Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 5 - I've Been Bamboozled! - full transcript

A Bundle of bamboo poles proves to be a headache for the castaways.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: A storm devastated
the Saboga Tribe.

>> The stupid shelter;
that I built was destroyed.

Digging into the sand
is the dumbest idea

I've ever had in my life.
>> PROBST: But at Chapera,

the tribe weathered the storm
in comfort...

>> I slept almost all
night long.

>> PROBST: Rob and
Amber's alliance a chance

to heat up.
>> You're so warm.

>> Boston Rob and Amber
are going to do it.

>> PROBST: At the reward
challenge, Chapera continued

their winning streak.
Chapera... rice tonight.

In addition, take a shower,
get cleaned up.

Back at camp,
the tribe got clean

and found the final key
to their lockbox.

>> Oh.
>> You guys, that's alcohol.

That's whiskey.
>> Hey, guys, we got rice!

>> PROBST: The rice helped
Chapera to an early lead

during a very physical
immunity challenge.

Chapera, first to start
building the puzzle.

But the puzzle proved difficult,
and Saboga and Mogo Mogo

both took immunity,
leaving Chapera

with their first immunity loss.
Before Tribal Council,

the two Robs made a pact.
>> We can make good allies.

>> I agree.
>> I made an alliance with

Boston Rob, and a deal's a deal.
>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, Rob C. learned
he'd been played.

Rob, the tribe has spoken.
Fourteen are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
(birds chirping)

Who will be voted out tonight?
(birds chirping)

>> Uno, dos, tres, cuatro.
>> ♪ Well, last time I seen

her standing on a hill ♪
Shaking her boobs and... ♪

( all yelling and singing )
>> We got to build a boat!

>> Oh, my God.
>> I did this in Marquesas.

>> "Put on your game face
for this reward

you will compete.
This may change your situation

and the quantities you eat.
Here are the supplies

to build a raft,
one that four of you can race.

Tribe pride is on the line.
You'd better keep up the pace."

>> Four of us can race.
Chances are, Tom, you might

sit out, 'cause you're
the biggest guy.

You're going to drag
the boat down, so...

>> I'm an anchor.
>> Well, this morning we got

some tree mail which
involves building a raft.

We got a bunch of bamboo,
some rope and one paddle.

The biggest part of the
challenge is obviously

building it.
>> We'll probably be... here...

building it.
>> We'll probably be... here...

to have the two power strokes.
You'll be there.

You'll be there.
You put two bundles and then

the platform right on it.
Then we're making outriggers.

It's like a big catamaran.
>> Apparently, we're building

a pontoon boat, a catamaran
possibly-- I'm not sure--

with two bundles of bamboo
underneath supporting the

It sounds great in theory.

I hope it works.
I'm a little bit worried

about building stuff now,
ever since our...

first shelter fiasco.
>> I love it.

>> Let's start lashing the top
to it.

I feel very good about the raft.
I'm trying to not think

about the house.
You know, I got my reputation

riding on this damn thing again.
>> Okay, guys, we have

to win this today.
We're going to have to paddle

our asses off.
>> We came up with a good

design, and with four paddles,
we should be able to fly.

We want to win.
>> The key is you got to use

every blooming piece of bamboo.
>> Do you use full length,

or do you make it shorter?
>> Full length.

>> Yeah?
>> Why?

>> 'Cause, you know what?
It's too much energy

to cut it down.
>> It could be very,

very, very simple.
These bundles, as they are,

will never sink.
Don't think too hard.

Simple is always better.
The challenge was

to construct a raft...
that was worthy...

of the sea
and could carry four of us.

So that meant this raft
not only had to carry Lex

and Kathy and I
and a normal human being,

but it's got to carry
260 pounds of Hatch.

>> I think it's good for

>> Let's kind of go back and
forth and see how stable it is.

But ultimately,
it came down to laziness

and pure exhaustion
that designed that raft,

and nothing more.
>> The raft will definitely

float, but it won't be swift.
It will not be swift.

>> I'm going to tell
you something.

