Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 1 - They Came at Us with Spears! - full transcript

Eighteen new castaways, separated into two tribes of men vs. women, are stranded on the remote islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

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>> JEFF PROBST: I'm standing on

the rim of Mt. Yasur, a massive
crater that displays its anger

on a regular basis, spewing
molten lava and rock thousands

of feet into the air.
Locals believe this is the final

resting spot for the spirits
of the dead.

Yasur is one of nine active
volcanoes on the island nation

of Vanuatu in the South Pacific.
It is a land with a fascinating

history of cannibalism, where
rituals like sorcery and black

magic are still a part of
daily life.

It is here that 18 Americans are
about to begin the adventure of

a lifetime.
18 strangers, all from different

walks of life, forced to work
together to create a new society

while battling the elements and
each other.

They must learn to adapt, or
they'll be voted out of the

In the end, only one will remain

to claim the million-dollar

39 days, 18 people, one

39 days, 18 people, one

♪ ♪
( yelling )

♪ ♪

>> There he is.
>> Thank God.

>> There he is.
( whistling )

>> PROBST: Yeah.
( applause and cheering )

Welcome to Survivor: Vanuatu--
Islands of Fire.

The game is about to begin, but
before it does, you have to be

granted access to the land.
So you're going to take part in

a tribal ritual.
It is a rite of passage and an

invitation to stay on the land,
but in order to stay, you must

It's going to impact each of you

At times, you may find it

At times, you may be repulsed.

And at times, you may be

Chief Mormor will preside over
all of this.

He is a real chief.
I will be there, but he will

guide you through it.
The tribes of Vanuatu take their

spirituality very seriously.
The ceremony you're going to

take part in is an authentic
Vanuatu tribal tradition.

You are in a foreign country.
Remember that.

This is their culture.
We are only visitors.

It's time to go over.
Three in a canoe.

Down the rope ladder.
>> Jeff gave us an overview,

saying how the customs
of Vanuatu are not like we're

used to, so I was... I was
really nervous after he was

talking to us.
I'm like, "What are they going

to do?"
>> Jeff informed us we're going

to climb down the side of the
boat and we're going to get in

these canoes.
I thought, 'Man, that's great,'

because I didn't learn how to
swim until six weeks before I

come here.
I would've been spooked if I

knew I had to swim.
( screaming )

>> We get into the boat, and it
tips over, so I'm trying to hold

onto the rope to keep me up.
It was killing my back, but I

wasn't about to move again.
I was going to stay right where

I was at.
We finally got another boat

over there.
( singing )

( chanting )
>> When the natives took

us into the middle of the ring
where everybody circled around

us, it was really overwhelming
for me, and I don't know if it

was just the anticipation of
getting started or the whole

thing, but I was... really, I
was moved to tears.

( native people screaming )
>> There was a bunch of

( native people screaming )
>> There was a bunch of

tribesmen running with spears.
My first reaction was, you know,

"What's going on?"
We were like, "Wha-Wha-What?

Are we suppose to defend

What are we supposed to do?"
>> They're jabbing spears at

absolutely everybody except me.
Nobody jabbed a spear at me in

any way, shape or form, which I
took as, you know, a black man

coming on the island is not
particularly unwelcome.

( singing )
>> These guys in their big

cone-shaped jungle dresses--
they have these big sticks, and

they start, you know, pulling
people out with the sticks, but

kind of, like, you know,
whacking 'em out.

Soon enough, I noticed that they
were bringing the women to one

We look over, and the guys, you

Like, we're, like, kneeling on a

mat, and they all have, like,
little, like, stump seats

to sit on.
And they're, like, right in the

center of the action.
We're kind of off to the side.

And so I immediately start
thinking, 'What's with this?

I thought we were all supposed
to be part of this ceremony.'

>> They brought a bowl out,
and they uncovered the palm

leaves off of it, and they were
pointing at it.

Well, I thought maybe I was
supposed to wash my fingers or

something, you know?
Uh, we were getting ready to eat

something or-or, uh, wash my
fingers, 'cause it was some

rustic-looking stuff.
>> Chief Mormor offers each one

of us this kava, which is the
local drink.

