Suspects (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Ricochet - full transcript

The detectives investigate the shooting of a clergyman in broad daylight. Have his "hug-a-hoodie" ideals backfired on him?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Reports are coming
in of another shooting

in East London, this
time in broad daylight.

It comes just days after
the drive-by shooting

of 19-year-old Victoria Summers,

who remains in a critical
condition in hospital.

Victim is 43-year-old
Reverend Daniel Matthews.

He was shot in the arm, so
there's quite a lot of blood.

He's just gone off to
hospital in the ambulance.

- Reverend Matthews?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Yeah.

That guy's a hero around here.
The community love this guy.

He's... He's taken all
these kids off the street,

given them a second
chance with this place.

Someone doesn't love him.

So, what's happening?

I thought it was a gangbang.
Fucking reverend's been shot.

- For real?
- Yeah.

Oh, Jesus, that's all we need.

Okay, so we've
got no CCTV inside

and absolutely no CCTV outside.

That's a deliberate
move by the reverend

to develop a kind of a sense
of trust between the boys.

Some of these kids have
had brushes with the police

since they were like
seven, eight years old.

Yeah, well, maybe his
"hug a hoodie" approach

has bitten him on
the ass this time.


One of the guys said that just
before the reverend got shot,

he saw a white female come in

and ask the reverend
to go outside.

They say her
name's Kelly Pearce.

That's interesting.

Maybe someone else sent her
in to pull him outside, you know?

Well, apparently she's going out

with the reverend's son, Aaron.

So, I mean, if she
did, that would be...

What's the reverend's
son called? Aaron?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- Aaron Matthews?
- Yeah, hi.

Hi. Detective Constable
Charlotte Steele.

I'm one of the
officers investigating...


Is my dad gonna
be okay? How is he?

He's fine.

Okay, so I just went
and spoke to a doctor.

I was told that he was hit
in the fleshy part of his arm,

so there was a lot of blood,
but it could've been much...

- Sorry.
- I'm sorry.

It could've been much,
much, much, much worse.

So he's in surgery now.

They should patch him up,

and he should make
a pretty swift recovery.

Your girlfriend, Kelly, was at
the boxing club this morning.

Why was that?

Yeah, I-I drove Kelly
'round there this morning.

She wanted to speak to my dad.
I don't know what it was about.

You drove her there?

Yeah, I parked 'round the back
and waited for her to come out.

She was only gone for
about a couple of minutes.

Okay, so you didn't
go inside at all?

- No.
- Okay.

Reverend Daniel Matthews,

founder of Kurtley
Way Boxing Gym,

where he was shot this morning.

This is the alleyway
leading off the front door.

Front door, where the
shooting took place.

Timeline wise, the
boxers take a break

on the dot every
morning at 11:30 a.m.

They said just as they broke,

they saw Kelly Pearce
arrive to talk to Daniel.

And then local residents said
they heard a gunshot at 11:40,

So we've got a
10-minute kind of...

10-minute window
for Kelly Pearce,

if she did it, to
shoot our reverend.

So Kelly went in,

had a chat with your dad about
something, you don't know what,

and then she came back...

Yeah, she came back
after about five minutes.

Then we went for a drive.

- Where did you go?
- Um, I pulled up by the canal.


She was in a bit of
a funny mood, so...

She said she needed
to clear her head,

so she went for a
walk down the canal.

What does "funny mood" mean?

Um, well, you know,
just kind of argumentative.

She gets a bit that
way sometimes.

Just a little bit, you know, I
don't know, in a funny mood.

Okay. Do you know
where she is now?

No, I haven't heard
from her since.

Police! Open up.

How are you doing? I'm
Detective Sergeant Jack Weston.

- Who am I talking to?
- Alma.

- Alma what?
- Alma Pearce.

- Are you Kelly Pearce's mother?
- Yes.

- Yeah, is Kelly at home?
- I don't think so.

Okay, I've got a warrant
to search your home.

We're looking for a
firearm. Step aside.

Anyone else in the house
I need to know about?

- My son.
- Yeah?

Why don't we sit down?

Can I get you a glass
of water or anything?

Are you on any medication?

- No, just diazepam.
- Okay, how many have you taken?

Do I need to get
you an ambulance?

- No, no.
- Are you sure?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Okay, just have a
very quick read of this

so you understand
what's happening.


- Lee, anything?
- Nothing, sir.

No? I'll check upstairs.

Hi, Sammy.

Sammy, I'm looking
for your sister, Kelly.

Do you have any
idea where she is?

Sammy, can you answer me?

Just say yes or no.

Any idea where
you sister, Kelly, is?


