Suspects (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Martha and her team investigate when a woman is raped by the West Willow canal. There have been two other recent assaults in the area and in each case the women were grabbed from behind by an attacker wearing a balaclava helmet and gloves. The immediate suspect is George Callaghan, a rapist recently released from prison, but the CCTV installed at his house after his release and his girlfriend Annette corroborate that he was at home at the time. The latest victim is Diane Ackerman, whose husband Howard is a chief superintendent at the station. The Ackermans have recently separated and the police were called to the house when Ackerman hit Diane, who has since changed all the locks. Diane was drinking in a bar just before she was attacked so her rapist could have spotted her there but Ackerman himself has no alibi, making the investigation particularly difficult for the team.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Police are now
hunting a serial rapist

after a third woman
was attacked last night

by the West Willow Canal.

As with previous assaults,

the victim was grabbed from
behind by a masked assailant.

We're appealing to women
in the area just to take care.

You know, if they're traveling,
then travel in twos and threes.

Take all the precautions
that they need.

If you're calling a cab,
then call a licensed cab.

Multiple entrances and exits
all the way along the towpath.

There's no really confident way

of placing whether
our attacker lay and hid

or whether it was a spur-
of-the-moment kind of thing.

Helped by the fact
that there's absolutely...

Well, virtually no CCTV
footage available for the site,

which would probably
give the reason

why the attacker chose
this particular spot.


And we've got two other
rapes in a mile-and-a-half radius

with an assailant who
had a certain amount

of forensic knowledge

'cause he's wearing a
balaclava and gloves each time.

I need a file on George
Callaghan, done for rape.

Archive nine.

That's the file.

Amazing. Thanks, Martin.

You're a genius, Martin.
Thanks very much.

This is sex offender and
serial rapist, George Callaghan.

Recently released from prison

after serving 10 years of a
16-year sentence for rape.

I don't know. I think
it could be this guy.

You know?

M.O.'s the same... approaching
the victims from behind,

strangling them
before he rapes them.

Those two were frenzied attacks.

This was premeditated.

Plus, he's got CCTV on his house

as part of his
license conditions.

He's had 10 years to work
on improving his technique,

so to speak, you know?

And, to be fair, if we're
doing our jobs properly,

we have to allow him to
improve his character, Jack.

I don't know.

- Yeah?
- Hmm.

But worth checking?

- Always.
- Always.

How are you, George?

Yeah, yeah.

As well as can be
expected, I suppose.

- Keeping well?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Keeping out of trouble?
- Yeah, try to.

Head down, trousers up, yeah?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Good boy.

Where were you last night?

I was home.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- All night?
- Yeah, yeah.

I got home from work, and,
yeah, I was at home all night.

- Watched the England game.
- Oh, yeah?

Yeah, yeah.

- What was the score?
- 2-nil.

Who scored?

Well, Gerrard scored
at the end, didn't he?

- Great goal.
- Yeah, great goal.


Did you see the TV,
the news, afterwards?

Uh, no. I don't really
watch the news.


Because what's happened, really,

is there's a rapist
on the loose.

Yeah, I know about that.

Three victims, so far.

- Yeah, I know.
- Still haven't found him.

- God knows where he could be.
- Mm.

Did you do it?

No, I didn't do it.

No, I didn't do it.

Well, where were you last night?

I was in the house.

I was watching the
game. Honest, I was.

I was in the house,
watching the game.

I didn't go out.

You've got CCTV
outside the house.

I didn't go out.

Can't get onto the server!

All right?


She okay?

Just grim. Man,
I hate doing that.

I managed to get her to
agree to the forensic exam,

so we've got our DNA samples,

but she doesn't want
to take it any further.

So I think that's
all we're gonna get.

Ah. Victim details?

Um, her name's Diane Ackerman.

- Fuck.
- Chief Superintendent's

wife's name is Diane Ackerman.

Are you sure it's her?

Well, shit, I didn't ask
her her husband's name,

but she is married.

- Hold that thought.
- Um...

Well, I guess that would explain

why she doesn't want
it to go any further.

Maybe she doesn't want this

being dragged all
over the police station

where her husband works.

I will look after her,
and we'll make sure

that she's treated with
dignity, obviously, sir.

What's going on?

I don't know. He just...

When did he get here?

He turned up a
couple of minutes ago.

Fuck, man.

Have they been
in there for ages?

I'm going to make this
my priority, obviously.

And Detective Constable
Steele will go down now

and take a statement
from Mrs. Ackerman.

