Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 13 - Eruptions of Volcanic Magnitude! - full transcript

One castaway is alienated and jeopardizes a position in the Final Four after a disturbing outburst.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously,

on Survivor:

>> Screwed you, didn't I?

>> You didn't screw me.

I'm still in the game.

You screwed Leann.

>> PROBST: While Ami felt

betrayed after her ally Leann

was voted out, Twila and Scout

felt good about what they had


>> We've overthrown the queen.

I have a great mind sometimes.

I love it.

>> PROBST: At the reward


>> No way.

>> PROBST: ...the tribe learned

that the first-place finisher

would win a new car.

>> Nice.

>> PROBST: And that the winner

and the two runners-up would

drive to the other side of the

island for a night of pampering.

Survivors ready... go!

Ami first in to dive

for her flag.

Ami led the entire race, but in

the end...

Nice job.

...Eliza came away with the car

and Ami placed second.

Chris, the third-place finisher

going on the overnight reward.


Eliza, Ami and Chris drove to a

luxury spot.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> And enjoyed a hot shower,

local entertainment...

>> I'm not stopping anytime


>> ...and an all-you-can-

eat gourmet dinner.

>> Listen...

>> PROBST: Ami worked strategy

on Chris and Eliza.

>> I think it would be

really smart for you guys, is to

break up Scout and Twila.

>> PROBST: But Chris wasn't

about to let Ami stay

in the game.

>> Does she think I'm stupid,

you know?

She's still working Eliza,


She's strategizing.

We're pure final four and look

at our competition, a 60-year-

old woman and Twila.

I'm counting on the fact that

Eliza is mentally strong.

>> Good night, Chris.

>> PROBST: But when Ami was

alone with Eliza, the strategy

talk continued.

>> Every single time I've

had your back.

>> ELIZA: Ami has stood up for

me a lot of times.

Ami has been like a big sister

to me out here.

>> PROBST: At the Immunity

Challenge, it came down to Chris

and Ami...

Chris is on!

...but Ami couldn't come


Chris wins immunity.

And Chris was safe for three

more days.

Back at camp, Eliza considered

siding with Ami and Julie to

vote out Scout.

>> Oh, she would be so mad.

I'm not afraid to change things

if I think that it's going to

get me farther in this game.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Ami confronted Twila about

swearing on her son's name and

then breaking their alliance.

>> TWILA: I am not the only

friggin' person that has lied in

this game.

You've been had.

Screw you.

>> But when you bring in

the one thing that you say is

the most sacred thing to you in

the world, to me that is not

worth a million dollars.

>> PROBST: And though Eliza

agreed with Ami about Twila's


>> Twila swore on her son,

the one thing that someone

could say to convince me.

I'm, like, "Oh, well, then

they must be true to their


>> PROBST: ...she cast a vote

against her big sister.

Ami, the tribe has spoken.

Five are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

>> It's a light night out.

>> Incredibly beautiful


>> After Tribal Council, we got

back to the camp and everything

was good.

Ami was gone, one less worry and

I'm the last man standing.

It seemed like it was going

to be just a quiet, you know,

easy-going night, but there was

still a lot of emotion stirring

in Twila.

The fact that Eliza had brought

up Twila swearing on her son's


>> Sorry, T.

>> You don't know how bad

I feel about saying that, and

then you just keep rubbing salt

in the wound, which is fine.

>> You know what...

>> But the only one I want to

worry about it with is my son,

when I go home.

>> We're all dropping it,

completely, and I'm sorry

I brought it up.

>> Because I am, you

know, I'm sorry I ever

said it.

I am so sorry that I ever made

that statement.

I am tired of it.

I'm tired of hearing about it,


The only one that I've got to

condole with or say anything to

is my son when I get home.

The rest of you mother ... can

kiss my ... period.

>> Yeah, we're past it

and we're over it.

>> Yeah, everybody's over it.

>> I think that's a little

uncalled for.

>> I was apologizing.

I was apologizing.

There's no need to...

>> I think it's a lot

called for, Julie.

>> Why?

>> You all keep ... dogging me

about this ... and I'm sick of


>> Your son?

