Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 9 - A Closer Look - full transcript

A recap episode of the first half of Survivor: All-Stars.

>> JEFF PROBST: 21 Days ago, 18

former castaways returned to
play the ultimate game one more

They were split into three

tribes and marooned with only
one machete.

It was the least amount of
supplies ever given to a group

of survivors.
Their experience and their

eagerness to prove that they
were the best of the best set

the stage for one of the most
cutthroat Survivor adventures

All aspects of the game were

The conflict...

>> I'm not yelling.
I'm just saying, call it like it

>> I am calling it like

it is.
We just talked about it.

( thunder rumbling )
>> PROBST: The emotion...

>> It's not worth it.
>> PROBST: ...and the struggle

to survive.
>> Shark bite!

>> He was not letting

He was never letting go.
>> PROBST: Tonight, in a special

episode, we'll take a closer
look at the first 21 days of

Survivor All-Stars through a
series of highlights...

>> Due to someone who
is very ill at home right now, I

need to pull myself out of the

>> PROBST: ...and
never-before-seen footage.

>> We all decided to be
Saboga, who was going to Tribal

Council that night.
And we had a blast.

>> All of you Survivor
All-Stars, I think it is time

to vote.
>> My vote is for Jerri!

>> Homey's walking funny
because he has a small problem

of chafing going on.
>> And now he's walking

more and more hobbled as the
days go by.

( laughs )
>> Things down in the

nether regions have become a bit

It hurts.
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( theme song playing )
>> PROBST: On day one, under

( theme song playing )
>> PROBST: On day one, under

( theme song playing )
>> PROBST: On day one, under

( theme song playing )
>> PROBST: On day one, under

( theme song playing )
>> PROBST: On day one, under

( theme song playing )
>> PROBST: On day one, under

( theme song playing )
>> PROBST: On day one, under

full military escort, the 18
all-stars began the most

competitive Survivor to date.
>> It's never been done

No one has ever gone back to

play this game twice.
We know how bad it gets, and we

know how long this road is.
>> This ain't a little

boy's game.
This is for the big boys.

>> All-Star Survivor is
going to be so cutthroat, it's

not even going to be funny.
Nobody trusts anybody, you

>> PROBST: For the first time,

there were three tribes--
Chapera, Mogo Mogo and Saboga.

When the tribes arrived at their
beaches, they found only a

machete and a map to their water

>> Oh, nice!
>> We did find our water

source, but we can't drink it
right out of the well.

There's potential brain
parasites that will put you in a

>> PROBST: The water had to be

boiled, but starting a fire with
no supplies bordered on the

>> That's it.

>> Come on!
Come on!

>> I did it for two days in

I can't do fire.
I have tried.

>> All right.
There's that positive attitude

we're looking for.
>> I'm running out of

>> Yeah, I think I

could start the fire without
even blinking, but they don't

need to know that.
( laughs )

>> PROBST: In the midst of the
struggle for fire at Saboga...

( Rupert sighs )
>> My head's ready to

>> PROBST: ...Rudy struck a deal

with Rupert.
>> I think, uh, me and you

ought to think about an

>> You're a man of your
word, too, from what I know of

>> Yeah.

I, uh, figured me and Rupert
ought to protect ourselves and

form an alliance, and that's
what we did.

>> You and I are going
to be strong to the end.

( Rudy speaks quietly )
>> PROBST: At Chapera, it was

Boston Rob and Amber who were
making a connection.

>> So, what do you

You want to make an alliance?
Cover our own asses?

>> I don't know if I can
take you seriously or not.

>> I'm being 100%

Amber and I have an alliance,
for obvious reasons.

She's beautiful.
Any idiot can see that.

>> PROBST: While Rob and Amber's
alliance seemed to be made from

the heart, Rob's alliance with
Big Tom was all business.

>> You watch my back,
Tom, I'll watch yours, all

>> Me and Rob's got a

little alliance.
No, I don't trust him.

Hell, no.
But I don't trust none of 'em,

and, uh, if Rob will hang in
there with me, we can pull this

thing through.
>> It's humid, huh?

