Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Wipe Out! - full transcript

A cruel night on the island brings one castaway to tears and making another feel extremely guilty.

>> JEFF: Previously on Survivor:

>> Oh, my God!
>> JEFF: The tribes competed

to build the best shelter, which
led Chapera to question Rob C's

work ethic.
>> Where have you been?

>> I got lost in the jungle.
>> ROB M.: it seems like he's on

a never-ending coffee break.
>> ROB C.: You want to get more

>> ALICIA: You want to get more

>> ROB C.: Okay.

>> JEFF: At Saboga, Rupert and
Jerri clashed over Rupert's

underground shelter design.
>> JERRI: I don't feel digging

into the ground is a good idea.
>> RUPERT: I know what I can do.

I'm 40 years old.
I've built houses for 20 years.

>> Let's just... do it.
>> JEFF: On judgment day,

Rupert's stubbornness cost his

You would not want to live here?
>> Oh, no.

>> ETHAN: I don't think he likes

>> JEFF: Chapera's shelter
secured them a victory and a

bounty of comfort.
>> ROB M.: Get that wine open,

let's go.
>> JEFF: At the celebration,

Rob and Amber's alliance heated

>> AMBER: If you're going to
kiss me, kiss me now because I'm

not kissing you with nasty
breath later on.

>> ROB M.: Whoa.
>> JEFF: At Mogo Mogo, Jenna

started to fade from the game.
>> JENNA: I have a lot to lose

being here, like my mom.
She's had cancer for a long time

and I'm just afraid that she
might pass away while I'm here.

>> JEFF: When the tribes
arrived at the immunity

challenge, Jenna made a tough

>> JENNA: Due to someone who's
very ill at home right now, I

need to pull myself out of the

>> JEFF: This is a big action,
and it could have a big impact

on this game.
With Jenna's departure, Mogo

Mogo lost their first member.
15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
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♪ ♪
( thunder crashing )

♪ ♪
( thunder crashing )

>> TOM: We need a boat.
We need a boat bad.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
>> We are in a little river.

Rio Pequeño.
That's the name of the camp

>> ALICIA: I knew that it was

rainy season in Panama, but I
didn't realize that rainy season

meant, like, torrential
downpours that flood your whole

entire camp.
>> SUE: Who would have ever

You can actually see it flowing

through the studs of the house.
>> AMBER: We have constructed a

shelter that is pretty

We used everything possible that
we got from our reward.

We put the parachute as a wall,
we have the tarp on top.

>> ROB M.: The shelter held up
pretty good.

The water was a little bit
excessive, though.

It ended up coming up through
the floor.

We weren't really predicting for
that to happen.

However, I slept almost all
night long, 'cause I was under

the blanket.
I was warm, and I just slept the

whole night.
>> AMBER: You're so warm.

>> TOM: Rob and Amber were
laying on the thing kind of

getting a romantic mood.
Maybe the rain was just an

excuse to maybe snuggle a little

>> ROB C.: Boston Rob and Amber
are going to do it.

I don't know when, but they're
going to do it.

They've got the mat, the

Everything is in place, and I
really wish those two the best

of luck.
>> RUPERT: Our beach is

of luck.
>> RUPERT: Our beach is

destroyed, that stupid shelter
that I built is destroyed.

Digging into the sand is the
dumbest idea I've ever had in my

And we paid dearly tonight for

It's now underwater, and we are

And I got to build us another

shelter today, something today.
>> JERRI: We've been shivering

in the rain probably five or six
hours, if not more.

It's a disaster.
The rain just started pouring,

and the whole shelter filled up
with water.

The entire thing.
The hole that Rupert thought was

so brilliant to dig, filled up
with water.

This never would have happened
if they hadn't dug that hole.

(sobbing): It's not worth it.
>> RUPERT: That storm was

(sobbing): It's not worth it.
>> RUPERT: That storm was

insanely hard.
It was rough this morning, it

was rough last night.
>> ETHAN: Other than the time

father passed away, I think that
was the worst night of my life.

Hands down.
It was horrible.

Some of us thought people were
going to come and rescue us.

I'm like, "They're not going to
rescue us.

What are you, nuts?"
I'm like, "This is Survivor."

It's our own fault this we built
a crappy old shelter.

>> JENNA L.: It's not raining at
out there.

Come on.
You have to start warming up.

I promise you it's warmer out

I'm in a bathing suit.
It's dripping and wet in here.

>> JERRI: I don't have a clue
what's going on at camp, other

than disassembling our old

I don't know where they plan on
moving it, or what they plan on

doing with it.
As far as I'm concerned, I

couldn't give a rat's ass at
this point.

I don't even care.
>> RUPERT: You want any?

>> JENNA L.: Drink some.
Come on.

It's good for you.
>> RUPERT: It is good for you.

