Suspects (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Rough Justice - full transcript

Pensioner Betty Walker is attacked from behind by an intruder and tells the police that her savings of ten thousand pounds have been stolen. Betty incriminates her ex-convict son Mark, who has drug debts but young Romario Baber and his pregnant girlfriend Mae are in the frame, having argued with Betty recently. Mark owes money to local pusher Wayne Harris, who claims that he visits Betty as a friend but Martha finds inconsistencies in Betty 's stories and surmises that she is acting as Harris's banker. That being the case the team must establish who also knew and robbed the old lady.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
A pensioner is in
a serious condition

in hospital this morning

after being viciously
attacked in her own home

during a suspected burglary.

The incident took place in the
notorious Sutton Fields estate.

Betty Walker, 65, widow.

Ambulance called
just before noon

from a telephone box
in Wadsworth Street.

Ambulance didn't
attend immediately,

'cause the estate's highlighted
as dangerous to paramedics.

They requested police
presence, so they arrived at 12:30.

House-to-house are getting
absolutely nowhere fast.

You're not gonna get
anything around here.

This is "wall of silence" stuff.

It's see nothing, hear
nothing, say nothing.

Well, keep going. Let's
talk about it in the car.

Charlie, next of kin, please.

Well, she's got a son, Mark.

He's doing three
years for burglary,

but I don't know where.

I'll call the Prison
Service, find out.

Okay. I'll trace down
the 999 phone call.

I'll sort out the
footprint on the rug.

Point of entry.

Look how many locks
she's got on her door.

She must be in constant fear.

Yeah, it's a lot of locks

for a little old lady, isn't it?

It's a tough estate.

Okay, well, look,

it doesn't look like your
average, opportunistic burglary.

I mean, are we gonna try and say

that this might be
a targeted attack?

I spoke to the Prison Service.

Mark Walker was
released, uh, three days ago

to a bail hostel in Parkway.

He's on his way in.

Well, I got to say,
I don't like it when

ladies the same age
as my mum get hurt.

So I'd like to get
my hands on 'em.


Same age as your granny, surely.

It's never gonna work for you.

Been on the phone
to the Prison Service.

Mark was due for release on
the 9th to his mother's house,

but she refused to have him.

He went absolutely
mad, smashed up his cell,

got two extra weeks for it.

And three days ago,

probation found him
a place in a bail hostel.


Mark, why did you go to prison?


I needed money for a drug habit.

A bad drug habit, and
I needed the cash for it.

But I'm clean now. It's good.

I did rehab,

and I've been clean
for eight months,

and I'm fucking proud of that.

Longest I've ever been.

- Good for you.
- Thank you.

When was the last time
that you saw your mum?

I popped in yesterday.

Very briefly.


Do you think that

this attack on your mum
had anything to do with you?

What my... Are you...

What, you think I went 'round
there and smashed my mum in?

Do you... She's the
only family I've got.

Do you understand that?

- Okay.
- She's my mum.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

What's she look like?

Um, I don't know the
full extent of her injuries.

I think she's got some quite
bad bruising to her face, but...

She's been seen by a
doctor. She's happier and...

- Okay, is she comfortable, yeah?
- Comfortable. Absolutely.

Mrs. Walker.

Hi, Mum.

- How you feeling?
- What took you so long?



Can you listen to
this for a second?

This is the 999
call that we got...

- Oh, that's interesting.
- That was made about Betty.

Just this voice, how it sounds.

540 B House,
Sutton Fields estate.

Is she breathing?

I don't know, man! I
just need an ambulance.

Can you wait at the address?

No, no, I can't, sorry.

It's not Mark.


Mrs. Walker. Um...

I thought you would have
been pleased to have a visitor.

Look, he's trouble.

He was trouble from
the moment he was born.

He was even trouble being born.

He's been trouble all his life.

The drugs and girls
and trouble at school,

trouble bloody everywhere.

And I don't need
it at the moment.

I'm feeling a bit
vulnerable, all right?

Yeah, of course.


Tell me as much as you
can of what you remember

from what happened.

Right, I was... I was
sitting in me chair

watching the television, right?

I was just pushed, banged, or...

I... I can't really
remember. Shoved, anyway.

And I didn't know
any more until, um,

the ambulance men said,

"Oh, it's all
right. She'll live."

We'll need to get from you

an inventory of what you've
got in the house of value.

But it doesn't look like
anything was stolen,

to be honest.

