Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts - full transcript

After losing three immunity challenges in a row, the morale in the Mogo Mogo tribe is low.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on

After Colby was ousted by Lex's

surprise plan, Jerri celebrated.
(Jerri laughs)

And Ethan, who was told Jerri
was the target, felt betrayed.

>> I made an assumption,
thought everything was going

smoothly and, boom.
>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, Chapera rolled their
way to victory...

>> Oh!
>> PROBST: Amber wins the award

for Chapera!
...winning them the right to

loot Mogo Mogo's rice, grill and
fishing spear.

>> I've been waiting 20
days to not have to poke fish

with a stick.
>> PROBST: Late that night, Rob

and Amber finally connected.
>> I love that he, you know,

keeps me warm at night, and he
makes me feel safe out here.

>> PROBST: The following
morning, Rupert realized he

wasn't the sole provider.
>> I'm just glad he

caught a fish.
>> Boston style.

>> Boston Rob.
He's kind of an arrogant pain in

the ass.
>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Jerri took a gamble
and put Mogo Mogo's fate in her

own hands...
Wide to the right.

Chapera wins immunity.
...and lost.

Back at camp, Jerri was relieved
when Lex told her that Ethan was

the target.
>> I'm just glad it's not me.

>> PROBST: And to avoid
blindsiding his friend from

Africa, Lex told Ethan he was
next to go.

>> It has nothing to do
with friendship.

This is... this is business.
>> PROBST: Ethan scrambled to

>> Jerri's going to get

further than you and Shii Ann.
>> No.

>> She might.
>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, Ethan was trapped and
couldn't fight his way out.

The last former winner was the

eighth all-star to go.
The tribe has spoken.

Ten all-stars are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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(saw cutting wood)

(saw cutting wood)

(saw cutting wood)

(saw cutting wood)

(saw cutting wood)

(saw cutting wood)

(saw cutting wood)

(saw cutting wood)

(sawing continues)
>> Timber!

(saw cutting)
>> Tom and I are definitely the

worker bees on Chapera.
I'm not happy for anybody to lay

their ass around in the shelter
and let me do all the work,

but... I can't go in there and
say, "Get your ass out of that

bed and go to work."
I can't say that.

Hopefully, the merge is coming
soon, because once we get

merged, there's other people,
those Mogo Mogo Mogos hopefully

will actually work.
>> Me and Rupert, we get up

early, and the rest of them lays
in, and we go fishing about

every morning.
And if you see that harpoon,

that's the hardest thing to get
that there ever was, 'cause

Rupert been the biggest damn
hog I've ever seen on that

I've been here 22 days, and I've

yet to touch it, and I ain't
leaving here today till I get in

that water with that harpoon.
I'm gonna catch some fish.

>> You gonna get in the water?
>> Yeah.

>> Right now.
>> Yeah.

>> I wondered why you
was putting your shoes on.

You're gonna go in the water
with your shoes on?

>> TOM: Yeah.
>> Okay.

>> I'll see you when I catch

>> Okay, good luck.
>> ...might be dark.

>> That's okay.
I'll sit here all day.

>> All right.
>> Bring that whale on in!

>> All right.
>> Bring that whale on in!

>> All right.
>> Bring that whale on in!

Very good, Big Tom, very good.
You are the fisher-man.

Big Tom did get him a little

Not a bad fish for his first
fish ever on the spear.

That probably hits in the
goldfish category.

That's a fish tank fish.
But Big Tom got it, and he was

>> This rack is wet.

>> This rack is wet.

This place sucks.
The weather here, it's wet, all

the time-- just dank, moldy and
wet, all the time.

And it's really, really starting
to take its toll on me.

>> Come on, baby, promise
me you got an ember under there.

Lots of... lots of patience.
Mornings are always tough for

me, just 'cause you wake up and
there's just nothing to burn.

The wet and rain is just too

There's no dry wood.
It's just, today, not worth it.

And being on a, you know, the
losing team all the time, it's

just depressing.
>> Hey, you guys.

We got some tree mail.
"Today you may improve your way

of life.
It's just a means to the ends.

It may be a battle royal, or you
just might make some friends."

>> Huh.
>> Merge.

>> Yeah.
>> I think it might be a merge.

The tree mail today
came with green paint, which we

don't know what to do with yet.
Either paint each other or paint

something, but it's green.
Mogo Mogo colors, so...

