Suspects (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - The Enemy Within: Part 4 - full transcript

Investigating Lucy's disappearance the team learn that the blood stains at the flat are those of Gus Adebayo, the bouncer at Mo Jones' club but when arrested he claims to have no knowledge of Lucy's whereabouts. Following an appeal schoolboy Jimmy arrives at the police station, stating that he is Lucy's boyfriend and, after Gary's sensitive interview, admits to being sexually abused by Stan, a fact that he told Lucy. The girl is found but Mo takes a terrible revenge on his brother and Drummond helps him hush it up, swearing Jack to secrecy though Gary suspects that there is something wrong.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Hi.
- Hi. I'm Jack.

- I'm Lucy.
- Hi, Lucy.

- What are you doing here?
- Waiting for you.

You're my dad, after all.

She's just staying with
me just for a couple of days.

What the fuck? She is 16.

What the fuck are you doing?!

Oh, fuck. I think
she's my daughter.

- You have to tell Drummond.
- I can't.

Charlie sent the
DNA down to forensics

for a cross-reference
against yours.

It's positive.

She's yours, mate.


Police Control. Put me
through to Police Control.

This is D.S. Weston.
I've got an abduction.

My daughter's missing.

Uh, okay. Neighbors
here saw an IC3 male

dump Lucy into the
back of a white van.

Didn't get a proper I.D. on him.

They said he was
late 20s, early 30s.

Okay. Let's go in.

There's blood on the pavement.

The door was open.

Came up here. Placed the tip.

So came up here.
Bedroom was empty.

And then this is what we've got.

Okay. A struggle.

- Li?
- Yeah. Okay.

The team is assembling outside.

Get this swabbed.
Fast-track it to the lab.

I want it tested
against Lucy's DNA.

Jack, do you know what? I
think it's best if I oversee this.

No. Can I supervise
this, please?

No, I really...

- Come. Jack, come on.
- Trust me.

I'm really sorry, but you
know you can't be part

of this investigation.

Yeah? Significant
witness and all that.

- Go and sit in my car.
- Fuck's sake.

- I'll sit with him.
- All right.

I want every resource
thrown at this.

Lucy's victimology is
the priority of the day.

Okay, sir.

Um, okay.

So, in the bathroom itself,

we have three
sets of fingerprints.

One's Jack's. One's Lucy.

The other... We're not sure yet.

We have an unidentified
glove print on the door.

On the mirror here,

we found Lucy's
prints and Jack's prints,

- but no one else's.
- What's this?

Well, it suggests that it was
Lucy who had a grip on this.

So my guess would be that
she's the one who has used it.

And that blood is
quite possibly not hers.

- Right.
- If she did attack

and get blood on her
hands, then this pattern here

suggests that she was dragged.

But, again, I'm having
this blood fast-tracked.

As soon as I know
whether or not it's Lucy's...

You need a match
on that blood, right?

Yeah. I just hope if
it's not Lucy's blood

and she did attack
in self-defense,

she hasn't made things worse.

That's what we all hope.

You know, as well as I do,

that the best way to find her

is to go about this like we go
about all of our investigations.

No, no.

This is not a
normal investigation.

I am a policeman.

I-I know how these cases end up.

Has she said anything to you?

Anything that might indicate

why someone would
want to take her?

- No, Charlie. No.
- Okay.

This is personal to me
because it's personal to you.

I want to find her just
as much as you do.

- Can we get on it and do it?
- Okay? So just trust me.


And the minute I know
anything, I'll tell you.

- Okay?
- Thank you.

What do you got?

All right, Chief. Not
as much as I'd like.

- Go on.
- 3:00 p.m.


Lucy leaves custody.

5:00 p.m.

The sarge rings in a 999.

Now, I did a financial
background check

on her debit cards.

At 3:30, she boards a bus.

Again at 4:00.

No Idea where? No routes?

- No idea where, boss.
- Okay. Get on TfL. Get the data.

- Get the routes.
- Right you are, Chief.

The forensics have come back

and said that all the
blood in Jack's flat

doesn't belong to Lucy Harris.

So I'm presuming it
belongs to her assailant.

So time is very
much of the essence.

Shall I push the lab for
an I.D. on that blood?

Good idea.

What else do we have?

Um, I also found a
landline phone in Jack's flat.

And I called back
the last dialed number.

And it actually was
Mo and Stan's club.

The time of the
call was at a time

when Jack was definitely
here at the station.

So I'm assuming it was Lucy.

I don't know what the
connection is as yet.

But it's definitely
worth chasing up.

Um, TfL confirmed her movements
when we tracked her debit card.