It's like mud, basically.
You drink it.

Your lips go numb, and your
tongue goes numb, and your

throat goes numb.
( spitting )

( laughing )
>> The chief is welcoming us,

and I look over at the girls,
and they're not getting anything

to drink.
And I'm thinking, 'Wow, this is

pretty cool.'
You know, special treatment for

the guys.
( spitting )

>> I was waiting for our turn.
I was like, "Well, okay, well,

when do we get kava?"
But it never came around.

We're not getting the full
deal here.

I'm not used to being put second
behind a man.

( man chanting )
( men singing in response )

>> PROBST: Keep if mind, guys,
what is about to happen next is

a common part of their tribal

>> Apparently, the Vanuatu
people really honor pigs.

Pigs are, I think, sometimes
better than women.

Anyway, so, they come in with
this pig.

Right away, I thought, 'Okay,
we're having a pig roast,' you

But I thought the pig was dead.

And then I realized the pig
was alive.

>> I eat meat, and I know that
animals are slaughtered, but,

like, seeing it was just like...
( gasps )

Like, I-I literally think I
gasped out loud, because it was

just so shocking to watch.
>> That kind of stuff doesn't

bother me, because I'm a
shepherdess, and that's

what I do.
I-I raise lambs for that exact

purpose: to slaughter.
So I totally understand

that ritual.
>> The head chief took the

blood of his sacrifice and went
to each male member of

Survivor-- no, no females--
and said, "You are now a-a, you

know, a warrior in Vanuatu."
And basically, I felt what he

was doing was he was saying

( cheering )
>> PROBST: There's one element

( cheering )
>> PROBST: There's one element

left to this initiation.
It involves a spiritual stone.

It is believed on these lands
that this carved stone and other

stones like it ward off evil

Last thing you want in this game
is bad luck.

Possessing this stone could give
you a spiritual advantage

in the game.
As you've seen, men and women

are treated very differently.
The chief is offering the men a

chance to possess this stone.
The only hitch is you have to

get it from the top of that
pole, which has been greased

with pig fat.
If you fail, the women get it.

The chief will decide in which
order you go.

To show you that it can be done,
he's going to instruct a tribe

member to take it up and put it
there now.

>> Ever who possesses
that stone, the spirits are

supposed to be in favor.
Even though that's not my

beliefs, I still wanted that
stone, just so the girls

wouldn't get it.
( cheering and hooting )

>> We were all going, "I
don't want to be the one that

falls flat on my face in front
of everybody."

The chief turned around, and he
pointed in my direction.

I was like, "Oh, my God.
No, not me."

And I went like this out of the

I said, "Yeah, him?"
( cheering )

>> I was just praying to
God he was going to pick

somebody else, but he picked me.
As soon as he did, I figured the

only way I'd even have any
chance is to do it kind of like

the other guy did it.
And I got a little dirt on my

feet, in my hands.
And I just hung on for dear

>> The girls were praying

that the boys were not
going to do it.

So I was like, "Please fall."
We want to see some of them fall

at least.
( cheering )

( thunder crashing )
( cheering )

>> As soon as he got that
rock, it started raining

like pouring pee out of
a boot on a flat rock.

It was definitely spooky, but I
didn't care, we got the rock.

( cheering )
>> Now, it's time to begin

Because you have been divided by

the chief into groups of men and
women, you will stay that way.

Men in possession of the
Spiritual Stone, you are the

Lopevi Tribe.
You will wear red.

>> Men against women.
It's perfect.

I can outsmart eight men a hell
of a lot quicker than I can

outsmart eight women.
Women stick together.

They're thick as thieves.
Men are deceiving, mischievous,

untrusting human beings.
Men-- I can manipulate.

>> PROBST: You are the Yasur

Named after the volcano.
You will wear yellow.

>> When I found out we was
splitting the men and the

women, I looked around at them
little girls and I thought, "Oh,

Lord, what did you get me into?"
We had a couple of ol' prissy

They probably hadn't even been

dirty in their entire days and
they ain't got a clue what's in

store for the next God knows how
many days.

