Suspects (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - The Enemy Within: Part 6 - full transcript

Alisha obtains evidence to incriminate Drummond from his wife Chrissy and, after she is attacked and it is stolen, its recovery proves that Drummond's son Luke was the attacker. Realizing ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Remember, Sarah Kramer?
Went missing about 8 years ago?


We do believe that under
the grass is concrete,

which may well have
preserved her body,

which bodes really well
for forensics, obviously.

You kill her,

and somebody buries
her body in cement,

and you don't know who that is.

Why don't you go and talk
to your boss Drummond?

I've been investigating
Drummond for years now.


I am so close, But
your cowboy antics

are gonna fuck
this whole thing up,

so I need you to play by
the rules and trust me, okay?

Hi. Chrissy.

Is... Is Daniel with you?

Chrissy, what is this?

That's what he was
wearing that night.

To an honest day's work, right?

Cheers. Cheers.

Are you okay? Listen.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

Aah! Aah!

Oh, fuck.

- Hi.
- It's me.

I, um... I've been robbed.


Put money on who's behind it.

He hasn't left
the pub all night.

He's been with me all night.

I can't drive.

Can you, um, come and get me?

I'm... I'm... I'm at
Abelman Road.

Okay. I'm on my way.


Sorry I'm a little late.

I was just down at
the pub with the team.

Why are you just
watching a blank screen?


You all right?

Yeah, yeah. I'm
good, just, um, tired.

I'll go and run a bath for you.

No. It's good,
honestly. I'm fine.

You... You have a chill.
Have the rest of the wine.

I'm gonna... I'm
gonna go to bed.

Night, then.



You okay?

Chrissy gave me
a bag of clothes.

The clothes had,
um, cement on them,

and she said that they were
the clothes he was wearing

the night Sarah went missing.

Great, right?

But they're not here, Jack.

They've been stolen.

Get in the car. We'll go to A&E.

We worry about bags later.

- I don't need to go to...
- No. Get in the car.

The sooner you get checked out,
the sooner we can get you back.

Please don't shout
at me, for fuck's sake.

Hey, Jenny, can I get
the CCTV for this room

at 10:00 p.m. onwards on
Abelman Road last night?


Quick as you can.
Send it to my computer.

Yeah, quick as you can,
straight to this computer.

Thank you. Bye.

- Sir?
- Yeah.

Did you hear what
happened to Alisha last night?

- What?
- She was attacked last night.

- What?
- What?

- Where?
- Abelman Road.

Are you kidding? By who?

I don't know, actually.

Is she all right?

I took her A&E, but she's
been released from there.

She's going home to change,
but she's gonna be back soon.

- Jesus Christ. What happened?
- She was driving along.

She found a woman stranded
in the middle of the road.

She got out to help,

and, suddenly, she
was hit from behind.

It was a trap.

She was knocked
unconscious, yeah.

Okay. We need to get on this.

Clear the board of
the Sarah Kramer.

Do you mind if we leave that up?

- I just think...
- I do, yeah,

because we need it clear.

No, I just think it's prudent.

We need to find out

who attacked
one of our officers.

Myself and Alisha both
think the cases are connected.

A murder that
happened 8 years ago

and an officer being
attacked last night...

They're connected?

Her inquiries on the
Sarah Kramer case

are ongoing, therefore,
my inquiries are ongoing,

so I'm keeping that
on the fucking board.

Sorry, but it's
staying on the board.

Okay, you have a day to prove

this wild theory to me, okay?

Both Alisha and I think
that it's entirely likely

that Drummond was behind
the attack on Alisha last night.



He was in the pub
with us last night.

I know, but listen. Maybe
he orchestrated this.

He planned this. He
called someone in.

Did he leave at any stage to
go make a call or something?

He went for a slash
a couple of times.

I don't know. I can't remember.

Alisha went to Drummond's
house last night,

spoke to Drummond's wife.

She gave Alisha clothes...

Clothes that Drummond
had been wearing

on the night that Sarah
Kramer was murdered.

- Really?
- Exactly. Exactly.

So Alisha was on her
way back to the station

to get the clothes tested
forensically when... when...

We need to get those bags back.

I've already made
it certain that...

