Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 11 - Surprise and... Surprise Again! - full transcript

A castaway attempting to secure a Final Four position must face the fact that things may not always be as they seem.

>> PROBST: Previously on


Survivors, ready?


The tribe competed as two

randomly split teams of four.

Chris, Chad and Ami dragged

Eliza across the finish line


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: The four embarked on

a cultural experience of a


(men singing)

...and were treated to an array

of Vanuatu customs.

(Chad gags, coughs)

Back at camp, the others endured

a terrible storm.

>> It's going to be a miracle

if we can keep our fire.

I've never been in a worse

situation than this.

>> PROBST: The next morning,

Scout proposed a plan to first

oust Eliza and then Ami.

When the others returned from

the reward, Ami suspected

something was up.

>> I had really weird feelings.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Chad and Twila hung

in the longest.

And Chad is slipping.

>> Go down, Chad, go


>> PROBST: Twila wins immunity.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Back at camp, Ami

swayed Leann and Julie to vote

out Chad instead of Eliza...

>> Scout?

>> Yeah?

>> They're not going to

vote for Eliza.

>> PROBST: ...forcing Scout and

Twila to make a tough decision.

>> I'm not going to do

nothing yet.

I'm still thinking.

I'm aggravated.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Scout admitted to scheming with

the guys.

>> We have talked quite a

bit about different strategies

to get to the end of the game.

>> It makes me nervous

that two women might be voting

with the two men.

>> PROBST: Although Eliza

received two votes, the women's

alliance held strong, and Chad

was voted out of the tribe...

Chad, the tribe has spoken.

...leaving Chris as the last man


Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

(deep rumbling)

>> I really thought I was

going home, though.

Tribal Council sucks.

I hate it.

I always think I'm going home.

It's kind of funny, but everyone

who conspires against me ends up

off and I'm still here.

>> Yeah.

Scout and Twila come to me and

Chad wanting to form an alliance

with us.

And Scout thought she could get

you and Leann to vote for Eliza.

And when Eliza was gone, then

Scout, Twila, me and Chad would

have the numbers on you, Ami and

Leann, and we'd get rid of Ami


Swear to God on my family's


As soon as I got back to camp, I

narc'd out Scout and Twila, and

I let them know that they had

conspired with me and Chad for

an alliance.

I just, you know, I just mixed

things up as soon as we got


It's going to be a mess.

>> Oh, boy.

This kind of changes everything

in my head for the moment.

>> Mm-hmm.

It's hard to choose what to

believe because it would do

Chris a lot of good to get us

mad at Twila and Scout.

It would make him last longer in

the game.

>> I'm actually very surprised

that things happened the way

they did last night.

So I told Twila about it.

I heard some things that I'm not

very comfortable with, and we

need to talk about it.

>> Paranoia sets in on a

lot of us.

And I think it needs to quit.

>> I have to tell you,

Twila, you're striking me as a

panic player right now.

>> Why?

>> It makes me feel like

you're going to jump ship.

>> She just completely

confirmed the story, but she

told me it was all Scout's idea.

Man, I just didn't think it

would happen this soon.

I thought we'd at least wait

until the guys were gone before

the girls started going crazy on

each other.

But, oh, it's happening.

If they were going to go with

that plan, they should have

stuck with it, 'cause now,

they're screwed.

>> PROBST: And then there were


All right.

For today's challenge, we're

going to test how much you

recall from the past 28 days.

I'm going to ask you five

questions about past challenges.

Each time you get an answer

right, you score a point.

At the end of five questions,

the person with the most points

wins the reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yes.

>> Sure do.

>> PROBST: It's no big secret,

after 28 days, the one thing you

miss more than food...

>> Oh, no.

>> No.

>> PROBST: Is love.

>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: So here's what we've

set up.

We brought in a satellite.

We have a computer hooked up to

the Internet.

The winner's going to get a

one-hour real-time e-mail

back-and-forth chat.

