Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 18 - Survivor: America's Tribal Council - full transcript

In this live special, "Survivor" television viewers spent six days voting for one of the All-Stars to win $1,000,000 and the results of that vote are announced.

( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: We're live in
New York City where tonight, one

of these 18 Survivor: All-Stars
is going to be awarded a check

for a million dollars based
solely on your votes.

For the past four days, you've
set a record-- 38 million votes

Tonight we reveal the winner.

It is Survivor: America's Tribal

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♪ ♪
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>> PROBST: Welcome!
It is a very different feel

It sounds like a thousand

people, actually just over a
hundred people in the studio

audience tonight.
The stage itself is very small

and intimate, but the event that
is about to happen is huge.

At the end of Sunday's live All-
Star reunion show-- which if

you didn't see it was quite
lively-- we announced a second

million-dollar giveaway in which
one of our 18 All-Stars would

get a million dollars, based
simply on your votes, and all

week long you've been casting
your votes with text messages

from Cingular Wireless and
other wireless carriers, also by

we're going to pare down from 18
to four, and then one, and that

one All-Star is gonna walk out
of this building tonight with a

check in hand for a million
bucks. Yeah.

( cheers and applause )
But before we get to our first

Final Four member, a lot has
happened since Sunday night.

Let's start with Rob and Amber.
Just take a look at this.

Three magazines have changed
their covers.

We have Us magazine cover story,
Entertainment Weekly, cover

story and People magazine cover
story, all coming out or on the

stands now.
( cheers and applause )

You guys haven't stopped since
we went off the air.

Give us the update.
>> We've barely slept

since Sunday.
It's been, uh, it's been quite a

ride. It's a lot of fun.
>> It's been nice,

though, because we get to do a
lot together, and get to spend

some time with each other.
>> PROBST: But you act like this

is a normal thing.
You're on three magazine covers.

You've been on Letto-- Leno,
Letterman, Stern, Kelly and

You're everywhere.

>> This is not normal, all

I took a flight from New York to
Las Vegas.

I sat in first class, and then
the same night they're like,

"Yeah, just go back to New York
and now you got another live

show to do."
>> Yeah.

>> So it's a little bit

>> PROBST: What's been the
weirdest moment so far, Amber,

where you thought, "Wow this is

>> I mean, just like
exactly what you said, the fact

that I was on Letterman and then
two seconds later, I was on The

View, then two seconds later, I
was on Regis, and...

and Regis
was at a couple appearances that

I was at.
I don't know.

We've just...
I've been having so much fun.

It's tiring, but...
It's very

overwhelming, but a blast.
>> PROBST: Any offers so far

for somebody to want to take

this a step further and televise
this reality wedding now?

>> Um... possibly.
>> PROBST: Really?

>> Yeah, yeah.

we've had actually a bunch of
phone calls from a lot of people

offering outrageous deals.

>> PROBST: And what do they want
to do?

Give us the, give us the dirt.
You don't have to name names,

but what do they want?
They want to televise this?

>> A photographer said
he'd do our pictures for free,

>> We had, uh, one

network come to us just recently
and ask if we'd be willing to

put our wedding on television.
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Would you be?
>> A couple...

>> We're going to talk
to our families about it.

>> We'll talk about it
with our families, yeah.

>> If the price is right, Jeff.
( laughter, applause )

>> PROBST: Well, you know, I'd
just like to throw this out

As odd as it sounds, I am an

ordained minister.
We can do it right now and just

get it over with.
( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: Yeah, yeah.
>> I think my mom would

have my neck.
>> PROBST: All right.

I want to touch in.
Jerri, I'm glad to see you here.

( cheers and applause )
>> I've, I've already,

I've already scoped out the
nearest exit just in case.

>> PROBST: You know, you seem
like you're in a good mood about

It was a rough moment for you,

probably something you certainly
weren't expecting to have that

sort of response.
>> No, and I think that's

probably the most shocking part
was just that I-I felt like this

season I'd, I opened myself up
in a totally different way and

people were very responsive
to that, and it seemed very

positive, and so to get booed
was just, it was horrifying, and

it-it, I was overwhelmed with
emotion and I just...