Um, the spare-room
door was kicked in, though.


Are you joking?

In cash, in the spare bedroom.

- Hang on.
- On that estate.

I can't compute that.

Little old lady. Hang on.

I've been working for years.
I haven't accrued £10,000.

What we do have is a
big, fat motive, though.

So, you know, who does
Betty know that needs £10,000?

Basically everybody
she's ever met. Um...

Obviously we can't
eliminate Mark.

- Still a prime suspect.
- Yeah.

And they don't get on at all.

She essentially asked
him to leave the room

when I was in hospital.

- Really?
- Really bad atmosphere.

That's interesting.


Another one from
my private collection.

It's the CCTV
from the phone box.

- Good one, Jack.
- Fingers crossed.

It should tell us who
made the 999 phone call.


According to the DVLA,

that moped is licensed to
Romario Baber, 21 years old.

And that's definitely him.

He's now a member
of the Easy 17 gang.

Previous convictions
for street robbery

and possession of cannabis.

Great. We've got
plenty. Let's arrest him.

Oh, slow, slow, slow.

- That's him.
- Is that him?

Okay, I'm gonna stop
here. I'm gonna stop here.

Slow, slow. Right here.

Go, go. I'm right behind you.

Police! Stop!

Okay, this way,
this way. This way.

Get off me, man. Get off me.

Romario Baber?

I'm arresting you
on suspicion of GBH

and a burglary that
took place this morning

at Sutton Fields estate.

- Whoo! Come on.
- Oh, man, you got faster.

Come on, fucker.

Hurry up. I've got things to do.

I was a 200-meter runner.

You're funny, you
know? You're funny.

I know, right?

Don't I always say
how funny I am, Jack?

- Dickhead.
- Sorry?

What was that?

Did you call me a dickhead?

And what are you gonna do?

Add more to your charge.

More to my charge?

Yeah, you can't
swear at police officers.

I didn't threaten you, did I?

You called me a
dickhead, though.

You promised me, man,
when you were a kid,

you wouldn't end up
in one of these places.

Shut up, man.

Off with the trainers.

I better get these
back, you know?


I know what you lot are like.

- One.
- Minimum wages, huh?


Two. Yeah?

Okay, I'm gonna
put him into a cell.

Can I get some grays,
tops and bottoms?

- Strip him, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.

I'll do that down in the cell.

Okay, let's go. Do you
need trainers? Size?

- Eight.
- Eight. Size eight.

- I'll book him in, yeah.
- Yeah.

Romario Baber, aged 21,

being interviewed by
Detective Sergeant Jack Weston.

You got any questions
for me or what?

What are we doing? Is this
meant to be a date or something?

Where were you this morning?

I was at my mate's
funeral. Jamal.

What happened to Jamal?


- Listen, yeah...
- Do you know Betty Walker?

- Betty who?
- Betty Walker.

Don't know, man.

She lives in the
same estate as you.

- Oh, is it?
- Yeah.

I know everyone
on that estate...

If you're the kind of top boy
who runs the show around there,

you should know
who Betty Walker is.

She's lived there for 20 years.

So, what about her?

You know nothing about it, no?

Know nothing about that, mate.

Do you have a
granny or something?

No, I don't, actually.

A kid came in, beat
the shit out of her.


Bash, bash, oof! Fucking hell.

Man, If I could help
you, I would, but...

- Yeah?
- You know?

You see, what's fascinating
for me, as a detective,

is the size-eight
trainer footprint

that we found, in blood,
in Betty's living room

might also match the blood

that just happened to be
on the sole of your trainer.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

- This is my last bag of tricks.
- Oh, okay.

Have you seen these?
We got these in last year.

They're pretty cool
because what they do

is they play 999 calls.

Is she breathing?

I don't know if she's
breathing or not, man.

I just need an ambulance quick.

Can you give me
the address, please?

540 B House,
Sutton Fields Estate.

- Is she breathing?
- I don't know, man!

I just need an ambulance!

Can you wait at the address?

No, no, I can't, sorry. Bye.

I might have an explanation
for why Romario assaulted Betty.

There's Betty. There's Romario.

I'm assuming that Little
Miss Push In Front there

is his girlfriend.

I spoke to the shopkeeper,

and he said that
they shoved in front.

Betty had a massive go at them,

and then Romario
turned really nasty.

So Romario put Betty in hospital

because she had a petty
row with his girlfriend?

Is that what we're saying?

What is wrong with you?

