Suspects (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Enemy Within: Part 2 - full transcript

A woman's corpse is dragged from the river, identified as Jasmine, caught on camera taking a drugs with Adrian and known as a club patron. Stan is arrested for her murder but released when Rose refuses to incriminate him whilst Alisha tracks down Jasmine's boyfriend Mitch and discovers that they were having trouble looking after their baby and planned to sell her to childless criminal Grant Johnson. The organizer of the sale of the child is Rose, who is caught trying to flee with her teen-aged daughter Lucy. For Jack matters are complicated when Lucy claims that he is her father whilst Drummond is also anxious to preserve a secret.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I got a suspected fatal
shooting of a police officer.

The victim is Detective
Inspector Martha Bellamy.

He has no idea
he's being filmed.

If you were trying to blackmail
Adrian, what does he have?

Police officer for a wife.

Morris Jones and
Stanley Turner...

They're stepbrothers.

Stan Turner, I'm arresting you

- for the murders...
- What?

Of Martha and Adrian Bellamy.

What did I ever see in you, eh?!

How long since you
two were together?

That's not relevant, is it?

You're gonna get me my gun back.

There are two
bodies in that morgue.

Don't want Charlie
to be the third, do we?

You sorted the gun?

The real gun is at the
bottom of the Thames.

Do we see each other again? No.

Good morning.

Hey. This is early. Fill me in?

Um, dog walker called this
in to Control this morning.

The body of a young
white female washed up.

Just come and have a look
at this. Can we come over?

- Yes, sir.
- Can you open up

so we can see the face?

Oh, shit. Right?

That's the girl from
Adrian Bellamy's

- blackmail video.
- There's no I.D. on the body,

but it looks like her, right?

She hasn't been
in the water long.

- Doesn't look like it.
- No.

Any injuries? Any trauma?

Blunt-force trauma to
the back of the head.

- Okay, so suicide is...
- Unlikely.

- Unlikely. Okay.
- Yeah.

We're looking at a
murder investigation.

- Okay. Gary!
- Yes, Sarge?

- What's going on?
- Nothing of any use.

Need to get a time of death,
really, to narrow it down.

Okay. I'm gonna call the D.C.I.


Listen, I'm down at the
Carverstock Road riverbank.

A Jane Doe's washed up.

She's the absolute
spitting image of that girl

from the Adrian
Bellamy blackmail video.

- Right.
- I mean, it looks like

Stan's clearing up
after himself, right?

Good work, Jack. Yep.

- Sir?
- You got a hot lead?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Spot the difference.

Oh, yeah. It's the same girl.

- Same girl, right?
- It's the same girl.

That's what Jack thinks, too.

How did she die? Was she shot?

She wasn't shot, no.
We're not entirely sure.

But she definitely sustained
a serious head injury.

Stan's worth
talking to obviously

'cause it was his club
her video was shot in.

All right. Get down
towards Stanley.

Well, I think Charlie and
Jack are still out, right?

I'll tell them to go by.

We need to find out who she is.

Proceeds of crime?

- Nice, right?
- Right.

No, I don't mean...

For fuck's sake.
I'll call you back.

- Bye.
- Hey, Stan.

- Hi, Stan.
- What do you want?

Just like to ask
you a few questions.

Uh, do you know this girl?

I know of her. I don't know her.

You know of her.
What's her name?

I don't know her name.
She comes into the club.

She turned up dead this morning.

- What's her name?
- I don't know her.

Where were you last night?

I was at the club
like I always am.

Is Rose in?

- Yeah. Come on.
- Can we talk to her?

Make yourselves at home.


- What are you two doing here?
- Hi.

Just wanted to ask you...
thank you... if you know this girl.

Look, this is getting
ridiculous, you know.

I've already told you I
have no idea who she is.

She's dead. Do you know her?

Rose, if you know
her, please help us.

We can't even tell her
family that she's dead.

- Her name's Jasmine.
- Thank you.

- Jasmine what?
- I don't know.

She comes into the club.
She's one of the regulars.

But other than that, I
don't know who she is.

Why didn't you
tell us this before?


Why didn't you tell us this
before when we asked?

Look, in this house, you
learn to keep your mouth shut.

When was the last
time you saw Jasmine?

Like, I...

A few days, maybe.
Maybe a few days ago.

- I can't say for certain.
- At the club?

- Or...
- Yes, at the club.

Hi. Sorry.

My name's Detective
Constable Charlie Steele.

I just... Do you
live in that house?

- Yeah. Why?
- What's your name?

Lucy Harris.

- Are you Rose's daughter?
- Yeah, Rose is my mum.

- Why?
- I just wanted to ask...

Look, I need to get to school.

It will only take a second,
honestly. I won't make you late.

And it's really important.

I just want to ask if
you know this woman.

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, vaguely.

