Söz (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 10 - Ölüm Sessizligi - full transcript

Erdem and Ali Haydar were able to save Yavuz at the very last minute. However, Colak has another unforeseen plan. This plan makes things even more difficult for everyone. While trying to implement the Colak's plan, one of his men makes a big mistake. The punishment he gives to this man will have bad consequences for him. Eylem's situation is very heavy after Fethi shoots her. Her live is in danger. Fethi blames himself. He is in deep sorrow and tense expectation. The news he receives shocks him. Eylem has died despite all the efforts of the doctors. The team that took action with two important intelligence's took two major operations. They push Colak gradually into the corner. However, Colak has another last move to breathe and Yavuz's team gives a soldier a martyr for the first time.

Episode 10

Wait for me to call you.

Keep me updated.

Okay, sir.

What did they say, sir?

They'll do it.



Eylem do you hear me


Am I going to die?

No, of course not!

You're not going to die! You are going to stay alive!

Stay tough, okay?

Look, I didn't want this to happen.

I had to do it, Eylem!

Why didn't you listen to me? Why didn't you drop your gun?


Come here!

Come here!

He is running away!

He is running away! Catch him!

We are both going to turn into ashes here.

Colak gave up on you too.

Even if you set me on fire, this footage is going to be destroyed too.

Shut up.

Be quiet!

They are going to shoot this place up.

We are both going to die in here.

Bring me to where it fell down.

Yes, what?


Okay, sir.


They shot our plane down.


Hang in there, Yavuz. We are coming.

We're coming, sir.


Do it.


Drive faster.

It's time.

It's over.

They are coming.

Let them come. Open it.

Why are you here?

They will be here in any minute.

We can leave from the back door.

Even if we run away, they won't stop chasing us.

You better leave me here.

No, that won't happe

We will leave together.

That won't happen.

Wait a minute.

You should leave.
What are you going to do here?

You should leave, I will be there soon.

Are you sure?

Come on, kids.

Come on.

Eylem? Eylem, you're going to be okay.

Okay? Don't close your eyes!

Eylem, stay with me!

Talk to me!

Eylem, can you hear me?

Avci, what happened?

Eylem was going to kill Sebo. I had to shoot her.

We have to do something! Okay, calm down.


Babahakki, come here! Where is that guy?

He ran away, sir. What?


To that direction.

Okay, calm down.

Where have they been? A§ik, it's an emergency!

Come here.

Who are you?
I told you to come here.

I'm working for Colak.

How did you come here? We stopped the firetruck,

and killed them all.

Give me your hands.

Okay, follow me. This way.



We are here, sir!


Are you okay?

Come on, sir.

I still have fuel on my clothes! Be careful.

Come on Hafiz!

Okay, sir.

Come on!


Are you okay, dude?

Where is Colak? He is not here.

He ran away, I guess.



What did you do in there?

A little surprise.

Good. I like surprises.

Then you'll love this one.


We have to take her to a hospital, now!

Is there a vehicle around here?

The ambulance is on its way here.

It should better be here soon, or she may die!

It will be here soon.

Come on! Eylem!

God damn it! He ran away!


Really nice.

It's destroyed,

but I think the engine is okay.

We'll understand that once we take it there.

Tell them to collect all the pieces.

Don't leave a single crew back!



We set the blonde on fire.

And we took the plane too.

I wonder what will be the next..





Colak, it's me Sebo.

I escaped.

The good news won't just stop coming!

I was just going to tell you the same thing...

I have the information.


Come and meet me as soon as possible. Okay.

The Doomsday is near.

Is she going to be okay? Her wound looks bad.

But I didn't shoot her to kill!

Are you sure?

I am, of course!


Eylem, we are almost at the hospital.

Hang in there, okay?


Why did you do it?

You didn't leave me any other choice, Eylem!

I had to do it.

Why did you do it?


Thank you. You may go and rest now.

Thanks, sir!



Yavuz, how are you?
I'm fine, thanks sir.

Sir, is there any news?

Yes, they should be here anytime soon.

Yavuz, I hope you get well soon.


Sir, are you okay?
I'm fine, Ke$anh. At least I'm alive.

What happened to you, Yavuz?

Colak captured him, madam.

What? How?
Sir, did he do something bad to you?

No, we just chatted a little bit.

You don't seem like you just chatted with him. Let me look at it.

You don't need to, Bahar.

She should better check it out.