I've got your footprint.

I've got the blood on your sole.

I've got the 999 phone call.

Wake up, Romario.

You're in big shit if you
don't start telling me the truth.


She lives next
door to my auntie.

She lives next door to
your auntie. What else?

I saw her door, innit?
Her door was kicked in.

I went in there, saw
an old lady on the floor.

- I made that phone call.
- Oh, yeah?

What'd you expect me to do?
You think I'm gonna leave her?

I ain't evil, man.

I saw her, I made that
phone call, and I left. That is it.

- What about the money?
- What money?

- Don't fucking bullshit me, man.
- What money?

- What about the money?
- What money?

What have you
done with the money?

I don't know what
you're talking about, man.

That's it!

Aha. Thought so. Any news?


I've been having a look
through Romario's phone.

Tell me.

There are a ton of
messages between him

and someone
labeled as Sugarbabe.

That number's registered to
someone called Mae Roberts.

And I think it's safe to assume,

from the content of the texts
and the picture messages

that they're an item.

Tell me a little bit about the
incident at the mini market.

I was just trying to get
some stuff in the shop, yeah,

and this old lady
was taking forever,

so I quickly went
in front of her.

Look, I had a
hospital appointment.

A pregnant woman gets priority.
So I just went in front of her.

I said sorry. And then
she just went mad.

How did Romario feel about
that? Was he a bit pissed off?

No. He ain't got time for that.

What, are you trying to say
he's the one that beat her up?

Are you aware that Romario

has admitted to
making the 999 call,

which puts him at the scene?

What was he doing there?

Listen, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Where were you
this morning, Mae?

I was at the clinic, yeah.
Today was my 20-week scan.

I'm having a boy.

- Well, congratulations.
- Thank you.

Mae did have her
scan this morning.

Congratulations, Mae, yes.

Uh, doesn't give her an alibi

for the time of
the attack, though.

Betty Walker's neighbor
has been in touch.

She has confirmed that
she is Romario's aunt.

Romario and Mae visit regularly.

I have been down to forensics.

They've dusted another
footprint, or partial footprint,

off the door of the spare
room that was kicked in.

Um, I've sent it down to Bigfoot

so they can do comparisons

with the one in the front room
that we know belongs to Romario.

And if it does, that proves that

not only was he
in the front room,

but he went upstairs,
and so he was lying to us.

Get down to Romario's flat.
Search that. Take him with you.

See if he's hidden Betty's
life savings under his bed.

Can you hurry up, man?

- What did you say?
- Hurry up!

- Which house?
- 36.

You're living beside kids
and you're acting like one.

Listen, yeah, just get in there
and do what you got to do.

Yeah. Keep up that lip, yeah.

Yeah, all right, mate.

Anyone home?
Police! Hello?! Police!

Anything I need to
know about? You sure?


- £10,000.
- Slowly.

What the fuck is that?

Oh, plastic bags, plastic
bags. What are you gonna do?


Tell me again what happens
if you go back to court

for possession
with intent to supply.

Tell me again. Yeah?

Three, four years. Sit down.

Sit down. Sit the fuck...
Come on. Sit down.

Three, four years, is it?

So you miss the
birth of your kid.

You miss the first words.
You miss the first steps. Yeah?

How's Mae gonna survive
on her own without you?

Without you getting all
the cash from all the drugs

to keep her going, eh?

Cash and drugs? What
are you talking about?

What's he talking about, man?
Where did you find this guy?

This your first day?

- Laugh it off, man.
- Yeah.

'Cause you're
gonna be in prison.

All right, yeah.

That shit... I can
make that shit go away.

Phil can make that shit go away.

That whole top-boy
stuff, listen...

It's a front.

It's what I use to
get by around here.

It ain't easy, you know?

I know what it's like, man.

So believe me
when I'm telling you,

I do not know what
happened to that old lady.

You must know something.

Are you listening
to what I'm saying?

I am listening to you,

but I need to figure out
what's happened to her, man.

- I understand, but...
- She's in hospital, man.

She got broken ribs, black eye.

I'm sorry about that, but...

Stuff like that happens, man.

Where's the moped?

I rent it out to guys
on the estate, all right?

It's a little service,
a little hustle.

- Who?
- What do you mean, "who?"

Who did you rent it out to?

- Random people from the estate.
- Random people?

If I just turn up
at the front door

and say, "Can I
have your moped?"

Obviously not.

