Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 3 - Shark Attack - full transcript

One survivor sheds blood when they go head to head with...a shark.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Four days without fire or water

took its toll.
>> Dehydration may be our

biggest concern.
>> PROBST: A mystery box with

three locks was discovered at
tree mail.

>> Oh-oh.
We see a big crate.

We have no idea what's inside.
>> It feels like something

substantial, whatever it is.
>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, Ethan led Saboga to a

>> Saboga wins reward!
The reward was a choice

between blankets or flint to
make fire and a clue to the

first key of their lockbox,
which they learned contained

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: There's a rub.
If you choose the flint, Mogo

Mogo gets it, as well as

>> SUSAN: ( laughs )
>> PROBST: Saboga chose the

flint and gave all three tribes

>> Fire! Yay!
>> PROBST: At Saboga...

>> My foot sort of makes
me limp a little.

>> Rudy's not doing okay.
His feet-- he did something to

the bone inside.
>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Saboga faced another

Saboga's still bailing water!
When they finish a distant

For the second straight time,

Saboga going to Tribal Council.
Rudy's injury and Ethan's status

as a previous winner put both of
them on the chopping block.

But when the votes came in, it
was Rudy who took the fall.

Rudy, the tribe has spoken.
16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
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>> Bug bites are bad.

>> Bug bites are bad.

And, you know, my problem is
that I couldn't resist the urge

to scratch them.
It was more than I could bear,

and now I'm definitely paying
for it because I think that

they get way, way worse when
you scratch them.

They raise up and they become
kind of like little open sores,

open wounds.
And then the salt water gets

into them and it feels like

It's horrible.
>> Honey, you're going to get

>> I'm not scratching them.

I'm just rubbing.

This is bad.
They're like bug bites on top of

bug bites on top of...
We look like freaks.

Bigger freaks than we already

>> You cannot be itching
yourself, girl.

We talked about that.
>> I can't stop myself.

>> You just have to, like,
endure about half an hour of...

>> Itchiness?
>> ...itchiness, and then

it won't itch anymore.
>> This is like the

hardest thing I've ever done
to not itch right now.

>> Your arms are messed up now.
>> I hate everything right now.

Not you guys, but I want to go

>> Oh, God, Jenna.
>> Jenna's hurting.

Jenna wants to go home.
Um, first of all, Jenna's not

I don't know what that's all

You know, I think that first

four days where we had no water
and no food really put her body

into a tailspin where she's
feeling it today.

And now she's not even drinking

I have to push her to drink.
She won't go in the water to

cool her body down.
She's just not taking

She's kind of a wandering

>> It seems to be tough for

her this time around.
>> Yeah, it's tough.

>> Especially mentally.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> I don't think she's happy.
>> She's really not.

She's really not happy.
>> We're going to dig

She's really not happy.
>> We're going to dig

some holes and bury these like
this and sit that on top.

>> I don't know exactly
what has got into the tribe.

This morning, they want to do

It's a little bit of missing
Rudy, a little bit of guilt, a

little everything.
There's a lot of nervous energy.

It's getting everybody going.
>> Without being

overconfident or cocky, I'm
feeling really good about where

we're at.

>> That's cute.
>> The four of us left

in this tribe are family, and we
work really well together.

>> Oh, another little one.
>> A little guy.

Better than eating them damn

>> Where'd you find that guy?
>> Right there.

>> All right, try this out.
( Rupert chuckling )

>> All right, try this out.
( Rupert chuckling )

>> As soon as I brought
the fish back, Ethan's grabbing

his spear and running out there.
( chuckles )

I tried to tell him it's not a

It's really not.
>> I hope he catches something.

That'd be good for his ego.
>> I mean, those

triggerfish swim into a nook.
You just got to jab them.

>> You jab 'em.
>> Just couldn't do it.

>> You'll get better.
I like being the fisherman.

I know he wants to be, too, but
it can't be a competition

between he and I.
It will just hurt his emotions.