You can type something, they can

type back to you.

So this is a chance to get

caught up with what's going on

back home, give a little love

and certainly get a whole lot of

love that you need to make it

through the last 11 days.

Worth playing for?

>> ALL: Yeah.

>> PROBST: I want to whet your

appetite and give everybody a

one-minute e-mail hello.

>> Oh, thank God.

Thank you, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Let's head in the


>> Oh, my God!


Oh, my God...

>> PROBST: Twila, you're already


>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Well then, let's put

you first. Sit on down.

>> Can somebody else type

for me?

I don't know how to type.

>> PROBST: You don't?

>> No.

>> PROBST: So you don't use

computers much?

>> No.

>> PROBST: No.

You get a... aw...

It's a darn good thing that

we have a camera so you can

hear and see your loved ones.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Hold on here, let's

see if we've got James down

here, your son.

>> Hi. Hi, Mom, how are you?

>> I was being tough

till I seen you.

>> Oh, you're still tough.

We love you.

We miss you a ton.

>> I love you too, buddy.

I miss you so much.

>> PROBST: All right, Twila, you

gotta say your good-byes.

>> I gotta say good-bye,


You know I ain't very good at

this dumb stuff, but hope

I get to talk to you later.

>> Do good for me.

>> All right, babe.

>> Love you.

>> Love you, too.

>> Bye.

>> Bye.

(Twila sobbing)

>> PROBST: All right, Leann,

have a seat.

>> Oh, boy.

>> PROBST: Let's see who it is.

>> (gasps): Teri!

>> Oh, my God.

>> Hi!

I love you.

I miss you.

>> I love you, too.

I know; I wish I could give you

a big hug.

>> Me, too.

Bye, baby.

>> I love you. Bye.

>> PROBST: Eliza, have a seat.

Who would you most like to talk


>> My mommy.

(squeals) Mommy!

>> PROBST: There she is.

>> I love you, baby.

You're the best.


I wish I could give you a great

big hug; and I miss you

so much, sweetheart.

Be nice to my Lizie out

there, you guys.

>> You heard her.

>> PROBST: Julie.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Have a seat.

Here's Justin.

>> Oh, this is my good friend.

Holy ...


What's up?!

Can you believe this?

>> What's going on?

>> Don't be so relaxed.

Dude... dude!


All right, I miss you.

>> I miss you.

>> All right.

Take care of yourself.

>> I'll see you real

soon, all right?

>> All right, bye-bye.

>> PROBST: Scout.

>> Oh, Scout.

>> PROBST: Let's see if we can't

get your partner up here.

What's her name?

>> Annie.

>> PROBST: There she is.

>> Oh, honey.

Hi... hi, honey.

I love you so much.

>> Oh.

>> I've got my arms wrapped you

all the time.

You know they're there.

>> Oh...

>> PROBST: Ami, have a seat.

There can only be one person

you want to talk to.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Who is it?

>> Crissy.

>> PROBST: Who's Crissy?

>> My girlfriend.

>> PROBST: There she is.

>> Hi, baby.

>> It's so good to see your


>> I know, God.

It seems like forever.

I miss you a lot.

>> I miss you a lot, too.

>> No crying.

>> No crying.

I love you so much, babe.

I want to go do the best

I can.

>> Yeah, because you get to talk

to me, so do well.

>> I love you.

>> I love you.

I'll see you soon.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: That's it.

>> Bye.

>> PROBST: Chris.

Who do you want to talk to most?

Would be that be your woman?

Let's see if we can get her up


>> Hi.

>> How you doing?

>> Good; how are you?

>> I'm hanging in there.

>> Put your hands on the screen.

>> I'm right here.

>> It's hard being away

from you, too, baby.

>> Okay.

>> I love you.

>> Oh, I love you, too.

So what kind of plans have

you made for Cancun?

They all already know.

>> Yes, we're gonna get married.