Um, you know, I hope that
you don't feel between you

that she's under duress
to give her statement

just because
she's your wife, sir.

No, not at all.
It's about control.

The rape victim
has to be in control.


- Well, again, you know...
- I know. Thank you.

- Nice to see you.
- Thank you, sir.

And at any point, either
after you left work...

I'm not entirely sure of
the distances involved yet.

So either after you left
work or when you left the tube

and walked along
the canal, did you...

You weren't followed at all?

Or notice anything like that?

I didn't notice anything.

No, I... No.


And in that bar...

- He just came out from behind.
- Okay.

I didn't hear anything.

- I didn't see anything.
- Okay.

And in the bar when
you went for a drink,

before you got on the
tube, you went there alone?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Um... I don't...

I don't want to seem
rude or anything,

but do you often go
out and drink alone?

I just went for a drink.

It's not that weird.

And where was your
husband last night?

Um, he was at a conference.

So he was staying
away in a hotel.




Obviously, under the
normal circumstances,

I'd do the usual background
checks on Diane Ackerman.

- Is that something...
- Proceed as normal, obviously.


You okay?

All good.

Just some initial stuff from
the background checks.


A callout was made recently
to the Ackermans' address

over a domestic incident.

Um, Superintendent Ackerman

apparently told the
constables to get lost

while Diane apologized
profusely for wasting their time.

She's also... She's
got a bruise apparently

that predates the rape.

What do you think?

Okay. Do you know what?

I think I'm gonna pop
down and join Charlie.

So sorry to interrupt.

Diane, my God,

I wish these were different
circumstances, my friend.

Listen, carry on, okay?

Okay, let's carry on.

He came out from behind me...

with a balaclava on.

And he had gloves on.

And he really, really,

really strangled me.

He really strangled me.

And then I woke up, and...

I didn't have any underwear on.

I don't know what
happened to my underwear.

How's Diane?

- You okay?
- I don't know.

I just feel like she's
not telling us something.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

I find it very, very odd that
she was sat there for, what,

a couple of hours
drinking on her own?

Did she say how
much she had to drink?


She said she had
a couple of glasses?

Yeah. A couple glasses.

I've got the CCTV footage
from outside the pub

if you want to
have a look at it.

She looks pretty wobbly.

She looks hammered.

Yeah. She wanders up
here, and then, I mean...

Maybe she's just on
tranquilizers or something.

It looks like it, doesn't it?

Listen, I did a quick
check of the pub.

I got these two receipts.

And she had her
two glasses of wine.


And then she also had
a full bottle to herself.

A whole nother bottle?

And I think that would floor

even the heartiest
of Irish drinker.

That's more than
two glasses, isn't it?

- You should know.
- Right.

So, why is she lying about that?

The only reason that we need to
know about your drinking pattern

is because if a rapist alleges

that you gave consent to
have sex with him, okay?

- I didn't give...
- If he did,

if you had had a few
drinks, there is a possibility

that you weren't able
to give consent, all right?

- That's why we're asking.
- I don't know. Okay?

You know how
much I had to drink.

You tell me how
much I had to drink.

Okay, I was a little pissed.

Who doesn't like
to have a drink?

Completely. I totally
agree with you.

But, ultimately, we're
here to find this guy.

- Okay?
- Boss.

I'm really sorry to interrupt.

The DNA stuff is in
from the referral center.

There's nothing useful
taken from the clothing

or from Diane herself other
than from the marks on her throat,

which belong to a guy
called Andrew Bourne,

who runs an accountancy
firm that Diane works for.

We have his DNA on file

because of a drunk-driving
incident six months ago.

Oh, really? Okay.

Do you think maybe
Andrew has anything to do

with that bruise on her face?

Because I know it's not
from yesterday. It's a bit older.

She said she fell in
the bath, but she didn't.

Why don't we just ask her?

No, Jack. We're not
just going to ask her.

She's a victim. We're
going to look after her.

This is like Day 1. You
understand that stuff.

The person I need to speak
to, okay, is this Andrew...

- Bourne.
- Bourne guy.

And... Take her into
the witness suite.

Look after her, please, guys.

She's shitting herself
because of who she is.

Mr. Bourne, how did
Diane come to work for you?

I've known her
a long, long time.


I've known her husband,
Howard, since university.

We used to play in
the same rugby team.

God, I mean, she
was looking for a job.

I was looking for a
personal assistant.

It seemed to be a perfect fit.

