Suspects (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Wealthy Terence Holland, terminally ill founder of Euthanasia Action UK, is keen to die and end his suffering. His doctor Melanie Standish calls the police when she finds him unconscious after she heard him argue with somebody. She presumed it was his estranged wife Henrietta, whom the police find asleep in the flat and who claims that she and Terence were actually discussion reconciliation. She denies giving Terence the sleeping pills and morphine found in his blood stream. The examination of a mug found in the kitchen shows that all finger prints have been wiped clean, suggesting attempted murder. Whilst Henrietta would seem to be the prime suspect Jack discovers that Terence's brother Matt and his wife would also stand to gain financially if Terence were out of the way.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Reports tonight
suggest that police

have been called to the
home of Terrence Holland.

Mr. Holland is terminally ill

and a prominent
campaigner for the right to die.

Victim is Terrence
Holland, investment banker,

hence this very
lovely penthouse.

He's also terminally ill.

He was found in an apparent
drugs overdose in the bedroom.

Paramedics found bruising and
a needle mark on his right arm.

Well, thank God the
ambulance got here just in time.

It's a potential
high-profile suicide attempt.

Okay? Terrence Holland

is a very passionate
right-to-die campaigner.

Hence, why I called you.

Um, the lady over there is
his GP, Dr. Melanie Standish.

She called the police.

I arrived here about 7:00
for a prearranged meeting.

- Okay.
- I knocked at the door,

and I heard Terrence's voice.

I heard his voice, and I
heard a woman's voice.

Recognize it?

Well, I presumed it to
be his ex-wife, Henrietta,

which was a bit
of a surprise to me

because they're going
through a very bitter divorce.

So they sounded to me as if
they were having an argument.


So then I decided to leave them
to it and maybe go for a walk.

Did you hear the voices
again when you came back?

No. No, no, no, no, no.

I didn't hear anything
when I came back.

I knocked on the door. There was
no sound, no voices, no nothing.

So I decided to ring
Terrence on his mobile,

and I got no reply.

And I-I started to worry.

That's when you
called the police?

That's when I called the police.

We found his wife,
Henrietta Holland,

in the bedroom,
out for the count.

I had uniform take
her to the station

so that she can be
looked at by the FME.

We got any sharps in that box?

- No...
- No?

What else we got?

So, Mr Holland
suffers from cancer...

Quite an advanced stage.

So he would have been
barely able to use his arms.

He could not have
done that himself.

Okay. Do you notice there's
no syringes? There's no vials.

- Yeah.
- There's no packaging around.

I mean, it is pretty
straightforward, right?

Wife Henrietta has tried to
help husband Terrence to die.

- Oh, okay.
- It happens all the time.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't
start jumping to conclusions.

That's my job.

- How is he?
- Henrietta...

I've been told that
he's in ICU and he...

He's currently struggling
to breathe on his own.

So very unwell, unfortunately.

- So you spoke on the phone.
- Yeah.

And then you agreed
to meet up this evening?

We talked for an hour,
and... he was really tired.

The myeloma takes it out of him.

He fell asleep,
and I was very tired.

So I took a couple
of sleeping pills

and I went to sleep
in the spare room.

What time did you go to bed?

Just after 7:00.

That's quite early
for a grown woman.

I was on a really early
shift. I was up about 3:30.

So you don't live at the flat?

No. No, we've been separated
for bit more than a year.

Okay, we've got
Mr. Terrence Holland...

- Mm.
- "...set up Euthanasia Action UK

as a direct response
to his inability to bring

his own rights-to-die
campaign to the High Court."

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay?

And it appears that
Dr. Melanie Standish

is an ardent supporter
of the campaign.

There's no sign of a forced
entry into this house, okay?

So if Dr. Standish
is to be believed,

whoever had the argument
with Terrence in the house

had access.

Let's look at brothers,
sisters. Do we know...

Yes, he has one
brother... Uh, Matt Holland.

I cannot find him, but I
have spoken to his wife, Jess.

She's on her way
to the hospital.

Okay, let's go there now
and check her out. Yeah?

Hi, Jess. Listen,
we know it's late.

We're not gonna
keep you too long.

- Just a few questions, really.
- No, that's okay.

How was Terrence over
the last couple of days?

I mean, did he
give any indication

that anything like this
might be happening?

No, not at all. He was
really positive, actually.

When was the last
time you saw him?

A couple of days ago, maybe.

Matthew saw him
yesterday, though,

and he was really
positive yesterday, as well.

Do you have a key
to Terrence's flat?

Yes. And Matthew
does. We have one each.


And what were you up to
this evening? Early evening.

Um, I was with Edna.
She's a friend of mine.

Right. Does Edna have a surname?

- Locke.
- Okay.

- Edna Locke.
- About what time were you there?

- Probably from about 6:00-ish.
- Mm-hmm.

I think maybe for
a couple of hours.

- Okay.
- Where was Matt today?

Um, Matthew's
out with his friends.

And he pro... I don't
think he even knows.

Did you get those
toxicology reports?

Yes. I have Terrence
Holland's toxicology report.