"Let's go rob a bank
with your moped."

Okay, that's just silly now.
Come on, man, be more serious.

I rent it out every
now and then.

- For what?
- What do you mean, "for what?"

For cash, for money. You
have to 'round here, man.

If I don't rent that
moped out, believe me,

it wouldn't be there
in the morning.

Okay, search of
Romario's flat. No money.

So it's a bit of a dead end.

I did find some
plastic bags, which,

I don't know, maybe leads to
the fact that he's a street dealer.

Certainly when I mentioned it,

he started to
sweat a little bit.

Another possible
place for the money

is the moped that we've
seen on the CCTV stuff.

Maybe in the pannier.

So maybe we could
authorize a grid search

to try and track that down.

- That's authorized.
- Great. Yeah, I'm on that.

Call me if you need anything.

Okay, you all have your maps,

you all have your
briefing papers.

This is the moped
that we're looking for.

Okay, I want all of you head
down to Sutton Fields estate.

The most important thing is

we're looking for a
moped with a big pannier.


Big frothy coffee in the
canteen for whoever finds it.

Let's go! Okay?

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

CID pace, not uniform
pace. Come on.

Romario's just a normal
boy. He just wants to be a dad.

He's gonna take care of
me and this baby, you know?

Listen, you should be very aware

how serious this
assault charge is,

and Romario is being
held as a suspect.

Have you got that?

I mean, he's going to be a dad.

You need to help
him at this stage.

Take that very seriously, Mae.

Oh, God. Listen, okay.

Betty's got someone
looking out for her.

This guy Wayne.
He's a bit of a nutter.

Some 16-year-old boy
kicked a ball at his...

At Betty's flower things,
and he slapped him up.

All I'm saying, everyone
knows not to mess with her

'cause Wayne will get them.

Okay, house-to-house
has revealed

a regular visitor to Betty,
a guy called Wayne Harris.

And listen to this...
A resident says,

"He keeps parking
in my private space,

and you guys have never
done anything about it."

- Did you actually speak to her?
- Yeah.

- Did she sound like that?
- Yeah.

- You do a very good old woman.
- Thank you.

Anyway, it's a
classic 220 Mercedes.

Wayne, apparently,
is an old school chum

of Betty's son, Mark.

I did a quick cross-check,

and that's flagged up a
bust-up between Wayne, um,

and a teenager on the estate.

Recent bust-up.

But apparently neither wanted
to substantiate the complaint.

Okay, yeah, I
think in that case,

we'd better get
Mr. Wayne Harris,

with his fancy
car, in for a chat,

but as a witness.

Okay, just... Well,
for the time being.

So you... You know Betty from

you lived on the estate or...

Well, used to. I used
to live there years ago.

Pop 'round and see
her every now and again.

I like to look out for her,
make sure she's all right.

Pop 'round, play Scrabble.

Take her things, you know?

That's very nice. Um...

I haven't lived there for years.


You seem to still have a bit
of a reputation around there.

What do you mean, "reputation"?

Well, I mean, for one,

there was that
incident a little while ago

where you got into an
altercation with a youth.

- The police were called.
- It was nothing aggressive.

It was a bit of handbags.
It was back and forth.

And then the mum called
the police, and it was...

She blew it well
out of proportion.

Really? I heard
you broke his arm.

Where were you earlier today?

I was in a bookie's.

I was actually on my
way 'round to see her.

- This morning?
- This morning.

What time, about, were
you going off to see her?


10:00, yeah.

What do you do for a living?

It must be quite flexible if
you can go and visit Betty

at 10:00 a.m. in the morning.

I don't really have
a job, as such.

I used to work for a
builder's merchant.

You drive a very nice car,
seeing as you don't have a job.

Yeah, I know, but I earn
most of it at the bookie's.

You can earn enough
of a living at the bookie's?

Yeah, no, you can
do. You can do.

Gosh, I'm in the
wrong job, clearly.

Okay. What can you tell
me about Betty's son, Mark?

He takes the piss, basically.
He's never been there for her.

I've got no respect for him.

No. I don't like him.

- We found the moped.
- Well done!

No money found
in the cash box...

Sorry, in the pannier.

But they did find this
notebook, which...

All the financial entries,

together with Romario's
plastic bags from his apartment

would lead us to suggest
that he is, in fact, dealing drugs.

- He's busy.
- Yeah.

Fairly nominal amounts.

- Yeah.
- Until you get to that guy.