Do you know her name?

- Jasmine, I think.
- All right.

- How do you know her?
- I don't, really.

She's in my mum's
club sometimes.

- And I go there after school.
- Right.

And when was the last
time that you saw Jasmine?

Yesterday. Briefly.

I had to pick up some keys
before I went home, but...

- From?
- From my mum's club.

Ah. About what time was this?

4:00, I think.

So, what was
Jasmine doing there?

I think she was talking
to Stan... maybe.

- What were they talking about?
- I don't know.


Does Stan know this Jasmine?

Yeah, he knows her.

How does he know her, Rose?

Look, I can't say any more.

- Rose.
- Look, I'd tell you if I could.

I'm sorry, Jack.

- Here you go. A pen.
- How'd you get on?

Not bad. We got a first name.

- Jasmine.
- Jasmine.

And I think we've got
two potential witnesses

that can confirm that there
is some sort of connection

- between Stan and Jasmine.
- Good. Who are they?

Well, one of them's Rose Harris.

And the other one is
Lucy Harris, her daughter.

And Lucy said that she
saw Stan and Jasmine

talking together at
the club yesterday.

- Credible?
- I didn't think

she was lying to
me. Put it that way.

- Jack, what do you think?
- I didn't talk to her.

Did you have any idea
that Rose had a daughter?

- No.
- What about you, Li?

- What do you go?
- Nothing.

Her fingerprints
haven't shown up.

She's not in our system,
so no criminal record.

But Jasmine's a good start.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Gary?

I've been checking
the MISPER database.

- Nothing's coming up.
- Look, we need a positive I.D.

on her if we've got any chance
of apprehending this killer.


I think we should push
Rose some more on Jasmine.

No. Oh.

No. You'll waste
your time there.

Her sole aim in life

is to screw around
with people's heads.

We need to stand back from this.

We need to look at
Stan's case from...

From a different angle.

Just think outside the box.

Okay. All right.

Okay, I'll go and look through

Martha's case
file again, I guess.

Maybe, in light of what's
happened to Jasmine,

- we've missed something...
- Yeah.

In the connection
between Stan and Jasmine?

Do that.

I'm just gonna pull the papers
from the Martha Bellamy case.

- Yeah, sure. Go ahead.
- Cheers.

- You got the log?
- Yeah, of course.

Uh, where are we? There we go.


Thanks again.

- Can I have a word?
- Huh?

- Can I have a word?
- Yeah, yeah.

In the tearoom maybe?

Uh-huh. Yeah.

Did you sign out the gun

used in Martha's murder
from the evidence store?

Oh, my God. Is that
what this is about?

Drummond wanted that
gun to be re-examined.

So we sent it back to the lab.

Actually, I was supposed
to chase it up today,

so maybe I can put
you in charge of that.

Yeah, okay. I mean,
thanks for the heads-up.

No, do you know what? It
was just such a messy one.

Um, it just must
have slipped my mind.

Ballistics, please.

Yeah, Detective
Constable Charlotte Steele.

He wants you, Charlie.

Oh, I'm just being put
through to ballistics.

I'm just chasing up that
X report you asked for.

Why is this relevant
to Jasmine's case?

- The lab?
- We just thought maybe

if we got that
back, it might help...

No, it's not relevant. Hang up.

I'm just waiting
to be put through.

Hang up, Charlie.
Both of you in my office.

What the fuck?

- Jack?
- Hey.

- Shut the door.
- Yeah.

- What are you doing?
- What?

What are you doing, cocky fuck?

What are you doing?

You're on a case, okay,
that I've assigned to you,

which is the murder of Jasmine.

I know, obviously,

the murder of Martha
is very important to you.

But it is in no way relevant
at the moment to this case.

So let's stick on track, okay?

I'm sorry for
getting distracted.

No, you don't need to apologize.

That's all right. It's
the senior officer's fault.

Yes, it is, and I take
full responsibility.

I thought if we could build
a connection to Martha,

surely that would
strengthen our position.

So you took this
initiative on your own.

- You didn't run it by me?
- That's what I'm paid to do.

- Yeah.
- No, you're not.

You're paid to take orders

- from a D.C.I., okay?
- Okay. Great.

I don't know how it
used to go before,

but it's not going down
the same way now.

Good. I want both of you
on the MISPER database

trawling for an I.D., a family,

anything positive that we
can get on Jasmine, yeah?

- Loud and clear.
- Yeah?

- Loud and clear.
- Good.

All right, so, the
postmortem's come back.

She was already dead
when she went into the water.

No sign of water in the
lungs. She didn't drown.

So, obviously, the blow to
the head is what killed her.

Yeah. Here's something.

Jasmine gave birth
three months ago.


So we need the name
Jasmine taken down

to all the maternity
units, all the baby clinics.

