Suspects (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

A young girl, Anna Fisher, is stabbed in a park at night but manages to flag down a taxi which takes her to hospital, where she unfortunately dies. Charlie and Jack interview the cab driver, Max Lowell, who had no motive and yet did not ring for the police. Anna's step-father Shaun Jones is out cold after taking heroin but tells the police that Anna ran out of the house after they argued about nude photos on her computer that she was sending to her boyfriend. It is discovered not only that Anna is pregnant but appears that she was, on a previous occasion, sexually assaulted. A look at her phone shows that she had last contacted her friend Carrie, who says that they often met up in the park to meet boys and were to do so that night, But Anna had also made several calls to taxi-driver Max, an apparent stranger and also the brother of Carrie's boyfriend Jason. Suddenly he seems not so innocent.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Police are appealing
for witnesses

after a young girl was stabbed
last night at St. Jonas Park

at around 2:00 a.m.

The victim, who was
wearing school uniform,

remains in a critical
condition in hospital.

I always dread the day I
get called out to this shithole.

Fucking manky place.

There's a massive
concentrated pool of blood.

So this is where
she was stabbed.

And then dragged herself all
the way down there to the road.

What's a schoolgirl

doing in one of the fucking
roughest places in London?


And why has no one
reported her missing?

- Jack!
- Yeah?

Yeah? What you got?


Jack, we're gonna treat
this as an attempted murder.

Okay? I've just spoken
to the consultant.

The victim...

she's not well
enough to speak to,

so we're gonna have
to hold off on that.

Also, on top of the knife wound,

this girl was eight
weeks pregnant.

- Shit.
- Suffered a miscarriage.

- Do we know how old she is yet?
- No, not yet.

I have just come
back from the hospital.

I've got all of her clothes
and stuff and... weapon.

- How'd you get that?
- Lock knife.

It was still in her belly
when she was admitted.

- Ouch.
- Yep.

But when you stab someone,

isn't it a reflex action to
withdraw straightaway?

You'd think, wouldn't you?

I should get this
downstairs. I won't be a sec.

Thank you, Charlie.

Okay, Boss.

Thank you, Jack.


Victim's belongings.

Wearing school uniform.

Standard stuff,
but... feels wrong.

Look, my daughter wears
trousers this time of year.

It's too cold. I don't know
why she's wearing a skirt.

A little short skirt like
that. Long black socks.

School shoes. Fine.

Small bag. Not much in it.

Set of keys. Wallet.

Only some basic stuff... no
photo I.D. and an Oyster card.

Mobile phone?

No, no mobile phone.
I don't know why.

Doesn't every teenager
have a mobile phone?

Yeah. Or two or
three, it seems to me.

- I don't know.
- Robbery gone wrong?


It would be good to
know if there are any signs

of sexual assault.

St. Jonas Park is
full of prostitutes.

Maybe it was a drunk
punter, jealous hooker,

- something like that.
- Mm.

We're gonna need a parental
consent, so next of kin.

- Jack, you do the I.D.
- Yeah.

Charlie, talk to the
cabby. What's his name?

Yeah. Max Lowell.

I have read your
statement that you gave,

but I just wanted you
to run me through,

- if that's all right.
- Yeah.

So, just what
happened last night?

So, I was on my way to a job.

Uh, she flagged me down,

then fell over and hit her
head on the pavement, and

She still had the
knife in her stomach,

and I picked her up, put
her in the back of the cab,

drove her to hospital.


And is she someone you
know? Have you seen her before?

No, no. Never seen her before.

Why didn't you call 999?

Like, the police or an
ambulance, anything like that?

I didn't think.

I mean, I've got
a niece her age.

I went on instinct.

Before you picked her up, what
had you been doing before that?

I was taking my brother to work.

- Okay.
- My brother's called Jason.


Okay, well, I'll grab
Jason's details off you

- if that's all right.
- Sure.

I'd also like to take
your prints and DNA

- just for elimination purposes.
- Yeah, no worries.

And I will need access to
your car just for forensics.

- Sure. Okay.
- Okay?

Um... is she gonna be okay?

I really don't know.

Hello. How you doing? Jason.

- Detective Constable Steele.
- Nice to meet you.

Sorry I couldn't come
down to the station.

It's no worries.

Just got off me shift,
and I'm shattered.

Fair enough.

- You know how it is.
- Yeah.

My brother.

How is he? Is he all right?

- What's...
- Oh, he's fine.

