Söz (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 11 - Kiyamet - full transcript

How long will it take for us to climb up?

15 minutes.

Don't forget that we are here for Kurtlareli.

If we do, we'd be really heartless sir.

We can't go back before we find Çolak and make him beg.

We can't go back before we catch him.

Sir, this just makes me happy.

We came, we are here now.

Come on

You should be relieved.

You are in the hands of the Turkish justice now.

We'll take care of you.

The ones who help us,

will not be ignored.

That's why,

everybody should tell us what they know.

We don't have much time left.

If you confess later, it will not help you.

Sir, Comethink this man wants to say something.

He is probably afraid because he is not alone.

Take him and make him talk alone.

Are you okay?

I'm fine, sir.

Why did you ask?

I don't think that you are fine since Eylem died.

I'm ashamed of myself, sir.

Maybe I shouldn't come here in the first place.


There are ? terrorists, sir.

Those are Çolak's best men, guys.

And we are the best soldiers of Turkish Armed Forces, sir.

That's right.

Thanks for reminding me.

We can see with our own eyes.

And we are not afraid from what

we can see with our own eyes. sir.

Hedgehog to Hedgehog 3.

Hedgehog 3 is listening

Can you see him?


Hedgehog to Hedgehog 1.

Hedgehog Comeis listening.



Drop your guns!

Get on your knees!


Where is Çolak?

Where is Çolak?


you should look at this.

What is this?

A famous painting.

Was that maniac working on this in here?

Who is the painter of this?
Hieronymus Bosch.

He was a good painter, and he was insane.

He is a professional about living in Hell and suffering.

He was really mad, right?

Remember this, sir?

He wears that stuff.

He left just before we arrived here.

He is around here.

Report this in to the others,

to the commanders and the soldiers.

Tell them that olak is around here
Yes, sir.

We had been traveling for a week now.

How long more are we going to keep running away like this?

We are not running away.

We are changing our place.

We are going to a safe place.

They are really determined this time, Çolak.

We've lost many things.

Our people living on the mountains died.

Our caves and camps had been burned down.

It's not important.

We can build new ones.

Just you wait.

We shouldn't have killed that soldier. Çolak.

They will fight back with a whole army, for a single soldier.

I don't care!

They can do that.

The attack thatÇolak was planning on was called the doomsday, sir.

Nobody knows what it was, it was a secret mission.

And he told me about Çolak's son.

We already knew that he has a son.

We need something new. Zafer.

What does he know about the attack?
Çolak's son

was part of that mission.

Do you know where his son is?

There's a woman called Sezm.

She is planning this all.

They are in Erbil. That's all I know.

I did what you've wanted from me. I've told you everything Comeknew.

What's going to happen to me?

Turkish justice will decide on that. Don't worry.

Take him and put him next to others.

Yes, sir.

Çolak is definitely in touch with him.

And if he's going to run away, he won't go anywhere without him.

Get down!

What's the situation there?

We are chasing him, sir

We are getting closer.

He is running away, but we'll chase him.


We've got new information about Çolak.

He named his mission ''the Doomsday".

And his son is protected by a woman called Sezin.

Karabatak is already at Erbil.

He'll find that woman called Sezin.

It seems like his son is involved in this.

Yes, sir.

If we find his son, we can find him too.

Kprabatak will do what he has to do.

Yasin already knows this, our embassy there is informed too.

They will support us.

Yes, sir.

Yes. sir.

Ate§, there's a new information that you should know.

A woman called Sezin is behind this mission

She is protecting Çolak's son.

I know, sir. I am investigating.

Good job. She is important. Ate§.

Get in touch with that woman.

Let me know if something happens. Yes,sir.

Where are you?
I'm on my way to Erbil.


Are you insane?

You can't go around when soldiers are looking for you

I can go wherever I want to.

These are my lands.

We've seen whose lands they were.

Don't come here, I will run this mission.

Listen to me carefully you idiot!

This is my project! My ideas!

This is my revenge!

And my tools! You can't do anything without me

I will tell my son to quit if I have to!

How is he?


He is fine.

Let's meet tomorrow at 2, at Faruk's place.

Oh my god! Where did they come from?

I have to go.
What are we going to do?

I don't know.

We'll find a way.

The chopper will be at the meeting spot in half an hour.

Check this place for the last time.

Yes. sir.

Çolak. let's go back.
Don't be stupid!

Are you trying to get us killed?

