Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 17 - Survivor: All-Stars - The Reunion - full transcript

Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City, Jeff Probst reunites the 18 All-Stars and prepares them for the final tally of the votes

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>> PROBST: Welcome to the

Survivor All-Star Reunion.
We are live in Madison Square

Garden in New York City, and we
have all 18 all-stars, whether

they like it or not, back with

And obviously there is a lot to

Let's start with what just

I want to ask you, Rob, did
Amber earn this?

Did she coattail it, or was she
a part of the decision-making?

>> A little bit of both.
She definitely helped with all

the decisions.
I mean, from day one, she was

there with me, no matter what.
No matter what we decided to do,

she consulted.
We both decided together as a

I give Amber all the credit in

the world.
She deserved 100% to win this.

( applause )
>> PROBST: Amber, in the

beginning, there was no romance.
This was strategy.

So why Rob?
What were the factors that made

you think an alliance with him
made sense?

>> Well, coming into this
game, I actually couldn't stand

And I don't think he really

liked me either.
And I thought when he approached

me for an alliance, why not?
Take a guy that nobody would

expect me to align with because
I think it was obvious among

these guys, I didn't really even
like him.

And I thought, you know what,
Rob has a big mouth, he has a

If I stand beside him, he can

take all the bullets and
people won't even...

just forget about me, that I'm

actually with him, making these
decisions also.

>> PROBST: By the way, we all
are noticing that ring, which

we're going to get to later.
Rob, now that's the big thing.

You had to be aware...
everybody saw...

That's all right, let's show the
rock, since we're there.

Hold your hand still, Amber.
Just hold tight.

( cheering and applause )
That is a beauty.

Well, Rob, you did one thing

right this season anyway.
But that's the big thing I think

for people watching, is if
that's true what Amber said,

were you aware that you were the
bad cop the whole time and that

Amber has less enemies because
you're taking all the bullets?

>> I was definitely.
And you know what, we kind of

planned that in the beginning.
I knew that in the end, people

were going to be gunning for me,
and the whole time, in order to

keep our alliance tight, she
would question me and say, you

know, what's going to happen,
this and that, we're making too

many people mad, and my whole
thinking was, if we get to the

final two, they're going to have
to vote for one of us, and I was

hoping that they would see that
I was the one kind of taking

those chances and taking the
shots to try to, you know, make

the decisions.
>> PROBST: Rupert, why did you

guys not vote out...
( cheering and applause )

>> Yeah!

Had to do that.

>> PROBST: Hey, take it.
You've got a fashion statement.

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: All right.

A lot of tie-dye in the

But let's get back to where you
screwed up.

Time after time, you could have
taken out Boston Rob.

At five, you could have taken
out Amber.

Nobody did.
The only thing I could surmise

is that everybody here thought
Rob was their ticket to the

final two.
Why else would you not do this?

>> There was a lot of
talk about trying to get Rob or

Amber out.
There was...

there was talk
between the two of us, Big Tom

and I.
There was a lot of talk.

Nobody really stepped up.
>> PROBST: Was there talk

between you two?
>> Well, I talked to Big

Tom about trying to go against
Rob, and Big Tom stood behind

>> PROBST: What we don't...

I was going to say, what we

know is what he told you could
have been him playing you, still

sticking up for Rob.
So why Amber and not Jenna?

Is it...
was it the love affair,

because it didn't seem like that
might have been the right choice

to make.
>> In the end when it got down

to three?
>> PROBST: Yes.

>> There was no question in
my mind.

She was with me from day one.
Game aside, I didn't think I

could beat either of them, to
tell you the truth, going into

the final three.
I realized that I had pissed off

just about everybody on the

And I was hoping that, you know,
I might be able to, you know,

get a couple votes.
It was a lot closer than

I actually thought it was.
>> PROBST: Let's...

I want to see who vote...
Let's finish up with who voted

for who.
Who here voted for Amber?

So just to see, of the four of
you, if it had been Jenna

instead, would anybody have
changed their vote?

Who would have still voted...?
You would have changed your

There you go.

So that would have been the

No, Jenna, you wouldn't have
won, Rob would have won.

The same people would have voted
for Rob.

>> I don't know.
I think it depends also on the

final vote.
>> PROBST: Well, that's true.

>> Next time, we'll do it next

>> He's not so eloquent.
>> Easy, easy.

>> PROBST: One thing I want to
get to is, we all remember the

big moment when Rob went and

asked Lex to save Amber.
We don't need to see that tape

We've seen it over and over.

