Suspects (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Revenge - full transcript

After an early release from prison due to his having cancer Dean Price is stabbed and dumped in the same place where he left Alekz Wojnar for whose manslaughter he was convicted. Alekz's father Marek and sister Kamilla had both recently argued with Price whilst there is evidence to suggest that the victim's grieving brother has been hiding evidence. Eventually the team come to the conclusion that Dean did not kill Alekz but was silenced by the actual murderer and must identify them.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
A man in his late 30s

has been found
beaten and stabbed

at a derelict site
in East London.

The victim is in a
critical condition,

and police are treating the
incident as attempted murder.

Headlines, Jack.

We have a wallet, so we
have an I.D. for starters.

Dean Price.

- Oh, shit.
- Yeah.

There is not nearly as much
blood as you'd expect here

if he'd actually been
attacked in this location.

Okay, so possibly
not attacked here.

- Possibly moved.
- And dumped?

The fact that we
can't find the weapon

that was used to stab the
victim backs that theory up.

If he was dumped, he can't
have been here for long.

It was a cold night last night.

Paramedics said that
he was still breathing

when they found him.

How's he doing now?

He's still alive, but
only just, I would say.

So, Charlie, next of kin?

Uh... Oh, I vaguely remember
that he had a brother, right?

- I think he was older.
- Yeah, Richie. No, Robbie.

I'll look it up. I
can't remember.

No mobile phone, but
I did find some keys.

I don't have an address as yet,

but that shouldn't take me
too long to work that out.

What the bloody
hell was Dean Price

doing out of prison, anyway?

Hello? Police. Uh-oh,
hang on. Here we go.

Jesus Christ.

Okay, well, now we know
where Dean Price was attacked.

Okay, yeah. Get
uniform here, SOCOs.

Okay. All right.
Thank you, Charlie.

Upstairs. Check
all the bedrooms.

Okay? Follow those footprints.

So, apparently Dean
Price was terminally ill.


That would explain why
he was let out of prison.

Released early on
compassionate grounds.

That body has gone
straight out of that back door.

Followed these footprints
all the way up the stairs.

So Reenie's gonna
photograph each room,

see if there's anything missing.

Okay, priority, Jack...
Let's find a mobile phone.

There's a charger
there, nothing in it.

What do you think? Robbery
doesn't spring to mind.

No, but revenge does.


Remember that Alekz
Wojnar case? "W."

Cage 17.

Wojnar. Wojnar.

Dean Price, jailed
three years ago

following the murder
of Alekz Wojnar.

Admits readily to
assaulting Alekz

but denies stabbing him.

He says that
Alekz was still alive

when Dean left the crime scene.

I did learn that the Wojnar
family in recent months

have been claiming a
miscarriage of justice,

that they are demanding
a judicial review

because, obviously, Dean
was only convicted of GBH.

Now, as we know, last night,

someone stabbed Dean Price
and dumped him at a derelict site.

Where was that?

Exactly the same place where
Alekz Wojnar was murdered.

Hate to point out
the glaringly obvious,

but Dean Price,
attacked, stabbed,

Alekz Wojnar, attacked, stabbed,

and both left in
exactly the same place.

Stinks of revenge to me.

Yeah, let's just take
in all the options, okay?

We'll jump to conclusions
when we've got some evidence,

do you know what I mean?

I'm looking for Robbie Price.

Detective Constable
Charlotte Steele.


- This is me son.
- Nice to meet you.

Robbie, I'm really sorry about
what's happened to your brother.


Who the hell has
done this to my uncle?

We don't know that
yet, Luke, to be honest,

but we're doing everything
we can to find out.

I wanted to ask you, Robbie,

if you've got a mobile
number for Dean.


- Thank you.
- There you are.

Brilliant. Thank you very much.

I warned him. I told him
not to come back here.

I said the Poles
would string him up.

- The Wojnar family?
- Yeah.


Dean Price's bank sent through
his most recent statement.

The transaction that
stands out for me on that

was quite a large payment

to a restaurant called the Fig
Branch yesterday lunchtime.

I rang them today,
and the manager said

that he remembers Dean
Price very, very clearly.

Apparently the bill
wasn't for any food,

no one ate anything,
but his companion...