I know the first bus
she took at half past 3:00

was from Madison Street,

which is where
the sarge's flat is.

And the second bus
she took back out east,

which I'm assuming is
back towards her dad's flat,

from Knolson Street.


Where's the nearest
bus stop to the Crown?

- Jack?
- Yes.

- I have an update. Okay.
- Yeah?

- Sorry.
- So, the blood

that we found
upstairs... It's okay...

Doesn't belong
to Lucy, all right,

which means that she
must have injured the person

who attacked her
with the shaving mirror.

Thank God.

The blood belongs
to Gus Adebayo.

And he also matches the
description of the person

that one of your neighbors said
he saw bundling her into a van.

What's he been in for?

Okay, he's got, like, a
caution of criminal damage.

He kicked a wing mirror
off a car in a minor dispute

with a minicab driver
outside the club.

What club?

Good afternoon, Morris.

You remember D.S. Brooks.

Lucy Harris... Ring any bells?

- Yeah.
- That's what she looks like.

Yeah, I know
what she looks like.

She was at your
club earlier today.

Just got in! What's
the matter with you?

Mr. Jones, does the
name Gus Adebayo

- mean anything to you?
- He's my head of security. Why?

Well, he has been
conclusively implicated

in our abduction investigation.

I'm gonna need to see CCTV
footage from earlier today.

What are you talking
about? What abduction?

- Where's your CCTV?
- CCTV footage.

What's the relationship
between your head of security

- and this girl here?
- I have no idea.

Listen, Lucy Harris is
Jack Weston's daughter.

Lucy Harris is Jack
Weston's daughter.

What the fuck do
you want with her?

I don't want anything with her.

- Oh, really? Really?
- What the fuck is going on?

She's been kidnapped.

Stan is the one that
employs the staff, not me.

You say, "Jump," and they
say, "How fucking high?"

Stanley. Could I have
a word, please, Stan?

- What?
- Five minutes of your time.

I have nothing to say to you.

I want to talk to you
about the head of security

- that you've hired... Gus.
- Just go away!

- Sir?
- Yeah?

- Last 24 hours.
- Great.

Let's take it back
to the station.

Okay, so, narrowing down
that window proved helpful.

- Um, Lucy at the club.
- Mm-hmm.

Clearly quite
adamant to get in. Yep.

What's more interesting
is who answers the door.

- Gus. Yeah.
- Oh.

I had a search team
go 'round to Gus' bedsit.

There's no sign of him at all.

The DLVA tell me that there
was a van registered in his name.

It's not at the bedsit either.

But I've put it out to
Control and ANPR.

So hopefully we'll get
something on that soon.

Sorry to interrupt, sir.

The background checks on
Adebayo are in from Interpol.

And you really need to see this.

Oh, God.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Um, we've been looking
more into Gus Adebayo.

And there was a
flag on the system.

And we were sent
a file from Interpol.

He was arrested for
GBH on his ex-wife.

- Yeah.
- He was also arrested

for having sex with
an underage girl.

Okay. This is a fucking
waste of my time.

This is a waste of resources,
of time, of money, whatever.

You've got one detective
babysitting another.

Stay there. I'm
grabbing my coat.

- What? No, but, Jack...
- I'm fucking coming, Charlie.

Look, Jack, I don't
make the rules, okay?

- I just... follow them.
- Just get in the car.

Get in the car.

- Sir, can I have a word?
- Yeah.

I really think it's time

to go public with this and
put out a public appeal.

Not at this stage
of the game, no.

Look, this guy Gus is a
violent offender, all right?

If we spook him now
by doing an appeal,

what's he gonna do to Lucy?

It's jeopardizing her safety.

And look who's back.

- Jack. Why are you here?
- I'm here to help.

I asked you to stay home.

You're next of kin.
You're a key witness.

I don't care. I
have to find her.

All right, Jack. Just calm
down. I'll tell you what.

Give Gary a hand with
the CCTV trawling, okay?

But you've got to
stay here. All right?

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Thanks.

D.C. Steele.

Brilliant. Thank you.

Gus Adebayo's van's
been pinged by ANPR.

- It's heading out of London.
- Go, go.

Get out there. Go.

- Who's driving?
- Not you. Not you.

You're staying here. You
stay here, please, Jack.


Okay, eyes peeled,
Charlie. Eyes peeled.

Yep, Gary. I'm on it.

No sign of it yet.

Here, Sarge. Here, Sarge.

Here, Sarge. White transit.

Charlie, we've got
eyes on white transit.

- Yeah.
- It's gone onto Ableman Road.

Foxtrot, Echo, 1, 3,
Sierra, Sierra, Oscar.

That is a positive
of a white transit.

We're in pursuit.

