Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 2 - Panicked, Desperate, Thirsty as Hell - full transcript

Amid abysmal living situations at the camps, a hero emerges for one tribe. Another castaway fails miserably over and over while trying to be useful to their tribe.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on

For the first time, 18 former

castaways return to the game as
three tribes, Chapera, Mogo Mogo

and Saboga.
And they soon found out just how

crucial fire would be.
( grunting )

>> This ain't a little
boy's game.

This is for the big boys.
>> PROBST: Because no fire meant

no water.
>> You can't drink it

right out of the well.
There's potential brain

>> PROBST: At Saboga, Rudy

approached Rupert with a plan.
>> Me and you ought to

think about an alliance.
>> He and I will stick

together through the end of the

>> PROBST: And at Chapera,
Boston Rob and Amber made a

>> What do you think?

You want to make an alliance?
>> I don't know if I can

take you seriously or not.
>> I'm being 100 percent

>> PROBST: Go!

In a very close immunity
challenge, Saboga fell behind,

giving Chapera and Mogo Mogo
shared immunity.

( cheering )
Back at camp, Jenna campaigned

to vote out the previous

>> Tonight, I think
it's important to take out the

two winners first.
>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Ethan felt vulnerable.
But Tina was the first All-Star

voted out.
Tina, the tribe has spoken.

With all the tribes denied fire
for three days, the castaways

face severe dehydration.
17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
( theme song playing )

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>> Coming back from Tribal

>> Coming back from Tribal

Council without fire was

With Tina gone, pouring rain,
dying of thirst, them thinking

that we're going to bring fire

So, we leave a pot of water--
of well water, contaminated

water-- in the pot instead of an
open, empty pot to catch rain

water is a bad way to end day

>> I don't think I've ever gone
this long without food.

>> Last night was the
most miserable night of my life.

I tried to sleep.
I didn't get a single wink of

sleep all night long.
I sat upright in the shelter all

night, rocking back and forth,
trying to stay warm, 'cause we

were all soaking wet.
>> Vietnam was the same as

this place, you know.
You get wet, and...

>> You stay wet?
>> ...and your boots

never dried.
>> You were in Vietnam?

>> Yeah, we were down in
the Mekong Delta.

>> You ever scared?
>> Was I scared?

Yeah, for a whole year.
( chuckling )

>> Rudy is one of a kind.
He sleeps on the ground when the

rest of us are squeezing
together in our shelter.

And he was drinking well water
before we could boil safely,

even after we'd been told
specifically that there are some

crazy parasites in there that
will put you in a coma.

Rudy, are you still drinking
that well water?

>> Oh, yes, he is.
>> Well, at this

point, he's drank so much.
( laughing )

>> It doesn't taste like

>> I'm still standing at
noon, don't drink it.

( chuckling )
>> Water contamination

will hit you pretty quick.
But once Rudy decides he wants

to drink the well water, there's
no telling him no.

He does what he wants.
>> There used to be a

little bar next to where we
lived in Utah.

You know, they'd serve ice,
which was rare.

And I asked them, "Where did you
get the water?"

They said the reservoir.
At any given time, you could see

six bodies floating around in
that reservoir, you know?

>> Aw...
>> Did you drink it with

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, geez.
>> And I should worry

about this?
>> Wow.

( chuckles )
>> Dehydration may be our

biggest concern at this point.
We haven't been able to achieve

fire, thus we have not been able
to boil the water from our water

>> Our tongues had

turned white.
It was just so hot.

We were just dying of thirst.
>> Initially, the rain

came, and you're thinking,
"Okay, I got to keep dry."

But after a few minutes of that,
the light bulb went on.

And all of us realized that
fresh water was falling from the

>> I never thought I'd

be so happy to see tropical

We were like animals gone wild.
I mean, we had to have water.

That water was so sweet.
>> I think if it keeps

going like this for a few more
minutes, I'll drink my fill.

>> Hopefully, it'll
rain for quite a while.

It's nice and warm.
It's just wet, wet, wet, wet,

>> My take on Richard's

choice to be, you know, a nudist
out here... honestly it doesn't

bother me in the least.
Every time he drops trou, and

comes just stumbling back into
camp without a stitch of

clothing on, it was hilarious.
>> It's nice out there.

It's not cold.
My thing is, sitting under there

trying to avoid drops, it gets

>> The bad part is, the
rest of us are becoming

comfortable with it.
That's what's even spooky.