And could I ask you what
you were doing last night?

Um, I was working.

Diane left at some
point in the late evening.

And then I stayed
at home, alone.

You made several
phone calls to Diane

- after she left the office.
- Yeah.

Why were you so anxious
to get in touch with her?

- I was concerned for her.
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

She really has not been...

11, 12.12 calls.

Okay. Look.

As I say, I was very,
very concerned for her.

She really hasn't
been herself lately.

This is another photo taken
of Diane yesterday morning.

What the photo doesn't
show, Mr. Bourne,

is that we have your
DNA on her neck.

Can you explain why
that might be there?


I'm... I'm really not proud
of this, but I tried to kiss her.

Right, and obviously, I've
misinterpreted something there,

but that is all, and I
would never, ever hurt her.

That doesn't look like
a love bite to me, sir.

Okay, so, if you want to
be interrogating someone,

I suggest that you interrogate
her husband, Howard,

okay, because he's the one
who hits his wife around, not me.

Okay, that's a very
serious allegation

against a very senior
member of the police.

Yep, and, as I say, I suggest

that you interrogate
Howard, okay?

Because your
Chief Superintendent

is the one who's been
slapping his wife around.

Am I getting this straight?

Yeah, absolutely.

You know you're being
recorded saying this?

I know how it looks and how
it sounds, but that is the truth.

Do you want to know
how controlling he is?

Right, Diane has her
salary that I pay her

paid directly into
his bank account.

She doesn't have any of
her own bank cards, okay?

He pays her an allowance, in
cash, that she has each week.

Okay? That gives you an
idea of the sort of person he is.

I hope you can back this
up, because the police

will come down hard on
you for this if you're wrong.


I've got the Chief Super's
last credit-card statement.

- Pop the door.
- Yeah.

Um, there's a transaction
from about a week ago

with a locksmith's.

I gave them a call.

They said they were called out

by a female matching
Diane's description

to change all of the locks
in the Ackermans' house.

She must be terrified of him.


Yeah, it does look like
Andrew Bourne's allegations

might have legs.

Do you know what, Charlie?
Re-interview Diane Ackerman.


Can you tell me a bit about
your relationship with Andrew?

It's fine. It's good.

The report came back

and said that there was
his DNA on your neck.

That's why I'm asking.



Yeah, he made a pass
at me yesterday, okay?

I pushed him away. That was it.

Nothing happened.

Yesterday whilst
you were at work?


- Did you argue about it?
- No, we didn't argue about it.

I just left, okay?

I don't know what this
has got to do with... with...

Has it ever happened before?


Do you have a
credit card, Diane?

Debit card?

Bank account?

Where do your wages get paid to?

Do they get paid directly
into your husband's account?

Does he have all
of your money, then,

and, what, pay you an allowance?

Because that's not normal.

That's absolutely
controlling behavior.


Yeah, he is controlling.

He, um...

is always criticizing me

and saying I should
dress in a different way

and speak in a different way.

I think he'd quite like it

if I was a different
person altogether.

But the question is whether
she's gonna nail Ackerman.

- She has to.
- Well, she has to, but I just...

It's so sensitive.

You know, you start
investigating your superiors...

Look at her. Look.

All we can do is support her.

So, gossip corner.


Let me guess the headlines
of this conversation...

Chief Super bashes wife.

Am I right?

Look, this is a
rape investigation.

We are going to look

at who raped Diane
Ackerman first, okay,

before we tackle
if Diane Ackerman

- is a victim of domestic abuse.
- You're gonna...

Let's do it in that...
Let's do it in that order.

I need discretion, guys.

Yeah, we're not gonna
talk with anyone else,

but it's worth talking about
between the three of us.

- Keep it within us three.
- Yeah?

To anyone else, talk about
what was on telly last night

or something like that.

Or who you're fucking, Jack.

- How about that?
- No one, as usual.

George Callaghan is
living with this woman...

Annette Walker.

This is the CCTV footage

taken from outside
Annette's house last night.

The relationship between
George and Annette

blossomed after Annette
contacted George in prison

while he was still
serving his sentence.

He moved in with her almost
as soon as he was released.

Must have been attracted
to his sweet nature.

She leaves the house
at 7:42 p.m. in her car

to visit and feed her
sick mother, Evelyn.

At 10:00 p.m., George's
bedroom light goes out.

Other ins and outs apart from
the front door and the garage

are the back door, which
leads onto an enclosed garden.

That enclosed garden backs
onto two adjoining gardens.

