Suspects (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

The police are called to the Green Pit night club, whose owner Kirk Hawthorne has been assaulted though his sister Ziggy has sustained very severe head wounds, putting her in a coma, and had clearly been taking a large quantity of ecstasy substitute PMA. Then the body of Tom Yeoman, another PMA user, is found in an alley way. Ziggy's friend Hannah claims that Ziggy had ingested a huge amount of PMA but Kirk denies that she used drugs. Jack goes after security chief Dave Mastings since the CCTV footage is missing and he should have conducted searches given that the club had only recently reopened after closure for a drugs death. Dave admits to disposing of Tom's body on Kirk's orders whilst Hannah tells the police that Ziggy was in a very bad mood having discovered that Wakim, a boy she fancied, was actually Kirk's lover. Eventually the police discover who was making and selling the drugs but must still deduce whether the attacks were drug motivated or crimes of passion.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
"Police have tonight been called to
the troubled Green Pit nightclub."

"First reports suggest that club-owner Kirk
Hawthorne has been the victim of a brutal assault."

Victim's Kirk Hawthorne.
Hit in the back of the head.

- Blood is leading to the door.
- Look! Got another one!

Fuck! Yeah? Where?

Down here? Yeah, it's down here.

Shit. Is she breathing?
When did you find her?

Just now.
Was anyone else here? Nobody.

OK, guys. Back up the stairs.
Don't touch anything.

This is potentially
a second crime scene. Up the stairs!

Have we got an ID on the victim yet?
Ziggy Hawthorne, Kirk's sister.

Are you security?
Yeah, head of security.

Take them down to the ambulance and come back
here. I wanna have a chat with you. No problem.

Two victims from the same family
in one evening.

That's got to be the same assailant
and a targeted attack, surely.

Potentially, but you don't want to
jump to conclusions straight away.

Let's go and check in here. Yep.

OK. When you're finished there, I
need these cables dusted for prints.

Can you get on that? Charlie! Yeah?

Is your radio broken?
Er, no, it's not.

Why can't I get in touch with you?
CCTV recorder's been taken.

Someone's trying to cover
their tracks.

Annalise is gonna dust these
for fingerprints.

Are the takings kept in here?
No, takings aren't here.

Takings are in the back bar.
It's still locked.

I haven't been able to get
in there yet.

Also in the back bar is the bar
manager, Guy Ollersbury... Ollers-...

Guy what? Who made the 999 call.

He probably... He found Kirk.
Go and talk to him. Butter him up.

Use your wit, charm and -
Is he hot? Charlie...

Is he? Cos I'm only going if he is.
Charlie, it's three in the morning.

Go and talk to him. This job
is fucking killing me, I swear.

OK. Thanks, Annalise!

What's your name? It's Guy.

Surname? Ollerbury.

O- L-L-E-R-B-U-R-Y.

Can you just run me through
what happened?

Um, yeah. I don't remember much.

I went upstairs to drop some cash
off into the office.

As soon as I opened the door,
I just saw Kirk lying there,

just covered in blood. So I went
straight for the phone, called 999.

Yeah. I wish... I wish
I could've found Ziggy as well.

Who was Ziggy with this evening?

Um, a couple of people.

One guy I see around a lot,
guy called Wakim.

Um... He's a bit of
a wannabe boxer from around here.

How many guys did you have
on security? Five.

In this room? Yeah.
One here, overseeing the VIP area,

one person here by the DJ box,
to make sure no-one gets in.

Two people either side
of the dance floor

where the main action takes place,
one person by our exit,

where we do make exits
if ever there's any trouble

or if anyone's trying to get out,
just cos it trips the alarm.

I'm gonna need names, contact
details, for all those guys,

just to have a chat with them.
I'll get those off you later.

Was there any physical,
verbal threats made to Kirk

in the last couple of weeks?
Not that I'm aware of.

I spoke to the hospital. Ziggy
has suffered a brain haemorrhage,

also a drugs overdose,
but they don't know what yet.

Kirk's had a lucky escape. Head
injury not as bad as it looked,

so he's groggy,
but OK for interview.

