Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Outraged - full transcript

Tension builds for one castaway, culminating in an explosive reaction.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: At the reward
challenge, the tribes faced the

first big twist of the game.
The losing tribe will not return

back to your beach.
The tribe members will be

absorbed by the two remaining

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: The tribes battled to

keep themselves together, but it
was Mogo Mogo who cruised to an

easy first place finish.
Mogo Mogo wins reward.

Giving them first pick from the
losing Saboga tribe.

In a strategic move, Mogo Mogo
picked Ethan and brought Jerri

along for the ride.
>> The biggest reward was

dismantling Saboga.
>> PROBST: And Chapera chose

Rupert and Jenna.
>> Welcome aboard.

>> PROBST: At Chapera, Rupert
and Jenna were happy to have a

new home.
>> Our camp was Hobo Junction.

Theirs is the Taj Mahal.
>> PROBST: Things got physical

when the two tribes battled for

>> Come on, Sue, you got it.
>> Sue, get up there.

>> I want this one.
Come on, baby.

>> PROBST: And Sue had a close
encounter with Richard.

Guys, come on.
As Boston Rob led the new

Chapera tribe to victory.
Before Tribal Council, the

scramble was on when Colby
suddenly changed the plan to

vote out Ethan.
>> Richard's the one we've

we've got to get rid of.
He's a cancer in this tribe.

>> PROBST: When Richard found
out, he teamed up with the girls

to foil Colby's plan.
>> How dare you approach

somebody to get rid of me?
You must go bye-bye now.

>> PROBST: And Kathy found
herself caught in the middle.

>> Give me ten minutes.
>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Colby spoke out.
>> You cannot coast, although

a lot of people are doing it.
>> PROBST: And proved he was a

power to be reckoned with when
his plan succeeded.

The fifth person voted out of
Survivor: All-Stars, Rich.

>> I've been bamboozled.
>> PROBST: The first Survivor

winner, Richard Hatch, was voted

>> Food, food...
>> PROBST: 15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
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>> Last night was the
biggest scramble at the last

minute as Richard Hatch was
scurrying about trying to save

his own butt.
Right as we were leaving for

Tribal Council, we grabbed our
torches and I looked at Kathy

and I said, "Who are we voting

And she said "Hatch."
>> I have some

questions for you Kath.
>> Yes, darling.

>> What happened last night?
>> Yeah.

>> The decision last
night at Tribal for me was I

could have swung Shii Ann and
Jerri to vote for Colby.

Instead, I decided to stay with
what Colby wanted, which was to

vote Richard Hatch off.
>> He's the Richard Hatch

now of the group.
>> Don't give me that

loyalty ..., Colby.
I tried to put together my gut

instincts about what it was
going to be like to come back to

the tribe,
having made that big decision to

oust Colby without consulting
with Lex.

I just think the repercussion
would put a schism between

myself and Lex, and Lex would
feel totally betrayed.

And I know Lex.
He then would never trust me, so

in the 11th hour, I decided to
vote for Richard Hatch.

I saved Colby's ass.
I made it look like we saved

>> You're so powerful right now.

Kathy's the biggest power player
of all.

She's got all of us wrapped
around her fingers.

And if nobody's noticing that,
she's one darn good player.

>> That's where you put the
strap in?

>> Uh-huh.
See, and it's such a good spear

it's already drawn blood on me,
so I know it's going to draw

blood on fish.
>> That's good.

>> Hell, yeah.
I love that.

>> To be honest with you,
it put pressure on me when

Rupert and Jenna come because it
threw another cog in the game,

but I really like old Rupert.
He's kind of like me, he's easy-

going, nothing don't bother him.
And I know it may cost me down

the road because, you know, he
could easily take my place.

I wonder if down here in this
little cove right here, it'll be

>> The role of provider

is wide open here.
I like the fact that none of

them could fish.
>> Rupert?

>> Yeah?
>> You want them both?

>> Ah, good.
A few of them would eat the

snails, that attach to the sides
of the rock, but I want to be

the guy that brings, you know,
a couple of dozen oysters and a

couple fish in every day.
>> You want help picking

those up?
>> No. I'm doing all right, man.

We're never going to take them
all anyway.

You always got to leave some
back so the other guys know

where to come.
>> Sue is playing her own game.

>> ( humming tune )
>> She wants to be that

provider, but the only meat that
she's providing right now are

those cone snails, which I think
most of the people eat.