And, also, I need
you to get an update

on the sweep from Gary on the
CCTV and the ANPR in the area.

I want to know whether she
was killed by the river or not.

I'll get on with that now.

- All right.
- Cool.

- It's a package, isn't it?
- Mm.

The river police have
got back to me, Sarge.

I've got tidal charts
and current patterns.

Now, their calculations,

they reckon Jasmine's
body went into the water

about 2 miles upriver between
1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

And this is the CCTV

- from that area?
- Yeah.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop.

Let's get Charlie in
here and test the theory.

- Charlie.
- Yeah?

Come and look at this.

Yep, yep. What's up?

Blue saloon.

Yeah, okay.

Who owns a blue saloon?

- Lots of people.
- Stan Turner has a blue saloon.

You can't see the driver, and
you can't see the number plate.

Yeah, fair point. This
is what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna get Stan's reg
plates up on the DVLA records.

I'm gonna get onto ANPR.

I'm gonna positively
place Stan's car

in this area late last night.

- Okay.
- Come on.

Lindsay, you're
my hero. Thank you.

Nice work, Gary.
Charlie, get your coat.

- Boss?
- What's up?

That car we caught on
CCTV matches the blue saloon

registered to Stan Turner.

Excellent. Bring him in.

- Great.
- Well done, Jack.

Yeah. I'll drive.

Stan Turner, you're under
arrest on suspicion of murder.

You do not have to say anything,

though it may harm your
defense if you fail to mention,

when questioned, something
you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand? Yes, you do.

Get him up. Get him up.
Up. Up you get. Up you get.

Cuff him. Get him
back to the station.

- What's going on, Stan?
- SOCOs, in here.

Let's do a once-over on
the outside of the car, please.

Then do a forensic lift.

Get it back to base
for the full monty.

Woodies, glove up,
search the house.

What's going on, Jack?

Uh, searching the
premises and the car.

Well, there's no point
in searching that thing.

Why not?

Stan made me
clean it this morning.

Sarge, this is Stanley Turner.

He's been arrested on suspicion
of the murder of the young woman

that was found on the
riverbank this morning.

Paul, would you do the honors?

See you later, Stan.


Tell me about Jasmine.

No comment.

Do you know Jasmine?

No comment.

Are you saying you don't
know someone called Jasmine?

No comment.

Stan, you and I both know

that you know
someone called Jasmine.

So we can either do this
for a bit, which is really dull,

and then eventually
you'll tell me the truth,

or we could just do it now.

- So tell me about Jasmine.
- No comment.

- How do you know her?
- No comment.

From the club? Does
she come into the club?

- No comment.
- An ex-girlfriend?

A relative?

No comment.

All right, our old
friend Stanley Turner,

who we know is a main suspect
in the Martha Bellamy case,

is now prime suspect in this
young lady's murder, okay?

We still have a first
name only... Jasmine.

We're not even
confirmed on that, are we?

We need a surname.
We need an age.

We need an address.

We need a positive
I.D. on this girl, all right?

Any news from forensics
down at the crime scene?

As of yet, they've still
failed to locate a weapon.

- Really?
- The extensive luminol testing

that CSI carried
out at Stan's place

have not found
one trace of blood.

So if he did kill Jasmine,

Jasmine was not
killed there at his place.

We still don't know exactly
where she was murdered.

Can't say just at the moment.

Gary, will you come with
me? Carry on, carry on. Good.

Where we going, then, sir?

Going off-piste. You
all right with that?

Absolutely, boss.

Where we going?

Got clean shoes on, yeah?
Gary, take it easy, all right?

- It's automatic.
- Yeah?

Hope you're not picking up
any of your boss' bad habits.

- Do shut up, Stan.
- Shut up, Stanley.

There you are.

- Stan, where's the office?
- It's in the back.

Right. We'll start there, Gary.

- I need to piss.
- You what?

I need to piss.

All right. Go and search
the toilets, okay? Properly.

Systems, under the
sink, out the window.

- Just do it thoroughly, okay?
- Clean them if you want.

Thanks. Shut up.

Would you two stop
fucking killing people?

- What?
- What happened with Jasmine?

I'll tell you.

She bought some drugs off me.

She blew up a debt.
She couldn't pay it back.

She didn't want to.
We argued. That's it.

I wouldn't fucking
kill her over that, man.

We've got your car
at deposition site.

Your girlfriend, Rose, claims
you asked her to valet it.

Explain it to me. Come on.

- Explain it to me.
- Explain what?

- I've already told you.
- So, you didn't kill her?

No, I didn't.

So, how do you explain the car?

I don't know!

I don't know. I
keep telling you.

And you're not listening.
It was a debt. That's it.

- These people have debts.
- Shh.

Boss. The toilets
are all clear, boss.

Thank you, Gary.
Thank you very much.