That's him. That's Fox
Run Avenue, Charlie.

Cut him off.

Charlie, I'm going off the wire.

Pursuit. I'm in pursuit.

Charlie, check the van.
Check the... Stop! Police!

- Control, this is D.C. Steele.
- Stop!

Suspect is fleeing on foot
through the Fairway Bridge

at the end of Capwell Avenue.

- Anything, Charlie?!
- No! Van is empty!

Gus Adebayo, I'm
arresting you for abduction.

You do not have to say anything,

but it may harm your
defense if you fail to mention,

when questioned, something
you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

Do you understand?
Where's Lucy Harris?

- Do you understand, Gus?
- Come on.

- Where is Lucy Harris?
- Eh? We've got all day, right?

Do yourself a favor, Gus.
We have your fingerprints

and your DNA all
over a crime scene.

I would start talking right now.

Uh, they've picked up Gus,
but there's no sign of Lucy.

She wasn't in the van.

I know. I know. Look. Listen.

We'll find her,
Jack. We'll find her.

That's a start,
right? We've got Gus.

We'll bring him
in for questioning.

We'll find her. Yeah?

Um, so, this is Mr. Gus Adebayo.

- Has he been searched?
- No. Not yet.

Pleasure's all yours, Gary.


After you, Gus.

Do you want to move?

All right.

Just being difficult, are we?

Okay. Cheers. Thanks.

Jack. Jack.


- I'm not here. Just...
- You are here on the proviso

that you stick to the task
that Drummond gave you.

- You know that.
- Have they gone over the van

with a UV light?

Yes, they have.

There is no sign
of sexual activity,

but we have yet to
test Adebayo's clothing.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Keep me posted. Thanks.
- I will.

- Boss, it's Charlie.
- You all right?

Yeah. I would like
to go over the back

of the van with
the cadaver dogs.

Of course. Well, let's
hope it's a waste of time.

Okay. Yeah, you and me both.


Lucy Harris' fingermarks

all over the back of
Gus Adebayo's van.

All right? So what I want
to do is reverse backwards

from when he was arrested.

He's bound to have
dropped her off somewhere.

You and I, we're gonna go
and talk to him now. Let's go.

- Can I come down with you?
- No.

- Can I watch?
- No.

I'm gonna start by showing
you some CCTV footage

that was filmed outside
the Crown earlier today

between yourself
and Lucy Harris.

If you could explain what
the altercation was about...

Well, it looks like
she's trying to get in,

you stop her from going
in... That would be helpful.

- No comment.
- No comment.

Okay. Okay.

That's a nasty cut
you've got on your head.

How did that happen?

No comment.

Is there an innocent explanation
as to why Lucy's fingerprints

were found all over
the back of your van?

No comment.

Mr. Adebayo, I'm gonna
be straight with you.

We have pretty
conclusive evidence

that tells us that you have,
indeed, abducted Lucy Harris.

So be straight with us.

Where is she?

No comment.

Bloody useless, huh?

Well, to be honest
with you, sir,

that is exactly what I expected.

He's been that
cooperative from the start.

So I think we have
no other choice now

but to go public,
make the appeal.

Put a couple of
photos out to the press.

Yep. Okay.

In the past few hours,

a 16-year-old girl was
abducted from her home...

Lucy Harris.

White, 5'5", brown
eyes, long brown hair.

She was last seen at her
home, 32 Madison Street.

We are appealing to
the public for information

on any possible sightings
they may have had of Lucy

in the surrounding areas.

Any possible leads
would be most welcome

to help us with
our investigation.

We are concerned for her safety.

I've circulated her photograph

to all the relevant
news agencies.

Lucy's family just want
Lucy to come home.

Thank you.

- Jack.
- Yeah?

Can I grab you for a second?

Just have a word?

All right?

So, do you think she's dead?

I mean, Jack, obviously,
it's impossible for me to say.

My personal feeling is
that I'm conducting this...

Don't bullshit me.
Just yes or no.

I'm conducting
this investigation

as though we're looking
for someone very much alive.

But I will be straight with you

and let you know
that the cadaver dogs

have been ordered
to check the van.

- By?
- They are on their way.

They're not here yet. We're
covering all our bases, Jack.

You know how this
runs. There's a procedure.

And we're following it.

But I can assure you
everyone's on it, as you know.


Yeah. Cheers, Dave.

- Yeah, nice one.
- What?

There's a kid downstairs.

He sounds like a time waster.

He wants to have
a chat or something.

So I'll pop down and
sort that out quick enough,

and then I'll shoot
straight back up.

All right, Sarge.

Hello, mate.

My name's Detective
Constable Gary Roscoe.