That raft...
That one's going to

win us this challenge.
>> I say nice rack...

Oh, raft.
>> Yeah, wait.

Have you been drinking?
>> No. No, I just...

I-I meant "raft"
when I said "rack."

>> Hey, Tom, I got
your waterbed for you.

>> All right.
>> That's the best built thing

since Alicia.
>> If I could vote anybody out

right now, it'd be Tom.
He's a stupid drunk.

A stupid klutzy drunk.
I don't care for the man

I don't think his sexual

innuendoes are funny.
>> I christen the ship.

>> Tom came down with the
whiskey to christen the vessel.

>> I christen...
>> Oh, yeah!

>> And I'm like, "Oh, you guys,
don't move, I got to pee."

So I peed right on the raft.
So that we decided that I

christened it right there.
>> You pissed on it?

It's supposed to be
pure grain liquor.

Kiss my ass.
What a hag.

My God, that's going to make
a hole in the driftwood.

That'll rot any wood I know.
I'm afraid the ship's

going to sink now.
Where did Sue piss?

>> Right here.
>> Go, Tom, you do the honors.

>> Okay.
>> I christen thee...

>> I christen thee vessel
the Suzie Q., in honor

of me old lady Sue.
( all cheer )

And in the honor,
I shall take one little goober.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
What's going on, Saboga?

>> Life's good.
>> PROBST: What's up, Mogo Mogo?

Come on in, Chapera.
Getting your first look at the

new Chapera tribe.
>> Damn, Sue's still here.

>> Cesternino.
>> PROBST: Rob voted out at the

last Tribal Council.
Nobody's safe in this game.

All right, you ready
for today's challenge?

>> Yes, sir.
This morning,

you were given materials,
told to build a raft.

Here's how the challenge works:
two tribe members

will start on the raft.
Their job, paddle out and rescue

two other tribe members
who have been stranded

in the water
on separate floating platforms.

Once you've picked up
both tribe members,

continue out to a buoy.
You'll grab a flag,

paddle back to shore
up the beach,

across the finish line.
First two tribes to get back

with their boat and run
across the finish line

with their flag win reward.
Want to know what

you're playing for?
>> Yes.

>> PROBST: For the winning

What might be in here,

>> Fish hooks.
>> PROBST: Fishing hooks.

To go along with the fishing
hooks, a fishing spear.

>> Oh, yeah!
>> PROBST: Should make fishing

a whole lot easier.
In addition, for the

first two tribes,
a clue to your lock box.

Chapera, it has no value to you.
You've already had your rice

and most of your whiskey...
but for Saboga

and Mogo Mogo, it could
mean rice tonight.

For the third part of the
reward, the tribe that

finishes last will be dissolved.
>> What?

>> PROBST: The tribe members
will be absorbed

by the two remaining tribes.
We're going to have

a school yard game
of "Pick 'Em."

We will alternate picks.
The winning tribe

gets to pick first.
For the losing tribe,

you will not return
back to your beach.

Your personal items and any
other clothing items will be

sent to your new home.
Everything else: rewards,

your shelter, tools, anything
else you've acquired,

you'll never see again.
Worth playing for?

>> Yes, sir.
>> PROBST: Chapera, you have

one extra member.
Who sat out during

the building of the raft?
>> Big Tom.

>> PROBST: So you won't
participate in this.

Mogo Mogo, who sat out?
>> Shii Ann.

>> PROBST: Shii Ann.
So you won't participate either.

I'll give you a couple
of minutes to strategize.

Wait for my go.
Here we go, guys:

a reward challenge
with huge stakes.

Survivors ready?

>> Go, Mogo Mogo!
>> PROBST: Everybody even

off the start.
All rafts are floating.

That's a good sign.
>> We got it.

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo out
to a slight lead.

Saboga's raft looks nice,
but it's slow.

Mogo Mogo pulling away
with the worst-looking raft

of the three.
Mogo Mogo approaches Kathy.

Don't jump in, Kathy.
Get on.

