Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 6 - Me and My Snake - full transcript

Having also won the opportunity to loot an item from the losing camps tribe, the visiting castaway makes a stunning confession.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on

Morgan, never able to catch

their own fish...
>> These make it better.

>> Nicely done!
>> PROBST: ...enjoyed the skills

of Rupert, their temporary tribe

>> Probably the smartest thing
this tribe ever did was get

ahold of Rupert.
>> PROBST: At Drake, with Rupert

away from camp, his loyalty was

>> I'm afraid he's giving away
too much information about us

and not realizing it.
>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, with Rupert still on
board, Morgan claimed victory.

Morgan wins reward!
Rupert then returned to Drake,

where he was greeted with open

We welcome back this guy.
Morgan returned to camp in high

spirits-- with rain ponchos, a
cooking pot, and a chance to get

At the immunity challenge,

Rupert arrived with a new

>> This is Balboa.
>> PROBST: ...and Darrah kept

the seafood smoothie down,
leading Morgan to their third

straight win.
Before Tribal Council,

Michelle made a last-minute
plea to stay on the island.

I can't trust Shawn further
than I could throw him.

>> PROBST: But it wasn't enough,
and at Drake's second Tribal

Council, they voted Michelle
out of the Pearl Islands.

Michelle, the tribe has spoken.
11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
(theme song playing)

Who will be voted out tonight?
(theme song playing)

(thunder rumbles)
>> I thought Michelle left

with a lot of class.
>> She did.

She's a very good girl.
And it's too bad she's not on

our tribe anymore.
My first Tribal Council sucked.

I was mad and I was tired.
I was pissed off.

I didn't want to be there.
>> I tell you, Jeff was pretty

direct with his questions
tonight, wasn't he?

>> He was trying to get to the
bottom of stuff.

>> He didn't want to hear no
sugarcoating, nothing.

>> We were brutally honest this

And I am sorry that I, I...
if I offended anybody in any of

my answers.
I hope I didn't.

>> No. No. Not at all.
>> Good.

They still do not see that we
gave Morgan some great momentum.

They don't see that.
I can't believe I wrote

Michelle's name down instead of

Should have been Shawn.

For awhile, everybody knew
a Drake was going to win this.

Now, there is question.
You all right, Balboa?

Now, there is question.
You all right, Balboa?

Oh, you feel awful cold.
You're not...

You didn't make it through the
night, buddy.

This morning, I went and

checked on Balboa.
He was dead.

So sorry, buddy.
It's a hard world.

>> How's Balboa doing?
>> He's dead.

>> Is he really?
>> They want to use him for

bait, so I'm burying him.
>> He died last night?

>> Yeah, he's gone.
>> That's so sad.

>> Rupert was a little upset.
You know, he gets really

attached to funny little things
and the snake was one of them.

I don't know why he's so worried
about a little snake he found

in the water, but, you know,
who knows? That's Rupert.



>> Hey, hey, hey.

You don't need to be doing that.
Oh, you want to challenge me?

Come on.

He's trying to get our flag.

Move it.
Hey, buddy.

You're out of here.
>> There's a pelican

that just came by camp, and
Ryno has a soft spot for

animals, which is great.
So, Ryno starts petting it,

making it feel good, and he's
just trying to help it out.

So, it was pretty funny.
Did you give her a name yet?

>> His name's Pelican Pete.
He's our mascot for a little


>> Your friend is waiting
outside for you.

>> Oh, yeah, here he comes.
>> He's really coming and

following you.

Osten's going to be highly

You want to come in?
Come on.

Osten, don't do that!

Be nice.
Just see what he does.

He's not going to get up here.
>> Why would you want this

thing in here?
I'm being dead serious.

I'm, like, I would get
the machete and chop this

thing's head right the ... off.
I'm not playing around.

I'm going to get the machete

right now.
I'm not playing around.

>> He wants to sit on your lap.
>> I am not kidding.

Here he comes.

>> I think it's hilarious that

Osten is scared of every little

I mean, he's such a big guy, you
would think that, you know, he

wouldn't be scared of anything,
but, you know, he's scared of

every little bug.
>> Come on, buddy.

Let's go.
Let's go.

You're not welcome.
Come on.

>> I don't like animals.
I been bit by a couple

animals, and the next animal
that bites me will die.

I have no problem chopping that
thing's head straight off.