It will hurt the whole camp.
That's what beat us at the

challenge yesterday.
We weren't working together.

If we can keep this harmony up,
we will be a strong little

Even though we're little, we

are going to be mighty.
>> It was low tide early enough

in the morning, and I figured,
"Here's my shot.

I'm going to go get something
for breakfast."

I really want to get one of
these rays.

There are some enormous
stingrays out there.

And I saw a couple, but I
couldn't get to 'em in time.

I have no fins and it's very,
very difficult.

Never mind a spear that's as
blunt as you can imagine.

But I was determined to get some
good food and roast it.

You bring in a fish, you get
some smiles.

I eventually found a shark under
a ledge, and I wanted him.

So I said screw it.
Let the spears float.

Just look at it, just gauge the

Just kept thinking, "How am I
going to do this?

How am I going to do this?"
Screw it.

I'm not leaving the thing there.
I'm going home with food.

He starts thrashing.
Tight up against the rock.

As long as he was trying to stay
lodged in there and I didn't

move my hand, but wouldn't let
him go, I felt okay.

Kept breathing.
Going up, breathing, holding on,

Trying to get enough energy to

think what I'm going to do.
So I grabbed my spear and

figured I'd try to get through
his belly.

( gasps )
I let the head part go for a

second and whomp-- shark bite!
And I poke him in the eye.

He takes another chunk deeper.
There was no way.

He was not letting go.
He was never letting go.

I spent the next-- I don't
know-- half hour like that,

trying to figure out what am I
going to do to get this thing

So I swim, no fins, nothing,

just kind of backwards swimming
as close as I can to shore to

get onto a rock.
Get onto a rock and pound the

side of his head with a rock
until he lets go.

>> Oh, my God.

>> His teeth, right there.
He's got me.

Pull it.
I let go a little bit, he goes

whomp, for the second bite.
Bites in further and harder.

So what do I do?
I bite him.

>> Oh, my God! Richard!
>> Can you see the bite marks?

>> Is it possible to call
a gay man a stud?

I think you're a stud.
>> Yeah, you're a provider.

>> If you're going to
stay on my arm, it's like this.

>> No way anybody else
is catching fish like that.

Richard Hatch is a fishing god.
He bit a shark that bit him.

I mean, it's so...
It's like man versus nature.

It's so Hemingway-esque.
I love it.

>> He's impressive.
>> He's very impressive.

I mean, he may not be impressive
downstairs, but he's very

impressive in other ways.
( Richard chuckling )

>> You know, you're at
the point without food for

whatever it's been, seven days.
People are ready to eat.

I need to be the provider.
They are just loving me right

now and it's good.
He bit me-- I ate him.

>> Oh, mama mia, we-a

having a-some a-good food.
>> I've reached my daily

limit of giving thanks to
Richard Hatch.

>> And they go on and on and on:
"Thanks, Richard, thanks,

Richard, thanks, Richard."
Little baby bye-byes, Richard,

real soon.
( laughs )

>> Want to go check tree mail?
>> Okay.

>> Wait for me.
>> Okay, come on.

>> Oh, my God, you guys.
Home Depot box?

Okay, ready?
Drum roll.

>> Spears.
>> Oh, my God!

>> We got to build...
>> Okay, hold on. Hold on.

"Dream it, design it, do it.
Remodel your home in just one

How perfect.

>> Basically, it's a
contest to see who can build the

best home for themselves in a
24-hour period.

>> "Make it bigger,
stronger, better.

Creativity and structure come
into play.

These tools should come in

Use driftwood, palm or kelp.
Only four tribemates can

You can do it. We can help."

>> "Tomorrow you'll be
judged by a professional to keep

it fair from bush guide, a much
better night's sleep for the

winners will be dropped down
from the air."

Mattresses, mosquito nets.
Ours is going to be a

disaster, I can tell you that
right now.

>> Ah, now see? There we go.
We've got a good group...