>> First, nobody likes
these damn things.

Now everybody likes them.
It sort of pisses me off because

I'm not eating the rice.
Oh, recollect.

>> I want to catch some fish.
Grizzly Adams out there trying

to pretend like he's a big man.
He brought home two little fish

the whole time he's been here.
Rupert's catching fish-- I'm

He can continue to feed me until

it's time for him to go, and
that time will be determined by

So he'd better catch a lot of

fish, keep my belly full.
>> My strategy of

fish, keep my belly full.
>> My strategy of

flying under the radar was
pointed out by Colby last night,

which by the way, was not the
smartest move on his part, to

say, "Well, those who are flying
under the radar are not going to

get by me."
I felt like that was a direct

attack at me.
>> Shii Ann, you've said

before, you know, you guys just
tell me what we're doing and I'm

good with that.
I didn't have any respect for

that game plan the first time I
played this game.

It's just very easy to allow
someone else to be the bad guy.

And yesterday, that was me.
>> You think you were

the bad guy yesterday?
>> Ultimately I ended up

almost getting chopped because I
sat up on that hill and told

Ethan he had nothing to worry
about, that we were going for

And then I came down and lied

right to Richard's face and told
him the same thing.

Someone like you doesn't have to
lie this entire game because you

don't make a decision.
It's very easy to sit in a tent,

wait until an hour before Tribal
Council for someone to walk in

and tell you who we're voting
for and say, "Okay, I'll go

along with that."
Man, that's an easy game to

That's an easy game to make it a

long way.
I don't have had any respect for

If that's your game, that's a

very brilliant game.
It will work, but you can't...

>> Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Lecture, lecture, lecture.

Captain America with his good
teeth, nice smile, handsome guy.

I'm just like... ( snoring ).
Oh, I'm sorry. Are you done?

>> Everyone's got to play...
>> I agree.

>> ...and it takes more
than just showing up and writing

a name on a ticket to be a
player in this game, as far as

I'm concerned.
>> He doesn't respect

my game-- I don't necessarily
respect his.

We're equal.
But I'm not dumb enough to tell

him that.
>> Which one looks like a

lucky coconut?
This one.

>> Can you imagine us going into
a merge seven to four?

>> That'd be great.
>> Even seven to five.

I'd be thrilled.
It guarantees us all seven at

>> We're kind of sitting

back and watching what's going
on and waiting to go see what

We don't really know Jenna and

Rupert all that well.
We haven't played with them.

They just came into this tribe a
few days ago.

Now we won the first immunity
challenge against Mogo Mogo

since we've formed seven in each

Be interesting to see who they
vote off.

>> Yeah. Hell, yeah.
>> The next thing that we want

to see is who gets voted out.
They had to go to Tribal

Who'd they vote out?

>> I think Jerri's gone.
>> They may be tired of old

I would be.

>> I wish.
>> Richard probably is

making them insane.
I would do my damnedest to have

him voted off the first time we

>> Oh, I hope they vote him
off, you guys.

If Ethan's getting fish, I hope
to God they vote him off.

I still can't... they better
talk to Richard about what he

did to me at that challenge.
>> That was tough.

>> Anything that Richard
could have done...

was, like, what he does, he does
all the time-- he just gets

Well, at this point, we're over

So yesterday, what happened at

the challenge, he throws his
hands up in the air and thrusts

his hips and starts rubbing
himself on me.

He does not deserve to be here.
Anybody that's won, as far as

I'm concerned, Ethan and, like,
Rich should be the first ones to

>> Yes.

>> Oh, I will go hug them all.

>> Nights are really long here.

They're like 12 hours long. It's

All night I laid there thinking
every time I woke up, I could

re-feel Richard naked.
It kept flashing through my

And I started feeling really

Like why did he have to touch

He didn't touch nobody else.

Why didn't he just walk by me?
>> You know why, 'cause

Why didn't he just walk by me?
>> You know why, 'cause

the more she thinks about it,
she's like, "My husband's going

to know about this."
He's going to freak out.

I mean it's not a good scenario
for her.

>> She probably wants to
be alone right now, huh?

>> This morning when we
woke up, Sue was not herself.

I didn't realize how much she
had been affected by what

happened to her until she
started to cry.

It's affecting us because it's
affecting you, but we're all

I mean, we're more worried about

you than anything, do you know
what I mean?

