Suspects (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - The Enemy Within: Part 5 - full transcript

The body of Sarah Kramer, who went missing eight years earlier is found and Jack interviews her widowed father Joseph, who tells him that Martha had been investigating the disappearance. Retired officer Ed Goddard, no friend of Drummond, reports to Gary that Sarah was an informant and Drummond her handler and secret lover whilst Jack also lets Gary in on Drummond's confession regarding Stan's death. Drummond covers himself to the team, throwing suspicion on Mo as the object of Sarah's investigation and her killer, to which he admits but adds that Drummond buried her body. Alisha and Jack have to prove it.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I got a suspected fatal
shooting of a police officer.

The victim is Detective
Inspector Martha Bellamy.

- Charlie Steele?
- Don't know her.

It'd be a real shame

if what happened to
Martha happened to her.

You're gonna go down to
the evidence store downstairs.

You're gonna sign out the gun.

I'm gonna call HQ, see
if they have a replica.

You sort the gun?

The real gun is at the
bottom of the Thames.

Good. Thank you.

- Jimmy, you all right?
- Mr. Jones, is that your son?


Tell me who it is that's
been hurting you, bud.

My uncle.

Fucking tell him now.
I would never do that!

Mo, your brother's a nonce.

- Stan, what did he say?!
- No, Mo!

Shit. The fucking bad man.

- No!
- Look after it, Dan.


- Have you called it in?
- Yeah, I've called it in, Chief.

- All right, all right.
- Who was up there?

- Who was up there with you?
- Nobody. He just jumped.

Chief, I saw two
people up there.

I could see it in his eyes.

He's fucking lying.
I'm telling you.

There was two people on
that roof, not one person.

I don't... I just...

Fuck me.

Remember Sarah Kramer, went
missing about eight years ago?

- Yeah.
- An anonymous tip-off

to Crimestoppers that her
body is buried in the back garden.

So we got C.S.I.s
excavating right now.

- Morning, sir.
- Morning.

So, definitely got a body.

Um, C.S.I. found, um...

found what they needed

using a ground-penetrating
radar this morning.

There's definitely
a body down there.

- Any I.D.?
- Not as yet, sir.

We don't know how long
she's been down there,

but we do believe that under
the grass, there's concrete,

which may well have
preserved our body,

which bodes really well
for forensics, obviously.

What are your thoughts
on it being Sarah Kramer

from however long
ago... Eight years ago?

I think it's a bloody
coincidence if it's not.

And this tip-off just
happened to know

there was a body in this garden.

- Okay. Let's go and look.
- Yep.

I'm going to appoint Alisha here

as acting D.I. of
this investigation.

I've got a lot on in the
office. Okay? Is that all right?

Yeah. Okay.

- Yeah.
- Happy?

What's up, sir?

Oh, you know. Want
you thinking on your feet.

Hello, Morris.

An anonymous tip about Sarah?

- Yep.
- Really?

- Who from?
- How the fuck do I know?

You're gonna reopen the case?

I'm a detective
chief inspector, Mo.

- It's my job.
- You check the scene?

Is there anything on
the body that can link us?

- You have to trust me.
- You sure?

'Cause if there is,
we're both going down.

Sarah Kramer.

Her body has now been
removed from the site.

And our initial postmortem

does confirm this is
who we're dealing with.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

Okay. So, Sarah Kramer.

21 years old,
accountant secretary,

last seen leaving
her parents' home

on the 3rd of March, 2008.

Apparently, she was going to
meet some old school friends.

And no one's heard
from her since.

Our initial inquiries
focused on her dad, Joseph.

Apparently, they
rowed all the time.

He didn't approve of
her lifestyle choices,

whatever that means.

Um, and he
couldn't fully account

for his movements on the
night that she went missing.

But that investigation
eventually ran cold.

Jack, any updates for me?

Yes. Bruising on her
neck. Heavy bruising.

- Okay.
- The ligature marks

would suggest that
she was strangled,

but I'm still awaiting
confirmation on that.

Has anyone offered to go
down and talk to Joseph Kramer?

You just did.

Hi, there.

My name is Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

Are you Joseph Kramer?

Is your wife at home?
It might be easier to...

If I can tell both of you.

Uh... Miriam.

I buried her...

three weeks ago.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Thank you.

I'm sorry to be the one
to have to tell you this.

I think we might have
found Sarah's body.

Miriam always...

always hoped she'd come back.

Felt she would.

Wanted her to be
happy wherever she was.