If Jerri warms up and feels
better and soaks a little of

daylight in her, she'll be fine,

But the plan today is, we got to
make shelter, we got to make

fire, and we got to get it
together now.

>> SHII ANN: Look how much it

>> COLBY: I'm glad we set that

>> KATHY: Oh, good.
>> LEX: Good, good, good.

>> SHII ANN: Last night was one
of those moments when you

realize Mother Nature can be one
forceful bitch.

>> KATHY: We'll have to come up
with a really good lean-to and a

way to keep an ember, you know?
>> COLBY: Yeah.

>> KATHY: You know, you think
you're a veteran at this game

and living in the environment
after doing a Survivor, but, uh,

you know, we should have known
better, and we do now.

When we woke up, the fire was
gone, but we got our flint out,

and we made some, uh, fluff out
of the twine that came in our

Home Depot box.
>> LEX: Are you going to make a

( Kathy laughs )

It looks like your hair.
>> KATHY: Take me to the Casbah.

>> LEX: Don't blow.
>> RICHARD: We're getting close

to when I got...
Oh, we're not close, but almost,

to the time I could head out and
try and get something.

>> COLBY: Hey, Hatch?
>> RICHARD: Yeah?

>> COLBY: What have you got?
>> RICHARD: Today was a nice

fishing day.
To come back today with three,

you know, meat-chunked moray

>> Yeah!
>> KATHY: Yeah!

( applause )
>> And what's that one in the

middle, Hatch?
>> That your bait?

>> KATHY: That's your bait box.
>> Whoo!

>> LEX: After we cooked and
cleaned these eels, there must

have been at least five or six
pounds of meat.

It tastes really good.
>> KATHY: It's good.

>> LEX: It's grilled fish, but
really good.

>> KATHY: That's good.
>> RICHARD: I don't know what it

is, but, boy, I bring a fish in,
they're blown away by my feeding

I mean, I could sit around and

do absolutely nothing, and
they're just thrilled that I'm

there to provide 'em fish.
It's great.

>> Want more of that?
>> RICHARD: That's all yours,

>> LEX: I think Richard does a

phenomenal job of providing us
with food.

That said, one of the reasons
I'm looking so forward to

getting the third key to that
rice box is that once we have

rice, we won't need to rely so
heavily on Richard for food.

>> COLBY: What is that?
>> ETHAN: "In this game of give

and take..."
>> ROB C.: "Give too much, big

>> COLBY: "Take it all from

friend and foe, and you'll be
clean from head to toe."

>> LEX: It's a puzzle of some

>> COLBY: Yeah.
>> ETHAN: Exciting stuff.

>> ROB C.: I've played this game

>> Shii Ann, this may be your
game to win.

>> COLBY: "In this game of give
and take, give too much, big

>> RUPERT: "Take it all from

friend and foe, and you'll be
clean from head to toe."

>> COLBY: I wonder if this box
symbolizes anything.

>> We'll know when we get there.
Sounds like fun.

>> ALICIA: Wow!
>> ROB C.: "We've played this

game with kisses and hugs.
Now it's time to see if you can

eat bugs."
>> ALICIA: Oh!

>> ROB C.: No, I'm just kidding.
>> SUE: I could eat this whole

Girl, I'd eat whatever they put

in front of my face.
>> ROB C.: Sue, I was kidding.

I was kidding about that.
>> SUE: Huh?

>> It was a joke.
>> ROB C.: Just relax.

No sweat, this one.
>> JEFF: Come on in, guys.

How's everybody doing?
>> Good.

>> Super.
>> JEFF: Another tough storm.

Some of the worst weather we've
ever had on Survivor.

How are you guys doing, Mariano?
>> ROB M.: We're doing good.

>> JEFF: Shelter holding up,

>> ROB M.: Yeah, so far, so

>> JEFF: Saboga, how are you
guys doing?

Down a couple of members.
The rain has been awful.

How did the shelter hold up?
>> RUPERT: It could've weathered

a little better.
>> JENNA: But we all got

>> RUPERT: Yeah.

>> JEFF: What's going on with
Mogo Mogo? Lex?

>> LEX: Richard actually caught
three more eels: one four-foot,

one three-foot, and one probably
two-foot, so... it's a good

It's really good.

>> KATHY: He's like King Neptune
out there.

>> SUE: That must be better
eel than what you caught when I

was with you, 'cause that was
all bone.

>> RICHARD: I was feeding you,

>> SUE: That was all bone.
>> RICHARD: That's why I gave it

to you.
>> SUE: 'Cause you have no bone

to give me, Richard.
>> RICHARD: That is absolutely

true, honey.
>> JEFF: Well, I'm glad you to

see you guys are in a good mood.
Should make for a fun challenge.

We thought for today's reward
challenge, we would give you a

chance to finally interact while
testing your memory skills.