Nice to meet you.
What's your name, buddy?

- Jimmy.
- Jimmy.

All right.

My colleagues tell me

you've come in to
talk about Lucy Harris.

I was with her earlier today.

Maybe 4:30.

- Oh, okay.
- She was fine then.

Right. Where did you see her?

Um, her dad's flat.

Her dad's flat.

Have you spoke
to her since then?

No. I haven't spoken
to her since then.

Okay. Do you go to
the same school, then?

Are you a year below,
two years below at school?

- Is that right? Yeah?
- Yeah.

Okay. Are you really close?

Are you good friends with Lucy?

- Boyfriend and girlfriend.
- Boyfriend and girlfriend.

Are you? Okay.

How long you been going out?

- A couple of months.
- Mm.

Oh, really?

So, do you text and
talk a lot on your phone?

Have you got your phone on you?

That'd be a big help if I could
have a look through it, Jimmy.

And if you've got texts
on there or phone calls...

I don't think.

No? The only thing is,
it's quite urgent, really,

that we find her, as I'm
sure you can understand.

And we could really
do with your help.

What do you reckon?

I've got to say, Jimmy,
that's a really big help, mate.

Thank you very much.

D.C. Steele.

Thank you. Thank you.

Gus' van. The cadaver dogs
haven't turned anything up.

So it at least wasn't used
to transport a dead body.

That's great news.

Uh, the young kid
downstairs, his name is Jimmy.

And he claims to
be Lucy's boyfriend.

Jimmy? Jack, does that
ring any bells? Jimmy?

- No. Jimmy? No.
- They go to the same school.

Clearly a couple
of years younger.


- There are no texts.
- Have they been in touch today?

Nope. And...

Well, if they're girlfriend
and boyfriend, there would be.

So that doesn't sound right.
And especially as teenagers,

they'd just be in
constant contact.

So sorry to interrupt.

Um, TIU have just phoned up.

What is it, Charlie?

Jimmy's been downloading
a lot of videos off the Internet

that are pretty worrying.

What? Like porn or something?

It's young males being abused,

sexually abused by older men.

- How old is Jimmy?
- 13.

And he's downloading videos
of minors being sexually abused?

Sir, in my experience,
young people do that often

when they're trying
to make sense

of what is happening to them.

So he's a victim
of sexual abuse?

It looks likely.

Gary, sorry.

- Can I have a quick word?
- All right, Sarge.

I'll just be a couple of
minutes, Jimmy. All right, bro?

Um, how's it going?

I think, with regards
to the relationship

between him and Lucy... I
think we have a classic case

of the younger boy
fancying the older girl.


It sounds like
they were friends.

She did, you
know, give him time.

She was kind to him.

So, there's been, um...

a couple of very
unsettling developments.

Some very disturbing videos
have shown up on his phone.

Deleted, but very disturbing.

It leads me to
believe that Jimmy

may well be the
victim of sexual abuse.

- Oh, fuck.
- Yeah.

So I'm gonna go back in and
ask him some more questions,

obviously tread very carefully.

But I would really appreciate it

if you stayed in on
the interview with me.

- Of course, Sarge, yeah.
- Okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, you okay?

- Um... yeah.
- Yeah?

- He's just such a sweet lad.
- Yeah.

You sure you're all right?
Take a minute if you need to.

- I'm good, Sarge. I'm good.
- Yeah? Okay.

Jimmy? Hi.

So, Jimmy, um...

there's been a bit
of a development.

And we found some
videos on your phone

that have been deleted
but have given us quite...

Quite serious cause for concern.

Quite disturbing videos.

Do you know which
videos I'm talking about?

Jimmy, you're
not in trouble, pal.

All right?

Just remember
that. You can trust us.

Is there someone hurting you?


It's my fault.

It's all my fault.

It's not your fault, Jimmy.

Yes, it is.

I told her.

Told Lucy who was hurting you?

Do you think you're ready

to share that with us, Jimmy?

What I need you to do is
see if you can get an adult

to come and sit
with you and listen

to help us out with
the conversation.

Perhaps your mum or your dad?

- Mr. Jones is here.
- What's going on?

Jimmy, are you all right,
mate? Jimmy, are you all right?

- What's going on?
- Mr. Jones, this your son?


- Which is why...
- Uh, gov. Sorry to interrupt.

So, Jimmy's father

has just arrived to
sit in on the interview.

- Yeah.
- Mo Jones.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Am I the only one putting
two and two together here?

- Are you ready?
- Mo Jones.

- Do you want to listen?
- Okay, Lucy.

Last place she was
seen is at the nightclub.