No, no, no, Jack.

We as, like, a team need
to get those bags back.

We have the best chance of
doing this if we do it together.

Yes, that's why I'm telling you
all the information that I know.

Also, have you two done

your written accounts
of what happened,

you on the roof with Stan,

you on the roof
and with the guns?

I don't have time.
I don't have time.

I'm not interested
in saving my career.

I'm interested in
taking Drummond down.

I am interested in
you saving your career.

And I don't want you
to get fired, either.

Okay. So this...

- What's this?
- What?

What are you doing?

Um, this is the car
carrying the people

that we think attacked Alisha,

and it's registered
to a Natasha Roberts,

21 years old, University
of Greater London.

We don't have eyes on her yet.

I've got Lofty ringing
around to find her.

Uniform are bringing
the car here now,

which is great.

It was stopped last night

for driving erratically.

And at some point,
let's go forward a bit,

they get out and stupidly
just abandon ship.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

- Two. Okay.
- Yeah.

- Do you recognize her?
- We have the car.

Crawling out of the front seat?

- Do I recognize?
- Yeah.

- No.
- No?

- Sir.
- Li!

- Hi.
- Ooh.

Come sit down. Come sit down.

- I'm fine, sir.
- Come and sit down, please.

- Yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine. Yeah.
- Do you want me to come in?

Sir, I really don't want
to make a fuss now. I...

What the hell happened?

I don't know. Just
maybe opportunist kids.

- I just...
- Where have you been hit?

They just hit me on
the back of the neck,

which, obviously, stunned me

and took off with the
contents of my car, and...

What was in the car?

- Just some shopping.
- Just some shopping?

Yeah, but I've got
it all on credit card,

so I'm sure I'll be
able to sort it out.

So you got bashed on the back
of the head for a bit of shopping?

I don't know. I think they just
thought they might get lucky.

But I'm fine. I've been
checked over by the hospital.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, absolutely.

- Do you want to go home?
- Oh, God, no, sir.

- Are you sure?
- No, I would like to be at work.

Okay, well, we're doing
everything we can to catch this.

I'm sure you are.

We've got some
CCTV footage, actually,

and so we've just been...

Oh, hang on. I need to get that.

- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah. Thanks, Li.

- Just take it easy today, yeah?
- Yep.

- Key?
- There's just crap.



Got it.

- Sarge?
- Yeah.

Sarge, can I borrow you?

Thank you.

You have positively
ID'd Natasha Roberts

as the woman who decoyed
you, stopped you in the street,

and we know that she
owns the car, so we have her,

but, obviously, she
has an accomplice.


So I've been working
backwards on the CCTV

to try and find if
she was with anyone

earlier in the evening
because there was obviously

someone else in the car who
ran when they were stopped.

So this footage
comes from the ATM

about an hour before
you're attacked.

There's Natasha
Roberts. She's got a friend.

Stop it. Stop it there.

I know who that is.

Do you?

It's Drummond's son.

Nice one. Nice one.

Uh, Luke Drummond's
Oyster card has just pinged

at a North Hill Tube station.

So close. Car? No.
We don't need a car.

It's only got this exit, right?

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait. Oh, there he is.

I see him. I see him.

Hi, sir. Sorry.

If you could just
stop for a second.

I'm Detective
Constable Charlie Steele.

This is my colleague.
He'd like to talk to you.

- Get him. Get him.
- Fuck!

Fuck. Fucking hell.

Get off me!

Back off. I didn't do anything.

- Oi! Pipe the fuck down!
- Fuck off!

Luke Drummond,
I'm arresting you...

- Fuck off.
- For robbery

and ABH of a police officer.

You do not have to say anything.

It may harm your defense if you
do not mention when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

- Sarge, afternoon.
- Afternoon.

This is Luke Drummond.

He's been arrested
on suspicion of robbery

and ABH of a police officer.

Bad move.

I'm getting you
so fired for this.

Just a second. Just
a second, sweetheart.

He's had a pat
down, but not search,

so we'll have to do that.

- Yep. All right.
- Sorry.

What was that? What was that?

I said I'll get
you fired for this.

- Oh, can you?
- The fact that you stink of weed

gives me grounds enough
to take you into a cell

and strip-search you.