>> You know what we need?
Take that tree out in the

No, the tree comes out in the

Why? Why? I'm taking it out.

>> After we fight, you will.
Sue, she's a hag from hell.

>> Where do I have a beam
in the middle of my house,

just sitting there?
>> You got it in every corner.

>> Yeah, connected to a wall.
>> How I made it to 48

without Sue Hawk leading me by
the hand is a mystery.

>> Tom...
>> You do your half,

I'll do my half thing.
>> The tree's coming down, Tom.

>> You can do it then.
>> I will.

>> I'll sit out if y'all
want me to.

>> No.
>> She's the bossiest

woman I've ever been around.
There ain't no doubt in my

mind, her elevator don't go to
the top floor.

>> Why you walking fast now?
>> Huh?

>> "First place reward
and key clue number two.

Second place only key clue
number two."

Only four people are allowed
to work on this though.

>> This is what I do.
>> Yeah, this is what you do.

>> You have to do this.
>> Yeah, this is your job.

>> I'm going to sit out.
Actually, it's not hard for me

to sit on the sideline and
bite my tongue, because just

in my head I just keep
repeating, "These are really

stupid people I'm with."
They are. They're so stupid.

I hope they don't get jacked off
of this challenge just to

bring them down a notch.
>> Who else is sitting out?

>> I'll sit out.
>> Amber's sitting out, okay.

>> You guys trust me
enough to give you guys a plan

and we go by it...
>> Yeah, you're a construction

>> ...and just do it and

>> This is all about you.

>> I'm in construction
and I love to build things if

I have tools.
I was right up and at it, and

I was pumped and I was, like,
"Yeah, this is for me.

This is my challenge.
We'll win this."

One foot.
How high do you want the floor

>> A foot.

To be honest with you, I was
so into what we were doing.

>> Down a hair, Tom.
>> We had a basic floor

plan and then got going.
It clicked, and we never

slowed down.
>> We got to get a

creative aspect to this.
If you guys want to try to

make a deck there or
something, a flower garden...

>> When I signed up to
take part in the reward

challenge, I thought that I'd
be, being a big help to Boston

Rob and Big Tom, but the guys
delegated me to go work with

>> I didn't even try

to get in there on that one.
>> Yeah, this is...

>> I knew that was going to

>> That's the story of
my Survivor life, that, uh,

the big boys don't let me

>> And we got five
foot and three quarter.

So that's got to come out.

That's square right there.
>> In the beginning,

the flirting with Boston Rob
was complete strategy for me,

and on the other end, I
thought it was complete

strategy for him, too.
And I'll admit, when I saw him

building that shelter, he was
pretty hot building that

He's good at doing what he

It's getting much easier and

easier to flirt with Boston
Rob, for sure.

>> Alicia thinks she's
this architect for some Zen

company or something.
Her vision is about as deep

as... yeah, that's about how
deep it is.

Where's Cesternino?
>> You know what, he's

I don't know.

>> Cesternino, I
think, is useless all around.

Seems like he's on a never-
ending coffee break.

>> Where have you been?
>> I went to go grab

something, but it was too
heavy to get it all the way

Yeah, and then I got lost in

the jungle.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to

disappear like that.
>> It gets frustrating

because Rob Cesternino does
the minimal to get by.

And you know what?
Everybody noticed it.

>> Want to go get more
rocks or you want to hammer...

>> You want to get more rocks.
>> Okay.

>> That heat is
excruciating, and I've been

making, like, 20 trips to get
those rocks here, so have at

it, sweetie pie.
>> I wonder what

they're planning on making.
I don't get the gist of it

from Rupert.
>> Just logs, that's

all I hear.
>> I'm a rehabber by

trade, and that's what I do is
work on houses, so I told my

tribe we're building a log

We're going to dig down into
the sand a couple feet to add

to our height, so you walk
into it and you'll be able to

stand up.
That's what I want.

>> Personally, I don't
feel digging into the ground

is a good idea.
>> Okay.

So you want to build the thing
all out of the ground?