He's just a witness.
He's being really helpful.

Okay. That's all right.

You sure you don't want a tea?

Oh, no. I'm good. Thank you.

Do you mind just running quickly

through your
movements last night?

I know you were with
your brother for a little bit.

Yeah, sure. My brother
come pick me up.

He dropped me to work at
about 10 to, quarter to 2:00.


Yeah, and that was it, really.

That's the sort
of last I see him.

What hours were
you working last night?

- 2:00 till 10:00.
- 2:00 till 10:00.

That can't be that much fun.


It's tiring, especially
when you got three kids.

To be honest, I don't know
why he just didn't call 999.

I mean, he said, "Oh, the
hospital's only 10 minutes away,

and I knew where it was,

and I've got a niece the same
age as her, and I panicked."

But, surely, you find a
girl bleeding on the street,

you call 999. You
would have thought.

He took her to hospital.

I guess he thought he
was doing the right thing.

- Yeah.
- Boss!

Potential I.D. on the victim.

I've spoken to the head teacher
at Barringford High School.

Oyster card is
registered to Anna Fisher.

- She's 13 years old.
- 13?

- Yeah.
- 13 years old.

Sexually active. Pregnant.

Out in the middle of the night

in a park full of hookers
and smackheads.


- Anna's mother...
- That's awful.

Isla, died six months
ago from heart disease.

Next of kin is
stepfather, Shaun Jones.

Mr. Jones?

Shaun Jones?

- Okay.
- Anyone in?

Hang on a minute. What's there?

Is he there? Mr. Jones!

- Shaun Jones?
- Tell him it's the police.

- I think we should tell him.
- It's the police. Open up.

Is he stirring? Anything?

Take the door, take the door.

Go on, Butch. Mind
your fingernails.

- How's he doing?
- Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones!

Shaun Jones. Shaun Jones.

I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

- Breathing?
- Breathing, breathing.

Okay, recovery. Turn him.

Recovery, okay. Mr. Jones!

- Shaun Jones.
- Don't touch anything.

Don't touch anything, all right?

Wait. What's this
bloody thing here?

Let's have a look.

- Jack. Jesus.
- Emergency ambulance required.

Jack, hold on. I
think this is the victim.

I think these are
pictures of her.

Oh, Christ.

Boss. Orwell Ward.

Doctors say Shaun Jones
is definitely a heroin user.

Don't worry.

We'll arrest him
when he's fit and well,

but we can have an informal
little chat with him, eh?

- Really? I like it.
- Come on.

Mr. Jones?

My name's Martha Bellamy.
I'm a Detective Inspector.

This is my colleague.

Mr. Jones?

Anna has received
some nasty injuries.

We need you to
sign a consent form

so that we can do a
full physical examination.

I will organize for
you to see Anna.

Time is not on our side,

so I just need you to
sign that consent form.

- Okay.
- Good man.

- Okay. Yeah, got it.
- I have to ask you to leave.

Okay, Mr. Jones. I'll get
that organized. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Okay, Jack, you get
back to the station,

and I'm gonna talk
to Anna's consultant.

This is where Anna was stabbed,

and then the blood
trail goes down this path

and all the way
'round to the main road.

But it's completely the opposite
direction from where she lives.

Don't kids naturally,
when looking for help,

- go in the direction of home?
- Yep.

She's gone in completely
the other direction.

Did she not trust
her stepfather?

Yeah, interesting.

Well, you know what?
Maybe this will be useful.

Stepdaddy's phone
given to me very willingly

when I was chatting
to the consultant.

I popped in, let's say.

That's a trick play
out of my book.

You looking for a promotion?

The FME report on Anna
doesn't make fun reading.

Um, she's got loads of
little cuts on her inner thigh.

Yeah, she may be
self-harming, I suppose.

The consultant
pediatrician also says

that it looks like she's been
repeatedly sexually assaulted.

- Oh!
- There's extensive...

external bruising
and internal damage.

- Oh, my God.
- Was she gang-raped?


God. Damaged
lives, eh? Poor girl.

The bruising,
though, is visible.

So if she was gang-raped,
then it wasn't last night.

The question is, though,
when was it, and who did it?

- Who did it?
- Uh-huh.

We've got her
stepdad, Shaun Jones,

with a laptop containing
naked images of Anna Fisher.

Surely he's one of the rapists.

Come on, guys. She's 13
years old, for God's sake.

Jack, that was the hospital.

Shaun Jones is
fit for interview.