>> PROBST: Your next task is to
find your tribal beaches.

You will not have a map to guide

You will not have fire to lead
the way.

It is going to be a long, dark,
wet walk.

And when you get there, you will
have a pot, you will have a

machete and you will have a map
to water, and that's it.

Have a good 39 days.
Men, down the beach this way.

Keep walking till you find your
tribe flag.

( thunder crashing )
Ladies, down to the beach, head

( cheering )

>> I think the boys got a lot
more out of that ceremony than

we did.
I think we definitely got a bum

So we're out for blood now.

( cheering )

>> Okay, girls. Be really
careful. >> You have to hold on

to the next person.
>> This is really slippery roots

here so be really careful.
>> Oh, whoa, Scout.

>> One down, one up.
>> Are you okay?

>> Yeah.
>> What do you think, Scout?

I'm going with your years of
experience and... and, uh, know-

how here, because I don't want
to... I don't want to walk

around all night.
>> I just wanted to hunker down

till daylight came so we could,
you know, find our camp easier

and everybody would be safe.
I wasn't tired.

I just love to sit and visit.
I haven't said anything to

anybody here, but I'm schlepping
around an artificial knee.

So I'm pretty cautious crawling
across lava rock that deep at

night with it raining.
( hooting )

>> Yeah?
>> Ami and Dolly and Scout

didn't want to come along.
They almost insisted on just

stopping where we were and, you
know, sleeping.

Like, I think sleeping right
here is, like, the stupidest

thing we could possibly do.
>> You guys, come on up here!

>> Come on.
>> We want to hang out.

We want to get to know each

>> We want you to come
hang out with us.

>> Hey, girls, let's make
a group decision.

What way do you want to go?
>> I don't want to hold you.

I want you guys to go at your
pace, you know.

I just, I feel like they're
headed the wrong direction, so

I want you to go on.
I'm happy to stay back.

>> Somebody needs to make
a decision.

>> It got to a point
where we couldn't make a

decision whether we should
continue or go back or if we

missed the flag, or...
We were really kind of afraid

that we missed camp altogether
'cause it's dark out.

>> I really had my heart set
on find our camp tonight.

>> Me, too.
>> I didn't want to be too pushy

because I didn't want to be,
like, the odd person out.

>> Are you going to be able to
sleep in this rain and cold?

>> No, no, I want to keep

>> We might as well keep

>> Luckily, you know,
other people agreed with me

that, um, we should continue.
Scout, will you come with us

if we chose to go, or are you
going to...?

>> Yeah, I'll go with you.
>> Come on, girl.

>> Yeah, let's go forward.
>> We don't want the guys

to find their camp before us.
( scattered laughing )

>> I know, I know.
>> Whoo!

>> It's the blind leading
the blind here.

>> Where's the flag, bro?
>> I don't think nine of

us would miss it.
>> Can we hold on a quick

We really need to come up with

some sort of game plan because
this walking our path is bull...

I mean, we got nine of us.
There's got to be a better way

than this.
Now we can keep walking along

the path, and some of us can
walk along the path, but then

we passed several trails that
are going up, and we have no

idea where those things are

Nine of us walking in a group
like a bunch of ladies ain't

>> Rory, I don't think

he's going to fit in.
There is one in every bunch, you

know what I mean?
To see, like, Rory already

barking out orders, what is he

I'll be honest with you, the
walk is, like, kind of keeping

us busy, like, we got something
to do, just walk.

Like, you know what I mean?
Once we find camp anyway, what

are we going to do when we get
there anyway?

>> What does the group want
to do?

What do we want to do?
>> Keep walking?

>> Move on.
>> Move out, move out.

>> I don't think there was
any independent thought.

I think that we could've covered
more ground if we weren't all

walking in a big pack of nine
guys all at once.

Some of the younger guys that...
that are here, none of them want

to listen.
They're all young.

>> Little tension on
the first night.

( scattered chuckling )
>> What's that right there?

Does that look like a stick with
a flag on it?

Yo, it's the flag!
( whooping )

We got the flag!
>> Yeah!