Mogo Mogo still
with the big lead.

Saboga approaches
their first member,

looking to pick up Jenna.
Chapera close to picking up

Alicia pulls 'em in

tight and steps onboard.
Chapera has their

first tribe member.
Saboga has their

first tribe member.
Mogo Mogo increases their lead.

Lex, Colby and Kathy
nearing Richard.

Richard pulls 'em close.
Hatch is onboard.

( indistinct talking )
>> PROBST: Saboga by far

with the best looking raft
and the least effective.

Chapera nears Amber.
Amber's onboard.

Chapera has all their tribe
members, heading for the flag.

Mogo Mogo at their flag.
Kathy reaches for the flag...

and she has it.
Mogo Mogo heading back.

Saboga has all
four tribe members.

They're heading for their flag.
Chapera making up some ground.

( indistinct shouting )
Chapera reaches for

their tribe flag.
They have it-- Chapera

has their flag.
They're heading back.

Mogo Mogo with a big lead.
>> Come on, Mogo Mogo.

>> PROBST: Saboga needs to make
up a lot of ground.

Losing tribe will be dissolved,
absorbed by the other two

You do not want to be last

in this challenge.
Rupert has the flag for Saboga.

It is a race back to shore
between Saboga and Chapera

for second place.
( shouts of encouragement )

>> PROBST: Hit the flag with
your raft and you're there.

>> Hit it! Hit it!
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo's clear.

It's a race in to the finish.
Mogo Mogo celebrating

before they even finish.
>> Come on,

run to the finish line!
( shouts of joy )

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo wins reward
and keeps their tribe together.

Let's go, Saboga!
Let's go, Chapera!

>> We get to pick first. Okay.
Bring him along, Rich.

>> Yeah, bring him along.
>> Bring him?

>> It's coming.
It's coming.

>> PROBST: Chapera, raft's got
to hit the flag.

You're clear.
It's a race across

the finish line.
Chapera finishes second,

keeps their tribe intact.
( applause )

Saboga finishes last, and Saboga
will soon be no longer.

>> PROBST: Okay, first things

Mogo Mogo.
Your fishing spear.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Hooks.
( whoops )

>> PROBST: Last clue to the lock

Find the key, you'll have rice.
Here's how it's going to work:

it is a schoolyard pick 'em.
Mogo Mogo, since you won,

you'll pick first.
As you are selected, come to me,

we'll trade buffs.
Mogo Mogo, who's your first

>> Ethan.

>> PROBST: Ethan, come on over.
Saboga no more.

Mogo Mogo.
Chapera, first pick?

>> Rupert.
>> PROBST: Rupert, no longer

a member of Saboga.
You are now a member of Chapera.

>> Yeah, baby!
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo, make your

next pick.
>> Jerri.

>> Come on, Jerri.
>> PROBST: Jerri and Colby

Jerri now a member of Mogo Mogo.

Jenna, you get the honor, if
it is, putting Saboga to rest.

You're now a member of Chapera.
( cheering )

All right, guys,
you all have a lot of time

to get to know each other--
head back to camp.

>> All right, guys, on three.

One, two, three...
>> Mogo Mogo!

>> Welcome home, you guys.
>> I'm... so happy.

>> Winning the Reward Challenge,
the biggest reward

was gaining control
of dismantling Saboga.

We chose Ethan because we knew
if we had him on our tribe,

we had control of how long
he stays in this game.

And then after that,
we just wanted someone

that we didn't think
he had bonded with that much,

and Jerri was the answer.
We still have

the original Mogo Mogo Tribe,
and Jerri and Ethan are

on the outside looking in.
>> Oh, my God!

This is beautiful.
>> And see our little balcony?

>> I love it.
>> Wow, that's fantastic.

>> It's pretty waterproof.
>> You guys, this is amazing.

>> I feel like
my entire time out here,

every day I've started over.
And now I'm on a new tribe,

start over again.
It's just, like, one big...

first day for me.
>> Can I just say thank you.

I'm very, very happy
to be over here.

>> Good!
We're happy you're here.