Excellent. Okay,
can I arrest him now?

Jack, Jack!

We don't have a lot
of evidence on this guy,

so go slowly, all right?


- Mr. Jones.
- Yeah?

- Can I have a very quick word?
- What's it about?

Shaun Jones, I'm arresting you

for possession of
indecent images of a child.

It wasn't my laptop.

We found the laptop in your
possession when we found you.

- Okay?
- It's Anna's laptop.

Anything you do say may be used
in evidence. Do you understand?

I need to stay with my daughter.

It is not in the interests
of the child to make a fuss,

- so come with me.
- It wasn't my laptop.

Don't make a fuss.

Hi, Shaun.

Any idea who might have stabbed
your 13-year-old stepdaughter?

- No.
- No?

Tell me about last night.


Let's go.

We were at home.

We had an argument.

A row.

- What time?
- It was late.

- How late?
- I don't know.

Don't make me keep
asking questions, Shaun.

- How late?
- 12:00, 12:30.

What was the row about?


What was the row about?

The... The pictures.

The pictures. These pictures.

Let's have a look
at the pictures.

We found your client in
possession of these images.

Have a good long
look at them, Shaun.

Okay, you've seen them before.

Enjoyed them before.

Hmm? Look at them.

- I've seen them.
- Yeah?

Why were you looking at
these photos yesterday?

We'd had an argument about
them. I wasn't looking at them.

- Did you take them?
- No.

You sure?

Of course I'm sure I
didn't take the pictures.

Who took them?

They're not my pictures!

Who took them?

- Their owners.
- Their owners.

Why did that happen?

She said she took
them for her boyfriend.

Who's her boyfriend?

Is that who she was
gonna meet last night?

- I don't know.
- You don't know.

Another "I don't know."

- Anna sexually active?
- No.

- You sure?
- Yes.

We believe that she
was sexually assaulted.

We believe that
she was gang-raped.

Do you know anything about that?


Why would I know
anything about that?!

You tell me.

Okay? And while
your solicitor is here,

it's probably a good time to
talk about your heroin problem.

I don't have a heroin problem.

Do you have a heroin problem?!

I don't.

Are you forcing your
13-year-old stepdaughter

into prostitution to fund
your heroin problem?

No, I'm not forcing
my daughter...

Your 13-year-old
daughter is in hospital

in a critical condition,
stabbed last night,

raped the night before.

Are you gonna try and help
her? What do you know?

We've got two voicemails
left by Shaun for Anna,

both recorded last
night between...

12:45 and 1:00.

So, this is the first one.

Anna, get home now!

We're not finished
talking about this.

Don't think you can
just walk away from me.

That's an angry man.

That's an angry man,
and this is the second one.

Anna, sweetheart,
please, please come back.

- Jesus.
- We can talk, sort it out.

Okay, what has Shaun Jones done

that he needs to
feel so sorry about?

That's what we need to find out.

Now that we've got
Anna's mobile number

and we can access her records.

I've also got text messages
from Anna's phone

or sent to Anna's phone.

And the last one is a text
from a girl called Carrie

arranging to meet her
in the park last night.

"Meet me in the park.
Usual place. Carrie. Kiss."

I tried calling that
number, but nothing.

Just voicemail.

- Talk to the school.
- Yep.

I want to know about
all Anna's friends,

especially if there's
somebody called Carrie.

Focus on that.

Have you heard of
a girl called Carrie?

- No.
- Anna mentioned a Carrie.

I said no.


Never... She never brought
someone home called Carrie?

Or said she was meeting
someone called Carrie?

- Or maybe from school?
- Anna doesn't bring people home.

But what I'm gonna
get you to do is,

if you could just give me a list
of any friends you can think of,

pop them down on there.

That would be
really helpful in this.

Sorry. Just, you know, as
many as you can think of, really.

That's it.

Just an Ella and an
Alice. Any surnames?

I don't know their surnames.

Surely you can tell me a little
bit more about her social life,

I suppose, is what I'm asking.

She doesn't have a social life.
Not since her mum, you know...

I'm sure you appreciate why
we're doing what we're doing.

Not the way you're
doing it, but...

What do you mean?

Your colleague.

The other guy.

He has other charms.
Let's put it that way.


You're talking to
me now. It's okay.

I do not want

to mop up your
unprofessional shit,

and I do not want to
have to fucking apologize

to somebody that
we have arrested.

Thank you very much.

It is counterproductive,
Jack. You know that.