Here's how it's going to work:
each tribe member will have

their own station.
Inside each station are four

items relating to island living.
Your goal is to find another

tribe member who has a matching

Every time you get a match, you
score a point for your tribe.

You can match an item with
somebody from your own tribe.

You can match an item with
somebody from another tribe.

Doesn't matter.
When you find a match, you score

a point.
The tribe who scores the most

correct matches wins reward.
One more thing: you let somebody

peek inside your container, it's
your problem.

Want to know what your playing

>> Of course.
>> JEFF: It is a Survivor

>> Wow!

>> SUE: Oh, my god!
>> ALICIA: Oh, my God, it's a

little john.
>> JEFF: Got a solar shower,

nice toilet... a little toilet

>> ROB C.: Toilet paper's nice.
>> JEFF: Look at this, a little

>> ALL: Wow.

>> JEFF: How good would this be?
Some Crest and a, uh... on a

toothbrush, scrub your teeth.
Body wash. Everything you need

to get good and clean, smell
good again.

In addition, first place and
second place get another clue

to their lock box.
In the lock box, rice.

So that means for Mogo Mogo and
Chapera, this would be your

final clue, which means you
could theoretically have rice

Chapera, you have to two extra

You're sitting two people out.

Who's sitting out?
>> SUE: Me.

>> ROB C. Mom and Dad.
>> JEFF: Big Tom and Sue, you're

sitting out.
Mogo Mogo, you have one extra

Who's sitting out?

>> COLBY: I'll sit out, Jeff.
>> JEFF: Donaldson's sitting

Take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else, take a spot
behind one of your stations.

Wait for my go.
Okay, we randomly drew numbers

to decide who would go first.
Chapera won.

Mariano, you're up first.
>> ROB M.: Pretty boy.

>> JEFF: Who's pretty boy?
>> ROB M.: Wow, he looked right

at me.
Must be a sign.

>> JEFF: Ethan?
>> ROB M.: You got a rock in

>> ETHAN: I think you got a

couple up here, don't you?
>> ROB C.: Oh, snap.

>> ETHAN: I'm sorry, my friend,
I don't.

>> JEFF: No match.
Richard Hatch?

>> RICHARD: Hey, Mariano, you
got a rock?

>> JEFF: That's how the game

>> RICHARD: Thanks, bud.
>> JEFF: Nice job.

First match for Mogo Mogo.

>> RUPERT: You got a sponge?
>> AMBER: I do have a sponge.

>> JEFF: A match for Saboga.

>> AMBER: Kathy, do you have a

>> KATHY: Me? By God, I do.
Damn it.

>> JEFF: Look at Amber covering
that box.

Chapera on the board. Kathy?
>> KATHY: Hey, Cesternino.

>> ROB C.: Kathy, big fan.
>> KATHY: I love you, too, even

though you're a snake.
Give me your shell.

Reach in there and get it for
me. Whoo!

I can just read your mind,

>> ROB C. Can you read it now?

>> JEFF: Ethan?
>> ETHAN: Shii Ann, do you have

any coral?
>> JEFF: How are you guys doing

>> This is unbelievable.

>> SHII ANN: Yes, I do.
>> KATHY: No food makes you more

>> ETHAN: You've got to make

these boxes a little thicker.
>> JEFF: All right, Cesternino.

>> ROB C.: Lex, do you have any

>> JEFF: Unbelievable.
We're tied up, each tribe with

two matches. Lex?
>> LEX: Jenna, could you tickle

me with your feather?
>> JENNA: No.

>> JEFF: Finally, a real human.
>> ALICIA: Lex, do you have a

>> LEX: Oh...

>> JEFF: Another match for

>> JERRI: Rich, do you have a
coconut shell?

>> RICHARD: Hell no, but I'll
pretend I do.

>> JEFF: Dickie...
>> ROB M.: Dickie, give me your

>> RICHARD: I knew I lifted it

too high.
>> SUE: Good job, Boston Rob.

>> JEFF: Mariano with another
match for Chapera.

>> RICHARD: Rob, give me your
sea sponge.

>> ROB C.: You will never get my
sea sponge.

>> RUPERT: Okay, Jenna, I'll
take your rock.

>> ETHAN: Jenna, why don't you
just leave it open?

( laughing )
Here, leave it open and turn

it around.
>> JEFF: Saboga and Chapera tied

at four.
Mogo Mogo at two.

>> ROB. C: Ethan, do you have a
coconut shell?

>> ETHAN: How'd you know?
How did you know that?

>> TOM: Good job, Robbie.
>> JEFF: Lex?

>> LEX: Jenna.
>> JENNA: Lex?

>> LEX: How'd you feel about
giving me a little sponge bath?

>> JEFF: Lex, do you know that
because she left her box open?

