Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 8 - Pick a Tribemate - full transcript

Both, Mogo Mogo and Chapera, pick representatives to send to each camp.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

At a combination

reward/immunity challenge, the
stakes were raised.

The winning tribe will select
one member from the losing

tribe to join them on the
reward, which means they avoid

Tribal Council.

Once the challenge got
underway, the competition

between Ethan and Boston Rob
was red-hot, but Chapera

pulled out a narrow victory.
Chapera wins reward and

Chapera chose to kidnap Kathy,

saving her from Tribal Council.
Chapera, by the way, that's

your ride.
A 94-foot luxury yacht.

While enjoying a day of food
and fun, Kathy hit it off with

the rival tribe.
>> ♪ We got a new girl

Her name is Kat ♪
>> ♪ She fits in

just like that. ♪
>> PROBST: At Mogo Mogo, Colby

and Ethan agreed to get rid of

>> I think our decision
was made when Jerri Manthey

came on board.
I mean, that's the one we want

to get rid of.
>> PROBST: But Lex made a bold

>> Their plan is to get

rid of you tonight.
That's not going to happen.

We're going to do Colby tonight.
>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Lex's gamble paid off, and
Colby was stunned when he

became the seventh person to
leave Survivor: All-Stars.

11 all-stars are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder crashing)
>> Is anybody here?

Oh, they're still at the Tribal

Just how depressing is this?

It's terrible coming back here.

It's empty.

They're going to come back
from Tribal Council.

They're going to want to know
what's going on.

I got automatic immunity.
They voted somebody off.

I had a ball.
(thunder cracks)

Ah, this is Suvivor at the

I was sipping champagne on the

bow of a multimillion-dollar
yacht, and now I am soaking

wet trying to save this fire.
Oh, my God.

(thunder cracks)
(rain stops)

(indistinct talking)
>> You have a good time, Kathy?

>> I couldn't believe I
was standing here putting a

fire together and it started
to pour.

>> There, you got it.
>> The tribe got back

and they, you know, didn't
give me any hugs or anything,

which is interesting.
I got hugged by Chapera in a

second, but that's just not
this tribe.

>> The Tribal Council
was brutal tonight.

>> I bet it was.
Heard that Colby got voted out.

It was very somber and sad.
>> His hat, his pants,

his canteen.
>> His hat's not here, is it?

>> His hat's here.
>> I really want to send

that to him.
I hope we can.

>> We will.
>> Having Colby gone to me

is just, sort of summarizes
this tribe.

I don't think this tribe
amounted to a whole lot.

We were just kind of in the
middle, and I think Colby was

actually holding us back
because he didn't trust

And it's too late.

I think it's too late for this
tribe to rally.

I will try to think more
positive thoughts, but it's

difficult because now Ethan is
questioning it all.

(thunder booms)
>> Colby didn't look

at anyone when he left.
>> I'm so surprised.

>> He didn't even look
behind him.

>> Yeah, just a turn around
around and a, you know...

>> I would have been like,
to Jerri after saying all those

things, I would have been, like,
"You got me."

>> That's too bad.
>> Ooh, don't I feel silly.

The one vote was supposed to

be for me and the rest were
supposed to be for Jerri.

I thought everything was going
smoothly, and boom, you know?

Not only was Colby fooled and
voted out, but I was fooled

and had no idea.
(thunder rumbling)

I thought I was pretty close
to Lex.

Not anymore.
Not after Tribal Council.

Not after I was left out of
those plans.

When you feel a bond with
someone and they tell you

something, and then they rip
that bond apart by doing

something totally different,
that hurts.


>> Yes, I feel like I'm
being evil right now, but, boy,

does it feel good.
>> Colby's gone.

I mean, what more can I say?
I've now officially lived out

one of my goals in this game,
and that is to make it longer

than Colby.
Knock, knock.

You hear that sound, Colby?
That's the bellboy, and he

just took all my baggage away.