So, he suffered a
morphine overdose,

and they also found traces
of zopiclone in his system.

It's a sleeping tablet.

SOCOs found

estranged-wife Henrietta's
blister pack of sleeping tablets

in the kitchen area

and also looked through
Terrence's medication log books.

So, there's a vial of morphine
missing from the fridge.

Okay. I think we need to know

how the sleeping pills
were administered, really.

I mean, if... if
Terrence Holland

can't use his hands properly,
did someone help him?

Did he... Is he able to
use a cup, et cetera?

Yeah, I've been in
touch with his solicitors.

They've said they
sent divorce papers

to Terrence's estranged
wife, Henrietta,

a month ago, maybe even more,

for her to sign an
absolute decree,

and she hasn't signed them;
She hasn't sent them back.

Um, and we're talking about
a huge amount of money here.

I mean, he's an
investment banker.

His apartment
is... is pretty flash.

People have been
murdered for a lot less.

Yeah, potential motive.

Let's... Let's look at his last
will and testament, I think.

See who's most likely to
benefit from his death, I suppose.

In the meantime, could
we bring in Henrietta

based on the sleeping-pill
evidence, please?


Do you want to do it?

No, you go for it.

- Magic hands.
- Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Holland?

- Yeah?
- Hi. Um, I was wondering

if you would accompany me
down to the station, please?

But I've already
been to the station.

I appreciate that.

I've told you everything I know.

Okay, Mrs. Holland, in order
to continue my investigation,

- I need to arrest you. Okay?
- What?

I am arresting you on
suspicion of assisting a suicide.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention,
when questioned,

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- This is really...

- Please come with us.
- Crazy.

Please come with us now, okay?

Mrs. Holland, I don't want
to have to use these, okay?

- Oh, my God.
- Let's go quickly.

Let's go quietly.
Charlie, get the bag.

You've got this wrong.
You've got this really wrong.

Can you tell me
what that is, please?

It's, um... my decree absolute.

- Signed?
- Um, unsigned.

Why is that?

We decided to give it
another go, our marriage.

Um, we were keeping it quiet.

After we separated, Terry's
family took sides and...

We just wanted to have a
chance to see if it would work

without external pressure.


Do you have any idea how
your... your sleeping pills

might have ended up
in Terrence's system?

I've absolutely no idea, no.

Well, we've found

traces, uh, of the
sleeping pills in his system.

That's just something
for you to think about.

I took two myself, and then
I-I fell asleep in the spare room.

I didn't give him any pills.

- You sure?
- I'm absolutely sure, yes.

What was the argument about?

What argument?

Terrence's personal physician

said she got to the
door at 7:00 p.m.

She said she
heard raised voices.

She said she heard something
that sounded like an argument...

- An intense, heated debate.
- I was there.

We talked for an hour.

And then we both went
to sleep. We didn't argue.

Your husband has a lot of
money. He's terminally ill.

And I think you want to get

- your hands on that.
- This is ridiculous.

You gave him sleeping
pills. You knocked him out.

And then you dosed him
up to the gills with morphine.

Okay? He's in a
critical condition.

I don't know what you're talking
about. This is complete madness.

This is the first I knew

that he had sleeping
pills in his system.

I would never have done that!

Did you buy it?

I can't figure out whether
it's actually genuine upset

or if she's
bullshitting us, okay?

But if I was a betting man,

I'd say that this argument
was about money.

Um, I won't take much
of your time, Edna,

but thank you for having me.

I just wanted to ask
you about Jess Holland.

- Yes, yes.
- I believe you know...

And she was here last
night, if I understand correctly?

Yes. Yes, she was.

About what time?

Oh, um, about 6:00.

And she stayed for an
hour, an hour and a half.


Is that morphine?

Yes, t-that's for me.

I've got cancer,
I'm afraid. So...

I'm sorry to hear that.

Must be quite nice to have
people like Jess come and visit?

Yes, she's wonderful.

She... She comes to make
sure I'm... I'm not lonely

- or, you know, too depressed.
- Yeah.

And... And her husband,
Matt, he... he's my care nurse.

He... He gives
me the injections.

Edna, I'm going to
leave you in peace now.

That's really helpful.
So, thank you.

She confirmed that Jess
was at her place yesterday

from 6:00 for about
an hour and a half.

Um, apparently, Jess's
husband, Matt, is her care nurse.

So he knows how to
administer morphine.

I've been trying to figure out
what he was up to yesterday.

I managed to trace him
to a casino, late afternoon,

but he left about 6:30, and I
have no idea where he is now.

Well, let's circulate
a description

- of Matt Holland, okay?
- Yeah.

Had to pop down to forensics.

Okay, they think that Terrence
Holland drank something

that was deliberately laced
with Henrietta's sleeping pills.

Okay? 'Cause they
found a mug in the kitchen

with some sort of powdery
residue down at the bottom.

Also, that mug has
been deliberately wiped

of any fingerprints.

Doesn't sound like an
assisted suicide, Jack.

No, it's looking like
an attempted murder.