We should head down there now.
Yeah, absolutely.

Er, news. Yeah?

Er, Kirk Hawthorne,
our nightclub owner... Yeah? clean,
but his club was closed last year

after drugs-related violence
left a man dead.

Got his licence back
a couple of months ago

after getting rid
of the old door team,

who they thought controlled
the drugs supply. That's it.

Excuse me. You can go in now.

Has Kirk been told
about Ziggy's condition?

I have no idea.
I spoke to a nurse, though.

She said she was in
a pretty bad way.

We need to know what she's taken and how
dangerous it is. See you back at base.

Just through here?

Mr Hawthorne? My name is
Detective Sergeant Jack Weston.

I know this is not ideal
circumstances for some questions,

but it's important for me to get
as much information as possible

while it's still fresh in your mind.

Do you have any reason to believe
why someone might have attacked you?

I have no idea, I'm afraid.

No? Do you remember anything
from last night?

I remember just before, I was
walking around just greeting people,

you know, buying rounds
for regulars and stuff.

And then got to my office...
Gone. That's it. Yeah.

Toxicology report...
Great... on Ziggy.

Yeah? She ingested PMA,
which is an ecstasy substitute.

Effects include increased heart rate
and increase in body temperature.

Yeah? Should we wake up the boss?
Not necessary.

Really? Yeah.

Hello, Wakim. Hello.

Right. Ziggy Hawthorne...

is a friend of yours?

Yeah, sort of.

Um, she's just one of my clients.

Um, I do a bit of personal training.
I'm a professional boxer,

er, and I do personal training
on the side.

OK. To pay the bills.
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah.

All right. So...
I mean, you say she's a client,

but you spend time with her
outside of that? You hang out?

That's how we met.
And then we got on really well,

so now we just chill together.
Are you two together? No.

No. OK.

Right. So, you were at the Green Pit
tonight with Ziggy. Mm-hm.

But you weren't there
when the police were called.

No. I left early. Right.

Um, because
I don't really like going out,

and I had training in the morning,
so... OK.

Who else were you two there with?
Um, Ziggy's friend Hannah.

Er, does Hannah have a last name?

Um, what's her second name?

Hannah Stevenson. Stevenson.


Hannah, you know someone
called Ziggy Hawthorne.


She's my best mate.
We, um... We go to uni together.

If she's your best mate, where
were you when she had an accident

and the police were called? Um...

Do you know something about
Ziggy's drug overdose?

She was caning it down.
I... I only took a little bit.

A little bit of what? PMA.

But, um... not as much as she took.

She was taking a lot.

It's starting to wear off now, so...
I feel a lot better.

Right. So at some point you took
the drugs, and then you left,

or what happened?
I felt really weird,

so I went outside
to get some fresh air.

And I thought the best thing to do
was to go home,

to go back to my hall, so... OK.

Hannah, after this I want you
to go right to the hospital.

I feel fine. You've taken
the same thing as Ziggy.

It's wearing off now. It's fine.
She's really, really unwell. OK?

Where did Ziggy get the drugs from
that you two took? I don't know.


Maybe... I don't know who,
but it was someone off campus.

Forgive my directness. Do you think
Ziggy was a regular drug user?

No. No. How can you be so sure?

She's my sister. She...

She's a student. Yeah.

Yeah. You were a student? Yeah.

I know what it's like,
but she lives with me.

You know, I... I know her.
I see her every day.

Do you have any reason to believe
drugs might be back on your premises?

I know you had
a big drug problem before.

I tell you what - if I find...

If I find the person
that gave my sister that shit...

Mr Ollerbury...
Mr Ollerbury, calm down.

OK. You need some rest.
You need to recover.

You've had
a very, very serious head injury.

I know you're emotional,
but don't make any rash decisions.

Anything you do now, call me.
I'll give my number to the nurse.

Call me or one of my colleagues,
and we'll deal with it.

Sarge? Bad news. A uniform found
this guy dead in an alleyway.

His name was Tom Yeoman,
and he's only 19. OK.