Like, a fight kicked
off between them.

A table went over,
loads of shit got broken,

and that's what was paid for.

There is no CCTV
inside the restaurant,

so I've not seen
the actual fight,

but the restaurant gave me
a description of the woman...

It was a woman who
he had a fight with.

And I'm pretty sure that, from
the security camera outside,

this woman leaving...

Hang on. Pause
it there. Pause it.

It's Kamilla Wojnar. It's
Alekz Wojnar's sister.

Kamilla, what were you
doing at lunchtime yesterday?

I was at home.

This family has
been through a lot.

We've lost her mum,
her brother, a son.

So we will help you
as much as we can.

Kamilla, I've got some
photos from a CCTV camera

of you leaving a restaurant
called the Fig Branch

at lunchtime yesterday.

So I'm gonna ask you
again what were you doing,

and I'd appreciate it if
you told me the truth.

What were you doing
at lunchtime yesterday?

I got an e-mail yesterday
from a man called James

who was interested in
the campaign website,

and he was very
interested to meet.

And when I got
to the restaurant,

it turned out to be Dean Price.

Why didn't you
tell us this before?

I don't know.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was ashamed. I felt stupid.

So when you got in
there and you saw Dean,

tell me what happened then.

I... I was very angry, and
I smashed some glasses

and just stormed out.

Is that the...

I assume that's how
you cut your hand.

- Oh, right.
- Yeah.

- Kamilla.
- I'm sorry.

Did you tell anyone
else you were going?

- No.
- Why not?

I just didn't. I didn't...

Do you normally go and meet men

that you just had contact
with on the Internet?

Oh, come on.


Then why go and meet this guy?

Mm. Why?

I don't know... I don't know
why... why you've done that.

Okay, guys, listen.

We're gonna have to take

everything you were
wearing yesterday.

We're gonna have to
bring it back to the lab.

I've just washed it.
I've just washed it.

There's no point taking
that now, then, is there?

Uh, okay.

Kamilla, why did you lie to us?

I don't know.

It makes you look like
you've got something to hide,

which, from our point of
view, is unhelpful, first of all,

and worrying.

Really worrying.

So is there anything else
that you're not telling us?


Anything you're not telling me?

Stan, we're gonna
ask the questions.

Kamilla, anything
you're not telling us?

No. That was it.

Look, I get why she lied,

but it always makes you
look guilty as hell, right?

What makes me very uncomfortable

is the fact that he
wanted us to leave.

Yeah, but I
understand that, though.

He wants to have a
conversation with her...

Which I'd actually
quite like to listen to.


Our house-to-house has
uncovered several reports

of a disturbance
outside Dean Price's flat

yesterday evening.

Apparently there was a
man banging on his door.

Neighbors think that...

Eastern European, sort of 40s.

We'll check that out. Thanks.

Oh, hang on. Mr. Wojnar.

- Mr. Wojnar.
- Oh, my God!

- Leave us alone!
- It's okay, Mr. Wojnar.

Calm down. We just want
to ask you some questions.

What questions?

A man matching your
description was reported

to be causing disturbances
outside Dean Price's flat

yesterday evening.

I-I wasn't there.

- Kamilla, stay back.
- Go back inside!

- Go back!
- Calm down.

- Get the fuck out of here.
- Jesus Christ.

Kamilla. Stand back!

Kamilla, stand back,
please, and pipe down!

Get Mr. Wojnar to step aside
before he does something stupid.

Mr. Wojnar, I will add
assault of a police officer

to your list of
deepening problems.

Listen to my colleague.

Listen to my colleague
and step back.

Step back, Mr. Wojnar.

I'm arresting you, Mr. Wojnar,
on assault of a police officer.

You don't have to say anything,

though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?

Now that we've
arrested you, Mr. Wojnar,

we've been able to take
a sample of your DNA.

We found a match.

In Dean Price's house.

Now, why would we find your
DNA in Dean Price's house?

Are you the man that
was causing disturbances

outside Mr. Price's
flat yesterday evening?

- Yes, I was there.
- Why were you there?

I went to see him.

I wanted to know why
he's stalking my daughter.

Did you attack him?

I was banging on the door
first. He didn't want to open.

A coward.

Well, finally when
he opened the door,

he was all about
Jesus and forgiveness.