They stamped him with a hot iron stick.

We should check that out in the infirmary,

and then, we shoul take you to a hospital.
I don't want it.

You're acting like as if it's just a scratch! Go and let her help you.

She will help you with your wound.

My wound is deeper than that, sir.

It won't heal with treatment.


How did you escape?

We resisted for a long time.

I'm glad Ate§ and his friends came there just in time, dad!

My amazing boys!

Thanks, sir.

Yes, Zafer?

Fethi shot Eylem.

She is in a bad condition.

What are you even saying, Zafer?

He had to do it, sir.

She pulled a gun,

and Sebo escaped. Where are they now?

At the hospital.

I will go there, sir.


What happened, dude?

We're just waiting.

They told me that she might not make it.

From where was she shot?

I aimed her shoulder,

near her heart.

Sir, maybe with the tension of the moment...


do you think I don't know where I aimed to?

I will hit the bullseye with the same gun from 50 meters distance!


The doctor will be here soon. We'll ask him.

Does she have any relatives?

I don't know.

But we informed the embassy, they'll be here soon.


What happened?

He should tell you what happened.




Our man in there,

couldn't set him on fire,

and he escaped. I don't know how.



soldiers came.

And there was a gunfight.

They took the Blonde.

I swear to God, I could only run away.

He could only run away.

Sure, they burned that place down and saved the Blonde.

He could only save himself.

So , do you think you saved yourself?

Did you, or did you not?

Please don't kill me, Colak!

I am innocent!

We fired all the bullets that we had!

You did

Who did you shoot down?

You shot blank!

Didn't Blonde escape

I beg you, please don't kill me!

I captured him,

tied him, poured fuel on him,

and placed him there!

You couldn't just light a single match!

Why the hell do you even exist?

Why the hell?

It won't happen again.

swear to God it won't happen again.

Do you think if I capture Blonde again,

would I let you do it?

Please don't do it, Colak!

I won't do it.

I won't kill you.

Killing you won't mean shit anyway.

Because you didn't get the main

point of this.

That's what's wrong.

Take him away.

Tell everyone to come here.

Okay, sir.

I get it.

Okay, I will take care of it.

Don't worry.

Avci? Avci!


Are you okay?

I'm fine, sir.

I will go and learn how Eylem is.

It happened all of a sudden.

I was telling her not to do it..

But she will stay alive.

I know that. How are you

How is your arm? It will be better, sir.

They took the bullet out, but the surgery is continuing.

Come on, let's check your wound out.

What happened to you,si

I'm fine, okay.

Wait here, I'll be back.

Don't be afraid.

I told you that I won't kill you, and I'm not going to kill you. Don't worry.


I have two questions for you.

One, who is our biggest enemy?

Turkish Nation!


Second one,

Who is the Blonde lieutenant?

A soldier of the Turkish Nation!


So, he is our biggest enemy.



But we have

friends inside us that

just doesn't understand that

the Blonde lieutenant is our enemy.

Hey, calm down.

So, what do we have to do?

We have to show them to make them understand.

I present you the Blonde lieutenant!

He looks like him!


we have to

present you what to do

to that Blonde lieutenant.

Stand up,

Blonde lieutenant.

Stand up!


would we do when we see Blonde lieutenant?

Blonde lieutenant

is on the floor! What are you still looking at?

It's enough!



Look at him.

Why did many people die?

Because this idiot

couldn't keep that Blonde captured

and he ran away!

Now, look at your son, and be ashamed of yourself!


You bastard!

Good job, Nezir.

Everyone will be more aware from now on.

Everyone will keep their eyes more

open from now on.

And no one will let their

hostage run away!

Is it clear?


They took the plane to the warehouse.


Sebo will come to take the component that we need.


Sebo will be there to take it.

Kill that fake Blonde.

Take him away from me.


Sir, I'm sorry for what happened.


Have the necessary information

been sent from the unmanned aircraft department?

We requested that, they

are sending us all the radar information that we need, and we are trying to

locate where the plane was last seen sir.
Okay, Hasan.

Sit down, Ate§.

Sir, the image of

the wreckage of the place that we saved Mr. Yavuz

had arrived.

Did you send it for the investigation?

We did, sir.

I told Ersin to make it fast too.

When we look at the


we can say that Colak built himself a

massive radar system, sir.


Yes, sir.

He was probably already watching our airplanes.

Or they were helping him watch it.

Then he knew that we've sent an airplane.