>> LEX: That's right.
Aw, thank you, sweetheart.

Easy, easy.
>> ROB C.: I already know what

you have.
I don't need...

>> LEX: Oh, shut up.
You know nothing.

>> JEFF: Alicia?
>> ALICIA: Hey, Lex, do you have

a coconut husk?
>> LEX: Aw!

>> JEFF: And Lex is empty.
>> Yay!

>> ALICIA: You're my man.
Never forget it.

>> JEFF: Shii Ann?
>> SHII ANN: Alicia.

>> ALICIA: Yes.
>> SHII ANN: Do you have a

>> ALICIA: I already gave my

>> RUPERT: Shii Ann, you got a

>> JEFF: Rupert with another

match for Saboga.
Chapera at six, Saboga at five,

Mogo Mogo at three. Amber.
>> AMBER: Jenna, do you have any

>> JENNA: Yes.

>> JEFF: Amber with another
match for Chapera. Nicely done.

Jenna's box is empty.
She's out of the game.

Amber's box is empty.
She's out of the game. Kathy?

>> LEX: Come on, kitty cat.
>> KATHY: Okay, Cesternino, you

got a rock?
>> ROB C.: I do have a rock.

>> JEFF: Mogo Mogo with another

>> ROB C.: I'm empty.
>> JEFF: Ethan, you're up.

>> ETHAN: Jerri, do you have a

>> JERRI: I do.
>> JEFF: Saboga with another

>> SHII ANN: Boston Rob, do you

have a shell I could have?
>> JEFF: Mogo Mogo with another

>> JERRI: Alicia, do you have a

piece of coral by any chance?
>> ALICIA: No.

>> JEFF: No means yes?
>> ALICIA: No means yes in this,

uh, situation.
>> JERRI: Thank you.

>> JEFF: Jerri with a match for

Very tight game.
There are only three matches

left. Rupert?
>> RUPERT: Kathy, do you have

>> KATHY: No, really?

>> RUPERT: Oh, my gosh.
Thank you.

>> JEFF: Rupert now out of the

Kathy now out of the game.
That leaves Boston Rob, Richard,

Alicia and Jerri.

>> ROB M.: Richard, please tell
me you got the sea sponge.

>> JEFF: A match for Chapera.
Richard's out of the game.

Mariano's now out of the game.
Here's where we're at Alicia.

You get this right, Chapera

Game over. Saboga in second.
>> ALICIA: Gotcha.

Jerri, do you have a seed?
>> JERRI: I do have a seed.

>> JEFF: Nicely done.
Chapera, rice tonight.

In addition, when you're done
with the rice, take a shower,

get cleaned up.
You guys can head back to camp.

Chapera, this is yours to take
back with you.

Wait, wait, wait. Smell.
( cheering )

>> ROB M.: Oh, man.
>> ROB C.: Tommy john, come on,

let's go.
>> ALICIA: We are going to be

>> ROB M.: This is a little bit

We had to carry everything that

we won back to our camp, and,
uh, Big Tom put the toilet over

his head.
I'm willing to bet it's not the

first time Big Tom's had his
head in the toilet.

>> We're taking a bath in the

>> Oh, oh, so nice.
>> ROB C.: After 11 days out

here, it was nice to take a

( groans )
( laughs )

>> ROB M.: Amber and I, we're
not so sure if it's a good idea

if we bathed each other, because
the, uh, tribe might get the

wrong idea.
However, soap and scrubs with

the women...
>> AMBER: Let's just do this all

day long every day.
>> TOM: Winning the bathroom

products-- it boosted our

And the other thing about
winning the challenge is we got

another clue for the key that
would unlock our box for the

"Not in search of keys, but

you've all been there before.
Every day, a place for you to go

to find out what's in store."
>> ROB C.: Tree mail.

>> TOM: "Stand in front and face

It will point the way.
"Start your count behind, and

you're just ten paces away.
"Once that's done, you will

surely see.
It's in a shallow grave, so dig

>> ROB M.: Six, seven, eight,

It's right here. It's got to be.

A big root.
How much is a pace?

>> TOM: I think what threw us
off the most was how far is a

You know, my pace is different

than a midget's pace.
>> ROB M.: How much is a pace?

>> ROB C.: I would think it's a

The search for the key turned
out more like the search for the

Holy Grail meets the opening of
Al Capone's safe.

>> ROB M.: I think you're going
the wrong way.

I think we got to dig this way.
>> ROB C.: You can dig that way.

This is my chance to be the

I've never been the hero before.
Before this day is over, I'm

going to dig up this whole
entire beach.

>> ROB M.: It's in the back.
It's got to be in the back.

I look over, the kid's building
a friggin' sand castle on the

It looks like he's 12 years old.