My closet is now clean.
My Survivor closet is clean.

>> We have tree mail.
>> All right.

Ooh... pretty bottle.
>> Very pretty.

>> Oh, my Gosh.
>> Oh, that's dinner.

>> "Pick one representative to
get on a boat and visit the

Mogo Mogo tribe camp.
Bring this message in a bottle

with you, open the bottle and
read the note aloud to the

Mogo Mogo tribe.
Follow the instructions.

Bring the pen."
>> Every single one of

us was scared to death.
Not one of us wanted to go.

We were so afraid that that
person might have to stay over

So we decided to pull straws,

and Jenna ended up picking the
smallest straw.

It's Jenna.
>> You okay?

>> Yeah.
>> You sure you're all right?

>> Yeah.
So I just happened to get the

shortest straw.
I don't think it's a good thing.

>> All right, sweetheart.
Have fun.

>> Yes.
>> Have a good time, Jenna.

>> See if Ethan and my
alliance are still tight.

>> There's got be something

that when you go over there,
you're on the fence.

>> I think we should take
two things into consideration.

Nobody who doesn't want to go
should go, and the decision

should be one that everyone
finds agreeable.

>> I think Kathy might be a good

>> It's up to you guys
what you want to do.

I don't mind going over, but
we definitely had a good

rapport yesterday.
I know the players over there.

I know they accept me.
I know that the hair on the

back of neck won't stand up on
end if I get off the boat over

on their beach.
>> Bye, Kath.

We love you!
Look at that rainbow she's

sailing off into.
It's a good omen.

(indistinct talking)
>> Hey, welcome to Mogo Mogo.

>> How are you?
>> I'm great.

>> My guess is you have
a bottle.

>> I have a bottle and a pen.
(glass shatters)

"Dear representative, pick
three separate items from the

Mogo Mogo tribe that you feel
your tribe would like to play

for in today's reward challenge.
You cannot choose anyone's

personal items or clothing.
Write these items down on the

parchment provided in private.
Do not let anyone know your

Get back on your boat and

bring the parchment directly
to the challenge."

>> So that's how it's
going to be.

>> That's how it's going to be.
>> Thanks, guys. Hi.

I know, it's been so long.
>> Kathy was chosen to

come visit our tribe.
What she had to do was make a

list of three things to take
from our tribe.

>> "You cannot choose
anyone's personal items."

>> If you want to write Tom
down, he said...

>> Aww, he'll go.
>> Kathy acted like,

"I'm just going to take things
you guys don't need.

You're not even going to miss
them," you know?

And we're thinking, "Yeah,

>> What's this, alcohol?

>> And of course we're
thinking, "Oh, man, our camp

is amazing, especially our

We have a tarp, we have a
parachute, plus we have

blankets, we have pillows.
>> You guys, all this

stuff's going to fine, just so
you know.

>> We love you.
>> Whenever I have the

opportunity, I'm going to put
myself forward, 'cause

inevitably, you know, what
really works is networking

with the people.
>> You're the only one we

wanted to see.
>> I know, it's good to

see you guys, too.
>> PROBST: Representatives, come

on in.
How's it going, Kathy?

>> It's going well.
How 'bout you, Jeff?

>> PROBST: Good. Hey, Jenna.
>> Hello.

>> PROBST: Bring in the rest of
your tribe.

Chapera, come on in.
Mogo Mogo, come on in.

Okay, earlier today you each
selected a representative:

Kathy and Jenna.
Their job was to go to the other

camp and select three items that
they wanted to serve as rewards

should their tribe win.
They've written down the items

they selected.
It's a secret.

We'll reveal it in a minute.
I'll take those from you.

First, I'm going to explain the

It is a log roll.
One at a time tribe members from

each tribe will square off-- man
versus man, woman versus woman.

First person to hit the water is

The winner scores a point for
their tribe.