>> I mean, it's, like, gross.
I've been with one partner for

20 years.
Never even thought about kissing

another guy.
>> There was nothing you

could do, Sue.
You know he's not going to be

mad at you.
>> There's something I can

do and I ain't going to get it
done laying on this beach.

>> You need to get it
all out, Sue.

Just be mad, be upset.
She just couldn't control her

tears, and she couldn't control
her anger.

It's really hard to try to
console somebody who feels that

There was nothing I can do.

>> I think sleeping on
it, she must have thought about

it all night last night.
>> Yeah, she did.

She's thinking about her husband
and she's really upset about it.

>> It's like another one of
those situations, Amber, where,

like, you don't know... is she
just ... around because like,

she's a smart player and she's
trying to get some money out of

this, she wants to sue him or
is like, just something that's

really bothering her?
But a situation this serious,

you can't even screw around.
You got to give her the benefit

of the doubt.
Sue is either, A) Looking to

cash in on a huge payday-- sue
the ... out of Richard Hatch;

Or Sue is really emotionally
distraught by the whole thing.

Or Sue's using this as some kind
of a leverage to play the game

of Survivor.
Nobody knows what Sue's thinking

except Sue.
>> I think it's just

gotten worse and worse in her
head as it's gone along.

I think maybe at first she was
thinking, oh, you know, I can

get him for this.
But now it's really starting to

bother her.
As the day went on, she had more

and more time to think about it.
And when you're out here playing

this game, your mind does crazy

And so I think that just made
the situation worse.

I think if we were in another
situation not even playing

Survivor and that would have
happened, it might not have been

as big as a deal maybe as it
turned out to be.

>> You hungry, Sue?
You want to cook those eyeballs

>> No.

>> You holler when you
want to cook them-- we'll cook

them up and fry them up.
Sue was distant, nonresponsive,

throwing in the towel.
Are you okay?

At the time of the challenge and
all the contact and all that

with Richard, Sue could have
handled it different.

She could have stopped right
then and said "foul."

Instead, she turns her head,
says, "Oh, that's gross," and

goes on.
Thinks about it, processes it,

comes up with her own agenda,
and goes on with that.

>> You can't argue her point.
I don't feel what she's feeling.

I don't.
I mean, it didn't happen to me.

I couldn't possibly understand
how... She's humiliated.

She feels completely humiliated.
>> That's right.

>> Earlier, Sue was vital
to this tribe that we couldn't

get rid of her.
But I want it to be known right

up, by God, I don't need her.
She's very overbearing, and in

my opinion, if it was up to old
jungle cat, I say stick a fork

in her, she's done.
>> What I'm doing is I'm

making a grocery list.
It's ending up being pretty much

all sweet, but I've got... I
started off pretty healthy.

Coming from Saboga, we really
had a food advantage on our

We had an endless supply of

plantains, tons of coconuts.
And then I get here to Mogo Mogo

and all they have right now is

I need honey-roasted extra
crunchy peanut butter, Peanut

Butter Crunch, marshmallows, big
and small.

Bananas, apples... gala apples.
>> I hate talking about

food this early in the game.
It drives me crazy because then

all after sudden I have this
mirage in my brain, you know, of

just this big giant ice cream

It doesn't make me feel good to
get cravings.

>> Milk chocolate chips, peanut
butter chips, marshmallow creme,

graham crackers with cinnamon...
>> I am a little bit

concerned about the food

I don't like the fact that our
main food provider got voted out

because I knew every day he'd
bring back a fish.

Oh, Richard Hatch, I miss you

Where is the fish?
>> I actually thought

about that this morning.
I thought about getting up

and going out with a sling.
>> You haven't tried it

yet, have you?
>> Not here, no.

I want to.
I really wanted to wait until

Richard was out of the picture
before I picked up the spear

because I didn't want it to be
a competitive thing.

I knew that Richard was really
kind of territorial with the

whole fishing chore, and that
was fine.

>> Good luck.
>> Easy.

>> Good luck.
>> Easy.

>> Yes!
>> He's a natural.

>> I wanted to take on
the fisherman's role.

However, I didn't try to fish

I'm sitting back a little bit,
you know, I let him do it all

>> Sharp shooter.

We should have gotten rid of
Richard a long time ago.

>> I didn't think it was
necessary to let everyone know

that I was an accomplished

I think kind of holding your
cards a little closer is always

a good idea in Survivor.
>> Yay, the heroes.