You asked him for a favor.
He repaid...

he did that.
He and Kathy talked and they did

Then when time came back for

payback, as Lex felt, it wasn't

Lex, the question to you is: You
had done that same thing to

Colby, Ethan and Jerri.
( applause )

Fair enough, right?
You had said, this is business

and not friendship, over and
over, so what's the difference

>> The difference was that

no deal was ever struck between
Colby, Ethan and I.

We didn't make alliances.
We didn't make a deal.

There were no promises made.
( audience boos )

There can only be one winner in

We didn't make any deals.
And they, you know, frankly,

they didn't work into my plan.
>> PROBST: Well, how is that...?

Hatch, you're shaking your head.
( Richard hollers )

>> That's the point.
>> PROBST: How is that different

from what Rob did to you?
>> It isn't.

It's clearly not different.
>> Yes, it is.

>> It isn't.
>> PROBST: Hold on...

>> I saw Kathy shaking
her head when he said that

because it didn't work into his
plan doesn't mean that it isn't

part of the game.
I love these guys, but it's a

( cheering )

It's a game.
And his speech at the end about

it not being-- it being more
than that is not true.

When you're playing chess, you
don't give away another thing

because they're your buddy.
You play to win.

In this game, the rules are a
little different, and you should

have known that going in.
>> This ain't chess, Rich,

to be perfectly frank.
>> Lex, it's a more

complicated game.
>> PROBST: But I think Lex makes

a good point about this isn't

And that's...
We're going to take a break,

we're going to come back.
But that's what I want to talk

about is-- it isn't poker, but
it's the same philosophy, except

you're dealing with
relationships, and it's much

more personal.
We'll take a quick break, and

we'll come back and get back to

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the
All-Star Reunion Show.

Before the break we were
talking about how complicated

this game is because you are
dealing with relationships.

If it's poker and you bluff
somebody, nobody gets mad, but

in this game-- bad analogy
maybe-- but the cards are

relationships, because
bluffing is part of this game,

no doubt.
Kathy, one of the things that

nobody's brought up is that in
this episode between Lex and

Boston Rob, you said, "It's
better than to have the wrath

of Boston Rob."
There had to be a little

strategy in this move is what
I'm trying to get at.

>> What, to bring Amber over?
>> PROBST: Yeah.

>> Yeah.
No, I mean, we were talking.

Obviously, it wasn't a
decision that was made in 30

seconds, and we were thinking
that if we brought Amber over,

there were more options.
So hopefully the Rob-father,

the Rob-father might like the
favor, also the friend who

And I have to tell you-- I

know Rob, and he asked for
that favor outside the game.

And some day, some day, it
might be ten years from now,

but I think he's going to
admit it.

So, uh, no, I think there were
several reasons why we brought

over Amber, not just one.
>> PROBST: Big Tom...

Hang on, Hatch.
>> Yeah, you know what, Hatch?

Calm down.
>> Even in her answer, Jeff...

>> No.
>> In her answer just

now, she agrees with me.
She's sitting there saying

there were other reasons that
we brought her over.

So if we didn't have the other
reasons, screw Boston Rob and

his request as a friend, we're
getting rid of Amber.

It's a game.
>> PROBST: There were a lot of

You can also argue that...

( cheering )
...a friend doesn't ask a

friend for favor in hoping to
get something back.

That's why the game is
complicated, because everybody

draws their line in so many
different places.

Big Tom, what happened between
you and Boston Rob?

This is a he said-she said.
Settle it.

There was a lot of stuff at
Tribal where Rob said to you,

"You know what I'm talking
about," and you said, "I don't

know what you're talking about."
>> I still don't know

what he's talking about.
>> PROBST: Rob, what are you

talking about?
>> I'll do it right here, right

Did you have an alliance with

Lex before the game even

>> Did I have an alliance...
>> Did you have an

alliance with Lex before this
game even started?

>> I had an alliance with Rob
and Amber.

The very first day.
>> That wasn't the question,

Did you have an alliance with

Lex before the game had even

Yes or no?
>> Don't yes-or-no me.

( laughing )
I've heard your mouth the

whole time we was out there.
>> Right.

>> And I'm sick of it.
And I just want to tell you

this-- Big Tom played the game
with Amber and Rob.

Rupert was the...
will tell

you right here, I never
wavered, never.