We need...
>> Yeah, I think it

makes more sense 'cause if we
get it moist, kind of

underground, we're totally...
>> Do we want to be an

eye-catcher, a pop, "Oh, my
God," or do we want to be like

everybody else?
>> Um, what I want is a

place I can actually sleep in.
Sounds to me like you're

really concerned about
something standing out, and I

love that, but...
>> None of them are

going to make a structure as
creative as ours.

They're going to make huts.
>> I hear you.

>> We're going to make a log

>> Rupert's a complete control

He has to have everything his
way and he thinks he's the

only one who can do it right.
But you know what?

All we need is rain rushing
down the side of that hill

right into our shelter and
we're screwed.

The other thing is, it's
going to take longer to dig

three feet in the ground...
>> How do you have any idea?

I know what I can do.
I'm 40 years old.

I've done my ... for years.
I've built houses for 20 years.

>> I hear you.
Can we vote on it?

Does anyone else have any

>> Okay.
All right.

>> Then we should...
>> Then let's do it.

Let's just... do it.
Let's just do it.

>> Jerri and Rupert got
in a fight.

That's just what I wanted.

She had very valid points.
You know, I don't want to dig

down three feet, live under
the ground, but I'm not going

to say that 'cause if you piss
someone off, you know, you

could be going home.
>> We're going to make

the most amazing tree house
you've ever seen.

>> That's right.
>> As far as the, uh,

floor plan and building
scheme, we've got it up here.

We know it's all about
location, location, location.

>> Absolutely.
>> So, basically, we're

doing an elevated floor plan,
probably have a little balcony

out front, a kitchen area over
on the left...

>> A nap area down below.
And perhaps a little crow's

nest up top to just kind of go
up there and think and Zen

>> Crow's nest, but as

we like to refer to it, The
Love Nest.

>> The Love Nest, indeed.
>> And when you've got

Richard Hatch on your team,
there's lots of love.

>> Oh, too much love.
>> Yeah.

>> Rock garden, swing, coconut

Um, what else is in a regular

>> TV.
>> We're not making a TV.

>> There are six members of our

tribe 'cause we've never lost
anything, yet, so we had to sit

out two people.
And I happily sat out of that

one, 'cause that's a lot of

So we've got Lex and, uh,
Colby building the shelter,

and Shii Ann and Jenna...
>> Ooh, it's hot.

>> Are "helping" build the

( chuckles )
>> We've been writing some

creative things, but we thought
we'd just join you.

This is all nonstructural
stuff that I thought it would

be fun to add.
Rope ladder, a hammock, to

chisel our names or the Mogo
Mogo icon into it, um, a dumb

waiter, if we do a bi-level we
could have, like a pulley, um,

some sort of door or a rock
garden, um, a coconut phone

that would go from the top
floor to down, downstairs

This is all stuff if we have

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> And, like, palm beds.
>> We'll see.

I mean, all those touches...
>> Yeah, that's all...

>> The most important
thing is the structure itself.

>> It was as if when we spoke,
they couldn't hear it.

They had, like, their
transmitters tuned to each

other only.
>> We have to build this

thing extra tough, just
because we got a 250-pound

shark-catching gay fisherman.
>> Shark, shark wrangler.

>> That's right.
( hammering )

>> There's a lot of
other factors that come into

my game that may not come into
anybody else's game.

I mean, people have family
that they know when this is

over that they're going to be
there, you know?

That's all a question mark for

I have a lot to lose being here.
Like, my mom.

That's a constant issue with me.
I'm wondering if I should have

left again.
>> We need to make rope.

>> Yeah, I'll get to that.
I'm busy right now lashing

this thing down; I'm all busy.
>> She's had cancer for a long

time and she's not better, and
I'm just afraid that she might

pass away while I'm here.
>> I can't tell if I like the

front or the back better.
>> That's curb appeal, babe.

>> Yeah.
>> Oh, my God, you

guys, this is getting dangerous.
>> Can't see anymore.