( talking excitedly )
>> Let's be real careful.

>> This has got to be it.
>> Please be our beach,

please be our beach, please be
our beach.

>> Yeah!
( whooping and cheering )

You guys, we did it!
( cheering )

We see the flag and, you know,
all the trouble, all the

conflicts, like, dissolved.
We're all hugging and thrilled

to death that we're here.
>> Here's to be persevering

and being strong!
( cheering loudly )

( whooping )
>> Okay, now what?

( scattered laughing )
>> Should we bring the rest

of the fronds over?
>> I think now let's pull in

what we got and see and then
tie 'em down.

You got to tie all these up to
that center piece.

Boy, we've got a really sturdy
rack for a shelter.

It's been a group effort.
I've stayed with it, and Twila

has stayed with it, and, uh,
Leann stayed with it.

But some of the gals are down
there on the beach basking in

the sun, chitchatting.
>> Oh, praise the spirit

for the sun.
>> Rub it on.

>> It's scrub, deodorant.

>> I call all these
sorority girls "bowheads."

That's what we call them back in

They all like to hang together.
They're like cattle.

I mean, really, cows, they just

And those sorority chicks, they
aren't paying attention to any

damn thing but themselves.
You know, they're their favorite

>> I'm really not a

negative person.
Like, I'm awfully optimistic

in most cases, but for some
reason, I just don't think we're

going to get fire from rubbing
two, like, quasi dry sticks

>> Eliza, she talks nonstop.

She's probably at the top of my
list, just to get her mouth out

of my face.
I'm telling you.

>> Dude, are they building
shelter right now?

I don't see them.
>> Just lean up against

this and hold that.
Slide down a little bit, though.

( chuckles )
>> Twila has been working

on the shelter constantly.
I feel like her continuous work

has made those of us who have
taken reasonable breaks look bad

in her mind to think that, oh,
they're not pulling their

Hey, ladies, looking great.

>> We had too much chattering
and not enough moving.

Mouths are working but the hands

The hut still is not done.
There is a couple of them that

didn't do nothing but bitch,
moan and complain last night.

We was all cold.
You know, get off your ass, get

the... done or don't bitch about
it tonight when you're freezing

your butt off.
>> We know where our

water source is.
It's just a little creek with

some fresh water.
It looks really clean, but it's

still going to have to be
boiled, and... I guess our

problem right now is we just got
to get a fire going.

>> Hey, you guys, before we
start the fire, let's

get the, uh, let's get the
Immunity Rock, huh?

Rub the rock's head.
>> Fire.

>> Well, you know, it worked
at home when I did this.

You make a little notch in this
fire tray and put the ball of

tinder right in here.
On the opposite side, you make a

The Aborigines did this, why

can't we?
>> J.P. wants to prove himself

He's about 30 years old, and

he's feeling like, you know, I'm
buff, I'm bad, I'm young, I'm

all, you know, go to the end of

He don't have a clue.
He's got the frame, but he ain't

got the brain.
>> Slackening.

>> Yup, there you go, dude.
Keep it going.

>> Yup.
>> This is going to be it.

Keep going.
>> Ton of smoke, ton of smoke.

>> We need more smoke,
more smoke, dude.

( grunting )
>> Dump it...

Blow it...
>> It's here...

It's right here, it's right
here, it's right here.

>> We actually had a hot
ember, which was very pink.

>> Oh, you're getting it.
>> Yeah, that's it.

>> Just go, go, go.
>> Easy, easy...

>> I think we were all excited
to see a hot ember, but none of

us knew what to do with it.
We were just kind of like,

"Yeah, we've got ember."

>> No!
>> We were so close to

getting fire going that I
thought we were gonna be

able to boil water.
Didn't work.

>> You got those leaves?
>> You guys check it out.

I got to...
I got to show you this.

>> There's one more right now.
>> You guys agree that I

had a pretty good run down here,
I didn't fall or anything?

>> After doing things that
are physically demanding, I felt

like it was the right time to-to
reveal the fact that I have no

foot, that it's a prosthesis.
They were pretty surprised.

It's a rare form of cancer
called synovial sarcoma.