Stop playing fucking
Clint Eastwood.

That's why you're on my team,

because you know
about this shit.

Go and read your fucking manual!

Um, there is a contact on
Anna's phone saved under "Max"

which matches the phone
number that we have for Max Lowell,

our taxi driver.

Also, she's rung him four
times in the last month.

So he does know her.

Well, I think, Charlie,

you better go and pick
up our helpful cabby.

- Happily, happily.
- Mm.

Max, this morning,

you told me that
you didn't know Anna,

you'd never seen her before,

but your number is
saved in her phone.

No, I did not know this girl.

I might have picked
her up before.

I don't know.

Sometimes I give my number out

to people who
want to call direct.

- Are you Anna's boyfriend?
- No.

Are you sure?

Look, I get through
a lot of faces in a day.

I can't remember them all.

Max, Anna has called you
four times in the last month.

I just find a 13-year-old
calling a 24-year-old

four times in a month
just a little bit strange.

I'm saving up to go
traveling at the moment.

The days are a complete blur.

No, I'm not asking you,
Max, whether you did or not.

I'm telling you that
Anna called you

four times in the last month.


Yeah, she might have,
but I can't remember.

Do you believe him?

You would remember
a regular fare.

Especially if, as a 24-year-old,
you're giving your phone number

to a 13-year-old girl who rings
you up for taxis on her own.

Yeah, I think I agree.

Okay, let's speak
to the taxi company.

Let's find out about
his work schedule.

See if he is working all
these hours he claims to.


- Boss, am I interrupting?
- No. Good. Come in.

I've tracked down Carrie.

Caroline Evans. 16 years old.

Charlie, follow that up, okay?

I want you to talk to
her. Bit of girl-on-girl chat.

See if you can get
her to open up, yeah?


Thanks, Sarge.


Uh, Carrie? Caroline?
Which do you prefer?

- Carrie.
- Carrie.

My name's Detective
Constable Steele.

- Hiya.
- Thank you for coming in.


So, you're friends with a
girl called Anna Fisher?


So, we know that you
agreed to meet Anna last night.

You texted to make arrangements.

- Will you talk me through that?
- Yeah.

Like, I was supposed
to meet her at 12:30.

And I waited about 30 minutes,

but she didn't show
up, so I went home.

And that would be at 1:00.

And what do you do in the park

in the middle of the night?

We hang out.

We drink. We laugh.

Chase around the
boys and stuff like that.

- Drink alcohol?
- Yeah.

And hang out? I mean, what boys?

- Are they from your school?
- No, I don't know them.

They're just boys in the park.

Okay, does Anna
have a boyfriend?

I mean, like, whatever.
She'll get a bit drunk.

She'll go off with one of the
boys in the bushes and stuff.

Go off and do
what in the bushes?

What do you think?

- Does Anna drink a lot?
- Yeah.

Does she ever drink so
much she passes out?

Well, no. She knows
how to handle her drink.

- Do you hang out a lot?
- Yeah.

Do you ever go 'round her
house? Anything like that?

No. Why would I
want to go there?

Her dad's a smackhead.

She don't even
like staying at home

'cause he's, like, always
off his face and that, so...


You don't seem very concerned.

Why would I be?

Did you not hear about
the girl that got stabbed

- in the park last night?
- Yeah, but...

- That was her.
- What?


Uniform have come through
with their house-to-house inquiries.

A neighbor spotted Shaun Jones
leaving the house at 12:30 a.m.

So we know that
he left the house.

We know that he lied to us.

A few minutes before that...
12:28 a.m. approximately...

Anna leaves the house.

A neighbor saw
Anna leave the house,

then saw Shaun leave a few
minutes later and follow her.

Shaun returns then at 2:00 a.m.

So he was away from
the house for 90 minutes.

So if we're gonna follow this
specific line of investigation,

we know this... He had
time to leave the house,

follow Anna, stab her,
and get back home.

- Mm.
- I've got a present for you.

Forensics have come
back on the knife.

Got some blue woolen fibers,
plus two sets of fingermarks...

One belonging to Anna
and one belonging to Shaun.

Okay, Shaun, no more wasting
my time, no more "I don't knows."

I want some answers.

Why did you stab Anna?

- I didn't stab Anna.
- Sorry?

I didn't stab Anna.

That's funny, because
we found a weapon...

still in Anna's belly.

Okay, your
fingerprints all over it.

And you left the house
at 12:30 last night

when you said
you stayed at home.