When his jacket pockets
were turned out, they found a flyer

for DJ night at the Green Pit,
and a wrap of white powder

which forensics have confirmed
is PMA.

This is him.
OK. Two PMA overdoses.

One dead in the alleyway,
one critical in hospital.

I got to ring the boss.

"Police have named a man
found dead in an alleyway last night

from a suspected drug overdose
as 19-year-old Tom Yeoman."

Our thoughts are, of course,
with Tom Yeoman's family

following this tragedy.

The precise cause of Tom's death
is yet to be established,

but we do believe it is linked to
a batch of the drug PMA.

If anyone has experienced
any adverse effects from the drug,

we would urge them to seek medical
attention as soon as possible.

We are appealing to any witnesses
to come forward in the case

with any information, as we do need to get
this drug off the streets of East London.

Thank you so much for your time,
ladies and gentlemen.

Toxicology report.

Tom Yeoman's results are exactly
the same as Ziggy Hawthorne's,

so drug's from the same source.

Yeah. Boss, Annalise
down at forensics at the crime scene

said that the DNA
on the cables of the CCTV recorder

belong to Dave Mastings,
head of security at the club.

Arrest him for theft as a kick-off,

and we'll search his premises.
Great. OK.

Go up to the desk.

Do you understand why
you're being arrested?

Property, please.
Empty your pockets slowly.

How many keys do you have?!

Do you deal drugs in the club, Dave?

No, I don't deal drugs in the club
or anywhere else, for that matter.

What about the CCTV?
You're in charge of the CCTV. Yeah.

The recording's gone missing.
That's the first I've heard of it.

I'm not selling the CCTV recording.

Your fingerprints are all over the
cables removed from the back of it.

I'm head of security. I work with
that CCTV recorder every single day.

It involves fiddling with the wires?
It's a cheap kit.

Kirk skimped out on it, so yeah.
I'm stood fiddling with the wires,

turning it on and off, rebooting it,
trying to get it to work,

pressing play, stop, fast forward,
rewind. My prints are all over it.

You're a clever man.
Always an answer for everything.

Who else are you talking to?
People who come into the club?

Ziggy's friend, Wakim?
Have you spoke to him?

Don't worry.
We're keeping ourselves busy.

In fact we are searching your house
as we speak.

Isn't it your job,
as head of security,

to stop drugs from coming into
the club in the first place?

Yeah. So we got one dead... girl in a critical condition
in hospital.

You're responsible for that. Which is
why I told you to ask Wakim.

We're not interested in Wakim.
Well, you should be interested.

He's inside with the boss's sister,

so he comes into the club
every single night.

He doesn't get patted down. Him
and Ziggy are allowed into my club

without getting patted down.
Yeah, I'm head of security.

It infuriates me. All right?
And this Wakim, he's a boxer.

He's not a prize fighter.
He doesn't earn thousands of pounds,

yet he's showing up to my club
every single night in a flash car,

new clothes, nice new watches,
bling, all this sort of stuff.

Where does he get the money from?

I hear that that bright, shiny Audi
convertible outside belongs to you.

No. It's... It's, er, Ziggy's car.

Then, why is it here?
Cos she let me borrow it.

OK. Safe to assume you're insured.

Not... Not yet.

I've just been really busy
with work and training.

I haven't had time to insure it. Oh.

Why did Ziggy lend you her car?

Just to... my profile as a boxer.
You need to get those title fights,

you need to start living that life.

What's your relationship with Ziggy?
Me and Ziggy are just friends.

Just friends?
She ain't my type of girl.

I don't like white girls.
Why do you hang around her so much?

Cos she's a good laugh. What's wrong
with hanging around with a girl?

Sort out that insurance by the end of the day
or I'll come back and arrest you. Right?

All right? Yeah.
Great. See you later.

Update, guys.
I spoke to Tom Yeoman's friends.

They confirm that they were in
the Green Pit nightclub last night.

They say they're occasional drug users
but didn't realise Tom had any on him.