The first tribe to five wins the

See what you're playing for.
If Chapera wins, you will take

the following items from Mogo
Mogo's camp: grill, one bag of

rice and the Hawaiian sling.
If Mogo Mogo wins, they will

take the following items from
Chapera: one blanket, the

parachute siding and your tarp.
Because this is man versus man,

woman versus woman, Chapera, you
have one extra man so you will

sit out one man in this

Who's out?
>> Big Tom.

>> PROBST: Big Tom's going to
sit out.

We will randomly draw numbers.
Wait for my go.

Here we go, first matchup:
Shii Ann and Alicia.

One foot on the black.
Start spinning.

>> You're going to have to spin

>> You're going to have
to spin somewhere, Mama.

>> We're tap-dancing.
>> There you go.

>> There you go, Alicia.
>> PROBST: Alicia's in first.

Shii Ann scores one for Mogo

Mogo Mogo: 1; Chapera: zip.
Next matchup:

Rupert versus Ethan.
Foot in the black.

Start spinning.
>> Come on, Rupert.

>> PROBST: Rupert with his

Rupert first in.

Mogo Mogo: 2; Chapera: 0.
Jenna and Kathy...

start spinning.
Kathy in.

Jenna scores for Chapera.
>> All right.

>> PROBST: 2-1, Mogo Mogo leads.
It's Lex versus Boston Rob.

Start spinning.
Boston Rob working it.

Lex reacting.
Lex staying on.

Lex first in.
Boston Rob scores for Chapera.

We're tied 2-2.
Jerri versus Amber.

Start spinning.
>> Come on, Amber.

Better balance.
>> PROBST: Amber looking very

>> Run, run, run, run, run.

>> PROBST: Up and going.
Jerri-- first in.

Amber scores for Chapera.
>> Amber, nicely done.

>> PROBST: Chapera leads 3-2
after the first cycle.

We're going to randomly draw new
numbers, get new matchups.

Here's where we're at:
Chapera 3; Mogo Mogo 2.

First tribe to five wins reward.
Once again, it is Shii Ann and

Foot in the black.

Start spinning.
>> Come on, Alicia.

>> PROBST: Alicia first in.
Shii Ann scores for Mogo Mogo.

We're tied 3-3.
Ethan versus Boston Rob.

>> Come on, Rob.
>> PROBST: Best matchup so far.

>> Wow.

>> Yeah!

>> Amber, this is you.

>> Amber, cut me some slack.
>> PROBST: Kathy versus Amber.

>> Let's go, Amber.
>> PROBST: Here's where things

stand: Chapera leads 4-3.
If Amber wins, she wins reward

for Chapera.
>> Come on, Amber.

>> PROBST: Foot in the black.
Start spinning.

>> Don't let go.
Don't let go.

>> PROBST: Kathy first in.
Amber wins reward for Chapera.

>> Yeah!
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: All right, here's how
it's going to work: later today

Jenna, since she was the
representative, will return to

Mogo Mogo and help herself to
the three items.

Grill, one bag of rice and the
Hawaiian sling.

Nice challenge, guys.
Head back to camp.

>> You know, when you think
about it, who wouldn't be a

little anxious to be getting a
visit by somebody from the

opposing tribe to take some of
your most valuable items away.

>> It'll be so pleasant.
We have everything ready for

her; she doesn't feel like
we're hostile.

>> Took a little punch in
the jaw, and now, you know,

we're just shaking our...
shaking our head with the

thought and the prospect of
losing... you know, our fishing

spear's a way that we gather
food every day, and, you know,

as if that weren't enough, it's
a bit of a one-two punch with

the rice as well.
>> Knock-knock.

>> Hey.
>> Hello.

>> How you doing?
>> Good.

>> We have it all set up
for you over here.

>> I have something for
you guys.

>> Oh, what do you have?
>> Um, we brought you

bar soap and toilet paper,
and a little scrub brush to

brush your clothes, and a

Something to clean you up.
>> Thank you so much, Jenna.