Seems to owe him five grand.

- Ah.
- And the name?

- "Mark W."
- Mark Walker?

Yeah, probably.

- But if that is our Mark...
- Yeah.

I mean, he got out of
prison, what, three days ago?

Oh, I can feel
your brain running.

Yeah, keep going.

He takes smack and crack, right?

He's buying them by the vat load

if he's run up five-grand
debt since he left prison.

Okay, what's that?

I don't know. You tell me.

No, no. No, no. No, no.

You tell me. What's that?

- It's a book.
- Yeah.

- With names in it.
- Yeah. You seen it before?

What do you mean,
have I seen it before?

No, I ain't seen it before, man.

- We found it in your moped.
- Yeah?

Whose could it be?

Well, like I told you,

I rent it out to
a lot of people.

Romario, I don't give a
shit who you lend it out to.

But it was found in that moped.

- You get nailed for it.
- Who says that?

So whatever anyone else has
done with that moped, with that book,

you're gonna take
the fall for them,

so you'd better start
telling me the truth.

Like I told you, man, I do
not know who it belongs to,

but I'll tell you
what, it's not mine.

Okay, prove it. Give
me a handwriting sample.

What I want to give you
a handwriting sample for?

It's the only fucking thing
keeping you out of a cell.

- I told you, the book...
- Start writing!

- What do you want me to write?
- I want you to write...

"Detective Sergeant Jack..."

You get a kick
out of this, yeah?


Keep writing. "is a nice guy."

That's the best handwriting
sample you're gonna get.

Are you proud of yourself, yeah?


Who's Mark W.?

- Never heard of him.
- No?

- No, man.
- Mark W., £5,000. Who is it?

£5,000? Whoever Mark
W. is, he's a lucky guy.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Just down here.

Hello, Mrs. Walker.

How are you feeling?

All right.

This is my colleague
Inspector Richards.

He's gonna take you
through the I.D. process

that we talked about.

You need this.

All right, well, I
need my glasses.

- Can you get my bag?
- Sure.

Um, just so you understand,
I'm gonna leave the room.

'Cause I'm
working... I'll take that.

Because I'm
working on this case,

I'm not deemed impartial.

Just have a look
through all of the photos,

take your time, and
I'll be in the corridor.

Give me a shout
when you're done.

- Anything?
- Nothing at all.

Okay. Thanks anyway, sir.

I've just been
chatting to Romario.

I think he's dealing.

We've got the plastic
bags. We've got the notepad.

What type of
dealer, I don't know.

Whether he's
working for himself,

whether he's working
for someone else

remains to be seen.

What do you think?

- Can I charge him?
- Ay-yi-yi.

No, we haven't got
enough. Time's ticking.

No. Got to bail him.

It doesn't put him at the
attack and for the burglary, so...

What about the
footprint in the blood?

He legged it out of there.

Bail him, Jack. Bail him.

Don't blame me, blame the CPS.


- Hey, you're back.
- What's happening, baby? Cool?


Have you ever come across
a guy called Romario Baber?


- Never heard of him?
- Never heard of him.

It's just that, I've been led to
believe that you have a debt,

a quite substantial debt,
with this Romario Baber.

It's not your
outstanding drug debt

from before you went to prison?

Which I will, of course, talk
to your welfare officer about.

Yeah. I mean, I've got, um...

I've got a debt before
I went into prison,

but that's got nothing to do...
What was his name again?

Romario Baber.

To do with anyone
called Romario.

What do you think?

I mean, somebody really hurts
your mum, attacks your mum,

but at the same time,

a whole load of
cash goes missing.

That'd pay off your
debt nicely, wouldn't it?

See there's any connection?

Whoa, what are
you talking about?

£10,000 in cash was stolen

during that attack.

- What, in my mum's flat?
- Yeah.

10 grand in my mum's flat?

Where's she got 10 grand from?

Okay, so SOCOs picked
this up on the scene.

Thank Christ they did.

It's a birthday card
from Wayne to Betty.

This has been matched
by the handwriting expert.

It's confirmed this is Wayne's
book and Wayne's card.

- Useful.
- It's great.

This is brilliant. Yeah?

FME's just handed
me the medical report

on Betty Walker's injuries.

Uh, have a look.

It's not quite what
she said to us.

Oh, Jesus.

Fall from a standing position?

Distinct lack of bruising

for somebody who's
thwacked on their back.

Inconsistent injuries
to the story told.