>> So let it go.

>> I haven't... your son?

>> Yes.

>> I haven't brought up

your son once.

>> Oh, ...

>> Twila's outburst really

looked like a heinous

insecurity just projected on us.

And I'm actually kind of glad

she did it, 'cause I know it

completely turned everybody off

and I'm going to use it against

her later on.

That was so uncalled for.

>> That was so...

I was apologizing for

bringing up something that she

didn't want me to bring up.

>> You know what?

>> And she was like,

"Mother... go to hell."

I'm like, "Oh, my God."

>> I know.

>> It's shocking.

Nobody speaks to me like that.

Nobody speaks to me like that,

and I don't...

I don't tolerate it.

I guess Twila got a little upset

at Tribal Council, but she got

even more upset when we got

back and she was cursing at me.

Yes, I brought up the fact that

she swore on her son to both me

and somebody else, and one of

those times it was a lie, so it

made me wary of the fact that

she had sworn on her son to me.

You know, she's the one who did


If you can't live with your past

actions, you shouldn't have done



>> Good morning.

>> Against herself,

towards us, more so towards you.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I knew that it wasn't

a good thing what Twila was


She definitely offended Julie.

She definitely offended Eliza.

Eliza being part of this four-

person alliance with Scout,

Twila and myself, you know, it's

important to try to keep a

level, you know, understanding.

She's taken a road she doesn't

need to take.

It's dangerous for her position

in the game.

>> Why would it be a big

deal to vote Twila off instead

of me?

>> I don't know.

>> Just from your perspective,

your position.

>> I don't know.

>> Yeah.

>> I don't think it would.

I would definitely consider

making a deal with Julie.

Sometimes when it's in your best

interest to abandon an alliance,

you have to do that to get

yourself further in the game.

>> Right.

I mean, Chris is like either/or,

'cause he could win against me.

And if anything, Twila's his

semi-competition, and I'll talk

to him about it.

>> Just say, "Oh, I mentioned

it to Eliza and I told her I

was going to talk to you."

Don't say...

>> I'm not gonna... yeah,

I'm not saying you're agreeing.

All day I've been shuffling my

ideas and my plan to Eliza.

I've been playing up the fact

that we want to get rid

of Twila.

But her only dilemma is that she

is going to be faithful to Chris

and if Chris doesn't buy it,

then there's no point.

So I have to approach Chris in

an appropriate time and manner.

You know, it's all benching on

that for me.

It could either continue my game

or end it abruptly.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!


Today's reward challenge will

give you a second chance with

some challenges you have tackled

in the past.

All five of you will go through

the mud pit.

The first four to get to the

other side move on to the

next round.

Those four will tackle the

pigpen, where you must get

inside the pigpen, get a pig and

get that pig in its cage.

The first three to do this move

on to the next round, where you

must put together a Tiki puzzle.

The first two to correctly solve

the Tiki puzzle move to the

final round.

The last two will race up and

across a balance beam, down the

other side where, using a

slingshot, you must break three


You'll raise a torch, torch will

light the wok, you win reward.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Want to know what

you're playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: For the winner, you

will take a horseback ride.

>> Ooh!

>> My favorite.

>> PROBST: And you will end up

at Mount Yasur, one of the most

active volcanoes in the world.

Of course, you'll have a little

snack fitting for volcano

viewing: hot dogs.

>> Oh, my God, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Wine and/or hot

chocolate and beer.

You'll spend the night at Mount


Worth playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: All right.

We're going to draw numbers for


We'll get started.

First four through the mud pit

move on to the next round.

Survivors, ready.


Chris, Twila, Eliza with a

slight lead and then Julie and

then Scout.

Twila and Eliza.

Chris bringing it on.

Julie struggling, but she's

still ahead of Scout.

First four across, Chris is

across, Eliza is across, Twila

is across and Julie moving on to

the next round.

Scout is the first one


Here we go, the first three to

catch a pig that has an orange

stripe and get that pig in its

cage moves on to the next round.

Survivors ready.


(pigs squealing)

Chris has one.


Julie and Eliza fighting for


Eliza had it and she lost it.