Kelly Pearce's flat,
clean as a whistle.

SOCOs, though, have
found a shell casing

from outside the boxing club.

So we should be
able to figure out now,

looking at the shell casing,

whether the firearm
that was used to shoot

Reverend Daniel Matthews
was used in any other crime.

I fed Daniel's address
into the computer,

and there was a report

of a disturbance this
morning at the vicarage.

A neighbor rang in and
said that a young man

was kicking the
door and shouting.

There was a bit
of back and forth

between him and the reverend.

She took the
registration of the car,

and it is registered to

Joseph Brookes.

Local gang member,
series of drug convictions,

and also one of
the main suspects

for the Victoria Summers
drive-by shooting four days ago.

When we spoke to
Reverend Matthews last week,

as just someone
who was in the vicinity

of the drive-by shooting, he
said he didn't see anything,

he didn't know
anything about it,

and now this young man,
who's our prime suspect,

turns up banging and
shouting outside his door.

Exactly. So let's deal
with something concrete.

Let's pull him in on a
public order offense, okay?

So at 10:30 this
morning, Joseph,

you were seen banging
on the door of the vicarage

where the Reverend
Matthews lives.

Why were you there?

My friend lives there, innit?
I was looking for Aaron.

The way I've heard it,

you were having an
argument with the reverend.

- Argument?
- Yeah.

Pbht. Don't know
where you got that from.

Well, it was described
as a domestic disturbance.

That's a pretty big barney.

That's bullshit.

I was there, knocked
for Aaron, he wasn't in,

had a little word
with the dad, innit?

Nothing major.

Do you get on with his dad?

Yeah, his dad's a cool guy.

Come on. He taught me
my right hook and everything.

I've got a good right
hook, you know?

I'm sure you do.

Thank you. Reverend Matthews?

Hello, I'm Martha Bellamy,
detective inspector.

We met some years ago.

Are you all right
to shake hands?

- I am.
- You're okay with that hand?

Oh, dear. How are you feeling?

I'm fine, I'm fine, given
the circumstances.

Thank you.

I want to run through
a couple of things,

if that's okay.

Aaron, can you just
give us a minute?


- This is your boy?
- Son. Aaron.


Want to talk me
through what happened?

Uh, yes.

It was... We were
training this morning.

It was a normal
training session.

We broke at around 11:30.

Um, Kelly, one of the younger
boxers, came in to speak to me.

- Kelly who?
- Kelly Pearce.


She came in to speak to me.

Basically she...
she came to tell me

that she no longer
wanted to train.

She's actually been spending
a lot of time with Aaron.

But I told her I
was disappointed.

She's quite a good prospect.

So we had a
conversation. She left.

I stayed outside to have a
cigarette before going back in.

And I hear a car coming past,

driving faster than normal,

enough to make me turn 'round.

The next thing I
know, I hear a bang...

Or I felt a bang.

I came 'round, and I
was lying on the floor.

I'd been shot.

Right. And how long after
Kelly left did this happen?

15 minutes.

Might she have shot you?

No. Not under any
circumstances, no.

I don't think it was Kelly.


I believe this morning...

Cast your mind
back... At the vicarage,

I believe that there was
a visitor, Joseph Brookes.

It's just that I was led to
believe that there was a row,

some kind of
disturbance was reported.

No, no. We did
have a conversation.

It was just about his car.
He's got a very noisy car.

Some of the neighbors
had complained about it.

I just asked him to
be mindful, really,

when he was driving
around the area.

Joseph Brookes is tucked up
safe and sound at the station.


Do you understand
what I'm saying?

Absolutely I do,
but unfortunately

there's nothing I can
tell you about him.

How did it go?

Uh, well, he was
polite but vague.

- Yeah?
- He claimed it's a drive-by.


I just had forensics
on the phone.

They said they can't
find any tire marks

anywhere on the road, okay?

Plus the fact that that
shell casing was found

just outside the
front door of the club.

It's not as if it was found,
like, in the middle of the road.

So it seems that
maybe the reverend

was shot at a much closer
range than he's letting on

or that he can remember.

I don't know, maybe
his memory's gone,

or maybe... maybe he's lying.


He's also somewhat
reticent to talk about

the conversation/row that
he had with... come in...

With Joseph Brookes, too.

Kelly Pearce has just
walked in. She's downstairs.

Oh! I wish they'd
all just walk in.

Right, well, let's
show the facilities.

- Happily.
- Excellent.

Kelly, why did you go
and visit the reverend...

early this morning?

I was angry at him.

Straightforward question... Did
you shoot Reverend Matthews?


Did you shoot the reverend?