I did... leave the house.

You did leave the house,
but you didn't stab her?

I didn't stab her.

I left the house. I
went to the park.

Do you always go to the
park to score your drugs?

- Yes.
- And you heard nothing?

- I heard nothing.
- You saw nothing?

- Did you see anything?
- No.

So you heard nothing, you
saw nothing, you know nothing.


Okay, here we have where
Anna Fisher was stabbed.

And here, 250 yards away,

is where Shaun Jones said he
scored and smoked his drugs.

250 yards.

"I heard nothing, I saw
nothing, I know nothing."

Come on.


Charlie, chase up
the CCTV, will you?

I want to know what he was
wearing when he left the house.

There might be some
evidence on his clothing.

I'm gonna get a
search team down there.

- Okay?
- Okay.

When were these taken?

Last night.

It's a winter coat.

He wasn't wearing a winter
coat when I took him in.

So chances are it's
still back at his house.

- Let me call the search team.
- Just a second.

Um, this is the CCTV of Anna
walking home after school.

There she is.

She's wearing trousers.

So, why was she out
in the middle of the night

wearing a school skirt?

I think it's a
costume, isn't it?

I mean, she's dressing up.

This. This is a fantasy.

- Isn't it?
- Yeah.

Not mine, but it's a fantasy.

But if she'd been gang-raped
24 hours before that,

she's not gonna want to
go and put on a uniform

and dress up for her boyfriend.

No. It's not for a
boyfriend, I don't think.

Okay, what if she's been
worked as a prostitute,

and she's been
forced to wear that?

In the last 24 hours,
Max Lowell has received

an astonishing
amount of phone calls.

I've been going through
them for the last half an hour.

1:55 a.m... Max makes a
phone call to his brother Jason.

He didn't mention that earlier.

Six-minute phone call.

We know from hospital CCTV
that he arrives at the hospital

at 2:09 a.m.

So while he's been
on the phone to Jason,

he's had Anna in
the back of his car,

hurrying her to the hospital.

Why would he make that
call? It's also a long call.

- Yeah.
- Why would he do that?

I don't know. Are
they sorting out alibis?

So, I want to concentrate
on Jason and Max.

Okay? Are they working
as a team using Anna?

Or is one brother
covering for the other, then?

I've put in a request for
the CCTV from the streets

around the block
where Jason works,

so that might
hopefully be helpful,

and Tech are still working
on the GPS from Max's phone

to see where he was when.

We can't talk to Max
until the solicitor arrives.

- Nope.
- Okay.

Well, in the meantime,
keep digging on Jason.


I want Carrie's movements,
all her whereabouts.

- Okay, Charlie?-
- STEELE: Yeah.

Caroline Evans did not get home
at 1:30 when she said she did.

This is her on her street
at 5:00 a.m. this morning.

So she lied to us.

Why would she do that?

Um, I spoke to
Anna's school friends.

They say that Carrie
befriended Anna,

seemingly quite deliberately,
about six months ago.

They don't seem to like her
very much... Carrie, that is.

They say she's
into drink and drugs.

She's got some
dodgy older boyfriend.

And the two of them, Anna and
Carrie, bunk off loads together

and get picked up by
some guy outside of school,

who they just thought
was Carrie's boyfriend.

They picked out that
car... Make, model, color.

Same as Max's cab.

Is he pimping them out?

I'd like to go speak to
Carrie again, if that's all right.

There's loads she
wasn't telling me.

Max has been living with Jason

since he come
back from Thailand.

Jason is married, three kids.

Three girls, aged 9, 13, and 15.

Two of those girls go to the
same school as Anna Fisher.

So a potential pedophile

is living in a house
with three young girls.

- Have we got Jason downstairs?
- We do, yeah.

Yeah, I'm gonna
go and talk to him.

- Okay.
- I, Carrie.

- Thanks a lot, guys.
- I'll pop these on the board.

Are you aware that
your brother is in custody

concerning this case, this
case of attempted murder?

No. Um, no.

I thought that he was
just helping you out.

We are looking
at the possibility

of him being involved in
prostituting young girls.


Eh? W-What do you mean?

I-I don't get it.

Did Max call you last night?


Yeah. He called me
around about 2:00...

telling me about that this
sort of girl had approached him

and that she was really hurt
and she was in a bad way.

I mean, he was really panicked,
and he took her to the hospital.

You didn't get the impression
that he'd ever met the victim?