>> I'm gonna cry.
>> We're glad to have you.

>> I swore I wouldn't
cry anymore.

My spirits are
very high right now.

I don't miss Saboga at all.
Not even a little.

>> You'll be happy.
You'll be happy here.

>> I will be very happy here.
>> I can't believe

it worked out like that,
I can't believe it.

Wait till you see our camp.
>> Over at Saboga,

I had complete control,
and I was telling everyone

who to vote off.
And then they dissolved us,

which I don't like,
because the first 13 days

that I had put into this game
washed down the toilet.

>> Oh, man.
>> Cool, right?

( Rupert laughing )
>> Sit down.

>> Oh, my God.
>> We have the swing set

and the chess board.
>> Does it hold you, Tom?

>> Oh, yeah.
>> I can sit? Oh, my God.

>> Their camp is...
( exhales )

...compared to our camp,
our camp was hobo junction.

Theirs is the Taj Mahal.
( indistinct chatter )

>> We're home! We're home!

>> We're going to kick
the green team's ass.

( applause )
>> It's in a shallow grave.

( applause )
>> It's in a shallow grave.

>> First thing this morning,
got up, went and looked for

the key.
( key rattling )

( cheering )
>> It felt so good to find it.

I was so excited.
Everybody's, like, "Yay, Jerri!"

I'm feeling, "Yay,
now I'm a part of Mogo Mogo."

>> Oh, nice.
( gasps )

>> Oh, my God.

>> Wow. Oh, nice.
>> The rice is soggy.

>> Oh, my God, it's totally wet.
Unfortunately, when we opened

the carton, the rice...
half the rice was rotten.

>> We lost a lot of rice.
The note on the box did say,

"Keep this dry. Very valuable."
And we tried our best.

I've run out of rice
once before, and the

consequences aren't good.
I don't want to do it again.

Even though we have rice,
we do still need fish.

I'm going to go when it gets
low, so that's probably

hour and a half.
I'm not going to go till then.

If you have any interest
in high tide...

>> I'm gonna try it
for a little bit, too.

>> Go get 'em, man.
>> Good luck, Ethan.

>> I think Ethan's always,
uh, playing the game--

he's, "Sure, I'll go try,
sure I'll go try," not wanting

to go step on my toes.
"No. Are you going to go?

No? If you're not,
I'll go try when you aren't."

Ooh, he's good.
>> Ethan, how'd you do?

>> Not much, but...
every little bit helps.

I went out there
and I went spear fishing.

Inside I'm jumping, I'm like,
"I caught my first fish!"

And I see Richard's face,
he's, like, competition.

Like, I felt scared.
I didn't want to, you know,

step on his toes.
>> You got a trigger.

>> Hot dog.

>> He got a fish.
I'm the only one

that's supposed to get fish.
I'm gonna have to fix that up

and bring back 12 now.
>> Oh, my God, look at the fish

that you've got.
>> Two of them.

>> It's huge.
( cheering )

>> All right, Richard!
>> Guys want to feud

on how many fish they bring in,
( laughs ): rock on.

We'll just have lots of fish,
'cause the boys are just playing

one-up on each other.
>> We have a ton of fish here.

Oh, Richard, that looks awesome.
>> "Two new tribes, now we'll

Oh, Richard, that looks awesome.
>> "Two new tribes, now we'll

see whose speed and strength
earn immunity.

It's really quite simple.
Capture the flag, that's it.

Winners end up with the idol.
Losers end up in the pit."

>> I think we'll win,
and if we don't, who cares?

There's a lot of people
we got to get rid of.

Nobody heard me say that.
>> That sounds great.

>> That's fun, I mean...
>> Yeah, this is gonna be fun.

>> Thus far, our mantra has
been, "slow and steady wins the

It's served us well.

We came in second place.
Second place now sends you home.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
First things first.

Lex, I will take one half of
the immunity idol, put it with

the other half that I
retrieved from Saboga,

which is no more.
We now have one idol.