I've come here to make
a statement about him,

to put him in prison.

He raped my brother.

That's a very serious
allegation, Kelly.

Yes. My brother wouldn't lie.

That is quite an allegation.

And if it's true, it
is certainly a motive

for someone like Kelly
to shoot the reverend.

Yeah, but if Aaron and Kelly's
statements are to be believed,

then Kelly has an alibi, right,
at the time of the shooting?

Belt and braces, Charlie.

You update Jack and get
onto the child protection team.

I need that kid to
have a full exam. Okay?

And what did the reverend say
in response to the allegation?

What do you think
he fucking said?

I've no idea.

"No, I didn't do it. What
are you talking about?"

It was the usual thing
that people respond to

when they're being
accused of something.

Tell me exactly
what you said to him.

I was really angry at him.

I started shouting,
and I said to him that,

"I know what you did, and
I'm gonna tell the police."

And so who told you

about Sammy...
About Sammy's abuse?

Aaron. Aaron told
me what Sammy said.

I found him at home

trying to take some
of my mum's drugs.

This is behavior
that's unlike him.

He wouldn't do things like that.

I was asking him,
"What are you doing?"

He was trying to kill himself.

So obviously something's
definitely wrong.

And what...

And then I ask him,
and he doesn't respond.

He doesn't tell me anything,
and I thought the only way

that I can get any information
out of him is through Aaron.

They're really good friends.
He's like a brother for him.

His behavior since he
came back from his trip

has just changed, who he is.

Back from which trip?

They went on a trip,
like the boxing team,

The Reverend Daniel took them.

It happened that
night in his tent.

It's child protection just
through with the report.

Poor little Sammy's
not saying anything,

but the initial
examination would suggest

that he's definitely been raped.

Anyway, child protection are
asking whether we can figure out

what Sammy was
actually wearing last night.


Okay, I'll get onto
the search team.

I do need to go over
a few other details

concerning the
shooting this morning.

Um, Kelly, how did
you get to the club?

Aaron drove me in his car.

Aaron knew why you were going,
what you were gonna talk about?

Of course he knew.
Yeah, yeah. He knew.

And then you went
off on your own?

- What did Aaron do?
- Yeah. Aaron dropped me.

He... I don't know...

Went to his mate's
house or something.

Probably drove off somewhere.

Right. What, a mate
like Joseph Brookes?


Is he a friend of
Aaron's and yours?

He's a friend of Aaron's,
not a friend of mine.

Aaron... Aaron worships
the ground he walks on.

He's, like, obsessed with him.

What do you think of him?

He's a dick. That's
what I think of him.

What were you doing
between 11:00 and 12:30 today?

Well, had my girlfriend Libby

bent over the side of
the bed at about 11:15.

So if I call her and ask her,

she'll tell me exactly
the same thing?

What was that? Sorry?
"Bent over the side of bed"?

She'll say exactly
the same thing?

- Exactly the same thing.
- Right.

Good. Thank you.

Thanks. Cheers. Bye-bye.

Um, okay, uniform have searched

Joseph Brookes'
car and his house.

- They've seen nothing.
- Well, obviously.

He's not stupid enough to
leave a gun lying around, I guess.

I spoke to his girlfriend,

Libby James, as well,
who... surprise, surprise...

Corroborates his alibi.

Apparently he was with her
when the shooting took place,

which is of course
absolute bullshit.

He used the same alibi

for the Victoria Summers
drive-by shooting last week.

There is no sign of the
firearm at Libby's place either.

Aaron. Do you
mind if we come in?

Your girlfriend, Kelly, has made
a very, very serious allegation

of sexual abuse
against your father.

So it's Kelly who said all this?

She said that Sammy
told you about it.

Kelly said that my
father abused Sammy?

This makes a lot more sense now.

- Does it?
- Yeah.

Yeah, Kelly doesn't really
behave in a normal way.

She's, um...

She... She finds life difficult,
to put it bluntly, you know?

She's come from a
dysfunctional family.

She's really struggled.

She's never been
this bad before.

She's never said
anything quite like this.

But, yeah, she's desperate
to get at me, though.

- That's what it is.
- Why is that?

We broke up this morning.

That's the only reason I
can think she'd want to,

you know, really hurt me.

It's the best thing she
can think of, you know?

Blame his reverend dad for
being a pedophile, you know?

Did you speak to
Sammy this morning?

Yeah, I spoke to
Sammy this morning.

We didn't really say much.

Okay, well, listen, Sammy's
been seen by the doctors.

They're convinced he
was sexually abused.

But they think the
abuse actually happened

on a camping trip that
Sammy was on with your dad.