Can you help Stan
here find his dick?

I'm gonna start the search.

Okay. Come on, Stanley.

- Jack?
- Yep, yep, yep.

Coming. I'll be
with you in a minute.


Sit down, Gary.

Sit down, mate. Shut the door.


Stan says that Jasmine
owed him money for drugs,

which explains why he was
seen talking to her in the club.

However, he still
maintains he didn't kill her.

We need a statement from Rose

putting Stan and
Jasmine together.

- So can you get onto that?
- Yeah, I'll see what I can do.

Thank you. Thanks, Jack.

It's not a bed of roses living
here with Stan, all right?

- Sorry.
- What's that?


Who did that?

I can't stay here anymore.
I can't put up with it.

That, um...

That cop you know.

That, um, Martha, whatever.


Stan got me to lie to you.


And now this...
This girl Jasmine...

he's gonna do
exactly the same thing.

If you would be willing
to talk about this again

formally on the record,
then I can see what I can do.

- I can help you.
- What?

You can get me
and Lucy out of this?

Yeah. If I can charge
Stan for Jasmine's murder,

then I can make him
go away for a long time.

But I need you
to help me do that.

I'm trusting you
on this one, Jack.


All right.

Okay. I'll change my statement.

Can I have a look at that?

Again, please.

Do you mind if I... I
won't... I won't hurt you.


Okay. Okay. Give me 30 minutes.

I'll sort something
out at the station.

I'll get you to come down.
We'll have a look at that.

- And we'll talk.
- Thanks.

Okay. Give me 30 minutes.


Come in.

- Uh...
- Shut the...


Massive breakthrough.

- Go on.
- Just come back

- from Rose and Stan's house.
- Mm-hmm.

Very private
conversation with Rose.

She is willing to turn
Queen's evidence on Stan.

She has bruising all the
way down her right arm.

I mean, I think
Stan's abusing her.

She is willing to
make a statement.

She's also willing to tell
us everything about Stan,

including his role
in Martha's death,

if we can guarantee that
we can take Stan down...

- That's what she wants?
- For Jasmine's murder.

That's what she wants. She
just wants safety. That's all.

Hi. Did you want milk or...

No. Without, please.

Uh, now...

thank you for coming in.

We are so close to nailing Stan.

I just need you to
make a statement.

That's the final piece
of the jigsaw puzzle.

Then we can nail him. We
can put him away for good.

Jack, I've already told you.

I'll make a statement as
soon as you can guarantee me

he is not walking out of here.

I can... I can
almost guarantee it.


This isn't what we agreed, Jack.
You told me I could trust you.

I know. And I...
You can trust me.

- Right?
- But my boss

is nervous of...

off-the-record statements.

- What? You don't trust me?
- I trust you.

- No. No.
- I trust you.

No one else does, okay?

I'm fighting in
your corner here.

Well, you better fight in my
corner 'cause you owe me one.

You owe me one from all
those years ago, Jack, okay?

Back then, when you trusted me.

You trusted me to
take the rap for you...

to go to jail for you.

You trusted me to keep
your secret then, didn't you?

And I was the one went
down for three years, Jack.

And you walked away scot-free.

And I lied for you
to protect you.

And I am coming to you
now asking you to protect me.

And you're turning
your back on me.

- That's what you're doing.
- I'm sorry that happened.

I was in that place alone.

And you didn't come and
see me. You didn't write to me.

You didn't call me.
You didn't do anything.

You just turned
yourself off to it.

And I am stuck in
there pregnant, Jack.


'Cause Lucy's 16.
It was 16 years ago.

You just washed your hands
of it all, as you always do.

Selfish Jack looking
out for number one.


I need a statement from you.

- And if you could...
- Jack, you're ignoring the fact

that I've just told you
you've got a daughter.

I... What happened...

You're concerned
about statements?

What happened...
You know, that's...

If you cared anything about me,

you would not be
asking me to do this

without guarantee of my
safety and Lucy's safety.

That's what I'm trying to do.

And if you can give
me a statement...

- No!
- Confirming that Stan

knows Jasmine...

that there is any
sort of connection

between Stan and Jasmine,

then I can offer you
full witness protection.

You are... You're
fucking unbelievable,

just sitting,
looking at the table.

You're ignoring
what's in front of you.

Absolutely selfish to the core.

- I'm offering you help.
- That's what you are.

No, you're not offering
me help. You're not.

You're looking out for yourself
'cause you want to look good

in front of your bosses.

And if you had cared about
me, you would have been there.

You would have
been there for me.

And you would have
been there for Lucy.

And you wouldn't be
sitting here ignoring the fact

you've got a fucking daughter.


Stan Turner... We're
gonna have to bail him.

Bail Stan?

You didn't get a
statement out of Rose.


Can I have a quick word?

We keep letting this guy go.