Does he deserve forgiveness?


I took him by his neck.

And I really, really
wanted to smash his face.

Did you?

No, I didn't.

So how did you go
with this Marek guy?

Well, I don't like
his demeanor, but...

- Do you believe him?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Maybe he went to the pub,
got a bit of Dutch courage,

drinking with his mates,

then decided, yes,
actually, "I'm gonna do it."

Potentially. I'll
check with the pub.

I have just been on the phone
to Jimmy at the Old Galway Inn.

Guess what he told me.

He said, "That big Polish guy.

Oh, yeah, he left
about 10:00 p.m."

You left the pub at 10:00 p.m.

Is that when you went
back to Dean Price's house

to finish the job off?


20 minutes ago, I'm in
here, you're telling me how...

How enlightened
you suddenly felt

that you didn't
want to attack Dean.

And now I know that
you're lying to me.

Now I know that you
probably had a couple of drinks

at the pub for Dutch courage.

Then you go back to Dean's
flat, attack him, stab him,

dump him in an alleyway,
leave him for dead.


You sure? Where did you go?

I went back to my garage.

I had to do... Finish
some work, okay?

Anyone to verify that?

- No.
- No? Wonderful. Fantastic.

Well, I'm gonna
search the garage.


- Thoroughly.
- No problem.

- Yeah?
- Go ahead. Do it.

- Am I gonna find anything there?
- Nothing.

Am I gonna find
one of the vehicles

that you used to transport
Dean to the deposition scene?

How do we feel
about Stan Clarke?

- Kamilla's husband?
- Yeah.

Hospital security rang
and sent this through.

He was caught trying to bust
into Dean Price's hospital room.

This is Kamilla's husband?


So do we now think that he
was going back to finish the job?

Mr. Clarke.

Why did you want to
get in to see Dean Price?


Uh, Dean Price, um,

has been e-mailing my wife,

pretending to be James Turner.

And he got her to go to
a restaurant to meet her

to talk about the campaign
for justice for her brother.

Okay, I understand that,

but why did you want to go
to the hospital to see him?

This is a very sick
man we're talking about.

I just wanted to speak to him.

I was very, very,
very, very concerned

that he was getting in
touch with the family.

Concerned or angry?

- Very upset.
- I was very upset.

You went to protect your family.

I went to find out why...
What he was playing at.

I don't know what
his motives are.

I don't know why he's done that.

Is he gonna hurt her? Is he
gonna come to our family house?

Is he gonna... What's
he gonna do, follow her?

It's an obvious question,
but where were you last night?

I was at home. I
was... I made dinner.


And then she went
up to have a bath.

I tidied up.

Marek was at the pub.

Yeah, no, it was a pretty
standard night, really.


So your wife can give you
an alibi that you were with her?


Problem is, you
know that your wife

has already lied to us
once today, hasn't she?

Are you absolutely sure

that you were at home
with your wife last night?

Yes, Officer. I was
at home with my wife.

Kamilla, we have
a Section 8 warrant

to search your house.

I don't understand
why you're here.

We're looking for evidence.

Reenie, I want you to start with
what's in the washing machine.

- You're not gonna find anything.
- Calm down, Kamilla.

Your screaming is
starting to bother me.

Kamilla, I'd like you to come
down to the station with me

just to help us
with our inquiries.

Jack? I'm gonna help out
with Kamilla. You okay?

Yeah, yeah. I'm okay here.

Kamilla, the officers
searching your home address

turned up some
flight confirmations

for yourself and Stan,

traveling to Poland in
a couple of days' time.

We're just going to Poland.

We... It's my
grandma's 80th birthday.

Okay. Is your father not going?



Marek, what can you
tell me about Stan Clarke?


I really wanted my daughter
to marry a Polish boy.

But it's never like
that in real life, is it?

No. How did they meet?

They met in the
hospital where he works.

And, um, they
fell for each other.

I met him on the night of...

Alekz's death.

He was a nurse at the hospital,

and he was very caring
and very supportive, and...

I don't think, without him,
we would have pulled through.

He was very much affected by

the death of my son, and...

Why do you think that was?

He didn't even know
him. I don't know why.

I mean...

nobody can replace my son.


