Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 7 - What the...? Part I - full transcript

Tensions rise when Rupert confronts Jon following a tribal council meeting.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on

Survivor: Rupert had some
regrets after his first Tribal

I can't believe

I wrote Michelle's name down
instead of Shawn.

>> PROBST: And he Morgan Tribe
had a visit from a Panamanian

( bird squawks )

>> I think it's hilarious
that Osten is scared of every

little thing.
>> PROBST: At Drake...

>> Dude, you do more not to do
work than doing work!

>> PROBST: ...Shawn had worn
out his welcome.

>> SANDRA: Shawn should get a
clue or he's going home.

>> PROBST: At the reward
challenge: First part of

today's reward: steak.
ALL: Oh...

>> PROBST: Drake took aim at

Drake wins reward!
( all cheering ) ...and savored

their victory.
>> This is the bomb.

>> PROBST: At the immunity
challenge, the tribes' minds

and bodies were pushed to the
limit, and Morgan was the

last tribe standing.
Morgan wins immunity.

Facing Tribal
Council, Shawn was on the

chopping block until Trish
and Jon felt threatened by

>> TRISH: One person has

a hell of a lot of power
right now.

>> JON: There's no way
anyone can go against Rupert

to the final two.
It'd be a freakin' K.O., man.

They're planning on getting
rid of you tonight.

>> PROBST: But Rupert turned the
tables with a plan of his own by

going to Shawn for support.
>> I'm with you on that, baby.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Trish and Jon's plan was

foiled when Shawn sided with

Sixth person voted out
of the Pearl Island: Trish.

The tribes are now even at
five members each.

Who will be voted out tonight?
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(theme song playing)
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>> RUPERT: Who the hell voted
for me?

Who the hell voted for me?

>> Yeah.
>> Who the hell voted for me?

>> I did.
>> What the ... was that ...

>> I was down for Drake, dude,

I would have made a decision...
>> Damn it, look at me!

>> I'm looking at you.
>> What the ... was that ...

>> I made a decision
based on... You're starting

>> You're starting this ... now!
Damn it.

At Tribal Council,
I dodged the biggest

cannonball aimed right at me.
I knew when I saw two

"Ruperts" in the vote,
that Trish and Jon were

against me.
I was ready to

kill Jon, literally grab that
little scrawny ass by the neck

and pop his head off him like
a ... chicken.

I'm out there kicking my ass
to get you ... damn fish

and you ... turn the tribe
against me!

>> I didn't turn
the ... tribe against you.

>> Who did?
>> Hey, it wasn't my...

>> Who did?
>> The... the person that's gone

right now is the person that
came up with the idea.

>> Who voted for me?
>> I did.

>> I ... realized it
today that she was lying to me

the whole time-- deceiving the
tribe, telling all kinds of

stories, different versions.
>> She had it in the bag.

She had you guys locked up,
she had Jon locked up.

>> CHRISTA: And Jon's trying to
pass it off right now, like,

"Oh, I wasn't part of the
whole plan." Listen.

>> JON: I want to know why
I wasn't included in the

>> Included?

In ... me?
You ... me!

You were included.
>> I didn't...

Hey, I made the decision based
on Drake.

>> Drake made the decision.
You were the odd man out.

>> JON: I've never seen a
guy more mad in my entire

I mean, he's right in

my face.
He's ready to punch me.

But if there were to be a
merge, Rupert's absolutely a

I mean, he could

switch on a dime.
He says he'd never do it,

but it pissed me off when
he... when he helped Morgan win

that challenge, and, uh, I...
I'm not the kind of guy that

forgives or forgets
You said in your own words,

"If any one of us went over to
Morgan, that they would vote

them off. "However, you did say
if there was one person that

could go over there, they
wouldn't do that to, it would

be you.
>> I never said that in

a ... million years.
>> Well, I was under the

impression that you did.
>> Who the hell would even have

the ... arrogance
to say that?

>> I... I thought that was a
ballsy ass statement.

>> Why... if
I thought that, why wouldn't I

have stayed there and made the
Morgans stronger?

>> Well, I... I don't know.
Well, I have no clue.

That, that makes... that makes
a lot of sense.

>> I would have
stayed there and said, "You

Drakes are dead."
>> And I was

scared to death that you were
going to turn on us.

>> I am the
one person that will always

stand true to Drake.
>> I was following some...

>> You were following Trish, who
was telling every one of us

you and me are going to be the
final two.