He knew that we've sent one there.

Probably, sir.

His intention wasn't to kill Yavuz,

his intention was taking advantage of Yavuz against us,

and capture our plane.

He shot our plane down.

Okay, sir but

what would Colak do with our plane?

You can expect anything

from Colak.

We should expect anything from him.


be careful. This is your job.

This plane accident is really important for us.

Okay, sir.

Does it hurt?

I think you want to hurt me, right?

I wonder... who

do you think I am

I think you are still angry with me.

I've already forgotten about that incident.

You wouldn't act like this if you did.

I think,

you are the one who didn't.

Since you are always talking about it...

You, staying alive till now is a miracle.

Are you talking about my wounds?

No, your intelligence.

I wonder what I did to make you this angry.

How would I know?

Maybe you didn't do anything.

Maybe I'm being unfair.

You are being unfair.

I'm sure you are used to this.

Bahar, come on.

Sit down.

Look, Bahar. I don't have big expectations from the

life that I'm living.

I just want to capture Colak,

then die at a reasonable age.

I'm not planning to die at an old age or anything.


Is it about Merve? No.

So, you are one of the lonely cowboys then.

You leave broken-hearted

girls at every city you go.

And this was a message to me, that I should stay away from you, right?

Do you have to misunderstand everything?

Do you have to talk bad about


His hair looks nice like this!

But he won't stay alive like this for too long.

Where did he go?
Check that place!

No, he ran away!

Fuck this shit!

Colak is going to kill us!

If we don't tell him that he ran away, we won't die!

Are we going to lie to him?
If we don't want to die... Yes!

Keep your mouth shut.

Don't tell anyone about this, okay?



How did the surgery go? Is Eylem okay?


we couldn't make it.


What does that mean

We've lost the patient.

You can't lose her, brother!

Who did you lose?

A person that was shot from her shoulder?

What the hell are you talking about, doctor?

Look, she already lost so much blood

before she came here.

There was a complication,

we've tried everything we could, but she couldn't make it.

I'm sorry.

Is... Is this a joke?

Are they playing with me?

Is this a joke?

Okay, brother. Sit down. Dude, wait a minute!

Calm down!

A§ik, what are they saying?

Bro, come on. Sit down!
They told me that she's dead!

I don't believe it! She's not dead!

I don't think that she died!

She shouldn't die!

She didn't die!

You heard it, brother.

We can't do anything.

What have I done?


What happened?

The journalist girl, Eylem.

She died.

This is impossible!

I want to see her!

She shouldn't die!


They told me that she's dead!

He is telling me that Eylem is dead! I don't believe it!

Please tell them to let me see her.

I want to see her, please!

Calm down, Avci!

We did everything we can but...

Avci! Calm down!

It wasn't your fault.

Come with me. Come on.

Sir, let me see her!

Come on.


She was worse than

we thought when she arrived to the hospital.

How did it happen?

How? I don't get it!

Calm down, Avci!

Sir, how can I keep calm? I can not keep calm!

Haven't you told me that she pulled a gun?


I saw her,

pointing a gun at that guy.

She was going to kill him.

I told her to drop her gun!

Drop your gun.
Fethi, stay away from this. Go!

Eylem! Don't make me do this!

She didn't drop her gun, sir!

She didn't listen to me!

From where did you shoot her?

Just below her shoulder!

I killed Eylem, sir!

Don't do this to yourself!

You wouldn't do it if you had any other choice!

I trust you on that!

You didn't do it on purpose, okay?

Calm down!

I am fine.

I am busy.
When are you going to come back?

Omer missed you so much.

It's hard for me to come back these days.

We are really busy. I get it.

May God help you with that.

Is that my dad?

Yes, do you want to talk to him?

Hello, dad?

What are you doing?

I was playing with my toys, you?

I missed you.

Did you miss me? I did!

When will you be back?

Soon. What do you want me to buy for you when I come back?

Buy me a jersey!
Okay, which one do you want?

Number 10!


The biggest is... Black Eagles!

Baby, I love you.

Take good care of yourself, okay? I love you too.

May God protect you.

You too. Good night.




Don't do this! Calm down!

You should come with us.

The prosecutor is waiting for you.

Okay, he'll be there soon. Okay, we are waiting.

Avci, listen to me.

Go and give your written speech.

Tell them everything that happened.

Don't forget that you didn't do anything wrong.


Thanks, sir.