Stan became like my son.

He is like family now.

Kamilla does have a
grandmother turning 80.

So that explains the
flight confirmations

for herself and Stan.

I did think it was weird
that Marek wasn't going,

but it's the maternal

so I'm sort of
inclined to believe her.

Yeah, I agree.

I got the SOCOs,
Tony and Reenie,

down at the Wojnar house.

They haven't found anything.

I've also got another SOCO
team down at Marek's garage,

going through all the
vehicles he has there.

Initial search is
nothing untoward.

Okay. Is he a flight risk?

- What do you think?
- Mnh-mnh.

No? Okay, well, bail him.

Okay. I'll get on that now.

Listen, if there's one thing
that I hope you've learned

from this whole ordeal

is that you should
never lie to the police.

No one, myself
included, blames you

for being angry with Dean Price,

understanding the history of it,

but you should not take
the law into your own hands.

If Dean was stalking Kamilla,
like she says, like you claim,

then you should have
come to us about it.

Has he got a
criminal record, Stan?

Crim record? Stan? No. No.

But then I got onto the
hospital management

to see if I could get
any employment details.

Apparently a complaint
was made about Stan

about six months before
Alekz Wojnar was killed.

A complaint about racism.

He was... I don't
know. He was...

There was an
incident involving him

and some Eastern
European migrant workers,

laborers at the hospital.

Kicking off... The
usual bullshit...

You know, "taking
our jobs, yada yada."

Would it surprise
you, Kamilla, to know

that six months
before you met Stan,

he was investigated with
respect to a racism allegation

which involved
offensive behavior

towards a group of
Eastern European laborers.

- Stan?
- Yeah.

You're accusing Stan of racism?

He was accused of racism, yes.

He was accused of
racism. Stan? Right, okay...

I... I don't understand.

Why would he marry
a Polish person, then?

That's not a question
I can answer, Kamilla.

I read the investigation.

Then I don't see where the
accusation is coming from.

I have been married
to Stan for three years.

Then maybe that's a
conversation you need to have.

I don't think I do.

I know him very well.

Shelley in football intelligence
has come up trumps.

She recognized Stan when
they brought him in downstairs.

Apparently, he
used to be part of

some football hooligan group.

They were a gang
who were notorious

for racism against actually
pretty much anyone and everyone.

But interestingly,
on top of that,

Dean Price was a part
of that gang as well.

So that says, to me, Dean
and Stan know each other,

so maybe they've
had a falling out.

To be honest, the person
we need to speak to is Dean.


Robbie Price, I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

I-I need a word
with your brother.

My brother's just died.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Mr. Price, I'm sorry
for your trouble,

but it's really important that
I find out what's happened.

He's just died, all right?

I appreciate that,
but I'm looking to see

who's done this to him.

Did Dean ever mention
a guy called Stan?


Did Dean ever mention
a guy called Stan?

He would have known this guy
Stan from his footballing days.


- Do you recognize this photo?
- No!

- Stan.
- All right? No!

Okay. I'll leave you in peace.
I'm sorry for your trouble.

I understand. Yeah,
yeah. Thank you.

Dean Price's phone
has just been turned on.

I asked TIU to try
and get the signal,

and they've given us a radius...

- Yeah?
- Of the area that it's in.

Where is it?

Uh, this one here.


Is that Midshire Avenue?
That's where Robbie Price lives.

Okay, bear in mind, guys,

the guy has just lost
his brother, yeah?

Robbie Price, police. Open up.

Listen, we're looking
for Dean Price's phone.

Yeah, I don't know.

I've got a Section 8 warrant to
search your house for it, okay?

Everyone in. Upstairs, quickly.

Robbie, I'm leaving a
copy of the search warrant

on the table for you.

Sorry to have to ask
you these questions.

I need a timeline of your
movements last night?

- Where were you?
- I went... I went to the pub.

Which pub?

- Down by the Tube.
- Which Tube?

- Which pub? Which Tube?
- On the corner.

Don't bullshit me here,
Robbie. I don't have time, man.

I'm looking to figure out
who killed your brother, okay?

On the corner.
Three mates, okay?

Which corner? Which pub?
Which tube? Which three mates?

Come on.

Michelle, Arjun, how are
we doing on the phone?!