She was telling
every one of us that.

Let's start fresh.
>> All right.

It sucks, man. I'm sorry.
>> We're all done,

and we'll be five strong
Drakes, okay?

>> All right.
>> We're to be five strong

>> Yep.

>> RUPERT: I'm not saying Jon is
finished yet, but...

( sighs )
I'm not saying that I believe

him at all anymore.
I don't

believe a damn word he says.
>> I'm sorry, man.

I don't know why I believed
that, I just did.

>> Jonny Fairplay
is Jonny Pain-In-The-Ass now

to me.

(wind whistling)
>> Bull ... rain, go away.

(wind whistling)
>> Bull ... rain, go away.

I can't even get out in the
ocean; I get pounded around,

try to get a fish.
>> ANDREW: Day 19.

A little worn out.
I think there's a direct

correlation between lack of
protein in our bodies and

energy, and then Rupert came
over for a couple of days.

We had some fish, dramatic
increase in energy-- I felt

like a new person.
Right now,

we'd probably give anything
to have Rupert over here.

In fact, we definitely would
give anything to have Rupert

over here.
>> Dude, there's a stingray

right there. Dude, dude, dude!
Whoa, he's right there.

You see him?
He's right there.

>> He's long gone now, pal.

>> He's long gone now, pal.

>> It's not that we don't want
the fish, it's that we're

having great difficulty
catching them.

This is the most
I've ever eat beans in my

whole life.
>> You can only eat

so many beans.
>> RYNO: Why's that?

>> 'Cause they suck.
( Tijuana laughs )

only have two portions of rice

>> OSTEN: It's imperative

that we merge.
It's imperative.

'Cause, I'm...
I'm bigger than everybody else.

I'm, like, 200 pounds.
I'm probably like 175 right now.

I have no energy to do
anything, and, uh...

it's wearing on me.
>> ANDREW: It's so difficult

because we know if we had as
much fish as the Drake Tribe

has, we'd be having parties
every night, dancing and

I can't imagine

having my own fish.
It just...

it's depressing to think
about, actually; I'd rather

not think about it.
>> RYNO: Think if, uh, Skinny

Ryan were still... still here.
>> He would have perished.

>> ( laughing ): He would

>> Yeah.
>> So would Lill.

>> TIJUANA: Yeah, I think so,

>> ANDREW: You know, it gets
mentally overwhelming

and draining to think about
all the things we need to do

just to survive out here, and
it's exhausting.

>> I'm tired today.
>> My entire body aches.

>> And you can see on my tribe
mates, it's taking their toll.

O. T., this morning,
he has good days and he has

bad days; this morning he
checked out-- I could see it

in his eyes, I could read it
a mile away.

He's... he's somewhere.
He's not here.

He didn't sleep at all last
night from what I could see

'cause he kept me up, but
he'll rally if we need him

for something... hopefully.
>> SHAWN: I'm curious to see

for something... hopefully.
>> SHAWN: I'm curious to see

what's going on today.
I've got a hunch, baby.

I got more than a hunch.
I know this is the biggest sea

mail we'll ever see.
>> RUPERT: My tribe, they have

it in their heads that we're
going to a new island

and having a big party
and going to go with Morgans

and be in a merge.
>> All right, guys, here we go.

>> If it happens, okay, but I'm
not looking forward to it,

because I have a strong
tribe right now, I do not

want to merge yet, and I
cannot plan on a merge yet.

>> All right, here we go. You
ready? This could decide the

future. Whoa, wait a second
here. We got a lock and keys.

>> SANDRA: One more challenge.
I'd take a challenge in a

>> "The most important

reward for which your tribe
"will compete needs you to

work together "and be quick on
your feet. "It's better than

steak and lobster, "will be
the sweetest victory you'll

know, but if the other tribe
gets it, it would seem a

painful blow."
>> I think we're

going to be locked together
and we have to get certain

keys to unlock us.
"It will be

the sweetest victory you'll

>> Well, we shall soon find
out, huh?

>> Make some popcorn
before we go?

>> I would love to
try some of that.

our way back from, uh, the

tree mail, Jon mentioned,
"Hey, you know what? We

should open up a coconut."
And, uh, Rupert, Christa,

myself and Jon had said,
"Okay, we want the coconut

popcorn." Because once you fry
the coconut, it tastes exactly

like popcorn.
>> SHAWN: I don't

even... you know what, to be
honest, we're not cooking it.