One winner, one loser.
All right, for today's Immunity

Challenge, both tribes
must navigate their way

along a series
of narrow balance beams

to retrieve tribe-colored flags
from the opposite end

of the course.
In the middle is a battle

When two opposing tribe members

meet on opposite ends
of the bridge, it is

a physical showdown.
Your goal, get the other tribe

member off that bridge
and into the water.

The first person to hit the
water returns to the start,

forfeits their flag.
Winner moves on.

A tribe can only have
two members on the course

at any time.
You got to retain

a revolving order.
The first tribe to get 20 flags

from one side to the other
wins immunity,

guaranteed a one-in-13 shot
at a million dollars.

Take a spot on your platform,
wait for my go.

Here we go.
For immunity...

survivors ready?

>> Let's go, Hatch.
>> PROBST: Big Tom and Hatch

on the course.
Shii Ann, Amber on the course.

Hatch having a little trouble,
causing a roadblock.

>> Good job.
>> Go, Tom.

Take your time, Tom.
>> PROBST: Amber, Amber,

Amber, Amber, look at that.

>> Close, Amber.
>> Come on there, Amber.

>> Nice, Shii Ann,
very nice.

>> Nice job, guys.
>> Nice job, Hatch.

>> PROBST: Hatch has a flag.
He's got to get back.

>> Come on, Tommy.
>> Go get him, Tom.

( yells )
>> PROBST: Hatch is down.

Drop the flag,
and go to the start.

>> Take your time, take your
time, Tom, relax.

Take your time, Tom.
>> Come on, Tom, get across,

get across now.
>> Go all the way across, Tom.

Come on! Tom, bring the flag.
>> Bring the flag.

>> PROBST: Big Tom wanted a
showdown, Ethan not interested.

>> All the way across, Tom.
Come on, Tom...

>> Oh, Shii Ann takes
a dip in the water.

Drop the flag,
head back to the start.

>> You can do it.
>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Big Tom with a flag.
>> Come on, Amber, good job.

>> PROBST: Amber with a flag.
Chapera up 2-0.

Boston Rob waiting
for a showdown.

He has planted it
at the battle bridge.

We have our first showdown.
Here's how it's going to work.

You'll both come out
into the middle of the bridge.

I'm going to say,
"Three, two, one, go."

On "go," you go.
Three, two, one, go.

( shouting )
>> Go, Ethan!

Let's go, Ethan!
Come on, baby!

>> PROBST: The first one to hit
the water's out.

Boston Rob hit the water first.
Ethan took a big header

on the side of the pool.
>> Ethan, are you okay?

>> PROBST: You all right?
>> Good job, Easy.

>> PROBST: Ethan, you hop up
here on the platform.

Boston Rob's back at the start.
Rupert, back to the start.

Balance, a very big part
of this challenge.

>> All right, Ethan.
>> Ethan with the first flag

for Mogo Mogo.
It's Chapera two, Mogo Mogo one.

( indistinct voices )
>> PROBST: Jerri with another

flag for Mogo Mogo.
>> Yeah, yeah...

>> PROBST: Hatch and Jenna in a

>> Oh, baby girl.
>> Have you ever heard the story

of David and Goliath?
>> PROBST: Here we go.

Three, two, one, go.
>> Beat him, Jenna.

Come on, Jenna.
Go for his feet.

Don't let him get you.
( shouting )

>> PROBST: Jenna hits the water

Jenna's out.
>> No way! He hit the water...

>> No!
>> Yeah!

>> Come on, Hatch.
>> Oh, come on.

>> Nice job, girls.
>> Nice job, Hatch.

>> PROBST: Kathy with another
flag for Mogo Mogo.

>> Come on, guys.
>> PROBST: Alicia with another

flag for Chapera.
We're tied up 3-3.

>> Go easy, Tom. Go easy.
>> PROBST: Big Tom...

Oh, oh!
>> He's still up!

Get up there, Tommy! Yeah!
>> PROBST: Still on the course.

>> Whoo!
>> PROBST: Wow!