I had to leave.
>> PROBST: Well, how are you

feeling about it now?
Did you, did you make your point

that you were trying to make?
>> I feel like I made my

point the best way I knew how,
and that was by not saying

anything, and just leaving, but
I think a lot has happened since

Sunday, and a lot of us have had
time to sit down and have a

couple of cocktails and get
things out, and I think that

there's a lot of healing that's
taking place, and that was kind

of the basis of my whole point,
was that we do need the, the

time and the space to heal
and-and become friends again.

>> PROBST: So let me ask you
something very direct.

You don't know I'm going to ask
you this, but a couple hours ago

I got a call from a, from TV
Guide saying that, that you

were upset with me and that one
of the things you were upset

about with-- well, what, what
are you upset with, with me

>> Um...

The audience.
I don't feel that they were told

or kept under control well
enough to make us feel safe.

That was my biggest complaint.
>> PROBST: And what does that

Bodily harm or that you didn't

like the response and you, you
wanted us to say, "Be nice"?

>> Um, well, the final
episode has always been for us

the moment when we get to
express what we've been holding

since the game, and I felt that
with the audience in there and

their negative responses and
booing just about everybody up

here except a chosen few, none
of us really got to express what

it was that we were feeling
without being judged once again,

because, I mean, this show
wouldn't be Survivor without us

participating, and that's our
night, and I don't feel like any

of us really got to say what
needed to be said.

>> PROBST: Okay.
Fair point.

You're right, you guys are the
stars of this show.

There is no question.
It would not be a show without

the audience.
>> Oh, for sure.

>> PROBST: So when the audience
speaks, so to speak, you know,

they're speaking.
The thing I thought that was

Hatch, give me your take on

( people laughing )

Because here's a guy who's been,
you actually like being hated,

which is, you know, your own
thing, but one of the...

>> I just, I just don't
I-I-I'm clear about a game and

how, how the audience does look
at us as characters, and I'm

happy that they feel whatever
they want to feel about me, as

a, as-as entertainment.
>> PROBST: Is this a fair

observation, that if you enter
into a reality show, in a sense,

you do become who the audience
decides you are.

>> I knew that going
in, and I believe that to this

I'm not who they think I am, but

I-I'm happy that they think I'm
whatever they want to think.

It's great.
>> PROBST: Cesternino.

( applause )
>> PROBST: Because, you know, as

likable as you are in person,
you were, you were a villain

in your season.
>> Man, that... you

know, as Richard has said, this
is, this is a game and it's,

it's hard when, uh, when people
meet you and they tell you and

they come up to you and say,
"Hey, you were a real jerk," but

you know, just, you know, you
gotta be hap...

You've made, you-- nobody knew
who you were before, and now

they, now they do, and it
doesn't necessarily mean you are

that person.
It's a good thing, Survivor.

>> PROBST: Lex, what's the
impact on the extended family?

Because I know you got, you had
a rough going Sunday night, and

you said something to me about,
"Boy, my kids had to see that

and I didn't like that."
>> It's, well, I mean, it-

it has a huge impact on your
family, your extended family,

your friends, but if you've got
a really good thing going with

your family and they feel loved,
that's really, that can break

through everyth...

That can make up for anything,
and like, you know, my son, my

younger son twice had to go
through that kind of thing, but

you know what, he's just fine.
He's got a great family.

They all knew what I was signing
up for.

We're all good for it.
I mean, like they said, you'll

get to know us.
If you meet us, you'll get to

know us more in 60 seconds
shaking our hands than you did

in 13 weeks on the tube, but
that's okay.

We signed up for that.
It's all good.

Ultimately when this is all
done, we've got our lives.

We go back to our friends and
families. That's all good.

>> PROBST: Last sensitive topic,
for the moment.