Just go sit down and stop ...
with your blade.

You don't need to do that.
Not chopping anything's ... head

off unless we're going to eat

We're not eating this one.
Come on, buddy.

Come on.
>> Ryno's just trying to

help out a poor old pelican
and O.T.'s just being an ass.

There's no other way to look
at it.

He's just being an ass,
sharpening machete.

That's the dumbest thing I've
ever seen.

In fact, I was embarrassed by

>> Sit down, though.
I don't... I don't need you to

irritate me right now.
I believe Osten was afraid of

He was, he was pissing me off.

I mean, if you're afraid of
the jungle and you're afraid

of the sea and you're afraid
of birds... You know what?

Don't even come out here.

All right, Pete.
I'll see you later, buddy.

>> If we have a free day today,
I'm gonna gather logs and

we're tearing our floor apart
and getting it six inches,

eight inches off the ground.
>> Rupert felt that if we could

elevate the bamboo off the
ground, even a few inches,

that that would stop the
biting at night.

>> We want to keep away from the
sand as high as we can.

>> Even though most of us did
not understand or agree that

this was going to help anything,
we would do anything to stop the

>> I really think that just

to raise it an inch or two with
bamboo is almost a waste of

energy and time.
We might as well wait till

>> All the ... off, we're doing

it today.
>> Damn straight.

>> So, everybody starts taking
the shelter apart and what

Shawn told Jon, "Well, I think

this is all a waste of time.
"I don't think we should be

wasting our energy doing all of

>> I just don't think it's going
to make much of a difference to

raise it this much.
'Cause that bamboo is like...

two inches high, not even.
>> Shawn kept looking for

excuses why not to help
and Jon's, like, had it up to

here with him.
>> Rupe, you don't think we

could just slide, like, lift up
sections and slide the logs

>> Jon. Stop.

Where you going, Jon?
>> I know, but I'm getting tired

just watching everyone just

>> Yeah, but, you know, you're
making, uh, ten times more work.

>> No we're not!
We're doing...

It's ten times more work to talk
about it for a .... hour.

I'll have all these out by the
time everyone's ... done just

looking at it.
>> Jon, honestly, relax, bro.

>> Damn it, dude!
You do more not to do work

than doing work!
>> What are you talking about,

Relax. We're working here.

>> No, you're just, you're not--
>> Are we on a time basis?

>> I could give a ...!
Dude, don't tell me to...

Just do it and I will relax!
>> Jon, chill your ... head, all

>> Oh, my God.

You're ... ridiculous, dude.
Don't even go there.

>> I just asked you to just pull
those out.

>> Just shut up!
Just shut up, okay? Shut up.

How about that one?
Try that one.

>> I'll ... shut up the day you
start ... working.

>> You know what, Jon, just shut
up, all right?!

>> God! You still can't do it!
>> Just shut up.

>> I'll ... walk away just for
you to ... do it!

>> Walk away.
>> I will!

>> Good.

>> No, what's ... ridiculous is
not doing anything!

That's ... ridiculous!
>> You see us here, Jon?

Relax! Okay?
>> I'm glad Jon put him in his

And after that, what happened?

Shawn practically put
the whole shelter together.

Maybe Shawn should get a clue
that he's not anybody's buddy

That he needs to get

whatever has to happen done.
He needs to make sure we win

the challenge... or he's going

And that's it.
>> Sea mail.

And that's it.
>> Sea mail.

>> That's a cool pouch.
>> A cannonball.

>> What's it say?
>> "Batten down the hatches,

it's time to have a blast.
Ready, aim, fire!

Who'll be standing last?
Will your tribe fall short or

will you go too far?
Your stomach will thank you.

It's the tastiest reward by

>> Food, baby!

>> You know, I think we're
feeling vulnerable going into

this next challenge.
We really want to get our

momentum back.
And we've lost three

challenges in a row.
Today's a new day, we're a

strong tribe.
We're totally united.

All we have to do is get our
strategy back for the next two

challenges, and just kick ass
and just make it happen.

>> I know.
We're going to go kick some

Morgan ass.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Take a spot on your mat.
Morgan, getting your first

look at the new Drake tribe.
Michelle voted out at the last

Tribal Council.
Drake now down to six members.

Numbers are evening up.
You guys ready for today's

reward challenge?
Let's get to it.