He went to the loo about 11:30
and never came back,

but they thought he was... sharking.
Really? J-Bomb knows what that is.

I haven't sharked in a long time.
Tell the old lady what sharking is.

Have you never been sharked? Guys
cruising clubs looking for chicks.

Yes, I have. Right. Yes. And?

OK. There's no evidence
of Tom Yeoman leaving the club

via the front door. CCTV proves that.

Pathologist's initial report says
death happened any time between 11:30

and 2:00 AM, so what's to say
that the nightclub owners -

hear me out - came into the toilets,
found Tom overdosed in a cubicle,

take him out in order to maintain
their reputation,

put him in a car and dump him
somewhere else?

After the last incident at the club.
I see what you mean.

Hannah, do you recognise
this man at all?

No. You didn't see him
in the club last night?

He didn't chat Ziggy up?
No. She was with me the whole night.

Even when you went to the toilet?
Yeah. I mean, even if...

I dunno. She only has eyes
for Wakim anyway.

She's obsessed with him.
When I spoke to Wakim,

he said there was nothing going on.
Well, there definitely is.

They've been hanging out for ages.
She really likes him.

Do you think he sold her the drugs
that you two took?

No idea. Even if he did,
she wouldn't tell me,

I don't think.
I thought you two were best mates.

You go to the loo together.
Surely you share everything.

Well, I dunno. She loves Wakim.

You definitely don't recognise him
at all? No.

OK. Thank you.

OK, guys. CCTV is in from the alley.
About bloody time, too!

Right. Let's have a look.
Yeah? Pull it through.

I'll get it up. OK.
Tell me when it's on. Yeah.

What's going on?

Here we go. Do we have any angles
on the rest of this street?

I think it's just this one.
Is this what I think it is?

This is Green Cross Street.
Oh, Tom Yeoman, man.

Taken out of the nightclub,
dumped in the alleyway.

Ten points,
Detective Sergeant Jack Weston.

Who do you reckon that is? Kirk?

We're never gonna get
off this quality...

We're never gonna get that plate.
No make or model either.

No. Hang on, there.
What's that brake light?

Only one?

Look at that. You know what?
Whoever's got the CCTV recorder

from the club, they know what the
bloody hell's going on, don't they?

Gimme two seconds.
I'm just gonna check something.

Where you going? Gimme two seconds.

Fucking freezing down here. Can I
get Dave Masting's property? Sure.

Any time today.

Have you been keeping that door open?
No, no, I'll take the bag.

Sign for it.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

This is Dave Masting's belongings.


Keys from the nightclub,
all accounted for.

Personal keys,
all accounted for except for one.

So maybe it is something to do with
this gym membership card.

Locker. Bish-bash-bosh!

Well done, Jack. You should be
a detective. Thank you.

Did you hear that? Just you wait.

I've just been through
all our key players in traffic.

Hawthorne was issued with
a vehicle-defection notice

ten days ago,
for a defective brake light. Boom!

My top team!

Morning, Felicity. Hey, Jacko.

Hey, boss.
Definitely Kirk Hawthorne's car.

Broken brake light,

and, er... well, a couple of chunks
of puke in the back seat.

Yeah. Presumably we'll discover
that belonged to the victim.

The question is, who was driving?


How are you? Fine.

Feeling OK? Better, thank you.

And Ziggy?

I, um... I haven't really seen her,

but the doctor said she's stable.

And you? Can you stand?

Yeah. Can you stand for me now?

Kirk Hawthorne,

I'm arresting you on suspicion of
conspiracy to commit manslaughter.

It may harm your defence if you fail to
mention something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be used in
evidence. Can I get dressed, please?

Can you change your clothes?
Yes. OK. You got two minutes.

I'll sit in here.

Don't go too far.

There's a young man, Tom, who
suffered an overdose in your club.

He was then removed
and taken to an alleyway.

He's dead.

Customer of yours, right?

Now a dead customer. Could have been
your sister, couldn't it?

OK. Can you take them away now? Your
little sister, that could've been.

I'm pretty confident
that forensics will prove

that this lad was transported
in your car.