You know, he's got his shovel
there, and he's just putting it

This kid's living in, like,

Right here.

It's got to be right here.
>> ALICIA: Fingers crossed.

>> ROB M.: I think it's deep.
I got it.

I got it!
( whooping )

Yeah, baby!
>> ALICIA: Shake it.

( key rattles in bottle )
>> ROB M.: We got it.

( sighs of relief )
There it is.

>> SUE: Oh.
>> AMBER: Is this water?

What is this?
>> ALICIA: You guys, that's

That's whiskey.

>> ROB C.: Oh, my god.
>> ALICIA: It's whiskey.

( Amber yells happily )
>> AMBER: We got rice!

>> ROB M.: We're rolling in this

>> ALL: One, two, three, rice!
>> TOM: For us to have rice in

our system, it's just like gas
in the tank.

And I think it's going to give
us a little bit of, just that

little more hoochie.
>> ALICIA: Oh, my god.

I don't know how anybody's going
to stop us at this point because

we're so far ahead of the other
tribes now, it's insane.

I feel sorry for them.

>> RUPERT: We got some sleep

>> RUPERT: We got some sleep

last night in that new shelter.
It was nice to get a few hours

uninterrupted, relaxing sleep.
We all feel at least 100% better

than yesterday morning.
( laughing )

>> JERRI: I slept in this

I needed to.
I'm in such a better space now.

Saboga's looking up.
Rupert's out trying to get more

oysters and snails and trying to
catch some fish.

I was working on improving the
roof so that when the heavy rain

comes again, it'll be ready to
be waterproof.

Jenna got water.
We're all just trying to set up

a comfortable surrounding.
( Jenna gasps )

( Rupert laughs )
>> ETHAN: Oh, that's a nice one.

>> JENNA L.: So, we got fire,
shelter and a big meal, so it

was really redemption, sort of.
It felt really good.

>> RUPERT: You guys ready?
>> JENNA L.: That's a lot

of seafood.
Mm, this one's tough.

>> RUPERT: Yeah, they're kind of

A few more shrimps.
>> JENNA L: Rupert, thank you so

Ethan, thank you.

>> RUPERT: You're very, very

>> JERRI: I'm already looking so
far ahead of now and that's, I

think, what's keeping me sane
'cause yesterday morning, I

about lost it after that storm.
I didn't think I was going to be

able to snap out of it.
I literally experienced a moment

where I realized how people go

And it was scary.
>> JEFF: Come on in, guys!

How's everybody doing?
>> Good.

>> Good.
>> JEFF: You ready for today's

immunity challenge?
>> JENNA L.: Yes.

>> JEFF: For today's challenge,
we will test how well you

communicate within your own

One person will be your eyes.
They will be the guide.

The other tribe members will be

Using only verbal commands, the
guide will direct their tribe to

find 15 pieces of the puzzle
scattered out along the beach.

You'll bring back the pieces and
place them in your team's

Once all the pieces are inside,

take off your blindfolds, start
putting the puzzle together.

The first two tribes to complete
their puzzle win immunity.

Who's going to be the guide for


How about for Mogo Mogo?

Richard Hatch.
Chapera, you have two extra

Who's sitting out today?

Amber and Rob.
Mogo Mogo, who's sitting out?

Shii Ann.
Sit outs, over here.

Everybody else get blindfolded,
wait for my go.

Callers in place, tribes are

For immunity, survivors ready?

>> ALICIA: To your right, to
your right.

Keep side stepping right, Sue.
Side step right, Sue.

>> JERRI: Coming to the hill.
You're going to go down the

hill, down the hill, in the

>> RICHARD: Kathy, left!
Kathy left!

You got it, Kathy, right there.
>> ROB M.: Alicia?

>> ALICIA: Rob, side step right!
Side step right!

Good, good.
Go forward, Rob, go forward.

Grab it.
You got it.

Keep going, keep going!
Big Tom, go forward!

Go forward, go forward, go

Big Tom, you've got it!
Tom, come to my voice!

>> ROB M.: Alicia!
>> ALICIA: Drop it, drop it.

Turn around and go straight.
>> JEFF: Chapera with their

first piece.
>> RICHARD: Kathy, keep coming.

You got it.
>> JERRI: Rupert, Rupert, you're

running into Jenna.
Rupert, go to your right.

Right, right, right.
Jenna, go to your right!

Rupert, stop!
Down. Set it down.

>> JEFF: Saboga with a second

>> JERRI: Ethan, keep going

>> JEFF: Saboga with a third

>> JERRI: Set it down.
You're there.

RICHARD: Colby, Colby, Colby.
>> JEFF: Ethan throws it on

>> RICHARD: Okay, you're good.

>> JEFF: It's become an obstacle

>> RICHARD: Kathy, turn right!
>> JEFF: Tied up at three.