It's so funny.
You guys look like the guys have

been out for days getting food.
>> I got three or four

different kinds.
There's some small ones for

>> Oh, my God, Lex!

They're awesome.
Look at them all laid out.

It's like a trophy room.
>> Wow.

Lex is a competitor.
This is not his first rodeo, as

we say in Texas.
Because of his ability to fish,

that is something you check in
the back of your mind knowing

that ultimately I'm competing
against Lex. Wow.

>> What a treat, getting
a taste of all these different

kinds of fish.
>> I know.

It's fun.
>> I think that I've got the

favor of the girls right now.
If I can show them that I can

provide them with food, there's
no reason for them to feel any

compulsion to keep the other two
guys around.

>> I came in yesterday, felt
like a sacrificial lamb.

>> Right.
>> Like, just, I felt

Rupert can get you guys food and
stuff, but, like, if you guys

are serious...
>> No, we're dead serious

because me and Rob want to save
our asses.

Like, I'm trying to save my ass
but I know Sue wants to get

rid of me.
Rob and I came up with the idea

to approach Rupert and Jenna,
tell them that you know, we

think we're on the outs, we
think we're in trouble.

We'll save you if you save us.
>> But what makes us

believe that you guys aren't
coming to us like Alicia came to

>> What would we have to

lose by coming to you, you know?
>> I don't know.

>> Momentum is huge in
this game.

When you have it, you want to
keep it.

Rupert has a squeaky clean image
and attitude.

There's something about him I
just don't trust, so I, uh,

I formed an alliance with him.
>> We are taking a huge

risk at you guys going back and
telling the other guys.

>> No, trust me.
I'd much rather go in with you

>> But I just, and I felt that

you guys would hopefully
want to go with us.

>> Yes.
No, we do.

>> Hell, yes.
>> When I first

started this Survivor: All-
Star and I hear people

talking and you know saying
that they want to help me, or

saying that they want me on
their side, I couldn't trust any

of them.
Now after 16 days, I know that

I can trust Jenna, I hope that
I can trust Rob and Amber.

I feel pretty confident with
where I'm at.

>> If you honestly
honor your alliance, you go to

the end, no matter what.
But always somebody, like,

gets greedy at one point.
Once it gets to the final

four, then we can, you know,
every man for themselves.

>> Exactly.
>> You got to look at me.

>> I'm cool with it if
you guys are cool with it.

You have my word.
>> I'm beautiful with it.

>> All right, done.
I've got alliances with

everybody now, except Sue and

I mean, we can turn around
tomorrow and kick Jenna and

Rupert off.
They can be here as

sacrificial lambs.
We've got to see what's going

It's my game, buddy.

>> Why do we have tree mail?
>> "You'll do some high-

stepping while rewards sail
through the sky, so wave your

hands and stomp your feet.
Your taste buds will tell you

This is coffee in here, by the

( sniffing )

>> Oh, my God.

>> We could try to make
coffee with this.

>> Oh, my God, I'd be
up for five days.

I've been dying all day today
to be alone with Lex for a few

minutes, just to kind of put
things in order.

Listen, Lex, I just want you
to know, you can trust me.

>> Okay.
>> 150,000%.

>> Okay.
>> I absolutely adore you.

>> Okay.
And you know I trust you, too.

>> Good.
And I want you to.

>> I do.
>> Because I, personally,

out of everybody here,
would love to go with you.

>> I appreciate that, Jerri.
The conversation I had with

Jerri was completely sincere.
I don't have any reason to

feel that it was anything but.
But I am going to do whatever

it takes to get me further in
the game, and that if that

means exploiting situations
where I have a friend that

might trust me, I'll do it.
It's business this time.

>> What if the reward
challenge was a grill and

seasonings and some meat...
>> Some seasonings?

>> Oh, my god.
>> And a bottle of wine.

>> And a bottle of wine.
>> Two bottles of wine.

>> Five bottles.
>> Five bottles of wine.

>> That'd be the best
reward right now.

>> Every day, we talk
about food out here because as

good as the rice is, it's

And it has there has to be
some light at the end of the

We're starving over here.

>> Are you hungry, Sue?
>> No.

>> That's coming from
a guy who's been fighting with

her from day one.
>> Yeah, it is.

I hate it.
>> Sue is Sue.

She will endure and pursue her
own agenda.

She doesn't give a damn about
what anybody else is doing.

Ultimately, Sue having her own
agenda, will hinder her.

It alienates her from the

>> How do we make it back

>> We are going to win.
>> We win and we eat.

