Suspects (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - The Enemy Within: Part 1 - full transcript

The unit is stunned when DI Martha Bellamy is murdered in her own home. DCI Daniel Drummond leads the investigation, bringing in officers from Major Crimes to help - but someone knows more than they are letting on.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Hey, yeah.


Daisy, whoa. Slow
down. What happened?


Stay there. I'll be right there.


Fuck's sake. Come on!

Fuck's sake.


Daisy, are you okay?

What's wrong? Are you
hurt? Are you injured?

- No.
- Where's your mum?

Stay in here. Don't come out.

Don't come out
until I come back.

Don't come out. It's
all right. Daisy, I'm here.




- Patrol. Go ahead.
- Urgent assistance.

Uh, I need ambulance,
armed backup.

I got a victim in shock

and a suspected fatal
shooting of a police officer.

You have an officer down.

Is that correct?

The victim is Detective
Inspector Martha Bellamy.

- Stick our names down?
- Yeah.

It's D.C.I. Drummond,
D.S. Brooks. Thank you.


Um, I've got the boss' daughter
in the back seat... Daisy.

- Daisy.
- She's in absolute bits,

- so...
- Okay.

- Quick chat.
- Quick chat with her.

Daisy. Daisy, hi.

These are two very
good friends of mine.

Hi, Daisy. I'm D.C.I. Drummond.

I'm the officer in charge
here. You can call me Dan.

I'm so sorry to hear
about your mum.

Have you spoken to your dad yet?

No? I'm gonna leave you
here with Alisha, okay?

I'm just gonna borrow
Jack for two seconds.

- No. No, no.
- Daisy, I just need him

- to help me.
- I have to have a quick chat.

- I'm gonna be right here.
- No. Just stay with me.

I'm gonna be right here.

I just need a quick
chat with my boss, okay?

I'll be right here.
You can see me.

Daisy, if I come and
sit in here with you...

- Yeah?
- So, you worked together

for, what, three, four
years? Watch your back.

- Jesus Christ.
- Jack.

For fuck's sake.

- Happy to carry on?
- I'm good to go.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna need you to walk me
through every single step, okay?

So if you can get some
gloves, get some boots,

grab some for me, as
well, that'd be fantastic.

- Jack. Jack.
- Charlie, right?

- And you are?
- T.D.C. Gary Roscoe.

So, we've reason to believe

that D.I. Bellamy
has been murdered.

Gunshot wound to the head.

All right? I need you
on foot house-to-house.

- Detective, we're on it.
- Charlie.

I need you to get statements
from witnesses on the corner.

- Um...
- He's fine.

He's fine.

- Sir.
- Thanks.

- Okay.
- So, about 7:15 this morning,

I get a very panicked call
from Daisy, Martha's daughter.

Arrive here about 7:25.

She's waiting
outside, visibly shaken.

- The door is open.
- Any sign of break and entry?


So, yeah, she was
laying on her side,

bullet wound to
the right temple.

So she was shot in her sleep.

Haven't been able to
find any gun cartridges yet,

so we have to assume that
the killer is forensically aware

and took those
cartridges away with him.

Okay, so, the husband.

Uh, Adrian is a
local schoolteacher.

We need to get a
trace him straightaway.

- Yeah.
- We have to find him, eh, Jack?

Okay, so, obviously,
this is extremely difficult,

but I do need to ask
you some questions

if you're happy
for me to do that.

My mum usually wakes
me up, but she didn't.

So I went downstairs.

Tried calling my dad,
but he wouldn't wake up.


And my mum... My mum always said

that if I can't reach
her or my dad,

then I have to call Jack Weston.

- Okay.
- So I went...

I went back into her
room and got her phone.

And I called Jack. And
then I just sat outside.

And I waited.

Do you want to jump out
of the car for a minute?

I just want to ask you if
you can see your dad's car

parked up on the
street anywhere.

- No?
- No, he's not here.


Thank you, Daisy. Well done.

That is very helpful.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Daisy, do you mind
going to hospital for me

- and having a medical report?
- I don't want to go.

- I know, sweetheart, but it...
- No, I can help.

- I'll tell you what.
- That will be helpful.

I can get a doctor down,
sir. Can get a doctor down.

Do you have a friend's house or
anyone nearby that we could go

and maybe you could
change your clothes,

get them sent off?

We'll get a doc to come to you.

Is that okay?

Not gonna hurt you.


Jack, your clothes
are, um... are evidence.

You need to get them
to forensics, okay?

Back in a minute. Yeah?