>> ALICIA: Tom, you're done!
Go straight!

That's it, that's it!
Bring it in, bring it in.

Drop it, drop it.
>> JEFF: Big Tom takes a

>> RICHARD: Lex, right.

Lex, right.
Lex, left.

>> ALICIA: Drop it, Sue.

Drop it, Sue, drop it.
>> JEFF: Sue with another piece

for Chapera.
( Tom grunts )

>> ALICIA: Watch out, watch out!
To your left!

Sue, to your left!
Left! Now, Sue, go straight!

Sue go straight!
>> RICHARD: Lex! Lex!

Turn around, go, go forward.
Forward. Forward.

>> ALICIA: Now, Sue, go

Sue, go straight!
To your left, Sue, and straight!

Rob, stop!
>> JERRI: Drop it! Drop it!

>> JEFF: Saboga with 11 pieces.
Chapera at nine, Mogo Mogo with

>> RICHARD: Kathy, left!

Kathy left!
Kathy, please don't move!

Kathy, just stand there!
Lex, listen to me!

I can't see you!
>> LEX: Rich?

>> RICHARD: Have you got any?
>> LEX: No.

>> RICHARD: All right, Lex, come

I can't see you back there!
I can't tell if there's a

( Tom grunts )

>> ROB C.: Oh, damn it!
>> JEFF: Big Tom just got

clobbered by Colby.
>> RICHARD: Colby, you're good.

>> JEFF: Big Tom may be hurt.
>> ALICIA: Step to your right.

Now throw it down.
>> JEFF: Chapera at 14, Saboga

at 14, Mogo Mogo at 12.
>> RICHARD: Lex, take a right.

Good. Keep going straight.
>> JEFF: Chapera has their

last piece.
Take your blindfolds off, start

building the puzzle.
Chapera first to start building

the puzzle.
Saboga working together.

Stuck in a tree.
>> JERRI: Yes, get over the

Straight towards me.

>> JEFF: Rupert with Saboga's
last piece.

He's got to get it in the box.
>> RICHARD: Right.

>> JEFF: First two tribes to
finish win immunity.

>> RICHARD: Lex, left.
Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex.

Stand up, face me, walk two
steps forward.

Swing your arms!
>> JERRI: Perfect.

Rupert, go a little bit to
your right.

>> JEFF: Saboga with all 15.
Start building the puzzle.

Take off the blindfolds.
First two tribes to finish win

>> JERRI: Bring that piece right

That piece, Ethan.

>> JEFF: Chapera working hard.
All those got to match up, guys.

>> RICHARD: Kathy, put that over
in the box.

That's in the box.
>> JEFF: Mogo Mogo, get the

blindfolds off.
Let's start building that

You're still in this.

The colors have to line up.
>> LEX: Make sure you put blanks

on the bottom.
>> JENNA L.: That's a circle?

>> JERRI: Yes. Yes, it is!

Trust me.
>> JEFF: Jerri continues to

lead Saboga.
>> ROB M.: Why is this two

different colors?
>> JEFF: Chapera struggling

with their puzzle.
Other tribes catching up.

>> SUE: There, right there.
There you go.

Okay, that's it.
Why not?

Oh, two different colors.
>> JERRI: Slide it in.

Last piece, guys.
Last piece.

Last piece.
>> JEFF: Saboga, first tribe

to win immunity.
>> RUPERT: Yeah!

>> JEFF: Keep fighting, Mogo

Keep fighting, Chapera.
>> SUE: Don't destroy the whole

The wall is good here.

>> JEFF: You are still
fighting for immunity, Mogo

>> LEX: Okay, this is right.

That goes there.
Take that out right there.

>> COLBY: Lex...
Yeah, yeah.

Go over there, Hatch.
>> SHII ANN: Come on, Mogo Mogo.

>> LEX: That goes right there.
>> JEFF: That a way to work,

Mogo Mogo.
>> JENNA L.: Come on, Mogo Mogo.

Send one of them home.
>> SUE: Let's take this piece

Yeah, No, it's not, because we

go higher than that, Alicia.
We go that high.

>> RICHARD: Hold on, hold on.
>> COLBY: Yeah, baby, yeah baby.

>> RICHARD: Hold on.
>> COLBY: Yeah!

>> JEFF: Mogo Mogo wins

>> COLBY: Yeah, baby, yeah!
>> KATHY: Oh, that was so great,

you guys.
>> JERRI: I can't believe we

got all the pieces first.
>> JEFF: Saboga, some tough

days, but a break tonight-- no
Tribal Council.

>> JERRI: Hello, lady.
>> JEFF: Mogo Mogo, once again

>> LEX: On three.

One, two, three...
>> ALL: Mogo Mogo!

>> JEFF: Chapera, first time in
Tribal Council, first member to

be voted out of the tribe

You have the afternoon to think
about who that's going to be.