Yeah. Well, what if
she's covering for Mark?

We know from Wayne's debt book

that that debt
hasn't been paid off.

So he's still obviously
desperate for money.

We can't rule out Wayne either.

She's obviously lying to us.

Question is, why?

FIU have been having a
look through Betty's finances.

She's got no savings
accounts or anything like that.

Just a post office account
with about 500 quid.

I just got off the
phone with the hospital.

Romario's just been admitted.

Apparently he's
just been stabbed.

- Really?
- Yeah.

What's Romario got
himself mixed up in?

- What do you mean?
- Come on.

- Mae, come on.
- What?!

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Betty Walker's been beaten
within an inch of her life.

Something's happening in
your estate. What happened?

- I don't know.
- You must know something.

- Why would someone attack him?
- I don't know.

I don't know.

Where were you
going with the bag?

I was about to leave my
house. I've got stuff for my sister.

Why are you going
to your sister's?


Do you want to
see what's inside?

Women's underwear.
Is that what you like?

Is that the kind of stuff
you're interested in?

You don't have to
be so aggressive.

Listen, my boyfriend
is in there about to...

- I know.
- Someone tried to kill him.

I'm sorry. Look, I'm
trying to help you.

Charlie, what have
you got for me?

That old lady from
Sutton Fields estate

who Jack spoke
to earlier rang back

and sounds exactly
like your impression, so...

- Thank you.
- Well done to you.

She said that young men

are constantly putting
envelopes through Betty's door,

all hours, day or night.

So here's what I think.

I think Wayne is running

a drug-dealing
operation on the estate,

I think Romario is any
number of local dealers

that deal out of there, and
I think Betty's their banker.

'Cause all the three
things that we have...

Romario and his street dealing,
Betty and 10 grand in cash,

and Wayne and
his odd relationship

with someone
who's not his mother

and is 50 years
older than him...

That's what ties
them all together.

Yeah, no, fair enough. I
think that's worth pursuing.

Well done, Charlie. And
pursue it with Wayne.

Betty had £10,000 in
cash in a locked room,

and it's all gone.


Fucking hell. It's all gone?


I think you run a
drug-dealing operation

on the Sutton Fields estate.

I think Romario deals for you,
and I think Betty's your banker.

Am I right?

Don't know where
you're getting all this from.

It's utter fucking rubbish.

I'm assuming Betty
didn't just volunteer.

What did you do?
Threaten her or...

How about this?

Do you recognize this?

This is a book we found in
the moped of Romario Baber.

I think it's your bank-drug...

I don't know what
you drug dealers call it.

I think it's your drug book.

Am I under arrest?

- Not yet.
- It's a simple question.

Not yet? I'm not under arrest?

No, you're just helping
me with my inquiries.

- I'm helping you.
- Helping me flesh out my theory.

- But I'm not under arrest?
- You're not helping so much yet.

You're being actually
quite unhelpful.

I'm trying to help.
Am I under arrest?

- No.
- I'm not?

Am I under... I'm not
under arrest, though, am I?!

I'm not under arrest, am I?

See you later, Wayne.

What a dick.


Can you be absolutely sure?

Right, hang on.

- Jack!
- Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Absolutely. Thank you.

So that was Bigfoot.

The tread on the partial
print that was on the door

is exactly the same
as Romario's trainer.

Except it's smaller.

So, I mean, is
it feasible that...

I don't know, do they wear the
same trainers, Mae and Romario?

They wear the same everything.

They wear the same hoodies.
They wear the same tracksuits.

They wear the
same trainers. Yeah.

So, presumably, our pregnant
Mae kicked down the door.

And, presumably, got
her hands on the cash.

The 10 grand.

Fuck. She had a huge
bag with her at the hospital.

I asked her what was in it.
She completed fronted me out.

She wouldn't let
me look in there.

She got really aggro,
and I backed off.

Okay, well...

The 10 grand's in there.

Don't worry, don't
worry. It's okay.

Let's just get to Mae
before Wayne does.

We have Romario discharging
himself from hospital

at 5:50 p.m.

D.C. Steele to D.I. Bellamy.
Requesting update, over.

Got CCTV showing Mae and Romario

buying two tickets at
Liverpool Street station.

I'm gonna meet you there.
Okay, don't spook them.

But I want you to take
both of them down.

And, uh, remember,
just go slowly, okay?

She's 20 weeks pregnant.

I'll let BTP know on the way in.

Through this side.
She'll let us through.

