Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 1 - They're Back! - full transcript

The eighteen All-Stars, from previous Survivor seasons, arrive at Panama already divided into three tribes, Chapera, Mogo Mogo and Saboga.

>> ( speaking Spanish )

>> ( speaking Spanish )
>> JEFF PROBST: We've returned

>> ( speaking Spanish )
>> JEFF PROBST: We've returned

to the waters of the Pacific
Ocean just off the coast of

Panama for the greatest Survivor

In order to ensure top secrecy,
we are under full military

The air space has been shut

The waters have been cleared.

Just below me are three boats,
all out of sight of each other.

Onboard each boat, six people.
These are the Survivor all-

stars, 18 former castaways
returning to play the ultimate

game one more time.
Each survivor has been given one

canteen and very little

Aside from their own tribe
mates, they have no idea who

else is in the game.
They don't even know there are

three tribes.
When they arrive at their

respective beaches, they will
find only one machete, to be

shared by the entire tribe.
And that's it.

No food, no fire, no help.
It's the least amount of

supplies ever given to a group
of survivors.

They say they're the best of
the best.

Well, it's time to prove it.
Have they learned from their

past, or are they doomed to make
the same mistakes again?

And will old relationships come
back to help them or haunt them?

39 days, 18 all-stars, one

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>> PROBST: These 18 all-stars

>> PROBST: These 18 all-stars

divided into three tribes are
about to begin the most

competitive Survivor ever.
The Mogo Mogo tribe, which will

always wear green, consists of:
Jenna Morasca, winner of

Survivor: Amazon.
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Survivor:

Richard Hatch, winner, Survivor:

Colby Donaldson, Survivor: The

Australian Outback.
Lex Van Den Berghe, Survivor:

and Shii Ann Huang, Survivor:

The Saboga tribe, which will

always wear yellow, consists of
Rudy Boesch, Survivor: Borneo.

Tina Wesson, winner of Survivor:
The Australian Outback.

Jenna Lewis, Survivor: Borneo.
Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor:

Jerri Manthey, Survivor: The

Australian Outback
and Rupert Boneham, Survivor:

Pearl Islands.
The Chapera Tribe, which will

always wear red, consists of:
Rob Cesternino, Survivor:

Rob Mariano, Survivor:

Alicia Calaway, Survivor: The

Australian Outback,
Sue Hawk, Survivor: Borneo,

Amber Brkich, Survivor: The
Australian Outback

and Tom Buchanan, Survivor:

( whooping )
>> My tribe is a very

eclectic group and it's gonna be
really interesting to watch how

this shakes out.
I can't wait to start wheeling

dealing and building shelters
and winning challenges and vote

people out.
>> You know, it's hard for

me to realize-- I'm 48.
I've got young 'uns their age,

but I'm here for the new race.
This ain't a little boy's game.

It's for the big boys.
>> All-Star Survivor

is gonna be so cut-throat it's
not even gonna be fun.

Nobody trusts anybody. Nobody.
Nobody trusts anybody, you

>> Well, let's see.

>> Hey, we got a machete anyway.
>> Yeah, we got a note.

>> All right, honey.
>> You ready?

>> Yes.
>> It's a map.

>> It's a map, to the
water and to the burnt log.

>> It's weird, because
we know each other.

You know who to be careful of,
who not to be careful of, who

are friends, who are not

Like, everybody knows, if you
push my buttons you may get me

to crack, an-and that could be
my demise.

>> Is that way...?
Which way is north?

>> Hey! I-I...
Hey, I think this is it.

We've either found the water or-
or a big john, one.

>> Oh, no.
>> Oh, no.

>> That looks like milk to me.
We have well water, and it's

highly contaminated.
You're gonna get all these

diseases if you don't boil it.
We have no fire.

I mean, it's just like they
dropped you off, all right, go.

Go ahead.
There's a cooking pot and

machete... a water source.
What you would do?

>> Our supplies here are
extremely meager.

As all-star survivors, we don't
have anything to build a fire

with so, I think shelter is the
primary concern.

>> What about this space right
here, you guys?

>> That's real solid.
>> We go all the way across.

>> Right to there.
>> The best way to do it...