>> Rupert's idea was a
little ambitious.

We ended up working all
through the night.

We were trying to nail nails in
the pitch black.

And then in the middle of the
night, Rupert had dug half the

trench and I saw this giant
tree trunk down there, and you

can't chop it out.
>> My God.

I could not believe the

We played strong, but we
played stupid, and that is

what infuriates me.
>> Not good.

>> I don't think they're going
to disqualify us if...

>> If you just want to
be done, then stop and be done

and let me do.
I have a hard time standing

back and listening to a bunch
of people say it's too much

work, it can't get done.
Everybody's a "can't do it."

Everybody, everybody.
All three of them.

>> What are we going to
do for beds?

They're going to want to see a
shelter that's got...

>> Of course, we'll
need beds in here, of course.

>> Well then, take
it as a bed, I mean, that's...

>> We've crumbled.
In a single day, we went from a

happy group of four working
together, to three people not

knowing what the hell's going
on and one going completely

This is Rupert gone mad.

>> Looks good, you guys.
>> Yeah, put the welcome mat

>> PROBST: What's going on, Mogo

>> Hello.

>> How 'bout that curb appeal?
>> PROBST: It's nice, although

this is the guy you want to

>> Hi.
>> PROBST: Brought along with me

Raffa, licensed contractor,
expert in construction, right

here from Panama.
He's going to visit each camp

and he will decide who has the
best shelter, so, take a look.

>> Kitchen area, where we like
to hang out, have our fireside

>> This is our outdoor balcony.

>> Hop up there, Lex.
>> This is our balcony for...

>> That's the balcony.
>> You can have an ocean view.

( rumbling and crackling )
>> Raffa, he starts

going around the shelter and
the first thing he does is

start grabbing on to things
and jerking them trying to rip

them down.
I don't know that Raffa

realizes, we got to live in
this shelter.

( talking over each other )
>> Woo, baby!

>> Yeah, shake it.
>> Look at him, yeah,

going up on the ladder.
>> Oh, geez.

>> Well, we know Richard
Hatch can now lay on it and

walk on it.
>> Yeah, baby!

>> Sure enough, he got
his level out, and he actually

gave me one of those, "Mm."
And that's a compliment, coming

from Raffa.
>> What do you think of that,

>> PROBST: That looks good.

>> Whoo!
>> I think he likes it.

I think he loves it.
>> Yeah, so...

Vamanos, vamanos.
>> Thank you.

>> Mi casa, su casa.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: No bribes.
>> No bri...

>> PROBST: He's past bribery.
What's going on, Chapera?

( shouting )
>> Get my remote, Jeff, and

let's watch something.
>> PROBST: I brought along

We'll take a tour.

>> Yeah?
>> PROBST: Location, yeah.

>> Okay.
>> Okay, I want to show him

These are all undermined, dug

in and square.
>> You're not moving this.

>> These are three foot in
the ground, and that-- all this

is square.
>> JEFF: Fuerte?

>> Strong, it's strong.
>> Tell him to hop up on

the swing.
>> Come on, buddy.

It's not going anywhere.
Want to swing?

>> Thank you, thank you.
>> Whee!

>> That's okay.
>> All right!

>> We will persuade you.
>> Look at all these rocks.

This is like Zen. See this?
>> PROBST: Checkerboard.

I like it. You seen enough?
Good? Vamanos?

>> Yeah, vamanos.
>> PROBST: Okay, good.

Thanks, guys.
>> Thank you.

>> All right.
>> AMBER: Muchas gracias.

>> Thank you, Raffa...
>> Welcome to Chez Saboga.

The first thing you see is our
gutter system, where our rain

collects, so all our bamboo that
turns up give us water down into

our pan. Right?
So the water... yeah.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.
>> Esta tambien.

We have a little table, two beds

All logs steady and sturdy.
He walked around, and everything

that was loose, he touched.
And I saw it in his face when we

walked down into the hut.
He didn't lie down.