- Jack. Now.
- Yes, yeah.

- Two seconds, yeah.
- Now, Jack.

Okay, thanks. Okay, Daisy.

- Sir.
- Okay.

The husband, Adrian,

we need to trace
him by CCTV, ANPR,

everything you can on him.

Charlie, I need you to
take Jack here home.

- Clothes, yeah.
- I need your clothes.

They're forensics, okay?
Quick as you can, guys.

- Keys.
- I'm driving.


- Nice.
- Thanks.

Uh, okay, if you're
gonna snoop around,

can you just limit
yourself only to that room?

Just don't go...

Two seconds.

Grab tea down at the station.


Um, there's blood on your neck.


- Gone?
- Yeah.

Ready to go?

Are you

So, are you not
struggling with this?

You just got to switch
that part of your brain off.

Use your training.

Much easier said than done.

It's your job.

Let's go.


Just here. Yeah,
we're going now.

Okay. Well, keep me posted.

- Thanks.
- This is where the ANPR pinged.

There's no sign of the car.

Well, I think there's a car
park 'round here for the hotel.

Okay, good shot, Sarge.

I mean, it could
be on any level.

Gary, what's the
registration again?

It is Charlie-Papa-0-6-

It's a blue Volvo S60.

Blue Volv... All
right. Blue Volvo.

Good eye, Sarge.

- I'll check the boot, Sarge.
- Yeah.

- Sarge.
- Yeah?


Gary, can you do a full physical
with the lads of this level?

If nothing shows up, you keep
working your way up, okay?

- Absolutely, Sarge.
- I'm gonna call Jack.

Okay, I think he should be
the one to break it to Daisy.

- Yep.
- Okay?


Yeah, sir?

Jesus Christ.

Yeah, yeah. We, um...

Yeah, we can head there now.

Okay. See you in a bit.

- Thanks.
- What?

They just found Adrian
Bellamy's body in the boot of a car.


- Fuck.
- We need to go 'round to Daisy

and break the news.

- Is it 12?
- Yeah.


We need to get a box.

We need a forensic box,
please, for the phone.

If everybody could
gather around the board...

Gary, carry on
working on that phone.

Quickly, please.

- Guys, hurry up.
- Okay.

Now, you all know who I am...
D.C.I. Drummond from upstairs.

This here is Alisha Brooks.

She is an excellent
detective sergeant.

She's from Child Protection.

Before that, she was with
Professional Standards

with myself.

Now, she's been working
with the key witness today...

Daisy, Martha's daughter.

What do you have for us?

Um, well, she's
obviously in shock,

but she's holding up okay.

But I actually wasn't the
last person to speak with her.

I think Jack relayed the
information about Adrian.

So I don't know how you
thought she was getting on.

She's, um... She's better
than I've ever seen her before.

- Yeah, she's fantastic.
- Okay, thanks, Jack.

So, we have two
murders on our hands.

We have Adrian Bellamy,
who is a primary...

Or was a primary school teacher.

No previous, no known enemies.

And, of course, his wife,
police officer Martha Bellamy.

So, yes, this is personal.

We can't let emotions
get in the way.

We have to keep focused.

Chief. You might want
to have a look at this.

All right. Thanks, Gary.

Okay, let's go and put
this up on the big screen.

The phone I found
in the car park

belongs to Adrian Bellamy.

I found this video on it.

And that's him doing cocaine.

He has no idea he's
being filmed, does he?

And yet this footage
is on his phone.

Gary, was this sent
to him? Was this...

Yeah, it was in
his e-mail in-box.

We need to find
out where this is.

It's the Crown.

- How do you know?
- What?

- Been there a few times.
- Where is it?

Walgrave Square.

That's Morris Jones
and Stanley Turner.

- So, they...
- I've got it up.

Yeah, they're stepbrothers.

And I came across them
quite a bit in Major Crimes.

Nothing ever
stuck on them, but...

Yeah, that's them.

We've been surveilling
them for years.

Money laundering
through the club.

Jack and Gary, get down
there as soon as you can.

Gary, well done with
the phone again, mate.

- Yeah, well done.
- Thanks, Chief.

I'd like you to lead
on this one, Gary.

I'm gonna be reporting
back to your boyfriend, too.

- It just looks like...
- Hello?

- Hello, Rose.
- Thanks.

- How's it going?
- How you doing?

This is Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

I know Rose. How you doing?

I know Jack. We're old friends.

- How are you?
- Good. Yourself?

Good. Yeah, you look great.


We just have a few
questions for you to help us out

with an inquiry
we're looking into.