Somebody got that
syringe out of there,

and if we can identify that
that somebody was Henrietta,

then that will deconstruct
her alibi, right?

The FME has processed
Henrietta's samples

and confirmed the presence of
sleeping tablets in her system.

So she may well have
been out for the count

like she said she was.

See, my major problem
with your whole story

is this big... reconciliation.

Okay? Because we
found forensic evidence

of the sleeping tablets
in Terrence's coffee cup.

You and Terrence
were alone in the house.

He can't walk. He
can't feed himself.

You have the sleeping tablets.

The sleeping tablets
are in his system.

Explain that.

I didn't give him
the sleeping pills!

How can you explain, then,
that they're in his system?

I can't explain it, but I
didn't give them to him!

Been going through
Terrence Holland's, um...

mobile-phone history.

He's made a lot of contact

with the rectory at St.
Sebastian's Church.

Maybe he's looking for
a bit of spiritual guidance.

Yeah, well, listen.

Maybe it was planned, and maybe
Henrietta did agree to help him.

He's also received two
phone calls yesterday.

Okay, one of the phone calls was
from the wonderful Dr. Standish.

The second phone call

was from MCP Bank Credit
Card Fraud Department.

The phone call lasted
30 minutes. Okay?

I got in touch with the
credit-card company.

They said that,
um, the phone call

was to do with a
credit card of Terrence's

that had been
completely maxed out.

No repayments made on it.

Apparently, Terrence denied
all knowledge of the card.

So I'm wondering now

whether someone who
had access to Terrence's flat

is also taking
advantage of the guy.

I don't know. Defrauding
him for money?

Not only has... has Terrence
got one credit card maxed out,

there's three credit cards
that have been applied for

over the last couple of months.

Um, the credit cards

are being used solely to
withdraw money from ATMs.

That's odd.

Okay, we know Henrietta
has been seeing Terrence

- for the last six weeks or so...
- Mm-hmm.

- in secret, okay?

Credit cards were applied
for two, three, four months ago.


Matt and... and Jess, they have
access to the flat, don't they?

- Yeah, they do.
- Jack! Charlie!

Is there any way that they
could be applying for credit cards

in Terrence's name?

- Yeah?
- Okay.

Yep. Thank you.

So, they found Matt Holland.

He's sleeping off a
hangover on a park bench.

- Um, Mr. Holland?
- Yeah?

I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

Uh, where were you last night?

I was out a friend's party,
birthday, at Bellings Casino.

Okay. Okay,
Bellings Casino, great.

Um, remind me your profession?

- I'm a palliative-care nurse.
- Okay.

So you must see this
kind of thing all the time,

people in Terrence's position...

- Mm-hmm.
- The sadness of it.


The hopelessness
of it, really, I suppose.

Yeah, it's a difficult period.

Can you lead me through
your day, kind of late afternoon?

Yesterday afternoon, I went by.

I saw Terry. I saw
him in the afternoon.

Um, I left him. I went to
the... Went out to the party.

Is it strange that you
know Terrence so well

but you're not involved
in any aspect of his care?

I'm not really able to... take
on his care at the moment.

It's too... It's too much.

He's my brother. I
can't... I can't, given that.

And he's got a...
He's got a private GP.

You know? He's gone private.

My brother will throw
money at a problem,

and she is the best care the
money can provide, you know.

Private sector.

Um, we found Matt, Jess,

sleeping off his heavy
night on a park bench.




Is that not something
he makes a habit of?

Not really, no.

Yeah, he doesn't go
out very often anymore.

We tend to stay in.

Okay, it's cheaper.

It's much cheaper. And we're
saving up for a flat, as well.

I finally got in
touch with the bank

over the transactions in and
out of Terrence's bank account.

The most recent ones, at least.

Um, there's something
very odd about the money

that Dr. Standish is
receiving from Terrence.

Anything to do with
the credit cards?

I haven't been able
to work that out yet,

but after the phone call that
they had yesterday afternoon,

Terrence deposited £12,000

into Dr. Standish's
business bank account.

And that's on top of all
the other extortionate fees

that she's charging
him for care.

Well, is that Terrence
paying Standish

so that she'll help him
try and end his life?

Well, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

This is a private physician,

a very well-paid
private physician.

I don't think 12 grand is
enough to kill somebody.

I do want our doctor's
movements last night corroborated,

- all right?
- Okay.

Quick as a flash.

This is our
Dr. Standish down here.


Okay. So, that guy there is a
neighbor of Terrence Holland,

- With the bags?
- Yeah, with the shopping bags.

Door-to-door have spoken to him.

He said that Dr. Standish
had a massive go at him

for bumping into her
with shopping bags.

And he described her
as "tense and impatient."

Maybe because she's nervous

and on her way to administer a
near-fatal morphine overdose?

Yeah, but no, hang on. She's
the one who made the 999 call.

Yeah, maybe because she
wanted to get back in there

and corrupt the crime
scene with her fingerprints.

Yeah, but we can't
prove any of that, Charlie.

So let's focus on what
we have got, which is

12 grand being paid from
Terrence Holland to Dr. Standish

on the day that he
overdosed, all right?

