Suspect (2015): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Do you have any idea who this guy is?
-It's my husband, Oded Zur.

I'm calling the time of death.
21:55, Wednesday, February 17th.

You killed your husband today.

I didn't kill anyone.

This morning he left
a suicide note.

My husband burnt down his shop
and shot himself in the head

though he knew I was looking.

Your daughter wore
a new hat to school today.

If you know what I mean.

Then there's this guy, Dafna.

Your husband's business partner
which I guess...

There's premise to assume
that you two know each other, right?

Where's Chechik, Dafna?

He's waiting for you to call him?

Things are up shit's creek.

It says your dear husband is
over 2 million shekels in debt.

And that's not the worst part.

Here's my advice: let your husband
handle his own affairs.

He's messing with
the wrong people.

I want to report a missing person.
-His name and age?

My brother, Oded Zur,
he's 38.

You're being watched.

I've got some new
paper work.

From the Rabbinate.

the guy is gone
and he's not answering his phone!

Last time I saw him he ran away from
his wife saying his life is in danger!

Dafna daughter of Noah, Jewish
by birth, lived in sin and adultery

and is forbidden to her husband
Oded Zur and to her lover

Moshe Ben Arieh, Chechik.

I have no choice.

You owe us
200,000 shekels already.

It's a lot of money.

They say there was a raid,
confiscated goods.

It's a delivery for Music-Net, Ashdod.
Issue a form and make sure I sign it.

Pass this over, please.

No, the glue and knife.

Send a truck out today
and get all the CDs.

I'll buy from another supplier.

Listen, it's a matter of time
before everyone blocks you.

I think you're wrong,
but suit yourself.

I can't take a chance, you know?

Send an updated card index
including all credits

and the outstanding balance
to date,

and we'll balance it out with
the merchandise you'll take back.


documents for damaged items
and all the stuff you kept in my shed

these past months when I helped you
get rid of merchandise, remember?

But you know we
have a no-return policy.

Old goods are dead inventory.

Fine, if you want to throw away
8 years of work relations,

so you pay for your profits,
what's the big deal?

I don't know,
I'd need my CEO's approval.

Sounds great to me.

Did the loser fuck off?

Step into the office.

Mind telling me
what's going on?

So now you are
a money expert?

Do me a favor,
focus on your art.

How could I focus on anything
when our company is being raided?

Our papers are being confiscated...

Maggie calls me and says you told her
to go back up her mother's cunt!

Sit here and run the joint, man.

Maybe you'll do a better job.
Come on!

I looked inside your computer. -You've
learned how to turn on a computer?


A sum was transferred today
from the account

to an insurance that'll pay each
of us millions in case the other dies.

Do you even know what
insurance actually means?

Insurance is money that's meant
to insure that if, God forbid,

something happens to one of us,
the other won't be ruined.

What the hell are you rambling about?!
I know what insurance is!

Do you know what VAT is?

Am I interrupting?

No, sweetie.

I want to talk with you.

Stick to your art.

Hello, what can I get you?
-A large Café au Lait. Strong.

And for you?
-Just water.


What did you hear?

That you're headed for prison
and forgot to tell me about it.

I told you the situation sucks
because of the internet.

We've been in a loop since
they closed off the street...

Oded, do you want to talk?
-I'm trying.

Then talk.

6 months ago they came to us
and offered loans.

With hardly any interest. I took the
money to get by the difficult months.

We found out that we have to pay
insane interest on overdue payment.

Who offered you those loans?

It was a type
of non-bank credit deal.

We were in a loop,

and I had to skip a few VAT payments
just to pay the employees.

That's all.
-That's all.

When Mor comes to visit
her daddy in prison,

we'll tell her that Daddy preferred
to get help from criminals

than to talk to her mom.

I'd have gotten you
that money.


trust me,

everything will be okay.

No entering.


Where to?
-A meeting with Muki.

Who's Muki?

Let me through,
your father is waiting for me.

My father, huh?

Come on, get out.


Get the hell out.

Easy now.

You've got 5 minutes.

I haven't got the money yet.
It'll take a few more days.

First have your drink,
then we'll talk.


By 21:01 tonight...

you'll be a dead man.

Go see attorney Abramson
and sign your will.

A debt is a debt,
and it must be paid,

or it'll be bad for business.