>> We got a team.
The first thing we want to do if

we wanted to be a team...
It wasn't five minutes, they

was six ideas on how to do

>> Are all six of
us going to go to sleep at

the same time?
>> Instead of going

there, we're going this way.
>> Yes.

>> Why don't we try to do
it right from the beginning?

You know? I'm not trying to be a
bitch, but it's like-- do it

right, babe.
I'm definitely vulnerable.

I'm the first one out...
because I'm the most outspoken.

>> What do you think?
>> Tom is weird.

What's he's worrying about the
... roof for?

Okay. Um, I'm okay now.
Let's grab that big one there...

>> All right.
>> ...and put it right

here, Rob.
>> We're putting it over here

Now we're moving again?

I didn't know I was gonna be
again on the buffoon tribe, but

apparently I'm the brains behind
this operation, so I'm gonna

have to make it work somehow.
>> Saboga.

>> Is that a machete?
>> It is a machete.

>> Yay.
>> A map.

>> We are here and the
water is there.

>> First impression of the
group, I'm happy with the group.

You know, you got the mom, the
nice guy, the military guy, the

hot chick.
We're all going to play this

game, and we're all going to
battle for this prize, and it's

just, it's amazing that all
these different styles of play

are going to come together.
>> Rudy!

>> What do I look like,

( laughter )
>> I did this again

because it's part of my being.
It's not about the money for me.

It's all about life experiences.
And whenever I kick the bucket

one day, I am going out with a
casket full of life experiences.

>> Rupret?
>> Rupert.

>> Sorry. Rupert.
>> How are you getting there,

just cutting through here?
I'm the new guy on the block,

you know.
All these people know each

>> Take a right.

>> Right now I'm just
trying to stand back and let all

these egos decide what we do and
I'll be the worker bee.

New strategy for a new game.
>> Rupert, look at this.

Holy cow!
We're in banana heaven!

>> We're in paradise.
>> We really are.

Okay, we have so many bananas,
but they're not quite ripe.

When we got on the boat and
I saw everybody, I was ecstatic.

Rupert and Jerri are in my

Rudy, perfect ally.
Tina and Ethan, two winners.

It's so easy to convince the

others to vote off the two

>> Banana tree was a dead-
end trail.

We're following whatever trail
was by the banana tree.

>> I feel very vulnerable.
I did get put on a team

with a woman who doesn't like

Tina is a huge concern of mine.
She didn't like me in Australia,

and I don't know necessarily if
she likes me now.

But I'm going to try this new
strategy of mine and that's just

to keep my damn mouth shut.
>> Lookit.

>> Yay.
>> Oh, yay.

>> Yes, that's very

>> Oh, nice.
>> We did find our water

source but we can't drink it
right out of the well.

There's potential brain
parasites that will put you in a

coma, so it's not something to
be taken lightly.

>> Take a pot of water
back with us.

>> No, no, no, no.
We have to boil it, Rudy.

Five minutes, we have to boil

>> We'll boil it, we'll boil it.
>> You know, I drank bad

water all over the world, in
Vietnam and Russia, and it never

bothered me.
I drank dirtier stuff than that.

>> I like this spot.
>> I like this spot for shelter.

>> This is my vote.
>> What do you think

about this, Kathy, for a house?
Give you all reasons.

There's a little breeze, but
we'll put the fire closer to the

water where there's even more
breeze 'cause that's where we'll

mostly be hanging out, I think.
>> I don't see why not.

As long as there's a breeze to
keep the bugs away.

>> We've got to have a
fire, and we've got to have a

We know where the water is.

>> You guys get bamboo...
>> We're going to bring,

yeah, building materials as far
as bamboo.

I think I'd be lying if I said
there wasn't a day that went by,

since being in Africa, that I
didn't think at some point, even

if it was just for a moment,
about Survivor and about the

game and about the possibility
of coming back one day.

>> We can use that tree
and the "Y" there and lay one

beam in there and that will be
the high side.

It'll angle this way.
We don't need it any higher than

It's never been done before.

No one's ever gone back to play
this game twice.

It changes the game completely,
not from a physical standpoint

but psychologically we know how
bad gets and we know how long

this road is.
It'll be interesting to see

who's up for that.
Are you guys all cool with this

>> No, that's fine, yeah.