What's in the back of the truck?


Don't go out there! Come back!


Go and look.

I can't see him, sir

Zafer, hang in there kid.

Don't come here sir!

It's a trap!

They are waiting for you to come out!

Where is he?

I am senior lieutenant yavuz.

I am sergeant major Huseyin, welcome sir.

Do you need us?

The investigation continues, we don't need anything sir.

Maybe you do, let's see.

I don't like the way they look. Don't take your eyes off them.

Kill me you coward bastard!

What are you still waiting for?

Sir. if we don't do anything.

he'll die. We have to drag him here.

I know!

But I don't want any of you to be shot.

Sir, Comeam swift.

Let me go and try to carry him.

Sir, let him go. We shouldn't leave Zafer alone like this.


Go from the back of the building.Yes, sir.Yes. sir.

A§ik, fall back!

That bastard is going to take down whoever goes next to him!

He is planning to kill us all!
What are we going to do, sir?

We'll find him.

Go and find him. But be careful.

He may not be alone.

Can you show me what's in the truck? Yes.sir.

Can you get out of the car please?

Get out!

They have guns!

Are they crazy? They knew that we'd kill them!

Sir, what's happening?

He was here?

He was at the back of the truck!
Who was here?


Was Çolak in there?

No, he wasn't.
Tell me the truth!

Was he in there?

Yes, he was at the back of the truck.

God damn it!

We were so close!


Where did he go?

Tell me where he went!

He went that way, sir.

You just set us traps and play the game unfair, right?

You'll kill me if you are smart!

Or I will kill you!

Sir, hang in there. I will come to help you!

Be careful!

Is he okay?


I have never seen a coward man like you!

Why don't you shoot me?



Sir, he's going to kill him if we don't do anything soon!

Hang in there!

Was that all you could do? Really?

Sir, he stopped here.

He must be around here.

We have to surround this place.

I've asked for a backup. They are on their way.

We are getting closer. I can feel it

What is the think that they call as the Doomsday?

What is he trying to do?

We'll ask that to Çolak when we catch him.

We have to catch him alive.

I can not guarantee that, Fethi.

I can not promise you that.

Kp§anli, I am not in love with him.

Even if Çolak dies, his cruel mission will be run by other people.

Someone will manage to run that mission.

We should mind our own business.

This way!


I will go there and get him. He'll die if I don't.

Sir, I can't see him. Comecan't find him.

Sir, we have to do something.

I will go there if you give me permission.

A§ik, wait for my sign.

Come on, A§ik!

Are you okay?

Be careful.

I was fasting man!

We'll take you to the hospital!

You'll be okay, don't worry!

Give me the bandage!

Everything's going fine, mother. Yes.

Is there any news about the investigation?

I am still waiting for them to make a final decision.

I think they will call me in a few days.

You should prepare yourself for the bad news, daughter.

They will cancel your diploma.

We still don't know who reported me in yet.

Do you know anything about that?

I think one of the Merve's relatives did that.

Anyways, be careful there.

Call me when you hear the news.

Okay, mother. Don't worry.

I feel so nervous. We haven't heard from them for a week now!

So, what's up?


Is it about the complaint?

I have been so nervous for the last few days.

The decision will be make in a few days.

I can not even imagine what I will do if they cancel my diploma.

Don't think about itComeThink positively!

Think good so the good things will happen!

Yes, Mr. Erdem?

Bahar, Zafer had been shot. He is injured.

We'll bring him to Kprabayir with a helicopter.

You should be prepared.

He needs a surgery.

Okay, I will be waiting for you.

What happened?

Zafer had been shot.


Hang in there, kid.

Come on.

He is around here.


I am coming for you, Çolak

You can run away as long as you want!

I will find you even if you go to Hell!

You can hide in a cave, it doesn't matter to me!

We won't go home before we catch you!

I am coming, Çolak!

I am coming!


Çolak, where are you? I was so worried for you. I thought you were caught!

They couldn't catch me yet.

But they will catch me soon.

Comeneed someone to take me from here.

I will come and get you. Where are you?

I am at the Çikmazlar village, near the border.

I will be there at night,

can you hang in there until I come?

Is there someone else?

We can't trust anyone else.

You should stay the night there.

I will be on my way soon.

Is everything ready?

We'll be informed even a fly flies in the sky.


We can finally tell Mr. Supreme the good news.

Tell him not to worry.

The doomsday will come soon.