(cheering and applause)

>> PROBST: Wait, I missed that.

>> They're getting married.

>> Congratulations.

>> You're beautiful

and I'll see you soon.

(warm laughter)

>> PROBST: All right.

Shall we do the challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Let's do it.

Take a seat on the bench.

Anywhere is fine.

At stake, a one-hour chat with

your loved one.

Here's how it's going to work.

I'm gonna ask you five questions

about previous challenges.

At the end of five questions,

the person with the most points

wins the reward.

Shall we get started?

>> Sure.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First question:

In the seventh immunity

challenge, who broke the most

tiles with a slingshot, overall?

All right.


The correct answer is Rory,

and everybody has it right.

Everybody's on the board.

Next question: In the "Great

Escape" challenge, who was the

first man to begin assembling

his ladder?


The correct answer was Chad.

Everybody got it right.

We're all tied at two.

Next question: In the second

immunity challenge, where tribes

paired up to collect puzzle

pieces while blindfolded, who

sat out?

Who did not participate in that


Everybody reveal.

The correct answer was... Dolly.

Scout got it right.

Leann got it right.

Ami got it right.

Julie got it right.

Eliza got it right.

Here's where we stand: Eliza,

Julie, Leann, Scout, and Ami at


Twila and Chris at two.

Next question: In the fourth

immunity challenge, there were

four different symbols used on

the colored tiles.

Each correct symbol you identify

is worth one point.

Everybody reveal.

The four symbols were the

volcano, the pig head, the

coconut tree or the palm tree,

and a skull.

Chris, pig head is right.

You have one.

Scout, volcano is right, coconut

tree is right, pig is right.

Leann has volcano, pig and palm


All three are correct.

Ami has volcano, skull, and palm


Julie: pig, volcano and skull.

You score three.

Eliza has volcano, palm tree and


You score three.

>> I hate to see that.

>> PROBST: Twila: fish, turtle,

snail and hog.

I'll give you one for the pig.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Here's where we

stand: Chris and Twila at three.

Everybody else tied at six.

Final question: In the first

reward challenge, which survivor

fell into the water the most?

Everybody reveal.

The correct answer was John K.

Chris got it right.

Julie got it right.

Eliza got it right and Twila got

it right.

Julie and Eliza tied at seven

will now go into a tie-breaker

for just those two.

Julie and Ami, switch seats.

At stake, a visit with your

loved one.

In the third reward challenge,

the memory game, name the

matching pairs of items gathered

by the tribes.

The person who gets the most


These are the items you guys

gathered in the memory game.

Julie has an absolutely blank

look on her face.

Eliza writing like crazy.

Four, three, two, one.


Julie has absolutely nothing

written down.

Which means if Eliza has even

just one right, she wins.

First answer is grapefruit.

"Grapefruit" is right.

You win reward.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Nice job.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Eliza, ready to go

have a little chat with your


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Or would you rather

your mom came out here and

chatted with you?

>> No! Are you kidding!

>> PROBST: Come on out, Susan.

(both shrieking)

>> Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

I can't believe you're here!

I can't believe this!

>> You look so beautiful.

>> Oh, my God!

>> You did it!

>> PROBST: Okay, Susan, here's

the twist.

It's not a one-hour chat.

It's an overnight chat.

Go over and have a seat with

Eliza and get to know everybody.

So you probably figured out

everybody has been here.

We've created a little studio so

you could talk to them.

There's a winner and a bunch of

losers, but because I saw how

much it meant to you guys in

there, you get one little


So Twila, here's your son James.

>> Oh, my God.

My fella!

>> Mom!

>> I miss you so much, so

much, so much, so much.

>> PROBST: Twila, get a good

last hug in.

>> I miss you so much.

>> I love you.

>> I love you.

>> Bye.

>> Bye.

>> PROBST: James, you can have a

spot right here.

All right, Leann, get over here.

Let's get Teri out here.

Come on, Teri.