And I just had a little, uh,
bump in the bottom of my foot...

>> Dude.
>> ...and thought it was

I thought it was a cyst.

I lost it about 20 months ago.
>> Dude, it's inspirational

that you're here.
It's awesome.

>> Yeah.
>> I know.

>> Good on you, mate.
>> I had absolutely no

idea that Chad had no leg.
I mean, he had...

He was wearing pants the whole
day, so he just goes, "Hey,

guys, look."
And then he unzippered his

pants, and there was no leg.
It was pretty...

It was pretty shocking.
>> It's, uh...

>> Extremely mobile, man.
You did a hell of a job with it.

>> Well, I try.
>> Great.

The guy with the mechanical
leg's gonna win for sure.

He's nice, he's smart, he's
quiet, and he... you know, he's

got the underdog thing going on,
so we're screwed.

>> That's awesome, dude.
I had no idea.

>> I'm amazed.
All the power to him.

I totally think that's
inspirational, but if I have

to vote his ass out of here
tomorrow, I'm still gonna vote

his ass out of here tomorrow.

>> Let's go.

>> Tree mail.
>> Whoo!

>> Tree mail.
>> How cool.

>> I know.
>> Is this it?

>> "A show of pride and unity,
each time the two tribes meet.

Bring your tribal flag with you
whenever you complete."

>> Compete.
>> Compete.

>> "Assess your tribe mates

Whose talents you'll require."

>> Mm-hmm.
>> "One tribe leaves with heads

hung low, the others go home
with fire."

( gasping and cheering )
>> They don't have it.

They don't have it.
>> We got tree mail, and,

um, we're all psyched up, 'cause
supposedly we're gonna get some

>> Obviously, most people

think that girls are weaker, and
women aren't cut out for this

kind of thing, so I think it's
really important that we win

this challenge.
We're gonna go and kick some

>> PROBST: Yasur, the ladies,

>> PROBST: Yasur, the ladies,

how is it going so far?
Two nights.

>> Two long, cold...
>> No fire.

>> ...wet nights.
>> No fire.

>> But it's going awesome.
>> PROBST: All right, Lopevi,

you guys, grinning.
No problem, right?

First three days, how is it
going so far?

>> We still need fire before
we're gonna drink water.

So we need to boil ours.
We're not taking any chances.

>> PROBST: Okay.
Let's get to the first

It is for both reward and

There are several elements.

All nine of you must go under
the mud crawl.

Once all nine of you have made
it to the other size of the mud

crawl, three tribe members will
tackle the box maze.

Your goal is to maneuver a ball
from the start to the finish

Once the ball gets in the net,

take it with you, because it has
matches inside that you're gonna

need later.
The next stage, all nine must

cross a very narrow balance

If you fall off, or if your feet
hit the net at any time, you got

to go back to the start.
Once all nine have finished,

three different tribe members
will race to build a fire that

will burn a rope and drop a

Light it, cross the finish line.
First tribe with a lit torch to

cross the finish line and light
the final wok wins reward and

Want to know what the reward is?

>> Absolutely.
>> Absolutely.

>> It's flint.
( applause )

>> Yeah!
>> You already have steel

with the machete.
This will give you fire, give

you warmth, let you boil water.
But more important than reward

is this.

>> All right.
>> PROBST: This is what you want

in this game.
If you have immunity, you are

You cannot be voted out.

Without it, you are vulnerable.
Ready to go?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Take your spots on

the start and wait for my go.
All right.

Here we go for reward and

Survivors ready?

Through the mud pit.
Everybody dead even.

>> Come on.
>> Come on...

>> Come on...
Come on.

>> PROBST: Pretty even.
Keep moving.

Get your face down and dig

John and Lisa are across.
>> Come on, go.

Come on...
>> PROBST: A lot of teamwork

going on.
The women pulling each other

Guys pulling each other through.

( people shouting )
Dead even.

Let's go.
Get her through.

Get her through.
Pull him!

Got to get on the mat.
Men are through the mud.

Men moving on to the box maze.
Get on the mat.

Drag her.
Women through the mud.