People keep turning up dead.

Nobody wants to
convict Mo and Stan

more than me on
Martha's murder, okay?

But we've got to
play the long game.

We need conclusive evidence.

There's no conclusive
forensics come back on the gun,

so we have nothing on him.

You're gonna have to
tiptoe around him a little bit

and be a little bit cautious.

We need to be tactful,
focused, unemotional.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

All right.

How have the trays
been? Still the right thing?

Cheers for the shit food.

Catch you later, man.

Good luck finding your killer.

Hi, Rose. It's Jack... Weston.

Um, I had to bail Stan.

So, um, I'm sorry. There
was nothing I could do.

So give me a shout
if you need anything.

Actually, just, can you
give me a shout anyway?

I need... Well, I think
we should talk about...

I'm ready to talk about what
we were talking about earlier.

So, um...

Sorry. I'm babbling.
Call me back.

You have my number, I think.



Um, so, Jasmine
Coleshaw. 22 years old.

- Yes!
- Dropped out of school early.

Has been living on benefits

with her boyfriend,
Mitchell Ashworth.

He's 21 years old,
living in McClancy Road.

Well, he's at her
place right now.

Get down there. Take
Wonder Boy with you.

Gary, go with
her. Well done, Li.

- Fantastic.
- Thank you. Thank you.

So, Mr. Ashworth, do you
mind if I call you Mitchell?

- Yeah, that's fine.
- On the phone, you were saying

that you and Jasmine
were in a relationship.

- Is that right?
- Yeah, yeah.

We've been
together eight months.

Okay. Oh, who's this?

- Uh, that's my daughter.
- Oh.

Do you mind if I
come and say hello

while my colleague
takes a look around?

We're just trying
to piece together

a better picture of Jasmine.

It will help with
our investigation.

- All right.
- Why don't you introduce me?

How old is she?

- What's her name?
- Katie.

- Katie. How old's Katie?
- She's 3 months.

- Hello.
- Yeah.

She's gorgeous.

- Yeah, I know.
- Gorgeous.

Bundle of joy, but a
lot of responsibility.

How's fatherhood treating
you? How are you coping?

Yeah, good. I was actually
gonna take her over to my mum's

- for a bit today.
- Oh, okay.

Well, let me just lay her down.
She looks very happy there.

- Yeah. She's...
- I'll tell you what.

Why don't I join you? We
could go for a little walk.

And I could ask
you some questions.

- Would that be all right?
- Um, yeah, all right.

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay.

I'll let you get her ready.

- Is he gonna stay here?
- He'll keep going.

And I'll meet him back
here if that's all right.

She's very gorgeous.

When was the last
time you saw Jasmine?

Uh, yesterday, before
she went to work.

And it didn't ring alarm bells,

her not coming
home last night, then?

No. She does it quite
often, to be honest.

It's It's not unusual.


Mitchell, does the
name Stan Turner

ring a bell to you at all?

- No.
- No?

Can you account

for your movements
last night, Mr. Ashworth?

Uh, yeah.

Uh, well, I went to the
Old George with my mates.

- Right.
- My mum was in the area.

- She come around and babysat.
- Your mum?

Do you mind if I just
get your mum's name?

Uh, yeah. It's Pauline.

It'd be really helpful if she
could get down to the station

and corroborate exactly
where you were last night.

I'm trying to get a picture

of what happened
to Jasmine, obviously.

- Yeah, of course.
- That'd be really helpful.

Okay, I'm actually just... I'm
gonna take Katie to my mum's.

And I was just gonna
tell her about Jasmine

and, like, just be
with her a moment.

Then I'll be right down
to the station after.

Of course. I know
you've got a lot to digest.

- Well, I'll see you soon, then.
- Yeah.


Oh, good one. If
that is Jasmine's...

This is definitely where
she was murdered.

Okay, guys, so, this
is the glorious mess

that was found
concealed under the bath

in Jasmine's bathroom,

which was otherwise spotless,
cleaned with bleach, we think.

Quite a significant
amount of blood found,

which I can now confirm
is actually Jasmine's.

So I think it's
pretty safe to say

that Jasmine was murdered
in her own bathroom.

Any forensic evidence of
Stan being in that apartment?

- No.
- Nothing, no.

I've been looking,
as you all searched,

- through Mitchell's...
- These two?

Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Mitchell's financials.

- And he's skint.
- Yeah.

And the pressure of being
absolutely broke, young,

with a young baby...

I mean, we've seen it,
unfortunately, 100 times before.

So, we're still
waiting for an alibi

from Mitchell
Ashworth. Is that right?

- But it's not written down yet.
- Yeah. I'm just checking it.

That needs to be rushed along.

- All right, boss.
- Good work, guys.

Thank you.

That was Pauline,
Mitchell Ashworth's mother.