>> A couple weeks, okay?

I love you.

>> You look awesome.

I love you, too.

Okay, bye.

>> PROBST: Scout, come on over


See if we can rustle up Annie.

(Annie shrieking)

>> Oh, my God.

>> I missed you so much.

Still do.

You look great.

Have fun.

>> PROBST: Julie, let's bring

out Justin.

(Julie shrieking, laughing)

>> My pants are up.

Come here, buddy!

I want to eat you up.

>> PROBST: All right, Ami.

Come on up.

See if Crissy is back there.

Come on out, Crissy.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Hi, baby.

It's so good to hug you again.

>> How about you and I go

over there?

>> PROBST: Chris, come on out


Come on, Laurie.

>> Okay.

Love you, too.

>> PROBST: All right, everybody.

I hate to break this party up.

Your boat has arrived.

You're heading back to the


Say good-bye.

>> Okay, babe.

Okay. Bye.

>> PROBST: All right.

With that, you are going to get

to camp for the night.

They'll take you back and show

you what life on Survivor is


All right, guys, get your stuff,

head back to camp.

Have a good night.

>> I want to hear about

the outside world.

>> Me, too.

>> I'm so glad you're here.

I'm so glad.

Oh, I couldn't be more excited

to be able to share this

experience with my mom.

I want to share everything with

my mom.

My mom is my best friend in the

entire world and I could not be

more excited that she's here

with us.

Oh, Mom, we have leftover trail


It's just fried coconuts and


>> Really?

>> If you want to try.

>> Is it safe for me to get it?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> I don't double dip,

even if I'm here.

>> Mom, you don't have a

choice here.

>> Does she look different

to you?

Does she look thinner?

>> She looks thinner.

I know on the, on the computer

screen, her face looks, you

know... bony.

I-I was really worried about

Eliza just being out here.

I was worried about bug bites.

I was worried about parasites.

I was worried that she wouldn't

be flossing every day.

I was worried about Ebola virus.

I was worried about all these

things in the sea, the-the-the

coral and the things that can

cut you and the fish that can

bite you, and...

I was worried.

I don't know how good my letter


>> Your letter was great.

It was fine.

There's definitely a possibility

that people are very resentful

that I won that challenge and

they didn't.

It could definitely work to my

disadvantage, but hopefully, if

she bonds with them, that could

help me.

It was supposed to be me or

Leann gone on day six.

The first time the women lost,

it was either Eliza or Leann,

and it was all-- You want to

know why it was?

What their reasoning was?

I talked too much.

>> You're too annoying.

>> Answer me this.

This morning I asked Twila, I

said, did you, Scout, Chad and

Chris have a plan to vote off

Eliza and then Ami next, and she

said, "That was Scout's idea."

>> Yeah, it was Chad's.

>> That's what she told me.

>> She said it was your plan.

She said it was Scout's idea.

>> And I was like, "What?"

>> When I came out here,

I was determined to play the

game with integrity and honesty

and truth, and if they that

didn't work, then I'd lie, cheat

and steal.

We've now reduced ourselves to

the lie, cheat and steal part.

It was Chad's idea, and that is

the God's honest truth.

Didn't we have an agreement when

we came over here, no matter

what anybody says, we're gonna

stick together.

>> I said we'd stick together

when we came over, but I never

made any promises about

Final Four with you, Scout.

>> Well, I thought you had.

I thought that the three of us

plus Twila, that we would, that

we would go to the...

>> We didn't ever say

anything about the Final Four.

>> So I did a little

damage control there.

But Leann and Ami have backed

out of their alliance with me,

that we would go all the way to

the end of the game together.

Call it Final Four, call it

whatever you want to, we would

go to the end of the game

together and include Twila.

>> Have you promised Jules?

>> I have since promised Jules.

>> Okay. So you want Jules

to go to the Final Four?

>> I do.

>> (snarling)

My hackles came up, and they're

still up.