That's going to hurt tomorrow.
>> There she is, Tommy!

>> PROBST: Hold up, guys.
We have a battle.

Big Tom and Ethan.
Come on, Ethan.

Three, two, one, go.
( shouting )

>> Tom won!
>> PROBST: Ethan, first in the

Big Tom moving on.

>> Come on, Sue. Nicely done.
>> You got it, Kathy.

>> Sue, get up there.
>> I want this one.

I got to take my time.
Move, baby!

( speaks indistinctly )
>> Excuse me.

>> Want some?
>> Good job. Yeah, right.

>> Want some, honey?
( shouting )

>> PROBST: Guys, come on.
Nobody cares about that stuff.

>> Yeah, we don't, Richard.
>> Come on, Alicia.

You're doing great now.
Just cruise it.

Cruise it, Alicia, cruise it.
>> Colby, get to the beam,

>> PROBST: We have a showdown.

West Coast versus East Coast.
Colby versus Boston Rob.

Three, two, one, go.
>> Come on, Rob. Go, Rob!

Win it!
( shouting )

>> PROBST: Colby hits the water
first, Boston Rob moves on.

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: We're going.

>> Nice, Rupert.
>> Good job!

>> Nice, Rupert!
( grunting )

>> PROBST: Rupert still unable
to make it across.

Head back to the start.
Boston Rob is out of control.

He has a flag,
and he's heading back.

>> Come on, Rob.
>> Take your time, Rob.

Take your time.
>> Careful, Rob,

we need those flags.
Boston Rob, no trouble.

>> Be careful.
>> I'm jumping off,

so Rob can go on.
>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Shii Ann in with
another flag for Mogo Mogo.

Rob in with the 18th flag.
Strategy coming into play.

Most of the Chapera tribe
falling off,

so Rob can run the course.
Boston Rob going

for Chapera's final leg.
>> Come on, you got it,

bring it home!
Mogo Mogo going to have

to engage in battle,
or Chapera's going to walk away

with this.
>> Come on, Rob.

Boston Rob versus Kathy.
>> Go low, go low!

Three, two, one, go.
Kathy, good strategy.

>> Rob, you got to do
the same thing.

>> Do the same thing,
Rob, get down.

>> Come on, Rob.

>> There we go!
>> PROBST: Kathy hits the water.

Let him go.
>> Jump again. Jump.

>> Amber heading in.
>> No! No! No! No! No! No!

>> PROBST: That's 19 for

Boston Rob has the winning flag.

Chapera wins immunity.
( cheering )

>> You did it!
>> Good strategy.

( shouting )
>> PROBST: Chapera, immunity.

Safe from Tribal Council.
( cheering )

Mogo Mogo,
Tribal Council tonight.

Won't be the first time
you've lost a member.

It will be the first time
you're voting out a member.

You have this afternoon to think
about who that's going to be.

I'll see you there.
Head on back.

>> Those guys were freaking out.
Did you hear Richard?

He whined.
>> Yeah, they were like,

"They're jumping,
they're jumping.

Everybody's jumping!"
>> "Look, they're all

just jumping off."
>> You call it what you want to,

we call it winning.
>> Yeah, hell, yeah.

Some of us got no balance.
>> I hope they vote Richard off,

'cause what he did to
me was absolutely...

>> That was disgusting.
( all talking )

>> I wanted to get past,
so I wouldn't have to

battle Richard naked.
It felt real good to be able

to propel my team to the win.
And I may not be

as strong as some of them,
but I guarantee I'm tougher

than every single one of them.
>> Welcome to reality.

And you got Colby in.
( shouting )

>> You got him.
>> Colby?

Yeah, he's not as tough
as you think, ladies.

>> Chapera!
( cheering )

>> We lost the challenge, and,
uh, it was... it was a blow.

I really like our tribe, and now
we have to go to Tribal.

So... the game is on.
For the first time at Mogo

Mogo, the game is really on.
>> Oh, it's a downer.

But I also don't like
sitting around the camp

talking about
would have, could have,

should have.
You know, it's time

to move on.
>> Yeah.