Yeah, well, that explains
the ludicrousy of Kelly's story.

I was with him the
whole weekend.

I know for a fact my
dad, the first night,

was looking after
a really sick kid.

Dad went to the
hospital with him.

And I think the kid's
parents met him there.

They were there the whole night.
There was obviously a big queue.

Where did everyone sleep?

Did all the boys sleep together,
or were they in twos in tents?

The boys all sleep
in a dorm together,

and I slept with
my dad in a tent.

So I was with my dad
the whole time, you know,

the whole weekend.

Except for when he
was at hospital, of course.

Aaron, that's great.

I'm sorry that we had to
kind of drop that on you.

Sure. No, I understand.

Aaron has given us a statement,
and it is nothing like yours.


I mean it... it's different.

He... He knows nothing
about the allegations.

Against his father.

- No.
- He's a fucking liar.

Oh, my God.

So we'll say again,
Kelly, now is the time.

- If you want to reconsider...
- He's the liar. No.

I'm not changing...
I'm not reconsidering.

I'm not doing any of that.

I'm not reconsidering my story.

My story sticks, and
I'm telling the truth.

He's lying.

Why would he do that?

He doesn't want his dad's
reputation in the community

to be destroyed over this,
so that's why he would lie.

Fucking do the maths yourself.

So we've got Sammy's clothes.

They were found in
the bins outside their flat.

But they're really...
Yeah... really badly burned.

So that and a couple more
pieces are pretty much all that's left.

I've sent all of
that off to forensics.

But, I mean, look at that.

They're hardly gonna get
anything from that, are they?

Why's he burning his clothes?

Boss, clothes found.
Sent off to forensics.

Also, child protection
have said that,

independently of each other,

Sammy and Alma
have both confirmed

that at the time of the
shooting of the reverend,

they were at home together.

All right.

I want you guys to
go down to hospital,

talk to the reverend
about why he's insisting

that this is a drive-by
when clearly it isn't.

Okay? All right.

Do you want us to say
anything about the abuse?

You know what?
Nothing direct, Jack, okay?

Just leave it with child
protection for the time being.

They're talking to Sammy.

Listen, we were just wondering

if we could ask
you some questions.

Have you been able to
remember anything more,

any more details
about the shooting,

before and after it happened?

Nothing more than I've
already told your colleague.


You said it was a
drive-by shooting?

That's right.

Do you remember any
details about the car,

maybe what color it was?

Uh, blue, I think.
Possibly. Maybe green.

I don't know. I don't know.

We'd love to have a look at
your mobile phone if we could,

just to kind of trace
previous calls, anything...

Sorry, that's not really...


- No? Please.
- No.

- No, you can't.
- Why not?

Because I don't want you to.

I'm very tired.

I think I would like to be
left alone, if that's okay?


Would you run me
through just sort of

who said what to
who this morning?


Kelly... Kelly woke up and
told me what Sammy had said.

And did you go and
speak to Sammy?

I tried to, but he was in
state. He wouldn't talk to me.

So between then and when
my colleagues came 'round,

um, what did you do?

Um, I stayed in
the flat with Sammy.

Did you try to talk
to him some more?

Did you call anyone or try
and take him somewhere?

No, I was upset,

so I just took
some sleeping pills.

I tried to talk to him again,
but he wouldn't talk to me.

Alma, do you think Reverend
Matthews is responsible

for Sammy's abuse?

I don't know him really well,

but he did insist that Sammy
go on a camping trip with him.

And when I said
I can't afford it,

he said he's gonna pay for
it from the boxing club subs.


He said he was
gonna look after him.

- Jack.
- Yeah?

Given what Alma said
about the camping trip,

I asked FIU to run off
the reverend's financials,

and he didn't pay for
Sammy Pearce's place

out of the boxing subs.

He paid for it out
of his own account.

So either he's a very nice man,

or he really wanted Sammy
to be there so he could...

Yeah, it's okay. You don't
have to finish that sentence.

The reverend's been
discharged from hospital, guys.

So, what do we do now?

We're gonna play it by the book.

I don't want to go too soon
on the sexual abuse allegation.

So let's get him
in for a chat, okay?


It's often helpful for me to
go a little bit further back.


So I'm kind of thinking maybe
kind of around the weekend.


We know you were on
some sort of camping trip.

Yes, it's an annual...

With a group of
schoolchildren, wasn't it?

Yeah, with youth. A
young group. Yes, yes.

- Ages, roughly?
- Uh, 8 to 15.

Yeah. It's an annual camp trip.


Did anything happen
on the camping trip

that was slightly out of the
ordinary, slightly untoward?