Not a problem, guys.

Do you recognize
this guy at all?

No, he doesn't
look familiar to me.

This is a picture taken
from a mobile phone.

The same guy.

Nope. Don't recognize
him. Don't recognize her.

Do you want to have another
quick look at them? Just...

I think my
eyesight's fine, Jack.

- How you doin'?
- Can I help?

I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

This is my colleague Detective
Constable Gary Roscoe.

- What's your name?
- Stan.

Well, take a look at
these photos for me, Stan.

Do you recognize
this chap at all?

- Nope.
- Okay, um...

where were you guys last
night, just out of interest?

We were both
here till about 2:00.

- Then we went home.
- Yep. Together.

- Together?
- Hey, what's going on here?

Hi. Hi. How you doing?

- Do you work here?
- Doing all right?

- Yeah, I own the club.
- You own the club.

- My name's Mo, yeah.
- Mo.

Uh, this guy in this photo,

we know that he was
filmed in a mobile-phone clip.

Do you guys have
a private room here?

Well, your partner
would know that.

He's in it often enough.

Okay. Um, do you know him?

Do a lot of people use
those private rooms?

- Yeah.
- Okay, so, chances are,

he could be one of the people
who's used a private room.

- He might very well be.
- Okay. Great.

Um, CCTV... We need
access to it, please.

We wipe it every morning.

- Lovely to meet you, Mo.
- Good to meet you.

We'll talk again soon.

It's nice to see you
again, too, Rose.

- Great.
- Stan, looking cool, man.

- Keep it real.
- Jack.

- It was nice to see you.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Sarge, honestly, I've only
been here, like, a couple of times.

Did, like, a stag do
about a month ago.

Like, a tiki night.
Cocktails and everything.

Gary, chill out,
okay? It's fine.

It's just, Rose was making out

- I was here every night.
- I'm not gonna tell anyone.

How do you know Rose?
'Cause she seemed quite familiar.


Rose seemed quite familiar.

Really? No, I mean,
she's got, you know,

a couple of charges for
drug dealing. That's it.

She was flirting like mad
with you, though, Sarge.

Was she? No.

She liked the look
of your shoes, though.

Well, women like
practical footwear.




One, two, three, four...

five, six, seven, eight.

Check it out.

Well, hey, Sarge.

The CCTV sent
over from the office.

Amazing. Amazing what
a little smile can do, yeah?

Okay, great. Send it
over to those people.

Will do, Sarge.

Wait. Oh, Sarge, Sarge.


- Adrian Bellamy, right?
- Yeah.

- And then...
- Our friend Morris.

- Charlie.
- Yeah?

Have a look at
this for me, please.

- Yep.
- The CCTV on Walgrave Square.

- Outside the club?
- Yeah.

- Adrian Bellamy.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- And the other one?

Anyone gonna put
me out my misery?

Mo from the
nightclub. The owner.

- And when? Last night?
- Last night, yeah.

Sorry. Go back a second.

Um, that incident...

could account for
these forensics, right?

The fibers that were
under Adrian's fingernails.

It would just be really fucking
useful to have that jacket.

Yeah, okay. Let's go
get the D.C.I. in here.

Go get your brownie points.

He's good, man. Gary is good.

- I like him.
- I know you do.

I think we're both on
the same page here.

It's looking increasingly
likely that Mo...

is the prime suspect

- behind all this.
- Why?

Gone through
Adrian's phone records.

Adrian called the same
pay-as-you-go phone number

- repeatedly yesterday.
- It's this, right?

Yeah. Had no response,
never connected.

He then called the club directly
moments before he went down

and had this argument
with Mo in the square.

Moments later, he's dead.

The absolute gem in all
this is that this video clip

that we found on
Adrian's phone...

- Mm-hmm.
- Was sent

from this random
pay-as-you-go number.

- Which is disconnected.
- Yeah. I mean, yeah, obviously.

Just go gently, okay?

Yeah, listen, "Gently"
is my middle name.

This way, gents. Come through.

This is a still from
some CCTV footage

that was taken
outside your nightclub.

This man is Adrian Bellamy.

- This man is you.
- All right.

- Is it you?
- That's correct, yeah.

He's a bit worse for wear.

He was becoming a bit of a pest.

So I took him upstairs,
and I sent him on his way.

He got a bit lively.
He grabbed my jacket.

He started pulling me around.

I told him to go home, you know.

That's a nice jacket,
Mo. That's lovely.

It was a nice jacket.
It got stolen last night.

You didn't report
it to the police?