>> I just can't
believe we're here.

Like, we're such morons.
You left everything you love to

come starve and have no water,
have no fire.

Seriously, we've got issues.
>> I know they're making

>> I told you it was

going to be them against us.
>> It's the guys and the

girls, totally.
I totally know it.

>> Hey.
>> Yeah?

>> Those girls are
plotting, honey.

Hope you aren't plotting with

>> No, we didn't
get into anything, honestly.

>> People are a little
bit paranoid and that's a good,

good state to have them in.
Suppose I ought to be as well,

>> The guys have got some

You can feel it.

>> I think Colby and
Lex are, like... Richard...

>> I think they are.
I think they are. I really do.

There is a girl thing that got
manifested, and so we were

talking about it.
And did we even think of doing a

360 to look around if anybody
was listening?

>> Let's talk about
that since I was sitting in the

woods listening to the girl

( laughs )
>> There is too much girl power.

So our alliance wasn't too good.
So with that, we just aired out

all our dirty laundry.
>> Boys, I told them

what I heard about the girl
power and they think we got boy

power going.
>> You know what?

Let's just call a time-out...
>> I agree.

>> We have so much time to
do that later.

Let's just have a good time now.
Let's win challenges when we

have to win challenges and let's
get a comfortable shelter going.

>> I don't trust any of
you sons of guns.

>> I don't trust any of you!
>> I don't care whether

you're a man, or woman.
I don't trust you.

>> Let's just
win and then we won't talk about

this for another...
>> We can definitely put

this on the back burner for a
while, can't we?

>> Survivor: All-Stars
is a different game and I'm

figuring out how to play it.
So I've really got to push and

probe and stir the pot a little.
I'm just a big-ass target,

Doesn't matter what I do.
Just going to keep shaking

things up a little bit.
>> Richard, do you

know where we can find a rock
that might start the fire with a

>> A rock against

steel, you think?
>> Oh, are you naked?

>> Wouldn't that be shocking?
>> It would be shocking.

Yeah, he's naked. Okay.
>> All right, we'll be back.

>> That's enough.
This is off to an interesting

>> There it goes.

>> This it is.
>> Keep going.

This is it.
>> Come on!

Come on!
( grunting )

>> All right.
>> We have to be able to

boil the water.
The first tribe in this game

that gets water and fire is a
tribe that's going to go the

>> This is burning hot.

>> I've so been where

you're at right now.
I did it for two days in Borneo.

I can't do fire. I have tried.
>> All right, there's

that positive attitude we're
looking for.

>> I killed myself
probably three hours each day to

try to start a fire.
You guys have just started.

>> So far, Sue has yet to
help us on the fire.

She says, "I can't do it."

Borneo, where the hell they went
last time.

Well, this ain't last time.
This is this time.

>> I am not going to let
myself even get close to

dehydration because it's hard to
bring yourself back from it,

especially in this kind of

Got to drink it.
I lived in Canada for six years

and I drank the water right out
of the lakes.

Right out of the lakes.
No filter system, nothing.

The way I see it, I drank enough
beaver poop in my life that my

body can handle what might be
growing in there, eh?

>> You drank the water
from the well?

>> Yeah.
>> Without boiling it?

>> Rob, I've probably
dranken worse water.

>> How much of it did you drink?
>> I drank four big coconut...

I left the coconut shell up

It's, like, three-quarters of a
coconut shell.

>> Can anybody say "dumb ass"?
>> I drank four of 'em.

I actually got too full.
I wanted to drink more, but I'm

too full.
>> That's a lot, Sue.

>> Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

I don't know what Sue is up to.
If you get sick and you have to

check out of this game, you're
leaving five other people

here to do the job of six.
>> If she's going to drink

it, she's going to drink it.
>> If it's going to kill

her, I don't want to leave her
half dead because it will be a

... mess.
>> It would stink.

And we'll have to clean it.
>> It'll be like a corpse.

>> Got smoke, got smoke,
got smoke.

Some smoke.
>> Come on.

>> I can't.
I can't.

We're all dying of thirst.
We need fire.

My head's ready to pop.
We need to be able to boil

We could be like Rudy and just

grab the water and drink it, but
none of us want to die.