Okay? Uh, the guy we
think kidnapped Lucy

in the first place is
his fucking security

at this same fucking nightclub.

And now Mo's son wanders in,
pretending to be her boyfriend,

which is clearly bullshit.

I understand how you're
feeling, but just hold your horses.

Listen to me.

I can't believe we're not
having this conversation.

Jack, shh, shh. Carry on
with the interview, okay?

Come back up if
there's anything to report.

Absolutely, boss.

I'm sure Li's doing
a great job. Yeah?

Let's make sure we go
through all the protocol.

- Enough. Enough.
- Yeah. No, yeah.

It's only my daughter.
You know, don't worry.

You have to trust us to do this.

You know you
can't go down there.

Okay? Just let them talk to him.

- Jack.
- I'm fine.

What's going on?

This is very
difficult to talk about,

but, um, Jimmy
has disclosed to us

that he has been the
victim of sexual abuse.

And we have found
evidence that supports that.

- So...
- What?

Yes. I understand that's
very difficult to hear.

Someone's been touching my boy?

With your permission,

I would also like to
have Jimmy checked out

by a specialist doctor just to
make sure, medically, he's okay.

And is there anyone
else that looks after Jimmy

or takes a parental
role with him?

Why are you asking
me these questions?!

Gus Adebayo, can you just
please confirm for the tape

that you've consented
to this interview

without a solicitor present?


If at any point you would
like to have a solicitor,

please let me know.

Okay. All right.

The first question I
would like to ask you

is if you recognize this boy.

I don't know.

Why should I know him?

He is the son of Mo
Jones, who is your boss.

Okay. I've never met him before.

Mo keeps things separate, so...

Have you ever met Jimmy?

- No.
- Have you ever been

- to Mo's house?
- No.

Have you ever been
alone with Jimmy?

Hm. Are you deaf?
I never met Jimmy.

I don't know Jimmy.

This boy is 13 years old.

- Okay.
- And he's being sexually abused.

Do you know anything about that?

I don't know nothing about that.

- No?
- No.

Are you sexually abusing Jimmy?

Am I sexually... Hm.

I have not even met
this... this... this boy.

So how can I sexually abuse him?

Look at me. Why
would I touch that boy?

Because, Gus, sex with minors

seems to be something
that you enjoy.


I mean, am I getting
this right or wrong...

That you were arrested
for sex with an undera...

A 14-year-old girl
back in Nigeria?

Mm. Yeah. So what? Okay.

That happened over
there. It was a mistake.

The girl told me she was of age.

So if she didn't lie, it
would never have happened.

I've seen a picture of
her. She is so clearly 14.

That's rape.

I don't think it's
rape, darling.

Don't call me
"darling," first of all,

because then we'll fall
out, and you don't want that.

Second of all, it
is definitely rape

because children who
are under the age of 16

cannot give consent.

You can call it
whatever you like.

But it is rape. Why
don't we move on?

Why don't we move on?

Let me ask you, then, to
listen to a theory that I have.

So, Jimmy, we know, is
unfortunately being abused.

And he told Lucy Harris.

That's a name you
recognize, isn't it?

I think Lucy then very bravely

came to the club to
confront the person

who was abusing Jimmy.

I think that person was you.

I think you got scared
because she threatened

to go to the police.

And so I think
you kidnapped her.

I don't touch boys.

And that's... That's a
crazy... That's crazy.

Because look at
it this way, Gus.

Your blood is in Lucy's house.

So we know that you were there.

Lucy was definitely in your van.

No comment.


No comment.

I was just down with Gus, Sarge.

Um, and, I mean, he
seemed perfectly happy

to discuss how much
he likes to have sex

with teenage girls
or underage girls,

but apparently he draws
the line at underage boys.

He obviously
could be lying, but...

- What do you think?
- That's just what he said.

Guys, honestly, give
a fuck about Jimmy.

- Where the fuck is my daughter?
- Okay, Jack.

So what we're working
with now is, um...

I can... I know you
think you're working.

You're all just sitting
around, hanging around.

- Nobody's doing anything.
- Jack, we are working very hard.

- And we're dealing with...
- What are you doing?!

What are you doing?
You're having coffee.

You go and chat to people

who aren't even
involved in this case.

Where is my daughter?

I'd go out and find her
myself if you'd fucking let me.

He's told Lucy about the abuse.

- So we're pacing to get...
- Where are you going, Jack?

He's probably going for a fag.

- I'll go after him.
- No, no. I'll go.

So fucking unfair.


Any news?

There's a surprise.

Fuck's sake.

Look, I'm terrified that
something has happened to her

because of something
that I have done.


And all we know is that she
was trying to help someone.

She was trying to
help out this fucking kid.