We called down
before. Thank you.

Yeah, okay.

You go further down there.

- Jack, Jack, Jack.
- Yeah?

If we keep flush to the
wall, they won't see us.

I feel like we're really close.

I thought we were
gonna be close.

Tell me when they're
off the top, 'cause then...

Okay, let's go.

Boss, they're just
coming up the stairs

to the south side entrance.

They're going quite slowly.

You should see them
in about 30 seconds.

Eye on the suspects.

Purple top, okay?

Purple top.

Just watch them.

Okay, go, go! Quit running!

I went there, like I said. I
saw the door busted open.

I went in there, she was
on the floor in a pile of blood.

I kind of panicked.

So Mae was downstairs
looking after the moped.

I called her up. I
didn't know what to do.

Like I said, I called
for an ambulance.

I had mentioned to Mae before

that she keeps a
lot of money there.

Mae wants another life
for us and the kid, okay?

She ain't a bad girl, but
she just wants to get out.

So she asked me where
it was. I said, "I don't know.

She keeps it in a
room somewhere."

So you walk into this flat

and find Betty
collapsed, unconscious,

on the floor in a pool of blood

and decide at that point

that you'll go upstairs
and nick money from her?

We helped her, if anything.

I told Romario to go
and call the police.

He called 999.

If we were as evil as
you want us to look,

we wouldn't have
done anything at all,

but we cared, so
we called the police.

I'm not saying that you're
evil. I'm not saying that at all.

And I understand this idea

of wanting to get
out of the estate.

What I'm struggling with is
that you walk into this place

and this woman is collapsed
on the floor in a pool of blood,

and your first instinct
is not to help her

but is to get something
from that situation.

That's just what I
want to understand.

You would have
done the same thing.

No, I absolutely wouldn't.

If you grew up in our estate
and you had a chance to get out,

to give a better chance
to your baby and you,

so your child could
grow up somewhere

where there isn't police all
the time or there's needles

or people trying
kill you all the time.

You would do the same thing.

- Yeah.
- Just a second.


Thank you.

Um, forensics have found
Mark's fingerprints on a knife

in Betty's knife block.

The same knife
and striation marks

that match the damage
on Betty's front door.

Oh, Mark!

So at some point
he's used that knife to

jimmy the door open.

Okay. Hang on. Goodbye.

Mark has tried to make
it look like a break-in.

We have to remember that we
have Romario and Mae for the 10K,

but they've sworn
resolutely all along

that they never touched Betty.

Maybe they've
been telling the truth.

CCTV from the place
where Romario was stabbed.

- Let's watch a movie.
- Yeah?

Romario crossing the
street with... Who is that?

That's Mark Walker.
He's buying drugs.

Why the hell is he
stabbing Romario?

Mark! Mark!

- Relax! All right!
- Jack!

The pensioner who was attacked

on the Sutton Fields estate

has been moved to intensive
care, having suffered a stroke.

Police have a
suspect in custody.

I'm introducing exhibit
JW1 into the room.

It's a kitchen knife.

I'm gonna cut to the chase.

You assaulted your
mother. You panicked.

You took this knife
from the kitchen,

and you staged a break-in.

Is that a fair account?

- Yeah, I think...
- Yeah?


Yeah, that's the knife. I-I...

I bound her up and I panicked.

I wanted it to...

I wanted to make it look like
someone else had broken in.

Yeah, I took the knife, and I...

How could you hurt
your mum like that?

Do you know what? I was clean.

I went to prison.
I got clean, right?


I wanted to go back to
my mum's, and she said no.

I'm in prison and I
hear that my mum

doesn't want me
back at the flat.

I got fucking... Jesus.

"What do you mean, she
doesn't want me back?"

Do you know how that
made me fucking feel?

So why did you
stab Romario Baber?

And then there's this Wayne guy.

You know, he's
looking for, you know,

easy targets and
stuff for his drugs.

He's got well into
his drugs at that point.

He's giving me
free drugs, saying,

"This'll cheer you
up. This is good.

This'll make life worthwhile."

And I'm thinking,
"Yeah. I'm good."

Yeah, cannabis,
crack. It was all there.

Then he started
charging... Charging me.

And final straw, this black
guy, right, comes up...

I've never seen him before...

Black guy in a fucking
suit, starts asking for money,

my drug debt.

Fucking red mist. I just...

You know?

Mark, these are
very serious assaults

that we're dealing with.