I've already told you
I don't know anything about that.

That's your car.

Well, yeah. I leave my keys
in my office on my desk,

so any member of staff
could have access to my car, so...

Hello, Guy. Hello.
Do you recognise this man at all?

Er, no. Don't think so.

Not even from the club last night?
Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I may have... I may have served
him last night, yeah.

Did you see him apart from that?

Er, don't think so.
Busy night, big bar. Mm.


How long have you worked at
the Green Pit?

Er, just a few weeks.
Five... This is my fifth week now.

Er, yeah, just after I got back
from a little holiday.

Oh, where did you go?
Er, to Switzerland.

Oh? To Verbier.

Very nice. Yeah.
I have no idea where that is,

to be honest. It's very beautiful,
very good for snowboarding.

OK. Barmen obviously get paid
way too much.

Actually, that's why I got the job.

Threw away all my student loan on it,
so, er, I need the hours there.

That's a lot of money.
How long did you go for?

Just over three weeks.
It's very expensive.

But worth it. Worth it. OK.

How's it going? I'm still waiting on
a warrant to get into Dave's gym.

Er, thoughts on Guy?
He has expensive tastes.

I don't know who's worse -
him or Wakim.

Forensics come back
on Kirk's car yet?

Two seconds. Boss?

Yeah, I'm up on the roof.

Really? That confirmed?

OK, great.
I'll be down in two seconds.

OK. Bye-bye.

Guess whose fingerprints are on
the steering wheel of Kirk's car.

Kirk's? No! Dave Mastings'.
Finish your cigarette. Let's go.

Big Dave!

Have you ever driven Kirk's car?


How come your fingerprints
are all over the steering wheel?

I moved the car a couple of weeks
ago to make room for a delivery.

We had a big lorry coming in.
The car was in the way,

so I moved Kirk's car for him.

Well, I'll make it my business
to talk to that lorry driver.


Where's the CCTV, Dave?

No comment.

Your "no comment" s aren't going
to get you very far any more,

cos I've got a warrant to search
your locker at the gym.

What's in your locker, Dave?

Don't tell me - no comment.


Boss? It's me. Got the CCTV recorder.

Same serial number and everything.
Dave Mastings is our guy.

OK. I'll be back in five minutes.

Let me check something.

That you, driving Kirk's car?

Taking the body out of the back seat?

That kid's dead now.

That one's a little unclear.
I've got something else to show you.

Might jog your memory.

Oh, look!

Who's that, Dave?

Have you got a twin brother?

No comment?

I'd like to see my solicitor.

Kirk Hawthorne informed me
about an OD victim in the gents'.

Kirk was panicking. He did not want
to lose his license and livelihood.

I know it was wrong, but I decided
to take the victim from the club

via the fire door, and I drove him
to an alleyway in Kirk's car.

The victim was still alive
when I left him in the alleyway.

When I returned to the club,
the bar manager informed me

that Kirk Hawthorne
had been assaulted.

I told him to phone an ambulance.
I removed the CCTV recorder.

I hoped the identify the person
or persons dealing drugs.

Did you not think
to call an ambulance?

You could've saved that boy's life.

I intended to call an ambulance,
but when I got back to the club

and Kirk had been assaulted, I got
caught up in the mayhem of that,

and I forgot. I'm sure that will be
a real comfort to his parents.

I don't believe you
when you say you knew nothing

about Dave removing Tom
from your club.

About a young man overdosing
in your club.



What we actually know is that
Tom took drugs in your club.


Number one. We know that his body
was dumped using your car.

Dave Mastings
has given us a statement

to say that you knew all about that.

He dropped you in it, Kirk.

Still gonna say you know nothing?

The kid's dead.

He's dead.

He died on your watch.

I'm s-... I'm sorry. OK? I'm sorry.

I don't...

I don't know
where the drugs came from.

I have no idea.

Did you order Dave
to take him out of the club?

Is that a yes? Yeah.

Was Tom dead
before you let him move him?

I don't know. I don't know.

I swear I don't know.
I didn't think he was dead.

Don't say
I don't look after my team.