Big Tom wants to make an
alliance with me.

He wants to stay tight with me,
you know?

I got my thing going with Amber.
I got Big Tom on the side.

I think in his eyes it's a
primary alliance.

In mine, it's secondary.
But he doesn't need to know

Not until the time comes.

>> PROBST: At the first
three-way immunity challenge...

Survivors, ready!
>> Here we go, here we

>> PROBST: Go!

...Saboga fell behind early and
never recovered.

>> Come on, guys, get
me over there.

>> PROBST: And Chapera and Mogo
Mogo shared immunity.

Chapera, Mogo Mogo,

Safe from Tribal Council and out
here at least three more days.

( cheering )
Having dodged the first Tribal

Council, Chapera decided to
create one of their own.

>> Come on in.
First, from Survivor one, Rudy

Next, the winner from Survivor

Africa, Ethan Zohn.
From Survivor Pearl Islands,

From Survivor Australia, Jerri

There's Jerri.

>> I just want to pour
some hot chocolate over some hot

guy's bod.
>> The winner from

Survivor Australia, Tina

And from Survivor Borneo, Jenna

>> Oh, I'm so glad to be
here, everybody!

Oh! Jeff, Jeff!
Oh, Jeff, oh.

>> Let's settle down.
>> We all decided to be

Saboga, who was going to Tribal
Council that night.

And we had a blast doing it.
>> Here we are, day three.

All of you "Survivor All-Stars."
What's going on? Jerri?

>> What... what is
happening here?

I don't deserve this.
The last time I played

Survivor, we were pretty
serious, but everybody here is a

There is not one person who's

>> Rupert, you've been

here for Survivor: Pearl

Three months later, you're now
back here in Survivor: Pearl

>> The only reason I

come back, someone messed with
the handlebar of my....

>> I didn't touch your
spear, Rupert.

I never touched your spear.
>> ( growling ): Rudy!

>> Come on!
>> How's my hair, Jeff?

I played Ethan because I just
wanted to give him a hard time

and let everybody realize how
ridiculous he looks with his

little jheri curls.
>> I think it is time to

>> My vote is for holy

roller Tina.
She stabbed me in the back once.

She's not going to do it again.

>> Jenna, I'm sorry to
have to vote for you.

It's just a game.
Sorry, babe.

>> ( In Southern
accent ): Lord, please forgive

me for my language that I am
about to use right now, but Miss

Jerri Manthey, I am voting for

You were a bitch the first time
on Survivor Australia and

three years hasn't done you any

You're still a bitch.
My vote is for Jerri!

>> I thought everybody
was funny at Tribal Council from

Amber playing Tina to Rob
playing Jeff Probst.

I mean, the kid's obviously
watched a couple Survivors.

He's got him down pat.
>> Jenna, the tribe has

>> Thanks, Jeff.

>> See y'all.
( all imitating theme song )

( imitates soundtrack chanting )
( thunder crashing )

>> PROBST: But the real Tribal
Council was no joke for the

losing Saboga tribe.
During a downpour, the stigma of

being a former winner was too
much for Tina to overcome and

she was the first person voted
out of Survivor All-Stars.

Tina, the tribe has spoken.
>> TINA: I knew early on that I

was in trouble.
You know, there was only one

other winner, and I knew that
they would keep Ethan as the

stronger one.
But what a mistake it would be

to not even play the game.
So that's why I came back, and

it's been a blast.
>> PROBST: On day four, Colby

was dealing with a delicate

>> Colby's walking funny
because he has a small problem

of chafing going on.
I think he has chafed the inner

side of his inner thigh.
>> And now he's walking

more and more hobbled as the
days go by.

( laughing )
>> A true Texan at heart

never complains.
>> Yeah, things down in

the nether regions have become a
bit chapped.

