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Muki thinks he's Hammurabi.

He took out his son's eye because
the idiot didn't pay on time.

What do you suppose he'd do
if someone ratted him out?

One of the wills here
was written by Oded Zur.

The ugly guy married to the hottie?
-Yes. They got divorced this noon.

She could convince Muki that
it's invalid due to the divorce.

Good night, sweetie.
-Good night, Daddy.

I've waited for you, Dafna.

Just sign your husband's part
of the company over to me.

As the wife of your late husband,
you get half the business, on page

Sign your share over to me
and I release you from your debt.

What do you say, Dafna?

Muki said that tomorrow
I'll be assigned to someone else.

I think it's over.

If your husband doesn't
commit suicide,

you'll owe me with interest,

Your husband and his partner
both signed the partnership insurance.

If one of them dies
Muki gets back the insurance money.

So tell me,
who would you prefer died?

It's your call, Dafna.

Hi, sweetie.

Hold on.

What? I couldn't hear you.

What do you mean, dead?

Mali Levi Gershon

Rotem Keinan

Yigal Naor
Dror Keren

Michael Hanegbi
Haim Znati

Ori Pfeffer, Danny Geva, Ido Museri

Producer: Shahar Zefania

Written and directed by:
Benny Fredman


You can download it
from E-mule or Bit-Torrent.

Mega Upload was shut down
but I recommend Pirate Bay,

it's a great link site. But if you
have little kids at home...

I'll finish up here and lock up,
you can go home.

Yes, how can I help you?

I'd like to buy all
the seasons of the show.

He looked like he didn't
want to sell them to me.

I'm not paying 800 shekels
for that.

Can I get a discount?

That's the price. -You know,
I found a legit on-line store

that sells this series
for practically nothing.

I could've bought there
and I still can

but I'd still like to buy it here,
so could you be considerate?

You think about it. This is a gift
for your husband, right?

Suppose he wants to return it,

we have everything in stock.

Your husband will
find just what he wanted.

If you buy it on-line,
the seller could be gone, dead.

All you're left with is
a phone number...

of someone who died.

Oded! Oded!


Oded! Oded!

I have no choice,

I have to do it.

What do you have to do?

Shoot yourself in the head?

Stav will never get
to know you.

And when Mor visits your
grave and asks why you did it,

what will you tell her?

"I gave up on you
because I was scared,

"and gave up
on the woman I love

who loves me and would do
anything for me"?

What will you tell her?


because you'll be dead.

You'd rather leave us.

And when the girls grow up
without a father

'll tell them

that Daddy made a mistake

and we have to pay for it.

Now stick a bullet
in your head.

The autopsy shows that
Oded Zur was shot twice.

Shot twice?

Yes. The entry wound
and exit wound don't match.

It wasn't suicide.

It wasn't suicide.

Are you shitting me?

You didn't call Abramson.

He's listed on your incoming calls,
you spoke an hour before,

before they found your husband
with 2 bullets in his head.

What's the deal with Abramson?

What's he to you other than
your lawyer?

Spill it!

The lab results are in,

you have no gun powder on your
hands, you didn't fire a gun tonight.

I'm leaving.

If it isn't a murder nor suicide,

then why was your husband
shot twice in the head?

What are you hiding?!

Who are you covering for?!

What kind of game
are you playing?!

Dafna, they have to watch
the tape, now.

Good luck.


I brought you a check.

Put down whatever you need.

Happy now?


Has the unconscious guy
woken up? -Yes.

How long does it take to pour
some cold water on someone?

He got a text message
and regained consciousness.

Muki sent out
a notice of dismissal.

You screwed up with the will.

The insurance is still valid.


Muki's no longer the boss.

You said you'd be here
in an hour.

Sorry it took me time to
sell you" as state's evidence.

Did Dafna talk?
-She's on her way to the lot.

And the tape?
The cops have it.

Move, move.
You sit down.

Chico, sit him down.

You've got one more will
to take care of.

Your own.

But someday, when you're old.


I allow drinking.

The area is covered
by street cam 10.

Run to 21:00, 21:05.


You're considered dead
since 21:00

and you owe me interest
for 12 minutes.

My warning was very specific.

The plan changed.
You know what I mean?

Dafna is no longer my wife.

She doesn't get a penny off any
new will I write, and neither do you.

Have you checked with Abramson?

If they're divorced,
then her signature is invalid.

You're way off.

Your partner signed the will
and transferred to me

his part of the insurance.

Tomorrow morning
you'll submit a new will.

You'll write
that you're giving your wife,

who is not your wife anymore,

the insurance money.

Otherwise your daughters
won't be yours anymore.

You can get
the money tonight,

in cash.

Start talking,
try to beat the bullet.

Take off the jacket.

Are the cameras deactivated?

Fire Abramson.
-No problem.

Now you owe me money


Your husband's partner
is still alive.

You interrupted Muki's
attempt to kill him on camera.

Too bad.

When Muki finds out you set him up,
your family gets it.


When you made a mistake
Muki took out your eye.

This time I think he will bury
you. State's evidence.

Eye for an eye, Dafna.

I can only take out Muki's eye.

I can't kill him, it's illegal.

You worry about loading the gun,
I'll take care of the rest.

Yes, Romi Dor, Zion district.
Get me the SWAT chief.

"You've got 15 minutes"

2 hostages, the wife of one of them
is on her way there.


There're many accidents
in Jerusalem lately, huh, Romi?

Many suicides made to look
like accidents.

"District: Jerusalem
Time of call: Tuesday, 21:04"

Yes. And you, the police

keep closing cases
for lack of public interest.

"Autopsy report:
Male, November 2nd 2005"

Took out life insurance

"in the sum of 1.5 million shekels"

"The deceased
took out life insurance

"in the sum of
about 5 million shekels"

The deceased woman

"had been insured for a year

"for nearly 4 million-shekels"

Hello, Cinderella.

6 minutes to midnight. Yes.

This covers your debt.

I hope you didn't forget you
owe me interest for 3 hours.

You're late.

She got here early.

I want to take my husband home.


as soon as we settle
the interest payment.

You know the story
of Wilhelm Tell?



You have any idea
who is lying here?

That's my husband, Oded Zur.

Your husband, my ass.

"Everybody who committed suicide
had partnership insurance"

No insurance, no money.

The money goes to Muki.

Suppose someone
with severe family difficulties

transferred money for his father

and screwed up delivering
the money on time,

getting his family in an "accident"
and causing "accidents" to others.

You follow?

Eye for an eye.

"Son versus father"
-It's good for Dafna.

You have 5 seconds
to shoot the apple.

I paid you the money.

But why?!

"Obstructing investigation"


"To keep us away from Muki"

She wanted to end it herself.

The gun is unloaded, Dafna.


Created by:
Benny Fredman

Produced by:
Shachar Zefania is deprecated, please
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