The other thing that was said,
Jerri-- because the one great

thing about this show, boy, is
you air it all-- is that the

only reason you and many other
people were here at the finale

and are here tonight is because
of contractual obligation you

have with CBS, and I just want
to say, from me, your

obligations are fulfilled.
If there's anybody who does not

want to be here, we don't want
you to be here.

We, this should, this should be
your choice, and you can leave,

and if you're the million-dollar
winner, we'll send you the

So here's your chance to go if

you want to go.
Otherwise, I don't want to hear

about it anymore.
( cheers and applause )

All right.

It looks like all 18 are
sticking around for the moment,

so let's get to our first Final
Four winner.

Let's get some music.
( whooping and hollering )

( theme music playing )
There's the music, all right.

Let me give awe few clues about
this person.

In their season of Survivor,
this person dominated in the

( shouting )

This person played the game the
way they lived their life and

some would say that approach
cost him a million dollars.

>> ALL-STARS: Colby!
First person to move into the

final four...
( cheers and applause )

Come on down.
There they are at the Hard Rock

Cafe in Dallas celebrating with
Mr. Donaldson.

( applause )
Have a seat on that stool, my

Here are some of the reasons you

voted Colby one of your favorite
Survivor All-Stars.

>> When I wake up in the
morning, there's two things I'm

thankful for-- I'm thankful I'm
alive, and I'm thankful I'm a

How's my family doing?

( howls )
I think within the last 24 hours

we've all questioned why in the
world we signed up for this.

>> He filled me in on something
I was completely unaware of.

>> I didn't like the fact
that I had to lie, but because I

was lying to Jerri, I didn't
lose sleep over it.

( yells )
Winning this game means so much

to me, and it's so important to
me, because it's been so tough

to get to this point.
>> It's been great.

>> Unbelievable.
>> PROBST: Survivors, ready!

( cheering )

>> Yeah, baby!

Got one hell of a winning streak

going and I'm just going to ride
it as long as I can.

>> PROBST: Right here, man.
Nice work.

Out of nowhere.
>> Yeah!

Now we're talking.
( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: So, Donaldson...

in this game, worked
against you the first time.

In a sense, kind of prohibited
you from getting the million.

Or, to be fair, Tina played you
and knew you were a guy that she

could get.
Whatever it was, I got to get

both sides.
Do you think your ethical

approach to life and the fact
that you are very well liked, as

we saw on Sunday's live show,
could work for you this time for

the million?
>> Oh, I don't know.

I haven't even thought about

>> PROBST: Wait, you haven't
thought about it?

>> About whether it works
for or against me?

I can't control how I'm

And I think that's one of those
things that's made it very easy

to sleep at night since I made
that decision with Tina.

When you make a decision in your
life, and to you it is the

truth, you don't worry about how
that is perceived or received by

anyone else.
And so the voting...

( applause )
I don't have any control over

And the neat thing about this

million is, it's in a lot of
ways a lot more than a million.

You don't have to suffer through
six weeks to get this one.

It's just handed to you, so
it's fun to be in this seat,

just with an opportunity.
>> PROBST: You got a one in four

>> I know it.

>> PROBST: In addition to voting
for your favorite All-Star

Survivors, you also voted for a
few other categories, including

best Survivor fights.
And any time you abandon 16

strangers in the middle of
nowhere and you force them to

live together, you can count on
one thing-- not everybody

gonna get along.
Based on your votes, these are

some of your favorite Survivor
fights, and I think they speak

for themselves.
>> Do not yell at me

about the...
>> I am not getting

emotionally attached.
>> You can get as

emotionally attached, but don't
jump all over me, sweetheart.

>> Don't wave your finger
in my face.

>> I will always wave my

( screams )
>> TED: I'm not even attracted

to you.
I am 150 to 200 percent happy

with the wife that I have.
>> He came at me and I

put my hands out and pushed him

Backwards hick.
Did you hear him?

( nonsensical moaning )
Screaming at me, dude.