For today's challenge, in
classic pirate style you will

fire a cannon.
One tribe member at a time

will come up, you will load
the cannon, you will aim the

cannon, and, using fire, you
will light the cannon.

Your goal: knock out one of the
other tribe's targets.

First tribe to knock out all
four targets wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing

>> Yeah.
>> Oh, hell yeah.

>> Oh, yeah.
>> PROBST: First part of today's

reward... is a grill, utensils.
Make it a little easier,

Put this over your fire, put

your fish or whatever meat you

And I'm sure the fish is
starting to get a little bland,

so, a few spices.
Got some chili pepper, got some

parsley, salt and pepper, little
bit of everything.

Should, if you know what you're
doing, spice it up a little bit.

And if you're getting tired of
fish... nice big lobster.

>> Oh, lobster.
That's exactly what I said.

>> PROBST: And if you're just
tired of seafood altogether...

here's a little steak.
(gasps and laughter)

>> PROBST: In addition,
Morgan, should you win,

second piece to your buried

Also, the winning tribe gets to
loot one item from the losing

Give you a minute for strategy.

Wait for my "Go."
Here we go, guys.

First two up: Jon and Savage.
First tribe to knock out the

other tribe's four targets
wins surf n' turf.

Savage gets loaded.
Jon gets loaded.

Now, the critical phase:
aiming the cannon.

You have ropes you can use.
You also can tilt or lower.

Andrew likes his already.
>> What do you think?

>> I think that's it.
>> PROBST: All right, Savage,

which one are you going for?
>> Front right.

>> PROBST: Front right.
Get your fire.

Morgan's first shot.

(tribe groans)

>> PROBST: A little high and had

a little English on it.
Drake's first shot, Jon the

guinea pig.
Which one?

Going for the orange one.
Here we go.



Next two, come on up.
Ryno, it's loaded.

Sandra going to load in.
Ryno, get your fire.


Boom, he connects.
Morgan on the board with one.

Sandra, get your fire.

Ooh, nicely done!

We're 1-1.
Next two, come on down.

T. gets loaded up.
Grab your fire.


>> PROBST: Too high.


>> Whoo!

>> Wasn't the one I was aiming
for, but...

>> PROBST: Drake takes the lead,

Next two, come on down.
Osten and Rupert squaring off

once again.

>> Yes!

>> Good job.
>> PROBST: And he does.

Rupert, grab your fire.

He nails it!

Next two, come on down.
Drake, one target away from

surf n' turf.
Darrah gets loaded.

Shawn gets loaded.
All right, Darrah.

Grab your fire.


>> PROBST: And Darrah connects.
We're tied up 3-3.

Shawn can win it with this.


>> Just a tad over.
>> PROBST: A little low and to

the right.
Next two, come on down.

Savage and Christa.
Here's where things stand:

We're tied at 3-3.
Morgan will shoot first.

You connect, you have all

Drake still gets their
last shot.

Savage tweaking.
A lot at stake on these two

Christa eyeballing.

Both tribes happy?
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Andrew...
Ready? Fire.

>> Yes!
>> Yes!

>> PROBST: A miss.
(Drake clapping)

Christa, if you hit the one
remaining target: surf and

turf is going home with Drake.


>> PROBST: And she does!
Drake wins reward!

>> Drake! Drake! Drake!
>> PROBST: Drake!

Beef, lobster, spices.
You guys will take this home

with you.
Tomorrow morning,

you'll be sending somebody
over to Morgan to loot one

Enjoy-- bon apetit.

>> Oh, look at these steaks,

>> PROBST: Morgan.

Grab your tribe flag and head
on back to camp.

(Drake cheering)
>> Surf and turf.

Steak and lobster and spices!
>> Look at these little fellas

right here.
And they ain't little.

Look at our spices...
Rosemary. Garlic sauce.

Wait, wait.
>> The piece de resistance:

>> Beef. We got beef.
>> I mean, it was just like a

dream come true.
And when we came back here,

everyone seasoned up their own
meat and made their own steaks

and it was unbelievable.
I think the lobsters are done.

For sure.
>> God, they look so good,

Oh, my God.

>> It felt good coming
home with all that stuff.

We tore it up.
We cooked the lobster first.

>> Oh, man!
That's cooked perfectly.

>> I can't believe after all
this, we still got steak, guys.