>> I don't know if that's face
paint, so don't put it

it on your face yet.
>> Oh, I wasn't going to.

If I was a betting woman and I
was in Las Vegas, I'd say we're

>> I can't tell if that's

body paint or not.
I have no idea what the green

paint is about.
I think at this point, rather

than show up looking like a
bunch of, you know, weirdos with

paint, we may just bring the pot
of paint with us.

>> Immediately we take
the body paint and start to

paint each other.
The guys have big bulls on their

chest, and the girls do, like,
dots and arrows and... fun

You like that?

>> I love it.
>> We took the paint, and

tick-tock, pokey-pokey,

We was just tickled to death.

>> We know that we're going to
go to the challenge.

We don't know if it's going to
be a merge.

We know something is going to

>> JEFF: Chapera, come on in!
Looking good.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: I like it.

>> We had fun.
>> We did. Thanks for the paint.

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo, come on

Chapera getting your first look
at the new Mogo Mogo Tribe.

Ethan voted out at the last
Tribal Council.

>> Good.
>> PROBST: What's going on, Mogo

>> How's it going, Jeff?

>> Hi.
>> Hey, guys.

>> Looking dandy in the red.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: All right, first
thing I notice, you were both

given a can of paint.
Chapera, what made you guys put

it on your body?
There was no direction.

Rob, is this a sign of team
spirit in a way?

>> Yeah, I guess so.
We're having a good time over

there painting each other.
>> PROBST: At the other end of

the spectrum, why did you guys
decide to do nothing, Kathy?

>> Um, we're just...
we're the civil tribe.

No. We're just, uh... we like to

save things, I guess.
We like to conserve.

>> My canvas is full.
>> PROBST: Okay, here's what I

want to happen.
Mogo Mogo, choose an order, one

through four.
Chapera, choose an order, one

through six, but because you
have two extra people, numbers

five and six will not have a

Huddle up and decide and line up
in order.

Okay, we're gonna alternate
between tribes.

Lex, as number one for Mogo
Mogo, you will start.

Pick one member from Chapera
that you would like to sit down

and have a private conversation
with, separated from everybody

>> I believe I'll take you, Rob.

>> 'Kay.
>> PROBST: All right, Lex and

Rob, over here.
You're the first pair.

Big Tom, pick somebody from Mogo

>> Uh...
I'll take Jerri.

>> PROBST: 'Kay. Jerri and big
Tom gonna have a little chat.

Shii Ann.
>> I'm gonna pick Rupert,

'cause we're both here alone.
>> PROBST: All right, Rupert,

you and Shii Ann are gonna get a
chance to chat.

Alicia, your pick has been made
for you.

>> Yeah.
>> Let's chat.

>> PROBST: Amber and Jenna,
you're gonna get a little more

time together.
>> Yay!

>> PROBST: So we thought it

might be fun 22 days in to have
a formal chance to get to know

people from the other tribe.
To make it more enjoyable...

we put together a little snack

>> Oh, my God! Food.

>> (laughing): Yay! Yay!
>> Thank you!

>> PROBST: Find a spot anywhere
you like, have a private

>> I knew this was so

peculiar, I thought it was going
to be something devastating.

>> What a day to pick a
good-looking woman.

>> Oh, shucks, I think
I'm blushing.

>> How perfect is this?
I'm glad we get to relax.

>> I was like, oh, my
God, they have to go find out

about each other.
>> Oh, my God, Rupert!

Let's dig in.
Oh, those are good.

>> So what's it like
over there all by yourself?

Are you getting along?
>> I love Kathy and I

love Lex.
Jerri is nice, but she doesn't

work as hard as the rest of us.
>> I was so happy to get

away from her.
>> I was worried about you

at first.
>> I was worried about me.

You know what?
This game almost broke my

>> That's why I'm here.

They cannot get you down.
We got 18 days.

You suck it up, be the stud
you are, put your chest out.

>> It's been a humbling
experience, to say the least.

>> You know, I'm ready for
a merge, I'm ready for all of us

to be one tribe, I'm ready for
individual challenges, I'm

ready to change the game.
>> Rob is really the

dangerous one.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> It seems, because if we go to
individual immunities, that guy

is going to win and win and win
and win and win.

>> I know.
>> And win.

>> The fact that we're
having this picnic leads me to

believe that we are going to

They're just... waiting.
>> PROBST: Fall in right in

Any order.