Little footrest log.
I couldn't get it out of the

sand, so, it stays.
You could climb on this sucker.

See, we want water to be able to

hit our bamboo, so there is
space in between the bamboo to

funnel down.
So, that way, we can get to our

I'm trying like crazy to talk to

He doesn't really have anything

to do with us.
And he's ready to go.

>> PROBST: If you receive a gift
from the sky and a clue to your

rice in your tree mail, it means
that Raffa thought you had the

best shelter.
If you receive only a clue in

your tree mail, it means he
thought you had the second best

If you don't hear from us at

all, I hope it keeps you dry.
>> Thank you.

>> Thanks.
>> Thanks for coming.

>> Saboga?

>> PROBST: You don't like...?
>> No, no, no.

>> PROBST: You would not want to
live here?

>> Oh, no way.

>> He's shaking his head no.
>> This Saboga is very

>> PROBST: Dangerous?

>> Yeah, this is the
water, these are...

( whistles )... this.
( everyone talking at once )

>> And then I see him tell Jeff,
water go down in... bad.

>> I don't think he likes it.
>> I don't think he likes it,

>> He doesn't.

>> PROBST: Our work is done.
Thank you.

Let's get out of here.
>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Raffa's made his

Make the drop of the
housewarming gift at...

( engine buzzing )
They're the winners.

>> Uh-oh.
>> It's a plane.

>> Oh, God, drop something, oh,
God, drop something.

Wait for...

>> Come on, circle back.
>> It's all right.

Tomorrow's what really matters.
>> Sorry, guys.

It's totally my fault.
>> It's not your fault, Rupert.

>> Da plane! It's da plane!
Oh, God!

>> It's coming!
>> You know what?

>> Yeah, it's ours,
it's ours, it's ours!

Look! Dump it!
>> Yeah, here he comes.

( shouting )
>> Come on, now.

Come on, drop it.
>> Coming, coming, he's gonna

>> No way.

>> Yeah, it's ours, it's
ours, it's ours, look!

>> He's not over our beach, you

>> Yes, he is.
>> Yes, he is over our beach.

>> Yes, he is!
I think we got it.

>> And if we don't?
>> No, we don't. Yes, we do!

>> Come on!

Right here! Drop it!
>> We're waiting for...

>> Oh, come on now.
( cheering )

>> Is that ours?
>> Is it ours, or is it theirs?

>> No, it's not.
( cheering )

>> It's theirs.
>> That's terrible.

That's such a bummer.
>> It better be a damn mansion.

It better have three stories.
( cheering )

>> We've never been so
excited in our lives.

That was just a pinnacle moment
for us since we've been here.

It was the happiest moment
ever... ever.

>> Oh, boy.
Oh, boy!

>> It's a mattress.
>> Oh, my God. Oh!

>> What's that, a tarp?
>> It's a tarp...

>> Oh, it's a tarp.
>> Oh, my God.

>> Pillows, pillows.
>> Blankets, oh, my God.

>> Wine!
( cheering )

Get that wine open.
Let's go.

You guys, we won first place.
>> Yeah.

>> Whoo!
>> All right?

>> Yeah, baby!
>> Give it up.

>> We wouldn't lose.
We haven't lost a thing yet.

The arm's up, so I'm assuming...
we have mail.

Yeah, baby.
Better be a clue.

I'm not waiting to open it.
Oh, it's a map.

And it's a clue, too.
Yeah, baby.

Clue two for rice.
That's so much more important

than anything else.
>> Drunk on day eight.

>> Oh, yeah, my chest is
all burning, and my stomach's

all burning...
>> Everything is all heavy.

>> Burning!
>> This is awesome.

>> I can't have too many
more of these sips.

>> Raffa never had so
much fun, going for a little

ride on the swing.
>> It was the swing...

>> Sue?
>> Hey, man, I don't drink.

>> She doesn't drink.
>> Not at all.

>> That's too bad.
>> More for you!

