Suspect (2015): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Do you have any idea who this guy is?
-It's my husband, Oded Zur.

You killed your husband today.

I didn't kill anyone.

Oded, by 21:01 tonight
you'll be a dead man.

A debt is a debt,
and it must be paid,

or it'll be bad for business.

If you don't commit suicide,
we'll have to do it for you,

you know what I mean.

if you know what I mean.

You've got everything
you need in here.

I'm getting a divorce.

Does he know about your plans?
-Not a thing.

I can't live with a liar
in the same house.

Stay away from him,
get him out of your life,

and I'll give you
all the money you want.

Moshe, we're getting
a lot of money today.

There're some people
you shouldn't ask for help.

We're getting divorced today.

Even if it means taping myself having
sex with Chechik to convince the judge.

Are you Muki's attorney? -Yes..
Isaac Abramson, nice to meet you.

My wife and I are getting divorced.
I have to make sure she gets the money

even when I won't be around.

A sum was transferred today
from the account to an insurance

that'll pay either of us millions

in case one of us dies. -Partnership
insurance covers businesses,

not private individuals.

Whether you're married, divorced
or separated is irrelevant.

The plaintiff is to give the defendant
a divorce certificate immediately.

We agreed you'd get me
out of here.

Where's the tape, Dafna?
-Do me a favor, Abramson,

You worry about yours,
I'll worry about mine.

"Hapoel" suck!

"Hapoel" suck!

"Hapoel" gives head to everyone!

Folks, move away, everyone,
move away from the vehicle.

Come on, get it.

Get in the vehicle.


Yes, we found him.

Let him open it, but leave the tapes
alone, we're sending a technician.

He's asleep.
-Then wake him up!

We've got the tape, Dafna,
showing your husband kill himself.

It's all filmed. They went to get
the guy with the keys.

What role do you play there?

Are you the star?

I don't look so hot
with this gash on my forehead.

I don't like surprises.

I like to know the ending
in advance.


Oded found out that
you and Moshe

were doing the nasty,
and tried to kill you

and then you shot him
in self-defense...

We've seen this film before

and walked out in the middle
then too.

"Off the Record" has been paying
a company called "M.Z.K."

for months over
a fictitious car deal,

"M.Z.K", you sure?

Muki Zaken.

Moshe planned to meet
with Oded after the divorce.

He was sure Oded was
stealing from him.

"M.Z.K" is part of the grey market.

Meaning, your husband used them
to launder money.

But I've got a body with a bullet
in the head. How do you explain it?

Let's think together how it happened.
Oded steals from Moshe,

Moshe finds out about it,
and wants a meeting.

They meet, get into an argument,
"you stole, no I didn't",

boom! Oded shoots him.
Moshe collapses, no more Chechik.

Oded panics about him being gone,
so he takes Chechik's gun

and shoots himself in the head.

Is that what you claim happened?

I think we'll go back
to the previous page.

Mali Levi Gershon

Rotem Keinan

Yigal Naor
Dror Keren

Michael Hanegbi
Haim Znati

Ori Pfeffer, Danny Geva, Ido Museri

Producer: Shahar Zefania

Written and directed by:
Benny Fredman


- 5 hours earlier -

Muki wants to talk
with you.


Oded was seen giving you
a recording device.

How did Muki say it?

If it fails, then put a bullet
through his head, no?

To make it look like a suicide.

So many suicides
going on today, huh?

I didn't know you were
in a meeting.

It'll take some time,
come back later.

A list of charges to "M.Z.K"
leasing company.

Find out whatever you can,
we'll talk this evening. -Wait.

Dafna, it's 7,482.


Didn't we settle the debt this morning?
-Check again, you'll see I'm right.

Sorry for interrupting.

The meeting started,
it's the room on the left.

What meeting?

Your partner arrived
a few minutes ago.

Either way, you must understand,
the reports are...

Am I interrupting?
-I'm explaining to Mr. Moshe

that your company's annual reports
are very problematic.

You've paid merely a few
thousand shekels of VAT.

A report like this is like
asking for a VAT investigation.

We had them come over, they came
and took everything.

I try to keep you outside the loop
and you look for trouble anyway?

How did we end up
in this mess, huh?

Gentlemen, settle this among
yourself later, okay?

When you decide on your strategy,
set a meeting.

It's all business, Moshe.
It'll be okay.

You drew money
for yourself.

Now you're taking out insurance
that'll pay you millions if I die.

How could you?!

Once this investigation is over...

you're out of here.

Our partnership is over.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Believe me, I should've been
your wife's partner.

God only knows what she's
doing with a loser like you.

Why argue, huh?

When you can have a fist fight.

What now?

We're taking a trip.
-Who's he?

Muki's having a party.
You coming?

Welcome to the club.

New boyfriend?

Congratulate me,
I'm divorced.



How did you get it done
so quickly?

It's my job, Mom.

I know shortcuts.

The genes don't lie,
like mother like daughter.

Oded and I don't know
how to break it to the girls, so...

I might have them sleep
here for a few days.

When I got divorced,
I broke the news to you.

About what we discussed earlier...
-You'll get it, don't worry.