Does the address 54 St. Jonas
Street ring any bells for you?

Is that where you found her?

I can't give you too much
information at this stage.

Uh, did it have...

No, it doesn't.

It doesn't, actually.

But did Sarah have any
connection with that address?

Listen, I'd... We'd
grown apart as far as...

She shared things
with her mother.

Okay. Did you ever get a hint

that maybe Sarah was involved
romantically with anyone?

Like I said, we'd
grown apart. She'd got...

She'd got in with
some bad people.

There were drugs
involved, and...

Okay. Um...

I'm surprised, uh...

Martha Bellamy hasn't
been to see me about this.

Uh, yeah. Inspector
Bellamy passed away.

- Our cases...
- I can't stand this.

I saw her three weeks
ago at Miriam's funeral.

She was there. I saw...

You wouldn't happen
to have a kind of a...

Give me a list of people

who were at Miriam's
funeral by any chance?

I know this is a very
difficult time for you,

and I'm aware of that.

Oh, well. Just...

Just this. It's a
condolences book.

It was gonna be for Sarah.

Would I be able to borrow
that just for a few hours?

- Just so I can...
- Will you be careful with it?

I will look after it. Yes.

I'll see if I can
find an envelope.

Thank you. Thank you.

Martha did go to the funeral.

What are you reading?

The Miriam Kramer
condolence book.

Sweet message... "I
hope that you find peace.

I'm sorry that I could
not find it for you."

Have a look?

The superintendent has
just given me clearance

and a Section 8 warrant
for Jonas Street, so...

Do you think that's necessary?

I think it's worth blowing
the budget on, sir,

because I have my suspicions

that she was actually
killed at the property.

So I just want to... I
just want to clean it out.

It's fucking different
around here without her.

Don't you think?


Sir, just so I can
run this past you...

In the hours leading up
to Martha Bellamy's death,

she was researching the Sarah
Kramer missing-person file.

I think... To give ourselves
the best shot at that case,

I think we should look into
Martha Bellamy's communications

to see what all she discovered.

Well, we know, obviously,
or we think that Mo Jones

is involved in the
Martha Bellamy case.

If these two cases are
linked, then Mo Jones

is probably involved in
the Sarah Kramer case.

Probably, but you need proof.

- Yeah.
- Plenty of proof with Mo.

All right. That was front desk.

Got an Ed Goddard downstairs.

He was the S.I.O.
on the Kramer case.

Let's go and waste five minutes
talking to a drunk. Come on.

I'm D.C. Gary Roscoe.
Hi. Nice to meet you.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to ask you to move over

to the other side of the
table, I'm afraid, though.

Old habits.


How are you?

Been a while.

We won't keep you long. I
know the pubs are open soon.

What can we do for you?

Thank you.



Got an hour or so. Do
you fancy getting a pint?

- Here you are, Ed.
- Oh, thanks.

I'll be straight with you, Ed.

Um, I thought you needed to
get something off your chest.

And then you clammed up
as soon as the chief walked in.



I've got more than a
passing interest in this case

'cause I was
S.I.O. originally...

Missing person.

- Sarah Kramer?
- Yeah.

She was a snout.

Who was she informing on?

Well, don't know. I
mean, I was just a D.S.

I wasn't privy to
that information.

But I did find out that her
handler was shagging her.

Guess who her handler was.

- Drummond?
- Ah.

But listen.

Now, be careful
'cause I found out...

more than he liked.

And he ruined my career.

And I don't want
that to happen to you.

He's a slippery bastard.

All right? So watch him.

Okay. Yeah. Thank you.


Yes, sir?

At the risk of
sounding controversial,

have you thought about doing
one of those press appeals

that you like so much?

Yes, sir. I did think about it.

But I just think she's sort of
been eight years off the scene.

It feels a bit of a long
shot at the moment.

Well, someone's
called Crimestoppers.

So someone knows the truth.

Good morning. Thank
you all for coming.

I shall now read a
prepared statement.

"Early this morning,
we found the body

of Sarah Kramer at 54 St.
Jonas Street in East London.

She went missing
eight years ago.

I'm making an urgent
appeal for information.

If you or anyone you know
has a connection to Sarah

or the address 54
St. Jonas Street,

please come forward
and tell us what you know.

We were directed to her
body by an anonymous tip.

So I'm making a direct appeal

to that person to please
come forward again

and contact the incident
room or Crimestoppers.

Sarah's photograph
has been distributed

to all relevant news outlets.