My gait, if you will, is my
attempt to get a little air flow

going in there and hopefully
with a little time, everything

is going to heal.
But that's the only way I can

get relief, is just being as
bowlegged as a bull rider who

just stepped off a 3,000-pound

It hurts something fierce.
>> PROBST: Later on day four, a

mysterious box with three locks
arrived at tree mail.

>> Anything at this point
that you get to open is fun

because it's like a gift.
>> PROBST: In a grueling reward

challenge, Ethan carried Saboga
to their first victory.

>> PROBST: Saboga wins reward!
But with the reward,

Saboga faced a tough decision.
Each tribe today received a

I'll tell you what is in the


The only problem is that lockbox
and the rice in it does you

no good because you need three
keys to get it open.

And even if you had it open,
without fire, you can't cook the

So here's the offer.

If you take the pot with the
clue and the map and the flint

instead of the blankets, Mogo
Mogo gets it as well as Chapera.

>> Give everybody a

( cheers )
>> PROBST: With flint, the

tribes finally got fire.
>> Whoa.

>> We got fire!

>> PROBST: With the struggle for
fire behind them, the members of

Chapera turned their attention
to other problems, like

understanding Big Tom.
>> Hey, we ain't got a good

mate among us.
>> You guys get that?

>> No.
>> Big Tom?

Who knows his language?
He's a huge comic relief.

I love sitting back and just
listening to Big Tom, even if I

don't understand anything he

>> So anyway, baby doll may
want to go over and make a big

glob of love and I tell her...
>> We need a translator

on that one.
That was just a little too much.

>> I have no clue what
you just said.

All I heard was "gob of love."
>> Big Tom is by far

I mean, half the time nobody

knows what he is saying.
>> There's plenty...

>> Huh?
>> I said there's plenty

right there.
>> What?

>> I said there's plenty
over there.

>> Where:
>> Over by them rocks.

They sittin' right there.

>> Yeah, there's plenty
of them.

I'm telling you, this guy, half
the time he talks, I just go

"yesum, uh-huh."
You got to have a special degree

to be able to speak Big Tom.
( mumbling )

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge on day six...
Survivors, ready?

...the tribes had to raise boats

from the ocean floor and race to
the finish.

Chapera takes the lead.
>> Go!

>> PROBST: Chapera cruised to
first place, Mogo Mogo's

determination kept them going,
and Saboga's hopes for immunity

sank completely along with their

Chapera first to cross.
Wins immunity!

Mogo Mogo wins immunity.
For the second straight time,

Saboga going to Tribal Council.
Back at the Saboga camp, Rupert

vowed to stay true to his
alliance with Rudy.

>> Rudy came to me on
the first day saying, "I need a

>> I know what you're

I adore him, but we're losing

>> I am not writing

Rudy's name down.
I know that.

I'm not writing Rudy's name

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
despite Rupert's loyalty, the

former Navy Seal was the second
person voted out of Survivor

Rudy, the tribe has spoken.

>> Jenna, she kept edging
me on right to two hours before

they eliminated me.
She shouldn't have done that.

I wish I would have lasted

I'm going to keep doing this
until I win.

>> PROBST: On day seven, Richard
got up close and personal with a

>> I let the head part

go for a second, and whoop!
Shark bite!

And I poke him in the eyes.
He takes another chunk deeper.

There was no way-- he was not
letting go.

He was never letting go.
So I swam to get on a rock and

pound the side of his head with
a rock until he lets go.

>> Oh, my God.

>> His teeth?
Right there.

>> SUSAN: Oh, my God.
>> He's got me,

The hell if you're going to stay

on my arm.
It's like this.

>> Is it possible to call
a gay man a stud?

>> It's like man
verses nature.

So Hemingway-esque.
I love it.

>> PROBST: At tree mail, the
tribes received a welcomed

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: The challenge was to
build the best possible shelter

in 24 hours.
The reward would be a gift of

comfort items dropped from the

Boston Rob used his construction
expertise and took the reins at

Chapera, and Amber quickly took

>> I'll admit when I saw
him building that shelter... he

was pretty hot building that

He is good at doing what he

It is getting much easier and
easier to flirt with Boston Rob.