They can not stop us from now on.

Don't be so sure.

Çolak is still missing.

I will go and bring him here.

He was in trouble with the soldiers.

But he got away.

I know.

I wish that nothing will happen that could jeopardize our mission.

Don't worry.

I've told Mr. Supreme to send us some more ammo.

We can not get away with what we have if they attack us.

I shall go and pick that up.

You don't need to. I'll take care of that.

You should take care ofÇolak.



Should we make him wear your clothes?

Look at him!

He looks weird like this!

He looks cool. He should be wearing only that from now on.

Sezin has never seen you before, right?

Look, if she did,

and you're trying to set us up.

if you're trying to trick us.

if something bad happens to my brother,

I will kill you!
I've told you that I don't know her!

What is he saying?

Talk in Turkish, mate!

I don't know her!

Look, he knows Turkish!


he's an Arab.

Do you know how to speak Arabic?
I do, don't worry.

What happened? Why are you looking at me?

I've told you that Comeknow how to speak!

You are not swearing at me, right?

If you are, I will kill you!

Come on. lets go.
Swear to God that you weren't swearing at me!

Dude, this is a steel vest.

It is not a jumpsuit.

Be careful, and don't get us in trouble.

I'm glad that you've said that.

I thought we were playing a game in here.

But there's something that you forgot.

They train us how to use a sniper rifle

in Special Forces.
Come on!


We will die

not because of that vest.

but because of your sense of humor

I will shoot you on your forehead.

What was that?

I can not explain it to you right now.

Let's see what's in here.

Look at the weapons!


And they're telling us that they've sent these for someone else.

Dude, these weapons will be ours in the end.

We know everything.

They can't just buy these with drug money.

They need a sponsor.

They have a lot of sponsors.


Are you ready?

We are ready.

Let's go and meet that girl.

He is not around here!

Like he went straight to the underground!


He is around here.

I think so too.

We'll keep searching for him

Until we find him.

Come on.

Go there.

Where did he go?

Sir, Comeknow that there are some caves on that hill

Maybe he went and hid in one of them.

Lets go.
Sir, wait!

I have to pee.

Okay, be quick!




Wait a minute.

They didn't tell me that you were a beautiful girl like this, Mrs. Sezin!

What's your name?


What's in that truck?

A little gift for Mrs. Sezm.

We don't need you anymore, Mansur.

We'll take care of the rest.


Hey ,look at me.

Come on...

How is he?
His pulse is low!

We have to do a surgery on him as soon as possible!

Mrs. Bahar.

he has two bullets in his right leg!

One is on his pelvic area, and one is under his knee.

I did what I have to do.

but he had lost too much blood!

Wait here.


He had been shot at a risky place.

I hope...

Don't think about the bad things that would happen.



How is he?

They took him in.

We are still waiting.

I hope that nothing bad will happen to him.

Did you know what you are carrying in that truck?

Am I a postman?

Of course I knew what I was carrying.

Tell us what there were too.

Javelin, Corvette,

Milan, M-4.

There are 2160 bullets in one crate,

who do you think you are questioning?

I think I know you.

Have we met before?

I am delivering so many goods at so many places.

We have probably met before.

What happened?

I don't like him.

What could it be?
He can be a soldier,

he can be a police officer.

he might be an undercover cop.

Wait a minute!

Do you even hear what you are saying?

I have given up on my mother, father,

siblings, home,

and my country!

Aren't you ashamed of what you've just said?

On which camped id you get your training?

Didn't they teach you that this is not something that I would tell you?

Search him.

Come on, where are you at?

They've found us because of you!

You idiot!

Don't talk nonsense!

The person who would catch me is

not even bom yet!

My name is Ghost and my surname is Shadow!

You should shoot them instead of talking!


You're welcome.

It's my duty to protect a beautiful woman like you.

Be careful!

Is there anyone left?

Okay, we have to leave now.

We have to take those weapons!
No way! We have to leave as soon as possible!

We can not run away with those!

I'm sure that they have backup on their way!

We have to leave! Hurry up!

God damn

You shouldn't shoot him again.

He is already dead. We should go.

Or they will catch us.

How is he?

He's not fine.

One of the bullets had deteriorated his nerves and got stuck in his bones.

The doctor said that he'd be paralyzed if they don't do anything now.

Ah, come on1

Is there a surgical risk?

He had lost too much blood.

He might die.

He will stay alive.