Thank you very much."

Gary? Where have you been?

Oh, I've been checking
with some mates in uniform.

See if they know of anything
unusual about 54 St. Jonas,

- but...
- Nothing?

- No.
- Okay.

Brew, guys?

Uh, you made such a
horrendous cup of tea the last time,

I don't trust you to
make one this time.

No milk. You
always put milk in it.

- Sorry.
- Sarge, have a listen.

How are your old colleagues?

Yeah, I knew you'd
know that was bullshit.

- Yeah, what's going on?
- Um, look.

Ed Goddard came
in for a chat. All right?

He came in for a reason.

I knew he wanted
to tell me something.

But then as soon as Drummond
walked in, he just shut down.

Drummond was rude to him.

He practically kicked
him out of the station.

Um, so I followed
him, took him for a pint.

Sarah Kramer was an informant,

and Drummond was her handler.

Um, he also mentioned
that they were shagging.

- What?
- Yeah.

Which is sackable, I'm assuming.


And he also claims

that he single-handedly
ruined his career.

He framed him for something.

Still in the pub?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How you doing?
- All right.

- How are you?
- I... Sorry.

My name is Jack. Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

- You're Ed Goddard. Am I right?
- Yeah.

I was a young probationer on one

of your crime scenes
a long time ago.

Um, do you mind if I sit down?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

You know he ended
my career, don't you?

- I heard that from Gary, yeah.
- Yeah.

'Cause I was asking some
very uncomfortable questions.

Christmas party. I'd had a few.

I was driving home.

And he smashed me brake
light and tipped off the uniforms.

And they pulled me over.

And I lost me license.

And I lost me job.

Okay. Do you have
any proof of that?

Proof? No.

You can't prove
fuck all with him.

If you look at the
chain of events...

Right? So, Sarah goes missing...

Yeah. Eight years ago.


And he's been shagging her.

And I start asking
uncomfortable questions.

And he breaks me light
and loses me me job.

And then he thinks he's safe...

'cause I'm not around, am I?

But you don't think
that there's a connection

between Sarah Kramer's
death and... and Drummond?

I'd like to help, but look
what happened to Martha.

I don't want to end
up brown bread, do I?

I don't know. Maybe she
called them to follow up.

- Jack.
- Hey.

I've just been looking through
Martha's e-mail account.

- Yeah?
- One of the last e-mails

that she sent was to
the source unit at HQ.

She was asking if Sarah
Kramer was an informant.

If that's true, and if she was,

then maybe there's a chance
that one of the criminals

that she was informing on
is responsible for her murder.

Yeah, no. It's definitely
worth looking into, Charlie.

See if HQ got back to Martha.

Martha wouldn't have had access

to that kind of
sensitive information.

That's D.C.I. or above.

Let me make a call, yeah?

- Okay.
- Good work, Charlie.

Gary, can I have a
word outside, please?

Uh, yeah.

Gary, I need to be sure
that this conversation's

- gonna stay between us.
- Yeah, of course, Sarge.

Of course.

I went down to the
pub, and I saw Ed.

He... Okay, he reckons that
Drummond has something to do

with Sarah Kramer's death.

Fuck. Do you believe him?

Honestly, a lot
of what he said...

- Made sense.
- Just checked out.

And that's been kind of
freaking me out a little bit.

The night that Stan
went off the roof...



I looked up and saw
two people on the roof.

I was on the floor
when Stan went over.

The chief comes
down. I asked him.

He said he was
up there by himself

and Stan threw himself off.

- I saw two people there.
- Mo was on top of the roof

when myself, Drummond,
and Stan were up there, as well,

and Mo threw Stan off the roof.

Drummond told me.

He said I had to
keep quiet about it

because Mo had threatened
to kill, attack, whatever,

do something
fucking awful to Lucy

unless we kept quiet about it.

Who threatened you? Mo, was it?

No. Mo threatened Lucy.

- But who told you?
- Drummond told me that.

Do you believe him?

Let's keep pressing
on. Come on in.

Shut the door, Gary.

All right, I've just had
clearance from upstairs

regarding the Sarah
Kramer informant inquiry

you were talking about earlier
that Martha was pursuing.

And you're right... She
was a police source,

and I was her handler.

Okay? I'm sorry I couldn't
tell you, let you know sooner.

But I didn't have
the authorization.

I needed clearance
from upstairs.

Hence Li being in
charge of the case.