>> PROBST: at Mogo Mogo, Jenna's
mind just wasn't in the

>> There's a lot of

other factors that come into my
game that may not come into

anybody else's game, like my

She's had cancer for a long time
and she's not better.

And I'm just afraid she might
pass away while I'm here.

>> PROBST: And at Saboga, Rupert
and Jerri clashed over Rupert's

log cabin design.
>> We are going to dig

down into the sand a couple feet
to add to our height so when you

walk into it, you'll be able to
stand up.

And that's what I want.
>> Rupert's a complete

control freak.
He has to have everything his

He thinks he's the only one who

can do it right.
>> PROBST: As day turned to

night, it became apparent that
Rupert was digging Saboga's

>> Rupert's idea was a

little ambitious.
We ended up working all through

the night.
>> Not good.

>> My God, I could not
believe the stupidity.

This is Rupert gone mad.
>> PROBST: On day eight, a local

contractor visited each beach to
determine a winner.

I brought along with me Rafa,
an expert in construction.

Take a look.
At Mogo Mogo, things got off to

a shaky start.
>> Rafa-- he starts going

around the shelter and the first
thing he does is start grabbing

on to things, jerking them,
trying to rip them down.

I don't know that Rafa realizes,
we have to live in the shelter.

>> PROBST: And at Chapera,
things stood on solid ground.

>> You're not moving this.
>> This is three foot in

the ground, and that... all this
is square.

>> PROBST: Ready?

>> Vámanos.
>> PROBST: When the contractor

saw Rupert's underground
shelter, Saboga's hopes of

winning seemed all washed up.
>> Saboga? Oh...

>> PROBST: You don't like...?
>> No, no, no.

>> PROBST: It's dangerous?
>> Yeah.

This is the... the water...
>> And then I see him

tell Jeff, "Water go down in.

>> PROBST: Chapera once again
came out on top.

Their reward for having the best
shelter included blankets, a

mattress and wine.
>> We've never been so

excited in our lives.
That was just a pinnacle moment.

>> PROBST: The mood at Mogo Mogo
was not so cheerful.

Jenna Morasca was contemplating
quitting altogether.

>> Well, I just want to let
you guys know there are a lot of

things I thought I would be able
to overcome here, but my mom is

really ill.
I don't think I'd ever

forgive myself if I knew that I
was here playing a game and

something happened to her.
>> PROBST: When the tribes

arrived for the immunity

Jenna made her decision.
>> Due to someone who

is very ill at home right now, I
need to pull myself out of the

>> PROBST: I just want to

understand exactly why you're

>> She's my mother,
and I should be there in case

something happens.
I love this game, but it's my

>> PROBST: Let's bring in the

>> PROBST: Jenna, we're thinking

about you.
>> Thanks. Bye, guys.

Have fun.
>> PROBST: Jenna Morasca became

the second person ever to walk
away from the game.

But her instincts were right.
Eight days later, her mom lost

her battle with cancer with
Jenna by her side.

Night nine brought one of the
worst storms in Survivor

>> We need a boat.

Mayday, mayday, mayday.
>> We have constructed a

shelter that is pretty

>> The shelter held up
pretty good.

I slept almost all night long
because I was under the blanket,

warm, and I just slept the whole

>> PROBST: Well, almost the
whole night.

>> You're so warm.
>> Boston Rob and Amber

are going to do it.
I don't know when, but they're

going to do it.
>> PROBST: Things weren't so

cozy at Saboga.
Their underground shelter failed

>> The stupid shelter

that I built was destroyed.
Digging into the sand is the

dumbest idea I've ever had in my
life, and we paid dearly tonight

for it.
>> The rain just started

pouring and the whole shelter
filled up with water.

This never would have happened
if they hadn't dug that hole.

It's not worth it.
>> PROBST: the next morning,

emotionally and physically
spent, Saboga realized they were

back to square one.
>> The plan today is we

got to make shelter, we've got
to make fire and we've got to

get it together now.
>> PROBST: But once again, Jerri

was on the outs with her tribe.
>> When we were deciding

where to rebuild our shelter for
the third time, Jerri wanted

nothing to do with it.
>> Oh, come on, you

gotta help.
>> She's had enough, you

Check out.

