Suspect (2015): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I want all the surveillance cameras
recordings from the last 2 hours.

No problem.

Find out who the shift manager was
at the municipality security.

Fine, and...

There's a body in there.

Keep an eye on the car.

Shot at point blank.

The bullet penetrated the skull
and exited from here.

How long ago?

30 minutes or so.

You can still see the bullet's
scorch marks.

Shield-23, clear the crime scene,
police is handling the body. Over.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Ma'am, this is a homicide
crime scene. Please stay away.

-Chiko, Chiko, quiet!

Do you have any idea
who is lying here?

It's my husband, Oded Zur.

I'm calling the time of death.

21:55, Wednesday,
February 17th.

Mali Levi Gershon

Rotem Keinan

Yigal Naor
Dror Keren

Michael Hanegbi
Haim Znati

Ori Pfeffer, Danny Geva, Ido Museri

Producer: Shahar Zefania

Written and directed by:
Benny Fredman


- 14 hours earlier -

"Dafna, I left a will with
an attorney named Abramson.

"I don't know whether to tell you
how sorry I am or how much I love..."

Daddy, good morning.

Did you sleep here?

Good morning, sweetie.
Come here.


Stav didn't let me sleep.

You can't hear a thing back there.

It was fun sleeping diagonally.

You take her to school,
I have a sitting at 9:00.

I'm running late.

How about noontime?
Want to meet for lunch?


You've gone too far.

We'll talk tonight.

You're warned to tell
nothing but the truth.

If you commit perjury you
will be punished by law.

Name and profession?
-Amir Isaacs, private investigator.


Do you recognize this photo?

I took it around 10 days ago.

The gentleman
was eating goose liver pate

and I happened to be sitting in the
restaurant, a public place, mind you.

Objection, Your Honor.
This is inadmissible testimony

and if Your Honor accepts his
testimony, we will file an appeal.

It's on record.

The gentleman left the receipt on
the table, it came out to 792 shekels.

On the top it says "Goose liver",
217 shekels.

We also have documentation of
the defendant's use of a credit card

which, of course
is not in his name,

for several transactions
indicating a high standard of living.

Your Honor, I have no intention
of cross-examining the witness

since this is unsubstantial evidence
about which we intend to appeal.

It's on record. I will accept the receipts
and the photos as required in the case.

The hearing is adjourned.

I'm on your case.

I'll sue you and complain
to the bar association.

Using stolen information.

You'll be debarred.

This is for you.

Daddy, I don't want
to take part in the show.

Ella doesn't like me, she gave
my solo dance to someone else.

Sweetie, today's
the final rehearsal.

If she doesn't give you back
the part, then leave.

-I don't want to.

You work all day and all night
and never have time.

I'm mad at Mommy too.
I told her they took my dance part

and she didn't even care.

Come give Daddy a kiss.

Grandma told Mommy
that you don't love us anymore.

"Nufar Zur"


I'm waiting outside,
where are you?

When is the appointment?

At 10:00.
Come on, move it.

He needs his meds
and I have nothing on me.

Please take him for a walk
after the doctor, okay?

Dad, wait.

I can't today. You do it,
I'll pay you back tonight, okay?


Good morning, Muki.

Nice day today.

Your daughter...

wore a new hat
to school today.

you know what I mean.

Leave the kid alone.

In the 14th century
they caught Wilhelm,

the bow and arrow champion.

They took his son,
put an apple on his head

and said they'd
kill them both

unless he shoots an arrow
through the apple.

What do you think?

Did he shoot the apple
or not?

We're watching you.

o'clock sharp.

Can't trust pens.

Too much music writing.


Are you Dafna Zur?

I can't hear you.


Is Oded Zur your husband?


When did you see him last?
-At noon, we were at the Jaffa Hotel.

What were you doing?
-Not listening to music.



You murdered
your husband today.

I didn't murder anyone.
-You're ruining my music.

Are you aware that your
husband has

taken out a new
insurance policy lately?

I don't get involved in
my husband's business affairs.

Well, let's see how
involved you are.

Your husband took out
partnership insurance,

meaning that if he dies,
you as his wife get half the sum.

We're talking millions of shekels,
which makes you very involved.

Interesting, isn't it?

Live husband - not involved.

Dead husband - involved indeed.


And now the husband is dead.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Neither do I, Dafna,
neither do I.

Can I call you Dafna
or do you prefer "Mrs. Zur"?

"Moshe Chechik"
-Then there's this guy, Dafna.

Your husband's business
partner which I guess...

There's premise to assume
that you two know each other, right?

Chechik? Is that his name?

I wonder where that name
comes from. Little "check".

Maybe it's Chekik...?

Or Checkchik?

In any case,
this Chechik disappeared.

His shop burns down,

the cops are looking for him,
so is the fire department,

but Chechik's gone.
Chechik checked out.

Interestingly enough,

the other half of the insurance
money is in his name.

Where's Chechik, Dafna?

Is he waiting for your phone call?

Did he talk you into this?

Did he say: "I love you,
let's cash in on him"?

Is he waiting for you on a beach
in Jamaica, sipping Tequila?

We fucked.

My husband and I,

last time we met.

It was the best sex
we'd ever had.

This morning he left
a suicide note.

When I yelled to him from
outside the shop not to do it,

he said he's doing it for me.
Do you get it?

My husband
burnt down his-shop

and shot himself in the head
knowing I was watching.

Did I ruin the music
for you, Romi?

It's okay if I call you
Romi, right?

- 12 hours earlier -

We need to talk.

Well, talk.

I'm in a hurry.

Save that tone for your clients.