He's not 'round there
now with Baby Katie,

which is where he
said he was going.

But on top of that, she didn't
babysit for him last night.

She didn't see him
or Baby Katie at all.

- So he lied, lied.
- Guys, guys.

Control have just been on.

Someone's complaining
about a guy acting strangely.

Looks like he's on drugs.
Matches Mitchell's description.

There's no sign of a baby.
Uniform will bring him in.

Fuck you! Fuck off.

Okay, okay. Okay,
quiet down. Calm down.

Mitchell, where's Katie?
Where is the baby?

Jesus Christ. Can we
get a doctor down here?

Fucking hell.

Sarge, will you put this in?

Mitchell. Mitchell.

- Mitchell, look at me.
- Get off!

For fuck's sake.
Nothing. Nothing.

Can we get the F.M.E.
down here, please?

Fucking hell.

We tried an urgent
interview, but the guy's gaga.

Anything on the baby?

He's absolutely fucking

He doesn't know
what he's talking about.

I don't even know
where to start.

I could track his
movements on CCTV.

Well, I left him
on Bardeen Street.

You're dealing with
a drug addict here.

- I know.
- He's desperate.

He could have killed her and
dumped the baby anywhere.

- I know.
- He's not coping.

Okay, why don't I
get some woodies out,

have a look at some local
supermarkets, local hospitals?

See if he's left the
child behind somewhere.

- Let's find that baby.
- Yeah?

Yeah. Fucking hell.

- It's not looking good.
- No.

Mitchell, we're pretty
concerned about Baby Katie.

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

- Is she safe?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, she's fucking safe.
- She's safe.

So you know where she is?

No, I don't know. I
don't exactly know.

But it's fine. It's all done.

It's fine? It's all done?


Mitchell, who is she with?

I was told to drop her
with this guy at Freisen Inn.

So that's what I fucking done.

What guy?

Mitchell has identified
this man as the person

he handed Baby
Katie to earlier today.

His name is Grant Johnson.

I arrested him six years
ago. He's a violent bastard.

Mr. Johnson!

Mr. Johnson! Grant Johnson.

After you.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

- Police. Stay where you are.
- Upstairs. Upstairs. Upstairs.

Upstairs. Upstairs.
Upstairs. Upstairs.

Clear. Clear.
Clear. Clear. Clear.

- Anything upstairs?
- Clear!

Clear. Back door clear?
I'll go 'round the back.

We're looking for a baby, Katie.

Any signs of a baby, you
give me a shout immediately.

- Make sure he gets back.
- Anything there?

Make sure you get
'round that back.

Whoa! Laptop.

- Bagging it.
- Nice.

See you back at the station.

I have been through
Grant Johnson's financials.

Now, he withdrew £20,000

from the Nation's
Building Society.

And on top of that, I'd
just like to remind everyone

that Mitchell Ashworth was
found with £500 on his person,

which, for a crack
addict, is a lot of money.

Surely he hadn't sold his
baby for 500 quid, has he?

Now, how does
Jasmine fit into all this?

You telling me
someone killed her

so they could sell her baby?

I mean, maybe
Jasmine was in on it,

and she changed her
mind at the last minute.

You never know. Then she's
suddenly an obstacle for the...

That's not a bad idea.

The fact remains there's a
lot of money missing, okay?

If Mitchell has
stashed it somewhere,

he hasn't stashed it at home
because we've searched that.

- So where is it?
- If he has stashed it at all.

Maybe he hasn't.

And maybe there's some
sort of... I don't know...

Third-party middleman
involved in this baby sale.

Who's got the money?

That's what I'm asking.

More importantly,
where's the baby?

- Sarge.
- Yeah?

- I got this from I.T.
- Is that from Grant's laptop?

- Yep.
- Okay.

There's nothing too worrying.

There's no child pornography.

But there is a website
that keeps cropping up...

Uh, I looked into it.

The messages seem fairly normal.

But there were two usernames...

Newmummy95@mumschat and dad101.

Now, they're speaking
in a private chat room.

So, Grant is dad101,

talking to what looks
like a young, new mum

who is struggling
to make ends meet.

Looks like some sort of
process of befriending.

I mean, keep
pulling on that thread.

This could be Jasmine, right?

It could be.

Sir, ANPR has
tracked Grant's car.

- Great. Get on it.
- Yeah.

- I'm on it, sir.
- Yeah, go, Li.

- Yes.
- Let's go.

ANPR put Grant's
car around here.

Keep your eyes peeled.

How about there outside the pub?

Is that him?

This is Jasmine,

the mother of the
child you bought.

We just wanted
to look after her.

They're smackheads.

They didn't even want her.

How did you find Mr. Ashworth?

On the Internet.

And you never met
Jasmine Coleshaw?


And you have no idea why
or how she wound up dead?


Gary Roscoe's phone.