Now, when you're
investigating this line of inquiry,

you're more than
likely to come up

against a fair
amount of bullshit...

'cause back then, the
rumor mill was rife...

I was having an affair
with Sarah Kramer.

Obviously, I was spending
a lot of time with her.

And people put 2 and
2 together and got 11.

Okay? What we
do need to focus on,

what is real, is who her
key target was back then...

- Mo Jones.
- Jesus Christ.


She was having a
relationship with Mo.

I was recruiting her, and
we were getting somewhere.

We were getting great
intel on Mo's movements.

And then she disappeared.

All right? We couldn't
pin anything on him.

We did investigate
him at the time,

but he had a cast-iron alibi.

It was very, very frustrating.

And obviously at the time,
there was no crime scene,

- so no forensics.
- Correct.

But that was in the past.

Now we have a new crime
scene we found this morning

which is potentially
full of evidence.

Give us an opportunity to
nail this bastard to the mast

once and for all for
Sarah Kramer's murder

and Martha's murder.

So, you two...

see if you can find any
connection between Mo

and 54 St. Jonas Street.

You guys bring him in.

Let's have a chat with
him about Sarah, okay?


I'm sorry I couldn't
tell you guys earlier,

but you understand, right?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you for filling us in.

Thanks, guys.

What did you think
of his little revelation

about Sarah and Mo?

I think he's full
of surprises...

- Yeah.
- And bullshit.

I've brought Jack up to speed.

Have you? What did he say?

He's on the same page.

Sarah Kramer.

- Recognize the name?
- Yeah, yeah.

I gave a statement
about this years ago.

She was discovered buried in
the garden of 54 St. Jonas Street.

Awful. Awful.

Have you previously
or currently got

any connections to that address?


- No?
- No.


Mr. Jones, would you be
willing to give us a DNA sample

- so that we could...
- Absolutely. Of course.

- We could eliminate you.
- Absolutely.

'Cause you know I always
cooperate with the police.

I also want to inform you that
Sarah was strangled to death.

Her body preserved in concrete.

- Oh, God's truth!
- You know anything about that?

Absolutely nothing. No.

My statement's exactly the
same as it was when it happened,

- So...
- Statement?

- This statement?
- Yeah.

You were questioned back
when she went missing.

- That's correct. Yeah.
- You provided us with an alibi.

I did, indeed.

In March 2008.

Stan's alibi.



"I, Stan Turner, have been asked

to corroborate my
brother, Morris Jones'"...

You... "movements on the
night of the 3rd of March, 2008.

I can confirm that I was
with my brother all night."

Why is he talking about
that? Why is he doing this?

Are you trying to wind
me up? "We watched TV."

- What? No. I'm reading...
- Are you trying to wind me up?

I'm reading your
brother's alibi.

The biggest shame of this all

is that we don't have
Stan around anymore

- to corroborate the alibi.
- Don't you fucking...

When push comes to
shove, he's not here anymore.

- That is disgusting.
- You know?

Have you got no respect?

My brother has
just fucking died.

Died? I thought he was killed.

- What did you just say?
- Mr. Jones, we are trying

- to piece back from...
- What did you just say?

When Sarah went missing.

I want to put in a
complaint about you.

I think we're done here.

You are well out of order, mate.

Well out of order.
And you know it.

- What?
- What are you playing at, Jack?

- What are you talking about?
- What are you playing at?

- Chill out.
- What was that about?

I'm just asking him
some questions.

- You're taunting him.
- Hang on a second, okay?

Look, I know... I know
he's your pal, okay?

I think your boy Drummond is
wrapped up in this in some way.

I know he knows more

about Sarah Kramer's
case than he's letting on.

And I think he's involved
in something with Mo Jones.

So I'm gonna
push all his buttons

to see what I
can get out of him.

- Don't, don't.
- Whoa.

You're not gonna push
any fucking buttons, Jack.

Okay, you're
right. You're right.

He's a fucking snake.

I've been investigating
Drummond for years now.


I need you...

I'm so close. I am so close.

But your cowboy antics are
gonna fuck this whole thing up.

So I need you to play
by the rules and trust me.

Okay? We clear?

You can't just drop a
bombshell on me like that

and just not expect
any questions.

What the fuck is
going on downstairs?

Jack, listen, I'm
really not at liberty

to get into this with you.

But if you've got direct
questions that need clearing up,

- then ask me. I'll do my best.
- Ed Goddard.

I spoke to Ed.

Ed said that Sarah Kramer
had an affair with Drummond.