Get the fuck out of my face.

Oh, strip searches
are so much fun.

Get me some gloves
for this, Charlie.

That's so me. I'm all over it.

- Hi, Luke.
- All right?

I think we had a nice
moment there, didn't we, mate?

Just me and you.

He's playing hard to get,
but he enjoyed himself.

You'll be happy to hear
there's no additional

drug charges
against you, though.

Let that one slide for you.

Tell me who the girl is in
this photo, please, Luke.

My girlfriend, Tash.

Does Tash have a full name?

- Natasha Roberts.
- Thank you.

Did you see Tash
last night, Luke?

No. Not at all.


Let me make this slightly
easier for you, okay?

But at some point, we're
gonna have to talk to Tash

and corroborate
her story with yours.

So if there's anything that
you want to tell me or tell us,

tell us now because
if you lie to me now,

you're gonna be in a
much worse position

when I find out the truth.

Did you see Tash last night?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- We're getting somewhere.
- Mm-hmm.

So what did you do when
you saw Tash last night?

Smoked a little bit of weed.



In her car.

And where was the car parked?

Outside my house.

She didn't have
anything to do with it.

None of it was her
idea. It was my idea.

To do with it? It being...

The assault and robbery
of D.S. Alisha Brooks?

Is that the it that
you're talking about?

- Yes.
- Okay.

Just so we're clear.

And was it your idea to
use Tash as the decoy

to get Alisha Brooks to stop?

Did you think it was
a really clever idea?

No comment.

Can I see my dad, please?


No, because you've
been arrested on suspicion

of assaulting and
robbing a police officer,

and you're not a minor, Luke.

You're in a lot of trouble,

and not even your
dad can help you now.

So why don't you sit
tight, think about that,

and we'll talk to
you a bit later?

"Can I see my dad?"
No. No, you can't.

- You sure you're okay?
- Yeah.

You have your chase up there.

- Hi. How'd it go?
- Hi.

Good. Really,
really, really good.

He was basically so
desperate to exonerate Natasha

that he just put his hands
up and said, "I did it all."

That's all right.

Safe to assume, I think,
that Drummond has got

a load to do with jury reform.

- Abso-fucking-lutely.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, assumptions aside,
we need proof all of this...

Yeah, and in
order to prove that,

I sent Luke's phone off to TIU,

so hopefully, if
there's any contact

between father
and son last night...

- It'll show up.
- Yeah.

Excuse me.

Nice work, guys.


Alisha, Chrissy
Drummond's downstairs.

Okay. Uh, yeah.
I've got this, thanks.

Okay. Alisha's
coming down to you.


Do you have a second?

- Yeah, of course. Come in.
- Yeah?

Come in. How you doing?

Shouldn't take too long.

Um, listen.

I hate to be the one
to have to tell you this.

- Your son is Luke, right?
- Yeah.

Listen. We've got
him downstairs.

We think that he
might be connected

to the assault on Alisha, yeah.

- What?
- Yeah. Listen. No, no.

It's probably best if you
don't. You're his parent.

You shouldn't be
involved with the inquiry.

Let us ask him some questions,
then you can get involved,

but not until then.

I'll tell you, I need
to ring Chrissy.

Uh, no need to do
that. I called her.

Last night, when I left
your house, Chrissy,

I was ambushed, assaulted,
whatever you want to call it.

Um, and the contents of my car,

what you gave me, was taken.

And I have strong suspicions

and quite significant evidence

to suggest that
Luke was involved.

Why... Why would...
Why would Luke...

You think he might have done it?

I... Listen.

I can't give too much
information away at the moment.

That doesn't concern
you, but I will say that CCTV

has been very helpful so far.

What's the proof on this?

I can't go into
any more details.

Come on, Jack. It's me.
What's the proof of this?

Sorry. I can't go
into any more detail.

The CCTV footage that
we saw this morning,

there's no conclusive
proof of anything.

There's further CCTV that's
come in of an ATM machine.

- That implicates Luke...
- Implicates Luke.

- With the assault on Alisha?
- Mm-hmm.

Listen, my hands are tied here.
I can't give you anything else.

I'm sorry.

You okay?

Are you gonna
get me out or what?