>> Here's our grill
and our fishing rod for you.

>> Okay.
It's not my fault, and it's not

even our fault that we had to
take things from their camp.

This is a game, and they know

So it was nice that I brought
something over to them to say,

like, "I'm very sorry that you
guys don't have these things,

and I have to take more from

>> We were wondering
if you would be kind enough to

give us a couple of scoops of
rice from our bag.

Because we lost a lot of our
rice to mildew in the beginning,

and we've been really rationing
for, you know, a rainy day.

>> Okay.
>> And...

>> What do you have exactly?
You have one full bag, and...?

>> One full bag and
like a fourth of the other bag.

I was wondering if you would be
kind enough to give us...

>> Yes, of course.
>> ...a couple of...

>> We've been so diligent
about rationing our rice, which

at this point, you know...
hindsight is 20-20 and you don't

know what's going to happen, but
you're almost kicking yourself

because we were eating only as
much as we needed to make it

last longer and now we just
lost, you know, the lion's share

of what we had.
>> Thank you, Jenna.

>> No, we're not trying
to wipe you out.

It was just what we needed,

>> And you got the grade-A rice.
>> Yes. Thank you so much.

The vibe is down.
I don't care what they're saying

when we come to immunity
challenges, they are down.

They know... they're trying to
smile, they're trying to be

nice, but they're not happy.
They're slowly losing everything

they have.
They're not happy.

>> They ain't got a whole
hell of a lot over there to get.

>> We got the biggest stuff
they have.

>> We got everything.
We won everything.

This whole game, this whole game
is about Chapera kicking ass.

>> I'm going real slow so
I don't drop anything.

Oh, my tribe was psyched when I
came back with the loot.

I have rice, and Rupert just
never put down that Hawaiian

>> We're going to sharpen them

points down to a...
Oh, my God.

I've been waiting 20 days to not
have to poke fish with a stick.

I'm going to be the hunter

I hope I see that big six-foot

I hope I see that yellowfin

I hope I see that grouper that's
this big.

>> I know you're excited.
>> Oh, my gosh, I'm excited.

>> I'm excited, too.
>> I've made ten different

spears trying to get
that damn thing.

>> Today is definitely
one of the best days for me.

The fact that we're getting more
rice, eating more, helped out

great in the challenge.
And it's just ended up being a

really good day.
>> Right.

Everybody has gas every now

and again.
Especially in this situation.

You see the abuse?
You see that, Jenna?

That's grounds for
"I'll see ya later."

>> If Rob and Amber are
not playing kissy face, sucky,

kissy face yet, they are going
to be soon.

Um, I have walked up on them in
the middle in the night where

they just looked so guilty it's
not even funny, and I know

something's going on.
>> Later on we'll take a

walk, all right?
>> Definitely at first I

was stringing him along.
The flirting was a huge strategy

in the beginning.
Um, but then I got caught up in

it, and feelings, you know,

(laughing, talking indistinctly)
>> Amber is slammin'.

She's sweet, she's beautiful,
she's funny, she's got a great

Her ass is smokin', too.

>> It's crazy because
coming into this game I never

expected in a million years for
this to ever happen.

And actually, I told myself that
I wouldn't really let something

like this happen, but... I love
having the comfort level of it,

and I love... I love that he,
you know, keeps me warm at night

and he, you know, makes me feel
safe out here.

I can vent to him, complain to
him about anything and he won't

hold it against me.
You're not ever supposed to feel

hold it against me.
You're not ever supposed to feel

secure in this game, but with
Rob and I, I feel 99.9% secure.

>> Amber and I have been
fooling around a little bit out

I mean, it's all in good fun.

I'm definitely attracted to her.
It'd be nice to have a million

dollars and take the girl away,

Much better, much better.
Good night.

>> Good night.
(thunder roaring)

>> We might have a rough
one today, boys.

It's pouring right there.
>> I'm gonna get fish

before it starts storming again.
>> Yeah.