I wanted to spit in his face.
>> Damn it, look at me!

>> I'm looking at you.
>> What the ...

was that ...?!
>> I made a decision based on...

>> You're starting this...

>> It's about being
betrayed by my friend.

It's about getting a knife in
the back.

>> The word I gave you, and
make no mistake about it, Lex,

was that "if I can take care of
you, I will."

I'm sorry I could not.
( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: That was a heated

The most votes were actually
cast for the Rupert-Jon fight,

believe it or not...
which was a

battle, and a side of you we
don't often see.

Something I want to get to
though, before we go to break,

is a quick update.
Over the last four days,

anything change between Lex and
Boston Rob?

>> At this point, nothing's
changed on my end.

Like I said before, Jeff, I've
apologized, and I don't know

what to do if he doesn't want...
>> PROBST: Lex, how does he sit

in your life?
Quick update.

>> Honestly, I've got no
hard feelings.

I don't really have any feelings
at all, it's fine.

>> PROBST: All right.
Big Tom, Boston Rob, you guys

shook hands, but I wasn't quite
sure that was a full-on "yeah,

yeah, I got it."
>> You know, Boston Rob,

I'm 48, and I think me and him
will work through the pain.

>> PROBST: Nicely done.
( applause )

Okay, up next, another All-Star
is going to be one step closer

to a million dollars.
And we'll find out who you

think is the sexiest Survivor

But first, take a look at this,
you voted it one of your

favorite greatest Survivor

>> This island is pretty
much full of only two things--

snakes and rats.
We have Richard, the snake, who

knowingly went after prey, and
Kelly, who turned into the rat,

trying to run from the snake.
I feel we owe it to the islands

to let it be in the end, the way
Mother Nature intended to it

for the snake to eat the rat.

( cheers and applause )
>> PROBST: Welcome back to

Survivor: America's Tribal

Tonight's show is all about you.
Since Sunday night, you've been

voting for the Survivor All-Star
you most want to win a million

38 million votes were cast via

Cingular Wireless and other
wireless carriers, text

messaging and also at cbs.

We are counting down from 18 to

We have our first member of the
final four, Mr. Colby Donaldson.

And he's about to get some

( applause )
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Before we get to the next final
four member, here are the guys

you nominated as sexiest
Survivor men.

From Survivor: Africa, Ethan

Boston Rob, the runner-up in
Survivor: All-Stars, now

fiancé to Amber Brkich.
There's Hunter Ellis from

One of my favorites, Greg Buis,

the earphone man from Borneo.
Also from Borneo, one of the

nicest guys, Gervase Peterson.
There's Burton Roberts checking

out his guns.
Robb Zbacnik checking out his

Andrew Savage, rugby player and

attorney, strolling in the water
from the Pearl Islands.

There's Alex Bell from the

And finally, Colby Donaldson,
the Australian Outback...

in need of a shave.
And America's choice for sexiest

Survivor man...
Colby Donaldson.

( cheers and applause )

( cheering )
As if you needed the help, now

have you that mantle you can...
>> Does it pay anything?

>> PROBST: Nothing.
Let me ask you though, quickly.

How much has your life changed
from three years ago when you

were in a small town in Texas,
an auto customizer?

Now you're living in L.A.
pursuing acting, working,

getting, you know, ad campaigns
and all kinds of stuff.

How different is your life?
>> It's, it could not be

more of a 180.
And I owe so many of my

opportunities to Survivor.
I mean, I signed up watching

Richard Hatch and Sue and those
guys and Jenna on the first

show, signed up just being a
true fan of the game, and

literally went for the

And all of this is truly icing
on the cake.

I had no idea, I had no plans
for it.

I've stepped through the door of
opportunity and had a blast the

entire time.
>> PROBST: All right, well,

you're about to get some

Time to add another All-Star to
the final four.

We'll bring in the music.
( chanting music )

Let me give you a few more clues
about this person.

It's very dramatic.
( laughing )

This Survivor loves to dance.
>> Tom!