We got an overweight, gay, naked
man walking around, and no one

seems to let it bother them.
I don't know.

Unfortunately, I think he wants
us all to be naked and natural

walking around.
That I don't see happening.

>> ♪ We got some water
>> ♪ We got some water

We got some water. ♪
>> Whoo!

>> You would have thought
that maybe we were drinking

champagne, but it was just
getting water from the rain.

>> ♪ Nobody knows
The words

♪ But it's all good today
And I know

We're going to drink ♪
>> ♪ Some water

♪ I want to know
Have you ever seen the rain?

♪ Coming down
Over me... ♪

( laughing )
( cheering )

( chanting )
>> Uh-oh.

>> "Don't open.
Very valuable. Keep dry."

>> We see a big crate,
and there's three padlocks on

the crate.
So, we have no idea what's

>> It looks like we're

playing for a set of keys, yeah?
>> I don't know.

It feels like something
substantial, whatever it is.

>> Maybe it's an animal.
It's always interesting when

they give you boxes.
You know, you go through all the

options of what you'd want to be
in there...

>> Food.
>> Matches or something.

>> Anything, at this point,
that you get to open is fun,

'cause it's like a gift.
>> They brought this

so we could stare at it and
wonder what's in it for the next

two hours.
>> This is, like,

such a tease.
>> Hold on, hold on...

>> Oh, yeah, I tried...
>> Hold on.

I just had an idea.
You guys want to open it?

When we first got that box, my
first inclination was,

"Forget about the note.
We're starving over here."

We just smash it open.
>> No, I don't want to ruin

our chances at anything...
>> You win the

challenge, the challenge...
>> But then, all of a

sudden, everybody else was
saying, "Oh, no, we don't want

to do that.
We might upset Pretty Boy Probst

or something."
( chanting )

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
Mogo Mogo, Chapera getting their

first look at the new Saboga

Tina voted out, first Tribal

Okay, let's get to today's
reward challenge.

We're building a staircase to
the stars.

Here's how it works.
There are five logs tethered out

in the ocean.
On my "go," five members of each

tribe will swim out and get the
furthest log.

Once there, you'll unclip the
log, bring it back, put it in

the staircase as the first leg.
Then four tribe members, then

three, then two, until we get to
the last log.

One tribe member will retrieve
the final log, place it in the

First tribe to get all five

pieces and get to the top of the
platform wins reward.

This is going to be grueling,
especially for your anchors,

'cause they're swimming every

Now, you want to know what
you're playing for?

>> Please.
>> PROBST: Blankets.

Keep you warm at night.
>> That's nice.

>> PROBST: Come in handy.
Chapera, Mogo Mogo, 'cause you

have one extra member, you're
sitting somebody out.

Keeping in mind, you cannot sit
out the same person in

back-to-back challenges.
Chapera, who's sitting out?

>> Big Tom.
>> PROBST: Big Tom. Mogo Mogo,

who's sitting out?
>> Jenna.

>> PROBST: Jenna.
Everybody else, wait for my

For reward, survivors ready?

>> Go, guys.

>> Whoo-ya! Let's go!
Come on, Big Red!

>> PROBST: Swimming out to the
furthest log first.

>> Let's suck some seawater!
Let's go!

>> PROBST: Chapera first at
their log.

Unclips, heading back.
Saboga heading back.

Moga Mogo heading back.
We're dead even.

Stay with that log, guys.
Stay with your log.

>> Stay with the log.
You got it. Let's go!

Go right. What are you doing?
>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: Got to be together.
>> Come on, Rudy.

We need you, buddy.
Come on, Rudy.

Come on.
>> PROBST: Jenna working with

>> Come on!

You just have to get to the

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo together.
Chapera's together.

>> Good job, guys.
>> PROBST: Hang in there, Rudy.

You're there.
Place it once you have it in.

>> I got to get some air.
>> PROBST: All three tribes are

neck and neck.
Shii Ann is sitting out for Mogo

Rudy taking a sit.

Alicia taking a sit.
Four tribe members now swimming

out for the fourth log.
Let's go, keep moving!

You can rest tonight.
Saboga has their second log.

Mogo Mogo has their second log.
>> Let's go, guys!

>> PROBST: Chapera unhooked and
heading back!

>> Let's go, guys!
Let's go!