Every minute is important for

his nerves to heal themselves.

The doctor is in surgery right now.

If we don't make a decision right now,

he won't use his leg again.

We can not risk his life.

Trust us.

We can do this surgery successfully.

Lieutenant Zafer is strong.

He won't die because of a single bullet.

Please trust us

We can do this surgery.


I will tell this to the doctor and the head of hospital.

He'll survive.

Don't worry.

That woman almost shoot me in my head.

It was a close one.

Come on.

You'll wait here.

Mrs. Sezin,

he is not a man that we can trust.

We shouldn't have brought him here.

He saved our lives. Didn't you see that?

What if it was just a trick? Do you think that he killed

his friends to prove that we can trust him

Comedon't trust him at all

Comethink I know him

What happened?

They attacked us.

swear to God we were almost going to die.

And we've lost our weapons too!

Ah, come on!

We've had a gunfight the other day. and we won!

Bezir was going to kill them all.

but one of them had jumped on him.

was in pieces! They've collected his pieces from the floor!

Is that funny?

Isn't it funny?

Adrenaline makes me have to pee.

Where is the bathroom?

In that room, on the right.


Sir, I think we've lost him.


I don't know.

I think we didn't see him.

Did we get lost while trying to catch Çolak?

Don't worry Çaylak.

We won't get lost with the help of God.

No sir. don't misunderstand me.

Dude, don't talk nonsense!

There are not so many places that he can hide in. sir.

We'll search for him.

We should take a break first.

A§ik, you shouldn't wait here.

You should go to the military camp.

You are tired, you should get some rest.

We should wait, sir.

We didn't catch Çolak yet.

We won't get rest before catching him.

Yes. Yavuz?

Sir, we have surrounded him.

We are chasing him down.

We'll catch him soon. Good job, Yavuz.

How are you, sir?

We are at the hospital in Kprabayir.

At the hospital?

Oh my God. help us all.

Is there any bad news?

Zafer had been shot.

How is he?

He is in the surgery.

We are waiting.
Is he going to stay alive?

Thanks to Bahar, she was really hopeful.

Zafer is a strong kid.

He will be okay with the help of God.

Don't worry about us.

You should focus on Çolak.

Yes. sir.

Zafer had been shot.

Ah come on!


How was he, sir?

He was at the surgery.

Once we catch him. I'll make him pay for what he had done!

I will make him beg for every single bullet that he fired!

Okay guys. The break was enough for us.

We won't get rest before we find Çolak.

We will search this forest to find him.

We'll get him out from the cave that he is hiding.

Kurtlareli will rest in peace,

as soon as we catch Çolak,

and we finish the terror in our country.

Then Zafer will forget about the pain that he's suffering.

Come on.

I am relieved now!

My baby! Hello?

Baby, what are you doing?


I've sent you a picture.

A guy in here knows who I am.

You should save me before they kill me

Come on!

Come here.

Okay, love. I will call you back.

See you later

We took the bullet out. But his nerves are damaged.

Is he going to be paralyzed?


The bullet is taken out.

He is fine, he is alive.

The lieutenant is a strong man!

He is a strong man! He is bulletproof!

Is he going to be okay?

It's too early for us to say something.

We should all be prepared.

For what?

The bullet had deteriorated his nerves.

He may not be paralyzed,

but his treatment will take a long time.

I have talked with Ankara in the morning.

We'll transport him to Ankara.

If he didn't die because of that bullets,

nothing bad will happen to him with the help of God.

Who were you talking with?

I was talking with a friend of mine about other weapons.

Show us the number you've dialed.

Look at me you idiot!

Why are you messing with me? What's wrong with you?

Look at me.

I have been working with Çolak for years now.

I would have known you if you were one of us.

If I told someone that I know him from somewhere.

he is either a cop, or a soldier.

Do you think that you can question someone like that?

Have you lost your mind?

If you trust yourself that much.

show us your phone.

Mrs. Sezin, my duty is not only to

deliver you guns.

I have to keep my clients' information confidential.

like I keep yours.

Don't you get it?

You don't need to hide something from me.

If you're not a spy.

Oh my God!

He is obsessed with me!

He thinks that I am a spy!

Don't you get it? Comeam not a spy!

Look at me!

Do I look like a spy?

Do I?
Stop! That's enough!

Show us your phone, and we'll leave you alone.

What are you trying to do?

Hang in there.

Get all the information, that will be enough for us.