Mr. Erdem is looking into this, okay?

Don't worry, okay?

Come on.

Are you okay?

She was crazy, but she was a good person.

We became friends.

I didn't want this to happen to her.

Noone would.

They are just a few photographs!

And that is really important for me!

You could ask for my permission first! Would you?

Give that back to me!

You are a soldier!

Your hair is short, you just shaved your beard.

Your skin looks terrible because

you shave everyday.

Is that your boyfriend?


Don't do it!

Wait a minute!

Thanks for thinking the best for me.

I will be glad if you don't get in trouble again.

I earn money like this.

Find yourself a job that won't get you in trouble.

What are you looking at?

Turn around!


Get in! Get in the house!

Why are you looking like you've seen a ghost!

It's me, your husband!

Get me a glass of water!

Did anyone see you? I don't know!

I didn't look around!

They were going to execute me,

I ran away.

Where is Nesim?

Don't worry about your son! He is fine!

Pack your bags, we're leaving!

To where?

To Hell!

I told you that they were going to execute me!

Do you think that they'll let you live if they find me?

Pack your bags!

Open the door! I know that he is in there!


Where is my gun

There isn't a gun in the house!

Our son took them all!

Open the door,

or I will break it!


Go in.

The children were telling the truth.

What are you doing in here?

Are there others?

Are they going to be here?

Noone's with me. I'm alone.

Come on.

Come here.

You took everything that we had!

What else do you want from us?

You took all the animals, and the provisions.

I don't want anything!

They were going to execute me, so I ran away!

I am going to surrender!

If they help me run away,

I will tell them everything I know!

How would I know that you're telling the truth?

And you're not setting me up?

Don't you see what they've done to me?

Don't move.

Yes, Muslu?

Ws, Muslim?

Sir, there's a man working for Colak,

at the village.

What do you mean? Did they come there for an attack?

No, he is alone.

He ran away from execution.

It seems like he's going to confess everything.

Are you sure?

It seems like he's telling the truth, sir.

They tortured him.

Tell them that I know where the plane is!

I will tell them if they help me out!

He's telling me that he knows where the crashed plane is.




Bring him to the warehouse at the entrance of the warehouse.

But be careful,

don't let them follow you!

I'll be there soon. Okay, sir.


There's an update.

Tell me what happened, Ate§. Sir, Muslu called me.

A man working for Colak came down to the village.

He wants to surrender. He told him that he knows where the plane is!

Why would he do this

all of a sudden?

They were going to execute him, sir.

He was tortured.

Sir, I think we should go there.

Okay, Ate§. But be careful.

Don't go there alone.

We can't go there before we confirm it.

Yes, sir.

Eylem Mercier was sent

to France, to where she

was born, ladies and gentleman.

She always got herself in a huge trouble.

That guy called Sebo..

What are you doing?

We were just sitting here...

How is Avci?

He is not okay. He is in interrogation. This is a huge situation.

Listen to me carefully.

One, we are suspecting that

Colak took our plane down. Two,

this guy called Sebo is still out there.


as you watched on the TV,

journalist Eylem,


Don't tell this to anyone,

not even your relatives, okay?

Okay, sir.

Sir, Fethi won't get in trouble, right?

We don't know yet.

Sir,do you want to eat something?

Bon appetite,

where is Hafiz?

Hafiz? Hafiz!

Sir, was it you?

What happened, dude? Did you have a nightmare?


We have a marty

I hope it turns out to be something good.

Kemal, stay here.

Watch around, okay? Okay, we will be here.

Musa, how are you

I'm fine.

Is this him?

Yes, sir. That's him.

He told me that he's going to tell everything he knows.

But I want something first.

Champion, calm down!

We should hear you out first.

Lets see what you'll tell us.

It's your decision.

As soon as Colak understands that I'm gone,

the plane will be gone too.

Did Colak do this to you?


When the Blonde lieutenant escaped,

he did this to me.

He really lost his mind.

What a loser.

Tell me,

did you shoot that plane down?

The plane,

and the Blonde lieutenant incident

was just a part of a plan.

What does Colak want from that plane?

I don't know.

You know where the plane is,

but you don't know what Colak wants from that plane.

How did this happen, handsome?

I know a lot of things,

but you'll protect

me and my wife first,

you're going to give us citizenship,

and I'll give you Colak.

What do you think?

Should we trust him?


he is worried for his life.

He might be telling the truth.

