Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 12 - Now Who's in Charge Here?! - full transcript

One castaway's in hot water for breaking a pact.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor:

>> Scout and Twila come to

me and Chad, wantin' to form

an alliance with us.

I swear to God, on my family's


>> As the last man standing,

Chris made an attempt

to save himself.

>> I narced out Scout and Twila.

It's gonna be a mess.

>> PROBST: And then there were


At the reward challenge,

the winner's going to get a one-

hour real-time e-mail back-and-

forth chat.

But first the Survivors were

allowed a brief hello to their

loved ones.

>> I miss you so much.

>> PROBST: All right, Twila,

you've got to say your


>> I've got to say good-bye,


>> PROBST: "Grapefruit"

is right.

Eliza won reward.

Nice job.

And then got a big surprise.

Come on out, Susan.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: It's not a one-hour


It's an overnight chat.

>> PROBST: Back at camp...

>> There's our shelter.

>> PROBST: ...while Eliza

enjoyed her mom's company...

>> Oh, it looks great.

>> PROBST: ...Leann confronted

Scout about scheming with

the guys.

>> It was Chad's idea, and that

is the God's honest truth.

>> PROBST: The next morning,

Eliza's mom departed.

>> ALL: Bye.

>> It doesn't matter.

My heart has stayed true.

>> PROBST: And Twila made a bold

move to gain Ami and Leann's


>> On my son, I swear...

I swore on my son's name that I

was with them 100%, but maybe,

if I won a million dollars,

God would forgive me.

>> PROBST: Immunity-- back up

for grabs.

At the immunity challenge...

Come on in.

...the loved ones returned to


Survivors ready...


Knowing he was on the chopping

block, Chris gave it his all.

But in a tight race, Ami and her

partner solved the puzzle first.

Ami wins immunity.

Back at camp, the tide


>> Chris deserves to stay.

>> PROBST: ...when the women's

alliance agreed to oust Eliza

before Chris.

>> Think about it.

>> PROBST: But Twila approached

Chris with a different plan...

>> PROBST: that would

uproot Ami's powerful alliance

of women.

>> I'll turn the tide.

I'll take the risk right now.

>> PROBST: With Tribal Council

looming, Chris told Eliza the

women's alliance turned on her

and he offered her an

opportunity to save herself.

>> But I don't trust Scout

and Twila.

That's what scares me.

>> Just please take this risk.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Twila and Chris' plan worked.

Eliza joined them in voting out


Leann, the tribe has spoken.

The all-women's alliance and

Ami's power position had

finally fallen apart.

Nine days left, this game has

just been turned on its head.

Six are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

( theme song playing )

>> All I can say was that

was a really nice move.

>> I felt like we was going to

get all screwed over, so I

felt like I'd take up for the

little guy.

>> "Take up for the little guy."

That's cute.

Well, you're taking up for your

own guy, not for the little guy.

You're the one who made the

four-way alliance.

"Yeah, I'm down, totally

all the way.

Yeah, I'm in."

>> Screwed you, didn't it?

>> You didn't screw me.

I'm still in the game.

You screwed Leann.

I'm still here, baby, kicking


>> The bitterness started

as soon as we got back to camp.

I'm living with five wildcats

right now.

It's gonna be good.

>> You're always trying to keep

Eliza in it just for your

benefit to go forward.

>> It's all of a sudden

convenient for you to want to

keep Eliza in when before, every

single vote, you guys were like,

"Let's get rid of Eliza, let's

get rid of Eliza."

>> I know, but who saved

my ass tonight, when I was

really going to go home.

>> Honey, you've been really

about ready to go home...

>> Me, me.

>> ...nine million times.

I'm sorry, that's the truth of

my life, that I'm pretty happy.

>> You're putting Twila down.

>> Twila put herself down.

I didn't swear on my family


I'm disappointed in Twila.

Promising on her son's life just

kind of disgusts me.

I lost all respect for Twila.

I don't know if I could ever

have respect for that woman


>> The only thing, and

I'll be honest with you...

>> Ooh, I'm listening, big ears.


>> Well, that's the thing

right there.

You and Leann and Julie thought

you all was so friggin' high and


>> High and mighty?

>> You're dang right.

You're dang right.

We've overthrown the queen and

the little princess.

People like that just piss me

off because they think they are

so much better than every

freakin' body else.