All the lies that were said
about this, that, everybody--

there's 18 of us here.
I don't know how many calls I

got, I don't know how many
calls you got, but I do know

on the very first day I gave a
handshake deal, with you and

you, to last through the game,
and I just said, "Rob, I'm

going to stick with it."
And you said so.

And even an hour before Tribal
Council, you made me shake

>> PROBST: Let me ask you...

>> Rupert will say...
>> Do you think I'm going

to take a chance?
Of course I make you shake

Of course I will.

It's a game, Tom.
It's a game.

>> PROBST: Yeah, Jerri?
>> I've got to say something,

This whole thing is making me

so sick, okay?
( booing )

>> You know what?
We got 2,000 armchair

survivors out there.
>> No, I've got to say

>> PROBST: Say it.

>> This show is a show
about entertainment.

This entertainment is coming
at a price.

What it has cost us?
Our friendships, our feelings,

our pain, our suffering.
>> PROBST: Wait, Jerri...

>> For entertainment.
>> PROBST: Hang on.

( booing )
It's cost some of you

>> We all signed up for

it voluntarily.
>> PROBST: Colby...

( booing )
Let's hear what these guys

have to say.

( cheering )
Okay, take your two minutes

Where's your take on this,

( cheering )

You were very well-liked in
the first season and you were

a quick target in this one,
and you were betrayed.

You didn't see it coming.

Is that the way the game's

Where do you draw your line?
>> Well...

I didn't do very well, and
I've tried both times to play

this game with as much
integrity as I live my life,

but I will tell you this-- it
is one thing to know how to

play this game well, it is
something totally different to

be successful at it.
These two over here were

successful at playing this
game against the best.

( cheering )
>> PROBST: Rudy...

give me a
take on this whole thing.

( cheering )
>> I'm glad I got voted

off in the beginning, because
of all the backstabbing and

double-crossing that went on.
I'm glad I wasn't part of it.

And if I was, I mean, if I
stayed in, I think I would

have done something which
maybe I would have been sorry

>> PROBST: But there you go.

Even Rudy is saying, under the
right situation, I might have

betrayed, I might have back-

Is that what I read into that?
>> Oh, no, no, no.

I ain't going to betray.
>> PROBST: What are you saying/

then-- you might have done
something you'd be sorry for?

>> I'm talking about
being around people that are

betraying each other, I might
have done something.

( laughing )
>> PROBST: Shii Ann, what...

The complications of this
game, obviously...

( cheering ) around where we all

draw different lines.
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: And you made a
comment at the final Tribal

Council, those in class houses
shouldn't throw stones.

>> That's right.
( cheering )

I think it's a game, Jeff.
I think it is a game.

And, I'm sorry, Big Tom.
You know, we talked about

voting Boston Rob out, we did.
And I don't know if you were

lying to me, I don't know,
but we did, we talked about

it, to be fair.
We did talk about that

possibility, as I did with
almost everyone remaining in

the game in the final few days
that I was there.

So I don't know, you know, if
that means the alliances were

I don't want to say that for

you, but it's a game,
ultimately, and I feel like

everyone has betrayed someone
in this game.

>> PROBST: Quick yes or no,
status of relationships.

Big Tom, Boston Rob, any
chance of reconciliation with

you guys?
>> I had no trouble with

Rob during the game, as far

You know, if he wanted to be
a lying, stealing cheat, let

let him be it.
>> PROBST: Okay.

>> But I draw the line
when he talked about my family.

My son...
( cheering )

I just want to tell you.
I did not, I did not do well

in the game.
I didn't win a vehicle.

I didn't win much money.
But what I have got is family,

and that's something he ain't
got that he wants.

>> PROBST: Well...
>> And...

but I'm just saying...
( cheering )

>> PROBST: You know, let me ask
you, Big Tom.

Hang on, let me ask you

And we're going long on this,
but it's worth talking about,

because that's what this game
is about.

>> I signed on for the game.
>> PROBST: Okay.

But Bo became a part of the

game, so he's in the game.
He became a part of the game.

He competed in the challenge,
so he's in the game for that

Here's what I want to know--

is there any part of what was
going on between Boston Rob

and you, in terms of the names
you guys were calling each

other, that was in good fun or
was that really, purely mean-

spirited as far as you're

>> As far as I'm concerned, it
was mean- spirited, but I hope

it wasn't.
I hope that Boston Rob...

>> That's crap, in my opinion,
all right?

Because I have a different
side of this story.

From day one, Tom, you called
me "pony" out there.