Oh, Big Tom!
>> PROBST: They've been known to

put back a beer or two.
( applause )

And when he tries real hard you
can almost understand what he's

Big Tom, step on down to the

final four stool.
( cheers and applause )

( cheering, applause )
>> PROBST: There they are back

in Big Daddy's house in Rich
Valley, Virginia, all excited

for Big Tom.
( cheering )

>> Oh, man.
>> PROBST: Take a look at some

of the reasons you voted Big Tom
one of your favorite Survivors.

>> ( indiscernible twang )
come up there and make a big

ba-gob of love and I'll tell

>> Yeah, we need the
translator on that one.

( tribal music plays )
>> Tom's whole, you know,

"I'm a hayseed from Virginia,
I'm not that smart," I knew

quickly that he was a lot
brighter than he let on.

And actually that endeared me
to him and intrigued me all the

>> Hey, bartender, fix me a

Old Big Tom going to love

( laughs )

My mind has been a pretty little
old tight thing.

It's not been expanded very
much, but this whole thing has

gave me new life.
At 45, I thought I'd done some

things, and I found out I ain't
done diddly.

This just shows me that there's
more to life than just what's

around the corner at the house.
( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: Kind of fun to look
back on that and see all those

memories again?
>> Wow.

What a surprise.
I can't even put a calculator

on, couldn't even vote for

>> PROBST: Are you actually

Am I seeing a little...?
>> Yeah.

Yeah, I have to admit, yeah.
Get me, get me a Kleenex.

Somebody get me a...
But, you know, for a man that's

never been anywhere, I've been
everywhere now, and I don't

know, but I owe so much to old
Mark Burnett and whoever said

"Take old Big Tom," because I
never watched the show, and I

guess, thank you, Sandy, for
putting my application in.

>> PROBST: That being your wife?
>> Yeah, that'd be my wife.

>> PROBST: We're glad to have
you down there.

>> I'm glad to be down

>> PROBST: We've still got two
spots left.

We have two in the final more,
two in the final four, two more

of these guys will join them.
Who will it be?

Plus the hottest female

But now here's another greatest
Survivor moment.

>> Oh!
>> Oh, my god.

>> He's burnt.
He's burnt pretty bad.

>> Here's some water.
>> Look at these things.

>> Oh, keep your hands in the

>> Oh, my God.
>> Oh!

It just keeps, it keeps

>> I know, I know, Mike.
>> You guys do what's right.

You guys know what to do.
>> I'll take my clothes

off for chocolate and peanut

>> Get the girl some chocolate
and peanut butter, Probst.

>> PROBST: One heaping plate of
rich peanut butter, chocolate

>> Heidi, do you want to do it?

>> Yeah.
>> All right.

>> Oh, God, why me?
I'm not looking.

>> Where can I keep my clothes?
>> I'm looking.

>> That's what I'm talking

>> Oh, my God.
>> Ta-da!

>> All the kids at school--
I'm not looking

>> PROBST: Another one of our
greatest Survivor moments

featuring Jenna Morasca.
Any regrets on that?

>> Absolutely not.
It's the only way people

remember me.
That's fine with me.

>> PROBST: That is true.
>> The naked bitch and

I'm fine with that.
>> PROBST: You think you're more

famous for getting naked than

>> Probably, and that's okay.
I was so hungry, I could have

cared less what anyone thought,
I still don't.

>> PROBST: Rob Cesternino, how
important are hot women to a

good season of Survivor?
>> Especially naked ones.

>> Before I went on
Survivor, I didn't know any hot

women, and now I know...
now I know quite a few.

Some that I didn't meet in

But yeah, it's...
>> PROBST: You ended up, you got

a much cuter girlfriend than you
would have gotten before

>> Yeah, she's beautiful.

>> PROBST: okay.
The season's almost over.

Might as well get all your shots

At the start of each season, it
is one of the most asked

questions, to me anyway,
"Probst, how are the women this

Sexy women are always a big part

of Survivor.
Here are the ladies you

nominated as the hottest
Survivor women.