We've got the power.

Chris, I, Scout, we have the

power now.

I have a great mind sometimes.

I love it.

>> Ami, you're cocky.

>> I'm cocky.

I'm also one of the most giving,

loving, caring people.

It's a nice balance.

I'm competing with all my heart


I've got no cushions.

I've got no buddy to rely on.

It's me all the way.

>> Underwater.

Water's women.

I want this so bad.

I got mail, and it's gonna

be a good one.

"Today you'll push your limits

of swimming, balance and diving.

A test of will and stamina for

the last six still surviving.

A game-changing reward with

rejuvenating power, fuel for

your body, fuel for your soul

and a hot, relaxing shower."

>> Thank God.

>> I need fuel for my soul.

>> We're all hungry.

We all want food.

I'm just praying Eliza wins

because Eliza looks like a

little stick girl.

I've been calling her Olive Oyl.

>> I'm starving to death.

You better take me in if you win

the reward.

You better take me, Twila.

>> She needs to win.

>> No way.

>> Oh, my.

>> That's a nice car.

>> PROBST: Well, rather than

just tell you about your reward,

I thought I'd drive it over.

( whoops )

>> Nice.

>> PROBST: For the winner of

today's challenge an all-new

Pontiac G-6...

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: ...panoramic roof,

remote start, good-looking car.

That's just part of what you're

playing for.

The winner of this challenge,

plus the person who finishes

second and the person who

finishes third will leave in

this car.

You'll drive to a Vanuatu

ocean-side resort to get a hot

shower, go down to the beach

and have some cocktails and then

when you're ready, you'll have

dinner, and because I want you

to know exactly what you're

playing for, I have the actual

menu from the restaurant.

>> ALL: Oh...

>> Garlic bread.

>> PROBST: You can have as many

items as you want.

You can eat until the restaurant


>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: And then you'll get a

good night's sleep on a

comfortable bed and come back in

the morning.

Worth playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: All right.

Let's get to the challenge.

You're going to start on the


You'll swim out and race across

a series of outrigger canoes,

floating platforms and balance


When you get to the end of the

course, you'll dive in where you

will find three flags waiting

for you.

Retrieve one flag at a time,

bring it back to the beach.

First person to get all three

flags back wins the car.

First three to finish, the

overnight reward.

Let's hit it.

For reward... Survivors, ready?


Ami, Chris, Twila, Eliza, first

up on the obstacle course.

Twila goes in.

Scout giving it everything she


Ami first in to dive for her


Eliza right behind, Chris going

for his flag.

Ami coming back with her first

flag and Julie going for a flag.

Scout... struggling.

Eliza coming back with a flag.

Chris back with a flag.

Chris pulls himself up onto the


Ami swimming back to shore with

her first flag.

Eliza, Chris, Julie, right on

her tail.

Twila has her first flag.

She's heading back.

Ami back with her first flag,

Eliza right behind, Chris on

her tail.

Julie still in it.

Twila having a heck of a time

getting back.

Eliza hangs her first flag.

Chris with his first flag.

Julie back with her first flag.

Ami still in the lead.

Scout in the water heading for

her first flag.

Chris using every part of the

course to stay out of the water.

Scout coming back with her first


Ami with her second flag.

Ami with only one flag left.

Eliza right behind.

Going to have to make up some


Julie and Chris battling for

that third spot.

Ami still in the lead and the

woman who wouldn't quit, Scout,

making her way back.

Ami falls in.

Eliza closing the gap.

Ami back in, going for her third

and final flag.

Eliza right behind.

( gasping )

Julie with a big lead over Chris

for third.

Julie falls in.

Ami in the water and Eliza

gaining on Ami who is having

trouble getting back on the


Chris and Ami playing chicken,

Eliza passes Ami.

It's between Eliza and Ami.

Ami back in the water.

Takes a hard fall.

It is Eliza's challenge to win

if she can finish.

With that, Eliza is going to win

the Pontiac G-6.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Nice job.

Ami finishes second.

She'll be going on the reward

with Eliza.

It's coming down to Chris

and Julie.

>> PROBST: Chris and Julie both

out of the water at the same


Both worn out.

Both want to eat.

Julie falls in the water.

Chris stays on the course.

He has the lead.

Julie is going to have

to catch up.

Chris goes in the water.

Now Julie can make up time.