Women moving on to the box maze.
>> Careful.

Does it need to go over there?
>> It goes here, it

goes here...
>> PROBST: You need the maneuver

the ball into the finish net.
>> Don't let it go in yet.

>> Ready?
Now. Now.

>> We're in.
>> No. Just take your time.

Easy. Right there.
>> PROBST: Guys hit a roadblock.

>> That needs to go through
this one.

>> No, down.
>> Down...

>> Here.
>> Nice.

( indistinct chatter )
>> It won't fit.

>> PROBST: Girls working
together well.

>> Oh, oh.
>> Oh, come on.

>> PROBST: The men have it.
Moving on with their ball to the

balance beam.
>> Nice.

Now, tilt, tilt.
Don't let it go down now.

>> PROBST: Chad first up on the
balance beam.

Keep working.
You're still in this.

>> Now, we can't let it go
through that last one.

>> Okay, okay, bring it back.
I'll bring it back.

>> Don't tilt it.
Just go nice and tiny.

>> PROBST: Bubba is down.
Back to the start.

>> Go, go, go, go...
>> PROBST: John makes it across.

The women have it.
Ladies, you're still in it.

>> Go, go, go.
>> Come on.

>> Go, go, go, go, go...
>> PROBST: Brady, you're across

and down.
>> Go.

>> Come on, women.
Agility, agility.

>> PROBST: Bubba gonna crawl.
Oh, scraping his belly against

that wood.
That cannot feel good.

>> You got it, man.
Come on.

>> Think fire, think fire.
>> Come on, think about it.

>> PROBST: Bubba working it.
>> Let's go, let's go.

She's catching you, she's
passing you.

>> PROBST: You cannot touch any
part of the net.

>> She's passing you.
>> PROBST: Leann makes it.

Women have their first woman

Get those feet up there.
>> Good man.

>> PROBST: Bubba's through.
>> Yeah.

>> Let's go, come on...
>> Go.

>> PROBST: Chad you're there.
Keep moving Twila.

Watch your feet.
Keep 'em up.

That a way.
Drag those feet up.

You're good.
>> Hurry, hurry!

>> PROBST: Lea makes it.
You're down.

Dolly, you're good.
That a way to dig, Rory.

( people shouting )
Mia makes it across.

Women are closing the gap.
That a the way, Rory.

Down to you two.
Down to Scout and Chris.

( all shouting )
>> PROBST: No, Chris to

the back.
Hustle, man, you got it.

Stay in this!
( all shouting )

>> PROBST: Women have taken the

Hustle, Scout.
You got to get to the mat.

( all shouting )
>> Keep going, keep going.

>> PROBST: Let's go, men.
You're still in it.

Women have to make fire.
>> Start it small.

Start it small then roll around

>> Then we'll grab it.
>> Move forward.

Move forward, buddy.
>> Don't do it...

>> Just like you're walking
on the sidewalk, bro.

>> It's all you, man.
>> He's off again.

He's off again.
>> It's all you, man.

>> Plenty of time, dude.
Take your time.

>> Get a few tall sticks

on there.
>> Come on, man, it's all you.

>> Keep your feet straight.
>> Jimmy.

>> Come on, girls.
( indistinct chatter )

>> PROBST: Ladies have fire.
>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Protect that fire.
Block the wind.

>> You can do this, Chris!
You can do it, man.

Say to yourself, you can do it,

>> Just think how warm we'll be
tonight, please.

>> Okay, let's go now.
>> They got as far as... now.

>> Whoo!
>> Look up.

Let's go.
>> It's all you.

It's all you, man.
You're the man.

You got our support.
>> Here we go, here we go.

Here we go.
Keep it going.

Keep it going.
>> Go faster, go faster, go

faster, go faster...
>> Go, go, go, go...

>> Oh!
>> PROBST: Here it goes.

( all shouting )
>> Fire!

>> Oh, fire!
>> There it is.

There it goes!
( indistinct chatter )

>> Go!
( cheering )

>> PROBST: Yasur across the
finish line.

The women win the first
challenge-- reward and immunity!