'Cause, we don't really have

Yeah, we'll cook the
next one.

>> We don't have the
other one. Let's just do it.

That's not...
>> I'll share this

one with them, and then you
can cook that one, Jon.

>> They would want it cooked.
Jon, stop arguing. They've

already said. Everyone said.
>> You argue about everything.

>> Does Rupert want it cooked?
>> Do we have time to sit

here and worry about this ...
right now?

>> We wor... We're doing it.
You're the only one

working against that.
>> Do it.

>> Well, you can help, and that
would speed up the process.

>> I don't want to help...
>> I know you don't, because

that's not your decision.
>> Are you going to make this

a ...
difficult thing every ... day,

already? Come on, now.
>> JON: Yes! Obviously!

>> It's always an argument with

>> Four out of five people

>> You're about to cry again
over a... over a...

>> You're an ass ..., dude.
>> Excuse me?

>> You're an ass ...
>> You want to sit here and call

me an ass ...
We're gonna go

take care of this, 'cause you
are not sitting and calling me

an ass ... anymore, all right?
You're a ... all right?

Enough, all right?
>> Dude, get out of my face.

>> No. Don't even
tell me to get out of your

>> SANDRA: Cut it out.

>> SHAWN: You know what your
problem is, Jon?

You're a little baby.
>> JON: I'm not hiding....

>> Be a man.
>> A man doesn't fight

someone, you ... !
A ... Neanderthal does.

There's a ... difference.
>> We have about 20 minutes.

>> Exactly, we have enough time
to ... make popcorn, you ...

>> Call me a ...
again, Jon, I swear to God...

>> You threaten me with physical
violence one more ... time,

man... Threat... I want you to,
dude! 'Cause I want to see

you ... walk away!
>> Don't cry like a ... baby if

>> SANDRA: They're

always fighting. I'm glad
it's not me. Let them duke

it out. You know, let them
kill each other, vote each

other off. As long as it ain't
Sandra, I'm happy.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
19 days you've been out here

in the Pearl Islands.
You have

survived the bugs, the lack of
food, miserable living

conditions, and the
ever-shifting tribal dynamics.

Together, you voted six people
out of this game, three from

Morgan, three from Drake.
The reasons you voted these

people out varied.
The only

real common trait among the
six people you voted out is

that they're no longer in this
game-- but that may soon

Morgan, Drake, your

past has come back to haunt

Come on in, guys.
>> OSTEN: No way.

>> SANDRA: What's that?
>> PROBST: The six people you

have voted outs
return now as a third tribe.

Nicole, Skinny Ryan, Lill,
Burton, Michelle and Trish.

Do you guys have a tribe name?
>> We're the Outcasts.

>> PROBST: The Outcasts.
Not unlike the

pirate days, they got tired of
somebody, felt they were no

longer worthy, they shipped
them out to sea and left them

for dead.
Typically, they died,

but every so often, they
didn't, and when they came

back, they usually had one
thing on their mind.

I'm guessing it's the same with
you. Michelle?

>> Revenge, baby.
All about revenge.

>> PROBST: All right, guys.
Let's get to it.

Here's how it will work-- the
Outcasts will compete against

Morgan and Drake in a
three-tribe challenge, and the

stakes are severe.
If Morgan

or Drake lose to the Outcast
tribe, you will go to Tribal

Council tonight and you will
vote somebody out.

The Outcasts will then go to
Tribal Council and vote

somebody in and replace the
member you lost.

If both tribes
lose to the Outcasts, you both

will go to Tribal-- separately.
Both will vote somebody out,

and two Outcasts will come
back into this game.

In addition, if any Outcast
makes it back into this game,

they are immune at the next
Tribal Council to give them

a fair shot at integrating
with their new tribe and

getting back into this game.
If the Outcasts kick your ass,

you may be going home.
On the flip side, if you really

are the ten most worthy

this should be no trouble.
Drake, Morgan, just so you

know, the Outcasts have been
living on very limited rations

of rice and fruit and protein,
just like you.

Okay. Want to
know what the challenge is?

ALL: Yeah.
>> PROBST: It's a first.

It is a three-tribe challenge.
It's a series of rescues.

There are three prisons with
three cages in each one.

Your entire tribe will be
locked up, except for one

tribe rescuer.
On my "go,"

rescuers will race to the beach
to retrieve their flag. Each

flag is an equal distance
from the tribe prison.

