

It's got bird dookie on it!

Wait! Don't do...

I want a magic staff.

I'm afraid you do
not understand.

The staff is merely... Ow! Ow!

Hey! What are you doing there?

Came here for a staff,
gonna get a staff!

You're missing the point.
Ow... Ow! Ow!

Okay, that's starting to hurt.

Please, if you stop now
I may yet survive.


Not bad.

How could you cut me down!
I have been here providing

wisdom to travelers since
the beginning of time!

- Sounds boring.
- A little bit, yes.

Well, now you're going to get to see
the world and hit people in the face.

That could be a nice
change of pace.

You know, my other staff talked,
but never really out loud.

It was only kind of in my head.
This might actually work out.

We are the magical tree custodians,
guardians of the forest.

Prepare to be punished!

Knee smack!

Custodian poke! Custodian poke!

Ear bite!

Huh... my old staff didn't bite.

Do I look like your old staff?

I've assembled you all
here for a staff meeting.

- Staff meeting! Staff meeting!
- Ow! - Ow!


Check it out. I
have a new staff,

even better than the one before.

It appears you are in
much better spirits.

Thanks to Raven.
This guy is great!

Then I guess you don't
want your old one back.

- My staff!
- Oh...

You're alive!

Yeah, what's that?

Oh, yeah, buddy. I
missed you too.

I finally figured out a spell
to put it back together.

We've got a lot of
catching up to do. What?

Oh, yeah, a movie sounds great.

What are you going
to do with me?

Oh, I know exactly
what to do with you.

For 3,000 lives of men, I have
bestowed wisdom and knowledge.

- I was not made for this!
- Man, you talk too much.