>> PROBST: Saboga first out the

Mogo Mogo right behind them.
Saboga with their second step in

the ladder.
>> ( groans loudly )

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo heading
back out.

Here comes Chapera.
>> Let's go, guys!

>> PROBST: Jenna sitting out.
Kathy sitting out.

Rob, Amber, Sue, going back.
Swimming really taking its toll.

>> They're slowing down.

The turtle wins the race!
>> PROBST: Saboga has their

third log, heading back.
Mogo Mogo has their third log,

heading back.
Sue, Rob and Amber still

>> Come on, guys!

>> Come on, guys!
>> Come on, guys, please!

>> PROBST: Once again, Saboga
first out of the water.

>> PROBST: Can't put it in till
everybody's there.

>> You're so close!
>> PROBST: Let's go, Mogo Mogo.

You're still in this.
>> Come on, you can do it.

>> PROBST: Rupert and Ethan
heading back out.

>> Come on, you guys!
>> PROBST: Lex and Richard

heading back out for Mogo Mogo
while Chapera comes in with

their third log.
Boston Rob and Sue heading back

Can they close the gap?

Saboga with the big lead.
>> Come on, you guys!

>> PROBST: Rupert looking strong
as ever.

Ethan right there with him.
>> Come on! Hurry up!

>> Come on, let's go!
>> Guys, come on!

>> PROBST: Saboga again first
out of the water.

Mogo Mogo on their tail.
>> Let's go!

>> Catch up!
Let's go, Mogo Mogo.

You're still in this.
Ethan taking the last leg for

>> Go! Go! Go!

>> PROBST: Hatch has a lot of
ground to make up on Ethan.

Can he do it?
Mariano taking the last leg for

>> You're catching up!

Let's go!
>> This is everything, Ethan.

Come on.
>> Come on, Ethan!

>> Ethan, we love you!
>> PROBST: A lot of swimming

with no food and no water in
your belly.

Boston Rob having a tough time.
>> Go... Ethan.

>> PROBST: Ethan close to
winning it for Saboga.

Hatch still a lot of ground to
make up.

Ethan with the final log for

Got to get to the top.
>> Go, Ethan, go!

>> PROBST: Saboga wins reward.
>> You did it.

And we showed them.
>> Get in here, Rudy.

>> PROBST: All right.
Saboga, congratulations.

And your reward, blankets.
>> Yay.

>> PROBST: Before you take the
blankets, I want to make a

proposition to you.
Each tribe today received a

lock box.
I'm going to tell you what's in

the lock box: Rice.
>> ALL: Oh!

>> Oh, man.
>> PROBST: Only problem is, that

lock box and the rice in it does
you no good, because you need

three keys to get it open, and
even if you had it open without

fire, you can't cook the rice.
So, here's the offer.

You can trade the blankets for
this-- the first clue to finding

the first key to get in your
lock box.

You'll have a constant source of

fire, and a pot to cook that
rice in.

There's a rub.
If you take...

the pot with the clue and the
map and the flint instead of the

blankets, Mogo Mogo gets it, as
well as Chapera.

>> Oh.
( all talking )

>> Is that good with

>> What are you going to do?
>> I say we still take

it, give everybody.
>> Give everybody...

>> Oh!
>> Yes!

>> Oh, yeah!
>> Thank you.

( cheering )
>> PROBST: Here you go.

I'm throwing it up.
( cheering )

>> Toss it up here, Jeffy.
>> I can't believe they

>> Toss it up here, Jeffy.
>> I can't believe they

ousted Tina.
>> Holy...

>> Oh, my God, that is...
That is such a shock.

>> I would have put a
lot of money that Rudy was gone.

Holy crap.
That thing kind of blew me out

of the water.
Tina, first one out.

Big targets on the winners,
except me.

It was a big target on me.

We'll see.

>> Me, I'm surprised, but
at the same time, it's cool,

because it sets the tone for the
whole game.

>> There's no...
>> Tina's first out.

We all know what...
It's business this time.

>> It was tough.
That was probably the toughest

challenge I've ever

>> That might be the hardest
challenge I've done

on Survivor.
>> any Survivor.

>> When we showed up to
the challenge, and I saw Tina

was voted out of the game, that
made me very excited, because I

think that she's a big phony.
And if it means that the winners

are going next, that's all right
by me.