Nothing untoward.
A boy was taken ill.

Um, I spent most of
the first night with him.

In the morning he'd
made no improvement,

so we decided to
take him to hospital.

And they admitted him,

and I spent the following
day there with him,

waiting for his parents to come.

And when they did, I
came back to the camp.

You came back to the campsite?

Yes, yes. Early morning.
Kind of 2:00, 1:00.

- You didn't stay the night?
- No, I went back to the camp.

Okay, because we
spoke to Aaron, your son...


And he said that you did
stay out all night at hospital.

No. No, no.

As I say, it was between 1:00
and 2:00, but closer to 1:00.

I came back. Aaron was asleep.

Okay. Great.

Listen, do you mind if I
go for a very quick wee?

- No, no.
- Hold on. Two seconds.

Okay, he's saying that
on the night of the assault,

he left the hospital,

got back to the campsite
around 1:00 a.m.,

spent the night there.

Aaron is saying that his dad

didn't come back to
the campsite at all,

spent the night at the hospital.

And I can't track down
the parents of the sick child

to figure out who's lying.

Go speak to Aaron again.

I've just been down to TIU.

They've been over Kelly's phone,

and Aaron left her a
voice mail this morning.


Kelly, it's me.

Please, please don't
speak to the police

before you speak to me.

It is really important
you speak to me first.

All right. I love you. Bye.

That does not sound like someone

who's just broken
up with their girlfriend.

He's covering up for his dad.

Okay, gloves off. Green light.

Go for it, Jack.

Daniel, a very
serious allegation

has been made against you.


Okay, the allegation is that

you sexually
abused... You raped...

A 12-year-old boy on the
camping trip last weekend.

That's nonsense.

- Is it?
- Yes. It's nonsense.

Nevertheless, the
allegation has been made.

I need to fully
investigate the allegation.

I'm not satisfied with
what you have told me.

Therefore I am arresting you
for the rape of a 12-year-old boy.

Look, this is nonsense.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?

Daniel, do you understand?


The gun that was used to
shoot Reverend Matthews

is the same gun that was used

in the Victoria Summers
drive-by shooting.

Yeah. Okay, I'll see you
upstairs in two seconds.

- This is great.
- Okay.

I have been looking
through Aaron's call data.

Now, in the week since

Victoria Summers'
drive-by shooting,

there have been loads of calls
from Joseph Brookes to Aaron,

although most of the ones
in the last couple of days

have been rejected.

I also had another look over
Miss Summers' witness statement.

The car that she described

as the one that was
used in the shooting

matches Aaron Matthews' car.

Okay, it's Aaron's
car. Let's arrest him.

I'm gonna push Joseph.

- Okay. Can you drive?
- Yeah.

Don't waste my time, young man.

Why have you been
calling your mate Aaron?

No comment.

You've been calling
him a lot, haven't you?

I don't call my best
friend as much as that.

You must have something
you really want to talk about.

No comment.

Is that what you wanted to tell
him, that you've got no comment?

Whoa, there he is. That's Aaron.

Okay, move over. Pull up.

Okay. Stop the car. Come on.

Okay! All right!

Aaron, stay where you are.

- Aaron.
- Oh, fuck.


Okay, okay.

Aaron Matthews, I'm
arresting you on suspicion

of the attempted murder
of Victoria Summers

and perverting the
course of justice.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be used
in evidence. Do you understand?

Do you understand?

- Yeah.
- Do you? Okay.

Ohh, Aaron.

We've got Aaron and
Joseph's fingerprints

all over the car, but we
also got firearm residue

all over the front,
particularly in the driver's side.

Good. That's concrete.

That links this car to the
drive-by shooting a week ago.

Yes, we know Joseph
Brookes was traveling

in the passenger's side.

We've got his
fingerprints on the handle,

all over the
dashboard on this side.

So then it's probably safe
to say that Aaron, driving,

is the shooter.

This is where you stand.

We know that your car

was involved in the
drive-by shooting

that seriously wounded
Victoria Summers.

We know that whoever
was driving pulled the trigger.

I didn't...

There's gunshot residue
all over the driver's side.

I didn't pull the trigger.

How do you explain
the gunshot residue?

- It was Joseph.
- Sorry?

Joseph was in the
passenger's seat.

We went for a drive,
and he leaned across me.

- Leaned across you?
- Yeah.

He leaned across
me and shot her.

Look, I had no idea he
was gonna do what he did.

I would never have
gone for a drive with him

if he was gonna do that.

What's the story
with you and Joseph?

I just wanted to be a part
of his gang, that was all.