- Boss? Sorry.
- Yeah?

So, the I.P. address to the user

that Grant was talking
to... Yeah, yeah...

they were accessing
the site... Thank you...

- From Stan Turner's address.
- Okay.

Stan Turner.

Okay, hang on.

We have this potential
middleman, third party.

What if that third party is...

- Stan.
- Is Stan?

So, Stan knows
Jasmine and Mitchell.

Knows they have a baby,
Katie, that they're not coping with.

Stan poses online as
Jasmine in this, um, what?

Um, poses as Jasmine

and lures Grant, who
is desperate for a baby,

into buying Baby Katie.

And I can't believe
I'm saying this.

Jasmine realizes the
gravity of the situation,

has second thoughts,
pulls out of the sale.

Stan, who is expecting,
what, a windfall of 20 grand...

19, 20 grand...

lashes out and bashes Jasmine

and dumps her in the river.

- Is that enough to go down?
- Yeah.

Yes? Okay.

- Charlie, go with him.
- Yep.


Open up.

Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready?

- Stan Turner, Stan Turner.
- Where is she?

You're under arrest
on the suspicion

of murder and child trafficking.

You do not have to say anything,

though it may harm your
defense if you fail to mention,

when questioned, something
which you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be used
in evidence. Do you understand?


- Yeah?
- Come up.

Hold him. Hold him.

Something's really
fucking wrong.

The cupboards are half
empty. The bedroom's a mess.

- What have you done with her?
- She's gone.

She's taken all her stuff,
all of her money, everything.

It's not Stan. It's Rose.

She's been lying to us.

T.I.U. have been
trying to run a cell site

on Rose and Lucy's phones.

- Jack.
- There's no signal.

If there's any connection

you can pull out of the bag now
to Rose, now would be the time.

We absolutely need
the location on her.

- Keep thinking.
- I'm sorry.

You're the only hope
we have right now.

Uh, Rose, it's Jack.

Um, look.

I'm not talking to
you now as a cover.

I'm... I'm... I don't
want you to go

without at least
letting me meet Lucy.


I know you don't
owe me anything.

I just... I just... I just
want to meet her.

I... Um, listen,

I'm gonna be at the
marina at Tower Bridge

in about 20 minutes.

So... I don't know.


Look, before you guys
just fuck off forever, just...

I'll be there. Okay. Bye.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How you doing?
- Good.

- I'm Jack.
- I'm Lucy.

Hi, Lucy.

16 years, and here we are.

Uh, yeah. I think we might
have a lot to talk about,

but I don't think now is
gonna be the right time to go...

- Lucy!
- To go down to the station.

- Lucy, come on!
- Mum?

- Hang on. Whoa, whoa. No.
- Get off!

Got her? Got her?


Come here, Rose. Come here.

- No!
- Drop the bag.

Rose Harris, I'm arresting you

on suspicion of murder
and child trafficking.

You do not have to say anything,

but it may harm your
defense if you do not mention,

when questioned, something
you later rely on in court.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

I said, "Yes"!

Back to the wall. Over here.

Sarge, this is Rose Harris.

She's been arrested on suspicion

of the murder of
Jasmine Coleshaw

and for child trafficking.

- It's a misunderstanding, Lucy.
- Why is he doing this?

I'll get a female
officer to search her.

It's something to
do with him, okay?

- Rose.
- What?

I'm talking to my
daughter. Okay?

Lucy, it's all gonna be
fine. It's a misunderstanding.

If you could just
get Lucy settled in...

I just don't want to leave, Mum.

I'll be waiting here.
I'll be waiting here.

It's fine. It's okay.

Like, honestly.

I'll be waiting
here, okay, love?

Are you fucking happy
with yourself now, Jack?

You're stabbing me
in the back again, eh?

- I, uh...
- No, go on.

Don't look at
me. Just ignore it.

Ignore the situation
like you always do.

No, go on ahead. Walk away.

- Rose, Rose. Enough.
- What?

Enough. Enough.


Are you happy now you've
completely fucked me over?

Okay. I know what you think.

I was looking out for the
best interest of the child.

- Oh, yeah. My child.
- Yes, your child.

You were looking
out for my child.

Well, thank you very much
for all your help with that.

I was protecting my child
by getting her away from here

and getting her away from Stan.

- Okay?
- Okay, whatever.

- Don't... Don't...
- Whatever. Whatever.

Don't you tell me
what's best for my child.

It's no excuse for killing
Jasmine Coleshaw...

I didn't kill Jasmine.

And trafficking and arranging
the sale of a small child.

Jasmine came to me.

She knows me from the club.
And she asked for me help.

And that's all I was doing.
I was just helping a friend.

So rather than
calling social services

or anything like that, you
thought it'd be good idea

to sell her child for
a massive profit?