>> Once they started
working on the actual building

process, that's when I felt it
was necessary for me to speak

You're going to put those on top

of the bamboo, uh, the palms,

It needs to go on top, 'cause
otherwise the palms clog it up

and acts as a... whoosh, instead
of a whoosh.

>> You want to really
keep it waterproof.

If you want to put it on top,
I don't care.

I just think with as many palms
as we have, we're only going to

get a foot and a half, two feet.
>> Jenna says put the

bamboo on.
Jerri says no, don't put the

bamboo on and then cops this big
old attitude with me about we

can't discuss anything.
We always just gotta do it your

Well, one of you says the bamboo

is going under and of you one
says the bamboo's going over.

>> Well, that's what
happens when you discuss two

different views.
>> Why can't I say

discuss it?
>> Because it's obvious

that's what's gonna happen.
>> I was very fond of

I thought we were getting along

great until we got the challenge
of building a new shelter.

A little bit of conflict and now
I'm the devil.

It makes me feel inadequate when
the girl won't even look at me.

She will have nothing to do with
me right now.

That does make me uncomfortable.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

On Day Ten, Chapera continued
their victory roll when they won

a Survivor style bathroom, as
well as a clue to the final key

to their lock box.
Take a shower, get cleaned up.

You guys can head back to camp.
Chapera, this is yours to take

back with you.
Chapera enjoyed getting clean...

>> I could do this all
day long every day.

>> PROBST: well as getting
the long-awaited rice from their

lock box.
>> Ah! We got rice!

>> For to us have rice in
our system is just like gas in

the tank, and I think it's gonna
give us a little bit, just that

little more... hoochy.
>> PROBST: The rice helped fuel

Chapera to a large lead in a
jolting immunity challenge.

>> Please don't move!
>> Colby, Colby, Colby, Colby.

>> PROBST: Ethan throws it on

>> Ow!
>> Damn it!

>> PROBST: Chapera has their
last piece.

Take your blindfolds off.
Start building the puzzle.

But the pieces didn't fall into
place for Chapera, and Saboga

and Mogo Mogo out-stacked them,
winning shared immunity.

>> ( yelling )
>> PROBST: Facing Tribal

Council, Rob Cesternino looked
for an ally in Boston Rob.

>> I know you know how
to play the game and I know you

know a lot, and I know you would
be very, like, helpful and we

can make good allies.
>> I... I agree.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Rob Cesternino got blindsided by

Boston Rob, and he was the first
person voted out of the Chapera

Rob, the tribe has spoken.

>> I was targeted early
for coming close to winning last

It is especially painful to not

have a fair crack at that
million dollars this time

Being as big of a fan

of Survivor as I am and then
having the opportunity not only

to play the game, but to come
back and play an all-star

version of the game was really
the ultimate thrill.

>> PROBST: On Day 13, the tribes
arrived for the reward

challenge, and they were hit
with the first big twist of the

The tribe that finishes last

will be dissolved.
>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Gonna have a
schoolyard game of pick 'em.

>> That's wild.
>> PROBST: We will alternate

The winning tribe gets to pick

Survivors ready?

>> Go Mogo Mogo.

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo paddled to
an easy first-place finish.

>> ( cheering )
>> PROBST: Chapera's second-

place finish meant Saboga was
no more.

>> We get to pick first.
>> Okay.

>> We got to get rid of

>> Yup. Yeah.
>> Bring him along, Rich.

>> PROBST: In a strategic move,
Mogo Mogo took Ethan and brought

Jerri along for the ride.
And Chapera took Rupert and

At Chapera, Rupert and Jenna

were immediately impressed by
their new surroundings.

>> Oh...
>> We're home!

We're home.
>> PROBST: And the girls soon

made sure the tribe was united.
>> Jenna, Amber and

myself made necklaces.
We found all the shells and we

bonded them together, and they
quickly became symbolic of the

unity that Chapera has, even
though we have two new members.