>> Then, came around to the

>> This is so good, you guys.
>> And I just picked it up

off the grill and I just ate
it off the fork.

It was so delicious.
It was the greatest steak I've

ever had.
This is the bomb.

>> You're going to have to get
up in a few minutes and go loot.

>> Okay. I'll get up.

>> You want to wake up.
>> I'm about to go lootin'

and takin' some of that old
pirate's booty.

I'm going to have fun today.
Their morale is pretty low as a

result of losing the reward

Uh, so, I... I plan on taking
that morale and jumping on it,

just up and down so it's
absolutely nothing come

immunity time.
That's the goal.

>> Who's that?
>> Jon.

>> Is it?
>> It's too early for me.

>> He's an irritant.

And he's rude.
>> Okay, T, unclench your fists.

>> What's up, Big Jon?

What's up?
>> Little Jon from Drake

came to our camp to raid it.
He was a lot more humble than

he usually is.
He looked like he put his

diplomat hat on, remembered some
of his people skills and he...

he wasn't as cocky or as

So what are your thoughts
today, Big Jon?

Everyone voted we have to take
your pot, uh, as a strategic

move, in case you come after our

>> I thought you were coming
after the shower.

>> Nah. I... you know what?
I would love to wash my

hair before I go.
>> Then Little Jon indicated

nothing would make him happier
than to have some shampoo to

wash his hair.
Gave him some shampoo,

a diplomatic gesture on our

>> Awesome.
Have you guys noticed

I've been a little nicer at

>> We don't mind talking smack,
but it hurts when you lose six

straight challenges.
>> Oh.

>> If we were winning those
challenges, talking smack

doesn't bother me.
It just...

>> Well, technically, seven.
We threw the seventh one

just to get Burton out.
Like, I mean, did you notice

that I... I moved my guys out
of the way? But, anyway...

I'll be right back.
>> Throwing the challenge, him.

>> Seven is what he said.
>> Him.

>> Who said that?
>> He said he... they threw the

challenge for that piece...
chess piece, as if they

weren't trying.
>> Yeah, right.

>> The whole time.
>> He screwed up, majorly.

>> He claims he threw the
Chess-Checker Water Challenge.

I think that's just nonsense and
I think it's bad sportsmanship

for him, little bastard, to
indicate that we didn't fair and

square win that challenge.
So, I don't think they did throw

But just for that little pissant

to take that away from us, it's

>> Bye, guys.
>> Bye.

>> You know, he came here
to ruffle some feathers and he

definitely did.
Hey, say "hey" to Rupert for us.

>> I will.
>> And it concerned me from an

immunity standpoint, because
the most critical one coming up

today, that he's causing
dissension among the ranks.

And let the games begin.
Let's take the gloves off and

let's see what they're made of.
Let's have some fun.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
What's going on, Rupert?

>> ( laughs ): Play time.
>> PROBST: What's up, T?

>> Hey.
>> PROBST: Christa, getting more

bug bites.
>> I don't know what happened to

me last night.
I guess I just have some new

freckles that have developed.
It's cool.

>> PROBST: All right, first
things first.

Immunity... back up for grabs.
Okay, today's immunity challenge

will require strategy and

Three tribe members from each
tribe will have a wooden pole

across their shoulders.
Each round, weight will be added

to those poles until you cannot
take it any longer.

That's the endurance portion.
But the decision of which

tribe member gets the weight
added to their shoulders will

be made by only two members from
the opposing tribe.

That's the strategy.
Once you can't hold the weight

any longer, drop the pole,
you're out of the game.

Last person left standing wins
immunity for their tribe.

Drake, because you have one
extra member, you're sitting

somebody out.
Sandra's sitting out.

All right.
Wait for my "Go."

All right, guys.
We'll be working in 20-pound

Each bag weighs ten pounds.

You'll put two bags on each

Drake, where you putting your
first 20 pounds?

>> Osten.
>> PROBST: Morgan, where you

putting your first 20?
>> Rupert.

>> PROBST: Rupert. All right.
Grab your bags.

Put them on.
Let them go.

Next 20 pounds.
Morgan, where's it going?

>> Rupert.
>> Osten.

>> PROBST: Where's the next 20
going-- Morgan?

>> Rupert.
>> PROBST: Savage.

All right.
Drake dividing it up a little.