You know, whatever happens, you

know, "Vengeance is mine,"

sayeth the jury.

>> That's cute.

She'll love it.

>> Eliza's mom will

probably be leaving soon,

and everybody's doing a little

something that maybe she can

pass on to our loved ones.

>> This is for Laurie.

>> Something for them to

remember us by and let them know

we're thinking about them.

>> This has been so great, Mom.

This has just been so great.

>> There's the boat.

>> But Mama....

I love you so much.

>> I love you so much, too.

>> Having my mom here has

definitely motivated me and made

me know that I can get through

this and I'm almost there, and

it's just so wonderful that she

got to spend this time with me.

>> Take this, too.

Keep warm.

>> Okay.

>> You're a good mom.

>> The shirt off my back.

>> She took the shirt off

her back and gave it to me

because I don't have anything

with sleeves even.

>> She came out and stripped

to her panties and left

in only her bra.

She is our kind of woman.

>> ALL: Bye!

>> There's one big one

right there.

>> Ami, Twila and I went

to get manioc.

And, you know, I wanted to hear

what Twila had to say about this

whole Chad and Chris scam.

>> I could tell you all

kinds of things people's

approached me with, Leann;

all kinds of things.

It doesn't matter.

My heart has stayed true to you

and Ami.

>> But you know what?

Any time that any guy comes to

me or talks to me, I tell y'all.

Any time that there's anything

said... just, just listen.

Don't get defensive.

Just understand how that kinda

doesn't really look so good.

>> They were trying to

work me like crazy.

>> Why don't you just

shut 'em down?

>> Why don't you say,

"Absolutely not.

There's no way in hell.

Go run on back to

your little buddies and..."?

>> Why do you have to

appease them?

>> Why do you even

listen to two words?

"I have nothing to hear.

Nothing... Bye... See ya."

I just think Twila got really

twisted up in her idea of what

making peace is and what the

right and wrong thing to do is

when it comes to a team.

>> I feel like a little

bit of a fool because I do have

some mistrust for you now.

But, um, I give you my word.

>> And I give you mine.

On my son, I swear, and you all

know how much I love that boy.

I swear to you.

>> Do you feel good about

that decision?

Because you don't seem like you

feel very good about that.

>> I-I feel guarded.

>> Don't.

Don't feel guarded.

I swore to Ami and Leann on my

son's name that I was with them


But maybe if I won a million

dollars, God would forgive me.

I don't know.

I hope.

>> Yeah.

>> Julie's pretty much

been my informant.

She informed me that their

flower power again; girls


Julie let me know that my head

is on the chopping block and I

have to win immunity to stay in

the game.

>> "To save your own skin,

you'll need more than just

will, brains and brawn,

determination and skill.

Yes, it's a race, so you must


Only one will be safe and

one more joins the jury."

>> The race is on.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm going to win

immunity, guaranteed.

That's the prediction.

I'll make it right now.

Daugherty's going to win


It's a fact.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Take back immunity, Twila.

Immunity back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you are

going to run it in pairs.

Let's bring in the people you're

going to pair up with.

Come on in.

>> Oh, my God.


>> PROBST: I think you know

these guys-- your loved ones.

They're still here.

They're gonna run it with you.


>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: All right.

Your loved ones are down to a

one-in-seven shot at a million


The only way to guarantee they

get to a one-in-six shot is to

have this around their neck.

That's where you're going to

either help them or potentially

hurt them.

Here's how it's going to work:

Each pair will be designated a


The loved ones will be


The survivors will verbally

direct their loved ones to

retrieve three bags of puzzle


Once you have all three bags,

take off your blindfold, start

putting the puzzle together.

The first pair to finish their

puzzle wins immunity for their


We will randomly draw for


We'll get started.

This is going to be fun.

>> Ow!

>> PROBST: For immunity.

Survivors ready?


>> Laurie, spread your

feet and walk, walk, walk!

>> Left, Annie, left.