- Still searching.
- Good. Keep it up.

What do you want?

That's interesting.

Do you want to sit
down for this one?

- No, I'm fine.
- Who's that?

Who's that? Take a
good look. Who is that?

It's you, definitely.
Who's the other guy?

I asked you earlier on today at
the hospital, did you know Stan?

You said no.

I showed you a
picture of him. Yes.

You stuck a photo up me
nose. I didn't know where I was.

- Me brother had just died.
- I don't care. You lied to me.

- Sarge?
- Yes?

- What have we got?
- Found this behind the radiator.

Found this behind the
radiator. Whose phone is that?

It's a phone. It's an old phone.

- Whose phone?
- It's my phone.

It's your phone, an old
phone. Looks like a new phone.

What's this doing
stashed behind a radiator?

I don't know. It probably fell
behind the radiator. Big deal.

- You hiding it?
- No!


One of the things I
like to do with phones

is I like to type in

Gives me the IMEI number.

I've got a copy of
Dean's IMEI number here.

I'm gonna see if
this one matches.

Good. Knock yourself out. Yeah.

Let's just check right here.

This isn't your phone.

This is Dean Price's phone.

Why did you lie to me?
Why did you lie to me?

Do you know what?
I'm not interested.

You can tell me
down at the station.

Robbie Price, I am arresting you

on suspicion of the murder
of your brother Dean Price.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?

What role did you play
in your brother's death?

I didn't play a role
in my brother's death.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Why should I believe you?

Obviously we found his phone

stashed behind a
radiator in your house.

Look at the casings.

Would you believe, wiped clean?


So I got my extraspecial
forensic team

to go through the creases,

and they found
microscopic dots of blood.

So I got the blood tested.

You see, I'm a
fucking good detective.

Guess who the blood belongs to.

Dean Price. Your brother.

Which means Dean
Price had the phone on him

when he was attacked.

Where did I find the phone?

I found it stashed
behind your radiator.

- Did you kill your brother?
- No!

- No!
- You sure?

See where I'm coming from?

I'm putting this
jigsaw together,

and I found all the pieces.

I found the corners,
and now I'm filling in all...

I didn't kill my brother.
I didn't kill my brother.

I did not kill my brother!

You had the phone
hidden behind your radiator.

You didn't want
anyone to find it.

- Did you kill your brother?
- I didn't... No!

No, I didn't kill
my brother, okay?

Again, no, I didn't
kill my brother.

One more time?


Jack, I have news.

So I've got forensics
back from Dean's flat.

It shows his brother Robbie's
DNA but nothing for Stan.

Okay, let me see.

But when the forensics
are put into the computer,

Stan's DNA pinged up as a match

for DNA that was found
at the original scene

of Alekz Wojnar's murder.

Hang on. So Stan was there
when Alekz Wojnar was killed?

- He was absolutely there.
- Did Stan stab Alekz?

We took your DNA
and fingerprints,

expecting to either
rule you in or out

at the scene where
Dean Price was assaulted.

What we weren't
expecting, however,

was to find that
that matched DNA

found at the scene of
Alekz Wojnar's murder.

Which is what we have found.

So I'm gonna need for
you to talk to me about that.

What are you gonna do now? Hmm?

Want to talk to us?

I'm gonna help you out.

What you're gonna do now
is you're gonna wait here,

and we're gonna
get you a solicitor

because you are now
on a murder charge.

So, Stan, explain to me
why your DNA was found

at the site of Alekz
Wojnar's murder.

I have done a statement
of what happened that night.

Please enlighten us.

"I arrived at the
pub, and I saw Dean.

Dean was running after Alekz.
He had a pool cue in his hand.

I thought it looked like
Dean was going to hurt Alekz,

so I thought I
should follow them.

I thought I would try and
stop Dean from hitting him."

Hitting Alekz.

"We ran through streets

and then we ended
up on the derelict site.

I saw Dean raise the pool cue

and hit Alekz over the
head and on his legs

till I saw Alekz
fall to the ground.

And at that point, I started
to shout for him to stop.

He kept on hitting him.

I pulled Dean off Alekz,
and we both ran away.

I don't know, I didn't
see, who stabbed Alekz.

He was alive when we ran off."

So, um...