Julie and Chris dead even,

looking for that last spot on

the overnight reward.

It's down to Chris and Julie and

they are dead even going into

the water.

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: They are neck and


>> Push, push, push.

( all shouting )

>> PROBST: Chris, the third

place finisher, going on the

overnight reward.

Great effort.

Eliza, Pontiac G-6 is yours.

>> I can't believe that.

>> PROBST: The overnight reward

is for all three of you.

The keys are waiting.

They're in the ignition.

Have a good trip.

>> Good job, Eliza.

>> PROBST: All right, guys.

Head on back to camp.

( cheers )

>> Oh, yeah!

>> This is sweet, isn't it?

>> Yeah.

Good job, Eliza.

>> I won the car.

I don't think that's sunk in


I still can't really believe


It was gorgeous.

We had the windows open.

The sunroof was open.

It was just amazing.

>> Look at how beautiful

the beach is.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> This is paradise.

>> Yes, it is.

>> Hello, welcome.

>> Hi.

>> This is our bungalow.

>> There you are.

>> Oh, a bed and pillows.

>> Here are our robes.

It was just wonderful.

They told us to put our clothes

in this hamper and they would

wash them for us.

>> Toilet paper!

>> Sounds lovely.

And then we just decided to take

a shower immediately because we

had to take off all our clothes


>> I washed my hair two times

and scrubbed every part of

my body.

I actually feel human again.

I smell good.

Oh, it's heaven.

>> We all got to shower.

They didn't leave me no hot



>> I don't... I can't

even describe it.

>> No, it's heaven.

>> Oh, my God.

>> I'm really sorry that I

voted for you.

>> I know.

>> I really should have trusted

in you a lot more than I

did and I'm really sorry.

>> It's okay.

>> I mean it from the

bottom of my heart.

>> I forgive you.

>> I'm sad that I got

pulled into Scout and Twila's,

like, nastiness towards you.

It makes me sad.

The fact that Scout keeps

talking down to me, I don't

appreciate very much.

>> I'm used to it.

She stopped talking down to me,

oh, about yesterday when she

needed my vote.

>> Hi, handsome.

>> I am clean.

>> Oh, doesn't it feel good?

>> I didn't want to get out.

>> The reward was beautiful.

We sat out by the ocean in

robes, like Hugh Heffner-- drink

in hand, hors d'oeuvres.

( moans ) Mm...

>> I have a feeling we're going

to be making that sound a

lot tonight.

Oh, my God.

We get entertainment.

>> It's a band.

Some Vanuatu people came out and

sang to us, and they were

dressed in vibrant orange with

big smiles on their faces, it

was beautiful.

>> ♪ Vanuatu

You look so green and lovely

Beautiful beds,

♪ Beautiful beach,

Lovely restaurants

and resort... ♪

>> The best reward ever.

It was totally out of a dream.

I mean, all of us, we just

couldn't wipe the smiles off our


( singing )

( cheering )

>> That was awesome.

>> I think every time we get

a water challenge, I drink

half the damn ocean. Man...

>> I wish we'd have just

a water challenge without

everything else added to it.

When I got back from that reward

challenge, I was angry.

>> The fact that I can't

physically show myself better in

the game, you know, it's

humiliating, because, given the

body that I had six years ago, I

could physically outdo anybody

that's out here right now.

Eliza kicked some butt on that.

>> Nice car.

>> Nice car.

>> I swear, I thought Ami

won that.

I can't believe that Eliza split

her butt.

I loved it.

>> She did. I'm so glad.

>> So what do you think

they are doing right now?

No, never mind, I don't want to

talk about it.

>> It ain't going to happen.

Liza, she's solid.

>> Ami is going to be smooth

talking Eliza tonight.

She will definitely be doing

some maneuvering.

Will it work?

I pray to God it don't.

>> I'm just so glad that

she and Chris are there


That's going to make a


>> I want to try a bite of

yours, Chris, if you don't mind.

>> Yeah, it is awesome.

We had a really good meal, ate

as much as we could, just great


I feel myself getting full.

I'm not stopping any time soon.

>> I'm not full before

dessert, that's for sure.

( laughing )

Food was unbelievable, and the

company was great, too.

I was really glad that Eliza,

Chris and I had won together.