Julie has one.

Chris is in.

>> Go, Twila.

Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Julie is moving on.

And Twila moving on to the

next round.

>> Nice try, honey.

>> PROBST: Eliza's out.

First two to correctly get their

Tiki put together move on.

Survivors, ready.


Got to untie knots, take the

puzzle apart and then put it

back together again.

Chris and Twila wasting no time.

Julie going to untie all her

knots first.

Julie has all the knots undone.

Chris has all his pieces off,

Julie right behind...

Twila right behind.

Chris is going to do his on the


First two move on.

>> I think I got it.

>> PROBST: That's not right.

Two people are moving on to the


>> Please say yes.

>> PROBST: Twila's right.

She's moving on.

>> Yes, whoo!

>> Way to go, Twila!

>> PROBST: Chris, trying to

figure out where he's

gone wrong.

Julie's right, moving on.

Julie and Twila in the final.

Chris, one piece over there you

never used.

This piece right here.

>> No, I didn't see that.

>> PROBST: Final two, Twila and

Julie, for a horseback ride to

Mount Yasur.

Survivors, ready.


Twila trips on the ladder, Julie

with a little bit of a lead.

Got to get across this

balance beam.

Julie is first over.

Twila still doing well on the


Time to catch up.

Julie untying her slingshot.

Twila took a big fall on the

net, she's hurt.

Julie untying the slingshot.

Twila making short order

of the knot.

Twila starting to catch up.

Julie has her slingshot, got to

break three plates, releasing

them from the wires.

Julie is going to get the first

shot in.

Twila right behind.

Julie, with one shot, breaks her

first plate.

>> Way to go, Julie.

>> PROBST: Julie lines up for

her second shot.

Julie breaks her second plate.

Twila breaks her first plate.

>> I'm winning this.

>> PROBST: Julie says she's

going to win it.

She's got one plate left...

and she does.

(scattered cheers)

Julie going to Mount Yasur.

>> Way to go, Julie.

>> PROBST: All right, Julie,

nice effort.

You're going to Mount Yasur--

horseback ride, hot dogs, beer.

Who you taking with you?

>> Well, it's ironic, 'cause

none of these people would've

taken me, so I'm gonna

take Chris.

(groans): Oh... brother.

>> PROBST: All right.

You three, nice effort.

Heading back to camp muddy.

Head on out.

>> Julie won the reward.

And she picked me, and we

cleaned up after the muddy

challenge we went through.

And we journeyed through the

jungle and we finally come out

into this extremely ashy, dense


>> Wow.

>> Lord, that thing is mammoth.

>> The decision to bring

Chris-- I knew none of them were

going to bring me-- but Chris I

had the funnest with, I needed

to talk to, and he's my door to

open to get me further in this

game, so it only made sense to

bring Chris.

>> Hello.

>> Hello, hello.

>> Julie.

>> Joe? Okay.

>> Okay, Joe.

>> Let's go.

Let's take a walk up there.

>> Okay, let's go.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> Oh, Chris, can you

believe it?

>> This is beautiful.

>> Wow. Wow.


Hope you make it.

>> He's awful nervous.

>> There was one part

when we were crossing the river,

okay, and Chris is in the river

just looking around.

And he just looked so hopeless

out there, I just couldn't

help but laugh.

>> He's not wanting to go


>> Yeah? Just give a kick.

Kick on the side.

(clicking tongue)

>> Kick him?

>> Kick, yeah.


>> This horse and me had

trouble getting to know each

other at first, you know?

It took us a while to, you know,

build a trusting relationship.



So, okay, well, off to a little

bit of a rough start on the

horse, but everything else went


This is beautiful.

>> Isn't it?

>> We walked down this

long trail, and it was awesome

just looking at everything on

our way up.

>> Finally, we come around

the far side of Mount Yasur.

>> Here we are.

This is your hut for the night.

>> Ow!

Oh, my God!

I see foot-long hot dogs, huge

rolls, onions and relish, wine,


We are thrilled, so we're like,

"Okay, what can we do?

Let's get going."

>> Guys...

>> Yeah.

Joe comes back and he's, like,

"Bring the hot dogs.