How many other people out here
can attest to that?

And you used it in a derogatory

You said, "You're my pony and
I'm riding you all the way to

the end," every day.
And you know what?

I know how you are, and I
never really took it to heart.

And I joked around with you
and I called you dumb ass.

And, you know what?
( laughing )

One way or the other, it was
kind of like a term of

And I'll tell you something...

No, no.
No, no, no, no.

I'm being completely serious.
And I'll tell you something,


If I offended Bo or if I
offended your family, then I

am truly sorry.
However, I do not apologize

for the way I played this
game, but if I did your family

wrong, then I apologize and
I'm sorry.

For that I apologize.
>> Let me tell you this.

The way you played the game is
fine, but I want to say...

Wait a minute.
Just give me a minute.

I just want to say, Rob, it
takes a big man to say when

he's wrong, and I hope you're
saying you're wrong with my

( cheering )

And I also want you to know
that I played it straight up.

>> PROBST: All right.
We have to break.

When we come back, we're going
to find out about the rock and

all that stuff.
We'll be right back.

>> To be able to spend 39
days now with a person who

always makes you happy, always
makes you feel completely safe

in any situation, always makes
you feel important and proud of

yourself is just amazing.
( applause )

>> PROBST: Welcome back to
Survivor All-Star Reunion show.

A couple things: one, this
tease, this big reveal is still

But more importantly, if there

was any question about the
authenticity of this show and

the feelings that people have,
if you can give us a big shot of

all 18, we are now down to 17
because Jerri left during the

( applause )

That's why she left.
She made a comment and she got a

very large response from the
audience, and she immediately...

What, Rich?
>> Jeff, listen, it's a tough

Sometimes when we're playing the

game, people think of us as
characters, and it's...

you have a really, really tough

skin, like me, it can get to

And Jerri's a great girl.
She's a super person.

( applause )
She was just a little upset.

It's tough.
5,000 people, it's tough.

>> PROBST: Jerri brought into
this game with her the feeling

people had from the second
season, which made her an

She was a great "character."

It's easy to forget she's a real

Sadly, we have to keep moving in

this show because there's a lot
to get to.

I wish Jerri hadn't left, but
she knows we still care about

her and like her, so let's keep

( applause )
I got to ask you guys, because

there was...
the odd thing is,

there was all this speculation,
people kept coming up to me

saying, "The big surprise--
I know what it is.

These guys are going to get

And I said, "No, it's not.
It's something that has to do

with you guys."
You didn't...

you looked like
you almost knew.

Did you know?
( chuckles )

>> I didn't necessarily know.
It's something we've talked

>> PROBST: Wait, did you go to

her and say, "I'm gonna ask you
to marry me?"

>> She had no idea that I
was gonna do it live on the

show tonight.
>> PROBST: Okay.

>> I went and talked to her
mom and her dad this morning, at

8:00 this morning, in their
hotel room.

>> PROBST: Give us a shot of Mom
and Dad in the second row there.

There's Cheryl and Valentine.
Hey, guys, give me a thumbs-up

if this is all good.
Mom and Dad, give me a thumbs-

Is this is an okay thing?

>> Absolutely.
( applause )

>> PROBST: And right in front of
them, there's Robert and Linda.

Mariano, how do you feel...?

You got a nice daughter-in-law
coming here.

>> We think it's wonderful.
>> PROBST: Fantastic.

All right.
( applause )

At any point in the game, did
you two suspect that the other

might be playing you?
>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.
( laughing )

>> PROBST: When did it become...
okay, so we've covered that

initially this was strategy.
For you, Amber, when did it

Was there a defining moment when

you looked at him and said,
"Wow, you know, I think I've got

feelings for this guy?"
>> Um...

yeah, there was
definitely a defining moment.

Like I've said again and again,
in the beginning it was

I knew I was going to flirt

with him.
I was going to flirt with

everybody out there to get me to
the end.

But the whole shelter-building
thing came, he started looking

pretty hot, it became more

you know, easier to
flirt with him.

But I didn't really realize
there were feelings there until

we got separated and I was on
the Chapera still and he got

sent to Mogo Mogo and I
realized, "Wow, I actually miss

There really is something

That's when it got real.

>> PROBST: I'm still reeling
from the fact that you guys just

got engaged.
You really did get engaged.

Rob, it seemed to me, I thought
you were smitten within Amber

pretty early on.
I was thinking you were into it

>> Oh, definitely.