I've never been involved in any of the attacks.

I have been trying to run away from that organization for years,

I just couldn't do it.

Okay, but why should we trust you?

Okay, I will tell it.

They are keeping the plane

hidden at an old warehouse at the

Armutcuk village.

This is not enough for me.

I need more.

You should go from

the pathway on Bendagi

Mountain. The field will take you to

a road which is between two big rocks.

There's an entrance on the left one.

It is Colak's biggest ammunition storage.

But be careful,

they are both well protected.

Don't worry, handsome.

That's our job.

Muslu, come with me.

Wait here.

We'll go and see if he's telling the truth.

If it's true,

we will see what to do with him.

Okay, sir.

Come here.

What happened?
We'll wait.

This is the place.

And this is the place where he said that the plane is.


have you confirmed the information

We shouldn't just trust his words.

I did, sir.

They are all true.

We should go and see it to be sure.

If you're ready, you may leave.

We are, sir.
May God help you.


They are here.

What the hell are they working on again?

We'll understand it now.

We are going to surround them.

Aren't we going to kill them all?

We might need to make them confess.

Who knows how many storage caves Colak has?

Yes, maybe they'll tell us.


what if they don't surrender?

We can put them down then.


Lets kill them all, sir!

Kibar, Babahakki, you two. Go up there.



Ke§anli, you two.

Go there.

Chain 2 to Chain 1.

Chain 1 is listening.

Do you confirm it? The wreckage is here.

They are protecting it.

They are high in numbers.

Do you need us

Actually, I would take care of it on my own,

but I won't enjoy it alone.

Okay, we're on our way.

Your friend didn't forget about your girlfriend!

We should go and kidnap her!

Sir, what are you talking about? We haven't even met in real life yet!

It's fine, dude. I focus on the conclusion.

My aim is to make the lovers happy!

Sir, we have some guests.


What are we waiting for?

Lets go!

Calm down, Avci.
Sir, he's going to run away again.

Calm down, Avci!

You will stay here and protect us.

You won't shoot a single bullet before

I tell you to, okay?

Yes, sir.

Get rid of the bags.

What's the situation?

It'll be finished soon.

I will just remove this part.

And it will be over.

Be careful.

Don't let anything bad happen to it. We need it.

Don't worry, sir. I know what I'm doing.

It doesn't look like it.

Yeah, you only see me with a gun in my hand.

There are 7 of them.

Wait for my sign.


Drop your weapons!

You are surrounded!

You'll regret it!

We hope you enjoyed Part 1, its shortly coming to an end, once again thanks for joining .
We look forward to seeing you in Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 once again thanks for joining

Where are you going, si

Ke§anh! Don't go there! It's a trap!


How are we going to get them out?

I know what to do.

What are you going to do?

I will make them drown with their own poison!

They don't just give up poisoning people!

Marijuana and weed.

It's their main income.

Here it is.

It's done, sir.

Here you go, sir. This will do it.


Okay, I'm going to meet Colak.

What should we do with the plane

We'll take care of it.

I got them.


Soldiers! Soldiers!

God damn it! Soldiers are here!

God damn it!

How did they find this place?

I don't know.

Who told them?

Who sold us?
Sir, calm down!

Nobody would do it!

Nobody from us would do it!

Don't do it, please!


Take this bag!

Take that and place them around the building!

Okay, sir.


Wait here! I need you!

They will be here anytime soon!

If I take a good position, they won't enter the building!

I want them to enter, and don't go out!


close your mouth and your nose with a piece of cloth!

Look what's happening on this holy day!

Sebo ran away.

Chain 1, should I follow him?

Don't go anywhere.

Protect us.

This is a trap!

Run away!

God damn it!

They've placed a sniper there.

Sir, we are running out of time!

Do you see a sniper?

I'm searching.

Sir, should I look for another way out?

We don't have enough time for that.

Sir, last 60 seconds!

I know.

Come on, Avci! We're going to die here!

Chain 1,

I see a target.
Take him down! Come on!

It's just a child.

A child?

Okay, at least do something!

Find a way, come on!

We're going to die here. Come on, hurry up!

Why did you do it?

Sir, he's just a kid. I don't want to do it!

At least injure him'Find a way to do it!

Come on, Avci! Come on, boy!

He might die, sir.

Come on, Avci. Focus!

Come on, I trust you! You can do it!

Come on!

Come on!


Come on! Run!