But the last time I checked, I
didn't have a million dollars

>> You want to get some

fire going?
>> Let's try to get the

Let's go, Tommy, first try.

There it is, there it is, there
it is.

>> Yeah, there's a
coating on the flint, and you

got to get all the coating off,
and then you can strike it.

>> Big Tom knows what
he's doing.

>> I came back here, and
I knew exactly how to build a

fire and get it started, but of
course, Boston Rob and Big Tom--

these guys are so macho.
They're the men.

They're the men of the tribe.
>> Tommy, you're getting

sparks already.
>> Can we build a nest

right on it and-and light it
from here, as opposed to that

>> Yeah, let's try to do

>> Because...

>> Well, uh, really that's
great, but, uh...

>> Can I try it?
>> Yeah, try it.

>> Right now, old farm
boy's just got to keep his mouth

It's too early in the game to be

I think we got four or five

bosses and maybe one Indian.
>> Make sure it's fluffy.

>> Want me to scrape a little
bit of the magnesium on there?

>> Yeah, you want air.
>> Yeah, go ahead,

scrape a little magnesium on it.
>> Lots of air.

>> Awesome. That's good.
That's all you have to do.

>> Alicia's just talking
a little bit too much.

>> Don't-don't move away
from the fire.

>> She walks around
giving orders constantly.

It's her nature.
She got a big mouth.

She needs to learn to shut it.
>> You got it.

There you go, you got it.
That's it.

That's all we needed.

>> Yee-ha!
>> That was...

>> We got it.
We got it going on.

>> There you go.
>> Sweet.

>> There'll be no more
rubbing of sticks together.

>> Oh, my God.
>> Oh!

( grunts )
>> That was flame.

Oh, my God.
In the first two min...

Oh, my God, I'm getting excited.
>> Our lives are about to

change for the better.
>> It's still going to

be very hard.
This is showing me that I'm

You know, I thought I was an

outdoors man, and I am, with a

( laughs )
>> Hello, water.

I don't know.
You're much stronger than I am.

>> You don't think I'm
the biggest...?

After my display today, you
don't think I'm the biggest

target that's out there right

>> Yeah.
I felt really bad for Ethan,

because he knows he's on the
chopping block.

And then, it was even worse at
the reward challenge when he did

so well.
And I went to congratulate him

like I did everyone else, and I
was, like, "Great job."

And he's, like, "Yeah."
'Cause he knows it's all for

We don't know when we're going

to lose immunity.
We might not lose.

It might be nine days.
Who knows?

Just give it a couple of days
rest, okay?

>> I already had a talk
with Jenna Lewis.

She says, "Well, you know, maybe
we'll keep you around a little

longer, you know, if that's what
you wanted."

Oh, thanks, Jenna.
You know, thanks for granting me

that one wish.
It's like she's, like, so cocky,

calling the shots and stuff, and
it just bugs me.

>> Whoa!
>> Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,

oh, yeah...
>> Wait.

Don't blow too hard, you're just
gonna blow it out.

>> There's a fire.
There's a fire going.

>> Sticks, more sticks.
>> There you are.

There you go.
>> Some more, some more.

More sticks.
>> I'll blow it from

this side.
>> We got plenty of sticks.

>> Jesus! Aah, aah.

Damn it.
I'm all right.

>> Oh, God.
>> Stupid me puts my face

two inches from the fire.

It singed all of the hair off
the front of my head, but we

have fire.
It's like the power of the gods.

>> I see that.
>> Yay!

>> Yay!
>> We got fire!

>> It's joy.

>> It's wet.
Here comes the rain.

>> It starts pouring, we
may need to postpone this.

We made a huge effort to try to
make fire.

I don't know what the deal is.
I don't know if it's... if, at

this point, it's a function of
our materials or our level of

energy that there are too many
conditions that are working

against us, because the
humidity's so high.

>> Oh!
>> Let me blow from the bottom.

>> It's going to pour any

>> No, it's not.
>> Look at that.

>> Should we maybe consider
not making fire until the storm

>> Until tomorrow morning.

>> Yeah.
>> No.

Why not keep trying?
>> I don't want to waste

>> I mean, we have an

opportunity to make fire.
Why not?

( thunder rumbling )
( rain pouring )

>> Why is it so cold?
>> I hate the fact we don't have

>> Oh. We should have done the

fire right when we got back.
>> I know.