>> Rupert's all excited
about having the Hawaiian sling.

You know, it's his baby.
Now he can catch a fish...

(imitating Rupert) and show
how much he's worth to the

That's his whole life is that

First of all, the guy looks like

Grizzly Adams, but he thinks
he's Aqua Man in the ocean.

This guy talks baby talk.
What is that?

You ever notice that?
(imitating Rupert) "My name

is Rupert.
I'm a big and strong fisherman

in the Pearl Islands."
Now that we got the spear, we

don't need him.

I'm not sure that we ever did.
And he comes back with a bag of

fish feeling all good about

>> My God, it took all I

had to stop.
>> Is that the 20-pounder

you were talking about?
>> Uh-huh.

>> I know just as well as

anybody else, if you got a
Hawaiian sling, it's like

basically going to the pet store
and grabbing one of the goldfish

containers and just picking out
which fish you want.

Wow, look... Rupert.
>> Hey, I don't think I'll

take that spear away.
>> I'm afraid I'm going to

be embarrassed now.

>> Man, there's a shark
that I was looking at like this.

I wanted it.

>> ROB (yells): Yeah!
>> I'm just glad he

caught a fish.
>> Going back down.

>> Okay.
>> I proceeded to go into

the water and catch 11 fish

The city kid from Boston with
the Hawaiian sling versus Aqua

I'm going to need a boat to tow

this one in.
I've never seen anything that

big before.
>> Sometimes I really

like Boston Rob...
>> Boston style.

>> Other times I see kind of an
arrogant pain in the ass.

>> He got a couple fish.
>> Very good.

You know, he wants to be the

>> I think Rupert was
shocked when he saw that I

brought back so many fish.
I think it made him realize that

we can use Rupert or the
Hawaiian sling.

A Hawaiian sling doesn't need
any rice.

So Rupert's stock just went down
about 20 points.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
All right, first things first.

Boston Rob.
Immunity back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,
we're going to test your skills

with a variety of weapons.
Along the way, you will earn

arrows that you will use in the
final round.

First round: blow gun.
Each tribe member will get one

At the end of the round, the

tribe who's closest to the
center of the target earns two

Losing tribe earns one arrow.

Second round: you will throw a
spear with the same result.

The tribe that's closest to the
center earns two more arrows.

Losing tribe earns one arrow.
For the final round, you will

take the arrows you've earned
and select one tribe member to

be your archer.
They will fire arrows at the

final target.
Closest to the center of the

target wins immunity for their

If you win immunity, you are
guaranteed a one-in-ten shot at

being the sole survivor.
Big stakes.

Chapera, you have one extra

Cannot sit out the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Big Tom sat out yesterday.
Who's sitting out today?

>> Okay, I'll sit out.
>> PROBST: All right, Alicia

will have a spot on the bench.
Everybody else wait for my go.

All right, first round-- blow

We've randomly drew numbers.
Chapera will fire first.

>> Put her in the red.

>> PROBST: The end of the round,
the tribe who is closest to the

center of the target earns two

>> That's it, Jenna.
Nice and relaxed.

>> PROBST: Jenna, deflects off
the target.

No hit.
Mogo Mogo.

First shot for Mogo Mogo.

Jerri connects.
Mogo Mogo first on the board.

Next up for Chapera.

Just not enough wind for Amber.

Shii Ann trying to better
Jerri's mark.

Shii Ann just short of the

Boston Rob.
Trying to get Chapera on the

Boston Rob misses wide to the

Chapera still not on the board.

Kathy up for Mogo Mogo.

Kathy just shy of the target.
Mogo Mogo still with the mark to

Rupert doesn't connect.

Challenge proving more difficult
than we thought.

Ethan far short of the target.
Big Tom, the last shot for

That's the mark to beat, Big

Tom, or Mogo Mogo wins.
>> Come on, Big Tom.

>> PROBST: Big Tom can't do it.
With one connection, Jerri wins.