I just spoke to the hospital.

Terrence Holland is
out of intensive care,

but he's heavily sedated.

So we're not gonna talk to
him any time soon, I guess.

Um, I've just been on to
the General Medical Council

to see if Dr. Standish is
registered to a practice,

which she is.

What's interesting
is that, two years ago,

she was subject to
an internal investigation

when she was
working as a registrar

at Bonds College Hospital.

So, she filed a

for an elderly patient
against the family's wishes.

And shortly afterwards,

she left that hospital
by "mutual consent."

So it seems that
our Dr. Standish has

very strong views on
the right-to-die issue.

Dr. Standish?

Dr. Standish? A quick moment?

- And then when you're...
- Charlie, your...

Dr. Standish, could we
talk to you outside, please?

I'm very sorry. I
can't talk to you now.

Dr. Standish, if you wouldn't
mind stepping outside...

I've got a lot of things to do.

Got five minutes,
and I'll talk to you.

In which case, Dr. Standish,

I'm more than happy to
arrest you in the corridor.

- What?!
- I'm arresting you on suspicion

- of assisted suicide.
- Oh, don't be...

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

- if you do not mention...
- No, this is... No, no.

- This is ridiculous.
- Something which you

- later rely on in court.
- This is ridiculous.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- Listen...
- No, no.

- Do you understand what I said?
- I understand.

But you understand that,
to save embarrassment,

I will come with you,
but this is outrageous.

Absolutely outrageous.

- Okay, fine.
- Come on.

I don't need you to take my arm.

Dr. Standish, I will cuff
you, or I will hold you.

- You can choose.
- All right, hold me,

but I will be talking to
my solicitor. Thank you.

Okay, £12,000. That mean
anything to you, Melanie?

Yes it does.

Uh, £12,000 pounds

was deposited into my
account by Terrence Holland,

and I noticed it this morning

when I looked at
my bank statement.

Why would he pay you £12,000?

I mean, he already
pays you enough, surely?

He put my name
into the public domain.

The fact is, I am a trustee
of his lobbying group.

I am passionate about
the beliefs that he holds,

but I did not want my
name in the newspapers.

I was very angry about it.

And I presume

that's why he decided to
put £12,000 in my account.

And I don't want it.

Melanie, yesterday,

when you went to
Terrence Holland's flat...

So, let's just... Can you just
run me through this again?

You parked up, and
then what did you do?

I told you this
yesterday, but yes,

I went to Terrence
Holland's flat at 7:00.

There were voices behind the
door. There was an argument.

I decided to go for a
walk for about half an hour,

and I got back
to the flat at 7:30.

Do you have a key
to Terrence's flat?

Uh, yes.

I... Well, I did.

I did have a key, but I
have no idea where it is now.

- Really?
- Okay, we're gonna be

searching your car and your
flat, Melanie, just so you know.

So if you want to
change your answer...

Well, just so you
know, just so you know,

this is absolutely outrageous.

- What, that we're policing?
- It's completely out of order.

And when this
investigation is over,

your superiors will
be hearing from me.

- Most helpful.
- Okay?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

We can get you a
cup of tea, maybe?

I don't want anything from you.

- No? Okay. Okay.
- Nothing.

- Well, enjoy it.
- Am I free to leave now?

No, absolutely not. You'll
stay where you are. Okay?

- Sarge?
- Yep?

What we got?



So we know that
Dr. Standish has a key

to Terrence's flat.

If Henrietta woke
up at some point,

she may have disturbed
Dr. Standish, mid-mercy killing,

which would explain
the failed overdose.

And why would Terrence, okay,
go ahead with the assisted suicide

if he knew Henrietta
was in the flat still?

Okay, I think it's worth
chatting to Henrietta again,

- see what we can get.
- Yeah. Okay.

Did Terrence know that
you stayed the night?

No, he wouldn't have known.

Um, he fell asleep before I did.


And then you took
some sleeping pills

and you went to sleep.

When you took those, where
did you leave the packet?

Yeah, I left them on
the side in the kitchen.

On the work surface.


Why would Dr. Standish even
bother using sleeping pills?

She would have known
that the morphine is enough...

- Yeah.
- To kill Terrence.

- Team?
- Do you see what I'm saying,

- though?
- Yeah.

I've just spoken to
Terrence's solicitor, okay?

He changed his
will six months ago.

- Beneficiary is not Matt.
- Who is?

- Jess.
- Jess?

Why would he leave all of
his money to his sister-in-law

and not his brother?

I don't know, Charlie.
Ask Dr. Standish, okay?

Dr. Standish gets nothing out
of the will but is the executor.

- Okay?
- All right, yeah.

Wish me luck.

So, we found Terrence's
key, your copy of it, in your car.

Yeah. I told you I'd lost it.


You're an executor to
Terrence Holland's will,

- are you not?
- Yes, I am.

Why is he leaving
all his money to Jess?

Because his brother,
Matt, has a gambling habit.

Surely, they're married,
they have a joint account.

That's no guarantee
that Matt won't spend it.

She's the one who
holds the family together.