We're going to heat them

in the vent."

You look around, there's all

these steam vents coming up.

It was probably about ten feet


>> This is nice and warm.

>> Oh, wow.

>> Nice and hot, see?

>> Is it hot enough it'll

cook this?

>> Yes. Sure.

>> Great little oven.

>> Oh! I'm sorry.

That is hot.

>> Yeah.

We go over to the vent,

and put some corn in the bottom,

and just stick them in.

Three minutes later,

they're ready.

>> Okay...

Oh, yeah, look at that.

>> You think?

>> Yeah. Take a bite.

Mine's cooked.

>> We'll leave the corns for...

>> God, oh, my God.

So we doll up our rolls and we

ate just four hot dogs nonstop,

foot-long, great, yum.

I was in heaven.

Oh, my God, Chris.

>> You know, Julie won

the reward.

It didn't surprise me that she

picked me.

She wants to go further in the

game, and she knows that her

name is coming up for


>> Are you a lot tighter

with Twila than I thought

you were?

>> Um... no, I've never

been real tight with Twila.

>> Right. So who do you

feel most loyal to?

>> Since the merge, you.

You've never done nothing...

you've done nothing but help me

since then.

I see that.

I know that.

Me and Julie got a little bit

of, you know, a bond between us,

you know.

She let me know that she doesn't

want to leave.

She wants to stay in the game.

>> Eliza's like, "I'm

aligned with everyone, but Chris

is the only one... if you talk

to him then I'll consider."

She's like, "I'll go along with

it if Chris goes along with it."

>> Well, that's because

she told me I'm the only one

she trusts now.

>> Right.

>> I don't know, Julie worked

it pretty good.

There's nothing that Julie or

Eliza would like more than for

me to jump on their side and

vote off Twila.

And I didn't tell her no.

I'm the last guy standing.

I sit and I think, "Is this a

bad thing or a good thing?"

I just haven't decided yet.

Sure, I mean, I know darn well

you could influence Eliza.

>> Yeah.

>> Without a doubt.

And, yeah, the three of us could

completely turn the game around.

>> Chris was very open-minded

and he's open to help me

progress in the game, so Chris

is my rock right now.

>> Get them bananas over

here and just start cutting

some of them up and put them in

a soup just so they don't

go to waste.

>> You want to bury the

other ones?

>> The big ones?

>> Yeah. Where are they?

>> Did I unbury them or

do you want to bury the

rest of them?

>> No, did you unbury?

>> Nope, I didn't.

>> Where are they?

>> I'm not telling.

>> T...?

>> If you ask me one more

time, I'm going to let the damn

things rot in the ground.

>> Twila has been telling

us that she hid these bananas.

She buried them in order to help

them ripen and won't tell us

where they are.

>> Are you hungry for a

banana, little one?

>> I'm over the fact that

she's saying, "Oh, we're going

to let them rot in the ground."

It's so patronizing.

>> You're acting like a

kid, though. Get over it.

>> Why are you being so

childish about the damn bananas?

>> She don't want you to

have the bananas yet, honey.

>> Wearing me slick.

>> She's saving those

bananas so we all have something

to eat at breakfast each


>> I'll just go bury the

rest of them and then let you

know if I decide I want to tell

you where they are.

>> Okay.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Touché.

She got you.

She got you, Twila.


>> For Scout, for Twila,

for me, it's just gotten to the

point where we cannot hold back

anymore and especially Twila.

She's just so childish and

immature and so obnoxious and

annoying, and I hate the way

she treats me.

I hate...

I mean, oh, my God.

>> It just don't make no

sense why she's being so

freakin' childish over it.

I don't care.

They can stay in the ground and

rot, I ain't digging 'em up now.

It's her way or no way.

Forget that.

>> I'm so sick of Twila.

I just want her to go home now.

>> Full moon, Chris.

>> Awesome.

>> It's like a challenge

all over again.

>> No kidding.

>> It's going to be great.

I like watching this.

>> Oh, wow.

>> Do you see?

>> Yeah, that is awesome.

So Joe comes back and, you know,

we're like, okay.