>> To your right, to your right!

>> Left, left.

>> To your right, to your

right, Laurie!

Straight, straight!

Go, Laurie.

>> Keep going right, go.

Keep going right! Right, right!

>> You're going to your right!

>> Turn around!

Teri, turn around!

>> Keep going, you got it.

You got it!

There you go, babe!



I love my girl!

>> Straight, straight,

straight, straight.

Right! Right there!

>> Stop!

Stop, Laurie.

No! No! Not there, there.

Untie it!

You're going to have to go


>> You got it, baby.

Drop it.

Good job.

Now keep walking.

>> PROBST: Crissy, back with the

first bag for Ami.

>> Keep going, keep going!

One more!


That one, yes!

That's it.

>> Drop the bag! Drop the bag!

>> PROBST: James drops his first


He's back on the course.

>> No, no, no!

Turn around!

Listen to me!

>> PROBST: Susan getting closer

to her daughter, further away

from her bags.

>> Stop! Drop it!

Turn around.

>> PROBST: Laurie has her first


She's heading out for her


>> To your right.

Go to your right.

Jimmy, to your other right.

>> Come on!

Straight, straight!

Drop it.

>> PROBST: Annie back with her

first bag for Scout.

She's back on the course.

>> I said straight!

Faster, faster!

Straight! No!

>> Good job.

You're coming straight to my

voice, baby.

I love you.

Drop the bag.

>> PROBST: Crissy back with a

second bag for Ami.

>> Go around the pole!

Come on, Laurie!

Walk faster!

Let's go, Laurie!

Come on, Laurie!

Keep coming!

Keep coming, Laurie!

Keep coming!

Nothing in front of you!

Drop it!

Turn around!

>> PROBST: Laurie back with her

second bag.

>> Hurry, Teri!

>> What?

>> Good girl, yes.

Just hop over it.

>> There, there! Left!

Laurie, to your left!

Right there!

Right there!

>> Turn to your right.

Turn... now drop the bag.

Drop it.

>> PROBST: Take off your

blindfold, Crissy.

Ami and Crissy can start working

on the puzzle.

>> Stop, Annie!

Back up, back up!

No, no!


>> Drop it!

Drop it!

>> PROBST: Take off your

blindfold, Laurie.

Start putting the puzzle


>> Come on, baby.

>> I think this goes down here.

>> Yeah, they got blue on top.

>> PROBST: It's going to be a

race between the puzzle-makers


Chris and Laurie

versus Ami and Crissy.

>> To your right.

Drop it.

Take off your blindfold.

>> PROBST: Scout and Annie are

now in it.

>> Hurry!

Take off the...

>> Come on, come on!

Take it off, take it off!

>> PROBST: Take off your


Justin and Julie are now in


>> Can you hear me, Teri?

>> No.

>> Then why don't you

just sit down and stop?

>> Right to my voice,

right to my voice.

Come on, come on, son.

Right there.

Take your blindfold off.

>> PROBST: James is back with

his third bag.

Twila and James now working on

the puzzle.

>> We need something to

build on.

>> PROBST: Ami and Crissy having

trouble with the puzzle.

Chris working furiously to make

up time.

>> Faster!

Yeah, there you are.

>> Oh, good.

>> PROBST: Ami and Crissy

getting very close.

Chris and Laurie still fighting.

Immunity at stake.

Somebody going home tonight.

>> Right here, right here.

>> Huh?

>> PROBST: And they have it!

Ami wins immunity!

>> PROBST: All right, guys, fall

in right here in front of the


Ami, come on over.

Turn around.

Let's put this on.

Nicely done.

Good communication with your


As a result, you are safe.

Tonight's Tribal Council.

For the loved ones, one of your

survivors, this game is about to


Tonight at Tribal Council,

somebody's going to be voted


Say your good-byes.

>> PROBST: All right, loved

ones, head back the same way

you came.

You got to go.