She keeps a tight
rein on the finances.

She knows that Matt
would fritter away the money.

So she makes sure
that she controls it

and that he doesn't
lose any of it.

Okay, I've been going through

Matt Holland's
financial records.

Dr. Standish was right. This
guy loves a good gamble.

Okay, apparently he
lost an absolute packet

at the casino yesterday.

Regular customer there.
And he always gambles alone.

How does this guy
fund his gambling habit

on a nurse's salary?

- Do you know what I mean?
- Yeah, I know.

This is Matt and Jess's
joint-account statement.

So they are
permanently in the red.

They're really
struggling for cash.

But every so often, there
are these injections of cash...

500 quid, a grand... Which
keep them from going over

- their massive overdraft.
- Okay.

Well, is the money being
taken from Terrence's credit card

similar to the cash
injections here?

No, I don't... I don't think so.

The dates and the
amounts just don't match.

They're too different.

Okay, we need clarification
on monies in and out.

Ask Jess, will you, please?

Yeah, yeah. I will do.

- Hiya. All right, Jess?
- Hi.

- How's it going?
- Good.


How much do you know
about Terrence's will?

Nothing, really.

- Nothing at all?
- No, no.

Okay. So you didn't know

that you're set to
inherit all of his money?


Am I? Are you...
No, I didn't know that.

Yeah, absolutely.

He... He changed his
will a little while ago

and you alone are
the main beneficiary.

Right. God, okay.

It's just I can't, um,
get my head 'round that.

It's just

I take it that would make
a massive difference

- to your personal finances.
- Huge, huge difference. Yeah.

- Right.
- We've been struggling

for a while.

We're saving up for a house.

The same as anyone
else, really, on one income.

Yeah, I know. On just
the... Are you not working?

No, I'm not. I was
made redundant.

Okay. Um, where were
you working beforehand,

if you don't mind me asking?

A salon called Clearly Gorgeous.

And I was made redundant
from that last year.


So, yeah, just relying
on Matt's income,

- really.
- Mm-hmm.

I-I only ask because
I've been having a look

through your... yours and
Matt's joint current account.

And other than Matt's
earnings coming in,

there are these sort
of quite regular cash...

I didn't realize you had
our bank statements.

We do have a right to look
through people's finances,

if we feel it's
relevant to the case

and there are
significant witnesses.

I am quite curious

just to know where, um,
those sums are coming from?

Well, I've... I've been doing a
bit of cash in hand on the side.

- Okay.
- We've been struggling

for a bit, as I said, and, um...

What kind of work?

I do... I do my beauty
treatment on the side.


We've... Matt's been
gambling for a while,

which is something that
we're dealing with separately.

So I've had to sort of go
out and do things, but I...

I'm sorry I didn't mention it.

It's just I've never... I've
never claimed it on a tax form.

- So I was just a bit...
- Okay. Um...

I'm just a bit worried that
I'm going to get in trouble.

So, Edna, you're a
beauty client of Jess's.

She comes 'round and
gives you treatments?

- Yes, that's right.
- Does she come 'round often?

Yes, about, um...

Well, at least twice a
month, I should say.

Okay. And how much
does she charge?

Well, if you must
know, she charges £20.

And sometimes I
give her a little extra.

I don't understand. What
are all these questions?!

I'm just following up
on our investigations.

- Really?
- Yep.

Well, I don't see why she
shouldn't get a bit of extra.

She needs to.

I mean, her
husband Matt's a bit...

Well, he's not a great provider.

Do you pay her in cash?

Yes, I pay her in cash.

£20 is quite cheap for a
beauty treatment, for a facial.

Yes, well, she's
being kind and nice

to people who don't
have an awful lot.

Bring me news.

I have just been on the
phone to Jess's old employers.

They're a salon called
Clearly Gorgeous.

Now, one of the services
they offer are Botox injections,

which Jess would
also have administered.

So she knew how to
use a needle, didn't she?


I'm also still thinking
about the deposits

going into Jess
and Matt's account.

I spoke to Edna, again,
and she confirmed

that Jess gives her and
some of the others treatments.

But the amount she's charging,

I mean, they're small, and
even though Edna says,

"Sometimes I give
her a bit more,"

it's not enough to cover what's
going into those accounts.

Were you guys talking about
me? I heard "clearly gorgeous."

- Oh! "Clearly deluded."
- No? Okay.

Okay, thank you. Tech
team have been on.

They've done a full analysis
of Terrence Holland's computer.

On the computer, they found
an e-mail from Terrence's solicitor

which contained a
draft copy of the will.

That e-mail

has been forwarded on to
Matt Holland's e-mail address.

Okay, so, wait a minute. So
Matt and Jess, they did know

that they were
beneficiaries of the will.

That's not what she said to me.

Can we get hold of
Matt again? Where is he?

- Do we know?
- I will ask Jess.

Just after I left Jess,
she gets on the phone.

We've traced that call.
It's to husband Matt.

She then fucks off, tells Leon
on the front desk on the way

that she's got to get back to
work, which we all know is a lie

because, Jess Holland,
you've been made redundant.