That's your story, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Got anything to add?


This is only half
Stan's story, Charlie.

Clearly. Clearly.

Jack, help me puzzle
this out, please.

So there are bits
of truth in there.

He writes that, "I
saw Dean hit Alekz"

about the head and about
the legs with a pool cue.

That corresponds
with the postmortem.

We've got bruises
from an instrument

that could very well
have been a pool cue

on the legs and on the head.

So there is some truth in there.

The DNA puts him there
anyway, but he saw that attack.

Maybe he's covering
for someone else.

Covering for someone else
or afraid of someone else.

I don't know.

If he didn't stab Alekz, then
he definitely knows who did.

Let's talk about Alekz
Wojnar's murder.

What do you want to know?

My brother did
three years for it.

- No, he didn't.
- I visited him all the time.

- Yes, he did.
- No, he did three years for GBH.

Three years for GBH.

- Denied stabbing him.
- Yeah.

So we're upstairs trying to
figure out who did stab him.

- Do you know anything about it?
- No.

- Were you there when he did it?
- No.

Did you stab him?


See, we found Stan
Clarke's DNA at the scene.


So we know Dean was
there. We know Stan was there.

But we're upstairs wondering
about the possibility of a third

person being there.

Did the Price boys
and Mr. Clarke

take Mr. Wojnar down?

Want me to give you
my statement again?

- Did you stab Alekz Wojnar?
- No.

You sure? Where
were you? That night.

I told you where I was.

I'll tell you again
and again and again.

I had an alibi. I
was with my son.

You need to start taking
responsibility for your actions.

My brother's just fucking
died. My brother's just died.

What do I do?! What do I do?!

Think about Marek Wojnar. Hmm?

Think about his
daughter, Kamilla.

He's trying to hold
that family together.

He deserves some
justice, don't you think?

- I'm done.
- Don't you think?

Robbie, come on. Man up!

Do the right thing
and tell the truth.

Fuck you! I'm done here!

I'm done! Enough! Enough!

Okay, we have two
murders on our hands.

All right. Give me some clarity.

Dean Price.

Maybe Dean Price,

full of remorse,
whatever, Catholic guilt,

on his deathbed, decides
to reveal who killed Alekz

after all these years,

and this third unidentified
person decided to shut him up.

So let's link it to
the historical case.

Alekz Wojnar's murder.

Right, we know Dean
Price at the scene.

He's already gone down for that.

We've got Stan Clarke,
now we know, at the scene.

But what's new
information to us is,

Stan Clarke good friends
with Dean Price, or used to be.

Also good friends
with Robbie Price.

Now, Robbie was
questioned at the time.

He was ruled out, though,

chiefly based on the fact
that his alibi was very strong

and based on a statement
made by his son, Luke.

So the possibility is that
Robbie is our third person

and that Luke has been
maybe covering for three years.

I mean, he was a kid. He was
14 or something at the time.

He could have lied.

Okay, let's get uniform

out to look for
Luke Price, please.

Boss? No sign of Luke Price.

But Crimestoppers
have been on the phone.

Now, someone called them

on the back of all the
news reports this morning.

They said that they
spotted a car in the vicinity

of where Dean Price was
dumped earlier this morning.

A very helpful citizen took
down the registration number.

That car registered
to an address

that's two doors down
from Robbie Price.

I contacted the owner.

He said that he lent
his car to Robbie Price

yesterday afternoon.


Okay, get hold of the
car, down to forensics.

If we find Dean's
blood in the back,

we've got Robbie by the balls.



I take it you didn't
have them up here?

Have you got any
interesting news?

No, not yet. These
guys are still on it.

Maybe Dean was wrapped in
one of those big plastic sheets.


Why don't I go and
check the SOCO report

and see if anything
glaringly obvious was missing

from Dean Price's flat,
like a duvet or curtains.

Rug. Carpets or something.

Something body-sized, yeah.

- Yep, okay.
- Okay.

Sophie, this is
important enough.

I reckon rip all
the carpets out.

Let's get it all broken
down into pieces, yeah?

Yeah, if I can avoid
the paperwork,

but as quickly as
possible, frankly.


Yeah, hold on. Put
you on hold. Yes?