We have a present for you.
>> Ah, ha-ha...

>> Now we're all...
>> Cool.

>> I love it.
>> It's kinda cool,

We made necklaces for everybody.

>> Thank you.
>> Oh, I like the way you

guys did these with the wire.
>> Don't they look cool?

This is about Tribal...
>> ALICIA and SUE: Unity.

>> You know, it wasn't
apparent over at Saboga how

close Chapera was.
We knew that they had some sort

of bond that kept them winning
uh... because, you know, they

weren't the biggest, they
weren't the strongest, but they

kept winning the challenges, but
now that I'm over here, I see

that there's really a sense of
tribehood here.

>> I will definitely keep
my necklace on and I hope

everybody else will, too.
I don't think we should be

intimidated by them knowing
that we're a strong tribe and

sticking together.
We're gonna take them down one

by one.
>> PROBST: The competition

heated up on Day 15 when the two
newly formed tribes went-head

to-head at the immunity

First one to hit the water is

Boston Rob took control of the
game and led his tribe to

Chapera wins immunity!
>> You did it! You did

>> PROBST: Back at camp, Colby

changed Mogo Mogo's game plan
when he targeted Richard instead

of Ethan.
>> Richard's the one we

gotta get rid of.
He's the snake in the grass

that's going to cause us the
most trouble.

>> PROBST: But Richard got wind
of the plot when Jerri tipped

him off, putting Colby on thin

>> Now, Jerri says
she's been approached to get

rid of me.
The only way that could possibly

have happened is Ethan, Lex and

Okay. That's it, then, 'cause if
you're not for anything else,

then we'll just do that.
All right, Colby goes.

So they blew it.
How dare you approach somebody

to get rid of me?
You must go bye-bye now.

>> PROBST: Despite the scramble
before Tribal Council, Richard,

the first Survivor winner ever,
was dethroned.

>> I've been

Man, oh, man.
>> PROBST: Rich, the tribe has

>> Food, food.

I hope there's some real
underlying, intelligent,

sophisticated game-playing going
on that undermined me and that

I'm not aware of.
I'd love it more than anything.

I'd be shocked as hell, but it
would be fun to see.

>> PROBST: All right.

Want to know what you're playing

>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, definitely.

>> Please.
>> PROBST: Hopefully you'll like

>> ( shrieks )

>> Shish kebabs.
>> PROBST: In addition, the

winning tribe keeps everything
in the basket.

>> Oh, we gotta win.
>> PROBST: For reward!

Survivors ready! Go!
Mogo Mogo stomped their way to

an early lead...
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: ...and never looked

And with that, Mogo Mogo wins

>> ( cheering )
>> PROBST: Take these...

and the main course, shish

>> Oh, my God, that
smells so good.

>> PROBST: That night, despite
their hard knocks, Chapera vowed

to stay true to each other.
>> Look, guys, we should

be able to win this, if you
think about it, all right?

We're six-strong, they're

And then we can just roll.
>> Let's all make a pact to

stick together.
>> One, two, three, Chapera!

>> PROBST: the next morning,
Mogo Mogo continued to reap the

benefits of their reward.
>> We all decided to dip

into our coffee bean supply to
make some cowboy coffee.

Coffee and sugar.
Oh, it's so delicious.

We all sat down and drank
probably about four cups of the

strongest coffee you can

And none of us have had coffee
in about a month.

>> I'm starting to get spun.
>> Oh, but it feels good.

>> It feels so good to
be wired.

>> No more water.
Only coffee.

>> Before we sat down to
the coffee, playing checkers

just wore me out.
At this point I'm ready to draw

a finish line and set up a
100 yard dash and start racing.

>> Suddenly we're a much
more exciting group.

>> Oh, my God, he's going
to do a cartwheel!

>> Yay, coffee!
>> Anybody got some

Man, that coffee is good!