( cheering )
>> WOMEN ( chanting ): Fire and

water and immunity, fire and
water and immunity...!

( cheering )
>> PROBST: Yasur, right here.

( cheering )
That's going back to camp.

No Tribal Council for you guys.
>> Yeah!

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: And flint.

Water tonight.
You'll stay warm.

>> ALL: Thank you.

>> Thank you.
>> In the mood for a hot meal?

>> PROBST: Lopevi, tough break.
Chris, certainly gave it

everything you had.
We'll see if it mattered or not

tonight at Tribal Council.
Somebody is going home.

First person voted out.
I'll see you there.

>> Whoo!
( cheering )

>> Hey, bottom line, I think we
underestimated them, man.

They did a good job.
>> Oh, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, we just lost.
>> Losing fire right now

was tough.
Losing to women was tough.

>> I want to tell you guys a
little bit more about myself.

I'm not real good at balance.
( laughter )

>> Chris couldn't get
across the balance beam.

The fact is, he didn't make it,
and we lost.

>> I'd get halfway and hit
a wall.

I really wanted to make it
across the beam.

You know, if I had wings, I'd
have made it.

You know, I would have made
myself go across the beam.

This game, you outwit,
outplay, outlast people.

You don't out-balance them.
>> It has to be.

You don't out-balance them.
>> It has to be.

You know what I'm saying?
>> I totally agree.

>> We have to win this game.
>> Lea, what do you think... who

are you leaning towards tonight?
We're just talking, as a group,

we want to be a strong group.
>> Bottom line is, I

want to beat those girls, and I
want to keep getting immunity.

The way I'm going to do it is,
it's basically the weakest link.

>> I'm going to give it a
few hours and see what the

attitudes are, 'cause, I mean, I
like everybody.

>> That's the thing.
>> I don't have no bad

quarrels with nobody.
J.P., Brady, John and Brook--

they basically said, "Sarge,
we need to get rid of the

weakest link."
It's tricky to decide who I'm

going to vote for.
I said I'm going to think

about it.
They said the weakest link.

They're assuming that I agree
that the weakest link is Chris.

If we're going to stay in this--
the old people-- the only way

we're going get a million
dollars, one of us, is if we get

rid of the young people.
>> But J.P. is the only one that

really is trying to make fire.
I'd say Brook.

Brook is cocky, and we don't
know where he lies.

>> I'll talk to Chad.
I prepared to come here

mentally, and I prepared to
play the game.

I'm not vulnerable at all.
We got a plan.

>> I'm just trying to survive
the first couple days.

>> The one thing you got to
worry about is you never know.

Those guys could smarten up,
which I hope they didn't.

Personally, I think these are
all young guys on the team, guys

are going to be targets.
I feel like I am one of the

stronger, younger guys who's
going to be a target.

>> Right now, we're in
charge of...

As of right now, you know
what I mean?

>> Not necessarily.
>> Trust me.

>> Cool.
>> You know what I'm saying?

>> All right, cool.
I'm down.

>> All right.
>> Well, obviously I haven't

fully made up my mind on who I'm
going to vote for yet tonight.

I'm thinking about Chris right
now, but Rory, he's kind of on

his own sheet of music a lot of
the time.

I think maybe some people feel
like Rory is maybe not putting

out as much group effort as some
of the other guys, and the group

right now is where it's all at.
>> PROBST: Behind each of you

right now is where it's all at.
>> PROBST: Behind each of you

right now is where it's all at.
>> PROBST: Behind each of you

guys is a torch.
Go ahead and grab a touch,

approach a flame and get fire.
Because in this game, fire

represents your life.
As long as your torch has fire,

you're still in the game.
When your flame is gone,

so are you.
Welcome to your first Tribal

Council-- definitely not the
place you want to be.

Somebody is going to go home as
a result of today's loss.

But before we get to the vote,
let's talk about today's

Anybody here willing to admit

that as they saw Chris fail,
fail, fail, that they started

thinking, "This guy is killing

>> Oh, I mean, yeah.
Because it was so easy.

And I'm saying, "Come on, bring
your big tail across the doggone

We were ahead; now we're losing.