Thank you!

Your little public appeal worked?
It did.

There's two white wraps
with white powder round them

left in a nightclub this morning.
I've sent them to forensics

to see if they contain PMA. Great.
Look at the wrappers for prints.

I don't think Wakim's our dealer.

I looked through
Ziggy's credit-card statements.

There's a ton of transactions
with expensive men's stores,

so I do think
he's taking Ziggy for a ride.

I looked at Kirk's phone
to see if there was anything

from around the time Tom was dumped.
None of that,

but a series of
very interesting texts between Kirk

and Mr Wakim Ahmed.

What's the relationship between you
and Wakim? Are you friends?

Yeah. Well wishers? You say hello to
each other on the street?

He's my sister's boyfriend.
Is that all?

Yeah. Tell me, are you lovers?

Do you sleep together?


Are you fuck-buddies?
What is it? What's the story?

I've seen the texts
you've been sending each other

for the last two days.
There's, what... Five, six, seven.

There's nine pages of texts
between the two of you.

Um, last... "Me, too.
I miss being with you so much."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, yeah.
I get it. "I'm lonely."

"I want you. X, X. I wish
I could tell everyone about us."

We're in a relationship.
That was easy. Brilliant. Yeah?

Has that helped?

Maybe. Really?

Does Ziggy know?

Who does?

Does Ziggy know?

No. She doesn't know.


She's your sister. Yeah.

I've seen photos of the two of you.
You're very close.

I tell my sister everything.
Good for you.

Why didn't you tell your sister
that you're gay?

My sister knows I'm gay.

Why didn't you tell your sister
that you're sleeping with Wakim?

That you're fucking Wakim,
or he's fucking you? I dunno.

Look, she's gonna forget
all about Wakim.

She'll lose interest in no time.
Last month it was Hannah.

This month it's Wakim. So...


If Wakim was actually interested
in her, she would run a mile.

She's been that way
ever since our parents died.

I get it. I'm an arsehole.
I'm fucking her boyfriend.

So what?

Well, I just wondered,
could she have known?

No. Are you sure?

I... I guess.

What would she feel like
if she did find out?

She'd be humiliated.

Wouldn't she?



Yeah, I guess so.

So, Wakim, talk to me. We have
your phone and we have Kirk's phone,

and we've got text and
picture messages between the two,

which pretty much confirm
that you two are together.

Do you have anything to say?

I'm trying to find out
who assaulted Kirk,

so tell me about this.
Tell me about the two of you.

What's there to say?

We just met through Ziggy, and...

and it happened, didn't it?

And did she know about it?

I'll take that as a no.

Got forensics back on those wraps.

Same finger marks are present
on all of the wraps.

None of those marks belong to
Wakim, so he's not our dealer.

Only thing he was hiding, the fact
that he had a boyfriend. Charlie!

I know it's really boring.
Can you trawl through all the CCTV

from the club? I want you to track
what happened to Tom and Ziggy

through the evening, OK?

Found me something on Tom and Ziggy?

Nothing on Tom, but I've still got
seven cameras to go through.

That lady in a white top is Hannah
going into the toilet,

and in a minute, Ziggy Hawthorne
also comes out of that main door

onto the stairs. Come on...
Is that the main bit of the club?

This is the stairway that goes down.
Ziggy goes into the loo.

And they're in there...
Let me fast-forward it.

They're in there for... Here we go.

Right. They come out,
and have a massive all-out barney

on the stairs. Yeah.

OK. They're talking about something.
It's pretty heated.

Ziggy looks furious.

It looks more like she's having
a go at her than anything else.

Did Hannah mention anything
about it? No, absolutely nothing.

What did you two row about, Hannah?

Well, basically, I...

I told her that night what
I found out about Kirk and Wakim.

Well, how did you find out?
I saw them.

We were all having pre-drinks
in the office.

Ziggy likes to have it
as a sort of unofficial VIP area.

And we were all having drinks,

and me and Ziggy
started to go for a dance,

and I forgot my cigarettes. So
when I went back up to the office,

I saw them kissing.
I managed to get a picture of it.