And now she's missing.
Now she's in fucking shit.

Okay? That's why I'm
freaking out downstairs.

And I'm sorry if it's
messing up your little...

I can only imagine what
you're going through, mate.

Mr. Jones, I've
got you a brew, pal.

Oh, thanks.

I'm just going to, uh...

I was gonna get
some fresh air here.

Okay. You know
where you're going?

Hey, old Jim. I brought
you a fresh water, pal.

Okay, Jimmy.

I appreciate how difficult
this must be for you, mate.

Okay, but I really
need you to give me

a little bit more
information now.

I need you to tell me who it
is that's been hurting you, bud.

Is it somebody you know?


Is it a family... A
family member?


My uncle.


Does Lucy know who it is?


She went to confront him.

I'm scared what
he's gonna do to her.


I just want her to be okay.

I'm just gonna take it back,
and we can watch it again.

- Sarge?
- In here, Gary.

Is it...

It's definitely Stan. I mean...

How'd you get on?

Uh, well, the poor
lad's in pieces.

It's his Uncle fucking Stanley.

Yeah. Of course it is.
You want to get in on this.

So, I had ANPR conduct a convoy
search on Gus Adebayo's van

because I wanted to know

if he'd had any meaningful
contact with anyone

since he took Lucy
from Jack's flat.

- Look at who that is.
- Oh, hello, Stanley.

Exactly. Fucking hell.

And why didn't his
registration ping earlier?

It's a hire car.

So, we're pinging
the car that he owns,

which is probably
sat home on the drive,

and no idea that he's
driving 'round in that.

And where's Stan now?

Well the short answer
is that I don't know.

I put the registration
number out to ANPR.

If it pings, we'll be
straight down there.

Nasty piece of work.

It's not knowing
what's happened to her.

It's important not to
lose hope, though, right?

- Not yet.
- Don't give me...

Like, I know what
happens in these situations.

All right.

You do what you need to do.


Yeah, Weston.

What? How'd you get this number?


I swear to God, if
you fucking touch her,

I swear to fucking
God I will kill you.

I will fucking kill you.

- Who was that?
- Uh...

Jack, who was that?


Where is she?

- Why is he here?
- He's here for my protection.

Where's my fucking...
Where is she?!

Where is Lucy?!
Where the fuck is she?!

- You tell him that she's lying.
- Tell me where she is.

Fucking tell him
now that Lucy's lying,

that Jimmy's lying. I
would never do that!

- Stan, tell him where Lucy is.
- Stan, Stan.

- Where is she?
- Fuck me.

10th floor, silver hatchback.

Tell him.

Mo, your brother's a nonce.

Fuck you.

What did he say?
What did he say?!

What... What did he say, Stan?!

- Stan!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Stan, what did he say?!


Oh, my God. Come
here. Come here.

It's Jack. Are you okay?

I've got to take it off.
I'm gonna take this off.

Are you okay? Did he hurt you?

- No.
- You sure? Are you okay?

Oh, Jack.

Mo, think about what
the fuck you're doing.

Listen to him,
Mo. Listen to him.

- Listen to him.
- Just come on, guys.

Come on. Come on. Come on!

Yeah, they'll
park in here, yeah.

This one, this one, this one.

I'm gonna go up and
see if I can find him.

Why don't you pop out here,
just see if anyone comes or goes?

All right? Don't
let anyone through.

- Good luck, Charlie.
- Thank you.

Charlie! Charlie! Slow down.

I've called for an ambulance.
It will take about 10 minutes.

Can you drive
us to the hospital?

- Yeah. Of course, of course.
- Lucy, come on.

Geez, I'm so fucking
happy to see you.

Okay. You're in?
You're in? You're in?


- Stan, Stan.
- I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

- I'm sorry.
- Come here, come here.

Come here. Come here, bro.

- I'm sorry.
- Come here, man.

I should have
been there for you.

It's all right, Stan.
All right? Come on.

I'm sorry, man.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

- I'm sorry, man.
- Now, now, mate.

Whoa, whoa,
whoa! No, no, no, no!


Oh, fuck.

Shit the fucking bed, man.

Fuck me.



Oh, God. Oh, fuck.

- Man, I got to nick you.
- No, no, no!

What fucking choice do I have?!

You've just thrown
your fucking brother

off the fucking car park!

- This is Roscoe to Control.
- Go ahead.

I've got a jumper off
of Lance Car Park.


It's Stanley Turner.
Send an ambulance.

But don't put the blues
on. It's definitely fatal.


Aah. Fuck!

Mo, I'm gonna have
to fucking nick you.

- I have to arrest you.
- No, no.

You've just killed your brother.