>> This is a game where
the more you strategize

and the more
you think about it,

the more you change your mind.
Because a lot of times,

your gut will tell you
something totally different

than what you've
already agreed to do.

So, basically
here's where we are--

Richard's the one
we got to get rid of.

He's the snake in the grass...
>> I agree.

>> ...that's gonna cause us
the most trouble.

He's just... he's a cancer
in this tribe, and he's going.

If you give Richard time enough,
he will fester and then

he will spread, you know?
>> But do you think

he's strong enough to keep
around for more challenges?

>> No. No.
We can do without him.

Um... the cool thing is,
he thinks we're dropping

you tonight, so, we're just
going to let him think that,

>> The plan tonight is

to vote off Richard Hatch.
For all I know, they're going

to vote me off.
You know, I'm super paranoid,

but, um...
I think I got a 50-50 shot.

>> Okay?
>> All right.

>> I was approached by...
Lex, Colby and Ethan

to vote for Rich.
I immediately said,

"Hell, yeah, count me in."
But the downside is,

it doesn't make any sense
for me to team up with

three guys who are then going
to kick my ass

in every challenge afterwards.
>> He just took off to go...

in every challenge afterwards.
>> He just took off to go...

>> Get clams.
>> Clamming, yeah.

>> What's his thought?
>> Well, I said, "I can't tell

you "you're going home tonight,
but I can't tell you

you're not, either."
You know, you showed

in those challenges
how dominant you are

as a swimmer and runner
and everything else.

There's no question nobody wants
to compete with you.

>> Right.
>> So I guess I got

to go with you, I
got to believe you.

I got to believe you're with me,
'cause Ethan would be more

of a physical threat
to you.

>> When Ethan and Jerri
joined our tribe,

we all agreed that Ethan
would be the first to go.

Now all of a sudden,
Lex is coming up to me and Kathy

and telling us it's Richard.
Richard. Richard Hatch.

It's a mistake.
I think... it's a mistake.

If we take Richard out now,
who do we have?

Just you and me.
>> Well, we got to think

about it some more.
I need to think before I react.

We got to think more.
>> What do you think

about all this craziness
that's going on?

>> I know.
>> I mean, if we vote

Colby, I'm in.
>> I know you are.

>> I'm trying to convince Kathy
that instead of Rich, it's

My own personal reasons.

Some revenge involved, for sure.
I got screwed over by

Colby once already.
>> I totally see it.

>> I mean, worse than you
could ever imagine,

and I would hate to put
myself in a position

to repeat the same mistake.
>> The only thing that

bothered me today
with this decision,

it wasn't unilateral.
You know, Colby didn't come

to all of us.
He just went up there

and made that decision.
>> Yeah, and that's

exactly what I mean.
>> I don't know,

it's a hard call.
It's a big move.

>> Okay, if you start
thinking differently,

just let me know.
>> I will.

>> I'm on your side.
>> Okay, same here.

( laughs )
>> I don't want to fall prey

to the same person who
screwed me over in Australia.

>> Time for a Tribal Council,
and everything starts

going haywire-- it's great.
>> See, everything's flushing

out right now.
>> Now Jerri says she's been

approached to get rid of me.
The only way that could possibly

have happened
is Ethan, Lex and Colby.

>> I think, if we go in,
we vote for Colby, I'm in.

I'm in 100%.
>> Okay, that's it, then.

'Cause if you're not
for anything else,

then we'll just do that.
All right, Colby goes.

So they blew it.
How dare you approach somebody

to get rid of me?
You must go bye-bye now.

So Colby has to go home.
( thunder crashing )

>> Well, Ethan and Lex and Colby
feel like they're the strongest

and will hold the
challenges together.

So what do you say-- Colby?
You don't know yet?

You're going to let me
know when you decide.

>> I know.
Give me ten minutes.

>> All right.
( chuckles )

( mimics giggling )
>> Colby and Richard are

on the chopping block tonight,
and I have got myself

in the middle.
I don't know how I got there.