When did this happen?
Um, about a week ago.

So you knew for a week, and you
didn't tell Ziggy until last night?

I had to, because there was
such bad tension in the group.

I can't... I can't just...
be normal with someone

when I know they're lying to
my best friend.

And he didn't know I knew about it,
but there was just... I just...

I just couldn't deal with him
being there and lying like that.

So obviously he left,
and Ziggy was really upset with me,

because that basically was
why there was a tension,

and she thought
something was going on.

Between you and Wakim?
Yeah. So we went to the toilets,

and she was just in such a state.
And I tried to show her the photo,

but she was having none of it.
I said, "I'll text it to you."

"You can look at it now
or look at it later."

Yeah, and she just flipped out.
The PMA was kicking in,

and she just kicked off. That's when
she started to get a bit...

OK. Yeah.

Er, right.
Since you've been in Kirk's office,

I'll need your fingerprints
for elimination purposes.

Look, if there's any possibility
at all,

I'd love to be able to see Ziggy.
I know, obviously, at the moment...

You'll have to ask the nursing staff
at the hospital.

Give them a call.
I need to take your fingerprints,

so just give me a sec
and I'll bring the kit.

I've been through
Ziggy's deleted text messages.

Hannah sent her that photo
two minutes after their argument.

She told me she sent it while
they were still in the toilet.

So either she's got her timings
wrong, which isn't really plausible,

or they argued about something else.

The drug wraps. We got a match
on the prints. Hannah's the dealer.

Let's go talk to her.
I just let her go.

What? I just let her go.

We got her? Brilliant. Thank you.

Thank you. She left the building
in a hurry ten minutes ago.

Her mobile signal's been picked up
three streets away

by a live cell site.

Slow, slow.

Right. Yeah. Stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop! Stop, stop!

Hannah Stevenson?

Stop! Stop! Get away from me!

I'm arresting you for conspiracy -
Let go of me! Hannah! Hannah!

..something you later rely on
in court.

Anything you do say may be given
in evidence. Do you understand?

Do you understand? YES!

Fucking hell. Come on!
OK. Gimme the bag.

Gimme the bag!
I got both. I got both. Come on.

Got it.
Why, Hannah? Why run? Fuck's sake!

Where were you going in such a rush?

OK. I got the door.
Put the child lock on that side.


Is she in?
Yeah. Good. Let's go.

Listen, I can't stay long,

because I've got to dash down
to forensics.

I wanna have a quick word with them
about, um... finger marks.

But you'll probably save me
a lot of time,

because guess where we found
your finger marks.


You know the little wraps of drugs?

We found your finger marks
all over them.

How long have you been a drug dealer?
I'm not a drug dealer. No?

You're being recorded.
Yes, I know I'm being recorded.

Microphone. CCTV.
What magazines do you read?

Anything, really. Like...


I'm not a drug dealer.

There should be no problem, then.
So I'm going to go down to forensics,

talk to them. I hope you're not
telling me a lie... Han.

These are the wrappers.

Um... Put all the wrappers together,

you get something
that looks like a winter photo,

a skiing trip, snowboarding trip.

Hannah look like the kind of girl
who's a snowboarder?

The bar manager Guy,
he said he'd taken the job

after coming back from
a really long snowboarding holiday.

He said he spent
all his student loan on it.

Is that the financial report? Yeah.

What you get? Right. Guy Ollerbury
is paying off his debts on time

and in small amounts,
which is quite normal.

But there is a bulk buy
for aniseed oil,

commonly used for relieving
muscular aches and pains,

but also in the manufacture of PMA.
Boom-boom. Mm!

I decided to ring Guy's university.
Snowboarder Guy Ollerbury

was "a prodigious but lazy
chemistry student".

Was that a direct quote? Direct
quote, quotations and everything.

Kicked off his course last year
for stealing laboratory equipment.

Hmm! Real scientist!

How long have you been manufacturing
controlled drugs, Guy?

I will warn you, that is one of
the most serious offences going.


