Suspect (2015): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Where to?
-Meeting with Muki.

Who's Muki?

Let me through,
your father is waiting for me.

By 21:01 tonight...

you'll be a dead man.

But before that, you'll meet with
attorney Abramson and sign your will.

My wife and I are getting divorced.
I have to make sure she gets the money

when I won't be around. -Partnership
insurance covers businesses,

not private individuals.

Congratulate me,

I'm divorced.

About what we discussed earlier...
-You'll get it, don't worry.

Once we're sure you're apart for good,
you'll get all the money you want.

Now you have 10 seconds to shoot
the bastard who records people.

Your husband killing himself is taped.
They sent for the guy with the keys.

He's asleep.
-So wake him up!

This investigator is not just
a piece of shit, he's trouble, okay?

He could easily convince a judge
that you're not cooperating

and have you kept in custody for
obstructing a homicide investigation.

I hear your daughter

got a leading role in a play,

so I got her a little something
for her premiere.

Muki, let me end my life
in peace.

came to say goodbye, Dad.

I have to go.

The kitchenette is for cops only,
didn't you read the sign?

Of course I did, Romi.

I heard you've been
reading something yourself.

A lab report that says there's no
gun powder on my client's hands

and that she's being held
in custody for nothing.

I'm entitled to 24 hours,
it's by the book.

There're many accidents
in Jerusalem lately, huh, Romi?

Many suicides made to look
like accidents.

Yes. And you, the police

keep closing cases
for lack of public interest.

That's not in the book.

What cases did
the police close?

The Malka Abramson case,
of blessed memory?

A pretty woman,

a very pretty woman,

who was found less than pretty
covered in cement

in an elevator shaft.

All of Jerusalem is shocked,
everyone is mourning and crying.

Only her husband is gone.

He's in Miami.

And can't find a flight back,
not even a connecting flight.

He doesn't come in for the funeral
nor the Shivah, nothing.

Arrives 2 months later reserving
his right to remain silent.

But he sweats.


And he's been looking
bad since then.

Real bad.


You're looking for renewed
public interest, Abramson?

Your client is linked to those
fake suicide cases?


What is it?

You're sweating again, Abramson.

It's showing right there.

Suppose someone
with severe family difficulties

transferred money for his father

and screwed up delivering
the money on time,

getting his family in an "accident"
and causing "accidents" to others.

You have no reason
to keep her in custody.

Release Dafna right now

and by 24:-00 this person will tell you
and the court everything he knows.

Mali Levi Gershon

Rotem Keinan

Yigal Naor
Dror Keren

Michael Hanegbi
Haim Znati

Ori Pfeffer, Danny Geva, Ido Museri

Producer: Shahar Zefania

Written and directed by:
Benny Fredman


- 2.5 hours earlier -

You're late, counselor.

It's dangerous here at night.

I gave Amir an envelope
with your money.

He's gone.

I got you the credit card
transaction details you asked for.

There was a sitting,
you won the case,

and who didn't get the money?

Tough luck, counselor.
You got to pay on time.

I need more information.


Pay up front, counselor.

There's more here
than what I owe you.


Amir investigated some company,
"M.Z.K", you know anything about it?

Not a thing.
-Muki Zaken.

The word on the town is
that your husband's been flagged.

I warned Amir and I'm warning
you too, leave me alone.

He's threatening my family.

Muki thinks
he's like Hammurabi.

Rules must be obeyed, Mike.

You didn't transfer the money on time,
your little brother stays a vegetable.

Maybe it's my fault,

my punishment for
not teaching you

that time is
a very accurate thing, Mike.

With or without anesthesia, Mike?

It'll hurt more,

but I appreciate it,
if you know what I mean.

He took out his son's eye because the
idiot didn't transfer the money on time.

What do you suppose he'd take
out if someone rats him out?

A tongue or the intestines?

Go to him and settle
your husband's debt.

Got no money?
Rob a bank.

Or do it according to Muki's laws.

He wants to kill your husband,

so beat him to it.

Those are the last wills
you're getting from me.

Mike, I'm out.

Illegal, Abramson.


Let's wait for Muki
to make a mistake, yes?