Are you aware of
the consequences?


Yeah. Do you know what?

I'm... I'm happy in prison.

That's fine by me.

I know there's no one
outside that's gonna help me.

It's just depressing, the
fact that he wants to...

Well, we think he wants
to turn his life around,

and all he wants to
do is go back to prison.

Yeah, but I've seen it so
many times, Jack, you know?

Yeah, I know. I just
hate dealing with junkies.

So, state of play is we've got
Mark for two serious assaults.

We've got Mae and
Romario for burglary.

But, Wayne, we haven't
got enough evidence

to nail him for anything.

What about under the
Proceeds of Crime Act?

Pbbbt. I don't know.

I mean, just think of all the
time and effort and expense

that's gonna have
to go into that.

So we need someone
to turn informant.

That's what we need.

I've busted your balls
for the last 24 hours.

I'm sorry. I need you
to get the job done.


I'm talking to you now,
Romario to Jack, okay?

I want to help you.

But the only way I can help
you is if you tell me the truth.


What's the story with
you and Wayne Harris?

- Who?
- Wayne Harris.

No comment.

Mae, do yourself a favor
and just tell me the truth,

and tell me all of it.

Romario used to
sell weed for Wayne.

But not for money. He
just used to get free drugs.

And when we found
out about the baby,

he stopped all that

'cause he knew he had to
find a way to get us money.

We needed get out
of the estate, okay?

So he spoke to Wayne, and
Wayne said that he could be

his drug debt
collector or whatever.

So he had to take the
money from the people

who owed him for drugs.

I want to help you out.

You don't even know what
you're talking about, do you?

You're in trouble.
I want to help you.

Oh, yeah? Well, help me, then.

Stop talking and just help me.

Do you want a smoke?


- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Okay, five minutes outside.

What's going on with
you and Wayne Harris?

So I get this phone
call this morning.


He's all like, "Yeah, everyone's
seen them lot go in your house."

He thinks I'm snitching.

He's like, "Oh, do I
need to remind you

what happens to snitches?"

- Did he threaten you?
- Yeah, he threatened me, man!

Threatened Mae,
threatened the baby.

That's my family, man.

- You understand that?
- Yeah, I know.

I would die for my
family! You understand?

Romario, if you help me
out here, man, with Wayne,

if you, um...

If you're willing to
talk, I can help you out.

But it's a two-way street.
You have to help me out.

- But I can make him go away.
- You can make him go away?

- Yeah.
- How?

Okay. Come back in with me.

I'm gonna have a quick
chat upstairs, okay?

I reckon if we can
offer Romario and Mae

some sort of witness protection,

we might be able to get
them to testify against Wayne.

- Really?
- Yeah.

What about Mae? Do
you think she'll go for it?

It's definitely worth asking.

I mean, she's desperate
to get off that estate,

not to have the baby
there, so she might.

All right. Well, I need to make
a call to authorize that, so...

Can I float the idea to them?

- Yeah.
- Great.

It's not snitching.

It's not running. It's
looking after your family.

It's looking after yourself.

And getting that fresh start

that the two of
you are looking for.

And what?

You can ensure that we're
gonna be all right, yeah?

- You have my word.
- Is no one gonna come after us?

You have my word.

'Cause we've got a
baby to bring up now.

That's the only
reason I'm doing this.

I ain't that guy,
you understand?

I'll make sure you're protected.


All right, man.

I need to hear you say it.


I'll testify.

Thank you.

This is Mr. Wayne Harris.

He's just been arrested for
supply of controlled drugs,

haven't you, Wayne?

- Okay to take the cuffs off?
- Yeah, take them off.

- Has he been searched?
- No, not yet.

No sudden movements, Wayne.

He's got nowhere to go anyway.

- I think he likes the cuffs.
- Yeah?

I'm really curious to see
what's in your pockets, Wayne.

He's gonna enjoy
the strip search.

What have you got on me?
You've got nothing on me.

- Really?
- Do you want to bet?

- What have you got?
- All in due time.

We're gonna continue
the search down in the cell.

You fucking smug...
Smug fucking...

Just tell me what you got.

Zack, come with
us. Zack, please.

- Cell four?
- Yeah.

You got fucking nothing on me.

You got fucking nothing
on me, you smug...


Mr. Harris, welcome
to your new abode.

Please let us know if
we can get you anything...

Fresh towels, something to eat.

- Anything like that.
- Yeah, fuck off.

Fuck off!