All right, drop your buffs.
>> Here we go.

>> PROBST: Drop them at your
feet-- time for some new buffs.

Reach in and pick a buff.

You're now a member of Chapera.
Have a spot on the red map.

>> Wow.
This is sweet.

>> PROBST: Boston Rob...
What did you think, we were

Just switching things up.

Look at that, you're now a
member of Mogo Mogo.

You look good in green.
>> I like red.

>> PROBST: Big Tom.
Another member of Mogo Mogo.

Sticking with Boston Rob.
You'll still be living as two

separate tribes, it's just new
tribes, that's the only

Jerri, member of Chapera.

So far, nothing has changed but
the color of the buffs.

>> Wow, that's weird.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob, you don't

look pleased about this.
>> They get our camp now?

We're not pleased.
Shii Ann, Chapera.

It continues.
>> Weird.

>> PROBST: Rupert, you going to
be with your old fellas now?

Look at that.
>> Oh, my God!

>> God!
>> PROBST: So far, six tribe

members have picked buffs and
everything is exactly flipped.

Maybe Kathy will find a new

>> Weird.

This is weird.
>> PROBST: Something about these

tribes is just meant to be.
All right, Alicia.

You got green.
Still no change to the make-up

of each tribe.
>> This is just weird.

>> It is weird.
>> PROBST: We have two buffs

left, one red, one green.

Mogo Mogo.
Amber is the only one to change

You stay with Chapera but your

tribe members are all new.
>> Hi, guys.

I'll show you around camp.
>> PROBST: Kind of weird, huh,

>> Very weird.

>> PROBST: Like it was meant to

>> Well, Amber should be here.
>> Amber should be here.

>> The only change is Amber.
All right, so, Lex, Jerri,

Amber, Shii Ann, Kathy, you will
be living now at Chapera's camp.

Boston Rob, Big Tom, Alicia,
Rupert, Jenna, you're going to

Mogo Mogo.
Everything you left at camp this

morning belongs to the new
owners: the Hawaiian sling, the

fish you may have caught, ready
to eat.

Head on out to your new homes.
>> This is crazy.

>> Amber.
>> Thanks for being

>> Amber.
>> Thanks for being

>> Amber.
>> Thanks for being

our hostess.
>> I definitely feel like

I'm the one who got screwed in
this whole situation.

Kind of nice that I'm still back
at home.

Gosh, I was so mad.
When Jeff held up the new pot

full of buffs and we're all
picking them out, one by one,

really, the main thought that
was going through my head was,

"Let me just pull the same color
that Rob pulls."

This is our camp.
This is our swing.

>> Look at the sofa.
>> Oh, my God, look

at your sofa!
>> This is our lounge chair.

We have a toilet.
>> We came back to our

new home, I realized immediately
that we were so much better off

over here.
I was so excited.

>> This is so cool.
>> It's beautiful.

It's nice to have someplace to
sit besides...

>> And a place for your
feet, too.

>> Oh, my gosh, it is paradise.
>> It's the freakin' Four

>> And there's so much wood

>> They have huge

stacks of logs and dry wood.
There's embers in the fire.

There's a swing and a bench and,
you know, a kitchen area.

I mean, it's an organized,
beautiful camp.

>> So you like it?
>> I'm really-- I'm just amazed.

>> Yeah!
>> We almost cried for joy when

we saw the welcome-to-your-new-
home basket of food and drink.

>> Wow.

Look at the bread.
The cheese is so good, you guys.

>> Toast to... welcome to
your new home.

Hope I can make it as
comfortable as possible.

>> You already have.
You already have, Amber.

To some civilized talk and food.
>> To more fun.

It's a little strange having
everybody here.

It's definitely not home without
the people that belong here.

It kind of sucks.
>> The new Mogo Mogo

It kind of sucks.
>> The new Mogo Mogo

definitely got the short end of
this stick, because we inherited

a camp that is in complete

>> I have to go get
water, and they only have

one pot, so...
>> They obviously

haven't maintained anything.
Their shelter is tiny.

They have very little firewood.
They haven't cleaned up around

>> You guys don't want

to try to like make a new
shelter or nothing?

You want to just...
>> I say we try to make

the roof better on that one.
I know how bad you want to build

another shelter.
>> It isn't that.