And I can't reach either Jess
or Matt on their mobile phones.

Okay, let's circulate
them as wanted.

I'll get a section 8 warrant,
and we'll search their flat.


Why'd you let her go, Charlie?

So Jess went straight from here

to pick up husband Matt.

They then drive
off down that way,

but there's no CCTV on the
next street, so we lose them.

And I have absolutely
no idea where they are,

- where they're going.
- Boss!

Are they having a barney?

- Yeah, it looks like it.
- Boss!


Livvies have just done a
search of Matt and Jess's house.

Place is an absolute tip.

Okay, these guys have
definitely done a runner.

Okay. Found in
the living room...

Three credit cards
registered to Terrence Holland.

Also found was a
bank-deposit book

registered to Edna
Locke's bank account.

Inside the deposit book,

we could see that the
money from the credit cards

has been deposited into
Edna Locke's bank account.

And they've been using Edna's
account to launder the cash.

- Weston.
- Sneaky bastards.

- Do you think she knows?
- Yeah, possibly.

What's Edna's address?

- Um, 23 Hildon Avenue.
- 23 Hildon Avenue.

Okay, great. Thanks.

ANPR spotted Matt and Jess's
car. It's on its way to Edna's.

Okay, get there before they do.

Okay, Matt and Jess's
car. Eyes peeled, yeah?

Out we go.

- Is that Jess's car?
- Yeah, that one.

- This one?
- Mm-hmm.

You keep coming into my
house and asking questions.

What on earth am I
supposed to have done?

Mrs. Locke, please sit down
and make yourself comfortable.

We're looking for
Matt and Jess Holland.

Both are wanted by
police for questioning.

We believe they may
be hiding on the premises.

They are not hiding
on the premises.

I don't care. I'm going
to search your home.

- He... He can't do that!
- Make yourself comfortable.

- He can't come into my house.
- I'm afraid he can, Edna.

Just because she does
a bit of work on the side,

you think she's
fiddled her tax...

Edna, I'm afraid it's much
more serious than that.

Oh, come off it. What we
want to question them for...

Edna, if you know
where they are,

it's really important
that you tell me.

- I don't know where they are.
- Their car's parked outside.

- Ooh.
- Edna, are you okay?

- Edna?
- Edna?

- Call an ambulance.
- Jesus Christ.

Are you struggling to breathe?

- Yeah.
- Edna? Okay.

Just sit back in your chair.
It's fine. I'll get you some...

- Ambulance?
- Can I get you some water?


Listen, we're at
7 Hildon Avenue.

My name is Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

We have an elderly
lady, shortness of breath

and chest pains... yes?

I'll get you some water.

Eyes peeled on... on ANPR.

Okay, keep me posted. Okay, bye.

- Um, how is she?
- She's fine.

I just spoke to the
consultant. She was faking it.

There's nothing
wrong with her heart.

One of the neighbors said

that five minutes
before we arrived...

Which is fucking marvelous...

Uh, two people matching
Matt and Jess's description

hopped into Edna's car

- and drove off.
- Oh, God.

Could you give us a minute?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

Mrs., Mrs., Mrs. Locke.

You rather had one
over on us. Fair play.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Oh, I still have your handbag.

Um, I thought you were
having a heart attack.

- So I was trying to find...
- Yes, so did I.

Your next of kin.
I'm sure you did.

Um, I did notice,
however, looking through,

that there's no debit card.


You don't seem very concerned

about the loss
of your debit card.

Why should I be?

If my debit card's
not in my handbag,

it's in... in a pocket somewhere
or on the table somewhere.

It could be anywhere.

My patience for this is waning.

Edna, you are
currently obstructing

a police investigation.

- Where's your debit card?
- I don't know!

Did you give it to
Matt and Jess Holland?

Well... I could have done.

We need to go.

Mrs. Locke, I'm thrilled at
your miraculous recovery, okay,

but someone's been
using your debit card.

Petrol station, Levine
Road, five minutes away.

Thank you, Mrs.
Locke. See you soon.

Red Micra. Red Micra.

Tango-6-8-9. Tango-6-8-9.

Look. There they
are. There they are.

Control, this is D.C. Steele,
we've spotted the suspects.

They've abandoned their
car on Tristan Field Gardens.

They're currently
heading through the park

in the general
direction of the station.

We're going to swing
'round to the exit,

try and get ahead of them.

- There, there, there.
- Yeah.

- Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Slow, slow, slow, slow.

Just let them get
a little bit closer.

Matt and Jess Holland!

Stand there! Stand
there! Stand there!

- Stand there! Stand still!
- Stop.

- Fucker! Stand still!
- Are you okay, Jack?!

Jess Holland, I'm arresting
you for attempted murder.

You don't have to say anything,

though it may harm your
defense should you not mention,

when questioned, something
you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- Do you understand? All right.
- Do say

may be used in evidence.
Do you understand?

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

Jess, why did you and Matt
take Edna's car and run?

Because we panicked.

I panicked.

Um... because Matthew
told me what he'd done

and I was worried, um, what
was going to happen to him.