No. Sorry. What
is going on here?

No. I mean...

Let me repeat...

Your brother may be involved
in prostituting young girls.

A young girl, a 13-year-old
girl, has been hurt.

My brother loves
his nieces, all right?

He's like a second
dad. I mean, this is...

This is ridiculous.

He wouldn't do
anything like that.

Max's financial records through.

Jason lodged £2,000 into Max's
bank account yesterday morning.


Okay, let's search
the family house.

Charlie, will you speak to
Jason's wife and kids, please?

Let's see if they
can tell us a bit more

than he bloody well did.


Laptop found in the bedroom.

Has the kitchen been searched?

The kitchen's clear
and been searched,

and now the family... That's
all the family in there now.

- Hello.
- What's happening?

What are they doing?
They're all through the house.

I just need to ask you a few
questions, if that's all right.

None of the kids knows
anything about Carrie,

but the eldest
said that Uncle Max

was asking about Anna
a couple of days ago.

Also, Jason's wife
knows about the money.

Apparently, Jason is paying for
Max to resume his travels early.

Mrs. Lowell is not
a fan of Uncle Max.

She said Jason's always
bailing him out of trouble.

So, okay, Jason is trying to
get his brother out of the country

as quickly as possible

'cause maybe his little
brother is up to no good.

Yeah, maybe.

- 2 grand is a lot of money.
- Hmm.

We know about a
transfer of money

from your account to
your brother's account.

- Large sum of money... £2,000.
- Mm-hmm.

Hell of a birthday present.

Wish I had a brother like you.

I understand that your wife

said that this money
was for traveling.

Yeah, well, you know what
these youngsters are like.

They like traveling.
He's been to Thailand.

He's done a couple of cruises.
I mean, that's the life, eh?

It's just you seem very keen
to give that sort of money

to get him out of
the country, perhaps.


And are you worried
about what he's doing here?

Listen, I don't understand.

I'm just trying to help
me brother out, all right?

I mean, I can't understand
what the problem is.

I'm just trying to help out.

Look, you either nick me,

or I need to go back to me
family and me kids, all right?

Because I'm... He's me brother.

Wouldn't you do the same
for your brother or sister?

Let me tell you...
You are free to go,

as you have been from the moment
you came in here to talk to us.

However, if you provide me
with a false alibi, I will nick you.

Heard from the hospital.
The victim's awake.

I've got the results from Anna
Fisher's physical examination.

Four different DNA
samples found,

three of which as
yet unidentified.

The last one belongs
to Nathan Cole,

registered sex offender,
living in Birmingham.

That's not consensual sex
with some lad in the park.

And he's got a
string of convictions

for child pornography...
Making and distribution.

Thing is, Anna, while
you were unconscious,

we had to do a full
physical examination.

And we know that you were
raped by four different men, Anna.

But listen to me. I need
to know who they were.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I haven't been raped.

Anna, I want you to trust me

because the reason
I'm here is to help you.

I haven't been raped.
There is no men to find.

There's no men to find
'cause I haven't been raped.

Anna, who made you pregnant?

I don't want to
talk to you anymore

until I've seen Shaun.

Can you leave?!

I don't want to talk
to you anymore!

Leave me alone!

Go away!

I mean, we've got
Nathan Cole's DNA.

Why wouldn't she give us the
name of the other three guys?

She's 13 years old.
Fucking ridiculous.

Maybe Tech can help.

If those nude photos of Anna's
were used for advertising,

maybe they can trace
who they were sent to.

Yeah. It's looking more and
more like an organized-crime group

who are possibly trafficking
and grooming girls.

Okay, listen.

I want a connection between
Max, Shaun, and Nathan Cole.


- What happens in Thailand, Max?
- No comment.

- Tell me about Thailand, Max.
- No comment.


Tell me about the £2,000
put into your account by Jason.

No comment.

You a pedophile?

No comment.

TIU have traced the
GPS signal of the phone

to a bin in the park.

There's Anna's phone.

That's a rush job
putting it in there.

Along with a pair of
bloodstained blue woolen gloves.


These are the photos
taken from Anna's phone.

100 points for anyone

who spots the blue woolen
gloves worn by Carrie.

Forensics are
matching the fibers

from the gloves found in the bin

to the fibers found
on the weapon.

Also matching the blood on
the gloves to Anna's blood.

So, do we now think
that Carrie stabbed Anna?

And if we do, why
has she done it?