My clients don't cause damage.

Mor shouldn't have heard
what I said about her father.

And she won't.

Are you done threatening?
-Anything specific, Mom?

There's a surprise waiting for you
on the living room table.

"Amir Isaacs, investigation services.
Surveillance results - Oded Zur"

You got Amir involved
in your paranoia?

We both know this guy
gets results.

I'm not reading this.

It says your dear husband is
over 2 million shekels in debt.

And that's not the worst part.

He submits false VAT reports,
that's criminal.

He hasn't paid them
in almost a year.

"Monthly VAT report"

Have you eaten anything?

You look pale.

Bye, Mom.

What's going on? Why isn't
the shop open? It's 10:00.

Are you Oded Zur?

Who wants to know?

According to clause 117B
of the VAT law,

you're now under
criminal investigation.

You are asked to open the shop
and wait outside until we're done.

Give me that.

Don't touch me, please.

Make a copy of this before she
leaves, and open the shop.

Is something wrong, bro?

Should I get you an espresso?

No, relax, it's no big deal.
I'll hop over when this mess is over.

Bro, Asi doesn't forget his friends.

What's the matter?

Why are you on his case?
Have you caught all the Arabs?

Why pick on him?
-Show me your ID.

Why do you always get the
good guys? -Enough...

Show me your ID!
-Don't touch him.

I'll gladly give you my details.

I'm on public property,
it's all taped.

Have you no shame?

What, you don't like the perfume?

Spying on my husband?

Judy shouldn't have told you
about that report.

I see.

It's only matter of time
until Oded is sent to prison.

Is this all he owes?

What's the difference?

It's still more than
you people have.

Here's my advice: let your husband
handle his own affairs.

He's messing with
the wrong people.

Who's he messing with?

Sign here.

If it is decided not to peruse
criminal procedures

against the company "Off the Record",

you'll get the material
back in 60 days.

It's 10:50.
Open the register and get to work.

Nadav, that pain from "Dori Media",
is asking about his check.

Says you've been withholding
payment for 2 months now.

The cops got the whole
floor dirty. Wash it.

-Hold on.

Shut the door.


Did our guests get you upset?

I didn't like their rudeness.

I offer them a drink and they
tell me to get out of the store.

Maggie, I feel awkward, but you'll
have to take a vacation.

All our computers and paperwork
have been confiscated,

there won't be much
to do here in the next 2 months.

Are you firing me?
-Of course not.

If you want, I could fire you
and pay you full compensation.

You know, legally, it's your call.

Does Moshe know about this?

He's got nothing to do with it.

Until VAT calls you for
investigation, you can't work.

When this mess blows over,
you'll get your job back.



The door is always open.

Amir Isaacs, private investigator.
Good morning.

The VAT guys were here.
-And? Did you chuck them?

The goods are in a safe
outside the office.

They took only the binders
you told me to keep.

Dafna dropped by.
-She doesn't know a thing.

Didn't you bring me the papers?

What papers?

He's stuck in the office.

You said your girlfriend Maggie
would arrange the material.

My girlfriend...

Didn't you hear what happened?

Maggie found out that Oded increased
one of the insurance policies.

The cunt started asking questions
so he told her: "Go fuck yourself".

This morning I found out
he fired her.

Things are up shit's creek.
Your husband is nae.

Will you be okay?
-He will.

He gets millions if I die.

I'll get him out of the store.
Just get moving, Chechik.

I want to report
a missing person.

Hold on.

We just started using
a new software.

His name and age?

My brother, Oded Zur,
he's 38.

When did you last see him?

3 hours ago.

He was totally hysterical, as if
the devil was coming to get him.

Ma'am, let him
get out of the shower.

You can't file an adult missing person
report before it's been 48 hours.

You moron, the guy is gone
and he's not answering his phone!

Last time I saw him he ran away from
his wife saying his life is in danger!

What more do you need?!

Swisa, write an investigation update
for case 9354.

Arrest form for Dafna Zur,
suspected of murdering her husband,

Oded Zur. You got that?

She murdered my brother.

Write down that the bitch
murdered my brother.

Perfect piano fingers.

I've got some new
paper work.

From the Rabbinate.

Want to read it together?

The Jerusalem Rabbinate:
Oded Haim Zur, ID number

034... Date of birth:

Son of Shlomo, Jewish by birth,
was divorced today,

the 24th of Shevat 5774, at 15:02 p.m.
from his wife Dafna daughter of Noah,

also Jewish from birth.
I tell you,

the guys at the Rabbinate know their
stuff. They find every last detail.

You know what that means,

That Oded was no longer your husband
several hours before the incident.

Leave the results in the office.

What else... let's see what they
wrote under "reason for divorce".

Dafna daughter of Noah, Jewish
by birth, lived in sin and adultery

and is forbidden to her husband
Oded Zur and to her lover

Moshe Ben Arieh, Chechik.

Good Jewish man.

I want to see my lawyer.

You're still wearing your
wedding ring, Mrs. Zur.

It's confusing.

Created by:
Benny Fredman

Produced by:
Shachar Zefania

When Mor comes to visit
her daddy in prison,

we'll tell her that Daddy preferred
to get help from criminals

than to talk to her mom.


You could've married
anyone you wanted.

You're pretty, smart,
and come from a wealthy home.

Your nose is swollen,
what happened?

Son of a bitch!

She and her mother
would look down at us.

As if we're leeching on to them
because they've got money.

He doesn't know a thing.

I can't live with a liar
in the same house.

Stay away from him,
get him out of your life,

and I'll give you
all the money you want.

You're getting sloppy, Dafna.