Is that true?

Yeah, I believe so.

Fuck's sake.

Um, he said also that
Drummond set him up

for a drink-driving charge.

- True?
- I also believe that to be true.

But Drummond's really
covered himself on that one.


He said Drummond
killed Sarah Kramer.

Well, that's what I'm trying
to get to the bottom of, okay?

We done?

Uh, bit of a
breakthrough. Forensics.

They've turned up a
silk scarf at the burial site.

It was embedded in the
concrete with the body.

And there is a strong suspicion

that it was actually
used to strangle Sarah.

- And that's...
- It's evidence.

It's hard evidence.

Not all they had to report.

They found a sample
over at the house.

They've had it tested.

We have Mo's DNA
on the skirting board.

It's a little degraded,

suggesting it's been
there for a while.

Great. That's
fucking great news.

I thought you'd like that, sir.

Is this... Okay, we know
Mo was in the house.

We still don't know
who killed Sarah.

Oh, come on, Jack. Stop
being such a fucking defeatist...

- Come on.
- No, I'm just saying the facts.

We found some blood
on the skirting boards.

Couple more facts for you guys.

Sarah was 12 weeks
pregnant when she was killed.


Okay. I didn't know
that. I didn't know that.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Yeah. So, um...

I had no idea.

Any way of finding
out who the father is?

The fetus' DNA is being
tested as we speak.

- Great.
- May be our guy.

Um, uh, okay.

Well, let me know about
it as soon as you get it.

- Of course, sir.
- We have his DNA.

We have his DNA all over
the house, which is great.

So, I know that Drummond
has been after Mo for years.

Yet the D.C.I.

watches him push his
brother off the top of a car park,

which is definitely a
fucking crime called murder,

by the way, and does nothing.

I think that we need
to go to the super.

Because we can't... What
else are we gonna do?

Do you want to be
directing fucking traffic

for the next 30 years?

Do you?

And I feel like the two of you

need to put down your
statements in writing

before this goes any further.

It will just put you in the
best position possible.

Yeah, I hear you.

But I'm a fucking
trainee detective.

I can't go over the D.C.I.

What do you think?

You know that I
know you're right.

I'm in a very tricky position.

I'm already complicit in what
happened on top of the car park.

He's got me bent over barrel

for something
else, as well, I think.

- And I just...
- What?

Stan demanded,
okay, that I take the gun

that Stan used to kill Martha

out of the evidence store.

Oh, fuck.

I didn't know what to do, okay?

Charlie, he threatened you.

He threatened you. He
brought me to your house.

He said, "This is what
she does on Tuesday.

This is what she
does on Thursday.

This is what she
does on Sunday."

He said he was
gonna go after you

if I didn't help him out. I
didn't know what to do.

Why would you not
fucking tell me that?!

I didn't know what to
do. Charlie, hang on.

I didn't know
what to fucking do.

I went to Drummond,
asked him for help.

So we decided to give
him a replica of the gun.

So I went down to
the evidence store.

I signed out the original gun.

We sent it to HQ for forensics.

And we gave a replica
of the gun to Stan.


Can we just all
agree that at this point,

we don't know where the weapon
that was used to kill Martha is?

- It's in HQ.
- Because it's not...

Is it?

- Yes.
- Who did you talk to there?

Who sent it there?

Have you spoken to
anyone? Like, the two of you

just decided on
this little operation,

and now no one
knows where it is.

Because, you remember,
I tried to call them

and he took the fucking
phone out of my hand.

You've spoken to no one.
You have no idea where it is.


What the fuck do we do now?

Alisha tells us what to do next.

What? Why?

Alisha is conducting an internal
investigation into Drummond.

She's been on it
for... She says years.

Are you fucking kidding me?

- We can trust her, yeah?
- I don't know, Gary.

I don't know what
else we can do.

I don't know what
other choice we have.

I wanted to say
that I don't think

you should have
done what you did.

But I totally appreciate

that you put your
fucking career on the line

because you thought
I was in danger.

Just doing my job, Charlie.

Is there anything else
you haven't told me?

'Cause I feel like
we've just been holding

a lot back from each other.

And that doesn't make
me feel more comfortable.

Um, okay.

As it stands, the relationship

between Drummond
and Sarah Kramer,

- the affair...
- Mm.

Ed Goddard thinks that's
true. Alisha thinks that's true.

Oh. Pear-faced fucking liar.

So that whole thing
in his office was what?

Just, like, a
preemptive strike. Okay.