So do you trust your gut?
Do you trust loyalty?

Or do you just go with
sort of what makes sense?

And where am I going?
I don't know.

>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal

This is the first time
the original Mogo Mogo

has had to deal with the task
of voting somebody out.

Before we get to that,
let's talk a little bit.

Going back to the
Reward Challenge,

Richard, that raft
didn't look like

it was going to make it
three feet in the water.

>> Come on, you knew we were
going to win as soon as you saw

that bundle of joy.
>> PROBST: That was Bad News

Bears for sure.
As a result, you get

two new tribe members.
Ethan, you were the first person

picked in the school yard "Pick
'Em. "

Was your initial instinct,
"Hey, they like me,"

or "Wow, I'm in trouble"?
>> A little bit of both.

But as you know, you remember
that first Tribal Council,

my back was against the wall,
so I was just happy

to have a change of pace
and, you know, just get

a new lease on life, really.
>> PROBST: Colby, how are you

doing second time around?
>> I mean, it is

a much different experience
because everyone

knows how to play this game,
and so you cannot coast, uh,

although a lot of people
are doing it.

>> PROBST: Kathy,
how much more difficult is it

playing with 18 people
who are really good

at this game?
>> Oh, it's 100% the other

direction than when we were
playing before.

There was loyalty the last time,
you know, where you'd get

friendships and bondings.
And, uh, right now

it's just pure unadulterated
playing the game.

>> PROBST: Hatch, how busy was
the afternoon back at camp,

because it's game on now.
For the first time,

you have to vote somebody out.
>> Yeah, it's true.

This is our first time
somebody's got to go.

Of course, you know,
I have no target on my back.

( blows air thorough lips )
( Richard chuckles )

>> PROBST: Colby, what
went on at camp this afternoon

when you got back?
It had to be a busy

afternoon, positioning.
>> It was. Yeah, it was.

It was.
It's a hard day when

you got to go back,
and you have a few

hours to scramble.

someone's getting duped.
Someone is having the wool

pulled over their eyes, and...
( chuckles )

you won't know until that vote
goes up whether it's you.

>> PROBST: What are you basing
your vote on tonight?

>> Um, cutting out the cancer.
>> PROBST: How about for you,

>> Taking the big players

out--taking the power players

>> PROBST: Surprised who you're
voting for?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: And with that,

it's time to vote.
Ethan, you're up.

>> It does come down to this.
You really could have trusted

I was... I was on your side.

I know that's hard to believe,
but it's true.

>> Hatch, you're a hell of
a player and you almost had me

convinced I can trust you.
But my gut told me not to.

I'm not going to.
Best of luck.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: Once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave the

Tribal Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote:


Two votes: Rich.
One vote: Colby.

That's three votes: Rich.

One vote: Colby.
The fifth person voted out

of Survivor: All-Stars...

>> I've been bamboozled!
>> PROBST: That's four.

That's enough.
>> Good on you all.

Man, oh, man.
>> We played it, didn't we?

>> ( chuckles ): Yeah, you did.
>> PROBST: Rich, the tribe

has spoken.
>> Food. Food.

>> PROBST: Well, if tonight's
vote showed you one thing,

it ought to be this:
when you are competing

against players
of this caliber in this game,

it doesn't matter
how good you are,

you are always at risk.
Grab your torches,

head back to camp.
Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

My strategy was pointed out
by Colby last night.

Someone like you doesn't have
to lie this entire game because

you don't make a decision.
I don't have

any respect for that.
>> Captain America with his

good teeth, blah, blah, blah.
>> PROBST: And Sue speaks out.

It wasn't "sort of," Jeff!
I was humiliated and totally

spent, Jeff!
>> Oops!

( laughs )
So much for what I thought.

I'm gone.
How much fun is Survivor?

Yeah, I was blown out
of the water today

and didn't even know it.
I've never had my torch snuffed.

I've never had it put out,
and here I am, I'm gone.

I'm gone.
Oh, fifth out of the game.

I wanted the check again.