We are on our way.

We'll be there soon.

This is the proof!

I've found the snitch!

He is the spy!


I'm not a spy!

We have to leave as soon as possible.

He probably told where we are to the enemies.

I know a safe place.

They shouldn't be able to find us.


Clean this place up.

And wait for me to call you.

Mrs. Sezin, I'm glad to be working

with a confident woman

like you.

Your heart doesn't let you think, right?

Don't even ask that. sir.

Do you know what I think of?


To quit.


Are you crazy? What are you talking about?

I can not do it. I just can't!

Something happened to me after that day.

My hands keep shaking.

It feels like I've lost everything.

I'm not self-confident anymore!

After this, you'll get a long permission.

And you'll go and see a doctor.

You'll get over it.

You have to.

I need you.


are you available?

What happened? Did something happen to Geveze?


He got out of the surgery.

He is fine.

But what?

He may be paralyzed.

He is a strong man.

He'll be okay.

He'll be fine.

He better be fine.

Or I am going to get into more trouble.

Maybe I shouldn't have convinced them for the surgery

It felt like the right decision to make for a single moment.

Bahar, you are the bravest girl that I have ever seen. Did you know that?

You are the one who chases down terrorists,

and shoots the terrorists.

But I am the brave one, right?

Who would believe this?

I don't care who would believe that.

But I do.

I'm surprised.

You do the same thing whenever you need to make a hard decision.

You do the thing which you believe is the best.

You do the same too.

I have to think about the consequences when I do something


was I unfair to you?

But you deserved it. right?

Please tell me you did.

I did.

Are you relieved?


When will you be back?

I don't know.

You'll be back alive, right?

I don't care about that.

My only aim is to find Çolak.

Comehope you'll come back alive.

I am still angry at you.

I have some things in my mind that I have to tell you.

I can not wait to hear that.


see you later.

I hope God accepts that brother.

Amen, brother.

Geveze got out of the surgery.

He is fine

Thank God!

He is going to be torn into pieces before we catch him!

This way, sir!

There is an old warehouse around here

I think he went there.

How do you know that it's him?

Don't you hear that, sir?

They bark like they've seen the devil.

Be quiet!

If he runs away again,

I will be mad!

If he runs away till the end,

we're going to keep chasing him. Kp§an

Come on.

I think this time we'll catch him.

If he's in here, he doesn't have a chance.


Where are you? I'm on my way.

I will be there soon.
How soon?

An hour.

An hour? I only have seconds

in here! They are going to find me anytime soon!

Hurry up!

I'm trying! Hang in there!

I am already hanging in here!

Hurry up. Sebo.

They are here, be quick.


We are safe now.

They won't find us in here.

I can not believe how stupid I was!

I was going to screw this up because of a man!

I think you're going so hard on yourself.

Don't overreact.

It is hard to trust our friends

en enemies

in this land.
You are right.

You saved my life for the second time. Thank you.

You're welcome, Mrs. Sezin.

I was worried

that you were a spy.

or even a turkish soldier.

It's bullshit, right?
Ah come on!

Don't you see my face?

Does my face structure look like

someone from Turkey?

You have a beautiful face structure.

Thank you, Mrs. Sezin.

If you were a Turkish soldier.

you could never be kissed like this, right?

Ah come on!

We shouldn't do this, Mrs. Sezin!

Isn't it getting hot in here?

Yes, it's getting hotter!


Then, I should go and take a shower.

Because this place will get much more hotter in a minute.

Did Zafer wake up?

He didn't wake up yet. The nurse just left from his room.

My parents are there as well.


I will go and check up in a minute.

How are you?

I'm feeling better.

I've just talked to yavuz.
Mr. Yavuz?

How were they?

mean... Was Ate§. .

with him?

Are they okay?

I don't know.

He sounded tired, but he didn't tell me anything.

He even tried to give me hope.

Poor him.

Mr. Yavuz's an amazing man

My dad didn't make him the commander of the team for nothing!

He is a weird man,


Are you talking about Mr. Yavuz? No he isn't!

I mean, yes.

I've met him five or six years ago.

I want to ask you something.

Do you like him?

What? I'm just asking!

Yavuz is like a wavy sea.

We have to wait for the storm to be over first.

What if it never stops?

Will you wait for a lifetime for a man to like you back?

I would wait.

I mean...

If I really love him,

I'd wait.

And I think that true love

isn't that easy like we see on TV.