Head back to camp.
>> AMBER: Yeah, it was so

frustrating to watch.
It was so frustrating to watch.

>> SUE: It's like, okay, we want
brown with pink circle.

>> AMBER: And then you think
you were getting somewhere and

then all of a sudden you had to
start all over again.

>> SUE: Oh, it was so bad.
>> ROB M.: Always a way.

You can't just have, like, a
really good day all day long.

Today was our first immunity

I mean, this is the first time
we've got to go to Tribal

It's day 12, and we just got to

really start playing the game

>> ROB C.: I felt so bad for you
guys when you were taking all

those body shots.
>> ROB M.: A tough challenge,

ROB C.: Today's challenge was

especially frustrating.
I think that, with the crew that

we had in there, that was not
our best puzzle-building team.

And I think if I was in there,
maybe we could have won.

I hope the lesson learned here
is that my tribe needs me.

>> TOM: I smell you.
I can't see if we were

to vote Rob C. off tonight, that
would make us the strongest

Honestly, I think Rob C. would

have been an asset to this
challenge because we got beat

putting the puzzle together, and
I do know that his mind would

have worked that puzzle.
I think Rob C's brain is better

than Alicia's.
That's the question we've got to

ask ourselves, you know, where
are we the strongest?

>> ROB C.: You want a piece?
It's not that great.

>> ALICIA: No, thank you, babe.
>> SUE: Oh, man.

>> ALICIA: I love Rob

He's a great guy.
I sense that the past couple of

days, though, he's known that
his head may be on the chopping

Nobody's really talking about it

a lot, though, which is

Usually people rally--
especially, this is the first

Tribal Council-- just to make
sure we're all on the same page.

I haven't heard one thing.
That makes me a little nervous.

>> ROB M.: I know you know how
to play the game.

>> ROB C.: Mm-hmm.
>> ROB M.: And I know you know a

I know you'll be very, like,

helpful, and we can make good

>> ROB C.: I... I agree.
Would you be open to considering

getting rid of Alicia before

>> ROB M.: So you want to get
rid of Alicia and then...

>> ROB C.: Yeah.

>> ROB M.: Me, you, and I think
Amber can-can do it.

>> ROB C.: I do get nervous, and
I do get paranoid in this game,

>> ROB M.: With cause.

>> ROB C.: long as I have
your-your assurance on this,

then I'm good.
>> ROB M.: Mm. Want to shake on

>> ROB C.: I made an alliance

with Boston Rob, and he says
that the alliance is me, him and

But I don't know how good Boston

Rob's word is, but I've got his
back, and a deal's a deal.

>> ALICIA: You guys almost ready
to eat rice?

>> ROB M.: This is good.
>> TOM: Yeah.

>> ROB M.: There's a possibility
at this first Tribal Council

that there could be at least one
of three people going--

Cesternino, Sue, or Alicia.
I haven't made up my mind yet,

but when I do, that's the person
that'll be going home.

>> JEFF: Go ahead and grab a
torch and approach the flame.

You're going to dip your torch
in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of
Tribal Council, because as you

all know, fire represents life
on the island and this game.

As long as you have fire, you're
still in the game.

When your fire's gone, so are

First time for Chapera at Tribal

So let's talk about the first 12

Big Tom?
Is this tougher physically?

>> TOM: Physically it's pretty

All the challenges so far, I've
had to suck it up.

But when you go all out, as this
tribe has done, every challenge,

it'll get to you.
>> JEFF: Rob, how does this

compare physically?
>> ROB C.: Physically, no doubt,

this game is much harder than
the other games that-that we've

played, but that's what we
signed up for.

This is All-Star.
>> JEFF: Amber, is there

anything in your normal life
that you notice you're now able

to contribute out here?
>> AMBER: I think I'm very good

at controlling my temper and not
losing it, and I think we have a

few in our tribe who tend to
lose their temper pretty quickly

or throw fits.
And I think I'm very good at

calming people down and talking
some sense into them.

>> JEFF: Who does lose their

( Amber laughs )
>> AMBER: Well, I think, uh,

Boston Rob and Alicia kind of
argue back and forth a little

>> ALICIA: We only did once.

How many times did we argue?
>> ROB M.: Only one time.

We quelled that real-real

>> ALICIA: Once.
We put a kibosh on it.

>> JEFF: Sue, what is the impact
of losing this challenge?

>> SUE: Us losing today actually
probably made us more dangerous

for the rest of the challenges.
>> JEFF: Because you gave

yourselves a wake-up call?
>> SUE: Yes.

>> JEFF: By the way, Big Tom,

how are you feeling?
'Cause you took a hard hit to

the chest or the head today.
>> TOM: I didn't see it coming.