>> We're going to win.
>> We support her

100%, but we're also thinking
this puts us in a bad place as

a tribe.
We still have to play this

>> PROBST: Come on in, Chapera.

Mogo Mogo, come on in.
You're getting your first look

at the new Mogo Mogo tribe.
Richard Hatch voted out at

last night's Tribal Council.
>> Good move.

>> PROBST: Before we get to
today's challenge, I want to

address something that
happened yesterday.

Richard Hatch, sort of being

>> Sort of, yeah.
>> PROBST: Anybody have any

>> I was sexually violated.

To have some guy come up...
He passed a half dozen people

on platforms and never touched

>> PROBST: Sue, I'm...
>> And it went too far

and he crossed the line, and
he crossed the line with me.

>> PROBST: Well...
>> SUE: Okay, I know you don't

know, and you didn't see it
because his back was to you

and he's too big of a ... slob
to see around.

I was violated, humiliated,
dehumanized and totally spent,

It wasn't "sort of," Jeff

'cause his back was to you,

That's all I'm saying and I'm
... spent and I'm done with

this ... game.
There's no way I can continue

with my ... emotions pushed to
the ground that much.

>> PROBST: So...
Okay, so you're... when you

say you're done with the game,
as in you want out of the

>> I'm done.

I'm walking away.
>> PROBST: Let me ask you guys,

did anything come up at your
camp about it?

>> No, we... I...
>> I didn't know what happened.

>> PROBST: You didn't see it?
>> We didn't even notice.

>> It was all done in
front of our platform.

>> Yeah, I saw it, Sue.
And the thing is, trust me,

you know from the first
season, maybe you guys don't,

living with a guy being naked
sucks 'cause he's naked all

the time.
>> I didn't give a ... if

he was naked, if he had just
walked by me and never ...

touched me, I'd have been
fine, but he didn't, that's

the ... point.
>> PROBST: Does it have any

impact that he's out of the
game or not?

>> No, I-I...
No, my mind's ... left this

game 24 hours ago.
>> PROBST: Let's, uh... if we

can, bring in this boat, ASAP.
>> I'm so sorry, Sue.

I'm so sorry.
I didn't see him...

I'm so sorry.
>> You guys, good luck.

>> We love you.
( indistinct talking )

( engine puttering )
>> Boy, is that discouraging.

>> PROBST: Okay.
I'll tell you what I suggest,

you tell me what you want to

Here are the two options--
we continue, we play the

reward, winner takes all, just
like always.

Or we forego the reward, you
guys can sit down here and

talk about it and we'll split
this up, you can take it back

to camp with you and eat on
your own.

You tell me what you want to

>> Let's go.
>> Maybe we should sit

down and all share the food
and fix animosity between two

tribes, instead of playing.
>> No, let's play.

We're here to play.
>> I say we play it.

>> We want to play.
>> We want to play.

>> It's been a long night,
long day.

>> Let's get back to some

>> Let's have some fun.
>> PROBST: So the decision is...

>> We're going to play.
>> PROBST: Play on.

All right, it's been an odd 16

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: ...but let's get to

today's reward challenge.
Fortunately, it's fun, it's

reward, it's for food.
Here's how it's going to work.

You're going to be stomping
items into a basket eight feet

in the air.
Each tribe will have a basket.

Underneath the basket is an
adjustable plank.

One tribe member at a time,
you'll put one food item on

one end of the plank, you'll
stomp on it.

That'll catapult it into the
air and hopefully into the

Each tribe member is

responsible for one item going
in that basket.

You can't move on until that
person has achieved that goal.

Here are the six items--
there's sugar, pineapple,

mixed nuts, coffee, oranges,
and beef.

First tribe to get all six
items in their basket wins

Want to know what you're

playing for?
>> Yeah, definitely.

>> Yeah, please.
>> Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.

>> PROBST: Hopefully you'll like

( cheering )
>> Shish kabob!

>> Shish kabob!
>> Meat.

>> PROBST: They're very nice.
You got some filet mignon, you

got some peppers.
You have some mushrooms and

some red onion and also some

In addition, the winning tribe
keeps everything in the

>> Oh, yes.

>> Oh, my god.
>> Oh, we've got to win.

>> That's it.
>> PROBST: We're even up six,

six, that means everybody

Get your order, wait for my

( cheering )
>> Mogo Mogo!