So there is absolutely
no way out the back.


Sorry for keeping you
waiting. Here's your coffee.

- Thank you.
- Please take a seat.


I'm sorry to have dragged you in

at such short notice.

I mean, I can't
apologize enough.

Obviously you know that
we have been speaking

with George Callaghan.

You're in a relationship
with George.

Yes. He lives with
me. He's my partner.


So, have you arrested George?

No. George is just helping
us with our inquiries.

Is it about that thing

that happened last
night by the canal?

Do you know what? To
be honest, I can't really go

into too much detail about it.

'Cause they said on the news...

You know, people
automatically jump to conclusions

because of his past, but,
you know, he's changed,

and he should be
allowed to move on...

which is only fair, I think.

- Absolutely.
- Mm.

I couldn't put it better myself.


I just have a few very
quick minor questions.

Where was George last night?

He was with me.

We were just in last
night watching telly,

apart from when I had to
go out and see my mum.

But George stayed in.

And I had the car,

so he couldn't have
gone anywhere, anyway.

Anyway, you should be
able to check all this on CCTV.

You lot put it up
to monitor him.

How long you been
going out with Annette?

I'd say about 18 months.

She know all about all your...

- Yeah.
- Dirty laundry?

Yeah, yeah.

There's no secrets
between me and Annette.

Good. Do you love her?

- Yeah, I do.
- She love you?

Yeah, I think so.

- Hope so.
- Yeah, hope so.

Put up with me, she must do.

From kind of a rehabilitation
point of view, what happened?

What, inside? Uh...

Did you find God?

No. I found a great therapist.

Yeah, my head doctor.
He sorted me out.

You know, the
first couple of years

were the hardest
for both of us, I think.

You know? It's hard
to admit what you did.

And to then start to kind of
address how you feel about it.

And George and Annette's
stories... They're airtight.

Corroborate everything that
we've seen of the CCTV stuff.

But just the way the two of
them acted in the interview room...

It just kind of freaks
me out a little bit.

She's too weird.
He's too kind of smug.

- It just stinks.
- I know, I know.

The problem is, I have
completely run out of time

on Callaghan. We've
got to let him out.

Don't. I'm not...

It's the clock.

I've just spoken to the hotel
holding the ACPO conference

where Chief Superintendent
Ackerman was a delegate.

He had the room overnight and
was supposed to stay overnight,

but he checked out
early and came home,

which contradicts
what he told his wife

and gives him time to
have gotten back here...

and carried out the rape.

I'll back you up on whatever
you want to do with this.

I'm about to talk this
through with the D.C.I., okay?

Just for me, keep Ackerman's
name off the suspect board...

For now.

How long do you need?

Half an hour.

That bruise on your face, Diane.

Our medical examiner, who
obviously has already spoken

to you and has had
a look at the photos,

has told us that
it's not consistent

with a fall in the bath

and that it's more
like a punch or a slap.

No, I fell in the bath.

I'm only going on what
our medical examiner said.

- Did someone hit you?
- No.

- Did Howard hit you?
- No.

No, I fell in the bath.

Is he aggressive? Is he violent?

Did he hit you?


Because I can do
something about that.

You just have to talk to me.

- Yes.
- Yeah?

Okay, okay.

This is just me over here,
but I will always call you.

I will never turn
up out of the blue.

I'm not gonna be making a
complaint against Howard, okay?

- You've got to understand that.
- Okay.

Well, I think it's something
that you should think about.

It is something
I've thought about.

You have no idea how
important his job is to him.

You have my number anyway.

I'm not gonna ask you to do...

I don't want to talk
about that any longer.

I just want you
to think about it,

and if you change your
mind, I want you to call me.

- Okay?
- Um, okay.

Martha, come
on, for fuck's sake.

I have been looking at
the other two rape victims.

And both of them

reported incidents of
domestic abuse to the police.

So could someone
be using our system

- to scout out potential targets?
- What are you trying to say?

I mean, we already know that
the attacker was forensically aware.

Could our rapist be a copper?

That's a good question.

Diane's confirmed that the
Chief Super's been hitting her

and that bruise on
her face is from him.

- Will she go to court?
- No, there's absolutely no way.

Okay. I've got this. Thank you.

Sir, apologies for the delay.


what's this all about?

Chief Superintendent,

I do need to ask you
where you were last night.

I was at a conference,
but I came home early.

It was a drinking session,

and I didn't really fancy it.

Can you corroborate that, sir?