Heidi from the Amazon in the
memorable younger prettier girls

bathing scene.
And her sidekick, Jenna Morasca,

the winner of Survivor: Amazon.
Together, they posed for the

cover of Playboy
There's Colleen Haskell, the

first Survivor cutie from season

And look at those abs.
That's Elizabeth, from

Australia, now a co-host on The

One of the sexiest villains of
all time, we love her, Jerri

Manthey, from Australia.
Cleopatra herself, Sarah Jones

from Marquesas.
Probably the most physically fit

survivor ever, Alicia Calaway
from Australia.

Erin Collins from Thailand and I
think that speaks for itself.

There's Darrah the mortician
from Pearl Islands, getting

And finally the winner of

Survivor: All-Stars, and that
truly is a million-dollar smile,

Amber Brkich.
( cheers and applause )

And the woman you voted the
hottest survivor ever...

Now, Mariano, she's already

beautiful, now she wins Survivor
All-Stars and now she's the

sexiest little...
She's yours, is there...?

>> She's mine.
You just got it right there.

>> PROBST: Yeah, you're right,
that's it, you're the one who

>> That's right.

>> AUDIENCE: Aw...
>> PROBST: We're not going back

there again, are we?
Okay, let's review where things

38 million people voted, we

We're paring down from 18

to four to one.
That one's going to walk out of

here with a check for a million

There are already would people
sitting here.

It is time to add a third.
The music's already started.

That means it's a cue to get up
and walk over and read some

This survivor is a natural in

the outdoors.
This survivor has an alligator

for a pet, and while they may
have made fun of him as a kid,

they are loving him now, the
third person to join our final

four, Rupert!
( cheers and applause )

There they are in your home
town, Rupert.

>> Yeah...

>> PROBST: That's the Vapor

in Indianapolis, one of the hot
new clubs there.

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: Take a look at some

of the reasons you voted Rupert
one of your favorite Survivor

>> I'm a thrilled

I am Blackbeard.

Happy, happy, happy.
The other team, Morgan, came up,

sat their stuff down next to us
and all left!

Everything that I could find in
theirs, I took.

I hope I see that big six-foot
shark, I hope I see that

yellowfin tuna, I hope I see
that grouper that's this big.

I'm coming out here to be the
caretaker, and I think I'm doing

I portray a very strong and

independent person.
But in my head, I'm that fat

little terrified kid that was
picked on in school all his

We got fire!

>> PROBST: Rupert, come say

to your wife, Laura.

>> I never give up.
I never surrender.

I never admit defeat.
>> PROBST: Rupert wins reward!

( cheers and applause )
Rupert, the thing you said in

there-- never give up, never
surrender, never admit defeat--

did that just come to you out
there or is that a motto you

life your life with?
>> That is something

that I've told my boys for a
long time that I mentor and

other people around me.
You don't give up, you don't

quit, you do what you say, you
say what you do, you go out

there, you win, you do the best
you can and never give up.

>> PROBST: Well,

you are part of our final four.
There is one spot left.

There are 15 survivors left,
they all want it.

Who's going to fill the last

We will find out.
We'll take a quick break and on

the way out enjoy this.
It is another of your greatest

Survivor moments.
>> It was either going to be my

buddy or my grandmother coming,
and my grandmother is not here

for a reason.
She's... she's not around.

My grandmother is sitting home
watching Jerry Springer right

( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: We have filled three
of our final four slots in

search of a million dollars.
We're going to put one more

person down there, but Survivor
without villains just wouldn't

be the show it is.
We've had some memorable

Here are some of your favorites.

Everybody remembers the
Richard Hatch was the

first Survivor winner, and his
Machiavellian ways set the tone

for future survivors.
>> I've got the million

dollar check written already,
I'm the winner.

And it's that kind of cocky
attitude that makes people

really hate your guts.
>> PROBST: Australia brought us

our first femme fatale.
The sexy Jerri Manthey

knew what she wanted and she
would stop at nothing to get it.