♪ What an interesting game it's

been. ♪

Listen, I know you guys want to

get rid of me because I'm the

physical power player, I know


But something that I think would

be really smart for you guys is

to break up Scout and Twila.

That's something you two should

talk about, but I think it'd

make a better position for the

two of you in the long run.

Please excuse me for one second.

>> She's so phony!

Does she think I'm stupid, you


She's still working Eliza,


She's strategizing, she's

playing the game.

>> It's not a bad idea to

break them up.

We would be in the final four

even if you, me and...

>> Not Ami.

We're pure final four, and if we

change anything nothing is


Final four, and look at our

competition, a 60-year-old woman

and Twila.

I mean, why don't we just get

the checks out now.

I mean, you going to go cruising

in your new car as soon as you

get it?

>> Yeah.

>> I am definitely realistic

enough to keep tabs on

Eliza and comfort myself by

talking to her and hear her

reassure me that she knows

what's best for her.

I'm counting on the fact that

Eliza is mentally strong.

>> How you doing, Chris?

Is it comfortable?

>> Yeah, I can definitely

sleep out here.

>> Good night, Chris.

>> Good night.

>> Good night.

>> Good night.

( chuckles )

>> You know what, it is ironic

that Scout and Twila are the

ones who've been pushing to

get me voted off all along, yet

neither one of them has ever

picked up the pen and written my

name down. Ever.

>> It makes me want to puke

listening to you say how "Scout

and Twila have never written my

name down, they are so great."

>> I'm not saying they're

so great.

But, if it hadn't been for them,

then I wouldn't be here.

>> You know what, if it hadn't

been for me 50 million times

turning the tides and letting

you know what was going on.

>> I know.

>> Every single time I had

your back, every single vote I

proved it.

>> Ami has stood up for

me a lot of times.

Ami has been the one to say,

"No, I don't want to vote

Eliza off.

No, I'm not voting for Eliza."

Ami has been like a big sister

to me out here.

I'm pissed at myself, at my


>> Honey, you don't need to

be pissed at yourself.

>> I know, but more than

anything else I just got my

feelings hurt.

>> We should stop talking

about it, because I don't expect

any miracle from you.

I should just be quiet.

>> I woke up this morning

and I saw Ami, Eliza and Chris

walking back from the reward.

>> Hi, pretty.

>> Mm, you smell nice.

And it was great to have a new

smell in camp, definitely.

Especially for Chris, because

Chris stinks.

He doesn't stink anymore.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, my God.

>> I know, right.

>> Oh, gosh...

Was it wonderful?

>> It was.

It was fun.

Hey, T.

>> I'm sure Ami worked on

Eliza pretty hard yesterday,

trying to get her to swing a

vote their way, you know, and

I am very worried about that.

Ami is so pissed off at me and

Scout, no telling what else she

will do.

>> Let me put your finger

right on it.

>> I got it.

>> I think it's too short

for you to get.

You got it.

>> I got it.

>> I'm going to go get wood.

>> Will you do mine?

>> It is annoying that they are

sitting there in the beauty shop

plucking hairs and we really

need to gather wood, but Ami

is a control freak.

She likes to control her world

and everyone in it.

>> She is the most jealous

person I've ever met.

I was thinking about it,

because, back in her day, she

probably was a lot more fit and

active and she thinks she could

have kicked my ass.

>> That's a big issue for her.

>> Yeah.

>> She's humiliated.

>> Scout, I think she's

irritated with me for some

reason, whether it's because

she's older and I'm younger and

I still have my body and she...

I don't know what it is.

But after Tribal Council the

other night, Scout has got me

pissed off.

Um, is that leftover manioc


I might cook some fish.

>> You know what?

We don't have much manioc left,

and we have...

>> I just brought back,

like, 20 pounds of manioc.

Are you kidding me?

I just went out hunting for food

all day long.

>> ...on that very back


>> You're kidding me right now.

You're telling me we don't have

enough food for me to make

another pot of manioc.

>> We have this much right


>> That's the funniest

thing I've heard all day.

It's like Scout put a pile of

cayenne pepper in my pants and

said, "Hey, let's dance."

Well, I'm ready to dance.

I've lost all respect, all

anything for Twila.

But Scout hasn't been voted for

once, and I think it's important

she sees her name can be written

down, too, just like anybody


The chance of Scout being in the

top two makes me sick,

like, just makes me sick.