>> We're freezing because
our lame boys didn't make the

Lex now regrets how he didn't

get on it, so I'm just trying to
warm up, 'cause we're all

soaking wet.
I'm having a great time.

( birds squawking )
>> We need more fuel,

We finally got fire, and, uh, I

mean, fire is everything.
It's food, it's water.

You know, it gives you a

Oh, my God, we've got fire.
>> "...past the forest where

roots sprout from the ground,
the outermost point is where it

can be found.
Carved in the side of the hill

is a cave.
Tucked deep inside is the key

that you crave."
>> I think it's that way.

>> We decided to go
look for the key for one of the

three locks on the treasure
chest of what I guess now we

found out is rice.
( squawking )

>> No?
>> No, not that I can find.

>> What?
>> We found it.

>> You did?
>> Put it back.

I wanted to see where it is.
>> Cool box.

>> Here we go.
>> Let's see, let's see, let's

>> Found it, no problem.

It was deep within the cave.
Anybody looking would think of

today as huge, given that we got
water and fire and a key to the

That's all extraneous crap to

That's not Survivor.

The game's all the interpersonal

Yeah, you roar.
We got it, whoa!

( blows raspberry )
You know, that's outside the

That just isn't in me.

>> Is he still limping?
>> He's kind of stumbling,

even just walking
over those rocks.

>> Yeah, I know.
>> But he's walking.

He's getting around.
He's... you know...

a tough old man.
>> My foot hurts when I

You know, it, uh... it sort of

makes me limp a little.
I don't know what's wrong.

It... probably in a week, it'll
be back to normal.

>> How's it doing today?
Any better?

>> Not much.

>> Why don't you sit
down, take it easy?

>> I wanted to see if I
could run.

I can't.
>> Rudy's not doing okay.

His feet... he's got a big
blister, but also he did

something to the bone inside
that's been really hurting.

And he tells me he can't walk,
he can't run.

>> I sure hope it's not
a running challenge today,

'cause we'll be dead alive.
>> PROBST: First things first.

'cause we'll be dead alive.
>> PROBST: First things first.

Thank you, Amber.
Shii Ann.

Shared immunity for two tribes
back up for grabs.

Ready for today's challenge?
Each tribe will start out an a

floating platform.
On my "go," all five tribe

members will dive out, get to
the bottom of the ocean floor,

where you will find a sunken
boat loaded with 14 very heavy

Untying a series of slipknots,

you'll release the crates.
Then you have to get the crates

out of your boat.
Once all 14 crates are out, the

boat will float to the top.
You'll drag it back to your

platform, flip it over and start
bailing out the water.

You get your paddles.
It is a race back to shore.

The first two tribes to cross
the finish line with all members

and their boat wins immunity.
Chapera, Mogo Mogo, because you

have extra members, you're
sitting somebody out.

For Chapera, who's sitting out
this one?

Alicia. Mogo Mogo?
All right, Shii Ann.

Everybody else, swim out.
Here we go, guys.

For immunity.
Survivors ready?

Everybody got to get a hand on

the pontoon.
Start diving!

>> We got them all.
>> Okay.

>> I got two boxes off.
>> PROBST: Take your time.

2,000 pounds of weight in that

( indistinct voices )
>> Oh!

( splutters )
>> I got one.

( coughs )
>> PROBST: Jenna heads back for

( coughs )
>> PROBST: Jenna heads back for

Saboga to the platform.
>> Go, Rupert.

It's right there.
>> PROBST: Saboga, the first

tribe with their boat up,
dragging their boat back to the

Saboga at the platform.

Saboga at the platform.

>> Right there.
Let it up, let it up.

>> PROBST: Chapera with their
boat up.

Mogo Mogo has their boat up.
>> Come on!

>> Push!
>> PROBST: Chapera catching up.

Saboga already bailing.
( indistinct voices )

>> Pick it up, pick it up!
Just bail, just bail.

>> PROBST: Saboga bailing water.
Chapera starting to flip their

Mogo Mogo almost back to the

Saboga still bailing water.

Chapera trying to flip their

Chapera, Mogo Mogo trying to get
their boat flipped.

( indistinct voices )
Chapera flipping their boat.

Chapera's boat is empty.
Mogo Mogo working on flipping

that boat.
Saboga still bailing water.

>> Get out of the boat!
( shouting )

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo's flipped
their boat.