The drugs that you created,
the magic batch,

has killed one guy, OK? Another girl
is critical in hospital.

She might not make it.
She probably won't. Because of you.

I never intended to sell it.
It wasn't my idea.

I made it for my personal use.
It was Hannah's idea. She...

Hannah wanted to sell it.
It was never my idea.

She wanted the... the money.

Once Wakim came along,
Ziggy dropped Hannah like that.

You know, she used to lavish
all these gifts on her,

all those watches and all that.

Um... Hannah missed that,
and she wanted the money,

and she told me it'd be a good idea
to - to sell it.

OK. So you've thrown, essentially,
your entire life away...

..based on a good idea? What the fuck
are you doing making drugs?

Hannah's not like anyone else
I've met.

She was interested...
She was interested in me,

and she was funny,
and she... liked me.

And I probably shouldn't have
listened to her, but I did.

Hannah, we've got some CCTV of you
from inside the club last night.

When I spoke to you earlier,
and I showed you that picture of...

I didn't say his name,
but of a guy called Tom,

and you said,
"No, I've never seen him before."

"He didn't chat to Ziggy or me."
That was a lie, wasn't it?

I... Because that's you. That's him.
That's you handing him something.

So you have seen him before,
and you have spoken to him.

I don't understand
why it's just me in this situation

when Guy goes into the club every
day and brings things in with him.

He goes in every morning
to bottle up,

and no-one here
is pointing the finger at him.

He's told us
that YOU brought them in.

Well, then, that's not true.

Is that not you
handing something to Tom?

Hannah, what did you and Ziggy
really argue about?

Because it wasn't about the text.
No comment.

Jesus. I...


I don't have anything more to say.

In which case,
I'll tell you what I think, shall I?

I think Ziggy was pissed off
you were dealing drugs

in her brother's club,
which had been closed

because of a drugs incident, which
he was trying so hard to keep open,

and that you, rather than sending
that text as a concerned friend

and "Wakim's
really messing you about,"

you sent it to her to distract her.

Right. Hannah...

Stop wasting our time. Your
fingerprints are all over the wraps.

I have nothing more to say.
We have you.

You'll make it a lot easier
for yourself if you tell the truth.

I don't have anything more to say.
When you're making wraps for drugs,

your fingerprints, like yours are...

Look here. Look at it.

All over. Fiddling everywhere.
You've made your point. Hm?

You've made your point.
You wrapped those drugs.

You brought those drugs
into the nightclub.

Tom Yeoman is dead because of you.

Do you wanna change your statement?
No comment.

She is a dick. Yeah.

One man dead,
your best friend in hospital,

and all you have to say is
"no comment".

Motive? Money. Bingo.

I just got forensics back
on the whisky bottle.

They found blood on the glass.
The bottle they found by Ziggy?

Yeah, that's the one.

Mr Hawthorne, there's been
a development in the case.

I just felt it was up to me
to come down and talk to you.

It appears it was your sister
that assaulted you.

She was the one holding the bottle.

It's come to light that she knows
about your relationship with Wakim.

Thank you, Mr Wilson.

Who's she on the phone to? Hospital.

Appreciate that. Thank you.

OK. Look busy.

How's Ziggy?

She's regained consciousness.
She's suffered brain damage,

serious brain damage,
so prognosis isn't good.


Multiple entrances and exits
all along the tow paths.

There's no confident way of placing
where our attacker lay and hid,

or whether it was spur-of-the-moment. We've
got two rapes in a mile and a half radius.

He had gloves on,

and he really, really,
really strangled me.

This is sex offender
and serial rapist George Callahan.

Did you do it? No, I didn't do it.

So, have you arrested George?

People jump to conclusions
because of his past,

but he should be allowed to move on.

We've met before.
I'm Detective Sergeant Jack Weston.

I'm arresting you on suspicion
of rape.

Are you going away somewhere?

Victim's details?
Her name's Diane Ackerman.

Fuck. Chief Superintendent's wife's
name is Diane Ackerman.

Can you corroborate where you were at
the time of the rape? Sadly, no, I can't.