When Alisha said that there
was a fetus inside Sarah Kramer,

I mean, it has to be Drummond's.

Timing, everything made sense.

It's his baby.

That is such a strong
motive for murder.

If that had come out, he
would have definitely lost his job.

He would probably have
lost his wife, his family. Fuck.

Oh, I can't give you
any more answers.

I've told you... I made
the statement years ago.

Everything stays the
same. I can't help you.

How do you account for the fact

that your DNA was found
at 54 St. Jonas Street?

I-I can't. I mean, I can only...

I can only think something
to do with the club.

You know, she's picked it up

putting a credit card
through the machine

or picking up a
glass with my DNA.

- Any other reason?
- I can't think of anything.

All right, listen. I think
we need a little break here.

You said you
were cleaning it up.

Why didn't you tell
me she was pregnant?

- What?
- Why didn't you tell me

she was pregnant when she died?

The postmortem
revealed she was pregnant

when she was killed, Mo.

I didn't know that.

Well, what if they
find out it's yours?

That's your job over.
And your marriage.

I think it's much more
likely to be yours.

I think we both
know that, don't we?

So I suggest you
get back in that...

I could leave right now.
I'm not even under arrest!

You could leave. Or it might
be more helpful to your case

getting your
fucking ass out of jail

if you get back in there
and give a good reason

why you were at that house
in the first place, all right?

Maybe a one-night stand?

Okay, Mr. Jones,
just to be clear,

I'm going to read back your
statement in your own words.

If you're happy with
everything, I'll ask you to sign it.

"I met Sarah
Kramer in a nightclub.

We hit it off.

And we went back to the
place where she was living.

We slept together the once.

And I never saw her again."

Is that it? Is there anything
else you'd like to add?

No. That's it.

Okay. Can you
sign here and here?



Lab results are in
for the fetal DNA.


And they conclude
that Mr. Morris Jones

is the father of
Sarah's unborn child.

That's good. That's good.

Yep. That alone, clearly,

is not conclusive
evidence that he killed her,

but they are 99.9% sure

that that scarf was
used to strangle her.

And that also is riddled
with Mr. Jones' DNA.

We have fucking got him.

- Yeah, I think so.
- Yes? Yes?

Can we have some smiles,
please? Jesus Christ. Come on!

- Yeah.
- Yeah. It's a result.

It's a result, sir.
I'm gonna go down

and present this evidence
to him and arrest him.

- Would you like to join me?
- No, no, no, no, no.

That's a bad idea.
You go. You go.

If I go, it's just gonna
wind him up, right?

He's gonna do everything he can

to try and derail this
investigation, okay?

He's gonna start flinging
all sorts of shit around.

It's not good idea if I go.

I'm gonna take a
stand back. You two go.

Can I just say, I really
was not expecting that.

Slimy fucker.

Did you see him shit himself
before the results came out?

I was so convinced it was him!


Okay, Mr. Jones. I
need to inform you

that we are now talking
to you in connection

with the murder of Sarah Kramer.

You have declined the
presence of a solicitor.

If at any point
throughout the interview

you wish to change your
mind, just let us know.

We'll sort that
out for you. Okay?

- Is that clear?
- She asked you a question.

Yes or no?

- Yeah.
- Great.

Um, I'd like to
know a little bit

about the relationship between
yourself and Sarah Kramer.

Sarah Kramer, Mr. Jones.

Oh, we had a one-night stand.

One-night stand.

When we exhumed her body,

there was a fetus
in her stomach.

A fetus.


Well, I just thought you'd
be interested to know

that you were the father.

It's just funny.

Well, not funny. I
mean, it's just difficult,

I would have thought, to get
pregnant on a one-night stand.

I'm just saying the
odds are slightly unlikely

that it was just a
one-night stand.

Mr. Jones, if you'd like

to take a look at this
fetching item of clothing.

Does that look
familiar to you at all?

- No.
- No?

You may not have
seen it for quite a while.

So take a harder look.

I don't recognize it.

Well, I can inform you that
this scarf was found embedded

in the cement next
to Sarah's body.

The good thing about
that is that the cement

has preserved the
DNA found on the scarf.

I think you'd
really like to know

whose DNA we found
on the scarf, Mr. Jones.

It was yours and Sarah's.

Then our pathologist
came back with a report...

Pretty conclusive report...

Saying that he thinks
beyond reasonable doubt

that this item of clothing was
used to strangle Sarah to death.