I mean, look at her.
Just the initial attraction

alone, the physical attraction
is enough to drive anybody

But, uh...

it's funny, she said
earlier that she really didn't

care for me when we first went
out there.

And I'll tell you truth, when I
first went out there, I thought

she was a little snob.
But, uh, you know, this game, it

does funny things to you, and
you see people at their lowest

low and their highest high.
And you see them at their worst

and at their best.
And I saw something in Amber

that I've never seen in anybody
else before in my entire life.

>> PROBST: Amber...
( applause )

tell us what you see in Boston
Rob that a lot of people at home

are going, "I don't get this."
( audience laughing )

>> Um...
you know what,

nobody has ever made me feel as
secure as he makes me feel, and

I just...
it's an amazing feeling.

He made me feel secure out there
and he makes me feel secure

today in everything, in my life,
in every decision that I've ever

made, in everything that I do, I

no, I know that I have
one person behind me no matter

what and I love that and that's
why I love him.

And he's just wonderful.
>> PROBST: We're all very happy

for you guys.
At least something good came out

of this.
When we come back, one survivor

is going to award another
survivor a new car.

It's a Chevy Equinox.
It's a cool ride.

Plus some great updates.
We'll find out what these guys

have been up to.
Look at this:

Canton, Massachusetts.
This is Aunt Mary Lisa and Uncle

Dennis hosting a party for
Boston Rob, all his friends down

in Boston.
Be right back.

>> I've worked myself to death.
I can't save everybody.

I've worked myself to death.
I can't save everybody.

See you later.
( applause )

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the
Survivor All-Star Reunion show.

No, the car giveaway is not the
big twist.

That is still to come.
But we are going to do that.

I just want to go through and
get some quick updates from

Jenna, we've had to make a lot

of hard turns tonight.
One of the most tragic things

that has happened in eight
seasons of Survivor happened to

you this season when you lost
your mom.

How is the rest of the family
doing now?

>> They're okay.
I mean, I've got a good family.

I've got a good group of
friends, including a lot of

people here, so she's still
here, she's just here now,

instead of in the audience like
she was last year.

( applause )
>> PROBST: And there is some

good news in your life.
>> There's always good news.

>> PROBST: This guy in front of

>> I guess.
>> PROBST: This is another

Survivor relationship--
( audience cheering )

Jenna and Ethan.
>> Pre-All-Star a little bit.

We were friends, but, yeah,
there's a lot more to our

relationship than just Survivor.
Survivor is just another thing

on our resumes.
Our relationship has a lot more

>> PROBST: Sue Hawk...

I get
what you're saying.

Sue Hawk, stand up.
Look at this new Sue Hawk.

( applause )
You had a lot of work done.

Tell us.
Extra TV was kind enough

to come to me and ask me if I
wanted an extreme makeover for

their new show, Mirror, Mirror.
And I went all over it.

>> PROBST: So what all did you

>> We'd be here forever.
But keep an eye on that.

We'll update you.
That's coming up.

>> PROBST: Chest?
>> Obvious.

>> PROBST: Eyes?
>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Lipo?
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Hair?
>> Oh, my God, have you

been checking into it for

There's a lot.
>> PROBST: You look fantastic.

>> Yeah.
And then, uh...

yeah, so that's
coming up.

Talking about relationships...
>> PROBST: Yes.

>> Tomorrow, Monday, is my
17th anniversary with my

>> PROBST: Congratulations.

Speaking of which, Rupert,
I think one of the reasons

people like you, and there are
probably many, but is the

relationship that we saw with
your wife, Laura.

You did back-to-back Survivors.
Did this hurt the relationship

at all or did it strengthen it?
>> That was very hard

being away from my wife so long.
Right there, God, I...

I did not
want to let her go.

I wanted her to stay.
>> Yeah, Rupert!

( applause )
>> PROBST: Still strong?

>> I just want to say
that is the most beautiful woman

out there.
And I am the luckiest man in the

world to have such a wonderful

>> PROBST: Right next to you, if
I can believe what I've read,

Jenna Lewis, did you get married
this weekend, this past weekend?

>> I did.
I did get married last weekend.

>> PROBST: This is the nuttiest
reunion show ever.

>> Unfortunately I didn't get to
do it on national TV, but, you

>> PROBST: Tina is in shock.

I don't think a lot of you guys
knew, did you?

>> ...Web site.
>> PROBST: Word was spreading.

>> Jeez, Web site?
>> PROBST: Well,

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: You look fantastic.
>> Thank you.