Dean Price's blood
is in the boot of the car

that Robbie borrowed
yesterday afternoon.

I mean, look, it's
not a huge amount,

but Jack suggested maybe
he was wrapped in a curtain,

wrapped in a duvet,
whatever, but it's there.

Also Robbie's prints all
over the steering wheel.

Okay. That's what we call
a breakthrough, Charlie.

- Well done. Excellent.
- Jack's talking to him now.

Robbie Price, I am
further arresting you

for the murder of your
brother, Dean Price.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be used
in evidence. Do you understand?

- Yeah.
- Great.

We've got your fingerprints
on the steering wheel.

We've got Dean's
blood in the boot.

Hmm? Robbie?

- Last night.
- Um...

- You went to Dean's house?
- Yeah.

I borrowed my
neighbor's car. I...

'Cause mine's knackered.

I drove to Dean's house.

He let me in. We
started talking.

He told me his
cancer is untreatable,

and he wanted to, like,
confess about Alekz's death.

He wanted the Wojnars
to know the truth.


Uh, it got heated. We...
We started arguing.

Then we started...

Then we started fighting,
and then I stabbed him.

And then I stabbed him again.

What did you wrap him in?

I wrapped the body in a
blanket, and I dumped the body.

Where's the blanket now?

I put the blanket in
a... In a black bin sack,

and I chucked it in a landfill.

I thought if I dumped the body
where Alekz was murdered,

then, uh, everyone would...

Everyone would think or
everyone would presume

that the Wojnars
had taken revenge

on the person they
thought had killed Alekz.

That's a miserable thing to do.

Okay, let's talk
about Alekz Wojnar.

Did you stab him?


Robbie Price has just confessed

to the murder of Dean Price.

You surprised about that?



I'm assuming that Robbie
was also responsible

for the murder of Alekz Wojnar,

so I'm gonna need
a statement from you

supporting that.

I can't give you that statement.

Can I see my wife?

Hi. Sorry for keeping you.

- Where's...
- What's going on?

Robbie Price
admitted earlier today

that he stabbed
his brother Dean.

Okay, well, that's great!

- Then Stan can go home.
- Unfortunately not.

Stan is assisting
us with our inquiries.

What inquiry?

We are not only dealing
with Dean Price's death,

but we are also
looking back at Alekz's.

Excuse me?

What has Stan has to
do with Alekz's inquiry?

Stan was friendly

with Robbie Price and Dean Price

before he got involved
with your family.

We know that Stan was present

when Alekz was assaulted
and stabbed to death.

He is refusing to
talk us in further detail

about Alekz's death.

Please, let her speak to him.

- Please.
- Two minutes.

I'm gonna allow you two minutes.

Stan, come on
through, all right?

Hey, baby.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Whoa, whoa!

Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Come on. Come on. Okay, okay.

Tell me the fucking
truth for once in your life!

Stop being a coward and
tell me the fucking truth!


- Kamilla, calm down.
- Look...

- It's okay.
- Whatever happens, right?

Whatever happens,
I love you, all right?

You're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

But I have to tell you...

I was there on that
night. I went with Dean.

He was chasing Alekz, and I
thought he was gonna hurt him,

and I pulled Dean off of him.

Your brother put up a fight.

He was strong.

And I took Dean away.

Your brother was
lying on the floor.

I left Luke with your brother.

I didn't think he was a threat.

He's a little kid. He was 14.

But I've known the
kid since he grew up.

I held him as a baby.
A tiny baby in my arms.

I couldn't say anything.

What, and destroy
another family?

I'm sorry. Kamilla, I'm sorry.

Stan, Stan, are you
saying that Luke...

Are you saying that
Luke's responsible

for Alekz Wojnar's death?

Is that what you're saying?

That Luke was responsible
for Alekz Wojnar's death, yeah?


- Yeah.
- All right.

- Jack.
- Yes?

I've just had a call from
a member of the public...

Hang on, hang on. Slow down.

With a sighting of Luke Price.

Okay, tell the boss
I've gone to pick him up.

Shit. That's him.

Stop, Luke! Luke!

Stand still!

Luke! Stop!

Police! Stop!

Luke! Luke!

Where the fuck did he go?

Luke's going to prison, Robbie.

For a long time.