>> I'm not losing any sleep.
I just know that she's thinking

Don't worry about it.

It's not like you're making a
deal with the devil here.

>> PROBST: Brian Heidik the used
car salesman from Quartz Hill,

California, was perhaps the
smoothest of our villains, using

charm to sucker his prey and it
earned him a million bucks.

>> You gotta be ice cold,
you can't lose your cool.

You gotta be like ice.
Mr. Freeze is in the house.

>> PROBST: A self-proclaimed
student of the game, Rob

Cesternino kept his Amazon
tribemates laughing, while he

his evil ways behind the scenes.

>> I want them just to
remember all the fun we had and

not all the bad things I did to

I don't know people dwell on the

>> PROBST: And who could ever
forget John Dalton, AKA Johnny

Fairplay, the guy who lied about
his dead grandma.

>> Promises are like
wicker furniture and fat women,

easily broken by Johnny

>> PROBST: And America's choice
for favorite villain, he's

sitting in the front row,
Johnny Fairplay.

There's a guy who embraces his
villainous ways.

Quick update, Fairplay.
We don't have a lot of time.

What are you doing right now?
>> I thought this was

the casting for All-Star Two.
Like, you guys have an award

show or something going on?
>> PROBST: You're still bitter

weren't on All-stars, aren't

>> Whoa, hey, hey!

I'm a pro wrestler now, Jeff.
I do...

I'm beating up good guys
or whatever.

>> PROBST: Give us a plug.
What are you doing?

>> T&A wrestling every night on
pay per view.

And starting June fourth every
Friday 3:00 p.m.

on Fox Sports Net.
>> PROBST: Fairplay, all jokes

aside, congratulations.
We're glad you're here.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: And good luck getting

into the after party.

We only have one final
four slot left.

Let's fill it.
Let's do the music.

( theme music playing )
This survivor is one of the most

competitive Survivor players

This person gave new meaning to
the phrase, "I give you my

word," and although he didn't
get the money, he got the girl.

The fourth Final Four-- Boston

( cheers and applause )
There's Boston Rob's home town.

Aunt Mary Lisa and Uncle
Dennis's house in Canton,

Rob, I know you've been working

it all week.
You've had the advantage.

You've done a lot more press
than some of the other people

and you, your claim is, "Forget

I earned it.
I deserve it."

>> No doubt.
I mean, what's the question?

Rupert is by far the most
popular contestant out there.

Everybody knows that.
But I don't think, uh...

I don't
think anybody will argue with

the fact that I think I played
the game the hardest this time

>> PROBST: All right.

( applause and cheering )
Well, here are some of the

reasons you voted Boston Rob one
of your favorite Survivor

>> What do you think,

you want to mike an alliance?
Amber is slammin'.

She's sweet, she's beautiful,
she's funny, she's got a great

Her ass is smokin', too.

( audience laughter )
At the end of this, hopefully

Amber and I will be spending my

Worst case scenario, we'll be
spending hers.

>> Go, Rob!
Win it!

>> And I may not be as

strong as some of them...
but I guarantee, I'm tougher

than every single one of them.
>> PROBST: He's got it!

Boston Rob comes from behind!
>> I can't trust anybody.

I kind of have a mark on my

>> You marked yourself
every time you won.

>> It's a tough
principle, but fear keeps people

That's straight out of The

It's true.

>> It's about being
betrayed by my friend.

>> You want to put our
friendship on the line, I'll put

our friendship on the line over
this-- the word I gave you was

that if I can take care of you,
I will.

I'm sorry I cannot.
( applause and cheering )

>> PROBST: When you see that
moment played back-- and I've

asked you this many different
ways-- is there any part of you

that says, "Ah, you know, if I
delivered news a little more

nicely, it might get a different

>> You know, Jeff, I-I
truly didn't mean to, uh, hurt

anybody's feelings or be
malicious about the whole thing.