Rupert going to take another
20 and Savage getting his

first 20.
Morgan, who's your next 20?

>> Rupert.
>> PROBST: Rupert.

>> Savage.
>> PROBST: Savage.

Remember, you have a
limited amount of weight,

600 pounds, to allocate.
Rupert at 80 pounds, Osten at 40

pounds, Savage at 40 pounds.

>> Rupert.
>> PROBST: Rupert again.

>> Osten.
>> PROBST: Osten.

Now it looks like we're going
with the same strategy on both

Rupert's at 140 pounds,

Osten's at a hundred pounds,
Savage at 40.

Osten, how you feeling?
>> All right.

>> PROBST: Let's put some more
weight on.

>> I hate doing this, Rupe.

>> PROBST: Once again, Rupert
and Osten showing down.

>> It ain't lasting.

>> Keep it up, Osten.
You got it.

>> You got it, Osten.
>> PROBST: Rupert at 200 pounds

Making a risky move by taking

his hands off that bar.
>> He's in pain, too, Rupert.

>> Keep focus, Osten.
>> You looking good, Rupert.

>> He's trembling.
>> PROBST: Osten at 160, plus

that bar is another 15, plus the
pain you feel in the back of

your neck.
Both men struggling.

It's going to come down to will.
>> He's done!

>> He's out.
>> PROBST: And like that, Osten

is out.
>> Stay in, Rupe.

>> PROBST: Take a seat, Osten.
>> It's all right, Osten.

>> PROBST: Put some more weight.

>> Rupert.
>> PROBST: Rupert.

>> Savage.
>> PROBST: Savage.

>> PROBST: Rupert has lost his

>> All right, good job, Rupe.

Good job.
>> PROBST: The strategy worked

for both tribes, heavy up on the
strongest guy.

Both strong guys are out.
Have a seat on your crate, Rupe.

All right, let's give somebody
else some weight.

>> Savage.
>> Savage.

>> Shawn.
>> PROBST: Drake going to heavy

up on Savage.
Morgan spreading the weight

That's going to start getting

That's a lot of weight

and an uncomfortable bar on
the back of your neck.

>> Got to break one of them.
>> O.T. was saying Shawn first.

>> PROBST: Let's add some

>> Shawn.
>> Savage.

>> We're breaking him
right here.

>> PROBST: Let's add some

>> Shawn.
>> Ryno.

>> PROBST: Ryno finally in the
game with 20 pounds.

Shawn's carrying 120, Savage
still holding strong at 160.

(indistinct encouragement)
>> Hang in there, Shawn.

>> PROBST: Shawn now at 140,
still 20 pounds less than

>> Give him some more.

>> No, don't need to-- Ryno.
>> He's going to break.

>> He's done.
>> PROBST: Savage has somehow

managed to hang in for a long
time at 160 pounds.

>> You got it, Shawn.
This contest was made for you.

>> PROBST: And with that, Shawn
is out at 140 pounds.

Savage, still holding strong at
160, a weight he has been at

twice as long as anybody else.
>> Come on, Morgan!

>> PROBST: Let's add some

It is down to Christa versus two
strong Morgan guys.

>> Hang in there, Christa.
>> PROBST: Very impressive.

Christa now at the same weight
Osten dropped out at, 160.

Same weight Andrew's been at
for 15 minutes.

Ryno at 140.
This is where you have to

fight through the pain or give

>> It's just too much on the
human body.

>> PROBST: Let's add some

>> Savage.
>> PROBST: Drake changing up.

Trish doesn't like the

Big strategic move and it was
one that was not agreed on.

>> She's going to fall.
Right here.

Right here, she's falling.
>> Stay in there.

Stay in there.
>> PROBST: Got to fight through

She can't do it.

Morgan wins immunity!
>> It's okay, mama.

>> You did your best.
You had 160 pounds.

>> PROBST: Morgan, it's going
back home with you again.

You should give that to Savage.
Well earned.

>> Give it a kiss.
>> PROBST: You got tears in your

eyes-- you all right?
Feel good?

(Andrew sniffles)
Drake, I know you weren't

planning on going to Tribal
Council, but you are.

Somebody's going home and, after
tonight, we'll be even:

You have this afternoon to think

about that vote.
Head on back to camp.

>> I should have stood up there
longer, guys.