- No, there's no point in that.
- Yeah, of course.

Uh, just a quick look
at this before we go.

This is the same
guy, Adrian Bellamy.

Adrian Bellamy was
murdered last night.

His wife was also murdered.

She was a serving
police officer.

We believe that
this piece of footage

was being used to blackmail him.

Why would anyone
want to do that?

I don't know. That's exactly
what we're here to figure out.

Right. Well, it
certainly ain't me, is it?

'Cause look at me.

I mean, I ain't short
of a few bob, am I?

Okay, you're right on
my radar on this, okay?

- Really? Am I?
- Yeah. Okay.

Well, if you want to go
any further on this, boys,

then you need to
arrest me, don't you?

- And how'd it go?
- Nothing.

I mean, you weren't joking
when you said he was slippery.


Look, that guy had an
answer for everything.

He's a smug fucker, right?

A smile on his
face the entire time.

Okay, if you were trying to
blackmail Adrian for something,

and he didn't have any cash,

what does he have that
is potentially valuable?

- Police officer for a wife.
- Exactly.

What kind of information is
Martha sharing with Adrian?

I mean, is there anything there
that can be fed to Mo and Stan?

Does he know about
her secure laptop?

- Ah.
- Have we got that?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I have to show you a
couple of images right now.

And I just want you to
take a look at them for me

and let me know if
any of these people

look familiar to you, okay?

Did these men kill
my mum and dad?

Um, don't worry
about that right now.

Just focus in on their
faces and just let me know.

No. I don't know any of them.

Okay, okay.

I'd like to show you
something, Daisy, which is this,

which looks like
a normal laptop,

but would have had
this sticking out the side.

- It's my mum's.
- Yeah, exactly.

Now, can you
ever think of a time

when Martha was maybe stressed

'cause she didn't
know where it was

or it had gone missing?

Anything like that?

No. She always
knew where it was.

We didn't touch it, really.

- It was hers.
- You never used it?

I've... Um, I think my
dad might have a few...

I don't know. There was one...

One day when I came home,
and I went down to the kitchen.

And I don't think he
heard me come in.

But I saw him
close it very quickly.

Could I just ask you,
Daisy, to look at these?

There's a lot on here,
but if you just look

at the highlighted
rows just down here

and tell me if, on
any of those days,

you remember being
away or anything like that.

I was away on this weekend.

- Okay.
- I went on a school trip.

And my mum was
away, as well. She went...

Yeah, she was on
a police conference.

- Well-remembered, Daisy.
- That's really great.

Thank you.

What was Adrian
doing on that computer?

Got that for you.

Thank you.

Need all this, Sarge?

- What?
- Need all this?

Yeah. Welcome to C.I.D., man.

That's good.

Nothing to do with Mo and Stan

- came up in your section, no?
- Nope.

Have you done those boxes there?

- Done that one.
- Okay. Keep it going.

- Sarge?
- Mm-hmm.

Um, just wanted to let
you know that I had uniform

look through the
private CCTV footage

going out from Martha's house
around the time of her death.

I had uniform just
run all number plates

that came through
around that time.

- Yeah.
- And we have one

that was reported
stolen yesterday evening.

There's also a found
report on P.N.C.,

so I know where it is.

Um, I'll join you.

So, it pinged on
that camera up there.

ULE, ULE. It's
that one over there.

The silver one over there.

- Control, this is D.S. Brooks.
- Go ahead.

Hi. I need a full forensic lift

on a vehicle in Helen Street.


Sir, can I just have
a quick word, please?

Stop! Stand still! Hey!

Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

- Fuck!
- Charlie. Charlie.

Come here, come here.

- What's your name?
- Shut your mouth, innit?

All right, Mr. Shut Your Mouth.

I'm arresting you on
suspicion of the murder

- of Martha Bellamy.
- Who?

You do not have to say anything.

What the fuck you
talking about, man?

Get the fuck off me, man!

When questioned, something
you later rely on in court.

- Do you understand?
- A fucking joke.

- Do you understand?!
- Shut your mouth, man.

Sliding across bonnets
next. You want a brew?

All over it. Yes, please.

- Uh, black, no sugar.
- Black, no sugar.

Does she always put milk in it?

Positive I.D. on the
suspect... Ajam Kamar.

Martha arrested him five
years ago for drug offenses.

He's just been released.

I say that's a
pretty big motive.

Charlie, um, Li told me about
what happened at the arrest.

Sounds pretty excessive.

So, listen, what
happens under me

is not what necessarily happened
under D.I. Bellamy, okay?