I just want to be able to sleep
at night and I don't think I'll

be able to sleep in that thing.
>> Now, all of a sudden, we have

to make a living here-- no
blankets, no pillows, nothing.

It's a crap camp.
It's in the middle of nettles.

I don't know why they built it
where they did.

It's practically getting washed
away by the tide, which is

extremely high.
They lost their saws, their

cooking pot, it's a mess.
>> Look at that.

That red...
>> Wow.

>> One nice thing, when
we got here, there was a huge

tray of food, and we immediately
sat down and started eating it.

But, you know, losing Amber and
losing our camp all in one fell

swoop, we didn't feel like we
had too much to celebrate.

>> It's a shame Amber's not

>> It is.
>> It is a shame.

>> They got all our rice.
They got the spear back, they

got the shelter, they got all
the food, they got all the

blankets, they got all the
pillows, they got everything.

>> Well, you know what's
nice about this?

Let them be impressed with what
we've done.

They're going to go there and
realize how well we've been

Maybe that will knock 'em down

even further, 'cause they suck.
>> Oh, God.

>> Conditioner.
>> There's the shampoo.

>> We're going to wash our hair.
My hair is so nappy.

>> I had a feeling that
the shampoo and the toothbrush

were going to be the first
things they grabbed.

So things like that are hard.
>> Chaperans rock!

I love being a Chaperan.
>> They're already

making themselves at home, it's
kind of weird, but something I'm

going to have to get used to.
This is the new home.

It's the new Chapera.
>> I was at my lowest

point this morning.
Those guys are kicking

Unfair trade.

>> I hope she's all
right; I really do.

>> Amber?
She'll be okay.

>> She's got to be
hurting though.

>> Yeah, she's got to be.
>> I wish it were me.

I would have been able to handle
it a lot better.

I care about her.
It kills me to have her over

there over by herself.
I know she's tough, but... much of the reason why she
was having such a good time, and

why I was having such a good
time, was because of each other.

Here's to Amber.
>> To Amber.

>> To Amber.
>> Hope she makes it.

>> Damn straight.
>> Yeah, she'll make it.

>> I don't really care that the
other team has our camp now.

I don't even really care
that they have all of our

As much as we're crying about it

over here, it doesn't matter.
What aggravates me is they got

my girl over there.
>> The flag is up.

my girl over there.
>> The flag is up.

Our first tree mail as Chapera.
>> What is it?

>> It's a book.
"Mike fell in a fire.

Susan's 'rats and snakes.'
Ghandia screamed, 'You're way

too close.'
The Amazon Women had what it

Seven countries later,

112 Have played the game.
How well you know your history

determines who will remain."
>> Wow.

>> Wow!
>> Okay. Mike fell in the fire.

Mike caught the pig.
>> Keith couldn't make rice.

Kell got caught with beef jerky.
>> We were boning up on our

Survivor trivia before we went
to the challenge and kind of

trying to forecast what
questions would be asked.

>> Thailand.
John Raymond.

>> One of the things we
went over was the first person

booted from every
single Survivor.

>> Pearl Islands.
>> That girl.

>> With the dress.
>> You don't remember the name

of the woman in the blue dress.
>> No.

>> What else?
>> This is probably the

most important challenge yet to
me, throughout the entire game,

'cause I really feel that by
wining this challenge, I'm

either keeping my life going in
the game of Survivor or ending

my life in the game of Survivor.
>> How many Jennas

have played this game?
>> Two, two Jennas.

>> How many Robs?
>> Four.

>> Four.
>> I promised Amber I

would take her to the end with
me, but I've got to figure out a

way to get her there.
I'm gonna do whatever I can do

to keep her around as long as
possible over there.

Pretty much the next move I make
is gonna have consequences for

everybody left in this game--
serious consequences.

>> PROBST: First things first.
Take back the immunity idol.

You guys didn't earn it, but you
inherited it had and you became

the Chapera Tribe.
Doesn't matter.

Immunity is back up for grabs.
Let's get to today's immunity

It's going to test your

knowledge about something you
should know a lot about:

I'm going ask you a series of

questions pertaining to
Survivors one through seven.

There are a equal number of
questions from each.

I'll draw them randomly from
this bin.

It's a tribal challenge.
You will confer, give me one

The first tribe to ten wins

immunity, guaranteed a one-in-
nine shot of being the sole

survivor in this all-star
edition, and a one-in-nine shot

at a million bucks.
Make sense?