I was trying to impress
him, I guess. I don't know.

What happened when Joseph
came 'round your house this morning?

Joseph came 'round
to threaten Dad.

Dad saw us in the car
on the day of the shooting.

He... Dad knew what happened.

My dad confronted
me about it and he said,

"If you don't go to
the police, I will."

I told Joseph, and he went
'round to threaten my dad.

If he said anything,
he said he'd kill him.

Did Joseph Brookes shoot
your father this morning?

It's possible, yeah.

I'd like to make it
clear at this point

that I'm not here to discuss

the case and the allegations
concerning Samuel Pearce.


I do, however, know

that your son
was driving the car

during the shooting incident
last week with Victoria Summers.

Yes. Yes, he was.

- You were aware of that?
- I was aware of it, yes.

Um, he... he was
dragged into the situation.

He drove the car, I
believe, unwittingly.

He didn't shoot anybody.
He just drove the car.

Who did fire the gun?

Joseph Brookes.

I had hoped that
Aaron was going to...

own up to his
involvement in the situation.

Is that why you
didn't tell the police?



Are you willing to
make a statement

to that effect, Reverend?



Well, it begs the question,

was Joseph Brookes the
person that shot you, Reverend?


You seemed so sure

that you hadn't seen
the face of your attacker,

and yet you just seemed so
sure that it wasn't Joseph Brookes.

Who are you covering for?

What happened to the gun?

I took it 'round to
Kelly's mum's flat.

Kelly's mum let me hide it there
in return for diazepam tablets.

So you're a drug dealer now?

No. My dad used to have
some for his bad back.

I just took those.

How did Kelly feel about
you keeping a gun at the flat?

She doesn't know. She
has no idea it's there, no.

Okay. Where's the gun now?

It'd still be there, in
the airing cupboard.

Don't fucking lie
to me, Aaron, okay?

Don't waste my time.

I'm trying to figure
out who shot your dad.

Where's the gun?

I put it in the airing
cupboard. I haven't touched it.

Aaron, I searched
that place myself.


There's no gun in there, okay?

I'll tell you why there's
no gun in there...

Because someone
has taken the gun,

and someone used that gun...

The same gun that was used
to shoot Victoria Summers...

Someone used that
gun to shoot your dad.

Did Aaron hide a
gun in your house?


- Alma?
- Yes.

- Is it still there?
- Yeah. Yeah.

It's, um, in my airing cupboard.


I'm afraid, Alma, I'm
gonna have to arrest you

for possession of a firearm.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something which you
later rely on in court,

and anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

Do you understand?

- I just did a favor.
- Do you understand?


I've double-checked
with the search team.

There's definitely no gun
at Alma and Sammy's place.

I could've told you that myself.

I went through the place
with a fine-toothed comb.


Listen, we know the same
gun was used for both shootings.

Okay, and for me,
that points the limelight

straight back at Joseph Brookes.

What's to say he didn't
call over to Alma's house,

take the gun himself?

She's claiming that
she didn't know him,

but he's a threatening guy.

He could have easily intimidated
her into some sort of silence.

What about Kelly,
though, and her allegation?

She's got a strong motive for
wanting to shoot the reverend,

plus we know that the
gun was in her house.

She could've found it easily.

Yeah, but she's not the only
one who lives there, is she?

But Sammy and Alma
have alibied each other.

Listen, Kelly's is
the only statement

that references our reverend
in the sexual abuse case.

I can't keep him in. We don't
have enough evidence, guys.

Got to let him
go, Jack, all right?


Joseph Brookes' alibi...
I knew it was bullshit.

I can now prove
that it's bullshit.

His girlfriend, Libby James,

was at the boxing club
this morning with her son.

Her name was on
our list of witnesses.

Great. He's our shooter, right?

All right, well, let's give
Joseph Brookes a chance

to clarify his
statement, shall we?

- It would be my pleasure.
- Yeah.

So I know that
your alibi's rubbish.

You know your alibi's rubbish.

You two have
spoken about the fact

that your alibi's rubbish.

Talk to me.

I wasn't at my
girlfriend's house.

I know that. I
know that, Joseph.

Where were you?

Fielding Crescent, 924.

Is that where you live?

- No.
- So, what were you doing there?

I was doing a burglary.

You "was doing a
burglary"? Charming.

Yeah, I'm not proud of it, what?

But I didn't do
the shooting, innit?


I'll be checking that out.

You'll be going
back to your cell.

Happy days. Thank you.

Joseph Brookes couldn't
have shot the reverend.