Using your hands, start digging
under and into the first cage

where you will release your
first tribe mate, who's tied

up. Together, you will dig
into the second cage and

release two more tribe mates
who are also tied up.

On the ground, you'll find
scattered sticks and string.

Use those to build a pole
and reach for two keys in

the third cage, which will
unlock that door. Those keys

will also unlock the rest of
your tribe. Now, everybody's

in the last cage and you
need to get out of that

final door. Use your pole
again to retrieve one last

key from outside the prison.
First tribe, with their flag,

to cross the finish line wins.
For the Outcasts, you're

fighting to get back in this

Drake and Morgan, you're
fighting to stay alive.

All right. Select your tribe
rescuers. Wait for my "go."

All right, the rescuers you
chose for your tribes: Burton

for the Outcasts, Andrew for
Morgan, Shawn for Drake.

A lot at stake.
Survivors ready?

( cheering )

Burton out to an early lead.

Savage behind.
Shawn bringing up the rear.

Burton has his flag and he's
heading back. Shawn has his

flag. Savage has his flag.
( teams shouting

encouragement )
Burton is

first back, puts his flag in
and starts digging.

Shawn digging,
Savage right there.

>> Dig, Burton!
Go! Dig!

You're almost there!
>> PROBST: Burton trying to get

>> Shove yourself!

>> PROBST: Burton,
for the Outcasts,

first through the cage.
Starting to untie Trish.

Shawn is through for Drake.
>> Come on.

Forget the flag!
>> Here, get the other one.

>> PROBST: Keep it going,
Savage. He's got it.

Going to get through.
Good job!

Savage through for Morgan.
>> Bunch of double knots...

>> PROBST: Got to start untying

>> Right here.
>> PROBST: All three rescuers

are in the first cage.
>> Come on, guys.

>> PROBST: Shawn and Christa
for Drake start digging into

their second cage.
Burton and Trish

for the Outcasts right on
their tail.

>> Come on, guys!
>> PROBST: All three tribes,

guys, are in the first cage.
It's anybody's game.

Ryno untied for Morgan.
Christa through to

the second cage for Drake.
Trish through to the second cage

for the Outcasts.
>> Get her! Get her! Get her!

>> That's okay. Come here. Come
here, Chris. Come here!

>> PROBST: Shawn through.
Both Drake members now on the

second cage.
Drake with a

slight lead over the Outcasts.
Morgan still struggling.

Burton's under.
Now, both Outcasts are through

to the second cage.
Andrew Savage squeezing under.

Morgan, you're still in last
place. Pick it up, guys.

Burton starting to work on

He goes to work on a pole.

A lot of challenge left.
Keep fighting.

Ryno's through.
All three tribes now in the

second cage.
Drake and the

Outcasts have everybody free.
Morgan still trying to untie

tribe members.
>> Give me another one.

Give me another one.
>> PROBST: T's almost free.

It's now a race.
You got to build a pole

to get those keys that'll get
you in the third cage.

Drake working together.
Outcasts taking their time,

building a long, strong pole.
Osten's free.

Everybody now free for Morgan.
All three tribes are now working

on their pole.
You got to get those first keys.

>> Go.
>> We're fine here.

We're fine here. here.
>> Good.

>> We're fine here.
>> Hold on. Hold on.

>> Hold on.
>> PROBST: Rupert has the first

set of keys for Drake.
Burton going for the first set

of keys for the Outcasts.
Drake, first tribe into that

last cage.
>> Hold on.

>> There you go. Easy, easy,
Easy, easy, easy, easy.

>> All right.
>> Grab it. Grab it.

>> PROBST: The Outcasts now have
their keys, about to get into

that last cage.
Drake working it,

going for that final key.
This'll get them out

all together.
Morgan with the pole,

but they're still back
working on their first keys.

The Outcasts are into the
final cage.

It's Outcasts and Drake
neck and neck.

Osten... working it.
Morgan still struggling.

Pole about to break.
>> Double. Double lock.

>> PROBST: Drake's pole's
falling apart.

>> Go! Go! Go!
>> PROBST: Outcasts going for

that final key,
if the pole holds strong.

Morgan into the last cage.
It's now a race-- who can get

that key first?!
Outcasts very close

to a major upset.
Somebody could be coming back

into this game.
Don't want to drop those keys.

That pole is starting to bend.
>> Easy!