>> Yes.
>> PROBST: Take a spot on the

>> PROBST: Ready to get started?

>> Yes, sir.
>> PROBST: First question.

"In the Marquesas, which
survivor's arrival at camp was

best described by another tribe
member as 'almost like

Confer, write it down and don't

reveal till I ask you to.
Let's reveal.

"Sarah, Sarah."
Both tribes say Sarah.

Both tribes are right: 1-1.
Next question: "In Africa, which

unlikely pair shared a date at
the drive-in movie?"

Let's reveal.
Mogo Mogo says "Frank and

Chapera says "Brandon and

You're both right.

Another point for both tribes.
We're tied up 2-2.

"In what country did Survivor:
Africa take place?"

>> What is it?
>> PROBST: Reveal.

Chapera says "Kenya."
That's right.

Mogo Mogo says "Nairobi."
That's wrong.

Chapera scores.
3-2 lead.

>> Nice, nice.
>> PROBST: "In Survivor: Borneo

what specifically did the
"survivors eat in the first-ever

food-eating challenge?"
>> Is that right?

>> Yes.
>> Good... I mean, the

right term?
>> Yes.

>> Okay.
>> PROBST: Reveal.

Jenna specifically says: "Butok
(bug larvae.)"

Butok is right.
Chapera says "grubs."

"Grubs" is not specific enough,
not right.

We're tied up 3-3.
>> I was wondering if it

was too broad.
>> PROBST: Again from Survivor

I: "Which of the original
castaways used the alphabet

strategy when voting tribe
members off the island?"

>> No. Oh, yeah.
>> PROBST: Both tribes reveal.

Chapera says "Dr. Sean."
Mogo Mogo says "Dr. Sean."

Both right.
We're tied up at four.

"Which outback survivor had to
be airlifted out of the game?"

"Mike Skupin, Mike Skupin."

Both tribes right.
We are still tied 5-5.

Next question: "Which Marquesas
survivor picked the unlucky

purple stone during a Tribal
Council tiebreaker resulting

in their exit from the game?"

"Paschal. Paschal."
You're both right.

You're tied at 6-6.
"In Survivor: Thailand, whom did

Rob Zubotnik grab by the neck
and toss in the water during a


Chapera says "Clay."
Mogo Mogo says "Clay."

Clay is right.
You're still tied, 7-7.

"In the Pearl Islands, who was a

Both tribes reveal.
Chapera says "Darrah."

Mogo Mogo says "Darrah."
"Darrah" is correct.

>> I remember Darrah.
(wolf whistles)

>> PROBST: We remain tied, 8-8.
"In the Pearl Islands, which

castaway had to be rescued by
tribe mates during a water


Both tribes say "Osten."
Both tribes are right.

We are 9-9.
"What was Kell accused of

smuggling into the outback by
his tribe?"

"Beef jerky" is right.

We're tied up at ten.
We move into a tie-breaker.

It's going to be a time trial.
You'll have 30 seconds to answer

this question.
"Name the first person voted off

each Survivor in order."

>> PROBST: Ten seconds.

Rob working it for Mogo Mogo.

Got some last-minute additions.
>> We're done.

>> PROBST: The tribe with the
most correct will win immunity.

Chapera, you say: "Sonya, Deb,

Diane, Peter, John and Ryan."
Those first six are right.

Number seven, you said "Kim."
That is wrong.

>> Aw...
>> PROBST: You got six of seven.

Mogo Mogo you say: "Sonya, Deb,
Diane, Peter, John, Brian and

Mogo Mogo is right.

You win immunity.

Who wants it?
>> I'll grab it for us.

>> PROBST: You're going to be
the grabber of immunity?

>> I'm the taker.
>> PROBST: It seems to stick

with you guys, no matter what
color buff you're wearing.

Chapera, sadly, Tribal Council

Somebody else from your tribe
going home.

I'll see you there.
Head on back.

>> If you can, if you can.
>> PROBST: Lex, move it out.

>> Kind of a bittersweet win

>> Very bittersweet.
>> Very bittersweet.

We did what we needed to do,

>> You're exactly right.
>> the expense of

one of our own.
>> Today, after the challenge

was over, I grabbed Lex.
I said, "If you can save Amber,

I'll remember it, and I'll help
you later on in the game."