That's all I got to say.
We wouldn't have this problem.

>> Everybody did as much as they

>> That was the worst,
pitifulest-ass performance I've

ever seen.
He deserves to go home, if

nothing else, for that.
I am very irritated with

I want him off my island and

out of my adventure.
We may just go fishing.

>> All I know is one person has
a hell of a lot of power right

>> Yep.

>> It's not right.
I mean, just so much power.

>> Yep.
>> It's like, he could pretty

much do whatever he wants to,
frankly, and we're all sort of

following along.
>> Jon and Trish feel insecure

about Rupert's power within the
tribe, because Rupert is the man

in charge here.
>> You know, I love Rupe, but

there's something that is just
not feeling right to me about

this whole thing.
>> Agreed.

>> You know, if anybody could
jump to Morgan and survive, it

would be Rupert.
With us, he could go all the

way, and with them, he could go
all the way.

I mean, what do you guys think?
I-I-I don't... you know...

>> Christa won't go for it.
>> Well, we don't have...

we don't need Christa.
>> We're not telling her.

>> We're not telling.
>> We're not telling Christa.

All we need... all we need is,
uh, us three and Shawn.

Shawn will say yes in a

>> What do you think?
>> What are the ramifications if

we do?
>> Food.

>> For a million dollars, can
you starve for 19 days?

>> Yes.
>> So it's a done deal?

>> I guess so.
It has to be.

It's the smartest way we can
play this game right now.

>> The more we talked
about it and the more we

fleshed it out, the better I
felt, the better Jon felt, and

the better Sandra felt.
Jon didn't want to tell Christa,

because we don't need her vote.
Shawn-- we're going to tell him

at the last minute that his
neck has been saved.

This is the biggest shock of
all-- that we have all come to

this conclusion on Rupert.
Tonight, it's going to be a

really big surprise.
Rupert's going to be the one

gone and not Shawn.
>> Oh, man, this is crazy now.

First it was Shawn.
Now we're down to Rupert.

>> Rupert would never do us

I trust him.
>> I'd rather keep the tribe

strong just a little while

>> Rupert.
>> Huh?

>> They're planning on getting
rid of you tonight.

They're not going to go with

They've changed.
Jon and Trish-- they want you

>> I can't believe that Jon and

Trish are trying to get me out
before even the merge.

We do not even know when the
merge is going to be, and

they're trying to get me out.
Jon and Trish are going to

come try and sway you and get
them... you to vote me.

That's still only going to be
three votes.

>> Right.
>> And it'll be a tie.

>> Right.
>> Three against three.

>> So I should say yes.
>> You write Trish down.

>> Say yes to voting you...
>> Say yes to voting me.

>> And then write Trish.
>> Then write Trish down, and

Trish is out fo-four to two.
>> And then you and I are going

to take this one home?
>> Hell yeah.

>> I'm with you on that, baby.
>> I was pretty upset because I

thought I was going home.
Then I talked to Rupert,

and he found out that the plot
wasn't to get me off tonight,

but to get him off.
And he came running back here to

say, "It's you and me.
Let's get rid of Trish.

She's the bad apple."
So we'll see.

Wait, who's taking a ride?
Rupe? Rupert?

>> Yep.
>> Where'd that come from?

>> Had to do something.
There's no way anyone can go

against Rupert to the final two.
It'd be a landslide.

It'd be a freakin' K. O., man.
You got to do what you got to

>> That is for sure.

In this game, you have to do
what you got to do.

>> Exactly, so I trust you more
than any of them, so...

>> If you don't do what you got
to do in this game, somebody

could take you for a ride.
>> Yep.

Everyone's really ready to
vote off Shawn, but Shawn's a

good ally for me.

Uh, good guy, but I'm not
signing my million dollar check

to him, so that's the way the
game's played.

>> Remember I said, "You look
out for my back, I'll look out

for yours"?
That's what we're doing.

Little do they know what's
really going to happen.

I think everyone is going to be
very shocked.


>> PROBST: Well, judging by how
confident you guys act at

challenges and seeing that
today's immunity challenge was

physical, I know you were not
expecting to be here again


>> Definitely not.
We were on full tummies.

Our motivation was up there.
We were like, "There's no way.

"They're dying "of hunger.
"They don't have it together.

There's no way we can get
beat. No way."

>> PROBST: Let's talk about
today's challenge.