>> They are a bunch of alley

cats going at it, and

strategically, this is the

best thing for me.

I don't even think they're

looking at me.

I mean, I'm just sitting back

and watching 'em shoot

each other.

>> Get your own damn blanket.

That's ours.

>> But Ami needs to go home.

She's definitely a threat.

I mean, we knocked her off of

her horse, thank God.

But who's to say she ain't to

get up, dust herself off, climb

back on and pull something off?

>> Tree mail.

>> Looks like a spirit button.

>> Ooh.

"Some are faster and stronger

and smarter and such, but this

time you are safe if you have

the right touch."


>> What do you think it is?

>> It's gonna be balancing,

something balancing

something on something.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> ( chuckles ): Another

interesting challenge.

It's hard to tell.

I have not been capable of

overcoming the physical

challenges against these women,

so I want immunity.

I'm still the only guy here.

I'm the only man standing.

Immunity is all that's gonna

make me safe.

>> PROBST: All right, you guys

ready to get to today's


>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Ami, give it up.

>> I don't think it'll come off.

It's stuck.

>> PROBST: Try.

>> ( Ami laughs )

>> PROBST: Once again immunity

back up for grabs.

For today's Immunity Challenge,

you're going to take part in a

Survivor version of


Represented on our board are the

islands of Vanuatu.

You will each have five pucks.

Your goal: land as many of your

pucks as you can on any part of

the different islands.

You can also use them

defensively to knock another

tribe member off of an island.

The only way to guarantee that

once you're on an island you

stay there is drop it in the


There that can't be knocked out.

At the end of the game, the

tribe member who has the most

pucks touching any part of any

of the islands wins immunity.

We'll draw numbers to determine

your order, and we will get


Okay, we have randomly drawn to

determine your order.

Chris, you'll go first this


Chris with his first shot.


Twila, get us on the board.


Trying to land on an island.

That'll count.

>> Nice job, Eliza.

>> PROBST: Ami.

The big island.

And look at that.

That'll count.


Your first shot of the first


Julie banks and in the volcano!

( cheering )

Right in the volcano.

Nobody can knock you out.

That point's gonna be safe the

whole game.

Scout looking to get on the


Aw, no love.

At the end of the first round,

Eliza with one, Julie with one,

and Ami with one. Twila.

Oh, look at that!

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: And that's a safe


Nobody gonna knock that out.


>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Ami.

>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Oh, so close.

Julie looking to go in the lead.

And she does.

>> Nice.

Julie with her second point.



Last shot of this round.

Up and over.

At the end of the second round,

Julie with two, Ami, Eliza,

Twila with one.



Julie in the lead with two.


Scout yet to get on the board.

That's close.


>> Almost.

>> PROBST: Chris.

Chris is on.


At the end of three rounds,

Julie with two, Chris, Ami,

Eliza, Twila with one.

And she's on.

Ami has her second point.

Julie with two, looking to add.

>> Close.

>> PROBST: Scout.

That'll do it!

>> There you go!

>> PROBST: Scout is on with her

first point.


Chris knocks Julie off and puts

himself on the board.

>> Yeah, there you go!

>> PROBST: Chris and Ami now

tied at two.

Julie back to one.

Twila now has two.

>> Do it! Two!

>> PROBST: Eliza needs another

point to stay in it.

>> Oh, I just knocked

myself off!

>> PROBST: Instead of gaining a

point, Eliza just lost her

only point.

At end of four rounds, Ami,

Chris and Twila with two,

Julie and Scout with one.

Last round.

Julie needs another point to

stay in this.

And instead she just puts Twila

further on.


She's going offensively.

Trying to score.

And she does!

Scout, Twila, Chris and Ami now

each with two.

Chris takes the lead with three.

Twila with her last shot.

She's just short.

Eliza, you're up.

No points, but you can play the

role of the spoiler, and you can

knock Chris off an island.

>> I missed entirely.

>> PROBST: Not even close.

One shot left. It is Ami.

If she scores or knocks Chris

off, we go to a tiebreaker.

She gonna go offense...

or defense?

Ami takes herself out.

Chris wins immunity!

>> Yes!

>> Yeah!

>> Good job, dude.

Yes. Way to go.

Way to go.

>> PROBST: All right, Chris,

come over here.

Turn around here, I'll put

this on you.