>> Bye, everyone.

>> Bye, Annie.

>> Bye, Annie.

>> PROBST: Sort of a strange

cacophony of emotion there.

Tribal Council tonight.

Somebody else going home.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who it's going to be.

I'll see you at Tribal Council.

>> So Ami won the

immunity challenge, and that

freed us up to vote for who we

were going to vote for next,

which was Chris.

For some reason, it didn't feel

right that Chris was going to

go home and Eliza wasn't.

>> I'll go with you.

>> I'm going to head

down toward that big one.

>> So we went for a

little walk in the woods.

And we decided as a group,

"Let's talk really, like, who

deserves to stay."

>> Something just doesn't sit

right with me, the fact

that for some reason,

it doesn't sit completely right

with me.

>> If you had to make a

make a decision right now...?

>> It don't matter to me.

I mean, you all know how I


>> I just feel like we've

come this far on principle.

>> Of having all women


>> Yes, but yet, we did

vote Lisa off.

>> We've been talking

about Eliza getting off every

damn time.

>> Every time.

>> I think Chris should go

next, but it's not setting

really well for Leann, so if she

decides that it's not right,

then I'm going to stick with

what she says.

>> All right, we've made

our decision.

>> GROUP: All right.

>> We just really hope it

doesn't mess us up in the long

run and he wins immunity the

next couple of times.

That would be really bad.

>> So, I mean, it's 100%

but if it does change,

I'll tell you, but I don't

think, I swear...

>> How, how, how is that

going to swing, me not going


>> Because, I mean,

everyone just thinks you deserve

it more.

Are you surprised?

>> I'm happy.

I mean, I'm pumped.

It's like being in a tornado.

It is crazy.

I don't even have to do

something to change the tide of

the game.

There's six women living with

me-- they'll change it


It can be set in stone who's

going home, and five minutes

later, I'm not going home and I

ain't done a damn thing to

change it.

I'm just sitting there by the


So I make my way out to get some

wood and Twila says to me

while we're filling this crate,

"You know, you can change this

game completely."

So I'm thinking, "I'm all ears,


>> Think about it.

>> Think about it.

>> You are so right.

>> If you would just get

Eliza, say, "If you want to

change this whole outlook, vote

this way, you've got three other

people backing you up."

>> Guaranteed?

Scout's a guarantee?

>> Guaranteed.

I swore on my son's name.

May God forgive me for saying

that, because it's not the right

thing to do, but it's time for

something to change.

Ami and Leann just act like

they're so much better than

everybody else and they've got

this all wrapped up in their

back pocket, and, and it just

freaking pisses me off.

>> 'Cause right now, I'm

still in...

>> I'm not going to.

You have my word.

I'm not going to, Twila.

>> I'll get this.

Am I willing to do it?

Damn right I'm willing to do it.

I'll turn the tide, I'll take

the risk right now.

So I talked to Eliza.

Here's the bottom line:

Julie told me, "You're staying,

you're not going home tonight.

We're voting for Eliza."

That's the exact words I was

told, okay?

Listen, Eliza.

You don't have to go home


All's you got to do is one


>> Okay, what do I have

to do?

>> This is how you can stay.

>> Chris pulls me aside

and says, "Twila and Scout

discussed with him the

possibility of changing this

game around, and the only way

to do it would be with my vote.

>> You have my word,

I swear to you.

>> But I don't trust

Scout and Twila, that's what

scares me.

>> You do not have to

worry about Scout and Twila.

I swear, I have talked...

>> I think this is a big

plot and I'm gonna go home.

>> I don't know how to

reassure you.

I am just telling you the truth.

I've never lied to you.

I'm not using you.

>> But the thing that

worries me is that Scout and

Twila are lying to both of us.

>> Just please take this risk.

>> PROBST: Now bring in the


Sarge and Chad, voted out at

the last Tribal Council.


The last three days have had a

lot of emotion.