Stan's told us

that Luke knifed Alekz.

- Stan probably did it himself.
- No, Stan...

Yeah, Stan probably did it
himself and then framed the boy.

Robbie, I know what you're
doing and it's admirable.

You know, I respect
you... Sort of...

Trying to protect your son.

It's a very
courageous thing to do.

But I know you're lying.

You need to help me help him.

So do yourself a
favor, do me a favor,

and for God's sake do Luke a
favor by telling me where he is.

My boy won't last in prison.

- My boy can't go to prison.
- Then don't make it worse.

I don't know where he is.

Uniform are turning up
absolutely nothing on Luke.

They're handing out his photo
to every Tom, Dick, and Harry,

but the problem is he's
just another kid in a hoodie.

I've done a trace on
Luke's Oyster card

to a newsagents near a park.

Rang the park warden.

He said that someone
matching Luke's description

was seen throwing something,
like a bag, into the pond

about 20 minutes ago.

I've got SOCOs down there now.

I wasn't gonna go in there.
I am not gonna get wet.


Okay, I'll let you
know when we get it.

We found Luke's bag.

This is the footage taken
from the search team

I had down at the pond.

Opened the bag and
found a tablet computer.

Okay, could be useful.

Well, I'd like to say that,

but it's been underwater for
the last four and a half hours.

I have sent it down
to the tech team,

but I don't know if
they're gonna be able to

recover anything.

Proves that Luke is
trying to get rid of the tablet

and whatever else was on it.

Boss? Boss?

A kid matching Luke's
description has been spotted

in the vicinity of Marek
and Kamilla's house.

Get uniform down
there. That's high-risk.

They'll need protection.

Get the nearest uniform
to attend. We're on our way.

All units, reports of gunfire

at property registered
to Marek Wojnar.

Christ, let's just hope it's
not Luke with a firearm.

That's all we need.

Victim... IC1 male, late teens.

Fatal injuries.
Repeat, fatal injuries.

Someone's been killed.

That's got to be Luke. Shit.

See if she's all
right, Charlie, okay?

Yes. Kamilla, Kamilla. God.

- We thought he came to kill us.
- Kamilla, how are you doing?

Thought he came to kill us.

Marek had a gun,
and he shot Luke.

What, your dad had a gun?


Take... Take a seat, Kamilla.


He... Marek had a
gun, and he shot Luke.

- Okay.
- We thought he came to kill us.

Okay, Marek, I understand.

You were scared after
what happened to Alekz.

But an illegal firearm?


Now another young man is dead.


Luke was banging on the
door. He wanted to come in.

He almost smashed the door.

And he came in, and
he pushed Kamilla.

She fell over, and
I was so panicked.

I wanted to protect my family.

I took the gun out of my drawer,
and I just pulled the trigger.

I didn't want to. I didn't know.

I-I... It was instinct.

I'm sorry. I...

Listen, take some
time with your solicitor.

A few moments. Talk
about a prepared statement.

I'll come back and get a
formal statement off you.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

Obviously there are
mitigating circumstances,

and we will include that in
the file that goes to the CPS.

But I don't want to
lie to you, Kamilla.

I really can't promise
you a positive outcome.

He didn't mean to. He just...

I don't know what happened,
but he just didn't mean to.

What's gonna happen with Stan?

I think as long as he tells
the truth from here on out,

he should get a
suspended sentence.

And then, if it's what you want,

the two of you are free to
pick up where you left off,

as far as that's
possible, obviously.

I don't know.

- It's so hard.
- Yeah.

I love him. I just...
I just don't know.

What do you think of Stan
and Kamilla's chances?

Oh, man, I have no idea.

That is a hell of a
mess to try and fix.

I wish them the
best of luck, though.

I didn't tell you what
was on the tablet.

Oh, yes, yes! What happened?

It was a video of Dean
challenging Luke to become a man

and to take responsibility
for Alekz's death.

So he went 'round
there to apologize.

Happy birthday.

What's that? It's
not my birthday.

- What is it?
- From the boss.

"Well done. Buy
yourself a drink."

- How much of a drink?
- 60 quid.

- Oh, magic.
- I'm buying.

Can we please not go to that
scabby Irish pub that you love?

It's fine, that's where
you're from, but I hate it.