- Danny, Danny, no!
- I have to fucking arrest you.

What else am I gonna
do?! Jack's seen you!

- No!
- Look after it, Dan.

This is down to you now.

You... You f...


Gary. Gary, Gary.

I fucking... I
tried to stop him.

- Chief, what the fuck?
- He jumped.

The mate fucking jumped.

- Jumped?
- Yeah, he jumped.

- Have you called it in?
- Yeah, I've called it in, Chief.

- All right, all right.
- Who was up there?

- Who was up there with you?
- Nobody. He just jumped.

Chief, I saw two
people up there.

You've called it in, okay?
Just come over here.

- Come over. We'll have a chat.
- Fuck.

Gary, this is the first time
you've seen something like this.

I know it's a big deal.
I know it's a big deal.

Look at me. Look at me.

Look. Not at the body.
Look at me. Look at me.

Chief, I saw someone
up there with you.

No. There was no
one up there with me.

Listen. This shit happens.

Okay? This is
all part of the job.

I know it's not nice.
I know it's nasty.

But just bear with
me. Concentrate.

Focus on me, man. Okay?

I'm sorry you had to see this.

- Fucking hell.
- Are you okay?

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You phoned it in, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah. I've called it in.

We're gonna stay here. We're
gonna wait for the ambulance

and then go back to the
station and put it down.

I just covered him
with fucking whatever.

You did the right
thing. It's fine.

It's fine, it's fine. Well done.

I've got it on me fucking shoes.

Well, we'll clean
you up. Clean you up.

- Fuck.
- Come on, come on. Come on.

Come on. Come with me. Come on.

We don't have to stay
here. Come on. Come on.

It's the first time... First
jump suicide he's seen.

Not easy, right?

Traumatic. Um...
Don't worry about this.

We'll write it up in
the morning. Go home.

- Okay, boss.
- Remember what I said.

Call the counselor.

You all right, Gary?

Uh, yes. Thank you, Sarge. Yeah.

Quite a shock, I'm sure.

Um... yeah.

Yeah. It was.

- Um...
- I mean, I'm sure you know,

but, um, there is somebody here

that you can talk
to about anything

that happens on the
job. If you want that, just...

Yeah. Thanks. I think...

I think I'll be fine.
I just need to...

- Okay.
- Just sleep it off, I think.

Cool. And I just want
to say that I did notice

how brilliantly you
handled Jimmy today.

That was a really tricky...
Very, very tricky case.

- And you did brilliantly.
- Thank you, Sarge.

Um, I actually was interested

in going into child
protection maybe, but...

Well, you've definitely
got a knack for it, for sure.

I mean, it's very satisfying,

but it does come at a
price... A personal price.

You know? It's very,
very, very taxing.

Um, but absolutely.

I think you'd do
brilliantly in it.

Thank you, Sarge. Is
that why you left uni,

if you don't mind me asking?

Um, yeah, I guess.

That probably was
one of the reasons.

I was actually, um...

Drummond was my boss
when I was on the unit.

And I think he could see

how much it was sort
of taking a toll on me.

And before it got too much,

he sort of sweeped
me up and moved me.

So I kind of owe him
my sanity somewhat.

He's, um... I know he's
not to everybody's taste,

but he's actually a
very good copper.

You know.

Um, Li, can I borrow
you for a minute?


- Brilliant work today.
- Thank you, sir.

Come on.

I've been spinning it 'round
and 'round in my head.

We don't have a choice.

You're gonna have
to get on the phone

and call Witness Protection.

Make initial inquiries
for Lucy Harris.

Oh, okay. Uh, yeah.

She's only just been
reunited with Jack.

- He's only just got her back.
- I know.

But she blew the whistle on
Stan, and what happened?

He jumped off a
fucking building.

Now, that means she's
firmly on Mo's radar.

And I don't want to see
her come to any more harm.

I'll sort it out.

Thank you.


I'm really not happy with this
witness-protection program.

- We've got no choice.
- I don't think...

- She doesn't want to go.
- Mo Jones has threatened her.

Do you want to take
that risk? Listen to me.

- What happened earlier, okay...
- Yeah?

Mo wasn't on that roof.

- Did Stan jump?
- Mo wasn't on that roof.

I don't understand,
Drummond. Mo was there.

Mo pushed Stan
off the roof, okay?

- So Mo wasn't on that roof.
- What are you trying to say?

- Mo pushed Stan off the roof.
- What?

- Yeah.
- What?

Yeah. So Mo wasn't there.

- That's the story, okay?
- No, hang on a sec.

If Mo pushed him off the roof...

Because he's threatened Lucy.

That was his
last implicit threat.

He threatened Lucy, okay?