If Lex is smart, he'll keep her

>> To hoping that Amber can
figure out some damn way

to stay.
>> I hope you make it.

>> Hope you make it, Amber.
>> Today is hard.

It's wicked hard.
It hurts a lot.

More than anything in the world,
I want to take Amber to the

final two.
I put an "A" on my arm for

Hopefully she makes it to the

next challenge.
>> Keeps on rolling, man,

at Chapera. God!
We got back from the challenge,

and we lost once again.
What else is new?

>> That's a drag.
>> So, the interesting

dynamic that occurred was, at
the end of the challenge, Boston

Rob went up to Lex and said, "To
protect Amber, I'll protect

I overheard it, and it's such a

godfather move.
>> What do you want to do?

'Cause we've got to make our
decision fast.

>> Well, the thing is, if
we keep Amber, we are totally

sucking up to Mariano.
>> We are, and I don't

think Mariano's going to last
that long.

Kathy and I are trying to figure
out where the possibilities are.

And so far, it still looks like
we're going to have to vote out

>> You know, Amber is never

going to be on our side ever.
>> No. That would be the

simplest thing.
You vote off Amber, that's one

less original Chaperan.

>> Mariano is just going
to flip.

>> Mariano's going to flip.
He has never, ever...

>> He's got to be pissed,
though, that he's losing his

>> If we take Amber out,

Rob Mariano's going to be
pretty upset.

And he's going to... the wrath
of God will come down upon us.

> So, Amber-Gamber...
>> So, Kathy?

I'm voting for Jerri.
That's my desperate attempt.

Well, we lost the immunity
challenge, so now it's strategy.

What am I going to do?
I think I'm a better player than

>> You are.

>> And I'm stronger in
the challenges than Jerri.

>> So, how are you going to get
us convinced to vote for Jerri?

(both chuckling)
>> Do you want me to get

down on my knees and beg?
Please, Kathy, keep me in the

Vote for Jerri.

Right now, I'm just going to try
to make a lot of deals and

promise them a longer time in
the game if they promise me a

longer time in the game.
This is the deal.

In the end, it comes down to
you, Lex, me, Rob and Big Tom.

That's what I think.
>> How do we convince Lex

to get rid of Jerri?
>> Well, doesn't he think

that Big Tom will be on our side
in the end?

>> He does think Big Tom
will be on our side, yeah.

And he thinks Rob will come
over, too.

>> So...
>> Um, but he's stuck on

this tribal loyalty thing.
I'll talk to Lex about it.

I've just been talking to Amber,
and, um, I actually think it

might make sense to keep her.
Just because, if we do merge,

Mariano is going to carry a
grudge on that one.

>> (sighing): All right.
>> I know.

>> I need a little time
to think about this.

>> I know.
'Cause I think Mariano is going

to hold a grudge.
You do realize that he's going

to kind of be pissed.
>> If we delivered, I think

he would deliver.
>> He will deliver.

>> The only thing about this
that just reeks is that it

is just... it is absolutely
horrible for Jerri.

>> I know it is.
>> But I do think that I

can exploit the favor...
>> Please!

>> our advantage.
>> Yeah.

>> Instead of getting rid
of Amber tonight, the decision

to vote Jerri out instead makes
more strategic sense.

So... I need to tell Jerri.
You know I love you.

>> Oh, no.
>> And you know I have to

be straight with you.
>> Oh, no.

Explain to me why.
>> Well, with the way

things are going with the other
tribe... and the alliances that

have been made over there, it's
a stronger, more secure play.

>> I don't understand,
like, how everything

switched so drastically.
I mean, is it because Amber gave

up some information or...?
>> There's some information

that was passed to me by Rob...
at the challenge.

>> Boston Rob will tell you
anything to keep Amber around.

It's so obvious.
He will say anything.

He's got the hots for her, and
they've got some sort of thing

going on.
He will stab you in the back the

second he gets the chance.
Please reconsider, Lex.

You're giving up somebody who
has your back to the very end,

and... that right there is

>> Let me... let me think
some more.

I mean, I... I don't believe in
ever making a decision without

thinking about stuff, so...
This is when the game really...

takes a turn and changes... when
you have to start making really

hard decisions.
>> What happened?

>> We're trying to hash
this out.

>> Yeah, Jerri's just
pleading her case.