No, I'm afraid not.

My wife and I are spending
some time apart at the moment,

and I am staying with a friend.

So I was at his flat.

9 Willow Mansions.

Don't be offended, but...

I do need to know if you can
corroborate where you were

at the time of the rape.

I'm not offended at
all, but sadly, no, I can't.

I was on my own at
home, I'm sorry to say.

Oh, Boss.

How did it go with Ackerman?

Polite, professional.
Exactly what you'd expect.

But you know... Still doesn't
have an alibi for last night,

Actually, he may not need one.

Andrew Bourne left
Walbrook Road Tube Station

at 8:42 p.m. last night.

That's the tube station

that's closest to Diane
Ackerman's house,

which puts him in the
area shortly before the rape.

Ah. And what have we got?

Anything to link him
to the other two rapes?

Well, he has the same height
and build as the attacker,

and he also goes to the same gym

as one of the
previous two victims.

Yeah, and let's face it.

He is a man that has just been
rejected, so we've got a motive.

I think we've got
plenty to bring him in

and search his house, okay?


Andrew Bourne. We've met before.

I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

I'm arresting you
on the suspicion

of three counts of rape.

- You're not serious?
- I'm also arresting you

for driving without a license.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention,
when questioned, something

that you later rely on in court.

- You're serious?
- Do you understand?

I understand, but...
You're serious?

Now, under the Police
and Criminal Evidence Act,

I'm gonna search your
premises and your vehicle.

Anything in your vehicle
I should know about?


Just calm down, sir.

Yeah, I'm perfectly calm!

I just want to know
what this is about.

Are you going away somewhere?

For a few days. Is that a crime?

Okay, let's get Mr. Bourne

taken back to the station.

Let's get a low loader here

to do a full forensic
lift on the vehicle

and bring it back
to the station.

- Okay, sir. Thank you.
- Okay? You got it?

Okay. Let's hurry on this one.

Got Andrew Bourne.

Cheeky bastard
was doing a runner.

I got the luggage in his boot.

I gonna go down and
supervise forensics with the car.

Diane's still
insistent it wasn't him.

Like, acts like she
knows it wasn't him.

Wait. No. She doesn't know

because it was dark,
the attacker was masked,

and she'd had a bit to drink.
Maybe she made a mistake.


Sorry. I'm actually struggling
to understand why I'm here.

Going somewhere, were you?

Look, I-I've got
a bag in the car

because I'm going
away for a couple of days.

- Yes, absolutely.
- Where are you going?

I'm going to see my mother.

If you'd like...
You know what...

You can phone her, right,
and then she'll tell you...

You know what... I
arranged that weeks ago.

Hmm. Okay.

We've been checking your
travel records on your Oyster card,

and apparently you exited
an hour before the attack

at Walbrook Road Tube,

which is the nearest
tube to Diane's house.

Can you explain that?

You know what? I would like
to speak to a solicitor, please.

- Where were the gloves found?
- Thanks.

- Were they found in the bag?
- Sarge.

You found anything useful?

The boss is in with
Andrew Bourne right now.

Worth the wait. Got the gloves.

Listen, I reckon this
could be our guy.



Chief Super Ackerman's
got corroborated alibis

for the two other rapes.

Holy God!

Oh, I feel like doing a
little dance on the spot.

There's still the
insignificant matter

of him knocking his wife about.

Not forgotten, Charlie.

Listen, focus on
Andrew Bourne's alibis

for the first two rapes, okay?

I mean, you never know.

We might find three victims' DNA

on those fancy
leather gloves of his.

I was looking through the notes

from Andrew's
original interview.

- Tell me.
- He said all that stuff

about Diane not
having a bank account,

not having credit cards.

I rang her, and she swears that
she never discussed it with him.

But I assume that she
works off a laptop or a P.C.

in his house,
where his office is.

So if you don't mind, I'd like
to go and join the search team

to see if I can
get hold of that.

Yeah, go, go. Good.

I will not be long.

Yeah. I'll tell her now.



Andrew Bourne's
solicitor has just arrived.

God forbid I should
have a cup of tea.

Okay. If that's...

- I think you should.
- Okay.

I'd like to make a
statement, please.

Um, I did leave
my house last night

in order to travel to
Diane and Howard's house

in order to apologize for
having made a pass at her

and hopefully to
patch things up.

And I knocked on the
door a number of times,

and there was no
answer, and that was it.

I went home.

Mr. Bourne, we have
recovered a pair of black gloves

from a toolbox in
the back of your car.