He goes, "Look, I'm going to

take you up here."

So we all three took off up this

little trail up the volcano.

Watch the rocks.

>> Oh, my God, Chris.

>> Oh...

>> Oh, my God.

Do you believe it?

>> This is where we're

going to sit and watch.

>> No way.

Julie, do you see how close we

are now?

>> I know.

Oh, my God.


>> No way.

>> Oh, my...

>> It's like a time bomb.

>> It is.

This is definitely like


>> It was amazing because

every time the volcano erupted,

the volcanic rock would shoot

out and it just glowed.

It was like the Fourth of July.

Oh, granny, give us a big one.

>> Oh...

I saw a volcano exploding the

whole night.

It was one of the most beautiful

things I've ever witnessed.

>> There is absolutely no

other experience in my life I

can compare it to.

>> Wow.

>> I don't know if I'll

ever have another experience

like it.

I mean, how often do you get to

sit at the mouth of a volcano

and watch it explode?

Is it talking to us or what?

>> It's saying good-bye.

>> Got me scared.

I had to turn around.

>> Just about home.

>> Oh, I see Chris and

Jules coming.

(animal call)

>> Coming, slowpoke?

>> I just filled your

water jug, J.B.

I don't know where yours is

or I'd fill it for you.

>> I knew that.

I'm glad, yeah.

>> Where's Twila?

How is her foot?

I've been thinking about her.

After the reward this morning,

we come back to camp.

Right away, you know, Scout

hugged me and she's thinking the

same thing I'm thinking.

It's game time.

I just let her know nothing has


We're all four together and

then, you know, Twila.

She's a basket case.

You've got to reassure her.

>> Coming back to camp

was perfect.

Everything fell together.

Everyone's thinking on the same

terms, keeping an eye on things.

That's what I got to do.

>> Come sit and talk to

me for a minute.

I was thrilled to get Julie and

Chris back because presumably

Julie has spoken to Chris about

voting for Twila.

And if Chris is going to go for

it, then I might go for it also.

>> Everything is good.

Julie picked me for strategy.

She's worried about her spot

in the game.

She knows that us four have

an alliance.

>> Right, right.

So if any one of the four of us

wins immunity, we're voting

Julie off.

>> I don't know.

Depends on, you know, our best

interest in the game and how far

we can go.

I think without a doubt Twila is

gonna stick with Scout, Scout is

gonna stick with Twila.

>> Oh, yeah, definitely.

>> That-that worries me

a little bit.

>> But if Julie stays in

the game, we're automatically in

the final three.

>> I'm open-minded to

exactly what you said, because,

you know, me and Julie have

talked and we had discussed

us three...

>> Mm-hmm.

>> being better for

all three of us.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Yeah.

I sat down with Eliza on the


We went over a scenario about

me, her and Julie taking

out Twila.

I mean, I don't trust Scout.

I don't trust Twila.

I don't trust Eliza.

I don't trust Julie, and

they don't trust each other.

And the most screwed-up thing

about it is, I think they all

trust me.

So... it's... it's getting

really crazy.

I've probably made it this way

myself because I am playing

both sides.

Everything's good.

We'll just have to see how this

immunity challenge goes, and,

you know, if it falls in the

right direction, we'll talk and

do what's best for us...

to the final three.

>> Oh, yeah.

To the final two.

>> Well, yeah, I mean, right.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Go ahead and have

a seat, guys.

Ready for today's Immunity


>> Mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: First things first,


Give it up.

Immunity back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,

I'm gonna tell you a story about

a legendary man in these parts,

and then you're gonna have to

answer a series of questions.

Ready for the story?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, back in

the 1200s, this guy Chief Roy

Mata comes to this land,

conquers it.

His first goal was to bring

peace by uniting all of the

tribes, and he accomplished


But sadly, the peace didn't

last very long.

15 years later, Roy Mata was

murdered, not by an enemy or a

rival chief, but by his own


Now, it certainly wasn't

forbidden to bury a chief on the

land that he ruled, but the

locals were so afraid of the

power of the spirit of Roy Mata

that they took the body to a

remote location and they buried

him there with his 18 assistant

chiefs, their wives and all of

Roy Mata's wives.