I mean...

If I am sure that he is the right person,

I'd definitely wait.

I think you're right.


I should go. We'll talk later.



Ate§, can you hear me?


He is not available right now.

Sorry, who are you

Sorry, but why do you care?

Why do I care?

Where is he? I mean, where are you?

we are in an hotel room.

In an hotel room...

What are you doing in that hotel room?

Have a good day, love.

I will finish you off...

I will kill you, Ate§!


He literally played with me

Who played with whom?

Do you know for how long will Comestay in jail if I murder someone?

Around 12 years. I guess.



I will be out at the age of thirty.

That will do.

That'll do

The door is open... The door is open...

Come on you idiot! You have to do something!

Where have you been?

I went to get some fresh air.


Do you think the air is not fresh in here?

I didn't mean that.


Oxygen will get you open minded.

Were you able to get that amount of oxygen... in the hallway?

I don't even know what I am talking about!

I am a bit nervous.

I haven't been this close

with a sexy and beautiful lady

like you!

And as soon as I got closer with you...

my blood pressure had suddenly dropped.

Calm down.


Is there a trace?
Not yet.

We should keep going1

Who knows how scared he is now!

He should be shitting his pants by now!

We'll find him if we follow that smell.

Come on, love.

You shouldn't be that scared, right?

What Çolak?

Listen to me carefully,

if you don't get me

picked up from here,

soldiers will catch me!
Where are you?

At the old tire factory.


if you can not get me picked up from here,

if they catch me,

you should forget about that Doomsday!

Water tank?

Hang in there. We'll come to pick you up.

Was that Çolak?

Yes. We have to leave now.

We'll continue later, right?

We'll see.

I should get dressed.




Where are you?


I've found Çolak. He is at the water tank!

Are you sure?

I am, sir. Where are you

We are at the tire factory!

Okay, sir.

It is a few kilometers away from there.

Hafiz knows where it is.

He'll take you there. Hurry up. sir.

We are leaving!

VVhat a shame!

Did that gun suit

an attractive woman like you?

I hope that gun is empty.

It is, right?

Why would Comepoint an empty gun at you?

To bluff.

You are awful at this1

I've missed it on purpose.

Okay, Mrs. Gute

I will ask you this.

I wonder how you understood who I was.

I think we shouldn't lose our time with unimportant details like this.

We've already talked much.

Where have you been, you idiot?

Come on!



why are you always late?

We are here!

You've told me that you would be listening to me!

Why are you always angry at me?

Nazli called me!

Hello, sir?

That information was fake!

That woman told us that to trick us!

What do you mean?

She understood who we are.

Go back to where you were.

Çolak is probably there. Hurry up, sir!

Run, run, run!


go to the secure spot.


God damnit!

He ran away again! No he didn't.

We won't stop chasing him.

I will send the ones who give up back to K^arabayir.

You can go back if you want.

It says "Ç"

Is it the Ç in Çolak?

Is it the Ç in Çolak? Probably.

We can't answer her phone!

What are we going to do? Are we going to try to talk like her?

If we make her talk, she'll tell him everything.

And we can not even find Çolak in our dreams!

I've got an idea.

What happened?

She is not picking up.

I've got that. Okay.

It's fine.

Tell me where you are.


What are you doing?

Okay, I will take care of that.
Wait a minute!

Yes, I will give you the information.


Come on!

Hello, are you safe?

We've changed the meeting spot

It should be somewhere more crowded.

When they see civilians, they won't do anything to us.


Tomorrow at 12 p.m. at the center of the city.

Okay, got it.

Are you okay?


Dude, we've found the meeting spot!

Good job!

You're the king!

Everything is okay.

We'll meet at somewhere else.

I've talked with Ate§.


How was he?

He is with them, right?

I think so.

At least, I knew that was right.

But I think he is not

What do you mean?

A woman picked up his phone.

So you were thinking about that.

Not really!

Why would I care about that?

I just had it in my mind

But you didn't call Ate§ to ask him how he was.

You called him because you were worried about him.

It's my turn to ask now.

Do you like Ate§?

What do you mean? No!


I will carve

his eyes out!

That's what will happen.

He was no good anyway.

What do you mean?

He was a woman's man.

He is a man whom would smell every single flower.

I hate those men.

Me too.


Come on, don't be nervous.

Look, Zafer's health is getting better.

He will get better but...

what if he becomes paralyzed?