All we got to do is build a
little fire, blow the torch and

win over these females."
>> PROBST: Chris, at any point

while you're trying to cross it,
are you also thinking, "I'm

dead, I'm going home tonight"?
>> No, I wasn't.

I wasn't thinking "I'm going
home tonight."

I wasn't thinking "I'm dead."
I don't categorize stuff

like that.
The first night, Rory, he had

some ideas.
He was getting on people's

Did I all of a sudden develop an

opinion about him and think,
"You know what?

He's going home the first time I
go to Tribal Council."

No, I didn't think that.
Everybody's going to help the

team some way, sometime down
along the line, and that's all I

think about.
>> PROBST: Rory, how are you

fitting in with this group?
>> I fit in fabulously well,

and I love my partners here.
We've accepted every single

thing that's come our way as a
family and as a team, and I

would expect that's the way
we're going to continue to

>> PROBST: J.P., how close are

you to crisis mode in terms of
not having water?

>> We're on red alert.
I mean, when you get into this

game, you realize, you take a
lot of things for granted, and

water is one of them.
You start getting headaches.

You can't get up.
You're lethargic.

You start cramping.
It's taken a toll on all of us

in some way or another.
>> PROBST: Before we get to the

vote, there's one other topic we
have to bring up.

You got your first look today at
the women.

>> Mmm.
>> PROBST: Bubba, that was just

a little grunt or a groan,
or a...?

>> Jeff, I've said it once,
I've said it a thousand times.

You never underestimate a woman.
I knew going into this that

these women were going to be
fighting hard, and I hope now

everybody respects these ladies,
'cause they mean business, and

they can kick our tail, Jeff.
>> PROBST: Brook, anybody you

wouldn't mind ending up on a
tribe with?

>> Yeah, there was a couple
girls that had really nice, um,

tails, but, uh, I was real
impressed with how competitive

some of those girls were.
It's one thing to expect it, and

one thing to see those girls
shimmying across that beam and

grinding their teeth and
screaming and yelling just

'cause they want to beat us
so bad.

But, yeah, I was peeking over
quite often when I got a chance.

>> PROBST: J.P., you had to be a
little surprised nine women

kicked your guys' butt.
>> I think as the group,

we expected to win.
Nine males, Jeff-- there's nine

of us.
We're all brute strong.

We're going to have to come in
and play the game a little bit

They just raised the level of

the game.
>> PROBST: With that, it is time

to vote.
Brook, you're up first.

>> Chris, I'm making this
vote to save my own butt, and

it's definitely strategy.
Good luck, bud.

>> If you get voted off
tonight, we'll miss your sage

comments around camp.
Right now, man, it's all about

team and winning.
>> I'm just playing the

team and winning.
>> I'm just playing the

game, man.
I started playing it when I got

to the beach.
It's all part of the game.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

The first vote.

That's two votes Chris.


That's two votes Brook, two

votes Chris.
One vote Rory.


Three votes Brook,
three votes Chris.

One vote Rory.

Four votes Brook,
three votes Chris.

First person voted out of
Survivor: Vanuatu-- Islands of

Fire-- Brook.
You need to bring your torch.

Brook, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

Three different tribe members
received votes.

You guys are going back to camp.
No water, no fire, 'cause you're

going to earn it or you're going
to build it.

You guys can head back to camp.
Good night.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from
our next episode.

>> Next time on Survivor:
Lines are drawn at Lopevi.

>> You are so friggin'
dangerous, man.

>> Who else is a threat?
>> PROBST: At Yasur, things

are bleak.
>> It's so miserable.

Being here is like being in

>> PROBST: And Rory gets mad.
>> That was nonsense.

That was classless.
>> I just don't think,

you know...
>> Show some class!

>> The one thing I didn't want
was to be the first person off.

Who the hell wants to be the
first person off?

But, uh, during these three days
in the game, I don't think I

have learned much about myself.
My only problem was, the other

17 people here just gave me an
absolute schooling in the game

of Survivor, so...
Uh, you know, I got beat.

The bottom line-- someone
got me. They got me good.

Peace out, Survivorland.