Chapera takes the lead.
( shouting )

Mogo Mogo trying to bail water.
Saboga trying to bail water.

Saboga lost a bailing bucket.
>> Okay, we got it.

Saboga lost a bailing bucket.
>> Okay, we got it.

One, two...
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo paddling

while they bail.
A risky strategy.

Saboga was the first tribe back
to the platform.

They are still at the platform.
Saboga forgets a paddle, another

>> Rudy, get in the boat!

>> Rupert!
>> It's sinking! Bail!

>> PROBST: Hatch takes a dump.
>> Bail in the back, bail in the

>> CHAPERA: One, two, row!

>> Damn it.
>> Team, let's go!

>> Damn it.
>> Team, let's go!

Rudy, get your butt up here!
Where is he?

Where is he?
>> PROBST: Chapera with a big

>> CHAPERA: One, two.

( grunting )
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo sinking

Saboga, you still have a shot.

The first two tribes win

>> Everybody out.
Everybody out. Everybody out.

>> PROBST: Chapera first to the

>> Come on, we can do it.
( cheering )

>> Say it, Jeff, say it!

>> Whoo!
>> Drop that puppy!

>> PROBST: Chapera, first to
cross, wins immunity.

( cheering )
It is a race for second place.

>> Come on, Mogo Mogo.
We're still in the hunt.

( yelling )
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo wins

>> Yeah, baby! Whoo!

>> PROBST: For the second
straight time, Saboga going to

Tribal Council.
Chapera, congratulations.

Tribal Council.
Chapera, congratulations.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: ...once again.
Safe from Tribal Council,

three more days out in Panama.
>> Put it up, let's go!

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo, who wants

Safe from Tribal Council three

more days out in Panama.
What's to say, Saboga?

Great effort, another tough
challenge, another visit to

Tribal Council.
Another tribe member going home.

I'll see you there.
You guys can head back to camp.

>> We had it.
>> We played stronger, we

just didn't play smarter.
>> I was so frantic.

I wanted to get going already.
>> I know.

Then once you and Jerri climbed
in, it was sunk again.

And we had to lift it back up.
It was just a stupid mistake.

>> One stupid mistake.
>> Today's immunity

challenge was a huge letdown,
and each one of us is blaming

ourselves for some part of what

>> Ethan gets way too
excited at challenges.

This time, even though he helped
so much at the beginning, he

hurt us at the end of the
challenge, and he knew it.

Are you going to see if you can
catch fish?

>> Well, tonight we got
to go to Tribal Council.

And based on last Tribal
Council, you know, I'm going to

go tonight.
And it's scary, you know.

I'm in limbo.
I'm hanging on by a thread right

I got to make sure people want

me here, so why not try to start
spear fishing?

However, if they or we expect to
win any more challenges, you

know, Rudy has to go home.
>> Rudy came to me.

>> Rudy what?
>> Listen to me.

Then we all have to vote for

Are you okay with that?
( sighs )

I hear you.
>> Rudy is most definitely a

hero... more so than any other
person here.

He deserves to be here.
75 years old and doing ( blip )

I can't?
( voice breaking ): It's

killing me to be here.
Rudy came to me on the first day

saying, "I need a buddy."
>> I know what you're

I adore him.

But we're losing bad.
>> Even though, right now,

discussion is about voting off
Rudy 'cause he's our weakest

link, he's tough as nails.
He never once complained about

anything out here, not once.
>> I don't want to

write anybody's name down.
I'd write my own ( blip ) name

>> Do you want to vote

for Ethan?
>> I'm not writing

Rudy's name down.
I know that.

I'm not writing Rudy's name

>> Bounces off.
>> Bounces off of them?

Probably a good-sized fish, too.
>> Yeah, they're, like,

that big.
>> Yeah.

>> Ethan was out there
by the rocks trying his new

spear, and he came up

I think Ethan was trying to make
himself more of an asset to the

team, and if he could get fish
as well as Rupert, it would be

harder to vote him off.
And then Rupert walks out into

the water, and it's amazing.
A fish?!

>> We got our first one.
>> Well done.

>> We're having fish

>> Damn straight.
>> Oh, my God.

>> He's little, but he's
got some meat.

>> Wow!

>> Now, Rupert goes out.
Five minutes later, he comes

back with a fish.

>> Come here, Ethan.
Dig in there.

>> Wow, that's yummy.
>> That ain't a bad fish,

you know?
>> Love trigger.