Eliza, did having your mom here

wake you up to how close you

are to winning this thing?

>> Um, yes, having gotten

to the point of the family visit

in this game made me realize

how far along we really are,

because we have talked about

this on day seven maybe, and it

was, it was a long-term goal for

all of us.

>> PROBST: Chris, what was it

like to be in an immunity

challenge where, clearly, you,

of all people, have definitely

felt on your heels for a while.

Now you have your fiancée, who

can help you or hurt you in

this game, depending on how well

you do?

>> I knew that, uh, she

was wanting to give it 110%.

It meant a lot to her to come

through and, you know, get me


Um, we worked hard together and

she gave it 110%.

I love her to death.

She did a great job today.

>> PROBST: Now, at the other end

of the spectrum, Leann, you

seemed just so happy to have

Teri there that you were taking

more of the moment of a

friendship thing, "Look what

we're doing together, and if I

don't win immunity, I don't win


>> Well, I really wanted to win.

I mean, I set out to win, but,

you know, you get halfway

through and you realize there's

not a chance in hell you're

going to win it.

Then I just thought it was


Why not laugh with it?

I'm not going to have her feel

bad about it.

That would be horrible.

>> PROBST: Well, it seems to me

that Chris, out of everybody

here, was connecting with Laurie

in a way like nobody else was,

which is regardless of what's

happening, I got to win this


>> I didn't tell her it

was life or death for me.

I didn't feel like it was.

>> PROBST: Eliza, once again,

you brought your bag.

>> Jeff...

>> PROBST: You're becoming the

girl who cried wolf.

>> But you know what?

It's, like, "Oh, Eliza was

just being paranoid, Eliza's

just being paranoid."

And then every time I get back

to camp and I find out, "Oh, my

God, I was this close to being

voted off."

It is not paranoia.

It is valid 100%.

And I very well might be going

home tonight.

No joke.

>> PROBST: I don't think it is a


I just know you've said it at

every single Tribal Council.

>> And at every Tribal Council,

I have almost been voted off.


>> PROBST: Chris, as the

outsider, is there any tension

with this tribe, because what

you guys show me is very

happy-go-lucky and everybody's

having a good time.

>> Um, it's me and six

women-- six women.

There's tension between six


I don't care what anybody says.

I can see and feel the tension,

and whether it be them playing

the game and strategizing or

figuring out, you know, who

they want to go home next,

there's always that feeling

that, you know, something's

going on that not all of them

are always agreeing.

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to the vote.

Ami, you have immunity.

As always, you can keep it or

assign it to somebody else.

>> I'm going to keep it.

>> PROBST: You cannot vote for

Ami; everybody else is fair


It is time to vote.

Leann, you're up.

>> My vote's for Eliza.

Um, group consensus.

Everybody agreed, but you are

like a little sister.

>> Sorry, Eliza.

I had to stick with the team,

and I guess it's your time to


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Eliza, one vote Leann.


Two votes Eliza, one vote Leann.


Three votes Eliza, one vote



Three votes Eliza, two votes



We're tied.

Three votes Leann, three votes


I'll read the last vote.

12th person voted out

of Survivor: Vanuatu:


Bring me your torch.

Leann, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, as the last vote

was read, there were some very

smug looks; other faces were

absolutely shocked.

Nine days left, this game has

just been turned on its head.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> All I can say was that

was a really nice move.

>> Screwed you, didn't it?

>> You didn't screw me.

I'm still in the game.

>> We have been waiting

for an opportunity to turn

this game.

>> The bitterness started

as soon as we got back to camp.

It's going to be good.

>> PROBST: And the surprises

just keep coming.

>> Oh, my God.

>> I am just floored.

I just got done saying how it

wasn't a life-or-death situation

for me at today's challenge.

I was fooled.

I was fooled big-time.

I'd love to know who voted for

me 'cause I am just freakin'

flabbergasted at how someone

could just lie directly to your


I feel like the world's biggest