Can you explain
why they're there?



If it's... If it's the
pair of gloves

that I'm thinking about,

I-I think I used them maybe
once to perhaps change...

I think I changed the
spare tire with them.

Really? It's just that they're
a very smart pair of gloves

to change a tire with.

They were what I
had to hand. That's it.

I don't know what
else I can say.

I really don't.

I've had a look
through Bourne's laptop,

and Diane did use it
to access her e-mails.

There's a whole bunch of them

between Chief Super
Ackerman and her which start...

well, as you might expect,
lots of "I'm really sorry,"

"I really miss you,"
"I really love you,"

but once she changes the
locks, he gets really, really nasty.

Sir, I've got some
e-mails here that I'd like...

- well, just to read a selection.
- My e-mails?

"Darling, I'm so
sorry for last night."

They're for my wife.

But they turn actually
quite nasty pretty quickly.

- "You're a fucking bitch."
- You got those from my wife?

"You're pathetic." "You're
nothing without me."

I mean, it's actually
quite nasty, sir.

My wife gave you some
e-mails. All right. Thank you.

Actually, the tip-off
about your behavior

came from your
best friend, Andrew.

Diane didn't say
anything about this.

- Andrew?
- Yeah.

Forensic experts
have also had a look

at the bruise on Diane's face,

and they say it definitely
came from a slap.


- And?
- And what?

You can't prove that was me.

How long have you
been at a friend's house?

How long have you
been out of your home?


- A week.
- A week?

That bruise on her
face is over a week old,

so I assume that you were
there when it happened.

There's a possibility that I
was there when it happened.

There's a possibility you
were or you weren't there?

Yes, I was there
when it happened.

So, how did she get that bruise?

I have no idea.
What do you think?

I just find it quite strange

that you would say I
can't prove that that's you.

Well, you can't, can you?

As opposed to I can't
prove how that happened.

It's just a strange...

choice of words, I think.

All right.

Thank you for your supposition.

- Your wife's afraid of you.
- Really?

Diane's already revealed
how controlling you are.


Her wages are paid
into your account.

You control how she
dresses, who she speaks to.

She has a curfew.

- Really?
- Diane's afraid of you.

She's so afraid of you

that she's had the locks
changed to your home.

Has she really?

She has told you all of this?

I hope you really
know what you're doing.

I really hope you
know what you're doing.

- Oh, I've done my homework.
- How old are you?

- 26 1/2, sir.
- Oh, you're a young girl.

- Proud of it.
- A long way to go.

- I hope so.
- You made a mistake.

You know that, don't you?

Well, we've all
made mistakes, sir...

I'm not fucking talking to you!

As CPS have confirmed
that we have enough evidence

to arrest you for
actual bodily harm.

My lawyers will eat
you up and spit you out.

As awkward as this is...

you do not have to say anything,

but it may harm your
defense if you do not mention,

when questioned, something
which you will rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- Of course I understand.

Diane was so
intensely determined

not to take it any further.

I don't understand
why he didn't just drop it.

He knew there'd be
lots of gossip in the office

about who the rape
victim was married to,

and I bet he wanted to be the
big fucking showman, you know?

Getting his wife to make
a statement, you know?

Be the big professional
copper in front of all his minions.

Yadda, yadda,
yadda. It's pathetic.

I've just got one more question,

and I'll get out of your
hair, if that's okay?

Do you know someone
called Beverly?

From off the Internet?


How do you know that?

I promise I'll explain
all in a second.

Just, can you tell me
anything about her?


Yep, Beverly.

She's somebody I met on a...

um, forum for domestic abuse.

She has been

in a really horrific
situation with her husband.

You know, she's just
somebody who's kind.

How long have you been in touch?

- Four months.
- Okay.

She's been on a domestic
abuse survivors forum.

Mostly swapping messages
with someone called Beverly.

They've been chatting
for about four months.

Diane's really opened up and
told her absolutely everything.

But a couple of days ago,

Beverly suggests that
they meet last night.

- Really?
- Yeah.

She sent her an e-mail saying,

"Well, let's swap photos so
we can recognize each other."

Diane sent hers,
and after she did,

Beverly refused
to send one back,

saying that, "Oh, now
I've got your photo,

I feel really frumpy."

So, Beverly didn't send a photo.

So, Beverly could be a man.

Plus, Beverly was very specific

that they meet in a
café near the canal.



I got Beverly's phone
number from Diane.