He's a great fish.
>> You know, I'm struggling

out here.
I'm trying to find my niche, and

it's not working.
>> PROBST: So, Rupert, how has

it's not working.
>> PROBST: So, Rupert, how has

fire improved life at camp?
>> Last time we were here,

we were... sad, we were whipped.
Three days with no food and

Day four came, we won the

challenge, we gave everybody

We were the victors.
Whew! It was a great day.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about
today's challenge.

From where I was watching, I was
trying to figure out who was

going to come in second, because
Saboga clearly had it won.

And then, Ethan, what happened?
>> Well, we made a silly

Instead of pulling the boat up

entirely out of the water and
dumping it, we tried to bail it

while it was still full.
>> PROBST: Jerri, did today's

loss set you guys back in terms
of, now you're going to be down

to four after tonight?
>> Absolutely.

It's our second time in a row
here, and that always sucks.

It just sucks coming here,

>> PROBST: How about you, Rudy?
What is it about this game that

continues to appeal to you?
You've survived situations much

worse than this.
>> I really don't know why

I'm here again.
( chuckles )

I'm three years slower, that's
for sure.

But I like it.
You know, putting up with the

people is the survival part, not
putting up with the elements.

>> PROBST: How are you hanging
in there physically?

>> Good.
I got a sore ankle, but I think

it's going away.
>> PROBST: Rupert, new guy on

the block, but obviously, you
could be odd man out.

>> Oh, yes.
I'm always going to feel that

odd man out.
Um, my one saving grace right

now, I caught a fish.
I caught a fish.

( laughter )
I poked it with a stick.

I caught a fish.
>> PROBST: Rupert starts

catching fish, he becomes much
more valuable. Ethan?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Did you have any

reaction when Rupert came in
with the fish?

>> I was psyched that I
was going to eat.

( laughter )
I mean, yeah, I didn't catch a

fish first, but it doesn't mean
I'm not going to catch ten

>> PROBST: Ethan, it appeared

last time that Tina was voted
out, if for no other reason than

she's won this game before, and
nobody wanted her to win again.

The only other guy on this block
tonight that's won this game is

So how are you feeling?

>> I feel nervous.
Tribal Council's a scary place.

My insides are upside down,
flipping around, just like that

fish we caught today.
I have a target on my back, and

it's out there in the open.
>> PROBST: So how do you vote

Jenna, is there a chance

that it's still a money issue?
>> Yeah, there's still

a chance.
People are voted out of this

game all the time for being too
strong, too alpha male, too much

of a provider.
What's the difference?

Those people don't deserve to

They're providing for their
tribes, but people see them as

The winners have already won.

That's a strong competition.
So it's just like any other way

to vote, if you see it that way.
>> PROBST: Okay, it's time to

Jerri, you're up.

>> Rudy, it was an honor to be
on your team, but this is

purely strategical.
>> Ethan, you're tough.

purely strategical.
>> Ethan, you're tough.

Rudy and I made a pact, and I am
not voting for Rudy.

I got to vote for you, Ethan.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote... Rudy.

One vote Ethan, one vote Rudy.

Two votes Ethan, one vote Rudy.

Two votes Rudy, two votes Ethan.

I'll read the last vote.
Second person voted out of the

Saboga Tribe... Rudy.
You need to bring me your torch.

Rudy, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

Well, Tribal Council is an
interesting place, always

Tonight was no exception.

How could you not like Rudy?
75-year-old former Navy SEAL,

hanging with kids a third of his
age: a hero in anybody's book.

I know you didn't want to vote
him out, and yet somebody had to

go, which is exactly what makes
Survivor what it is:

Grab your torches, head on back

to camp.
Good night.

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>> PROBST: Next time on

Rupert and Jerri go

>> I know what I did,
'cause I've done my ...

for years.
>> Rupert's a complete

control freak.
Let's just ... do it.

>> Jerri and Rupert got
in a fight. Perfect.

That's just what I wanted.
>> PROBST: While Richard faces

off with a shark.
>> Screw it-- I'm not leaving

the thing there, I'm going home
with food.

>> I talked to these people
about two hours ago, and

everything was all set up to
vote Ethan off.

And, uh, I can see Ethan voting
against me, but I can't see the

other two people voting against
me, and if I was them, I'd stay

clear of me.
I got a lot of friends.

That's about all I got to say.