The property he said he was
in this morning was burgled

at the same time as
the reverend was shot,

plus uniform have picked
up all of the stolen property

exactly where he
said it would be,

with his fingerprints
all over it,

so Joseph didn't shoot Daniel.

Oh, Jesus.

Well, who the bloody hell did?

In Victoria Summers' statement,

she said that her
shooter, her attacker,

wore this type of
dark bomber jacket.

This particular jacket was
recovered by the search team

from Joseph Brookes'
mother's address.

It's got Joseph's
DNA all over it,

there's gunshot
residue all over it.

That surely proves
that Joseph Brookes

shot Victoria Summers.

Weston. Really?

Boss? Boss?

Okay, hang on.
Okay, thank you. Yeah.

Uniform said they
found a weapon.

Search team found
the gun in that bin,

and then our guys have lifted

a really good footprint
from down there.

- Kelly's?
- Could be.

Maybe she did sneak
back and shoot the reverend.

All right, the firearm
is with the lab.

They're running
fingermark analysis.

Hopefully, when that comes back,

it'll tell us
something, anything.

It may well tell us
absolutely nothing.

It was probably wiped.

Joseph Brookes almost
certainly wore gloves.

The question still remains,
who shot Reverend Matthews?

So we've got some CCTV that
puts a whole new spin on our case.

- All right, note the time, Jack.
- 11:40.

Time when the reverend was shot.


And here we have Aaron's
car, Aaron and Kelly.


So, first of all, that
means he wasn't lying

when he gave her an alibi.

And secondly, she can't
have shot the reverend.

The fingermark analysis
on the gun is back.

They've got a positive match.

Don't keep me
waiting. Who is it?

Have you seen that gun before?

'Cause your prints
are all over this, Alma.

- Yes.
- Have you seen it?

You've used that gun?

I just wanted to scare him.

He raped my son.

He raped my son.

And I just shot.

What did you do then?

Put the gun in the bin

and went home
and I took my pills.

Did he see your face?

Did he see who was
firing the gun at him?


- Are you sure?
- Yeah, he saw me.

I mean we're not quite at the
popping-the-champagne-cork stage

of the case, do you
know what I mean?

But, my God,
we're close, Charlie.

- Boss.
- How are we doing?

Those parents of the
sick child at the hospital

finally got in touch.

They said absolutely 100%

that Daniel definitely spent
the night at the hospital.

He didn't spend
it at the campsite.

The truth exonerates
him. We know that.

He couldn't have raped Sammy.
But why's he lying about it?

For the same
reason he lied to us

about the Victoria
Summers shooting.

He doesn't want us to know
that Aaron had a chance

to be alone with
Sammy at the campsite.

Okay, bring in the
reverend on what we have,

which is aiding
and abetting, okay?


Put the computer down.

I'm arresting you for aiding
and abetting a sexual offender.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something later
rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, I understand.

You don't need to do this.
I've told you everything I know.

Do you have a right to
cover for your pedophile son?

Taking your reverend
for a little chat.

- I'm ashamed of nothing.
- Why were you breaking this up?

Tech have been
through Aaron's laptop.

There's a whole file

full of images of
photographs of children.

It seems that he was
taking pictures of the kids

in the showers
at the boxing club.

Thanks, Charlie.

To be honest, I think
that the reverend knew

exactly what his
little boy was up to,

and for some time, too.

Otherwise why did he
try to knacker that laptop?

Why has your dad
refused to tell us...

Point-blank refused to
tell us... who shot him?

Perhaps he doesn't know.

I mean, the only
person I can think

who actually would
want to do it is, um,

maybe somebody who
heard the allegations

that were going 'round?

I mean, Kelly was telling
so many people about it,

word got 'round maybe,
and that's why they shot him.


And you said that there's
all these allegations around

that your dad was a pedophile,

but in fact it was
you who told Kelly

that your dad was a
pedophile, didn't you?

No, I never said that.

According to Kelly you did.

Yeah, I've told you about Kelly.

According to Kelly, Sammy
told you that he was abused,

sexually abused, by your dad.

I've never said that.

I've never said my
dad was a pedophile.

Why did she say that, then?

I've no idea.

Was it anything
to do with, uh...

to do with this?

I've placed a
laptop on the table.

Who owns the laptop?

Who owns the laptop?

It's my laptop.

- Yeah?
- Mm.


Do you want to know
what we found in it?

Okay, you haven't
seen this before,

so I apologize for
shocking you this way.

I know you're not
gonna be shocked

because I know you've
seen these countless times.

These are images...

Images of naked
eight-year-old boys

taken from the boxing club.


Do you want to know how
they got on your laptop?

Tell us about the photos, Aaron?

You need to explain
this to us, my friend.