>> That could be the best
thing I've heard from Sue.

( all sighing )
>> Have you felt these pillows?

They're a little rough.
>> I'm getting drunker

and drunker...
>> Oh, give me the canteen.

The wine hit Amber a little bit

She wanted to start kissing
me in front of everybody.

>> If you're going to kiss
me, kiss me now, because I'm not

kissing you with nasty breath
later on.

Now I got wine breath.
>> Whoa!

Here's the thing.
Amber and I have been flirting

with each other since we got out

We have an alliance together.
She probably thinks she's

playing me.
I probably think I'm playing

Who knows how it's going to turn

One thing's for sure though--

there can only be one winner in
this game.

( thunder crashing )
>> Oh, no.

Cue the thunder.
( thunder crashing )

>> Last night was an
absolute nightmare.

Just the queen mother of
all storms rolled through.

Our shelter was not really quite
prepared for that kind of storm,

and I can't imagine that any
shelter would be.

And you know, all of us kind of
dressed in our... well, all of

what we got, which is for must
of us just a pair of shorts and

a T-shirt or a tank top.
We were just...

I've never been so cold in my

>> I'd get in the shelter.
You're in the rain.

So if I were you, I would sit up
there and, um...

I'm going to be under this.
Unless you want to stand here in

the rain.
What do you want to do?

>> I just want to let
you guys know that there's a lot

of things I thought I would be
able to overcome here-- just

missing family, missing home,
but my mom is really ill, and I

think I need to be with my

I think family is the number one
thing right now.

And I think that they need me.
And as much as I don't want to

do it, it's a wise decision for
me to walk at this point in

time, so...
>> God, Jenna.

>> It frightens me that my mom--
something horrible might happen

to my mom while I'm here, and it
plagues me every day.

It follows me around like a dark

And I don't think I'd ever
forgive myself if I knew that I

was here playing a game and
something happened to her.

>> Kathy, is she all right?
>> It's just too much for her.

Jenna was just a quivering,
shaking little leaf.

And she's finally collapsing.
Her mom is an a cancer rehab

home, and I didn't realize that.
She shouldn't be here actually,

in my opinion.
She should not be here.

And I just finally heard about

She finally came up to me and
told me that, and I said, "You

know what, Jenna, you have every
right to be in the doldrums."

Every right.
>> Life is so short.

You blink and you're gone.
We're a tribe that has not

lost one challenge since
this game began.

And the reason for that is
because of output by all six

Losing any one of those six

would be a detriment.
It would hurt a lot.

It would hurt morale, it would
hurt our performance.

You know, I don't even like to
think about the possibilities or

the what-if scenarios if Jenna

>> You're a good person.
And you won this sucker, man.

>> It's all good.
>> The thing is, you need

to know something, because this
is real.

It's becoming a bit of a cancer
eating away at us.

And so that's why, if you can
just hold that down to help us

out, because we need more
positive attitudes right now.

>> I completely agree with you.
>> We totally know what

you're going through, but let's
just wait to see what happens.

>> PROBST: Getting your first
look at the new Saboga tribe.

Rudy voted out at the last
Tribal Council.

>> Oh, my Rudy.
>> PROBST: He's gone, Richard.

First things first.
Give it up, Kathy.

Once again, immunity back up for

So nine days in.

Starting to get into it now.
You guys have a lot of bug

How are you holding up, Jenna?

>> Bitten.
That's about the worst of it.

>> PROBST: Emotionally though,
all right?

>> Oh yeah,
emotionally we feel pretty good.

Plenty of water, plenty of food.
Shelter's working out pretty

>> PROBST: How about you,

Amber, how you doing?

>> The bugs like me,
but it's all right.

>> PROBST: What's going on with
Mogo Mogo?

>> We got a couple of issues.
A couple of emotional things

going on.
>> PROBST: What's going on?

>> Okay.
( crying )

Due to...

someone who's very ill
at home right now that's getting

worse, I need to pull myself out
of the game and be there.