Where's Drummond?

You all right? How
are we getting on?

He's in with his solicitor.

Yeah, I bet he is. He's
looking at 16 years.

- What's wrong?
- I just...

I'm really struggling to
square this in my mind.

Mo Jones, a career criminal,

buries the murder
weapon next to the body

in forensically friendly cement.

- It just doesn't...
- Mo Jones, a career criminal,

buries a body in cement

and hopes that no
one ever finds it again.

They all make
mistakes in the end.

And that's how we catch them.

You're doing a great job.

He will fold.

We've got him.

Yeah? Do you want
to come in with us?

I don't think you need
me in there. Do you?

Just if you want to be
the guy to take him down.

I think you two should be
the people that take him down.

- Let me know, yeah?
- Yes, sir.

"I, Morris Jones, was
in a sexual relationship

with a woman called Sarah
Kramer for a few months in 2008.

At the time of her death,
Sarah was pregnant,

but had not told me
this was the case.

I've no idea if the
child was mine.

On the night of her death...

on the 3rd of March,
2008, Sarah and I argued.

I had recently discovered
that she was cheating on me

with another man.

In a fit of rage, I
strangled Sarah to death.

However, I did not
bury Sarah's body.

I immediately regretted
what I did and have left...

have felt remorse for
Sarah's death ever since."


Mr. Jones, compelling stuff.

Feel better?

You say you didn't
bury her body.

- Who did?
- I don't know.

You kill her.

And somebody buries
her body in cement.

And you don't know who that is?

Why don't you go talk
to your boss, Drummond?

Yeah? Do you believe him?

Makes sense.

What do we do?

Um, we follow procedure, Jack.

Tell Drummond.

Did he cop?

- Come in. Did he cop?
- Oh, yeah.

- We got a confession.
- You got a confession?

A nice tidy statement
saying that he killed Sarah.

- Just like that?
- Just like that, sir.

- Brilliant. That's great.
- Mm.

Says that he didn't
bury her, though.

- Okay.
- Mm.


He says someone else did that.

- He says you did.
- He says I did it?

- Yeah.
- Wow.

- That's interesting.
- Yeah.

Well, CPS will never
see through that.

- I know.
- All right.

Well done. This is great news.

- Yeah.
- Let me get a charge from CPS.

Then we can go
and make it all official.

Great. Leave that with you, sir?

Yeah. Well done, guys.

Can't believe we got
a confession so easily.

Yeah. It's not a...

D.C.I. Drummond.

Thanks, guys.

I've been watching
that fucker for years,

and that was his
best performance yet.

He didn't even flinch, Jack.

Drummond's behind
this whole operation.

What are you talking about?
Mo just said he killed her.

Flash back eight years.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Mo has an element of
influence over Drummond

and convinces Drummond to
get rid of Sarah Kramer's body.

He's a serving
officer at the time.

Exactly. He's
forensically aware.

Drummond knows
that at some point,

this case could come
back to bite him in the ass.

So when he's burying
Sarah Kramer's body,

he throws the murder
weapon in on top of it.

- Okay.
- Mo, on top of the car park,

throws Stan over the
roof, thinks he's invincible.

Thinks he's never gonna
be caught for anything.

Drummond says,
"That's the last straw."

Drummond rings Crimestoppers
with the anonymous tip

about where Sarah
Kramer's body is.

We go. We find the body.

And Drummond sits back,

watches the whole thing
play out just as he planned.

Mo's in custody now for
Sarah Kramer's murder.

Drummond's never
gonna get caught.

We think it's over
'cause we have Mo, but...

I've got one more idea.

I've got one more
thing I have to look into.

Hi. Chrissy.

- Hi, Alisha. Hi.
- Hi.

I'm really sorry to
turn up unannounced.

- Is Daniel with you?
- No, he's not.

He's actually
back at the office.

He's kind of snowed under.

But, um, just wondering if
you actually had a few minutes.

Just wanted to talk to
you about a few things.

- Yeah. Sure. Come in.
- Yeah? Okay, cool. Thanks.

I saw you on the
appeal for Sarah Kramer.

- The...
- Oh, yeah.

Yeah. It's really sad.

Chrissy, that's actually what
I wanted to talk to you about.

Um, I know it was
a long time ago,

but I'd just like to, uh,

revisit Daniel's exact
movements of the night

- when Sarah went missing.
- Why?

I'm just trying to piece
together exactly what happened.

We're kind of working backwards
now that we've found her body.