Mogo Mogo earns two arrows,
Chapera one.

Moving to the next round.

After the first round, Mogo Mogo
with two arrows.

Chapera with one.
It's time for spear tossing.

Mogo Mogo's up first.
Trying to get closest to the

center of the target, Jerri.
Just left.

>> Good try, Jerri.
>> PROBST: Chapera, you're up.

And he does.
Nice shot.

Chapera still with the mark to

Kathy up for Mogo Mogo.

>> (sighs): Oh.
>> Good try, Kathy.

>> PROBST: Big Tom up for

No messing around.
Not better than what Rupert put

Ethan up for Mogo Mogo.

Nice shot.
Not quite inside of Rupert's.

Boston Rob for Chapera.
Nice shot.

Not enough.
Comes down to the last shot for

Mogo Mogo.

Two more arrows at stake, Lex.
Got to get inside Rupert's toss,

which means you have to be in
the yellow.

Nope, just outside.
Chapera wins.

Both tribes move into the final
round with three arrows.

>> Nice job, Rupert.
>> PROBST: Moving into the final

round, each tribe has three

You need to select your archers.
Chapera, who's it going to be?

Boston Rob.
For Mogo Mogo?

Rock, paper, scissors to see who

shoots first.
Rock, paper... you want to go

last, I assume?
>> You go first.

>> PROBST: Jerri's up first for
Mogo Mogo.

You'll each have three arrows.
Closest to the target wins

immunity for your tribe.
Jerri, any experience with a bow

and arrow?
>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Jerri misses just to
the right.

Boston Rob up for Chapera.
>> Come on, Rob.

>> PROBST: Boston Rob, any
previous experience with a bow

and arrow?
>> Uh, my brother is a bow

Tried to teach me a little bit

before I left.
>> Come on, Rob.

>> PROBST: Just to the left.
Jerri shooting her second arrow.

Misses just to the right.
Jerri down to her last arrow.

Boston Rob with his second

Still nobody has hit the target.
Boston Rob on the target.

Not a great shot, but you are on
the board.

Jerri with the last shot for
Mogo Mogo.

>> You got it, Jerri.
>> PROBST: This is your last

arrow, Jerri.
You've got to get inside Rob's

A lot of pressure.

You don't get inside Rob's hit,
Tribal Council tonight for Mogo

Somebody being voted out.

Wide to the right.
That's it.

Chapera wins immunity.
Mogo Mogo heading to Tribal

Chapera, once again, immunity

going back to camp with you.

Safe from the vote.
Mogo Mogo, not as good news for

Jerri stepped up into a make-or-

break position.
Didn't work out.

You look frustrated.
>> JERRI (drily): Really.

I wonder why.
>> PROBST: The result is Tribal

Council tonight.
Somebody's going home.

I'll see you there.
You can head back to camp.

>> I'm just... I'm really
sorry, you guys.

>> It happens.
>> Don't beat yourself up.

>> I know, I'm trying not
to, but it's hard.

>> Don't beat yourself up.
Let's just get the fire going.

>> It's just hard not to.
>> Is the fire on still?

>> We need a monsoon here.
>> I don't want to go to

Tribal Council.
>> But we got...

>> I'm pissed because I
stuck my neck out.

And I blew it.
I blew it.

I've lost the immunity challenge
for everybody today.

The disappointment mixed with my
fear of being blamed and voted

out tonight is just...
overwhelming me.

>> (whispers): You talked
to Kathy already, right?

>> Not that much.
>> So we're going to...

tonight we're going to...
we're going to take Ethan out.

I think that strategically it
just makes the most sense now.

Do you agree?
>> Yeah.

>> I mean, he's just...
>> I'm just... Yeah.

I'm just glad it's not me.
>> Not you.

>> But if for some reason...
>> No, it's... no.

No, no, no, no.
That's just completely just...

don't even talk about it 'cause
he may try to pull a Hail Mary

move of some sort, and it's just
not worth it for us.