Before being buried alive, the

men were given a strong brew of

kava, not because it was

customary but because it put

them in a dream-like relaxed


The women, however, were

strangled to death before being


Once the ceremony was complete,

the land was declared taboo, and

nobody visited for seven


One footnote, the name Roy Mata,

not a popular name today.

In fact, it has never been used


That is your story.

Your challenge now to see how

much of that information you've


Here's how it'll work.

There are six huts scattered in

the jungle.

You'll race to a hut where

you'll find a puzzle.

Put the puzzle together, which

has the question, read it and

then choose between answer A or

answer B.

Attached to each answer is a bag

full of tusks.

Without looking, reach in and

pull one out.

If you're wrong, you will grab a

black tusk, in which case you

have to race back to the center,

toss it in the urn and return to

the hut to answer the question


If you're right, you'll grab a

white tusk, bring that back to

your post, put it on your


There are six huts.

First person to get five answers

correctly wins immunity.

Ready to do this?

>> Let's roll.

>> PROBST: Here we go.

For immunity and a guaranteed

spot in the final four.

Survivors ready.


>> Okay. "When Roy Mata

conquered the land, what was his

first goal?"

"Unite the tribes."

>> PROBST: Eliza heads back


She's got one right.

>> "The body of Roy Mata

was not buried on his



"It was forbidden by custom."

"Locals feared his spirit."

>> PROBST: Chris back.

He's got one right.

>> "Roy Mata was poisoned


"A family..."

>> PROBST: Here's Julie.

She's got one right.

Eliza, Chris, Julie with

one right.

>> "Before being buried

alive, the men drank kava


"It was customary."

>> PROBST: Twila has her first

one right.

>> "The wives of the assistant

chiefs serving under Roy Mata

were also buried alive."

>> PROBST: Scout got it wrong,

throws it in the urn.

>> "To this date, the

name Roy Mata is..."

"Never used." "A popular name."

"Never used."

>> PROBST: Eliza heading back

with her second question.

Eliza in the lead with two.

Here's Julie back with another


Chris back with his second one.

Eliza extends her lead.

Back with her third correct


Julie racing back.

She's got her third.

Looking for an opening hut.

Chris trying to get in this.

Eliza with three, Julie with

three, Chris with two.

Eliza got her fourth one right.

Julie right behind her.

She has her fourth one.

We're dead even.

Between Eliza and Julie.

Julie waiting on a spot

from Twila.

Eliza with four, Julie

with four.

First one back with the white

tusk wins immunity, guaranteed

spot in the final four.

>> "Before being buried

alive, the men drank kava


"It relaxed them."

"It was customary."

"It relaxed them."

>> PROBST: Here comes Eliza,

number five, and with that,

Eliza wins immunity!

All right, Eliza.

Get over here.

>> My first time.

>> PROBST: Well, it's a good

time to be the first time.

So the other four of you, after

36 days of making it this far,

tonight the game will end for

one of you.

I'll see you tonight at Tribal


Head on back to camp.

(indistinct conversation)

>> For the first time, I

won individual immunity today,

and I am guaranteed a spot in

the final four.

It's awesome.

It's a great feeling.

I'd like to win every immunity

challenge from here on out.

This is gonna be the first

Tribal Council I haven't brought

my bag to.

I think that tonight Chris,

Julie and I are going to shock

the hell out of everyone and

vote off Twila, and it's just...

it's a really exciting prospect.

Chris has proved me right so

far, and I just hope he

continues to do so.

>> (indistinct talking)

>> Yeah. Not a big deal.

>> What are they talking


>> I don't know.

>> Putting a lot of trust

in Chris, you know?

He could guarantee himself a

final-three spot with them.

>> But... I don't think

he'll do that.

>> We're three, they're


That's it.

Case closed, right, Scout?

>> Right, absolutely.

>> Nothing stops us.

>> If I'm going home,

you'd better tell me.

>> You guys...

I'm here because of you guys.

It's not changing.

I mean, don't even doubt it.

I would tell you, you got it?

We're going all the way, to the

final three.