Look, all I did was
make the introductions.

It was nothing to do with me.

I seen a family
who needed a baby.

And Jasmine was stuck.

And the 19,500 grand
that you made out of it...

He gave that to me.

- I didn't ask him for that.
- As a gift?

Rose Harris was the
middleman, wasn't she?

I think it's time you got
honest with me, Mr. Johnson.


Rose is the one that
brokered the deal.

Talk me through
it. What happened?

We'd been trying to
have a baby for years.

We would have...

went through the
adoption services.

But I've got a record.

So they weren't interested.

You stole, essentially,

an infant from two
very vulnerable people.

What, two crackheads?

The toxicology report that
came back on Jasmine Coleshaw

proved that she was clean.

No drugs in her
system whatsoever.


She still didn't take
care of her baby.

Manipulated her.

And when she got
second thoughts,

decided to pull out of all this,

you lashed out, thinking
you were gonna make

a good 20,000 grand or whatever.

No. No. We had a conversation.

And she was... She was
flipping out over something.

And she just... She
tripped. She fell.

And she hit her head.
But I didn't touch her.

I didn't put a finger on
her. I'm telling you the truth.

So, she tripped,
fell, hit her head.

And then what happened?

Did you watch her bleed?

Did you sit there and watch her?

No, I called for help.
I tried to help her.

Did you call 999 or...

You know where I called.

Um, Rose called me...

and said that, uh...

that the young girl,
Jasmine, had OD'd...

and that, um...

and that I needed to
go over there right away.

She made...

She made me put her in the car.

And when... when I
put her in the car...

When I put her in the car,

I could see she was dead.

But I told Rose to
take her to the hospital.

But she said I had
to clean the flat.

And if I didn't clean the flat,

then we couldn't
have Baby Katie.

Okay, Rose Harris, I have
enough information, then,

to charge you with the
murder of Jasmine Coleshaw

and also the
abduction of a child.

This just fucking suits you
right down to the ground,

doesn't it?

Now I'm out of
your life for good.

Thanks, Rose.

Is that why you're
doing this, Jack?


You don't want to
have to deal with it, eh?

That's enough.

Feeling guilty about
things, are you?

- Hello.
- Charlie.

Hiya. Can you leave us to it?

- Absolutely.
- Thank you.

Take care.


I know that today has
been incredibly traumatic.

- Mm-hmm.
- And I'm really sorry for that.


We had no choice but
to arrest your mother.

I'm sorry that it happened
in the way that it did.

Um, but we have a duty
of care to you, as well,

because it's not fair for her
to put you in that situation.

- And...
- What did she do?

Your mother's been
arrested on suspicion,

I'm sure, as you heard
actually outside in the...

By the custody desk on
suspicion of, uh, murder

and child abduction.

And it's not...

No, I really hoped...

I really hoped
that it wasn't true.

- Hi.
- How you doing?

What are you doing here?

Just waiting for you.

Did Charlie not tell you what's
happening with your mum?

Yeah, she told me everything,

but I just wanted
to talk to you.

- You are my dad, after all.
- Oh, yeah.

- So, um, look.
- What?

Your mum...

I don't know what
she's told you.

She's told me
some things that I...

- What?
- I-I don't know.

- Why would she lie?
- No, I'm not saying she's lying.

I just think she's maybe
got things a little bit confused.

I know everything.
She told me everything.

I know that she went to prison

'cause she was
taking the rap for you,

and that... that she
was pregnant with me

while she was in there.

And she always hoped
that you'd ring or you'd visit

and that we could be
a family, but you didn't.

You... You ran away.

Something to do
with your brother, but...

You know, I don't really
know where else to go.

I don't know what
to do. I'm sorry.

Um, are you... Ah, shit.

Are you... Do you want
to... Um, are you hungry?

Do you want...

Uh, there's this place we can...

- Okay.
- Maybe talk

a little bit more privately.

Just, yeah.

What the fuck do you want, Stan?

I've been arrested three times.

I've had my fucking car

- impounded...
- Shh.

And my fucking house
turned upside down.

I've had pretty reasonable
grounds to investigate you.

No, no, no, no. This Jack
Weston has got it in for me.

You shot his boss.

You think murdering
a senior police officer

can be brushed under the
carpet, you fucking idiot?

My brother might
bend over for you.

But I won't.

Either you tell Jack
to back the fuck off

or everyone's gonna
know about your little secret.

Got a 16-year-old
rape victim, Kia.

Do you know Kia Hopkins?

Yeah. She's in my English class.

She's just staying with
me just for a couple of days.

What the fuck? She's 16.

What the fuck are you doing?!

Oh, fuck. I think
she's my daughter.

- Yeah.
- You have to tell Drummond.

- I can't.
- Where is he?

Is the sarge gonna lose his job?

Yeah, I think he might.