That's why we're gonna have
to put her in witness protection,

but hopefully not for long.

We got to play the
long game, man.

- We're gonna catch him.
- No.

You're a D.C.I.
Your word is gospel.

Listen to me. Do you want
to take that risk with Lucy?

- Do you want to take that...
- Keep your voice down, please.

It's imperative that
you stick to this story

for the safety of
your daughter, okay?

There is no other choice.

Unless you can offer
me something better,

there is no other choice, okay?

It's not forever, but we have
to fucking play ball with him

right now for the
sake of your daughter.

Man, I don't feel
comfortable doing this.

Do you think I feel
uncomfortable doing this?

I'm a D.C.I. My job's
on the fucking line for it.

But what choice do I have?

Okay? Mo wasn't there.

Stan jumped.

He will fuck up sooner or later.

And when he does,
we will catch him.

And he will go down.

And then you can see Lucy again.

But I think it's not
worth risking otherwise.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- So that's the story.
- Yeah.

Gary was the only
person who saw us,

and he thinks he's jumped, okay?

Go and say goodbye.


Do you feel ready
to talk about it?

I was stupid to think
I could do anything.


You're just


You've got passionate genes.

I should probably go
get my things together.

Uh, we don't have
to go just now.

No. I should, I should.

I'll do it.

Charlie, can you
have a chat with her?

Of course.

Reminds me of her dad, that one.

Do you need a hand?

Um, I should be
all right. Thank you.

I don't really understand
why I have to go.

Look, Jack, your dad,
just wants to keep you safe.

And that's the
best way to do this.

Look. Okay. So, the
witness-protection program

will just be a chance for you
to have a totally clean break.

All this stuff that your
mum's put you through,

you've been through with Stan
and other people from the club,

you can just get a
time-out from that.

And it's not
necessarily forever.

And when things have been
reassessed, and they're safe,

you and Jack can have
a relationship again.

I don't... I don't want
to be with a stranger.

I get that.

Just trust us.

Uh, you got everything?

- Bye, Dad.
- So...

Okay. Okay.

Um, how's Lucy?

Oh, um

scared, angry, confused.

Like, I don't know.

It's been a fucking
hell of a day for her.

But she's in, I think, the
best place for her right now.

And Jack?

Um, I don't know.

He always keeps his cards
pretty close to his chest, Jack.

But, I mean, I think
he'll be all right.

And I think that they'll
be all right eventually.

I feel sorry for him, man.

Oh, hey, look. Well
done today with Jimmy.

The stuff you got out of
him was really important.

And Alisha said that you
were really good with him.

Nice one, yeah.

Um, I just really
liked him, you know.

- Mm-hmm.
- I just felt sorry for him.

Yeah. I mean, this
won't ever leave him,

obviously, everything
that's happened to him.

But at least, or hopefully,

he can start to put
his life back together.

I can't imagine, like, your
uncle doing that to you,

someone who you
should be comfortable with

and should be able to trust.

I can... I'll tell you what.

Like, Stan would deserve
12 years on a nonces' wing,

but I am not at all sad that he
threw himself off the car park.

Not at all.



Gary, what is it?

You're thinking something.


Um, Stan...

Oh, fuck.

What is it?

I don't think Stan threw
himself off the roof.

Okay, I'm listening.


So, I was there when...

when Stan fell.


And, uh, I looked up,

and I see two
people on the roof.

I'm like, "Okay."

- Two people?
- Yeah.

And the chief
comes running down.

And I'm like, "Well,
what's going on?

Who was up there with you?"

And he was like, "Nobody."

Um, I said, "Well,
I saw two people."

And he said, "No, no,
no. You're seeing things."

"And that's... that's that."

He's lying.

I could see it in his eyes.

He's fucking lying.
I'm telling you.

There was two people on
that roof, not one person.

I don't... I just...

Fuck me.

Remember Sarah Kramer, went
missing about eight years ago?

- Yeah.
- An anonymous tip-off

to Crimestoppers that her
body is buried in the back garden.

What are your thoughts
on it being Sarah Kramer?

I think it's a bloody
coincidence if it's not.

You don't think that
there's a connection

between Sarah Kramer's
death and... and Drummond?

And anonymous tip about Sarah?

- Yep.
- Really?

You're gonna reopen the case?

I'm a detective
chief inspector, Mo.

It's my job.

What did you think
of his little revelation?

I think he's full
of surprises...

- Yeah.
- And bullshit.

I also want to inform you that
Sarah was strangled to death.

Her body preserved in concrete.

- Oh, God's truth!
- You know anything about that?

Absolutely nothing. No.

Jack, I have something.

And I think this is it.