So, we just want to make sure
before we blip somebody off into

the stratosphere.
>> That we're thinking

about everything.
>> Yeah.

>> All the options
for all of us.

>> All the options when
we get over there.

>> We probably shouldn't have
told her.

>> Oh, no, you had to.
>> No, no, no...

>> No, I mean, I'm glad
we did, but now...

>> 'Cause it's making us
think of things we hadn't

thought about.
>> Yeah.

>> Okay.
>> So, we're going to

Tribal Council, and no matter
what decision we make, nights

like tonight are just, uh...

>> PROBST: Hello, guys.
Let's talk about the past few

We brought both tribes together,

the idea being, we would shuffle
the tribes.

The former Mogo Mogo stayed
completely together.

The only thing that changed is
you gained a member.

Two big events really transpired
when this went down.

First one was, you got a new

>> Oh! (scoffs)

I mean, you know, it's a
four-star hotel, you know?

We're coming from the 3-M Motel
over on Mogo Mogo, so it's so

much better.
And you know, I mean, I was

embarrassed that we didn't go a
little further with our camp for

those poor guys.
But no, it's great!

I mean, we couldn't be happier.
And can you see you get

>> PROBST: The other big result

of this tribe shuffle was one
person shuffled, and that was

you, Amber.
And the look on your face...

>> Yeah, I was extremely upset.
It was... it was impossible to

And that first night, it was

really hard.
But I woke up the next morning

and told myself, "It's a new
day, and so, I'm not going to

let myself get down."
I had one down night, and that

next morning I woke up, and I
was a new tribe.

>> PROBST: So, just like that,
the loyalty you had with Boston

Rob and Big Tom and everybody
else on your old tribe is gone?

>> I can't make any guesses
what's going to happen in this

game, so I have to play with my
new members, and these are my

new tribe members.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann, it's got to

be a little hard to trust that.
Obviously, odd person out.

So, when she says, "Hey, I'm
with you guys," what's the part

of you going, "Hmm, I don't

>> I mean, it would be
silly to think her, you know, 20

some-odd days with those guys is
just erased by the last three

But she's a member of Chapera,

just like the rest of us, and
trust is something that is built

one day at a time here.
>> PROBST: Jerri, this was a

reunion for you.
>> Yeah. I was just like,

"Oh, my Outback sister, she's
back with me!" you know?

It was... it was very exciting,
but I also realized that it's a

totally different game.
Everyone has come into this game

with different personalities and
with different goals.

>> PROBST: Lex, in a way, was it
nice to get Amber?

Because really, your tribe could
stay intact, and you could get

rid of the opposition, after
having come to a Tribal Council.

>> I'd be lying if I said
it was any other way.

And I think that, you know,
that's just a harsh reality of

the game.
But we all know the game has so

many twists and turns, it ain't
over until it's over.

>> PROBST: Amber, if it's you

>> If it's me tonight, I
know that I went out trying as

hard as I possibly could not to

So, if I'm leaving tonight, I'm
leaving tonight fighting hard to

stay in.
>> PROBST: It is time to vote.

Lex, you're up.
>> Amber, I'm very proud of the

Lex, you're up.
>> Amber, I'm very proud of the

way you're playing this game.
You did go down fighting.

>> It's crazy that it's
come down to me voting you out

to keep myself in this game.
I owe you a huge thanks for

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote...


One vote Amber, one vote Jerri.

That's two votes Jerri, one vote

Ninth person voted out of
Survivor: All-Stars...

That's three votes.

That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

>> I just want you guys
to know, it's been an honor

playing this game with you.
Thank you.

(chuckling): I'm going to go
eat some chocolate.

>> PROBST: Jerri, the tribe has

It's time for you to go.
Well, tonight's Tribal Council

proved something once again.
It ain't over till it's over.

Grab your torches.
Go back to camp.

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>> PROBST: Next time on

The game is on.
>> I made promises that I

don't know if I'm going to be
able to keep, but at least I got

myself three more days.
>> PROBST: Not knowing Amber's

fate, Rob makes a new plan...
>> I made an alliance with

Alicia, and now I've got
one with everyone.

>> PROBST: ...and goes back on
his word.

>> I'm sorry you feel that way.
I really, truly am.

>> This has truly been,
again, a life-changing

I think I've done the

I have found a way to find peace

in a very stressful situation,
and now I'm ready to go out into

the world and see what other
craziness I can conquer.