>> It's burning my fingers.
>> We're so close.

( Ethan grunting )
>> We tried with the

fire plow forever.
Nothing happened.

We got a curl of smoke and we
were like cavemen, but that's

not fire.
>> Once you work this bow,

it causes friction.
A lot more friction than that

way, you know?
I mean, if you want to do it the

right way, this is the way.
>> Well, so that didn't work.

>> Nope.
>> I mean, unless God

strikes a log around here with
lightning, we might never get

>> We definitely need

something right now to give us
some hope.

I think everybody's starting to
feel a little...

>> Feel worried.
Not a little. Feel worried.

>> I'm glad I'm not alone.
>> No, you're not alone.

I'm worried as hell.
>> We've been given

nothing, and the realization of
it has now hit home.

No one's going to come in and
save us.

We have to save ourselves.
( Rupert sighs )

>> You know what I think?
Me and you ought to think about

an alliance.
>> You're a man of your word,

too from what a know of you.
I am, too.

Rudy looks at me and the first
time he sees me, you know, all

tie-dyed and hippie, he looked
right through it and wanted to

be my buddy.
>> Tina and Ethan are good

>> I know.

>> The other two are good

>> I know.
>> We could be out of this

thing in a hurry.
>> Yup.

>> I figured me and Rupert
ought to protect ourselves and

form an alliance, and that's all
we did.

He says, "I can depend on you,"
and he says, "You can depend on

That's all I got to hear.

>> You and I are going
to be strong to the end.

>> Yeah.
>> Rudy is a man of few

words, but from what I gathered,
he's a man of honor.

If he and I stick together, if
we can just make it through

these first few days, he and I
will stick together through the

end of the game.
>> I'm dying.

end of the game.
>> I'm dying.

I didn't sleep at all last

Every two seconds, rolling over,
getting bit, I don't think I can

do another night like that.
>> No.

>> I am beat right now.
>> You know what?

I don't want to do another night
like that.

>> Last night was by far
the worst night I've ever spent

in a Survivor.
I would have built a shelter

completely differently.
I'm in construction.

I know what I'm doing.
>> Once we get fire, we

can make everything else happen.
That's the thing.

>> That's the thing.
>> We got our shelter, good.

I don't even want to think about
that shelter until we have fire.

I don't even care about it.
I'll sleep on the beach if I

have to, but we need to have
fire to get some water at this

>> I'm more than willing

to work on the fire issue, but
all aspects of our shelter

should have been created

These flat pieces are no good.
>> It's my back and my

shoulders and arms touching the

>> And the sand.
>> Yeah.

>> There are six people
here without water.

Two people are more concerned
about the bottom of the shelter

because they're not comfortable
at night sleeping.

There's not one person here that
doesn't understand that you two

have not been able to sleep.
Six people haven't had water.

That's what I'm thinking.
>> We've been busting

our ass trying to make fire
since we got here, since day

>> You keep giving up on it,

>> Every single day.

We haven't been giving up.
We're physically exhausted.

We're dehydrated.
>> Don't yell.

>> I'm not yelling, I'm just
saying call it like it is.

>> I am calling it like it is.
We just talked about it.

We all are calling it like it

>> I'm not going through
another night over here with no

sleep, that's all.
>> I was sleeping in the

same thing you guys were.
>> We didn't sleep, though.

>> I never heard so much
cry baby, titty sucking in all

my life.
We bitched about the clothes,

we bitched about the weather,
and we bitched that God ain't

give us no water.
We're going to have to toughen

up a little bit.
>> Are you two happy with this?

>> Yeah because we don't
want to do it again.

>> Thank you. That's all
I care about, really.

'Cause I have been able to

I want you guys to be able to

>> What can I say about Alicia?
She's a drama queen.

You want the fact, you come to
Mariano, you get it as it is.

She's a drama queen.
>> Let's start this

freaking fire.
Somebody has to say something.

They can't just do that.
Who made Rob the master of this

camp and Amber his little
in-pocket girl?

When did that happen?
>> What do you think?

You want to make an alliance and
cover our own asses?

>> I don't know if I can take
you seriously or not.