It's time to help him
make a mistake, isn't it?

Meanwhile, stick to your stories
about Miami, okay?


One of the wills here
is Oded Zur's.

The ugly guy married
to the hottie? -Yes.

They got divorced
at noon today.

This hottie could convince Muki
that it's invalid due to the divorce.

Hotties are good
for one thing only,

making salad.

We're talking about Muki,
find someone of high-standard.

She's good for us, Mike.
She's a corrupt lawyer,

never lost a case in her life.

She plays dirty,
and the judges

buy whatever shit
she sells them, okay?

She'll go all the way,
I guarantee that.

I bet she's on her way to "M.Z.K
with photos of her daughter.

She won't get to her ugly
husband on time.

I'll wait for her here, in Mamilla.

She's got 1 hour and 52 minutes.

1 hour and 51.

Hey, sweetie.

You're coming to bed?
-I'll take her.

Want to sleep here with me?
-Not tonight, sweetie.

Daddy, your friend is really nice,
he got me ice cream.

Which friend?

Daddy has many friends.

The one with the big head

who promised to watch my show.

Sweetie, didn't Mommy and Daddy
tell you never to speak to strangers?

Yes, but he said you're best friends
and that he's sort of my grandpa.

He even promised me a puzzle
when he comes to the show.

Good night, sweetie.
-Good night, Daddy.

"I wish we had more time together.
Take a break and cherish

every moment with our sweet kids.
Be a calm mom, one who's got

all the time in the world. Wish we
could both see them grow up.

"Love you truly.



Dafna will be back
in about an hour.

"M.Z.K Car Services"

Bury the body in the usual spot.
The keys are in there.

In the office.

"There's no one but Him"

I waited for you, Dafna.

Hello, Dafna.

You saved me a condolence call

your late husband's Shivah.

How much does he owe you?


Soon he'll be gone,

his insurance
will pay me the money

and you and your daughters won't
become another car accident statistic.

Statistics say that insurance
companies deny 37% of claims.

wouldn't count on it.

That's a real shame.

A real shame.

Perhaps the statistics
need a bit of help.

come from a wealthy family.

I could pay off the debt
by tomorrow night. -No, no.

is another business day,

but what about today's business?

It's also not nice to demand
interest from a widow.


There. That's for you.

Just sign your husband's part
of the company over to me.

As the wife of your late husband,

you get half the business,
as written on page 2.

Sign your share over to me
and I release you from your debt.

What do you say, Dafna?

It's not like this company
is worth much anyway.

If you're having trouble deciding,
I can help you,

if you know what I mean.

Reciting 15 chapters of Psalms
helps the rising of the soul.

It's also good to recite Rabi
Nachman's Redemption of the Soul.

I'm broke.

Muki said that tomorrow
I'll be on someone else's case.

So your case is a done deal.

You may also say a confession
to purify your soul.

To repent before
the soul leaves this world.

If your husband doesn't
commit suicide,

you'll owe me with interest,

Statistics always win.

Drive safely.

"She left"

You've reached Oded Zur.

You've reached Atty. Dafna Zur,
please don't leave messages.

You've reached Oded Zur...

Pick up the phone!

You've reached Oded Zur...


Atty. Dafna Zur,

you're being followed
by a black BMW.

Who is this?

Wrong question, Dafna.

You divorced your husband today,
question is, do you still love him?

you want him to live,
lose the BMW.

I'm waiting for you at the
entrance to the Mamilla mall.


Dafna, listen to me.

Your husband and his partner
both signed the partnership insurance.

If one of them dies, the debt is paid
arid Muki gets back the insurance money.

You have to tell me who
you would prefer dead.

It's your call, Dafna.


Atty. Isaac Abramson.

In 14 minutes your husband will enter
the shop and put a bullet in his head.

13 minutes.

Now, if you listen to me,
you could help him.

Would you listen to me, Dafna?

Created by:
Benny Fredman

Produced by:
Shachar Zefania



What? What?!

If it isn't a murder nor suicide,

then why was your husband
shot twice in the head?

What are you hiding?!

Who are you covering for?!

What kind of game
are you playing?!