You're safe tonight at Tribal


With only six people left,

somebody is going home tonight.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: You have the


Should be an interesting one.

Head on back to camp.

>> Good job, Chris.

>> Thank you.


>> Finally!

>> I won something.

Today was my day.

I was extremely happy to win


It is a little bit humorous that

it did take a nonphysical

challenge to beat the chicks.

But I'm looking at it as though

I've achieved something great

here, and I have immunity.

That's all that matters

right now.

>> Can you believe I

knocked myself off?

>> I know.

>> Today was definitely one

of my weaker challenges, and it

just happens to be the challenge

that I needed the most.

So tonight's the night.

>> You do know she's got to go,

no matter what.

>> But, then, you're not gonna

turn around and vote for me,

are you?

>> No, hon. I gave you...

Well, I can't give you my word,

'cause you don't trust my word

no more.

>> I know, but it's hard 'cause,

you know, you swore on your son


>> Yeah, I did do that, and

that was a mistake, and I

take it back.

>> But it still m...

>> Don't second-guess me.

I swear to you, you don't have

nothing to worry about.

Us four are solid.

I think Ami could influence


She's got the power.

She's got the wit and the

power to do it.

Ami has controlled this game

from the second day, and she's

very persuasive.

If she hadn't have been, them

other girls wouldn't have

followed her all this time.

Ami's got one day to work her

magic on Eliza.

I just worry, 'cause part of her

don't want to trust me yet,

you know.

>> Mm-hmm.

But I want you to know that I

feel like I've stood up for you

five million times, and if then

you kind of, like, throw me off

to the side at the very end of

the game, that would hurt my


It's like, whatever.

Okay, so you don't give a ...

then that's how the game rolls.

I really thought that I could go

through this game and play,

like, a fair game all the way

through and not have to play

dirty, and it just didn't

work out.

So I'm really vulnerable right

now, and Eliza would be the

only hope.

>> Is there any way they

can convince her that if she

comes with them, she'll have a

better chance or anything?

Is there any way?

>> No, because then they risk

a tie.

Eliza's not gonna risk no tie


That puts her in jeopardy.

If there is a tie, it's my

understanding that everyone

would have the opportunity to

vote again.

And if voting again did not

break the tie, the two people

being voted for, I think they

would get immunity, and the rest

of us would pull rocks, and

whoever drew a colored rock

goes home.

So Eliza could mess things

up real bad.

>> Yeah. Me, too.

>> It's really going to be tough

to vote for Ami, really hard,

because I like Ami a lot and I

like Julie a lot, too.

I have fun with them.

I connect with them.

They have been my friends since

really early on in this game.

Oh, my God, he's been off with

them all day.

Oh, my God, oh, my God,

oh, my God.

I just like spending

time with them.

They're just more fun

than you are.

>> Does she not want you to?

Who are you more sick of, Scout

or Twila?

>> Scout.

>> Really?

>> Yeah.

>> How is that fair?

If it was a 3-3 vote, we just

went at Tribal, didn't mention

it at all...

>> Oh, my God, dude.

>> All of a sudden, bam,

and it would be... oh, she would

be so mad.

>> Dude, that that would

be the best.

It would be the best thing that

could happen in this game.

>> Feels good, doesn't it?

>> Right now Scout,

Twila and Chris think I'm, you

know, 100% solid in this final

four alliance, but I do have

reservations because I don't

think Scout or Twila will take

me to the final three.

Ami and Julie, on the other

hand, would take me, so I'm not

afraid to change things if I

think that it's going to get me

farther in this game.

>> Oh, there you are.

Eliza could go either way, but I

have a connection with Eliza so

I know that there is something

in her heart saying, "You

know what?

I really would like to have Ami

in the game," so anything could


>> PROBST: Now bring in the

jury, Sarge, Chad and Leann

voted out at the last Tribal


Well, the reactions while the

votes were being read at the

last Tribal went from one end to

the other, from smug to absolute


Ami, you were shocked.

>> Yeah, I was shocked.

Yeah, I thought I was going to

go home and sleep with Leann and

she wasn't coming home.

And once I saw her name once, I

knew something was definitely

wrong in my world.

>> PROBST: Scout, what is Chris

still doing here, because you're

the one who told me "I want the

women to stay strong and keep

together the whole game."

Clearly, the women have not

stayed strong.