So I, um... I wasn't thinking
very clearly, I don't think.

And in all this
panic and confusion,

you had the forethought to
pick up Edna's debit card?

Well, I just...

I-I didn't know what was
going to happen to Matthew,

and I-I was worried for him.

So I didn't really
think anything through.

I haven't thought
any of this through.

What about the money

that you've been depositing
into Edna's account?


Where did that money come from?

Well, that was Matthew's.

That was the money that
Matthew won from the casino.

So I was keeping
it from... from...

So he wouldn't lose it again.

So I-I was taking
it away from him.

But why put it into
Edna's account?

Because we've been told that
you control the purse strings,

you control the
marital finances.

So why not just
put it in your account

with your massive overdraft?

- No, I don't control the money.
- No?

I-I do now, but I didn't
use to control the money.

I've had to because...

Because he'd just
spend all of our money,

and he... he has done before.

Can you tell us, please,
um... what these are?

We found these
in your flat. Okay?

- Look...
- Terrence Holland's name on 'em.

This was a short-term thing.

I was in real
financial problems.

We're going to pay it all back.
Okay? I'm a gambling addict.

I've got a problem,

and I-I recognize it and
I'm trying to deal with it.

I think you were
trying to see what else

- you could get away with.
- No. Absolutely not.

This was a short-term
financial problem

that we were solving like this.

I know it's not ideal.

Entirely separate to that,
another separate issue,

is that my brother had a
terminal, incurable disease

and he was asking me,
as a palliative-care nurse,

to assist him in dying.

Did Jess know?

No one else knew. This
was just between me and him.

Okay. Let's go with this.

- So you went to the casino.
- I went to the casino.

I had a couple of drinks,
and then I-I went to his flat.


Uh, he was there on his own.

Uh, we talked for a while.

He said he didn't
want to be injected.

He wanted to be asleep.

And you left, then, at...

Uh, I left about 7:30.

About 7:30 or 7:30?

Uh, it was, um... Yeah
it was... It was 7:30.

And what direction
did you leave?

Come out the front door, you go
right or you go left. Which way?

- I went...
- Where did you go?

Uh, um... I went, uh, left.

I mean, I just...

It had been really
emotional. I wasn't...

- Jack? Charlie?
- Yeah?

I've just spoken to
Terrence's priest...

The one that he rang, okay?

He wasn't looking for
spiritual guidance at all.

He booked a private ceremony

to renew his marriage
vows to Henrietta.

Breaks your heart, eh?

Fuck. That doesn't sound like

someone who's going to
commit suicide anytime soon.

No, Jack. It sounds like
attempted murder to me.

We just been looking through
what Matt told us in interview

and looking at
the timeline and...

He said that when he
left Terrence's house

at 7:30, he turned left.

But if he did, he should
have run into Dr. Standish.

I think Matt's account

is starting to look a
bit thin on the ground.

So, who's our killer, guys?

Matt or Jess?

I suppose in the days leading
up to the assisted suicide,

it wouldn't surprise you that
Terrence had contacted a priest?

That he was, in fact,
planning a ceremony.

His funeral.


No. He was planning to, uh,
to renew his marriage vows

To Henrietta. It was a surprise.

And obviously a surprise
to you, too, by the looks of it.

It's a bit odd, isn't it?

That he wanted to commit
suicide so soon with you

when he had such
big plans for the future.

Tell the truth. Who
really injected Terrence?

I did. It was me.

Matt, look at me. Tell me.

I did it. It was me. I did it.

He comes across to me

as the kind of guy who
doesn't really have the balls

to carry this kind of thing out.

And Jess's whole "I'm a
helpless victim" routine is...

- Is bullshit.
- It's weak.

I mean, she clearly
dominates him

- and he lets her.
- Big time.

We could interview him
until fucking kingdom come,

- but he's...
- Yeah.

He's not gonna
suddenly turn around,

backtrack on his confession,
and suddenly implicate his wife.

So we have to find another way.

Maybe Edna?

I've been going through
the various routes

that Jess would have used
to get to Edna's, particularly

the routes she would
have used to evade capture.

All those routes are kind of
side streets, small alleyways.

There's no CCTV
on them whatsoever.

Where does Edna live?

Uh, there.

Have we checked the
congestion charging cameras?

I think that might be
just inside the zone.



- Yeah?
- Sorry.

This is Jess Holland entering
the congestion charging zone

near Edna Locke's
house at 8:00 yesterday

which is a full two hours later
than she said she was there.

That means she
doesn't have an alibi

for the time that
Terrence was injected.

Yeah, no, that's good,
but, listen, that's not proof

that she actually
injected Terrence, right?

So we've got to link
her to the syringe, guys.

Look, we're never gonna
find that syringe. Okay?

We looked in Terrence's house.

It's not there. It
could be anywhere.

We thought we
couldn't find the syringe

because we were
looking at Terrence's flat.

Now we have someone
we're looking for that gives us

a whole number of other options
we didn't think about before.

- Like?
- She may have turned up

at Edna's house, and we know
she was near there at 8:00...

Perhaps after she
went to Terrence's...