Okay, what did you
say to those officers,

Gary and Charlie, when
they interviewed you?

- What do you mean?
- What did you say?

I told them what I did.

I didn't want to get Tash
in trouble, so, I mean...

What was in the bags?

- Clothes.
- Clothes?

I did exactly what
you told me to do!

What kind of clothes?
What do you mean, clothes?

- Whose cl... Whose clothes?
- I don't fucking know!

- Fucking hell.
- Dad!

- I really don't think...
- Just a minute, please, Li.

It's a good idea that
you're in here right now.

- Just give us a minute.
- Sir, please.

You're putting me in
a very difficult position.

I'm asking you to
do as you're told.

It's okay.

Thank you.

You okay?

What is... What is
Luke doing here?

- How could you...
- What was in those bags?

- How could you get Luke inv...
- What was in those bags?

Hang on a minute. I've
got questions, too. Okay?

Alisha comes round
my house last night.

She tells me you were
sleeping with Sarah Kramer.

She tells me you had something
to do with her disappearance.

She says all this
stuff to me, Danny.

Chrissy, all this can be helped

if you tell me what
was in those bags.

- Why have you got Luke inv...
- It could help us all.

I can get Luke out, Chrissy,

if you just tell me
what was in those bags.

- Help us all?
- Yes.

- Help us all?
- What was in those bags?

What have you
done to our family?

Chrissy, Chrissy, you have to
tell me what was in those bags.

You're keeping me like
some kind of criminal, Daniel.

- All right.
- I haven't...

I'm gonna ask
you again, Chrissy.

You have to tell me.

You have to help us here.

What was in those bags?

I kept your s...

Your s-suit that
you were wearing

the evening you came back.

I kept it.

- Right. Luke Drummond's phone.
- Yeah?

15 minutes before
he attacked Alisha,

he rang an unregistered,
pay-as-you-go phone.

Surprise, surprise, surprise,
it's been disconnected.

Well, Luke, obviously, saw
me come out of the house

and rang his dad.

He was in the pub
toasting to future and team.

And then he's, what,
arranging an attack?

Gary, he's done a lot, lot worse
than that right under our noses.

Sir, sir, sorry,
I don't think...

Li, you gonna tell me you
were around at mine last night?

You think I want
you to find out?

What were you doing
at mine last night, Li?

- Sir, I cannot...
- What the fuck is going on?

- Why would you do that to me?
- Please respect the procedure.

- Sir, please.
- Why would you do that to me?

- Sir, please. Please.
- Why would you do that to me?

What the fuck is going on, Li?

I think you should
leave the office, please.

Oh, really? You're gonna
tell me to leave my own office?

- Oh, I'm gonna ask, sir.
- I don't think you are.

I don't think you are.
Move outta my way.

What the fuck were you doing?

Stop. Whoa, whoa,
whoa. Whoa, whoa.

Stop, stop. Hey!

- Jack. Jack.
- Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa.

- Jack.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Jack.

- All right.
- Jack.

- Sir.
- Jack, stop it.

Sir, please, just leave.

- Just leave.
- Jack, I'm sorry.

- Sir, please.
- I didn't mean to push you.

You are making this a whole
lot worse for yourself, sir.


Enough. Don't give
him the satisfaction.

- Sir.
- This is my fucking office!

- Daniel?
- Yeah.

- What... What...
- Shut the door.

What do you mean, shut the door?

I'm not calling for
the good of my health.

I'm chasing up to see
if you got the results.

Jack, come on.

Alisha, chill out.

You've got them? Hallelujah.

Halle-fucking-lujah. Okay.

I'll be down at the
lab in 10 minutes.

Yes, 10 minutes.

Oh, my God. She
drives me up the wall.

Jack, you've got to keep
these people on side, okay?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Okay. They're gonna
be ready in 10 minutes.

You owe Lindsay an
apology. You know that, right?

- I don't... Okay.
- Okay.

What I'm doing is
starting a forensic test

on the clothes as we speak.

Okay. Can they confirm
they're Drummond's?

It should hopefully
confirm that.

They did find a watch.

- Is... is that blood?
- That's blood.

Blood on the
inside of the casing,

blood in and out of the strap.