>> Well, my desire was to

find out what would happen if

the women would stay strong and

would stay together, but once we

merged, several of us weren't

able to play the game.

We were sitting ducks.

And a position came along where

a group of us could make a

change in the game, so we did.

>> PROBST: It seems to me, you

wanted the women to stick

together only so long as it

served you and, the minute it

didn't, you would change


There's nothing wrong with that,

but, clearly, this whole women

power thing is over.

Ami, based on the last vote, you

don't seem as much a part of

this right now.

>> I'm not any part of this

anymore, and I think when

somebody flat out just

disgustingly lies to you and

says things to you that I really

can't imagine, that person to me

is just written out of my life.

I don't have any part of that.

>> May I clear that up,

Jeff, thank you very much?

I did swear on my son's name and

I do ask forgiveness, but I am

not the only friggin' person

that has lied in this game!

Get over it!

Grow up, get on with it.

You've been had.

Screw you!

>> PROBST: Ami, you're laughing.

>> You can lie all you want

and that is part of this game,

but when you bring in the one

thing that you say is the most

sacred thing to you in the

world, the only thing that

matters, the only thing that

makes your heart really beat,

and then you lie on it, to me,

that is not worth a million


That is not worth a gazillion


I was left sad, really sad

about that.

>> PROBST: So, Eliza, is this a

little bit of sour grapes for

Ami with her attitude?

>> I don't think it's sour

grapes, because when you

feel close to someone and then

they do what you feel like is

backstabbing you, it hurts.

Twila swore on her son, the one

thing that someone would say to

convince me, oh, they must be

true to their word and having a

response to that, I think, is

absolutely natural.

>> PROBST: How are you feeling

about your vote last Tribal

Council, when Leann was clearly


>> It was awful.

It was really hard.

I think that's one of the

hardest aspects of this game.

I never imagined how close of

friendships I would form here

and that it would really hurt to

vote people off.

>> PROBST: Would you miss Ami if

she was gone?

>> Yep, a lot.

>> PROBST: What would you miss

about her?

>> Ami is the person who every

time we get tree mail she

turns to me and says, "Okay,

Eliza, what's the challenge

going to be?" and I try figure

it out.

And she's like, "Oh, my God,

you're going to be awesome at

that challenge and you're just

going to do great," and, you

know, she's just-- the big

sister I never had, and, yeah,

I'd miss Ami a lot.

>> Stop crying.

>> PROBST: Ami, would you miss


>> AMI: I would miss Eliza

a lot.

I've really, really grown to

love Eliza.

By far, she has changed more

than anyone in this game.

She's been willing to change.

She should be proud of herself.

>> PROBST: And it is time to


Chris, you have immunity.

I can't imagine that you would

want to give it up.

>> No, I'm not giving up


>> PROBST: You cannot vote

for Chris.

Everybody else is fair game.

Twila, you're up.

>> Drama queen to the end.

>> Well, Scout, you're pretty

good at hiding your nasty side,

but when your true colors come

out, they are no part of any

rainbow I've ever seen.

>> Ami, queens get dethroned,

and a lightning will strike a

lone tree on top of a mountain

faster than anything.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote Ami.


One vote Scout.


Two votes Ami, one vote Scout.


We're tied, two votes Ami, two

votes Scout.


That's three votes Ami, two

votes Scout.

I'll read the last vote.

13th person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu, Ami.

You can bring me your torch.

>> Good luck, all you young'uns.

>> PROBST: Ami, the tribe

has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, tonight's Tribal Council

illuminated the undeniable

tension and the frayed nerves

that exist within this tribe

after 33 days.

With only six days left,

it's only going to get worse.

Grab your torches and head back

to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

>> I am so sorry that I

ever made that statement.

>> PROBST: Twila unleashes her

dark side.

>> You can kiss my ass.

>> Twila flipped out and

I'm going to completely use it

against her later on.

>> I think you're a liar, T.

I think you're a liar.

>> PROBST: Eliza and Twila

have it out.

>> I'm having some fun

right now.

It's dangerous though.

>> First off, I just have to


If I could just hold Twila

underwater for two minutes, I

think it would make me feel

better, but I really feel my

integrity is still complete, and

I can't say that for all those

people on the tribe still.

I've gained some really

important friends in my life--

Leann, Jules, Eliza.

I love those girls.