- Yeah?
- Boss.

All right. Do you want
to talk to him with me?

- Yes, absolutely.
- Okay, let me get the papers.

You still don't know who
Martha Bellamy is, huh?

She arrested you five years ago.

Spent hours interviewing
you in this very room.

She was a key
witness at your trial,

and then you went
away for five years.

Let's not dick around, okay?

When was the last
time you saw her?

I ain't seen that bitch
since she sent me down.

Martha Bellamy was
murdered last night.

That's not my
problem, now, is it?

- Where were you last night?
- I was in a pub.

- Which pub?
- Don't know.

Was a bit too wavy to remember.

And did you get wavy before
or after you stole that car

and drove it to where
we found it this afternoon?

How are you gonna
arrest me like that, anyway?

Man, this girl's mental.

Man, I got bruises
all down my leg.

- You're lucky I was handcuffed.
- From what I heard,

it was appropriate force, Ajam.

What happens if we send
police 'round to your house

and search it? Are we
gonna find anything?

No comment.

- Um, Sarge.
- Yeah?

Uh, I just wanted to apologize

for earlier, um, with Kamar.

It's just been a
hell of a day, and...

But that's obviously no excuse.

No, I get it, Charlie.

How did the
interview with him go?

Just frustrating, really.

My problem is, I
cannot reconcile

in my head the idea
of him being this,

like, cool-headed hit man

- with a silencer and...
- Yeah.

Because he's a
thug. Like, he's not...

For one, he's not bright enough.

- Sarge?
- Yeah?

- Found it.
- What?

- Ah.
- Oh, wow.

- Where did you find that?
- In the toilet here.

Here. Can you box
it up for me, please?

Who hides a murder
weapon in a toilet cistern?

Saying that, the water

would have peeled
away any fingerprints.

You'd dump it somewhere
else, wouldn't you?

In your own toilet?


Oh. Yeah, can you
send a copy of that e-mail

over to D.C.I. Drummond?

Yeah. Thanks. Bye.

- Sir.
- Yeah?

- Forensics on the phone.
- Uh-huh.

The forensic lift they
did on Kamar's car.

- Yeah?
- They found a partial fingermark

on the passenger side.

Belongs to Mo's stepbrother.

- Stan.
- Yeah.

That's interesting. Good work.

- Isn't it?
- Yeah, well done.

Great. Gary, let's go.

Stan Turner.

- D.C. Roscoe.
- All right.

I'm arresting you
for the murders

of Martha and Adrian Bellamy.

- What?
- You don't have to say anything.

Hey. Let's go, love.

Mo! Mo!

Stand back.

Get your hands off him.
Stan, don't say anything.

- He ain't done anything.
- Anything you do say

- may be given in evidence.
- Get your hands off me.

- Let go of him.
- Do you understand?

- Let go of him!
- Hey, hey, Rose!

Mr. Turner! Do you understand
what I've said to you?

What's going on here?

Oi, boys!

You do not have to say anything.

What did I ever see in you, eh?!

All right, come on. This way.

Watch your step.
Watch your step.

- Watch your step.
- Got another one for you.

This is Mr. Stanley Turner,

arrested for the double murders
of Martha and Adrian Bellamy.

Can we get Charlie
Steele down here?

Get her to help with the search.

You trust him, Rose?

- What?
- Shoes. Shoes.

'Cause if we figure out
you're covering for Stan,

I promise you, you're
going away for a long time,

especially considering
your criminal record.

It's ironic, isn't it, Jack?

You being concerned
about me going to prison

when you sent me
there in the first place.

Don't look so shocked.
There's lots of stuff

you don't know
about Jack's past.

There is nothing about Jack's
past that would shock me,

pretty much. Arms out.

- Legs open. Thank you.
- We done?


Hope you're enjoying this.

Thank you for your
cooperation, Ms. Harris.

No, thank you.

- Yep? Let's go.
- Done. Yep.

How long since you two

- were together, Jack?
- Huh?

How long since you
two were together?

That's not relevant, is it?

Don't know. Have you
been seeing her since?


Just 'cause Gary told me what
she said when you picked her up.

I wouldn't believe
everything Gary says.

Listen, I got to go and
interview Stan, so...

Can you tell me, please,
who this gentleman is?

Up here.

I've never met him before.

It's case closed, then,

- isn't it?
- Think so.

He is Ajam Kamar.

Yeah, we arrested him
today for stealing a car.

And guess whose
fingerprints we found all over it.

We found your fucking
fingerprints on the car.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Kamar gave me a lift
home last night with Rose.