>> I'm being 100% serious.
Just we can't make it obvious at

Like, I'm carrying logs with you

right now.
It's got to end.

>> Right.
>> All right?

>> All right.
>> Do you want to?

>> Yeah.
>> Amber and I have an

alliance for obvious reasons.
She's beautiful, obviously, any

idiot can see that.
But I'll keep my word no matter

what to her.
I trust her.

I don't think she's going to
screw me.

>> Switch up.
That thing is so hot.

Do you want me to take over?
>> Yeah.

>> Yeah, all-stars.
Boy, that's the kicker.

I think within the last 24
hours we've all questioned, at

least half a dozen times, why in
the world we signed up for this.

>> Maybe there's
something in there.

>> I'm running out of steam.
>> Yeah, I think I

could start the fire without
even blinking.

But they don't need to know

( laughs )
But I have no interest in

Look at how skinny they all are.

They'll be dying in no time.
I'm fine.

I'm not even hungry.
I'm playing that one by ear.

They could think I'm just cocky
and arrogant and think I could

last the whole game.
Hmm, imagine that.

>> Sorry I'm not very helpful.
>> No worries.

If you don't feel well, save
yourself in case we have a

>> And I'm just

frickin' busy, so I'll get to
you when I get a chance.

>> Richard is totally obnoxious.
He's going out of his way to not

do any work.
I think Richard wants to stand

I think Richard wants to be

special in our group.
It's just part of his strategy

to kind of be like a little bit
shocking, like "I don't really

care what happens..."
>> Man, when we... when we

get to the players splitting
this... splitting these things,

and we need more chopping...
>> Cool.

>> know, then you
can help.

( pounding continues )
Richard Hatch was the very first

person to win Survivor, ever.
He spent the last couple, three

years since he won Survivor
talking about how he is just the

best this game has ever seen.
>> I love the fact

that he's just, you know...
>> Lounging, lounging.

>> Lounging in his
birthday suit.

He is the king!
>> He was the king when he

was playing with a bunch of

>> Mm-hmm.
>> That's true.

That's true.
>> That was like shooting

fish in a barrel.
( laughs )

This is a whole 'nother thing

>> He's the prototype
for all of us other survivors,

so of course everyone wants him

Everyone wants to dethrone the

I mean, are you doing this,
like, alone thing on purpose?

'Cause it...
>> Kind of.

Um, I'm off by myself so people
can see I'm not...

Yeah, you guys can be all
talking together.

Four of you went off into the
woods while I was out floating.

>> Yeah, but we
weren't talking about anything.

>> Maybe, but you know
what I mean?

I can't know that.
>> Sure.

>> And have at it, you know?
>> I personally

think... what fun would it be if
the king left the first day?

It wouldn't be any fun.
>> Ah, tree mail.

It wouldn't be any fun.
>> Ah, tree mail.

We just got our first tree mail
today, a little earlier than

But I guess today is just as

good as any day, being that
we'll probably just be thirstier

Well, I've got some good news

and some bad news.
>> Uh-oh.

>> The good news is,
I've got another pole for us to

sleep on.
This is the bad news.

>> What's bad about that?
That's good.

>> Hey, you want to read
it as a group?

>> Sue, you want to come over?
>> Just speak up.

>> Probably start it now.
>> Just speak up!

>> "To and from each
challenge, fly your colors as

you stride.
In a show of unity-- unity--

your flag shows tribal pride.
Three more days are guaranteed

for those triumphant in the

Bring your dive mask with you to
face the man of flame."

That must be Richard Hatch.
>> Just got our tree

mail, our first free mail.
And it seems to be an immunity

challenge, but we're hoping with
an immunity challenge, we can

win some fire, 'cause our tribe
is, uh... we're hurtin' pretty

>> It is killing me not

knowing who else is here.
Every freaking survivor could be

I don't know, and I can't wait

to find out.
>> PROBST: Chapera, come on in.

What's going on?
( laughing )

>> We want to ask you
that question.

>> Yeah, seriously.
We want to know.

>> PROBST: You want to see who
you're playing against?

>> Yeah.
>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo, come on

More familiar faces.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> Hi.
>> PROBST: Any surprises so far?

Hatch, surprised to see anybody
over here from Chapera?