Once we're sure
you're apart for good,

you'll get all the money you want.
-I'd like to get it done with today.

I'm going to the opera, dear.
Bring the girls over tomorrow.


There's been a mix up.

It's him, I have nothing
to do with it.

What is it, Muki?

I'll tell you a short story.

There once was a father
who owed a lot of money

to a very unpleasant guy.

They set up the date
and the hour

and the father sent the money
with a messenger right on time,

not a second too late,

but the messenger
got held up with the money.

The guy claimed that..

the money didn't arrive on time,

so he took the father's
little son,

put an apple on his head,

and made the father shoot..

a bullet..

at the apple on his son's head.

The father was...

a very accurate shooter,

and managed to hit the apple.

Then that liar took out a gun

and shot..

my little boy...

in the head.

He missed.

My son was left paralyzed.

When you hurt someone,

he becomes like family.

You come,

bring gifts, a family.

hate liars.

So I paid this man
and his wife a visit

and made sure they never lie again,
if you know what I mean.

You have to be precise.

A paralyzed kid plus interest...

equals a dead kid.


at 21:00 o'clock sharp

you'll be a corpse.

Now you have 10 seconds

to shoot that bastard
that records people.

If you hit the apple,
I won't kill him.

By the way, next time
there's a change in plans,

I'm putting an apple on top
of your pretty wife's head.

Mor, you're late for rehearsal.

I want my solo dance,
it's not fair.

Daddy will talk to her.

Daddy never keeps
his promises.

Daddy always
keeps his promises.

Mor, help me out,
we're running late.

Help me out, sweetie.

Where are your shoes?

There you go.

"C.O: Oded Zur,
Case number 7482"

Amir Isaacs.

Ma'am, the offices are closed.
-His car is parked there.

Ma'am, you need
to leave the premises.

Walking here alone at these hours
is against the regulations.

One more step, and I'll
accuse you of assault.

You need to leave the premises.

A tell, pretty lawyer,
it's dark here,

I'll rip my shirt,
this will end badly for you.

It's a pity.

She spoke to her mother,
and I wanted to talk to her.

She kept talking and talking...

Let's get to the point.

Then she went to the kitchen,
got a rolling pin...

I'd like to file a complaint.
-Hold on, sir.

No, wait, it's important.
-I understand. One second.

People are so rude...

"Unlisted number"


You were told that the next time
there's a change in plans

they'll put an apple on
your wife's head, right?

They were fooling you.

They'll put it on your daughter's
head as a gift for her premiere.

You turned to the cops, huh?


Start running.

I have to go back
to my station.

He forgot to lock up.

It's okay.

Ma'am, this is private property,
they'll have me fired.

I'll have to report a break-in.

"Two people killed in Jerusalem
bombing: key witnesses

"in the M.Z.K.
extortion scandal"

"M.Z.K scandal: evaded punishment,
the police have no leads"

"Muki Zaken who's been linked
with 7 murder cases..."

"Jerusalem police's number 1 target:
'I'm the victim,

"I have nothing to do
with the missing children"



Excuse me, sir.


Excuse me, sir.

Who are you?
I'm Mor's father, where is she?

Mor's father?
-Where is she?!

We gave her back
her solo dance.

They're rehearsing
in the room on the left.

I hear your daughter

got a leading role in a show,

so I got her a little something
for her premiere.

let me end my life peacefully.

We're family now, Oded.

She's like a granddaughter to me.

you know what I mean.

I spoke with her teacher,
told her it's...

not nice to let down
an 8 year old...


She's so pretty.


I want to visit Grandpa too,
Okay, Daddy?

Not today, sweetie.
I need to talk to Grandpa alone.

Check out that nose. Cool.
What happened?

You're such a shitty brother.
Dad! Look who's here!

Is he having a bad day?

He can't really recognize people.

Maybe if you come up to him,
chat him up, he'll recognize you.

Did he recognize you?

I ran out of money for his meds.

Cock-sucking country with all
its fucking HMOs,

Screw them, I'm done voting.

How much do you need?

I dunno..

Around 4,000.

Here's 10,000. If you need more,
I won't be available, talk to Dafna.

Why won't you be available?
-Don't shout, do as I say

and that's it.

Hi, Dad.

It's Oded,

your son.

Yeruham, it's the evening prayer,
Yeruham, the evening prayer.

Yeruham, it's dark outside!

I came to say goodbye, Dad.

I have to... go.

Nufar will take care of you
from now on, alright?

Created by:
Benny Fredman

Produced by:
Shachar Zefania

I come from a wealthy family.

I could pay off the debt
by tomorrow night.

No, no. Tomorrow...

is another business day,

but what about
today's business?


If your husband doesn't
commit suicide,

you'll owe me with interest,

There're many accidents
in Jerusalem lately, ay, Romi?

Many suicides
made to look like accidents.

Yes. And you, the police

keep closing cases
for lack of public interest.

Muki thinks he can make up
his own rules, like Hammurabi.

He took out his son's eye
because the idiot didn't pay on time.

What do you suppose he'd cut
if someone ratted him out?

Their tongue or their gut?

What cases did the police close?