It's Sarah Kramer's blood,
but it's not Drummond's watch.

It was in his jacket.

I know it was in his jacket.

It's Joseph Kramer's watch.

We took Joseph's samples
when we were looking for Sarah

when she originally
went missing.

It's a perfect match.

The police will be here.

They're gonna
have to talk to you.

That's all.

We just stick to the story.

I will make sure
nothing happens to you.

- Are we good?
- I'll try.

You don't have to
prove you're innocent.

They have to prove you
guilty. It's up to them, all right?

Mr. Kramer, Joseph, hi.

Do you remember me,
Detective Sergeant Jack Weston?

This is my colleague, Detective
Sergeant Alisha Brooks.

I actually have a
few more questions

to ask you about Sarah.

Now, unfortunately,
my colleague here

has to search your premises,

so I don't want to put
you out any further.

I'm gonna bring you
back to the station.

Uh, we have a quick couple
of questions, quick cup of tea,

and we get you back
here as soon as we can.

- Let's pop down.
- Mr. Kramer, is there a key

you can leave with me?

I'll let... I'll make sure
that gets back to you.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

Thank you, Mr. Kramer.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Let me know if
you find anything.

Yeah. Got it.

As I said, hopefully, we're
not gonna keep you too long.

Just have a few
questions to ask you.

Right. Okay.

Do you recognize this?


It's my watch.

- It was my watch.
- Yeah.

When was the last time do
you think you saw that watch?

Oh, um, years ago.

We found that watch today.

We sent it into the lab.

We got our guys
to crack it open.

Inside the casing,
we found... blood.



Sarah's blood, isn't it?

It is Sarah's blood, yeah.


How did Sarah's blood get
on the inside of the watch?

Oh, thanks.

She said that if I
wouldn't... If I wouldn't...

If I wouldn't give
her any more money,

she would tell people that...

She would tell people that
I touched her, abused her,

and not only that, but
abused the foster kids.

Well, I got angry.
I got more angry.

I saw red.

And I pushed her very
hard against the fireplace.

And she hit her head.

And there was so much blood.

There was blood everywhere.

You know?

And I didn't know what to do.

One of the kids I fostered

was, uh, Mo
Jones, a lad called...

Morris Jones.


So I phoned him
to see what to do.

I didn't know what
to do. I was in...

So you called Mo over.

Please. Please, Joseph.

And he... he... he said,

um, he would sort it
all out and told me to...

Told me to go upstairs
and, um, get changed,

take all the clothes
off that I had on.

There was...

You know, there was
blood all over everything.

So that's what I did. And
he said, "Go to the pub.

Make a fuss about the time,"

and he would sort it all out.

In that case, for the
moment, Joseph Kramer,

I'm arresting you for the
murder of Sarah Kramer.

You don't have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?


Can I pick your
brains for a second?

Of course.

Joseph Kramer is
absolutely convinced

Sarah Kramer died
when they had a row

and she fell and hit her head.

- Right.
- But we already...

Mo's confessed
to strangling her.

Exactly, and... and we know
that she died of strangulation.

She died of
strangulation. Of course.

Joseph's downstairs
bawling his eyes out.

He's convinced that she
died after they had a row.

He pushed her, and
she fell and hit her head.

He panics, doesn't
know what to do,

doesn't call the
police, calls Mo.

Mo comes over, says,
"Oh, do you know what?

Why don't you
piss off for an hour,

get yourself an
alibi, I'll sort this out?"

So Mo finishes her off

because, obviously, it
suits him for her to be dead.

You know, she's
informing on him.

She's sleeping with Drummond.

That fucker's gone.

She's lying there
unconscious and...

And Joseph's blamed
himself all these years.

Can you get onto
the pathologist,

see if there's any evidence
of a nonfatal head injury

to the back of
Sarah Kramer's skull

immediately prior to the death?

Yeah. Right on, Sarge.

Hold on two seconds here.

Yeah. Coroner's office.

What's Safe Gate Prison again?

Oh, just call reception.

They'll put you through.

Tim, how you doing,
mate? It's Roscoe.

Hey, hey, can you put me
through to Safe Gate Prison?

I need to know who
was on the Kramer case.