If you don't commit suicide,
we'll have to do it for you,

you know what I mean.

You were given 5 minutes.
Time's up.

Mali Levi Gershon

Rotem Keinan

Yigal Naor
Dror Keren

Michael Hanegbi
Haim Znati

Ori Pfeffer, Danny Geva, Ido Museri

Producer: Shahar Zefania

Written and directed by:
Benny Fredman


You're giving me a headache!

I forgot, you hate us.

Only you, Mom.
Dad is just a doormat.

Out. Get out of this house.

What do you want?

Who hates who, Mom?

You could've married
anyone you wanted.

You're pretty, smart,
and come from a wealthy home.

Guys lined up
to marry you.

They're back in line again.

I'm getting a divorce.

Does he know
about your plans?

Not a thing.

I can't live with a liar
in the same house.

He accumulated debt
in my name.

Imagine eating breakfast with the girls
and having my living room confiscated.

Not pleasant.
-I'll worry about the girls.

Take the money, it's my gift
to you on your divorce.

Good luck. Set an appointment
at the Family Court.

I need the money now.

First get the divorce.

Here, in the Jewish state,
it's a process that takes time.

Get him out of your life, and I'll
give you all the money you want.

God damn it!

Son of a bitch!

You should be more careful.
Muki's goons are outside.

I didn't recognize you without
your stinky cologne.

What happened to your nose?

You've got everything
you need in here.

How long before he gets arrested?
-I'm on it, he's going down today.

He won't be threatening
you anymore.

Don't underestimate him.
He's following me.

He's also got connections
at the police.

Listen, I'm not talking about
the regular, "uncensored" version,

I'm talking real "uncensored".
Get what I'm saying?

Listen, you pervert, there is no
uncensored uncensored uncensored version

of the "original sin", okay? There's
plenty detail on the regular version.

If you've got a problem with that,
go to www.blow-me. com.

In your ads you come off
as nice guys. -The nicest ever.

So annoying.

The jerks took our computers.

Did you print out
the balance sheets?

I'm terrible with numbers, but...

Something here looks
kind of fishy.

it all makes sense, except for...
look here,

there are several payments
to some leasing company.



It's more important to get some
money to get you back on your feet.


Do me a favor,
talk to your husband.

I don't understand what's
happening anymore.

You don't have to understand, you just
need money to take the pressure off.

Okay, we'll talk in a few days.

My brain needs a rest.


We're getting
a lot of money today.

What's on your mind?

Oded, By 21:01 tonight
you'll be a dead man.

A debt is a debt,
and it must be paid,

or it'll be bad for business.




"Amir Isaacs"


You're not mad anymore?

Dig up whatever you can
about a company called "M.Z.K".

A client of mine
filed a suit against them.

Leave them alone.
-Got something to tell me?

Drop by my office.

At 16:00. I'm on my way
to the Rabbinate.

Supplemental income?

I'm getting a divorce.

Don't touch me.

You still don't get it?

That bitch killed my brother.

Are you stupid or something?

Spit out your gum.

My brother came to me all strung out,
saying the bitch is cheating on him.

He said she wants to finish him
and to destroy his company.

It says here that you identified
your brother's ring and his watch.

Were you
and your brother close?

I swear, you weren't there
when they gave out brains.

He's my brother,
of course we were close.

Spit out your gum.

She and her mother
would look down at us

as leeches
because they've got money.

About... 10 days ago,

I was at Mor's birthday party,
I said hello to Dafna,

but the bitch ignored me.

10 days ago?

10 days, ay?

Tonight at 21:07...

you spoke with the bitch
for 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

She said Oded was acting weird.

I played dumb.
Oded didn't trust her...

Spit out the gum.

Into a tissue.

In your pocket.

Thank you.

So you two are speaking,

you and the bitch.

Not only that, but you spoke
1 hour before Oded's death.


Perhaps you're not just talking,
but also in cahoots.

The brother trusted
his sister...

He told her his bitch of a wife
is planning to murder him.

He trusted the wrong person,
didn't he, Janis?

- 7.5 hours earlier -

Couldn't you turn to anyone
better than that moron Chechik?

There are some people
you shouldn't ask for help.

Your nose is swollen,
what happened?

Where did it happen?

I bumped into the fridge door.

Can't you turn to me
for help either?

Stay away from this mess.
You can't help either.