How will we tell him that?

First Kurtlareli...

and then Zafer..

Yes. yavuz?

Sir, Çolak ran away from us again.

But don't worry.

Kprabatak found where they will meet tomorrow.

Nobody can save him tomorrow.

So we finally managed to bait him, right?

We did, and we didn't even have to waste our bait!

Okay, wait for my call.

We will join you too.

I will tell you the location of the meeting point in the morning.

Yes. sir.

He woke up.

Thank God!

Zafer, how are you?

I'm fine.

I'm fine sir but...

I think there's a fly on my leg that makes me itchy!

Fine! That means what we were worried of did not happen!


You've had a risky operation.

Thank God you are fine now.

I was going to buy you a walking stick,

but you are fine now!

Why are you making fun of that?

Thank God that you are awake, Mr. Zafer!

Are you okay?
I'm fine.

How do you feel?

Like a monster!

We have to check your leg in a minute.

they will remove my bandages in a week.

I will join you right after that.

No way!

We won't remove your bandages that easily.

Your treatment will take so much time.
How long?

We'll tell you that after we remove your bandages and plasters.

You'll be transported to Ankara.

You'll stay there from now on.
What do you mean sir?

Is this a goodbye?

A soldier working at Special Forces don't say goodbye.

You'll go there, get better,

and continue from where you've left.

excuse me.

Sir, Mr. Yavuz wants to see you.

Geveze, I hope you get better soon!

Thanks, sir.

Get well soon, sir!

Sir. I'm sorry for what happened!

We've heard that you were fine.

and we were so upset to hear that!

You were almost going to make it to become a martyr!

They are all crazy!

Sir, I'll be sent off to Ankara in the morning.

We won't see eachother for a long time.

They've told you that it will take a long time, right?

You are a strong man. You'll get better soon.

nothing bad will happen to you. you'll be back on your feet in a month.

We know you really well!

You'll get better.

May God help you, sir.

I'm sorry that I left you alone.

I wish every one of us were sorry because of that. Geveze.

Don't worry.

We'll be here.

Get healthy and come back, okay?

Yes, sir.


This is the meeting spot.

We'll catch Çolak in here in an hour.

Any questions?

Sir, there are a lot of civilians in here.

He told that to Sezin on the phone as well.

He chose to meet here on purpose.

He'll do everything he has to as soon as he understands what's going on,sir.

I know.

That's why we will plan our operation carefully.


It's risky, sir.

But we have to take that risk.

We can not let Çolak escape when we are this close to him.


This will be over today.

I know that you really want to catch Çolak.

We are really sorry.

Today will be a day which we can make him pay for what we were sorry for.

I can feel that.

So, what are we waiting for?

Come on, let's hunt Çolak down.

Wolf 3 to Wolf 2.

Wolf 2 is listening.

The bird is at its nest.

Come on, girl!

Come on!

You are a minute and 30 seconds late.

But I won't be angry at you.

Because today is a good day.

And I am so happy today!

Nothing will change that!

Not even me?

Look around! Look!

What's up, bro?

Did you miss me?

Look around carefully!

Did you really need to come here with that many people?

You've made me embarrassed!

This is the end, Çolak.

Do you have any final words to say??

Final words?

What do you mean, blonde?

I have so many things to tell you.

It's just the start.

What do you mean?


I've really tought that...

you were one of the

smart blondes on the


But you are a stupid blonde!

You've chosen a crowded place to catch me, right?

What'do you call them?

Innocent civilians.

If you try to catch me...

If you try to catch me...

when there are so many innocent people around here...

I won't even let one of them live.


I knew that you were an idiot, but I didn't know that you were retarded.

Did you really think that you could be the founder of a nation with that state of mind?

Look around! Kpep looking!

Look carefully.

They are not civilians.

They are commanders and from the intelligence department.

Come in!

You've asked for me, right?

Sit down, Mrs. Bahar.

We've just received a letter from the doctors association.

What does this mean?

The investigation about the death of Merve Turen had been closed.

You are permanently suspended from

being a doctor because you did something that

you shouldn't have done.

But this doesn't make sense!

I've told them everything in my defense statement.

I wasn't guilty!

This is not my decision.

You can not work at our hospital anymore.

I'm impressed!

This is a great organization!

We should congratulate you.

But, this made me even more happy.

The more soldiers die, the more it'll get attention.