>> Here we go, Tommy, here we

>> PROBST: For reward, survivors

( cheering )

>> Yeah, Ethan.
You got it, baby.

>> PROBST: Ethan and Big Tom.
Allies from Africa.

Ooh, Ethan just overshoots it.
Big Tom is in on his first

( Tom shouts indistinctly )

>> Yeah, good job.
>> PROBST: Ethan's in on his

We're tied up 1-1.

Jenna and Shii Ann.
>> Turn your board over, Shii

>> Come on, Jenna.

>> Make sure it's in a groove.
Shii Ann.... oh!

So close.
( indistinct shouting )

>> Move forward, Jenna.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann hits for

Mogo Mogo.
Mogo Mogo 2, Chapera 1.

Jenna still just missing to
the right.

Jerri... oh!
In and out. Lips it.

>> Line the board that way!
>> PROBST: Jenna getting a

little help from her tribe
mates-- adjust the aim.

>> You're all right, Jerri.
>> PROBST: That's three for Mogo

Wait till she gets back.

>> Forget the hat!
Colby up for Mogo Mogo.

Mogo Mogo 3, Chapera one.
Shish kabob at stake.

Jenna... no.
>> Jenna, way over.

All the way over.
>> Nice and straight, Jenna.

>> You got it.
>> That's it, go!

>> Move the board!
Move the board!

>> Go, go, go!
>> PROBST: Just... And Mogo

Mogo's in with four items.
( cheering )

>> Come on, Jenna.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.

>> ... it.
>> Here we go, here we go.

Game on.
>> PROBST: Jenna hits it for

Chapera with the one-legged

>> ...
>> PROBST: Boston Rob trying to

make up some time.
>> There you go.

Don't worry about it.
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo with four,

Chapera with two.
>> Go, Kathy.

>> You got it, Kathy.
You got it.

You got it, Kathy.
>> PROBST: Kathy...

just misses for Mogo Mogo.
>> Come on, Rob.

>> PROBST: Boston Rob nails it
for Chapera.

Kathy nails it for Mogo Mogo.
We're at five, three.

Go, go.
Lex with the last item for Mogo

If he gets the beef in, it's

reward for Mogo Mogo.
>> Come on, Alicia!

>> PROBST: Alicia trying to
catch up for Chapera.

>> Oh!
>> PROBST: One toss...

just over.
Alicia hits it on her first

>> Come on, Alicia.

>> PROBST: Chapera with four.
Mogo Mogo with five.

Amber's going to have to make up
a lot of time.

Lex can win it for Mogo Mogo
with this.

( Jerri screaming )
He just misses.

( people shouting )
>> PROBST: And with that, Mogo

Mogo wins reward.
( cheering )

>> Whoo!
>> Good try, Amber.

( cheering and hooting )
>> PROBST: All right, Mogo Mogo,

>> Barbecue.

( Shii Ann screaming )
>> PROBST: Take these.

>> Oh!
>> Big smell.

>> PROBST: And the main

>> Oh, yeah.
>> PROBST: ...shish kebobs.

Sadly, Chapera, nothing for you.
>> Whatever.

>> PROBST: Been an eventful day?
>> Yeah.

>> Yup.
>> PROBST: Tomorrow's another

>> Right.

>> PROBST: You guys can head
back to camp.

>> Thank you.
( cheering and shouting )

>> Mogo Mogo! Yeah!
( hooting )

>> All I know is tonight
we ain't talking about it.

We're eating it.
>> We're eating it.

>> That's right.
>> We got these seven

kebabs of filet mignon.
We just couldn't wait to put it

on that fire and start grilling
it up.

>> It sounds good.
>> It does.

>> Oh, yeah, baby, look at this.
>> The steak kebabs were

more delectable than...
Excuse me while I clear the

saliva out of my mouth.
>> How is it, Ethan?

Is it cooked enough, buddy?
>> Yeah, I mean I don't

I can't tell you the last time I

had a steak or meat or anything.
>> How come? You don't eat meat?

>> Uh-uh.
>> Yeah, you do today.

>> It was good.
I just wanted to rub my face in

I wanted to sleep next to it.

>> To a great win.

>> Mm-hmm.
Hear, hear.

>> Unbelievable team.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> Yeah.
>> I hope there's no ill will

on the other side because we
didn't take any of the stuff

and share it.
>> They wanted to play.

>> Yeah?
>> Well, that's the

thing, is-is having Sue leave
and then losing the challenge,

they're going back somewhat
demoralized, yeah.