Christa, you outlasted a lot of
people, including Morgan's

strongest guy, Osten.
You had as much weight as he did

when he dropped out.
>> The challenge was hard.

I... didn't think that I
actually could pull that much

weight, but, uh, I did.
And it sucked to drop it,

>> PROBST: Rupert... I'd be

lying if I didn't say you looked
incredibly sad.

Your eyes are sunken.
Your smile is gone.

>> 'Cause I'm ready to cry.
>> PROBST: What's that?

>> I'm ready to cry.
>> PROBST: Why?

>> We shouldn't be here.
>> PROBST: So are you upset

about losing?
Are you upset about where the

tribe is?
>> I'm upset the way the tribe

has gone.
We started out so strong, and

now we are not.
And it's hard to pull everybody

>> PROBST: Are you losing hope

that that can happen?
You can't lose hope.

You got to believe that you

We'll lose one person tonight.
I hope it's not me.

And maybe then, we'll try and
build a stronger Drake tribe.

>> PROBST: Why would it be you

>> I think my tribe sees me now
as unneeded.

They have gotten it in their
heads-- even though I'm trying

desperately to make them
believe there is no

certainties of a merge, there
is no certainties of anything

in this game-- that if I make it
to the end, they can't beat me.

Uh, if I make it to the merge,
I'll win a lot of the

immunities; they can't beat me.
Doesn't give a damn if I catch

them ten pounds of fish a day.
I know at least half my tribe

wants me gone.
>> PROBST: Trish, when you hear

a guy like this, who's been a
strong member of your tribe,

feel like half the tribe has
turned on him, what are your

>> I'm surprised to hear him say

that, to tell you the truth.
I didn't know he felt that way

at all.
So, to hear him talk like that,

you know, it's-it's, um... sad
to me.

I had no idea that that's the
way he felt.

>> PROBST: Is it hard for you to
vote somebody out tonight?

>> Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely.
It's really hard for me to vote

somebody out tonight.
>> PROBST: Sandra, how sure are

you that it's not you tonight?
>> Oh, I know it ain't me.

The person that's going home

today is the one that least
expects it.

It's the person that in the past
couple of days has been giving

so many different stories that
we don't know what the heck to

This person will be missed, but,

for the good of the tribe, this
person has got to go home.

>> PROBST: With that, it is

time to vote.
Christa, you're up.

>> (whispering): You stabbed us
all in the back.

You have no idea how to play
this game, but good try.

See you later.
>> Everybody's got a price,

everybody's got to pay, 'cause a
million dollar man always gets

his way.
>> I've always said you were a

snake from day one.
Um, you can't be trusted, so,

um, good-bye, adios.
>> Rupert, I'm voting you out

because I think you just have
too much power with the other

tribe, and it just seems to me
that you are straddling both

>> I cannot believe that you

turned on me so quickly.
Everybody in my tribe tells me

that you want me out, and you
lie right to my face.

I can't take that.
>> You know what?

Game's over for you.
It's my game now, so good-bye.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote--


That's two votes Trish, one
vote Rupert.

Two votes Rupert, two votes

Three votes Trish.

The sixth person voted out of
the Pearl Islands-- Trish.

You need to bring me your

Trish, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

Well, the one thing that came
out of tonight's Tribal Council

is that there are very
few things that are certain in

this game.
One thing that is certain-- this

tribe has been to Tribal Council
three times in a row.

You are now down to five
members, same as the Morgan

21 days left.

It is anybody's game.
Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.
Stay tuned for scenes from our

Head back to camp.
Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.
>> PROBST: Next time on

>> Who the hell voted for me?

>> I did.
>> You ... me!

Jonny Fairplay is Jonny
Pain-in-the-ass now to me.

>> PROBST: At Morgan...
>> O.T., this morning, he

checked out.
I could see in his eyes, he's

throwing in the towel again.
>> PROBST: And Morgan and Drake

are in for a big twist.
Your past has come back to

haunt you.
>> I didn't see this coming at

all, obviously.
But I always knew that anything

can happen.
And so, I really never took

anything for granted.
Hats off to the Drake Tribe.

I think you guys are all great.
I hope one of the Drakes end up

winning the million dollars.
Good for you guys, you kept a

secret, and that's the beauty
of this game-- you just never

know what's going to happen and
when it's going to happen.