I love this game so much, but my
priority is my family...

and it just doesn't make any
sense for me to be here anymore.

So I need to take myself out of
the game.

>> PROBST: So, are you talking
about your mom?

>> Yeah. Yeah.
She's just not any better and...

things have gotten a little
worse... quickly.

>> PROBST: You're talking as
though you're getting

information, updates on your
mom, in the last nine days.

>> No, it's just she's my
mother and I'm the only child.

I got a vibe.
I got a feeling that she needs

me there.
My dad needs me there.

Everybody needs me there.
I made a bad judgment call.

I shouldn't have came.
I thought that I could do it

and she would want me to and I,
I was wrong.

I should be there in case
something happens.

I'll never forgive myself.
You got to weigh out your

I love this game, but it's, it's

my family.
>> PROBST: Alicia, what are you

>> I think family's the

most important thing in the

There's nothing you can ever put
above family.

I wouldn't have come out here to
begin with.

No matter whether my mother
said, "I want you to go," I

would have never came, ever.
>> Jenna admits her mistake.

Everybody makes it.
She admits her mistake.

>> But I wouldn't have,
I wouldn't have come.

>> PROBST: How about you, Amber?
>> ( crying )

I feel really bad for her.
Can I give her a hug?

>> PROBST: Of course.
>> Thank you.

>> I hope it works out.
>> This is the last thing

I wanted to do.
It really is.

I really wanted to play this
game, and I give all these

people more credit than ever,
'cause it's hard.

>> PROBST: So that's one of my

I just want to understand
exactly why you're leaving.

If you're leaving 'cause you
can't handle it...

>> No. I can handle it.
I handled it last time.

This is time I need with my

I need to be there sitting
by her bed, whether she's awake

or not.
I need to know that I had this

time with her while I could.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob.

>> Well, I don't think
it's right to even question her

We don't know what she's

thinking or how she's feeling.
I'm not one to get emotional,

and I know inside right now, I
feel butterflies.

So I say we just support her
decision and go from here.

>> PROBST: Rupert.
>> I feel bad for her,

but, you know...
to quit-- it's hard.

It's a hard decision.
>> Before I left, I told my

family, I made a commitment,
I was coming here, not staying

If y'all got killed in a car

wreck, don't call me.
I'll be there after it's over,

but, now, I made that decision
for Big Tom.

And a lot of people are
different than Big Tom.

>> PROBST: You know, we all have
different values we place on

different things.
And I, I don't get the sense

that anybody here is saying,
"I'm right, she's wrong."

But you guys are being pretty
honest in saying, "Here's what I

would have done."
This is a big action with big

And it could have a big impact

on this game.
We had an immunity challenge

that we don't need to run now.
Chapera, Saboga, you get off

easy, in a sense.
You get a free pass today.

Nothing at stake.
You're going back to camp.

Mogo Mogo, from a game point of
view, it hurts you.

This is a game about numbers.
You only have six to begin with.

You are now down to five.
That increases your chances of

being voted out at the next
Tribal Council.

We won't run the immunity

We won't have an official Tribal
Council, but we do have the

formality of you going home.
Can you make it to Tribal

>> No.

I can't.
I'm sorry.

I've pushed too far.
I don't think I can do it.

>> PROBST: Fair enough.
Let's bring in a boat.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

We're thinking about you.

>> Thanks.
Bye, guys. Have fun.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

>> ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned for
scenes from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor, Rob and
Amber heat things up.

>> You're so warm.
>> Boston Rob and Amber

are gonna do it.
>> ANNOUNCER: A storm wreaks

>> It's not worth it.

>> ANNOUNCER: And a challenge
gets physical.

>> PROBST: Ethan throws it on

>> Damn it!
>> When Jenna announced

that she was going home, there
was this mood that swung through

everybody and everybody's
shoulders went down and their

head hung low and it all brought
back the reality that it's

difficult out here, and even
though it's a game, there's a

whole lot more happening here.
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