Hi, there. This is Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

Can I get through to
police liaison, please?

Thank you.

Hey, Graham.

Um, want to check out a
prisoner for interview, please.

Morris Jones.

How you doing?

Look at that. Wow.

Looks painful.

Uh, Joseph Kramer.

When my old man went
down back in the '80s,

he looked after me.

He fostered you.

That's right, yeah.


- He's a good man.
- Yeah.

- He's a good man.
- Yeah.

You fucked him over,
though, didn't you?

He won't last a week in prison.

He's a good man.
You leave him alone.

I'd love to leave him
alone, but you've got him

right in the frame for
Sarah Kramer's murder.

I gave you a statement,

I've told you what's happened,

and that's that.


Yeah, that's a good
point, Charlie. Sorry.

That was the pathologist
who did the PM on Kramer.

Um, there's definitely
bruising on the head,

but no fracture.

Uh, bruising was about
enough to knock her out,

but definitely not to kill her.

Okay. One of us and Gary
go down and talk to Joseph.

- Put it to Joseph.
- See how he reacts.

We might be able to
get something from that.

Joseph, the pathologist confirms

that Sarah Kramer
had bruising to the head,

but not a fractured skull.

The cause of death was
actually strangulation, Joseph.

No, it wasn't.

Mo killed Sarah.

She wasn't dead
when she hit her head.

- I don't know...
- It was just bruising.

There was no fracture.

And when Mo arrived,

he pretended to you
that she was dead.

- And when you went upstairs...
- I can't believe this.

Mo strangled Sarah.

Got it, yeah.

I understand.

So, so helpful.

Thank you very, very much.

Yep. Thank you.

What have you got?

So Joseph and Marian Kramer

have fostered hundreds of
kids over the course of 25 years,

either kids like Mo, whose
parents were in prison,

or families where there
was domestic abuse,

substance abuse, right?

Daniel Drummond was 12

when he stayed with the Kramers.

Now, his mother had reported
some domestic abuse in the home.

But when the Social
Services looked into it more,

it also turned out she was
struggling with substance abuse.

So did he go back?

Was he fostered only the once?

That's all that they told me.

- Just the one time.
- Okay.

I mean, it's not uncommon.

I see it time and time again.

Once you gel with
a foster parent,

you're back and
forth to that parent

whenever it gets tricky at home,

so that may well
have been the case.

If he had met Mo in that
time and spent time with him,

that would make so much sense.

And it also makes sense

of this loyalty that
he has to Joseph.

Joseph told us that on
the night that Sarah died

that he argued with her,

that she fell and hit her head

and that he called you for help.

At no point when you
gave us this statement

did you tell us any of this,

but we now know it to be true.

And when you arrived
following his call for help

and you saw Sarah lying
prostrate on the ground,

you made a choice, Mr. Jones.

You made a choice in that moment

to strangle her
rather than help her.

And a man who had cared
for you for such a long time...

believed that he
killed his own daughter.

Do you acknowledge
that the things

that I have just
said to you are true?

Listen. I'll tell you one thing.

I didn't know she
was pregnant, all right?

Things might have been
different if I had known that.

Different? How so?

You mean you might
not have strangled her

when she was lying unconscious?

You might not have
buried her body in concrete?

You might not have
let her mother die

not knowing what
happened to her?

You might not
have let Joseph think

for all this time
that he killed her?

Mr. Jones, it's my
belief and understanding

from, um, all the evidence
that we've gathered

that you were exploiting

Daniel Drummond's
loyalty to Joseph

when you asked him to
help you bury the body.

Is that correct?

We were in foster care together.

- We know this.
- We were like brothers.


That's all you
fucking need to know.

Not very brotherly to
set up your brother, is it?

You do know that's
what's happened here.

Drummond has very
detailed knowledge

of the ins and outs of
forensic investigation.

When he put that scarf in
that cement with that body,

he knew it'd lead us
straight to you, no question.

That's your brother, Mr. Jones.

So I'll ask again.

Was it Daniel Drummond

who helped you cover up
and bury Sarah Kramer's body?

You shouldn't still be here.
What... What have you said?

You should be released.

You'll have to
forgive me, Daniel.

I've told 'em everything.

What do you mean?