>> No, no, yeah, that's...
Yeah, it's going to hurt them.

>> It's a good thing Rich
wasn't here.

>> Oh.
I don't even want to think about

what that scene would have been.
>> I think he would be

I think the guy does have a

>> I know Richard Hatch.

As jerky as he might seem, he is
not someone who would purposely

go and sexually violate someone.
>> Angry woman.

>> She must have been
feeling something awful for 24

hours to have exploded like

>> Uh.
>> I felt terrible for

her that she felt so violated
and that she felt so humiliated

and insulted.
Very mixed emotions.

>> I thought it was brutal.
I know it's a horrible thing

that happened, but my God.
That was hard for all of us

to hear.
I don't like her for it.

I'm sorry.
I know she went through a lot.

Still, you got to learn how to
contain your emotions.

I was really offended that she'd
bring us that far into her core

of hatred.
I didn't like it.

I don't know if that's

mean-spirited, but that's how I

>> You think she was

You think Sue was influenced...
to do what she did by leaving

the game?
>> You know?

I sat and talked with her for an
hour up here, trying to convince

her that she could still...
She could still pursue whatever

she wanted without throwing the
game away.

You know, now as it stands, we
kind of gave them a hell of a

>> Yeah.

>> We didn't give them anything.
>> We didn't.

Sue gave them a hell of a gift.
With Richard getting voted off,

Sue walking out, and losing the
challenge, three strikes--

Chapera was almost out for a few

>> All right.
>> Look, guys, there's no

reason why, no matter what, we
should be able to win this, if

you think about it, right?
We're six strong, they're six

And then we can just roll, one

right after another, after

>> If we stay strong together...
>> Then it comes down to us six.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Then whatever.

>> I agree wholehearted.
>> Let's all make a pact

to stick together.
>> You want to do that?

>> Yes.
>> This is it, guys.

( all talking )
>> I'm in it, no matter what.

>> No matter what.
>> Go, Chapera.

>> One, two, three...
>> Chapera!

>> We all promised each
other we'd stick together no

matter what.
What that really means, I don't

know, but it's a good gesture,
and it's a good show of faith.

>> Hmm!
>> Get ready.

>> Rupe, what's the look
on the face?

>> We got tree mail.
>> All right.

>> Oh, let's see.
"A friend of yours has left the

There will be no challenge

played tonight."
>> Heads down.

( humming )
>> Let's have a moment

of silence for Sue.
>> For Sue.

>> So, I need to...
>> Too bad we don't have any

whiskey to show her how we
really feel.

( Rupert laughs )
>> Let's have some rice.

>> Let's drink to her.
>> Is it ready for lunch

>> Let's have a drink.

>> It means a lot to lose
a member of our tribe,

especially the way that we had
to lose Sue.

But you can never count out
Chapera for making a sad moment

into a happy moment.
We're the happy tribe, and

somehow, we always find a way to
laugh about it.

>> I miss her so much.
>> It was a sad day in Bedrock.

>> It was...
It was heart-wrenching.

>> It's hard to get over.
( laughs )

>> I wasn't real happy with...
I mean, I know Big Tom and Sue

didn't get along, but his
insensitivity in doing the

"Sue's Gone" dance,
I think is pretty crummy.

We lost a valuable member of
this tribe.

She was like a guy.
Sue is hard-core.

And we can count on her every
time we went to a challenge.

And everybody knows that.
I don't care if you like her or

you don't like her.
>> Ah, Sue...

>> Well, at least that's what
we assumed.

>> Right.
>> It's somewhat of a relief.

>> Sue is out of the game.
We're going to be six to six.

>> And at least we know that
it's playing out the fair way

we wanted it to.
>> That's right.

>> Yes...
>> That's right.

That's the most important.
>> It definitely disappoints me

that Sue couldn't keep it

I mean, I can't help but wish
that she was still here.

We were up a member.
But Survivor's true test is, if

you're able to keep it together
and keep each other happy, then

you're good to go.
Yeah, we've had bad days, we

have our lows, but we have so
many more highs.

And that's what we concentrate
on in this tribe.

We don't even think about our
lows for very long.

We always think about the highs.
>> All right, people, come

>> My girls.

My girls know how to make rice.
>> That's right.

>> Oh, my God.
>> You can keep the

oysters and the snails.
This is what Survivor is all

( Rupert laughs )

Rice, baby, rice.
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