>> You drank coffee?
>> I think I had some

We had the best coffee of our

entire life.
Who would have thought just

bringing and introducing a
little coffee into the tribe

would have made the biggest
difference in the world?

>> I mean, listen to us,
we're like bamboozled.

This is nuts.
The caffeine is just like

rifling through our bodies.
My eyes are opened.

I mean, I thought I was having
vision problems.

I was also getting my glasses.
I just need caffeine.

>> It's a very happy

beach right now.
Don't know how long it will last

but as long as we've got coffee,
we're going to be up and

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: on day 19, Boston Rob
had his hands full.

>> I'm out here on a
deserted island in Panama, and I

got two beautiful women, and
they want to make a sandwich out

of me.
What am I going to do?

Would you say no?
Seriously, smarten up.

>> Boston Rob and
Amber are very close, and I'm

friends with both of them, so
all three of us sleep connected.

I mean, we're rolling around
hugging each other.

I mean, it's friends.
>> I'm definitely

conscious of Jenna hanging out
with Rob a lot.

And I think it's definitely a
good thing.

It takes some of the tension off
of me and Rob hanging out

I'm not going to get jealous of

any of her hanging on him or
doing anything like that.

I have Boston Rob wrapped around
my little finger.

>> Awesome.
A strategy to everything, you

Like there's strategy to putting

my arm around Jenna while I have
it around Amber at the same

You've got to keep your friends

close, but you got to keep your
enemies closer.

Make no mistake.
I'm here to play Survivor.

At the end of this, hopefully
Amber and I can be having some

fun together, and we'll be
spending my million.

Worst case scenario, we'll be
spending hers.

>> PROBST: At the challenge on
day 19, the tribes learned just

how much was at stake.
In addition to being a reward

challenge, it is also an
immunity challenge.

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: One more twist: the

winning tribe will select one
member from the losing tribe to

join them on the reward, which
means they partake in the

barbecue and they avoid Tribal

Survivors, ready?

Once the challenge got under

Mogo Mogo with a bit of a lead.
Ethan is off heading into the

Boston Rob close behind!

>> Come on, Rob!
>> PROBST: ...the race to the

finish line was tight.
We're neck and neck!

In a hard-fought duel, Chapera
pulled out a last-moment

Mogo Mogo off course now.

Chapera heading straight for
their dock!

Chapera wins reward and

( cheers )
Chapera chose to kidnap Kathy.

At first, Kathy wasn't

comfortable leaving her tribe
behind for a day of luxury.

Chapera, by the way, that's your
ride, a 94-foot luxury yacht.

( screams )
But after a barbecue...

>> Some people grabbed

I didn't even grab a plate.
>> PROBST: ...some dessert...

>> Oh, look at this,

>> PROBST: ...and a dip under a
tropical waterfall...

( screaming )
Kathy warmed up to her new

>> I feel totally

welcomed by Chapera.
I mean, they brought me in like

I was one of their tribe

>> ♪ We got a new girl, her name
is Kat ♪

>> We got a new girl, her name
is Kat

>> ♪ She fits in just like that
>> She fits in just like that. ♪

>> PROBST: While Chapera was
cruising, Mogo Mogo was getting

down and dirty.
>> PROBST: but Lex had a

down and dirty.
>> PROBST: but Lex had a

different plan in mind.
>> You don't get far in

this game by playing safe.
I find myself now at the doorway

of an opportunity to do
just that for the first time in

the game, to really do something
that probably no one is going

to expect me to do.
Their plan is to get rid of you

>> I knew that was

>> They think I'm in with

them and that Shii Ann is as

We're going to do Colby tonight.
>> I'm very content with

that decision.
Colby doesn't see this coming at

He doesn't see a single vote

coming in his direction.
And if it took losing today to

get him out of here, I'm totally
fine with it.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Jerri won the game of cat and

mouse and her revenge was

Colby was the next person voted
out of Survivor All-Stars.

Colby, the tribe has spoken.
>> I had to make

decisions and getting rid of
Richard was a move that my

entire tribe had to make, but I
was left to orchestrate it and

that really just threw me out in
the open.