We can stay in this game.
You don't need to ask me about

it, but it's Ethan tonight.
>> Okay.

>> Okay.
>> I won't say another word.

>> All right.
Um, he's just... he's a charmer.

>> Yeah.
>> He's a nice guy.

Um... it's dangerous.
Ethan and I came into this game

with a bit of a handicap, and
that is that we have not just,

you know... we're not just
acquaintances outside the game.

We're good friends.
I knew that the last thing he

wanted to have happen to him in
this game was to be blindsided

and to get voted out without
knowing about it ahead of time.

And I think the honorable thing
to do here was to tell him when

it was going to happen.
I've got my own agenda this

time; I've got my own plan.
It doesn't include him.

I can't afford ballast; I can't
afford dead weight; and I

certainly can't be dragging an
ex-winner along with me just

because he's my friend.
This isn't Africa.

This is All-Star.
There are two things I need to

talk to you about.
I mean, one is the game.

And one is our friendship.
And the two things... and I know

it's hard for you at this point
to see how one can, you know,

somehow exist separate from the
other, but I'm going to try to

make you understand how it has
to be that way.

Um, I think that at this point,
it's just, it's better for my

game if we vote you out tonight.
But it has nothing to do

with friendship.
This is business.

Strictly business.
And I have to play the game

differently this time around,
because the first time around,

I lost.
>> You have to play...

Lex, as much as you say you want
it, this is business, it's not.

>> It's not easy for me to
tell you this 'cause I know how

disappointing this is.
Am I having fun doing this? No.

Am I taking pleasure in telling
you this? No.

In fact, this is horrible.
But I wanted... I wanted to talk

to you about this 'cause I
didn't want to blindside you,

and I didn't think that it was
right, I didn't think it was

fair, and I didn't think it was

And I know... that it's a major
drag for you to go out of the

game for Jerri, and I
understand that.

>> She's done nothing for
this game; she's done nothing

for this tribe; she's done
nothing for you; and you're

rewarding her with it.
She does not deserve to be here.

She didn't lift a finger over

>> That's why.
She's not much of a threat.

>> But she does not
deserve to be here.

>> I know that.
>> She does not deserve to be

>> Sorry.

And, dude, I'm sorry.
>> Don't apologize.

What pisses me off the most is,
if they think Jerri more worthy

to stay in this game than I am,
then... that there's something

wrong with their screws in their
head, and I don't know what game

they're playing.
Lex is like...

I told Lex, you know, Jerri
doesn't deserve to be here,

all that smack.
He's, like, "That's little stuff

to me."
He's, like, "I don't care."

He's, like, "I'll deal with

Jerri's a vote I can... I can
pull her along and get rid of

her whenever I want.
She'll do anything I say.

That's... (grunts)

>> I know, I know.
>> And she's gonna get

further than you...
>> No.

>> She might.
There's no rhyme or reason of

how Lex is playing this game.
There'll be no sense of security

with Lex at any time.
I mean, he told me that.

I mean, he told me that over
there, 'cause that's why he's

voting me off.
>> When I talked to Ethan,

and I looked into his eyes,
you know, I truly would love

to bring him with us.
He is a nice guy.

He has a big heart.
(whispering): I do not believe

he'll bring me along for very

Because I don't trust anybody
in this game.

But I don't want to take Lex out
before Jerri.

>> No.
>> It would be Jerri tonight.

All right.
>> So I'll vote for Jerri,

and then you and she can
talk about it, and I'll...

I'm a gambler.
>> I'm leaning towards you,

believe me.
I don't know, there's something,

again, about looking into
Ethan's eyes and also looking

into Lex's eyes.
There is a moment that you need

to trust and have loyalty in
this game.

You've got to.
There is no way I want Jerri in

the final four.
I just don't want her around.

I want somebody, truly, that
plays the game well, but also

I want somebody with bug bites

on them and scratches and their
fingers are gnarled.