My dad caught me

taking pictures of the boys
in the shower at the gym.

I said it'll never happen again.

I really hoped it
wouldn't happen again.

Did it happen again?

I just couldn't help it.

It wasn't my fault. I
just couldn't help it.

You couldn't help
taking those pictures.

Yeah. I just...
I just couldn't...

- And looking at them?
- Yeah.

Then acting on them.

What happened
on the camping trip?

Your dad was at the hospital.
We know he wasn't there.

You tell us.

Did you rape Samuel Pearce?

Sammy wanted
to sleep in my tent.

He'd... He'd had a nightmare.

That's what happens
with Sammy. He gets...

No. No, no. No, no, no,
no. No, no. Stop there.

Did you rape Samuel Pearce?

I didn't... I just
couldn't help it.

Do you know...

I-I couldn't do
anything about it.

So you did sexually
abuse Samuel Pearce?

It just... What happened in
that tent, it just happened.

- It... It just...
- Aaron, Aaron.

You're not doing
yourself any favors here

by trying to come across as
the meek, weak, guilty individual.

Answer the question.

Did you rape Samuel
Pearce? Yes or no.

- Yes or no. Yes or no.
- I couldn't help it.

Yes or no.


Just tell me one
thing. Why did you...

Why did you say that
your dad was a pedophile?

How did that get
you off the hook?

Out of interest.

He knew I was driving the car

when Joseph shot
Victoria Summers.

He was onto me about it.
He gave me an ultimatum.

He said, "Look, if you
don't tell the police,

I'm going to the police."

I thought... I thought maybe if I
made something up about him,

if I... if I made a story up,

he'd forget about it and,
you know, take his mind off it.

How can you live with yourself
for doing something like that?

All that shit about,

"I couldn't help myself. I
tried really, really hard,"

I thought I was
gonna fucking puke.

It doesn't get any
easier, I tell you.

I just spoke to
child protection.

Now Aaron's been arrested,

Sammy told them that
Aaron threatened to kill

Alma and Kelly if
he said anything.

He's just absolutely terrified.

It was Aaron who told
him to burn all his clothes.

Another great day in the office.

Yeah, right.

Why did you lie?

I was trying to help my son.

I didn't know what
my son had done.

I knew he'd done
something. I wasn't aware...

That's bullshit.

Otherwise you would've told
us that it was Alma that shot you.

The reason you didn't
tell us it was Alma

is because she is the mother
of the young, innocent boy

who was raped by your
son, by your flesh and blood.

- That's why you didn't tell us.
- I was just trying to help him.

You should be bloody
ashamed of yourself.

I am ashamed of myself.


Really. I am deeply
ashamed of myself.

I am deeply ashamed of my son

and the pain and hurt
that he has caused.

I thought this was a
situation that would go away,

I tried to address it in
the best way that I could,

and I obviously failed.

Reverend Matthews, I
think you're a disgrace,

not only to your community
but to your religion at large.

Okay, now, you're
already under arrest

for aiding and abetting
a sexual offender.

I am now arresting you

for perverting the
course of justice.

Again, you do not
have to say anything,

though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

I think we're done.

Kelly, there's been
some changes.

What kind of changes?

We have had a confession
from Aaron Matthews.

Saying what?

Confessing to abusing
your brother, Sammy.

That's fucking bullshit.

I can't believe you're
actually telling me

that you believe that my
boyfriend would do that?

Are you serious?

Kelly, Sammy has said that
he was just very scared and...

Sammy has said that?

- Sammy felt he couldn't...
- I can't... no.

Tell the truth, and he
was a scared little boy.

- Oh, my God.
- It's often the way.

No. No, no, no, no.
That's... no. That...


I want to make sure
that you see your family,

and we will make arrangements
for your release, so...

We've interviewed
Aaron Matthews.

He has confessed

to the sexual abuse of your son.

Sammy said it's... it's Daniel.

Well, it's... it's come out

that Sammy was scared,
he was threatened,

and he felt unable

to talk about this, Alma.

I shot the wrong man.

The absolute
worst part of it is,

is that if Reverend Matthews
had reported his son, Aaron,

for taking those images
of the boxing club kids,

then Aaron probably wouldn't
have gone on to rape Sammy.

They say parents will do
anything for their kids, right?

Do you know, I think
that's bullshit, actually.

I think that the reverend

was just looking out
for his own reputation.

I don't think he gave
a damn about his son.

I really don't.

Now, can we fuel the
rumor that I'm an alcoholic?

Could somebody buy
me a fucking drink?

I think Jack started that rumor.

Come on. I need
drinking buddies.

Come on.