In the other tribe members eyes,
it seemed as though I was trying

to become the power player, the

It wasn't that at all, but
unfortunately that's the way the

game goes.
>> PROBST: on day 20 with Colby

gone, Ethan realized he was
still treading water.

>> I thought everything
was going smoothly and, boom, I

thought I was pretty close to

Not anymore.
I don't know what I'm going to

do here.
>> PROBST: Later that day, the

tribes played for a chance to
loot items from the other camp.

Here we go.
First match-up, start spinning.

Chapera's balancing act led them
to a win.

>> Run, run, run!
Run, run, run!

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: And Jenna was sent to

Mogo Mogo to retrieve a grill, a
bag of rice, and a Hawaiian

>> I've been waiting 20

days to not have to poke fish
with a stick.

I'm going to be the hunter

>> PROBST: while Rupert
salivaged over the sling, Boston

Rob and Amber's relationship
reached new heights.

>> You're not ever
supposed to feel secure in this

game, but with Rob and I having
an alliance, I feel 99.9%

>> PROBST: The following morning

a fishing competition began to
brew between Boston Rob and

>> Rupert is all excited

about having the Hawaiian sling.
You know, it's his baby.

Now he can catch a fish and show
how much he's worth to the

First of all, the guy looks like

Grizzly Adams but he thinks he
Aquaman in the ocean.

And he comes back with a bag of
fish feeling all good about

>> My God, it took all I

had to stop.
>> I proceeded to go

into the water and catch 11 fish

>> Sometimes I really

like Boston Rob.
>> I got two at one time

on one of them.
>> Other times I see

kind of an arrogant pain in the

>> PROBST: At the immunity
challenge, it was a dismal show

of marksmanship.
Before Chapera narrowly escaped

with victory.
Chapera wins immunity!

Mogo Mogo heading to Tribal

Back at Mogo Mogo, Lex took his
old friend Ethan aside and gave

him some bad news.
>> I think it's just better

for my game if we vote you out

It has nothing to do with

This is business.
I've got my own agenda this

I've got my own plan.

It doesn't include him.
This isn't Africa.

This is All-Star.
>> PROBST: But Ethan wasn't

about to go down without a

He approached Kathy with a plan.
>> There's no rhyme or

reason of how Lex is playing
this game.

There will be no sense of
security with Lex at any time.

>> But I don't want to
take Lex out before Jerri.

>> No.
>> It will be Jerri

tonight, all right.
>> So I'll vote for Jerri

and then you and Shii Ann can
talk about it.

And I'm a gambler.
>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Ethan's gamble didn't pay off.
He was the next person voted out

of Survivor All-Stars.
Ethan, the tribe has spoken.

>> I've been just
struggling since day one trying

to fight and bite and scramble
my way through this game.

And I lasted 21 days.
And I'm proud.

I made it further than any other

I have the title of Survivor:
Africa champion, and no one can

take that away from me.
No matter what I do from this

point on for the rest of my
life, I have that, and that's a

good feeling.
>> PROBST: Where once 18

all-stars stood, now only ten

What experiences and twists
await Big Tom, Amber, Boston

Rob, Alicia, Rupert, Jenna, Lex,
Kathy, Jerri and Shii Ann as

they attempt to outlast all the
others and become the ultimate

sole Survivor?
Join us next week as the

adventure continues.

Stay tuned for scenes from our
next episode.

Next time on Survivor.

Being on a losing team all the
time is just depressing.

The gap between both the tribes
couldn't be wider.

>> We were just tickled today.

>> But while everyone is talking

>> I'm ready for merge, I'm
ready for all this to be one

What happens next will turn
their world upside down.

Drop your buffs.

I feel like I'm one who got
screwed in this whole situation.

Just another beautiful day here
on the island.

Of Shapire isnt it?

Little overcast.

Little overcast, Silas.

Wind breezing in your face.

Out of the northwest.

Just smell that?
(deep inhale)

(deep exhales)

You need another shower bro.