>> Okay.

>> Scout and Twila are

definitely convinced that

Julie's the next to go.

And then there's me.

I'm still weighing my options,

but I'm going back and forth

like a teeter-totter, you know?

I'm thinking, one moment I think

I'm gonna keep Julie around, and

the next moment, you know, I'm

thinking maybe I better stick

with Twila and Scout.

Now, just listen to me.

It's just a question.

It's not what's gonna happen


If I decide to vote Julie off

tonight because I think it's

best for me and you, that

doesn't affect me and your pact,


>> The only thing is, you

know Scout and Twila are not

gonna go against each other.

That means whichever one of us

doesn't win immunity is going up

against one of them, whichever

one we decide to vote off first,

in a challenge at Tribal


>> I know.

>> That's what that means.

And so yes, it doesn't affect

our pact, but that means that

one of the two of us could end

up in the final three with two

of them, meaning 100% we do not

end up in the final two.

>> I know, I know.

>> What's up?

>> I don't know, you tell me.

What's up, Eliza?

>> I don't know.

I just feel like you're ...

with me.

>> You got immunity.

>> You're right, I do

have immunity tonight, but if I

don't have immunity tomorrow

night, then who's gone, T?

I think you're a liar, T.

>> Who else has been lying?

Are you in this alliance with us

to the end?

>> I hadn't told a lie in

this game.

>> And have you been

talking to Julie about anything,

or is that just... that's okay

for you to do?

You said, swore to us that you

was in this final-four alliance

till the end, so what've you

been talking to Julie about?

>> Hey, I'm gonna listen

to her.

>> And you're not saying,

"Okay, we would like to do this

and this and get Twila and Scout

out of here" or anything?

>> I'm listening.

I'm listening, and you know


>> And you ain't said a word?

>> I would consider it,

because you've been trying to

plot against me since day one.

>> You've been on the

edge for the last three


You're driving everybody

friggin' nuts.

Chill out.

You got one night that you know

you ain't going nowhere.

Enjoy it.

>> I will.

>> Now, Chris, what are

you thinking?

>> (laughs): What?

I'm just laying here, you know,

in the hammock.

>> No, you was talking to...

I just come up.

I was just kind of listening to

what was being said.

>> I'm hearing Eliza out.

She's talking to me.

>> Okay.

>> Everybody's scrambling.

I just think I'm in a better

position than, you know, Twila,

Scout, Eliza, or Julie right now

because I'm-I'm, I'm pretty much

the middle man, as far as I


You know, what them four have

conspired or talked about, I

don't know.

I don't trust any of them.

They're thick as thieves, man.

They're all women.

How do you trust any of them?

So, I don't know what I'm going

to do.

I'm messing with both sides, but

it's kind of easy to do right


I need to do it to figure out

what my best option is right


It's probably in my best

interest to go with you and

Eliza because Scout and Twila

are too thick.

I haven't broke my word that

often in this game and I thought

I would be a cutthroat piece


>> But isn't she easier

to do that to than me?

>> What I'm comparing

this to is my friendship with

you compared to my friendship

with Twila.

>> Right.

>> And my friendship with

you is a hell of a lot more than

my-- I mean, come on.

We've joked around, and, you

know, I call you my little


It's just... it's totally


We'll keep you.

We're gonna vote off Twila.

>> Chris approaches me.

He says he's gonna straight-out

vote for Twila, basically saying

that our friendship is weighing

on his decision tonight.

I hope he keeps me around.

That's all I can do.

I don't know for sure.

I'm not going to be extremely


I'm just really gonna be even

keel and hope that it goes in my


>> I haven't liked the

game since we merged.

>> We have no reason to

be stressed.

I've made my decision.

It's not gonna change.

It's me, you, and Scout voting

for Julie, and that's it.

That's not gonna change.

I'm not even hesitating.

Me and Julie's become friends.

I'm sending her home tonight.

>> Chris has guaranteed

me that I'm not going home


Part of me wants to believe

Chris wholeheartedly, but-- it's

a game.

I just cannot do it.

I cannot let my guard down.

You can't trust nobody now.