And, uh, the only thing I asked
them was, I wanted them to get

the tag number off that truck
that hit me.

>> JEFF: First 12 days for
Chapera, up until today, have

been pretty cush.
Big Tom, are you noticing

relationships form?
>> TOM: There's a little bit

I've been noticing cuddling, and

there might be a little grinding
there late one night.

>> JEFF: You looked at Boston
Rob when you said that.

>> TOM: Well, I've been kind of
watching him a little bit, and

he don't sleep on his back every

( quiet laughter )
>> JEFF: Who are you sleeping

next to, Boston Rob?
>> ROB M.: I'm sleeping next to

>> JEFF: Are you blushing?

>> AMBER: No.
>> JEFF: A little bit?

>> AMBER: No.
>> JEFF: A little something

going on?
>> AMBER: I'm 25.

I'm young and having fun.
>> TOM: I'm 48 and old and

watching having fun.
( Amber laughs )

>> JEFF: Is there a little
snuggling going on with, uh,

Boston Rob?
>> AMBER: We need to keep warm

at night.
>> JEFF: So this is strictly

survival cuddling.
>> AMBER: I'm out here to play

the game of Survivor.
I'm not out here to play a

dating game.
>> JEFF: Alicia, give me the

straight scoop.
>> ALICIA: Okay, these two are--

You can't even get between them.
You got to be kidding me.

Seriously, they're very close.
I wouldn't even try to sleep

next to Boston Rob and push
Amber to the other side.

That's-that's even out of the

>> JEFF: Does that concern you,
Boston Rob, that there might be

an impression formed?
>> ROB M: No. It's obvious.

I mean, we've been flirting with
each other from day one, since

we got out here.
But in terms of the game,

there's going to be one winner,
and my commitment to the game is

first and foremost.
>> JEFF: So let's talk about how

you're going to vote somebody
out tonight.

What do you base it on, Big Tom?
>> TOM: Right now I was thinking

about our tribe and making it
stronger going into

>> JEFF: So you're basing your

vote on who the tribe can afford
to lose?

>> TOM: Yeah.
Basically, yes.

>> JEFF: What-What could cause
you to get voted off tonight,

Boston Rob?
>> ROB M.: I guess my mouth and

my attitude.
What else, Amber?

(Amber, Rob M. laugh)
>> JEFF: Wow, you guys really

have become a couple.
( laughter )

You just asked your wife.
That was pretty telling.

What else could get Boston Rob
in trouble?

>> AMBER: I just think he has a
big mouth, and he needs to keep

it shut a lot, at challenges, at
camp, all the time.

He has a big mouth, and he needs
to keep it shut.

>> ROB M.: I'm very emotional,

>> JEFF: Sue, worried at all
that it might be you, really?

>> SUE: Oh, yeah.
Ever since I stepped on the

>> JEFF: Why vote you out?

>> SUE: 'Cause I can just be a
bitch to be around sometimes.

I mean, you know...

>> TOM: Hoo-ha.
I didn't say nothing.

( laughter )
>> SUE: So, yeah, and I don't go

around sucking up to people or
trying to pretend to be

something I'm not.
>> JEFF: Okay.

It is time to vote.
Rob, you're up.

>> ROB C.: I'm a little uneasy
about this vote tonight, but if

everything goes through with
this, I have a feeling the next

time I see you, there's going to
be a big finger wagging in my

>> ALICIA: Rob C., you're a

>> ALICIA: Rob C., you're a

great guy, and you're really
funny, but I think what we need

from here on out is a little
more seriousness.

>> JEFF: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote-- Rob C.

One vote, Alicia, one vote, Rob.

Two votes Rob, one vote Alicia.

Three votes Rob, one vote

The first person voted out of

That's enough.

The last vote will remain a

Rob, the tribe has spoken.
>> JEFF: Well, you guys have had

Rob, the tribe has spoken.
>> JEFF: Well, you guys have had

a good easy first 12 days.
You just suffered your first

The game has just begun.

Grab your torches, head back to

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>> JEFF: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.
Next time on Survivor, Rupert

gets a shot at redemption when
the tribes have to build a raft.

>> RUPERT: I feel good about the

I'm trying to not think about
the house.

>> JEFF: At Chapera...
>> ROB M.: I got your waterbed

for you.
>> TOM: That's the best built

thing since Alicia.
>> SUE: Tom-- he's a stupid

>> JEFF: And the tribes face the

first big twist of the game.
>> SHII ANN: Wow!

>> ROB C.: I'm just very
disappointed that I didn't

really have a chance to get into
the game.

I feel like I was kind of
targeted unfairly.

What can I say?
Not many people get to play

Survivor once in a lifetime.
I got to play it twice.

The first time at Tribal

I guess I'll take it as a sign
of respect from the rest of the

team, but it's going to take a
little while to swallow this