I used friendship in this game.
I used every tool available to

me to get further.
I was playing a game.

That's the way I looked at it,
and I don't have any regrets

about it.
>> PROBST: Fair enough, well

( applause )

All right, your votes have
narrowed it down from 18 to

There are four somewhat

disappointed all-stars behind
them, there are four very

excited all-stars sitting in
front of them, and there's

nothing left to do but reveal
the final results, and we're

going to do that right after
this break.

( applause and cheering )
>> PROBST: Okay.

( applause and cheering )
>> PROBST: Okay.

This is it.
There will be no more commercial

breaks between now and the
announcement of the winner.

Couple of pieces of business,

One is, we have a lot of
Survivor fans.

If you want to own a part of the
show, all the proceeds go to the

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS

All of us are very familiar
with this organization.

You can go to eBay.
com, click

on Survivor, and buy their
torches or the votes or any of

those props.
Okay, we are very close to

finishing finally the Survivor:
All-Star season.

Doesn't mean Survivor is over.
We're coming back in September,

and here is where we are going

In the remote waters of the
South Pacific, near the

tumultuous Ring of Fire, is an
exotic land where ancient

cultures thrive and nature makes
its fury known.

These are the islands of

In this land of volcanoes and
ritual, sorcery is real, and the

spirits of the dead are believed
to have power over the living.

More than 80 islands are home to
over 100 languages.

And a diverse group of tribes
and clans live out their history

in today's world.
Vanuatu is home to the famous

land divers of Pentecost Island.
Vanuatu is also a land with a

fascinating history of

But these islands are also a
tropical paradise, with untamed

jungles, stunning beaches, and
crystal blue waters.

The indigenous people have made
this archipelago home for more

than 5,000 years.
Soon, 16 new castaways will be

abandoned here, forced to make a
new world while competing

against each other.
Find out this fall who will

outwit, outplay and outlast all
the others in Survivor: Vanuatu,

Islands of Fire.
( applause and cheering )

>> PROBST: Well, every season
brings us great Survivor

moments, but tonight we've been
counting down your favorite

greatest Survivor moments, and
of all of the moments, this was

voted the number one, your
favorite Survivor moment of all

Take a look.

>> The other team,
Morgan, came up, sat their stuff

down next to us, and all left.
If they were going to be silly

enough to put it right next to
me, I'm going to put it in my

Everything that I could find in

theirs, I took.
Pirates pillage, pirates steal.

>> Whose are these?
>> Pirated.

>> Oh.
( laughter )

>> Yeah, it's a hard
life, living the pirate's life.

( applause and cheering )
>> PROBST: All right, it is

The check is right here in my

back pocket.
And I think it's worth noting

that in terms of winners, women
outnumber men in this game five

to three in terms of how many
times they've won, and we have

no women in the final four,
whatever that means.

This is it.

The winning name is in this

Not going to be any screwing
around, I'm not going to say it

is you, it's not you, they
didn't like you.

I'm going to open it, I'm going
to read one name, and that's it.

The name in this envelope is the

The name in this envelope is
going to get a check for a

million bucks, and I'm going to
sign it and put your name on it

right after I read it.
I'm going to stand up to do it.

According to America...
38 million votes say the

favorite Survivor All-Star is...

( applause and cheering )
>> What up, brother?

>> Thank you, Jeff.
>> PROBST: Go say hi to your

>> PROBST: Rupert?

>> PROBST: Rupert?

>> Yeah, it's okay, my

It's okay.

Come on up here.
>> PROBST: Come here.

( applause and cheering
continues )

Stay right there.
One million bucks right there.

Take a look at this.
That's all you, baby.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Happy birthday.
Good day for Daddy.

>> Thank you.
>> Yay!

>> PROBST: That's it!
Survivor All-Stars is over.

We'll see you in September in

( Rupert grunts )
>> PROBST: Yeah!

( applause and cheering )
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Survivor All-Stars...
( applause and cheering )

>> You win, baby.