I haven't had any work.
So, Extra, you can come to me

I'm just kidding.

>> PROBST: And finally, there is
one last update I heard about,

which is even Richard Hatch
found love, thanks to Survivor.

>> Absolutely.
>> PROBST: After you were voted

off, we take the people who've
been voted off and put them

somewhere on a cruise or on
a journey or something so we can

keep them out of trouble, and
you actually met somebody.

>> They sent me to
Argentina, I walked into the

hotel; he was behind the desk.
We haven't been apart since.

( applause )
Right over there.

>> PROBST: Okay.
You get a little something for

everybody on this show.

Here's the deal, because for the
first time ever...

up until this
season, anybody who had won a

car had never won the game.
Well, Rob won the car.

Arguably, Amber didn't win a
car; she was rewarded with a

But nonetheless, you both have

cars, so Chevy wanted to do
something different.

Amber, because you're the
winner, you're going to give...

there's a little shot of it
there, a Chevy Equinox, it's an

all-sport SUV, very nice ride...
you're going to give this to one

of these other 16.
You cannot give it to Rob

because he already has one.
I feel like Bob Barker.

Ten seconds right now.
You're giving this car away.

>> ( chanting ): Rupert, Rupert,

>> PROBST: They're consulting,
just like in the show.

>> Whatever you want.
Don't listen to them.

You make up your own mind.
>> PROBST: All right, Amber,

who's getting the car?
Who's getting the SUV?

>> Who was the deciding vote?
>> I'm going to give it to Shii

>> PROBST: Shii Ann.

Why Shii Ann?
( applause )

All right, sit down.

Amber, quickly, why Shii Ann?
>> Shii Ann was the deciding

She gave me the million bucks.

>> PROBST: So you're paying back
Shii Ann for her vote.

>> She was that swing
vote and she gave it to me.

>> PROBST: All right, finally.
We've been teasing you with it

night after night and all night

The final Survivor All-Star
twist is next.

I promise.
Be right back.

( applause )
>> PROBST: All right.

( applause )
>> PROBST: All right.

We've been teasing you with this
for a long time, and we're going

to get to this surprise.
I just want to say one thing:

This is obviously an emotional
season, an emotional final

Tribal, an emotional night.
We've had friendships that

hopefully will heal.
Kathy said it in Tribal, she

believes in this, maybe you do,
maybe you don't, you guys shook

We have a couple that's been

Congratulations, by the way.

Jerri, we hope is doing all

So thank you guys for...
( audience chuckling )

I'm not being light.
I'm know I'm rushing through

this, but these are real people,
and we get that.

So thanks for a really good
season of Survivor.

( applause )
So now to reward you guys.

All right, audience, you've been
there with us for eight seasons.

You've watched over 120 Tribal
Councils, and you have never

participated in a single one.
You've never had a vote.

Well, now you do.
And it is a very valuable vote

Here's the deal: CBS is putting

up a second million-dollar

And this time, the audience is
going to decide who gets the

It is going to be awarded to one

of these 18 all-stars and you
guys are the jury.

It's not happening tonight.
You can vote for any one of the

You can vote for any reason you

think appropriate.
Here's how you do it.

Vote now on your wireless phone
by text messaging the name of

the Survivor all-star...
You thought it was going to

happen tonight?
...that you want to win.

You dial 26161 or you can log on
to CBS.

Text voting is open to Cingular

and most other wireless carrier

The polls will be open until
midnight on Wednesday.

Then on this Thursday we're

It's another live show in New
York City.

We're going to give the million
dollar prize to one of the 18

So you have quite a few days to

There are two ways to vote: text

messaging the name of the
Survivor all-star you want to

By the way, these guys are all
getting excited and Jenna is

talking like normal.
After the show, everybody here

will get a chance to make their
case on video.

You can hear their case, decide
who you want to vote for.

So it's next Thursday night.
It is your show.

Your vote will make one of these
guys a millionaire.

We will also announce where
Survivor is going next.

By the way, tonight, if you want
to own a piece of Survivor: All-

Stars, go to eBay.

You can bid on everything from
this season, all kinds of props,

and it benefits our good
friends, the Elizabeth Glaser

Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
And, finally, if we didn't have

enough to get through on this,
if you want to be on the show,

we're casting for Survivor 10
at CBS.

Tomorrow morning we will give

Amber a check for a million
dollars on The Early Show.

Thank you for being with us.
Good night.

( applause )
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