Shit. So you do know him?

Why did you lie to me?

I'm just not very
good with faces.

Okay. This.

We found this gun in
Kamar's bedsit this morning.

You gave him the gun to
hide, I'm going to assume.

And, I mean, it took us, what,
20, 25 minutes to find this?

I mean, a piece of piss.

That's disappointing,
I'd imagine, for you.

Um, I'm gonna level with
you in a very basic way.

I know that you were
blackmailing Adrian

for police information.

So I'm interested in what
Martha, now deceased...

was getting close to.

Should we go get the D.C.I.?

Yes. You go and do that.
I'll be up in a couple minutes.


I'm just gonna have a
quick word with Kamar.

- I'll come in.
- No, no, no. No, don't need to.

- Very well, Sarge.
- Yeah.

What do you want, man?

You are fucked.

I've just been talking
to your mate, Stan.

I didn't do nothing.

Kamar, you kept the gun
when Stan told you to get rid of it.

- So, what's Stan saying now?
- Well, he didn't say anything.

Just clammed up. Silence.

But he looked fucking angry.

I want to help you.

I can change your name.
I can do whatever I want.

I can move you to fucking
Australia if I want to.

But I need you to help me.

I need you tell me what
happened last night.

Okay? I'm not... I'm not
writing anything down.

Just fucking tell
me what happened,

and I will help you out.

I was in the club, and
Stan got a phone call.

Okay, now, who was
the phone call from?

- I don't know.
- The phone call was in the car.

It was in the club. It
was around half 11:00.

Then he kicked out
for like a half an hour.

- I don't know where he went.
- Okay.

I drove him to the house,
and I waited outside.

He went into Martha's house.

- How did he get in?
- He had the keys.

And he went inside
for a few minutes.

Then he came back out.

He chucked some gun cartridges
down a drain outside the house

before giving me the gun back.

Listen, you got to get
me out of here, man.

I ain't done shit. I
didn't kill no cop.

- Just get me out of here.
- I will help you out.

I need 10 minutes. Can
you sit tight for 10 minutes?

I got to go talk to my boss.

When the sergeant pulled
out the picture of the gun,

his face was a picture.

Listen, I...

Kamar just called
me in for a chat.

He was kind of
knocking on the door.

He was angsty or whatever.

He's willing to testify
that Stan killed the boss.



Okay, so, I'm chatting to Kamar.

He says that Stan at
the club gets a phone call.

He's not sure who from.

Disappears for 30 minutes.

Comes back with
a set of house keys,

then gets Kamar to drive
him to Martha's house.

Right, disappears for
three or four minutes,

comes back out
with gun cartridges,

and deposits them in a drain,
then gets back into the car,

gets Kamar to drive
him back to the club.

So I'm willing to bet fucking
everything that Mo kills Adrian,

takes his house keys
and gives them to Stan

so Stan can go
off and kill Martha.

Great assumptions, but
we need to pin it down.

We need hard
evidence. No, it's good.

But we've already done a
search of the obvious drains,

and there was no cartridge.

So do we need to keep
looking in different drains?

He's willing to go on the record

if we can get him
witness protection.

You and I are gonna
go and see the super

about witness
protection for this man.

Let's go.

Good work, Sarge.


Front desk says,
"Bring on Kamar."

- Gone useless, though.
- What?

- Mm-hmm.
- Jesus.

I know, I know, I know.

Mo? I don't know.

What? Oh, fuck!

Last night, I finished my shift
at the bar around 12:30 p.m.

And then I drove my
employer, Stan Turner,

and his girlfriend, Rose
Harris, to their home address.

I dropped them off
at around 1:00 a.m.

And then I drove
myself directly home

and arrived home
just after 1:00 a.m.

So, I've just been
speaking to Kamar.

He's gone on the
record. Puts you right in it.

And I could give you a
minute-by-minute timeline

of everything that
happened last night.

I can tell you what
time you left the club.

I can tell you who called you.

I can tell you how you
got into Martha's house.

I found the cartridges that you
dropped in the fucking sewer.

What are you waiting for, then?

- Charge me.
- This shit takes time, man.

But soon enough, I'm
gonna match the gun to you.

Then I'm gonna match
the cartridges to the gun.

And you are fucking fucked.


Okay. Time up.

Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.

- Jack.
- Hey, how you doing?

Good. What were you
talking to Stan about?

- What's that?
- What were you talking

to Stan about outside?

Um, nothing.

Okay, I don't have
time for this, so...