I tried to call it. It
wouldn't go through.

The phone company have
confirmed it's a pay-as-you-go,

which, unusually, is registered.

But the owner
hasn't topped it up.

Hence why it's
not going through.

The owner being Annette Walker.

- Fuck.
- Callaghan's girlfriend.

So she's the one who arranged
to meet Diane last night.

So George
Callaghan's the rapist.

I just feel we're
missing something.

The domestic abuse forum
sent me Beverly's I.P. address,

which is registered to
Annette and Callaghan's house.

- Oh, there is more.
- Tell me.

The other two rape victims have
both been in touch with Beverly.

Okay, so, she leaves alone
not long before the rape,

but we've got surveillance,
and the bedroom light is...

Callaghan's turning his
bedroom light off at 10:00,

so he can't be in
two places at once.


Unless he's got
the lights on a timer.

Unless he's got
his lights on a timer.

Okay. Let's get
a search warrant.

- Yeah? Great. Okay.
- Now's the time. Do it.

Okay, here we go. Game face on.

Do the door, man.

Okay, let's go, let's go.


- Okay, I was right.
- Sorry?

We got a timer on
the bedroom lamp.

There's a doorway
knocked through

from the kitchen to the garage.

He's climbing through
there, getting in the boot,

- and then she's driving off.
- Fuck.

Can I get a dog camera, please?

Boss? What have you got?

The tech team have
been checking out

the domestic abuse website.

- Charlie!
- Uh-huh.

Beverly has arranged
another meeting tonight, Jack.

Have you been in
touch with the victim?

No, there's no number.

Okay, what car are
we looking out for?

Ford Focus... Lima, Delta,
59, Uniform, Sierra, Sierra.


Fucker. Come on!


- Wait. You going left here?
- Yep.

Fuck, that's it.
That's her, that's her.

- Okay, okay, okay. Ready?
- Yeah. Yep.


- Okay, I'm out, I'm out.
- Yep.

- Annette!
- Annette, where's George?

- Where's George?!
- I don't know!

Where's George?!
For fuck's sake, tell me!

- Where is he?!
- He's down there.

- What?
- He's down here.

- Where? Where?
- Come here!

Come here! Come
here! You're nicked!

Are you okay? Are you okay?

George Callaghan,
you're under arrest.

Do you understand? Calm down!

Get the balaclava off!

I'm arresting you
for attempted rape.

You do not have to say anything,

though it may harm your defense
if you fail to mention anything

you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.


Okay. Get the fucking
smile off your face!

Come on, cuff him!

Will you wait with her?
There's an ambulance coming.


Grilling them? What's the play?

I think that, for now, we
should treat Annette as a victim.

You're going in on
George Callaghan, right?

Yeah, well, I think he's
probably gonna implicate her.

We need to release
Andrew Bourne.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Annette, how on earth have
you got yourself into this?

I don't know. I mean...

It just...

I wanted to do
something. Of course I did.

I mean, so many times I
went to go and call the police,

and it's like he
could read my mind

'cause he would
always, like, follow me

and see who I was calling.

Why didn't you call
the police before?

'Cause he said he...

He said that if I did
anything, that he would know,

and he said that he
would kill me in my sleep.

He said he'd strangle
me in my sleep.

Or he'd do something to my
mum. He'd go 'round to my mum.

And he'd push her down the
stairs or something like that.

So I-I just didn't
know what to do.

I never knew where he was.

I never knew what he
was gonna do. I mean...

Did you think to try and
escape the situation and leave?

Well, how... How
could I have done that?

Do you want five minutes?


She did as she was told.

She's fucking weak, isn't she?

She's fucking innocent.

She did exactly
what I told her to do.

So you whip her into action.

Make her drive you out.

- Hide you in the boot.
- Mm-hmm.

And then wait.

Don't give me that bullshit.

Oh? You think it's bullshit?

- Yeah.
- Lions and lambs, man, right?

You want to know all
the psychobabble bullshit?

Talk to the fucking doctors.

Talk to the doctors.

I'm not interested.

You want to go
poking around in here?

Fucking go for it, man.

Annette, the thing is, when
you contacted the women initially

through the Internet, of course,
you weren't passive in that.

I mean, you were doing that.

Yeah, but he made me do it.

It was his idea.

So, you knew what he was
going to do to those women.

No, no, I didn't. No.

But then when I
saw it on the news

and I realized what
must have happened,

and I asked him
about it, he denied it.

But I thought, "No, it was him."