You're playing for a million


People have murdered for

less than a million dollars,

you know?

Come on.

>> I'm excited to have immunity.

>> I know, you ought to be.

>> I told Julie that I'm

keeping her.

I told Twila that I'm keeping


I'm gonna put myself in the best

possible situation to win the


It's tough right now.

I'm gonna have to make a

decision before long.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury: Sarge,

Chad, Leanne, and Ami-- voted

out at the last Tribal Council.

Welcome to Tribal Council.

Well, let talk about 36 days, a

lot of wear and tear, physically

and certainly emotionally.

Everybody here wants to win the


Have you guys started thinking

about who deserves to win this


Twila, is there any way that

somebody could be unworthy of


>> I don't know.

>> Be honest.

>> PROBST: You don't know or you

don't want to say?

>> You are being hard on

me, you know that?

>> PROBST: Am I?

>> Yes, sir, you are.

>> PROBST: Are you saying there

are people here tonight that

absolutely do not deserve to be

in the final five.

>> Just tell him what you

feel, Twila.

>> Yeah, come on.

>> Why hold back now?

>> My personal opinion is

yes, there is.

>> It's me, by the way,

in case anybody was wondering.

>> PROBST: Well, Twila, it's no

secret you and Eliza have not

gotten along for a long time.

>> No. No, there's no secret.

>> PROBST: Eliza, anybody here

that doesn't deserve to be here.

>> Even though they would

say the opposite of me, I think

all the people sitting here

deserve to be here.

That doesn't mean that I like


That doesn't mean that I don't

like other people, who are no

longer in the game, a million

times more than I like some of

the people sitting here next to

me, but I think we all deserve

to be here.

We wouldn't be here otherwise.

>> PROBST: What about you,


At this point, when you have to

vote, obviously, it's strategic,

but is there any part of you

starting to whittle things down,

thinking who I want to go to the

final four with are these people

and this is why?

>> Um... I guess, just

judging people.

The longer you're with them, you

see their antics and tactics and

I feel like I can, I know who I

can trust and who I can't trust

and who cares about me or who

doesn't care about me.

>> PROBST: At this point, do you

think any of these other four

care about you?

>> Yeah, I know that some do.

>> PROBST: Chris, what's tough

for you about tonight's vote?

>> Toughest vote yet.

>> PROBST: For you?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Why?

>> Uh... kind of caught

in the middle.

It's a vote I don't even want to

cast, but I, you know, I've got

to play the game.

>> PROBST: All right.

Eliza, you have immunity.

As always, you can keep it or

assign it to somebody else.

>> I think I better hold

on to it, Jeff.

>> Oh, give it to Twila.

>> It's my first time.

>> PROBST: Okay, you cannot vote

for Eliza.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Scout, you're up.

>> Jules, a wise woman once

gave me some good information:

"Go back to your roots, Jules.

Rediscover your roots."

>> Twila, I have been

waiting to vote you off since

the day I met you.

I cannot believe that 36 days

later, I'm finally getting

this opportunity.

>> It's tough, but I

gotta play the game.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote... Julie.


One vote Julie, one vote Twila.


Two votes Julie, one vote Twila.


Two votes Twila, two votes


I'll read the last vote.

The 14th person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu...


You need to bring me your torch.

Julie, the tribe has spoken.

Well, you have made it to the

final four.

Over the next three days, there

will be three Tribal Councils,

two immunity challenges, one


Grab your torches and head back

to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> I don't think you

deserve to be here, Eliza.

You have done nothing but boil

freakin' water.

>> I think Twila's a dumb bitch.

>> PROBST: The heat is on.

>> I hope they kill each other.

>> PROBST: Only three days are


Next time, in a two-hour

special, find out who will

become the sole survivor.

>> It's for a million bucks.

That'll change your life.

>> Here I am.

It's day 36, I'm done.

Little bit of a surprise.

You know, I-I thought Chris and

I had this kind of

straightforward brother-sister

kind of slap-each-other-around

relationship, and Chris was kind

of my crutch today and he told

me 100% that he was gonna vote

for Twila.

I don't know if he changed the

last minute.

I'm curious.