The more soldiers die, the more it'll get attention


For example, right now...

in two minutes...

if they don't go away...

I will push this button.

I will kill everyone around here!


Everyone in here...

will go away

in two minutes.

Then you'll leave.

Then lastly, Comewill leave,

Flight after I do my shopping.

I will easily fucking leave

and nothing bad will happen to me.

Okay, I accept that.

Everyone will leave.

You too.

No way, Çolak.

Either we both die in here,

or you'll come back to Turkey with me.

I don't like that place in this season.

It is hot,

and crowded.

We should choose the longer way.

We will go to the same place anyways.

We'll eventually meet.

Why don't we go there together?

They are looking at me stupidly! Tell them to leave, or I'll push this button!

you should leave, I'll stay here!

Don't be nonsense, Yavuz!

We won't leave you here!

I love the romanticism,

and the affection between you!

I'm getting all emotional!

They won't leave eachother alone!

I will count to three and they'll just fuck off. 1...


Go away!

Leave me alone with this bastard


I locked my gun to the target.

You may go away.

I will put him down as soon as you leave.

Come on, blonde!

My patience is running thin!

Come on!



Leave so

you won't cause this disaster.


You can only dream of it. Çolak.

You can only dream of it.

If you're eager to come with me..

Let's leave together.

But tell them to leave now!


Go away! I'll stay here!

We're falling back!

No way, sir.

I've told you that we're falling back.

Fall back!

We are left alone again

We will do everything together from now on!

Do you really want to come with me?

It'll be a nice trip!

You are just an idiot.

Get the fuck away from here!

Press that button, come on!

Sir, what are we going to do?

he will blow Mr. Yavuz up!

That won't happen

Come on.

Come on, do that.

Put him down, Avci.

Come on, Avci!

Come on, Avci! What are you waiting for?

Avci, answer me!


Avci answer me!

Come on. Çolak! Do it!

Come on.

We should do it together.

Come on!


Avci answer me!

Come on, push that button!

Come on Avci!

You'll do it!

Come on, it's your turn now!

Push that putton!

It's your decision.


You should know your enemy...

better than your friend.

You are not strong enough to kill me!

I know you well.

I know you well, Çolak.

You're stupid.

You're stupid.

Go and look for Avci.

Come on!
Okay, sir.

If you're thinking to trade me for someone else.

Forget about that

Çolak is ours now.
I don't want to trade

I will learn the landing stop of the helicopter to go and get Çolak.

Are you going to make me talk?

You'll sing like a bird in half an hour!

What happened Çolak?

Did your bomb break down?

Or, weren't you brave enough to blow yourself up!

This isn't over yet. You know this, don't you?

Everything is just beginning.

Sir, Avci is not in here.

Çolak did it, sir.

Where is Avci?

I don't know.

I think the Devil took him.

And he won't bring him back.

Where will the helicopter land?

What happened?

Are you scared to follow them?

I wonder...

when exactly will you be brave enough to fight back.

Are you always going to set us up like this?

Tell me where it is.

Fuck off!

This is your last chance.

Tell me...

where is Avci?

Do you think that I'll tell that to you?

I told you that I'll make you talk.

A little bit of pain works all the time.

I'll be back.


Çolak is caught. Mr. Supreme did not like this.

I know that.

I will learn where the helicopter will land, and set a trap to get him.

The plan has changed.

Mr. Supreme wants me to get Çolak killed as soon as possible.


Look, I can't do that.

I can't do that.
You have to do that!

If Çolak talks.

this will end us all!

Çolak won't speak. We can't trust anyone!

A vehicle will be there soon.

You'll get in that car.

There will be a missile on it.

You'll kill Çolak, and all the Turkish soldiers there.

They'll use the old mine's road.


Kill him.

We don't need him anymore.

You're friends will die soon, just like you!

I'm going to kill them all now!

Sebo... Sebo!

Come here!


Come here!

Karabatak, Ke§anli, you'll find Avci.

He might be somewhere close.

Don't come back if you don't find him.

Yes, sir.
Be careful.

Okay, sir.

You should take Çolak to Karabayir,

and give him to the prosecutor there.

I will go to the other meeting spot.

I will attend to the Security Conference right after that.

I hope you'll be back fine.

Thanks, sir.

This is the end.


I would look out the window if I were you, Çolak.

You won't see the daylight again.

Today was a good day, blonde.

But let me tell you something...

You got happy too early, dude.

Nothing is over yet.