Without Kamar's statement,

there's no link between
him and Mo and Stan.

Well, we have the
fingerprint in Kamar's car,

but there will be an
explanation for that.

All right, CPS have been on us.

We got to bail Stan and Rose.

We don't have enough evidence.

Bail them. Yeah, great.

Want to go and comfort
Prince Charming. Okay?

A massive labor.



I think the last time I
had a babysitter, I was 7.

Not here by choice.

You wearing a wire?

Enough of this.

Jesus, like, this is
literally the worst day

- of my entire policing career.
- Join the club.

And I am so used to your
whole fucking Western,

the lone wolf thing.

And it's... Like, it's
fine, and it works,

and we find a way to work.

But today, you're just
being really extreme.

And I feel like today's a day

when we should be at least
pretending that we're a team.


It's the boss.

That's all I can think
about... The boss.

I'm gonna find whoever did this,

and I'm gonna fucking nail him.

And I've got this pencil
pusher downstairs

who's just released
our prime suspect.

What do you think
my purpose is today?

I want the same thing

that you do.

- Of course I do.
- Hold on.

Hi. Weston.

- Rose?
- What?

Yeah? Hold on.

Give me two seconds.

- Charlie. Charlie.
- This is what I fucking mean.

This is what I mean.


What would you
do in this situation?


What happened?


Where's Rose?

- The fuck have you done to Rose?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Where's Rose?
- Whoa. Calm down.

- She's fine.
- How you doing, man?

- She's fine.
- Yeah?

Yeah, I'm good. So is Rose.

So just get off me if you
want to know why you're here.

I know all about you and Rose.

Follow me.

Come on.

This is where
she lives, isn't it?

- Where who lives?
- You know who lives here.


Charlie Steele?

- Don't know her.
- Yeah. I do.

I know everything about her.

I know where she goes.
I know what she does.

I know when she does it.

I know, on Sundays,
she sees her family,

has a bit of fucking food.

Tuesday, she goes to the gym.

Last Saturday, she
sat in there on her own,

watched a shit film.

It'd be a real shame

if what happened to
Martha happened to her.

You're gonna do
something for me.

You're gonna get me my gun back.

I... No, I'm sorry.
I can't do that.

I don't care. You'll do it.

I can't. I can't
do that. I'm sorry.

I can do anything
else. I can't get that.


You'll find a way.

What's the verdict?

Yeah, I think under
the circumstances,

they're doing remarkably well.

Charlie's done
brilliantly today.

I've enjoyed working with her.

I think Gary's showing
a lot of promise.

He's really been
thrown in the deep end,

and he's doing brilliantly.

Um, and then there's Jack.

Um, I mean, how much of
this is because it's Martha

and how much of this
is because he just is...

- Here he is.
- A hotheaded...


All right, guys, wrap it up.

Thank you very much for today.

Good work, Gary.
Good work, Charlie.

Sarge, you want
to go to the pub?

Um, not tonight. I-I
have plans tonight.

- You going to the pub? Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Get you a pint?
- Yes, yeah.

Don't leave till I
get down there.

- Of course.
- Uh...

Come on in, mate, yeah.

You all right?

Um, no, actually.

Sorry. Um...

I got a phone call from Rose.

She was... Oh,
she was panicking.

She was, like, upset.
There was something wrong.

She needed to tell me something.

And then out of
nowhere, Stan appears

and said he was
gonna kill Charlie

if I didn't bring
him back the gun.

He's gonna kill Charlie.
He threatened Charlie.

- If you didn't what?
- If I didn't bring him the gun.

Why does he want the gun?
There's no evidence on the gun.

When he

I'm sorry. I should
have told you this before.

When he was in custody,
I said, I intimated that...

that we could
link him to the gun

because we had
found the cartridges

that he had
dropped in the drain.

Okay, hang on. So...

- I don't know what to do.
- No, it's fine.

But why do they think
they can manipulate you?

I don't understand.
What's the hold on you?

Okay, listen, I
didn't tell you this

because I didn't
think it was relevant.

I didn't want to confuse,
you know, all this stuff.

And I was trying to
keep a level head.

- Jack.
- Um, he...

Look, I was... Myself and
Rose were in a relationship

when we were
like 15, 16, like...


Back then, we
were dealing drugs.

It was so minor.
It was so minor.

- And she got caught.
- Were there any convictions?

- Yes.
- She took the blame for you.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Okay, so, Charlie's
a priority here.

All right. This is
what we're gonna do.

You're gonna go down to
the evidence store downstairs.

You're gonna sign out the gun,

and you're gonna
bring it back up here.