>> Count them gone,
Jeff, count them gone.

One, two, gone!
Who are they? Egh!

>> PROBST: He hasn't changed at
all, has he, Sue?

>> People, ready to leave!
>> His team looks like

they love him already.
( laughing )

>> PROBST: Well, 12 survivors
would be nice.

Two tribes would be fun.
Not enough.

Saboga, come on in.
>> Ooh...

>> Oh-ho!
>> Rupert!

>> The big man in the
back, there he is.

All right. Game on!
>> PROBST: All right, here we

Survivor: All-Stars.

So, tell me about arriving at

Big Tom, what'd you find when
you got to camp?

>> Nothin'.
>> Just a knife and

machete, a machete.
>> Oh, yeah, and a bucket.

>> PROBST: You got a machete?
>> Yeah, and a bucket.

>> PROBST: What else, Hatch?
>> We got a pot.

>> PROBST: Rudy, did you get a
map to water?

>> A map to water, a
machete and a bucket.

And we can't drink the water.
>> PROBST: Why?

>> 'Cause we don't have fire.
>> PROBST: You don't have fire?

>> No.
>> PROBST: How about Chapera?

>> No.
>> PROBST: Hatch, I know you

have fire.
Nobody has fire?

>> No we haven't got it yet.
>> No fire.

>> We got smoke.
>> PROBST: So, as Rudy says, the

water's of no value.
>> Well...

>> I drank it.
>> PROBST: Navy SEAL, how wise

is that?
Is that all right?

>> Yeah.
( laughing )

>> PROBST: So, is it wise
because it's the other tribe?

>> Yeah.
( laughter )

>> There you go.
( laughing )

>> PROBST: All right, let's get
to your first immunity

It harkens back to the very

first challenge we ever did on
Survivor, "Quest for Fire."

Here's how it works.
You will each start on floating

On my "go," you will dive down

and release your raft from a
mooring on the bottom of the

ocean floor.
You'll then take the fire

torches on your raft and use
them to light a series of woks,

making your way back toward the

Once you get to the beach, light
a third wok.

And then you'll drag your raft
under a bamboo crawl.

First two tribes to light their
final wok and cross the finish

line with all six members both
win immunity.

Now, for the immunity idol.
It's two pieces.

A human being.

Each piece grants immunity.
First two tribes to cross the

finish win a piece of the idol.
If you hold part of this

immunity idol, you cannot go to
Tribal Council, you cannot be

voted out of this game.
You ready to get this going?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Swim on out, wait for

my "go."
>> Here we go.

>> Go, guys.
>> PROBST: Richard Hatch just

got naked!
Survivor: All-Stars is

officially on.
Survivors, ready?

Got to get your raft untied

before you can move on.
Two clips to untie the raft.

Chapera is first out of the

Moving toward their woks.
Mogo Mogo right behind them.

Saboga struggling.
( indistinct voices )

Chapera and Mogo Mogo-- neck and

>> Keep going. Yeah, baby!
( grunts )

>> We're almost there.

>> PROBST: Chapera working their
way over to the first wok.

Mogo Mogo heading to their first

>> You got it, Lex.
>> We're almost there.

>> That's okay.
>> We're almost there.

>> Go, go!
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo has their

first wok lit.
Chapera has their first wok lit.

Saboga, still struggling.
>> Come on, guys, get

me over there.
>> Go, Jenna, go!

>> Go!
( indistinct voices )

( grunting )
>> PROBST: Saboga has their

first wok lit.
>> You got it, Jenna, you got

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo and Chapera
still dead even.

( indistinct shouting )
Lex, swimming over to light the

second wok for Mogo Mogo.
Big Tom lighting the second wok

for Chapera.
>> Come on, Jenna!

>> PROBST: Jenna lights the
second wok for Saboga.

>> Go!
>> PROBST: Saboga, closing the

Mogo Mogo first ashore.

Chapera right on their tail.
>> Go, go, push.

Push, guys.
>> PROBST: Fatigue starting to

set in.
Raft is heavy, water tough.

Mogo Mogo with the slight lead.
( indistinct voices )

Mogo Mogo has their third wok

( indistinct voices )
Chapera has their third wok lit.