What are we going to do? Sir,

ten more seconds.


Fuck you, mate

What are you saying?

What did you do?

Fucking addicts! What the fuck are you doing?

Drop your weapon!

Drop your gun!

Come here!

Come here! Move!

Come on!

Come on! Get on your knees!

Come on!

Are you a bunch of idiots?


What is in this cave?




products who make you happy...

That's called drugs'!

Look at this son of a bitch, calling it a product!

There are a lot of caves!

They will just tell us everything like this!

Wait here, we'll go and search the back.

Sir, look at them!

They decieve teenagers like this, Feyzullah.

Why does the God always

tell us to use our mind? Because of this.

Poor teenagers.

May God keep us sane.

Amen, sir.

I was wondering why that bastard Colak's pupils were dilated!

It was because of the drugs!

That Colak is going to come here, bro!

Fuck him!
Good job!

I will fuck him too!

And I will fuck you all!


It's enough.
Sir, don't you see them?

Shouldn't we have fun with them?

Look at this fucking boy!

We are laughing at a situation which we should cry for.

Wait! Don't worry!

We won't hurt you!

Let me look at your wound.

He is alive.

He has a small wound.

Press this on it.

Yes, Yavuz?

Sir, we couldn't take the plane.

They blew it up.

Are you okay?

We are all okay. We're fine.

The plane is destroyed completely. Okay.

I will send a chopper to take you.

Wait for me to tell you the meeting point.

Yes, sir.

Come on.

Oh my God!

Look at how beautiful this dinner is!

It is not the dinner,

we are the ones who are beautiful!



it's the time.

Come on.

May God accept your fasting.

Come on.

You may go there. Karabatak, come with me. Okay sir.

What he confessed was true, sir.

We've found the chicken which lays golden eggs.

Where are we keeping him? Is he safe?

He is, sir.

A watchman is protecting him, he is at his village.

He will be very useful to us.

We should protect him.

I've called Yasin, sir.

He will question him.

He will learn everything that we need.


We should share everything that we took from that warehouse with the

unmanned airplane department.

We will find something useful

from that wreck.

I don't trust Colak at all.

He didn't shoot that plane down

just to blow it up in front of our eyes.

We will understand soon, sir.

He is already trapped.

But we should act

fast, Yavuz.

Ankara is pressuring us.

We need to deactivate Colak's actions in that field.

Roger that.

By the way,

district governor called me.

He invited us for dinner tomorrow night.

He wanted to show us to the citizens.

But you might be tired now.

We will go there.

We should accept his invitation. Okay.

Tell your friends

to join us if they want to.

We will go there together, sir.

Yes, sir.

Good job, guys.

There are not

many people who knew

the location of both of them.


I knew it.

Sebo knew it.

And Mesut knew it.

But Mesut is dead.


So that means,

I must be the traitor,


Or Sebo is the traitor.


Or Mesut is the one.

But Mesut is dead.

I am only going to ask you one question.

But you'll answer my question

at the same time.

Counting to three..


From where did you shoot Mesut?


His head!
His chest!

His head, right?

His chest,


They still didn't call us yet.

Colak is going to find us and kill us.

Why didn't we just run away

Did you really need to cooperate with the soldiers?

Exactly how were we going to escape from Colak?

Only Turkish Nation will protect us from Colak!

Our son is calling.
Answer it!

Colak is going to kill my son because of you!

Hello, dad?


Dad, where are you?

They understood that you didn't die.

They are going to kill me too! I have to run away!

What is he saying?

Colak understood that I am

cooperating with the soldiers.

Oh my god!

They are going to kill him! They are going to kill my son!

What if they are setting a trap to us?

What the hell do you mean? They are going to

kill our son!

Dad, please tell me where you are for the sake of God!

Colak lost his mind!

He shot 2 men down in front of me!

He's going to kill me too! Where are you?

They are searching for me everywhere dad!

At the villag

I'm next to your mom.

Okay, tell the soldiers

to come and pick me up too!


But be careful.

Don't let them follow you!

Good job.

Before he tells them what he knows,

go and kill them both, okay?



if you tell me that

they are your parents,

I will understand you.

A traitor won't be my dad.

You are my father since I was 10 years old.

Come on.

Good job.

Come on.

How are you, Fethi?

I'm still trying to be okay, sir.

You can go back to your city,

what do you think?

No sir. I am fine.

I better stay here.

I won't ask you again.