I've told 'em everything I did.


Joe, I can't keep you out
of prison anymore, all right?

I'm so sorry.

There's nothing I can
do now you've done that.

But there's
something else that...

And this is terrible.

They told me in there

that when I called Mo
and he came round,

Sarah wasn't dead.

Mo killed her.

I could have saved her.

But when I got there,
she was already dead.

It was too late.

You knew about this?

Mo killed Sarah

because she was informing
on him to me, to the police.

I buried her body for you.

Well, you're no better than him.

No. That's... Don't
say that. That's bullshit.

I can't believe
what you've said.

I believed in you
when nobody else did.

Your parents
didn't believe in you.

I believed in you.

I'll tell you what,
Daniel, you got to fix this.

You owe that to
Sarah. You fix it.

CPS now have the case files
for both Luke and Joseph Kramer.

And then in terms
of D.C.I. Drummond,

I think the next step
for us will be to contact...

That the cells?

The Department of
Professional Standards.

- Jesus.
- Aah!

Jack, no, no, no! Stop! Stay.

Can we just have a
look at that, please?

Thank you.

Jack, I mean, did all the
usual checks, questions,

and there was nothing to suggest
he should have been suicidal.

Was his cell
searched beforehand?

- Yeah.
- You sure?

Yes, Jack. Yes. It
was definitely searched.

In that case, someone
walked this in.

Someone's brought this in.


What now?

Wasn't even on suicide watch.

- Did you get it?
- Yeah.

- I don't get it. How is it...
- No, he wasn't.

And all the correct
procedures were taken.

It still happened.

How did he even
get ahold of this?

Like, it couldn't
have been in the cell.

He couldn't... He
can't smuggle this in.

Look at the size of it.


Oh, it's making me
feel sick, actually.

That's pretty gross.

Here we go.


It's just the stuff
on the cells, right?


- See?
- See what?

- Nothing there.
- Just playing with his nose.

He couldn't have taken
anything in, anyway.

I don't know how
long this tape is.

- Oh, who's this?
- Huh?


Oh, for fuck's sake.


What's that in his
hand? Oh, keys.

- Oh, it's the keys.
- Keys.

I would love to hear
what he's saying.

Well, doesn't want the
cameras to see what he's saying.

- That's for sure.
- Ah.

Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Okay. We need to find Drummond.

Hello. I need a trace on
one of our C.I.D. cards.

It's Oscar, uniform,
65, Yankee, Zulu, echo.

He's gone home. He's gone home.

- Okay. He's gone home.
- Go.

- Sarge, will you start this?
- Throw it in the boot.

- Listen to me!
- Don't fucking touch me!

I need to talk to
you about this!

- Get out of my way!
- Chrissy!

I'm not gonna fucking hurt
you. You are not going anywhere.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

Let me explain to
you what happened.

Stay there. Stay there.

Okay. I did not kill that girl.

But I had to help...
I had to help...

I had to help bury
her because Joseph...

Joseph was gonna go
down for murdering her, okay,

and I had to help,
but I did it for Joseph.

I don't give a shit about you.

Our son is going to
prison because of you.

You don't give a damn
about anybody except yourself.


Okay. So this is it.



Please, Chrissy.

Go check at the back door.

No, no, no, no. This one.

Where is he?

Mr. Drummond, I'm arresting you

for encouraging the
suicide of Morris Jones

and for preventing the
lawful burial of Sarah Kramer.

You do not have to say anything,
thought it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?

Gary, search him.

- Clear.
- Downstairs.

There you go.


This is Mr. Daniel
Drummond. He's my prisoner.

I arrested him for
preventing a lawful burial

and for assisting a suicide.

Are we free to
approach the desk?

- Yes, you are.
- Yeah.

Gary, can you go
and get some grays?

Yeah, Sarge.

On the night in question,

I got a phone call
from Joseph Kramer,

my foster father.

He was very distressed,

said there'd been an accident
and would I come round.

You have to understand
when someone you love,

someone you owe your life to,

calls in that kind
of hysterical state,

you do anything to...

What happened next?

So I arrived at Joseph's,

um, to find Mo there.

Joseph wasn't there.

Mo led me through
to the living room

where Sarah was,
uh, dead on the floor.