But, no, I didn't know he was
going to keep on and on and on.

Right. Even though
you knew his history?


He hadn't done it for
a long time, had he?

I mean, people...

change, don't they?

Anyway, I've really got to go

because it's time for me to
see my mum and cook her tea.

- So, you know.
- Annette, that's fine.

If you give me permission to
use your keys, I can get, um...

No. She wouldn't like
that. She would not like that.

She's very particular, my mum,

and she would not like a
stranger coming to her house.

Annette, unfortunately, we've
got some more talking to do.

- Sit down, please, Annette.
- No, I've got to go

because I'm late anyway.

Take a seat, please, Annette.

Can I have the keys,
please, with your permission?

This is fucking ridiculous.

How you doing?

He's smug, proud, but
he's giving me nothing.

He's to blame, she was weak.

He forced her to do his bidding.

- Hmm. That's predictable.
- Hm.

- Mine's very odd.
- Yeah?


Doesn't want us to go near
her mum. That's for sure.

- So first thing we do...
- Search team?

Yeah. Search team
at Mum's, I'd say.

You're never gonna believe this.

Search team find
Annette's mother in the dark,

no heating, no
gas, no electricity,

covered in her own shit, hadn't
eaten for three or four days.

- No.
- She's been lying to us.

So, Annette, we've
been to see your mum.

My goodness.

My dog lives better
than your mum.

That was a shock.

She's a fucking dirty
old cow, isn't she?

I thought you were
looking after your mum.

Oh, you really like
doing this, don't you?

You're enjoying this?

Getting off on it, yeah?

Do you resent your mum for
having let you go into care?

Is that it?

Is that why you're treating
your mum as you are now?

No one to look after her?

- Is that it?
- No one said that about me,

did they, when she
was treating me like that.

- No.
- How was she treating you?

She didn't want
to know, did she?

She was just out with all her...

her boyfriends, as
she liked to call them.

Beating her up, beating me up.

She didn't care, did she?
She'd rather keep them than me.

And is the fact that you felt

that you were at
risk from the abuse

and that your mother
was being abused...

Has that got anything
to do with the fact

that all of the women
that you contacted...

Oh, for fuck's sake!

You don't even know
what you're talking about.

You're just talking
a load of shit.

A load of crap.

All of the women were
victims of domestic abuse.

Well, they had a
choice, didn't they?

They didn't have to stay
with men like that, did they?

They don't care.

So you feel you were
trying to help these women?

Of course I was.

I was telling them no woman

should put up with shit
like that from any man.

And if you think you were
trying to help these women,

how good a job do you
think you've done so far?

Well, they're not gonna make

the same mistake
again, are they?

Put it that way.

Was that why you picked them?

'Cause they were like your
mum. Weren't they, really?

You were just cherry-picking out
women that reminded you of Mum.

Is that it?

If you say so.

Were you so angry with your mum

that you thought this was
the best way to get back at...

I'm fucking angry at you
for fucking holding me here

when I haven't done anything!

I told you! I haven't
done anything!

Annette Walker,

I'm going to, under the
circumstances, arrest you

- for conspiracy to rape...
- ♪ La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la ♪

and GBH.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense

if you do not mention,
when questioned,

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- ♪ I can't hear you ♪
- Do you understand, Annette?

♪ I can't hear you ♪

Annette, do you understand?

I can't hear you!

I've been very clear, but
the response to caution

was that she couldn't
hear me, so I'm repeating...

Do you understand, Annette?

Do you understand, Annette?


Victim is Terrence
Holland, investment banker.

Hence this very
lovely penthouse.

He's also terminally ill.

He was found in an apparent
drugs overdose in the bedroom.

So he would have been
barely able to use his arms.

He could not have
done that himself.

Let's look at his last will
and testament, I think.

See who's most likely
to benefit from his death.

Mrs. Holland, in order to
continue my investigation,

I need to arrest you.

Mrs. Holland, I don't
want to have to use these.

- Okay?
- Oh, my God.

Let's go quickly,
let's go quietly.

Five minutes,
and I'll talk to you.

In which case, Dr. Standish,

I'm more than happy to
arrest you in the corridor.

I'm arresting you on
suspicion of assisted suicide.

I will cuff you,
or I will hold you.

- You can choose.
- All right, hold me.

But I will talk to my
solicitor, thank you.

Matt and Jess Holland.

Stand there. Stand
there. Stand there.

Stand there! Stand still!

- Stop.
- Fucker!