>> Okay, Jenna.
( indistinct voices )

>> Go, go.
>> PROBST: First two tribes to

finish win immunity.
Everybody and every piece of the

raft has to go under the bamboo

Let's go, Saboga, pick it up.
( shouting )

Saboga's closed the gap.
They're back in it.

>> I can't get the fire out!
I can't get the fire out!

>> Push!

( indistinct voices )
>> One, two, three. Push!

Go! Go! Go!
>> Lift!

( grunting and shouting )
>> PROBST: Chapera, the first

tribe to win immunity.
>> Whoo!

( cheering )
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo not there

Mogo Mogo and Saboga still

fighting for that second

( grunting )
>> Light it!

Lex, light it!
>> Light it!

>> Pick it up, pick it up.
>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo has their

last torch lit.
( grunts )

Mogo Mogo wins immunity.
( indistinct shouts )

>> Whoo!
>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Chapera,

No Tribal Council.

You're out here three more days.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo...

>> Whoo!
>> PROBST: Safe from Tribal

Out here at least three more

>> Mogo!

>> Mogo Mogo!
( cheering )

>> PROBST: Not a happy group.
Tough to lose the first

Tribal Council tomorrow night.

One of you six will be the first
All-Star voted out.

You have tonight and tomorrow to
figure out who that's going to

You can head back to camp.

Chapera, 'cause you crossed
first, you get the honor of

lighting up Burning Man.
( cheering )

>> All right!
>> Yeah!

>> Nice job.
>> Very good job.

>> We won that.
We played as a team.

>> Team.
We have to stay as a team.

All right? Never mind
what's going on back here.

When we had to pull it together
and get it done, we got it done.

Let's go, Chapera!
Let's go! Good job!

( whooping )
We're the biggest bunch of

misfit survivors you could put
together from seven seasons, and

we go out there and win it.
Nobody's expecting us to get it

We are the ultimate underdogs.

>> Wasn't that the coolest?
>> That was the best.

>> We didn't win.
We came in first place of the

very first All-Star Challenge.
>> Immunity challenge.

>> We came back with a
good attitude... but we still

have no fire.
>> Ya!

>> It's horrible
being the first group to Tribal

Council, horrible.
None of us came out here to be

the first one voted off, but one
of us is going to be the first

one voted off.
Tonight I think it's important

we take out the two winners

I don't want to see them get
another million dollars.

I just want to get rid of them
at the beginning.

>> And I hate to say it, but...
it's going to feel good.

>> It's gonna feel great.
>> ...good, because

they don't know what it's like.
>> No, they don't.

Hey, Rupert?
>> I don't know.

>> I don't know Rupert well
enough to know if I can trust

He could be playing a bigger

game than I think.
Everything's a game.

You can't take anything anyone
says for what it means.

You're a very strong member of
the tribe, but you're also a

winner, Ethan.
>> I know, but that's the...

that's your best advantage.
>> No. It's not.

>> You got to be silly now to
bring a winner to the

final two.
>> I just don't want

you and Tina around, 'cause
you're winners.

>> You honestly think that?
>> Yeah.

Nobody out here wants to reward
another winner.

Sorry, guys, it's our game now.
Get the hell off our playing

>> Whatever you do, vote

for Jenna tonight.
We'd have a better chance

tonight to vote Jenny... Jenna.
I think Ethan and I need to

stick together, because if we
are the first two targets, we

need to be trying to figure out
for ourself, well, what can we

do as targets to stay in the

What to do, what to do.
What's a mother to do?

Hopefully, we can pull Rupert in
and kind of surprise everybody

>> You got Jerri and

>> You got Jerri and

Jenna on one side saying, "We
got to get rid of the winners."

I got Tina and Ethan on the
other side saying, "You cannot

trust Jerri and Jenna.
You cannot trust them."

I think I might have some
control over Rudy's vote.

He and I are going to stick

( thunder crashing )
>> PROBST: Welcome to a very wet

( thunder crashing )
>> PROBST: Welcome to a very wet

Tribal Council.
It's a tree house suspended in

the middle of a jungle.
A bit of a climb-- not one

you're gonna want to make often.
Go ahead and grab a torch behind

Approach the flame. Get fire.