Birmingham police have
recovered a message

on Nathan Cole's laptop
that he tried to delete.

It had nude pictures
of Anna and of Carrie.

There was also a message...

Something about
a meeting tonight,

although there was no address.

That message was sent
from Max Lowell's laptop.

Jesus! There's a
meeting tonight.

With Anna Fisher
safe in a hospital bed,

- who's Nathan Cole meeting?
- Carrie?

Okay, I want to
get hold of Carrie.

She's in danger, guys.

Carrie's phone is
just going to voicemail.

We tried to run a
cell site, but no joy.

She must have
taken the battery out.

- Damn.
- Yeah.

Boss, Carrie's foster parents

haven't heard from
her since 4:00 p.m.

I've put a request
out to the council

to get all the camera
footage in the area.

- Okay.
- Are you gonna go talk to Max?

Let's put the screws on him.


we know an e-mail was
sent from your computer.

No comment.

To Nathan Cole.

Containing nude images
of Carrie and Anna.

Arranging a meeting tonight.

Max, we know you're
involved in a gang

that grooms and rapes children.

Where's the meeting?

- No comment.
- Where's the meeting, Max?

Stop wasting my time,
Max! Where's the meeting?

And where is Carrie?

And what is going
to happen tonight?

Do you know what?

I don't actually believe
any of your story.

I don't believe that you were
just pootling along in your cab,

and, "Oh, no, here's a girl."

A stranger that you've
never seen before.

A schoolgirl out at
that time of night.

And you just were
a Good Samaritan.

And this Good Samaritan
didn't even call the police.

Let me tell you something.

Anna was eight weeks
pregnant when she was stabbed.

She has suffered a miscarriage.

She is underage.

She was also gang-raped
by four different men,

one of which is a
convicted pedophile.

And there are other girls
that are out there right now...

Tonight, Max, tonight... that
are about to go through this.

Now listen to me.
This is in your hands.

You have already fucked up!

I never took Jason to work.

He told me to go
and pick Anna up...

from the park and
take her to A&E.

I had no idea what
Jason was doing.

I just picked the girls
up and dropped them off.

You had no idea
what was happening?

I knew my brother
was playing about with

You know... having an affair.

But I didn't, you know...

I-I managed to...

They were all...

I thought they were of age.

And then Anna...

I found out that she's in
the same year as my niece.

Why didn't you tackle
your brother then?

I tried to talk to him about it,

but he wouldn't listen.

He never does. He's
never fucking listened to me.

Yeah, but with something
as serious as that...

these young girls...

you didn't say to him at any
point, "What are you doing?"

- I did! I tried to do that!
- "This is wrong."

And is that when he tried
to pay you off, get rid of you,

give you 2 grand
to just disappear?

That's what he wanted, yeah.

Where did you
drop off the girls?

Where did you drop
them? Anna? Carrie?

- Each time?
- Different places every time.

- Any one address?
- Look.

Look, Jase had some arrangement
with the management company.

- I don't know.
- Who? Who?

I don't know!

He's my big brother.

Team, we definitely know

that we're dealing
with a grooming gang.

They're meeting tonight.

I've got a list of
possible venues

that they'll be at, offices.

I don't know which one
Jason is gonna be using.

That's what we need to locate.

I will find the nearest
car to Jason's house

to get them to go 'round
and see if he's still there.

Okay, I'll phone the
management company,

pretend I'm looking
for some office space,

see if any empty
offices are available.

Okay. I'm gonna go to Anna

and see if she knows
where they're meeting.


we know everything
about Jason now, okay?

It's all my fault.

It's not your fault,
but you can say it.

I'm so sorry.

You don't need
to say sorry. Love.

It's not your fault.

It is. It's my fault.

- It's not.
- It is.

It's not.

This is the thing that
I really need to know

so that other people aren't
gonna get hurt like you.

So... was it in a building?

Was it in the park? You tell me.

It would be...

in, like...

empty offices.

Same office? Each time?

There was different ones.

Anna, think.

Was there anything
about where they took you

that you can help me?

No. No, I don't think so.

I'm sorry. I don't know.

I'm sorry.

Jason's management company

only has one completely
empty office block tonight.

- That's our venue.
- Okay, I'll get the woodies.

Let's jack up a raid.

Watch it, love.

Okay. Hold.


Very quiet. They're
just over here.

Okay. Eyes on, eyes on.

Strike! Strike! Strike! Police!

Come on! Stand still!

On the ground!
Get on the ground!