And thought, "Fuck,
I've still got the syringe."

Edna's got a sharps
box. Edna has a bin.

Edna has any number of places

- she could have hidden it.
- Have we looked?

Oh, will you stop waving
that thing in my face?

Would you please
just tell me what it is?!

Hello. Sorry, sorry.

I'll take over, thank
you. I'll take this.

Edna, this is your
copy of the warrant,

as I'm sure my colleague

- just tried to explain.
- But why has he got a warrant?

Edna, I know that you lied to me

about the time that
Jess was here last night.

And, also, would you mind
bagging up this box, please?

We're gonna take
your sharps container.

You did lie, didn't
you? About last night.

Well, all right. But
you've got it all wrong.

Jess didn't try to
murder anybody.

Terrence asked her to help him.

She was going to
help him to do it.

I'm afraid, Edna,
that Jess lied to you.

Terrence wasn't ready to die.

- He didn't want to die.
- Yes, he was. He was.

He was about to renew his
vows. He had a lot to live for.

- To Henrietta?
- Yeah.

Oh, no.

Here's what I think.

Jess hears about the credit-card
company calling Terrence

from you.

She decides to
take evasive action.

She decides to come
to Terrence's house.

She decides to polish
him off, get rid of him

before he can say
anything about it.

So for that reason, Matt,

we are now charging
Jess with attempted murder.

She told me that
he asked her to do it.

Why are you standing
up for this woman

who has tried to murder
your brother, okay,

and is trying to defraud him
of... of what could be millions?

Because she's my wife. She...
She said that I should do it,

I should've been the one to
do it and I wasn't man enough.

It's not your job to carry
the can for this woman.

Okay? Tell the truth.

It was my fault. I
created the problem...

- Jesus.
- With the credit cards,

and she said that I
should have solved it.

- I wasn't man enough.
- If she asked you to jump

off a fucking cliff,
would you do the same?

Jess, we found this syringe

in the sharps box at
Edna Locke's house.

It's got your
fingerprints on it.

Now, we're running it for DNA,

but we're expecting that
Terrence's will be on there.

Yeah, well, I...

Terrence asked me to
help him die, and I did.

Did Matt know that you
planned to kill his brother?

No. No, because...

Matt wouldn't.

Matt wouldn't have been
able to go through with it.

That's why Terrence asked me.

Because Matt... Matt's weak.

He wouldn't be able
to do something...

Did you know
Henrietta was there?

- No.
- In the flat.

No. No, why would
I know that? I don't...

Well, you might have guessed

because her sleeping
pills were there, on display,

very obvious.

Terrence asked me
to use her sleeping pills

because he wanted
to die in his sleep.

So you knew that those
sleeping pills belonged to her.

You don't seem
very surprised, Jess,

given that you didn't
know, apparently,

that Henrietta and
Terrence are back together.

But I-I didn't... Um...

Let me ask you again. Did you
know Henrietta was in the flat?


It's handy, though, isn't
it? That she was there?

What do you mean? Why?

Someone to blame, is
kind of what I'm saying.

No, I didn't do it with
someone to blame.

I was helping Terrence.

Finding... I'm actually
finding this really stressful

because I was helping him.

He... He's Matt's brother,
and he... he wanted to die.

And... and... and the court
said that he wasn't... he... that...

I'm sorry. I'm just...

Jess Holland...

I think the only person
you were really trying to help

was yourself.

You were stealing
from your brother-in-law.

He was about to find
out. So you tried to kill him.

You're going to prison, love.

I just went to see
Henrietta at the hospital.

- Yeah?
- I really nearly let it slip

about Terrence wanting
to renew their vows.

I just... I felt like

we really put her through
the mill last night and today.

I just wanted her to
have some good news.

Like we really put
her through the mill

or you really put
her through the mill?

What's that supposed to mean?

- What's that supposed to mean?
- I'm just saying

you had her in your
eyeline from the get-go.

May I remind you that
you very much took

my Henrietta bone
and ran with it?

My granny used to always say,

"Don't ever let me rot
away in an old nursing home.

Put me out of my misery
before I get that way."

Be such a hard
decision to have to take.

It's getting old, man.
No one wants to get old.

Listen, I'll buy you a pint.

- You're gonna buy me a pint?
- Yeah.

I will take that.

I always dread the day I
get called out to this shithole.

There's a massive
concentrated pool of blood.

So this is where
she was stabbed.

I've spoken to the headteacher
at Barringford High School.

Oyster card is
registered to Anna Fisher.

She's 13 years old.

- 13?
- Yeah.

Boss? Got the results

from Anna Fisher's
physical examination.

Four different DNA
samples found,

three of which as
yet unidentified.

The last one belongs
to Nathan Cole,

registered sex offender
living in Birmingham.

A schoolgirl out at
that time of night,

and you just were
a "good Samaritan."

And this good Samaritan
didn't even call the police.

Let me tell you something.

Anna was eight weeks
pregnant when she was stabbed.

She has suffered a
miscarriage. She is underage.

You have already fucked up!

Strike! Strike! Strike!

- Police!
- Police! Police!