I asked what
happened, and Mo said,

"Joe and Sarah had
had one of their rows."

They were rowing a lot in those
days about her drug problem.

She'd got very upset
and accused him

of some terrible things.

He lost his temper
and he pushed her

and she hit her head.

And it became
apparent very quickly

that what Mo was
saying wasn't the case.

There were ligature
marks on Sarah's neck

and... and I noticed a
scarf not far away from her.

I put two and two together

and realized that
Mo had strangled her.

I buried the body
to protect Joseph,

to make sure that
he didn't go down

for a crime that
he didn't commit.

Here's another way
you could have done it.

You could have
called the police.

Why didn't you?

Mo would have told the police

that I was having an
affair with Sarah Kramer

who, as you know,
was an informant.

What's the lesser
of two evils there?

And that would have
been the end of my job.

And as a young
police officer, Jack,

you know how important
your job is to you.

- Mm-hmm. I do.
- Okay.

So in that moment, I
made a judgment call.

I got it wrong.

- Very wrong.
- Mm.

You care so much
about protecting Joseph.


And yet you drag your son
into this whole sordidness.

Where was your concern for Luke?

First and foremost, I
apologize for what he did to you.

That wasn't the plan.

- Thank you for your apology.
- That was not my intention.

You can keep your apology.

I am sorry that
he hurt you, okay?

I was in a desperate situation.

Fuck, no.

Mo pushed Stan, his brother,
off the top of the car park,

and you covered it up.

I'm absolutely
comfortable with the fact

that Stan, a low-life pedophile,

met his death at the hands
of one of his victims' father.

So, shall we move
on to the next offense...

Supplying Mo Jones
with this piece of glass

so that he could
take his own life

in the police cell?



Why? Why do that?

Mo and I, we go back
a long ways, you know?

Oh, Jesus, to be
perfectly honest with you,

I'm not interested in
emotions, I'm interested in facts.

- Why did you do it?
- What did you say to Mo Jones

- You want the facts?
- That made him take his life?

I wouldn't... I'm
not gonna tell you

what I said to Mo Jones.

You walked the fucking
weapon into his hand.

You might as well have
sharpened the piece of glass for him.

I would have done if I could.

That moves us, finally,
onto the last offense,

the murder of Martha
and Adrian Bellamy.

I'm sure Jack would like
to, uh, to take this one.


Adrian... Found
in the boot of a car.

And Martha... Shot dead
while she was asleep.

That's one thing I
can't abide is stupidity.

And Mo was fucking
stupid, all right?

When Martha reopened that case

into Sarah Kramer's

he was like a dog
with a fucking bone.

He was paranoid. He
couldn't just leave it.

He couldn't just let her reach

a natural conclusion
of a brick wall.

He got involved
and he was stupid

and he killed them,

and that is unforgivable.

You covered it up because,
what, it means nothing to you?

It's an obstacle in the way.

Had you been more
present the last three weeks,

you would have realized
that wasn't my intention

ever to hide those murders.

It was to nail the
fucker for them.

But we had to get him right.

You shut down the case.

So don't come in
here with your cock out,

looking like the
big, fucking savior.

You're a pathetic
man, aren't you?

- Yeah.
- Okay, good.

Just so we clarify that.

- Absolutely.
- Good.

I think we're done
here, aren't we?


Li, is... is Luke still here?


Can I see him?

No chance.

Take this off.

This isn't easy for me.


It's not easy for me, either.


But you're on the right
side of the fence right now.

So be the bigger man
and leave me alone.

I don't even know
what half of that is.

That went well.

Um, the superintendent
is 100 percent behind us.

She is happy that
Drummond has confessed

to everything in his interviews.

She hopes to see him
go down for a long time,

and she congratulates
you all on a lot of hard work.

What about Jack?

He's not tried to stitch him
up for anything, has he?

No, no.

Um, Drummond exonerated him

and yourself in his statement.

Which means I will be
supporting your development

from trainee to D.C.,

so congratulations.

She's also asked me
to stay on here as D.I.

And, Charlie, I
think it's about time

you did your Sergeant's exam.


Congratulations to you both.

So Jack's not going away?


Jack gets to stay.