Can we get the runner?

Do you understand?

Calm down!

- Is everybody okay?
- What?

Is that everyone?
Charlie, head count!

Stand up! Two, three.


Tell me about how
you know Jason.

Jason is my boyfriend.

He's been my
boyfriend for four years,

and he's been the best thing
that ever happened to me.

So he's been your boyfriend

- since you were about 12?
- Yeah.

That's about when you
went into care, right?


How did you meet him?

Um, when I was at the shopping
center with some of my friends.


He just came up and spoke to
you? You went and spoke to him?

No, he came up to me.

Said I was the prettiest
one out of all of them, so...

Okay. Did you see
each other often?

I mean every day? Every week?

- Every other day, mostly.
- Okay.

What kind of stuff
did you get up to?

He took me out to eat.

Went to the cinema.

- Okay.
- Took me shopping.

Stuff like that, like.

Buy you a lot of nice stuff?

Dresses and shoes
and stuff, iPod.

Did you...

stab Anna to protect Jason?

Anna was an accident.

We was messing around, and...

Protect Jason? What
are you talking about?

Well, you must have
known that Anna

couldn't keep her pregnancy
a secret for very long.

And when it did come out,

then Jason would be
exposed as the father.

Jason is not the father!

He's my boyfriend. He loves me.

He can't be the
father of her baby.

He is.

How do you know that?

We've had some DNA tests
carried out, and he definitely is.

Like, definitely?


I'm really sorry, Carrie.


So, tell me about what happened.

She only did it 'cause
she was scared of Jason...

Of what he might say when
he found out I was pregnant.

'Cause we both knew he was
gonna be really angry about it.

And she was telling
me I had to get rid of it.

But I didn't know what to do

because part of me didn't
want to, but I knew I had to,

and I felt like I was
under so much pressure.

And then, I tried to
get her to back off,

and I pulled out a knife, and...

It was just...

We had a fight, and...

It's all right.

The knife ended up in me.

And she called Jason for help.

- It's okay.
- Okay.

I told you... They
didn't tell me.

They didn't tell me
how old they were.

They swore to me
that they were 18.

18? Do they look 18?

- Well, I - WESTON: Hmm?

I thought that they were
18. That's what they said.

If a couple of girls come up to
you, and they said they were 18,

and you fancied a bit, what...

I'd probably see the
Peppa Pig rucksack and say,

"Do you know what?
No, not tonight."

Okay, Jason, this is
what you're guilty of.

You're guilty of
grooming children, okay?

Girls, as young as 13.

You're guilty of
raping children.

Vaginal, anal, oral,
sexually penetrative acts.

I've got to tell you, I didn't
know how old they were.

Internal bleeding,
they're suffering.

External tears.

Have you anything to say?

I mean, you haven't
even said sorry.

How many times have I
got to repeat to you that...

Jason, imagine they
were your daughters.

You've got three
beautiful girls, haven't you?

Don't fucking start. Don't
you start about my girls.

Do your girls go to
those bars, as well?

No, my girls are good girls.

They're not like this
fucking street trash.

They got no parents. The
parents don't love them.

The government don't...
You don't fucking love them!

You brought someone else's
girls into it, though, didn't you?

Someone else's daughters.

Didn't mind doing that.
They were good girls, too.

They in the same
school as your daughters?

Same school.

School run... Did you see them?

Hopscotch? Hmm?

Skipping? Hmm?

No comment.

Hey, Boss.

- Hey.
- You okay?

- Yeah, I'm good. You?
- Yeah.

Listen, I'm really sorry

about what happened
earlier on with Shaun.

I just... He just
gave me nothing.

I thought it was a
way of breaking him.

I know now it was
wrong and you were right,

and I'm just sorry I
put you in that position.

I just think our cells
are packed full of people

who haven't had a
second chance, that's all.

Sometimes people
deserve another look.

Do you know what I'm saying?

Yep. I do now.

I just...

You're a bloody
good detective, Jack.

You know it.

And one day, you'll
be doing my job.

It's just...

your emotions get in the
way sometimes, that's all.

I got to shout at someone.

I don't know.

Stop being so premenstrual
or something, whatever it is.

Do you know what I
mean? Is it a full moon?

- I don't know what it is.
- You're the second person

that's described
me like that today.

You coming down?

Be down in a minute.

You sure? Kettle on?

See you later.

Thought you were
coming for a hug.


I thought you were
coming for a hug.

I want to keep you wanting more.