I'm sorry.
It's just the way I am.

I've been thinking about it, but
the sun's going down.

I don't have much time.
>> PROBST: Hello, guys.

I don't have much time.
>> PROBST: Hello, guys.

Day 21.
Let's talk about today's

Jerri, you ended up in the hero-

or-goat role, depending on how
it came out.

Was that your choice?
Were you elected?

Was it random?
>> I volunteered, um,

because I do have archery
experience, and... my tribe

trusted and believed in me,
and I let them down.

I apologize profusely.
So regardless of the outcome, I

feel good about it.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann, is there a

little bit of relief when
somebody else steps up and says,

"I'll take that role," knowing
that at least you can't be the

>> Today Jerri volunteered.

I believed her.
We all believed her, and

unfortunately, we lost.
But that could have happened

with anyone.
>> PROBST: Kathy, would Jerri be

thinking irrationally if she was
a little worried that maybe

tonight that challenge is gonna
come back to haunt her?

>> You know, I'm sure
she's concerned about it.

You know, it'd be under my skin
if I stepped forward like that.

Especially now, when things are

You know, it's human nature.
I'm sure she's concerned.

>> PROBST: Ethan, has it crossed
your mind that you're the last

remaining previous winner in
this game?

>> Yeah, it has.
I like that.

I'm proud of the way I played,
and I'm happy that I'm still

>> PROBST: What about you is the

biggest threat to the other four
sitting here tonight?

>> I think, uh, I'm a
threat to these other four

because, uh, I'm a winner.
But in addition to that, that's

something they should look into,
saying, "Well, that's an

advantage as well."
No one's gonna vote for a winner

in the final two, Jeff.
Principle alone, no one wants to

see a winner win again.
>> PROBST: Lex, you kind of...

had a weird reaction to that.
>> I don't think that's

necessarily true.
In fact, if I was on the jury,

and if that winner was shrewd
enough to just make a good,

pointed argument that,
"You know what?

I came into this game with the
biggest target on my back.

None of you figured I could ever
get this far, and the fact that,

even against all odds, I made it
to the final two," I'd have a

hard time picking reasons not to
vote him to win because that

guy made it against all odds.
>> PROBST: Tough game.

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Touch decisions.

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: It is time to vote.

Shii Ann, you're up.
>> Jerri, um, today you took

Shii Ann, you're up.
>> Jerri, um, today you took

my life into your hands
and you blew it.

I feel you've not played the
game well; I feel you've not

worked hard enough; and I think
you should be voted off.

>> It's really, really easy
to win with grace and dignity,

but it's much harder to lose
with that same grace and

Let's see how you do.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...
E.Z. Ethan.

One vote Jerri, one vote Ethan.

That's two votes Ethan,

one vote Jerri.
Eighth person voted out of the

Ethan. Three's enough votes.

You need to bring me your torch.
Ethan, the tribe has spoken.

>> Have fun. Play hard.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.

>> PROBST: Well, you've made it
21 days.

With 18 days left, trust will
become the single most valuable

resource in this game, and the
most difficult thing to find.

See how it plays out.
Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.
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from our next episode.
Next time on Survivor:

>> Being on a losing team
all the time--

it's just depressing.
>> PROBST: The gap between the

tribes couldn't be wider.
>> We was just tickled to death.

>> PROBST: But while everyone
is talking merge...

>> I'm ready for a merge.
I'm ready for all of us to be

one tribe.
>> PROBST: ...what happens next

will turn their world upside

Drop your buffs.
>> I feel like I'm the one

who got screwed in this
whole situation.

>> I do have some solace
in knowing that, uh, I played

the game my way.
Tonight I had no control over

what happened.
You know, I fought to the bitter

end, and I got further than any
other winner, and I'm extremely

proud of that, and I wouldn't
trade any of this experience.

I'll treasure this for the rest
of my life.

Thank you.