I'm gonna call HQ, see
if they have a replica.

And you're gonna take
the replica, give it to Stan.

- Yeah?
- Okay, take the replica

- to Stan, yes.
- Try and convince him

- it's the real thing.
- Yes.

Hopefully, we'll
save Charlie's ass.

Fucking hell,
Jack. Fucking hell.

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Okay. Save your apologies. Go.

Thank you.

Just the first, Jack, please.


- Shut the door.
- Sorry.

Okay, put it down.

I'm gonna call the Yard.

They are notoriously slow
when it comes to replicas,

but I'll do my best,
push it through.

You'd better get down
and keep an eye on Charlie.

- Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.
- Oh, Jack.

- Yeah?
- Keep your phone on.

Keep an eye on your phone.
I'll text you with any progress.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Evening, Paddy.

- Hey.
- Hi.

I'm not intruding, am I?

This isn't a date.

Uh, so, I'm sorry
about what happened.

You know, my head's a
little bit all over the place.

And I just want
all this to go away.

So I'm sorry if I let
that affect you and me.

That's nearly an apology.

- Hey, man.
- Evening, Sarge.

- Thanks for the pint.
- You're welcome.

It's probably a bit flat.
You want a fresh one?

No. I've got the car,
so I won't stay long.

Uh, this is a good
a time as any,

if you don't mind... To
one of the good ones.

- Oh.
- Cheers.

Yeah. Cheers.

May I never end up
married to someone

who's enough of a dickhead
to get me shot in the head.

I knew it was gonna
be full-on with you two,

but today's been something else.

- Yeah. Cheers, Gary.
- Cheers, Sarge.


Oh. I left something
back at the office.

If I'm not back by the
time you guys leave,

can you make sure
Charlie gets home okay?

- Will do, Sarge.
- What do you mean,

- make sure I get home okay?
- Gary.

See you in the morning.

I'll escort you home, Charlie.
I'll be the perfect gentleman.

- Well...
- Don't you panic.

I'm not panicked.

I do, however, look forward
to being walked home

by someone with
such sensible shoes.


Shut the door. How
is she? She all right?

Yeah. She's with Gary.

So, one replica gun.

The other one's being
cleared by the D.P.S.

All right?

Listen, I mean, I know
this is a great idea,

But do you think they'll buy it?

I think they'll buy it
as long as you sell it.

You got to make sure that
Stan doesn't spend any longer

than he has to looking
at that gun, okay?

And then I suggest it finds its
way to the bottom of the river.

Yeah. No problem.


Thank you for this.

I know the kind of
position that it puts you in.

- And I appreciate it.
- Yeah. It does.


I'll call you when it's done?


Got a lot of rubbish, Charlie.

Your face has a lot of rubbish.

I'm in.

We're in.

No, I'm in. Mnh-mnh.

- Of course.
- Go home.

- Go home.
- Good night, Charlie.

Good night.

Uh, Charlie.

I'm sorry about Martha.

Yeah, me too. Night.

Gary, Gary. Jack.

- Sarge. You all right?
- How you doing, man?

Um, listen, yeah, you
got Charlie home safe?

Oh, yeah, yeah. Of course.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, I walked her home.

Yeah, she's fine.

Okay, thanks.

You're late.

Let's get this over
and done with.

- Just give me the gun.
- I give you the gun.

You chuck it in the river.

Why would I do that?

If they can't find the
gun, you dumb-ass,

they can't charge
you with her murder.

And I need this thing
to disappear now

just as much as you do.

- Show me the gun.
- You'll get rid of it?

Chuck it.


- Sir?
- Jack.

- We're good.
- Yeah?

It's done.

You sorted the gun?

The real gun is at the
bottom of the Thames.

- Good. Thank you.
- Now listen to me.

I want to draw a line
under this right now.

I'm not gonna spend my career
cleaning up your mess, okay?

Or your stupid brother's mess.

Yeah, don't worry about
Stan. I'll sort him out.

- Good. Are we done?
- Yeah, sure.

Do we see each other again? No.

The body of a young
white female washed up.

That's the girl from
Adrian Bellamy's

- blackmail video.
- No, I don't mean...

Oh, for fuck's sake.
I'll call you back.

Look, in this house, you
learn to keep your mouth shut.

- Are you Rose's daughter?
- Yeah, Rose is my mum.

You're fucking unbelievable.

I'm fighting in
your corner here.

Well, you better fight in my
corner 'cause you owe me one.

You owe me one from all
those years ago, Jack, okay?