Because I know you know by now,
fire represents life on the

island and definitely in this

Once you have fire, put it back
in its slot and have a seat.

Well, it is the rainy season in
Panama, so this could be a sign

of things to come for the next
36 days.

How do the first three days out
here compare to what you've been

through in the past, Jerri?
>> It's total hell.

( laughing )
>> PROBST: Rupert, you just

barely got home, and you turn
around to come out here and do

it again.
( thunder crashing )

Sorry you made that decision?
>> You know, there's a

little piece of me that says,
why in the hell did I come back

I got to think about my wife and

my daughter.
I did this for Laura and Reya.

Maybe I can do better this time.
>> PROBST: I'm noticing that

Jerri is literally collecting
water while we sit here and

slurping it.
>> It's bad, Jeff, it's bad.

You can live without food, but
you cannot live without water,

and we are all feeling it right
now, and it's scary.

It's really scary.
>> PROBST: Are you trying to

collect water in that?
>> Yeah. It ends up

being a spigot.
>> PROBST: Rudy, how does this

tribe stack up against Chapera
and Mogo Mogo?

>> We got a good bunch of

I'm 75, I ain't what a used to

I wish I was 23, but I'm not...
But these guys are all...

they're good.
>> PROBST: Let's talk about

Rudy, you mentioned yours--

you're 75-- although you're
better than most 50-year-olds.

Ethan, what's a drawback for

What's gonna hurt you in this

>> I think, um, having
won a game before may hurt me.

>> PROBST: Is one of the reasons
that being a winner hurts you is

that people respect the fact
that you've won this game and

therefore are dangerous?
>> Definitely, you know?

In addition to that, a lot of
it's payback time, you know?

"You won again.
You had your shot."

>> PROBST: Jenna, can you find a
scenario in your head that could

include a final two that has a
winner and a nonwinner and you

want to vote for the winner?
>> No.

>> PROBST: Really?
>> I wouldn't, no.

>> PROBST: You've already

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Best player may not

win, then, from your point of

>> No.
>> PROBST: Just based on

>> Just based on a

million dollars.
It's a lot easier for the

winners to come back and say
they're here for competition,

because they've got a bank
account that has $1 million.

>> PROBST: Tina, is that fair?
>> Of course not, but we

all... all the winners who came
back knew that coming in.

We all knew that we would have
big targets on our chest.

>> PROBST: Rupert, does it
matter to you if somebody has

won this game before or not?
>> You know, I-I like to

think I would vote for the best
person out there.

>> PROBST: How about for you,

>> If they can do it
again, let them go.

>> You know, look at any sports
team in any league around

the world.
Some teams win the championship

every year.
Should they be knocked out at

the beginning of the season
'cause of the fact that they won

the championship that one year?

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to

Ethan, you're up.
>> Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.

Ethan, you're up.
>> Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.

Your mouth just keeps going and
going and going.

But you better be careful,
'cause it might bite you in that

big old butt of yours.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

big old butt of yours.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: Once the votes are

>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final, and
the person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote...


That's two votes Jenna.

One vote Tina.

Two votes Tina,
two votes Jenna.

That's three votes Tina,
two votes Jenna.

First person voted out of
Survivor: All-Stars...

Tina, could you bring me your

Tina, the tribe has spoken.
Because you do not yet have fire

Tina, the tribe has spoken.
Because you do not yet have fire

back at the camp, you won't be
taking your torches back with

They will stay here until you

have made fire on your own.
You guys can head back.

Good night.
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scenes from our next episode.
Next time on Survivor:

Everyone is desperate for water.
>> Dehydration may be our

biggest concern.
>> These people are like animals

gone wild.
>> PROBST: And Ethan tries to

prove his worth.
>> Are you going to

see if you could catch fish?
>> I'm struggling out here.

I'm trying to find my niche.
>> Ethan came up empty-handed.

>> Rupert goes out.
Five minutes later, he comes

back with a fish. Great.
>> No one wants to be the

first person voted off, and
especially me, being a

competitor, but I was only here
three days.

And was it a hard three days?

This experience has been
different for me, because I went

in on an equal playing ground
the first time, so, you know, I

kind of expected it, but it
doesn't make it any easier.