Um, it would just be
helpful for our investigation,

getting a full picture.

Okay. Um...

Daniel was with me.

I remember where we
were because it was, uh,

a country pub we'd
gone to for the night

because we needed to
spend some time together.

He went back to London for
a big case halfway through,

which was quite shit,

seeing as we were supposed
to be spending time together.


When he got back,
he was being weird.


I didn't believe he'd
been at this case

because he does
this thing when he lies.

He smiles. And I-I know.

Did you ask him where he'd been?

- Did you press him?
- Yeah. He shut down on me.

Anything to say?

You're fucked.

Okay. Take him away.

- Where's Li?
- Li is...

She's got the night off.
She's on a date or something.

Okay, take it all.
Go to the pub.

Put it behind the bar.

Drink it. Drink it all. Get
me a large one, yeah?

Are you coming out with
us or... We can wait for you.

I am. I'm just got to go
and tell Joseph, okay?

- Break the news to him.
- Do you know what?

I need to go back
and talk to Joseph.

I have that book of condolences.

- No, uh...
- I'll get my coat.

- I'd like to do it.
- Oh, yeah.

- I'll meet you in the car.
- Thank you.

Mr. Kramer. Joseph.

Um, this is my colleague,

Detective Chief Inspector
Daniel Drummond.

I was wondering if
we could come in.

- This is Joseph Kramer.
- Pleased to meet you, Joseph.

How do you do?

- Come in.
- Yeah? Yeah?

Jos... Joseph. I
can call you Joseph?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

We've arrested someone
for Sarah's murder...

A Morris Jones, otherwise
known as Mo to the police.

He's a notorious villain.


There's also something
else we need you to know.

And I'd prefer you
heard it from us

rather than reading it
in a local newspaper

or perhaps hearing
about it in court.

Um, ahem, Sarah was...
Sarah was pregnant

when she died with Mo's baby.

Oh, God!

Rest assured, we'll
do everything we can

to make sure he spends as
much time as possible in prison.

Well, he can fucking rot there.

Our sentiments exactly, Joseph.

We also wanted to return
the book of condolences

- you kindly leant to us.
- Oh, yes.

Thank you.

It was very helpful. Thank you.


You take care.

You know the gun that
you got me to give Stan?


Obviously, that was the replica,

and the original's at HQ.

What's brought
all this up, Jack?

Just, I know that Mo

is gonna be slinging shit
around left, right, and center.

I don't want to get
caught in the cross fire.

You don't have to
worry about it, Jack.

It's taken care of.

There's a conversation
that sticks out in my mind.

Um, we were at dinner.

I seem to remember you asking
a lot of questions at the time.

It was around the time
that Sarah went missing.

I was worried that he was
having an affair with her.

I mean, that's why I
asked all those questions.


I'm sorry to make
you revisit the time.

I feel it's only right
to tell you, Chrissy,

that actually, I, uh,
think your suspicions

were pretty valid.

He was having an
affair with Sarah.

You okay?

I told you... I was being
paranoid around that time.

I just kept a load of stuff.

Chrissy, what is this?

That's what he was
wearing that night.

I was just being paranoid.

I didn't think it was
anything sinister.

No, no. No, listen.
Listen, Chrissy.

You've absolutely
done the right thing.

I'm gonna take this down to
the lab and get it fast-tracked.

And you just wait
for my call. Okay?

What do I... What
do I do if he, uh...

You don't say anything.
Do you understand me?

Do not say anything
until I call you.

- Okay?
- Okay.

I'm sorry.


Hi. I was just
about to call you.

You okay?

I have something.

And I think this is it.

- Jack, any sign of Li?
- No. She didn't pick up.

So maybe... I don't
know... She got lucky or...

- Do you want a drink?
- Eh, I'm good. Thanks.

- Sure?
- Yeah.

All right, I think all
we've achieved this week

deserves a toast To an
honest day's work, right?


Cheers. Cheers.

- Cheers, guys.
- Cheers.

Oh, God.


Miss, are you okay?

Listen, can you hear me?

Can you hear me? Aah!


Do you know what
happened to Alisha last night?

- What?
- She was attacked last night.

- What?!
- She was what?

Clear the board of
the Sarah Kramer case.

I'm keeping that on
the fucking board. Sorry.

I'm going to ask
you again, Chrissy.

You have to tell me...
What was in those bags?

Enough. Don't give
him the satisfaction.

You're gonna tell me
to leave my own office?

I don't think you are.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Lads!