What did the prosecutor say?

They've decided to drop the case.


What are you thinking, Hafiz?

About the dream I saw last night..

Don't think about it, bro!

I don't but..

I can't get it off of my mind.

What time is the night prayer?

Are you hungry

A little bit, yes.


Are you fasting with only your stomach?

What else should I do? Should I fast with my mind?

They told me not to eat, and I am not eating! What else should I do?

May god accept it, bro.


We are on our way for a dinner invitation.

Our lieutenants are here too.

This is an amazing feeling!

Isn't it hard?

You are standing under the sun all day long,

you are hungry, thirsty...

Are you underestimating a turkish soldier?

We go to the mountains

and stay there for a month!

I did that too. For a month?

Wait a minute.

On the mountains

How come a soldier in tourism department do that?

I am not a soldier from the

tourism department. I mean...

I am like a tourism commander.

Tourism commander?



What is that crazy lieutenant doing?

The crazy lieutenant is here!

Madam, how are you?

I'm hanging up, bye.

What kind of a man is he?

He didn't let us talk!

Where is Babahakki and Kibar, sir? Why didn't they join us?

They went early there.

To protect us. Okay.

I get it.

Where is he?

Is he in troube?

Don't worry, he'll be here soon.

Maybe Colak found out what he's doing!

Oh God...

He's here! He's here! Is he?

Wait here.




Wait, woman! Let me hug him too!

Come , sit here.

I felt like a car out there

followed me.

Don't go anywhere.

I will check that out and come back.

Son, how come did you find a way to come here?

I'll tell you everything!

Who is going to come and pick us up?

One of the soldiers were going to pick us up.

Let me call them.

Welcome here, friends.

Mr. Erdem, welcome.

Thank you, sir.

What is that?

I bought it for my son.

I will gift it to him, sir. Let me look at it!

How is it?

It looks nice!

It suits my baby eagle!

It does!


My son escaped from Colak too!

He will come with us!

Who is going to pick us up!

One of our friends from the intelligence department will come to pick you up.

His name is Yasin.

He will do everything from now on, okay?

Okay, we are waiting.

One of the soldiers is going to come and pick us up.

What about the other soldiers

Where are they?

He was talking from a crowded place.

They are probably at the dinner which is held at the center of the village.

Are we going to be free at last?


You are going to be free!

You traitors!

What are you doing, son?

Son, don't do it!

You should have thought of it before you ran away!

I've killed them all!

He talked with a soldier! They were at the center of the village!

I will go and kill them all!

I will turn that place upside down!

You are a great person.

Come on, do it.

Go to the infinity.

May God help you with it.


May God accept it!




What the hell happened in here?

Village center.

He went there.

He's going to attack.

God damn it!

You blew their ammo storage up.

I've heard the news.
Yes, sir.

Thanks to them,

we were able to locate him.

This one

is amazing. Really?

What is your name, handsome?

Answer it!


Ate§, sir. Ate§?

When is this mission going to end?

We will fight back with all of our determination.

Don't worry, sir.

You should finish them off.

I wish it was that easy.
I wish!

I'm calling an ambulance.

Efe, send an ambulance to the

24th street! Quick!

Open this up!

Come on! Answer it!

Yes, Yasin? Leave that place now!

There's a suicide bomber!

He might already be there! Quick!


Yasin just called me.

He got an information,

that there is a suicide bomber here.

What are you saying

There are kids in here!

Keep calm.


What happened? Is there something wrong?



Calm down, don't make them nervous.

I get it, okay.

You too, sir.

You should check these roads.

Be careful.

Check everyone.

Don't do anything before you are completely sure.

I wonder if he's here..

We should keep calm, if we panic,

he'll panic too.

Come on.

How are you
I'm fine, sir.

Is there something wrong

No, sir.

Guys, wait a minute.

Leave, now.

Okay, sir.

Come on.

Okay, sir. Thanks.


this road, that road there,

and that road are protected and safe.

Okay, we'll keep in touch.

Hey, bro!

Yes, sir?

Okay, leave.
Thanks, sir.

He is there!

Run away!




Dear audience,

we are reporting in a breaking news with

all of our sadness.

There was an attack in Karabayir.

According to the news,

there was a suicide bomber attack in Karabayir.

They aimed to kill a crowded dinner that was held at the village center.

Suicide bomber

was deactivated by a

brave soldier.

But unfortunately,

our brave soldier,

became a martyr there.