Your mom won't give you a penny,
she's just waiting for me to die.

You can't argue with the Family Court
certificates. She'll give me the money.

There're less crooked ways
to get out of this mess.

Lay off.

To get a Jewish divorce I'd have
to stand there in the Family Court

and have them yell at me that I've
been adulterous with Chechik, no less.

You think it's easy for me?

We're getting divorced today, even
if it means I have to tape myself

having sex with Chechik
to convince the judge.

I'll wait for you at the court, our
appointment is in less than an hour.

Are you Muki's attorney?

Isaac Abramson,
nice to meet you.

Would you like to put
some ice...?

Excuse me, miss,
could I have a glass of ice?


Thank you very much.

Would you like a drink? These
are the best hours for drinking.

Here, I've quit.

Once the will is processed...


Dafna gets the insurance
money within 2 weeks.

I need your signature by the X's.

Tell me,

how many wills do you
get signed per week?

Ever been to Miami, Oded?

Some guy flew his family
to Miami,

thinking he'd disappear
or something.

A week later, his son
was killed in a hit-and-run.

They paid him every last cent,

but only after they fled.

There was a gas leak
in their home.

There were no survivors.


My wife and I
are getting divorced.

I have to make sure
she gets the money

even if I'm not around.

Partnership insurance
covers businesses,

not private individuals.

Whether you're married,
divorced or separated...

"Notary, Atty. Isaac Abramson"
-is irrelevant.

Who's the plaintiff?

Oded Zur, Your Honor.

Are you representing yourself?

Yes, Sir.

And you, the defendant?
-Dafna Zur.

Are you representing yourself?

You haven't opened a case
at the registrar.

Do it and return in a week.

She's living in sin, Your Honor.

What do you mean,
"She's living in sin"?

He doesn't fulfill
his conjugal obligations.

Sir, aren't you familiar
with the verse...

"And her conjugal rights,
shall he not diminish"?

I'm forbidden,

she's cheating on me.

It's not cheating if
you only sleep with one man.

Silence in the courtroom!

Do you have a witness
for this disgrace?

He's waiting outside,
Your Honor.

You're sworn to tell
only the truth.

The witness is ready
for your questions, sir.


Moshe, Chechik.

Do you know the defendant?


She's my girlfriend.

For how long now?

6 months.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

The plaintiff is to give...

the defendant
a divorce immediately.

Write down in the divorce papers:

"The defendant Dafna Zur is
forbidden to her husband Oded Zur

"and to her lover Moshe Chechik".

Where's my lawyer?
-Waiting in the hallway.

We called him but turns out
he was already here,

a minute after you arrived.

Which is... quite interesting.

Abramson lives in Beit Zayit.

It takes a person 5 minutes
to get dressed... doesn't it?

Even longer,
for an alcoholic.

Takes him a few minutes
to find his way to the car.

From Beit Zayit to here,
it's at least 20 minutes.

30 minutes with traffic?


He got here a minute
after you arrived.

How did he do it?

He knew he had to be here.

You called him before
you called the fire department.

He's waiting for me.

You're getting off-key, Dafna.

You two are coordinated, huh?

We agreed you'd
get me out of here.

Where's the tape, Dafna?
-Step on it, and hold the scotch

because they'll kill my daughters,
do you understand?

This investigator is not just
a piece of shit,

he's trouble, okay?

He could easily convince a judge
that you're not cooperating

and have you kept in custody for
obstructing a homicide investigation.

Where's the tape?

Do me a favor, Abramson.

You do your part,
'll do mine.

Created by:
Benny Fredman

Produced by:
Shachar Zefania

They saw Oded give you
a recording device.


Oded stole from Moshe,

Moshe knew about it.
He said: "Let's meet up".

Believe me, I should've
partnered up with your wife.

God only knows what she's doing
with a loser like you.

They met up,
got into some argument,

boom! Oded shot him.

Moshe collapses.

No more Chechik.

You were told that the next time
there's a change in plan

they'll put an apple
on your wife's head, right?

A paralyzed kid plus interest...

equals a dead kid.

They were just kidding.

They'll put it on your daughter's
pretty little head.

Daddy never keeps
his promises.

As a gift for her premiere.

It's him.

I've got nothing to do with it.

We've seen this film before.

And walked out in the middle
then too.