Nobody was harmed except

the suicide bomber,

and our brave soldier.

May God forgive our soldier,

and I'm sorry for our loss.

What is happening?

There was a suicide bomber. We're going to go there.

The soldiers were there too.

You should come with us. We need help.

Soldiers? Which soldiers?

I don't know but..

They told us that there was a martyr. What?

He's gone, Hafiz.

One more is down, Hafiz.

God decided

on a unsuspected death

for them.

My soul is burning, Hafiz!

I will find them at where they hide,

and I want to burn them down there Hafiz..

They, who spend at their wealthy times and their poor times,

They, who overcome their anger,

are the ones who forgive people.

Aren't we going to take revenge, Hafiz?

Fight against them,

so God will punish them from your

own hands.

It will humiliate them.

May God help you fight against them.

Look at him, sir!

His family couldn't see him for the last time!

He'll be put at the most beautiful place, Avci.

This is too much, sir.

This is too much for me!


I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry for our loss.

How did it happen?

It just happened.

As always.

As it will always be.

My dad,

how is he?

He lost one of his sons.

But he's still standing tough.


I am really sorry.

I'm sorry for our loss.

May God protect our nation.


his wife is calling.

She probably heard about it.

I'll go there

to tell her.

Don't tell her anything for now.

It is told that our soldiers jumped on the

suicide bomber, is it true?

It's not true, madam.

Our soldier didn't do it to become a hero.

He did it because it was his job to die when necessary.

Calling him a 'hero' is what you name him.

Report this in if you're going to, please.

I have never seen such a thing before, sir!

It is the first time that

someone I loved,

a friend of mine died!

Look at me,

he died bravely and proudly.

He died like a turkish soldier!

Why do you cry at this

If you're going to become a martyr,

you're going to die like this.

I just don't know..

I loved Kurtlareli!

He was a real soldier from special forces!

He was a great man!

He taught me how to fight.


I will teach you how to fight.

I'm really angry!

I want to find them all!..

What am I even talking about?

My boy...

Don't do this.

We won't get angry.


we've sent a great soldier

to the Heaven.

It will only be a celebration.

Cry boy. Cry.

Cry, you'll feel better.

I'm sorry for your loss.

May God protect our nation.

Martyrs don't die, our country will not be divided!



What's up?

I'm sorry for your loss.

Your friend was divided into pieces.

Some of the pieces fell to here.

That's right.

He died like a real Turkish soldier!

Do you want me to tell you something?

I actually want you to have the same ending.

But it was only his destiny for now.


He was the luckiest one in us.

We are so jealous of him.

What should I do with you, Blonde?

You are

literally telling me to kill you

with your every action and your every move!

Colak, listen to me carefully.

I'm coming.



You'll see.

This is the end now.

I'm coming, Colak.

Did you hear me

I'm coming.

Oh my God..

Why isn't he picking up his phone?


My name is Erdem.

Your husband Ahmet..


Please don't tell that to me! I don't want to hear it!

The last prayer of a real warrior

is just a happiness.


Where is my dad?

Where is my dad?

He'll be here soon.

Funeral march, come on!



Stop walking!

Place the martyr!


Look straight!

Turn right and left!

To your places, march!

Look straight!



How are you?

Are you in pain?

What happened?

Is there something wrong?



Colak has a son.

We haven't been fighting

with you for years.

And as you see, it doesn't even take months!

We are here to capture Colak and bring him to justice!

If he won't surrender,

we are here to destroy

his ugly face!

What do we have?


Yes, we've stopped him for many times!

But I'm done with him!

Do you know what this is?

This is a letter of resignation!

Before I leave this military camp

with ammo and weapons,

I will give this to Mr. Erdem.

And if,

if I come back alone without Colak,

I will want him to consider this!

I will leave today. I will leave

alone if I have to!

Either I am going to come back with a victory,

or with a body bag.

Are you in?

I am, sir!


I am, sir.




I didn't hear this question, sir!

Are you all in? Yes, sir!

I'm sorry for your loss,


Thanks, sir.

Sir, here you go.

What are these?

Our letters of resignation.

If we come back without Colak...

What do you mean

We will go there.

We will put our lives in it.

We may not be able to come back.

We will chase Colak. We don't care if it'll take months.

If we fail, our letters

will be here.

One of the letters is missing.

No, everyone wrote one, sir.

I told you that one is missing!

Whose letter is missing?