>> Shh! Shh! Shh!
>> Here we are. We got it.

>> Oh!
>> PROBST: The Outcasts dropped

their keys.
>> Come on. Hold on.

>> No, no, no, Lill, you gotta
stay in.

>> Hold on.
>> It's okay.

>> PROBST: Morgan and Drake
fighting to stay alive.

>> Come on.
>> Be careful. Be careful!

Be careful!
>> PROBST: Morgan's pole has

just fallen apart.
Outcasts have their keys,

unlocking the last lock.
This could be it.

Drake trying to catch up.
The Outcasts working together

as a tribe, untying the door.
>> BURTON: Go!

>> Get it! Come on!
>> PROBST: Everybody's got to

cross the finish line,
got to have the tribe flag.

( yelling and cheering )
Michelle's through,

Burton's through.
Ryan is through!

The Outcasts defeat Morgan and

This challenge is over.
It's over.

It's over.
(cheering, accolades continue)

Huge effort by all three tribes.
I know there's a lot going on

emotionally, but for the
Outcasts, clearly a big win,

terrific opportunity.
But let's face it,

you guys have had your own
ups and downs in this game.

Burton, how big a victory is

>> Revenge is sweet, but...
it's been no walk in the park,

and you want to talk about
being down, man, got kicked

out of a tribe.
Those are the lowest of the

They haven't been there yet.

So, uh, we faced a lot of
adversity and came back

stronger than ever.
>> PROBST: Okay, here's how

it's gonna work:
Drake... you will come to

Tribal Council first tonight,
you'll vote somebody out.

They will be going home.

you will follow them in a
separate Tribal Council.

You will vote somebody out.
They'll be going home.

The Outcasts... you'll come in
last, you'll vote two people

into the game, and they'll
report to their new tribes

Make sense?

Head back the way you came.
See you at Tribal Council.

>> ANDREW: The game to end all

It's frustrating,
it's exhilarating, it's

exciting, and it's a pain in
the ass.

Those six in the...
the misfits... have no right

to be here.
>> None. None.

All right? So I want
everyone's word, looking me in

the eye.
Whoever they send

over here is gone the very next

We got that?
>> RYNO: They got immunity on

the first one. The first one.
>> You're kidding.

>> It doesn't matter though.
It'll be three on two.

>> ANDREW: Well, we need to

I don't want any

of those misfits getting any
control or authority in our

>> No. No way. I don't...

>> I don't care about Drake.
Anybody that left Morgan,

there's a damn good
reason for it.

Skinny Ryan has no business
stepping on this beach again.

Lill-- God bless her-- I love
her... she's got no business

competing in those challenges.
>> TIJUANA: For the most part,

we're all frustrated about
the new dynamic to this game.

And it was very obvious
that Andrew did not want

this new tribe member to
really have a say.

I think that
Andrew's very comfortable

being the leader.
He's got the

best seat in the house, um...
and I think he wants to keep

>> Worst-case scenario,

we'll vote somebody out
tomorrow, and it can't be the

( bleep ) who joined us.
( groans )

>> I'd be the first one voted

Vote me right off, 'cause I
don't deserve to win. Okay?

You guys stuck it out.
Your body could last longer than

mine. Mine couldn't.
I'm out of gas. I'm spent.

I couldn't even move in that
challenge today.

My temple has
got nothing to offer for me.

I'm... I'm a bag of atrophy
right now.

Anybody knows me
knows, when I come to play

at anything, it's 110%.
And, if I can't give that, I'm

I like to win straight

up, and I can't do that.
Number two, I don't really

give a damn what someone else
thinks about me.

If you don't
like what I do or what I say or

what I've done, you can get in
line to kiss my ass.

For me to stay any longer
just makes me look like a fool.

And you can cut your losses.
You know, you're not going to

win everything.
>> You're sure?

I'm positive. Vote me off.
It's been a pleasure.

It's been a pleasure with all
you guys.

I just don't have it
in the tank anymore.

I don't have it in the tank

>> TIJUANA: I'm not going to say
anything to Osten to make him

He had already

initially thought about
quitting quite a while ago.

I had something to say then
because I thought he had

more in him.
This time around, I don't... I

don't have anything to say to

>> I can't sleep.
Every bone in my body is so

It's... it's unbearable, so...

You guys been good.
>> ANDREW: I think that O.T.

mentally and physically has
shut down.

He wants out, but
I feel, given any state of

facts, the last thing in the
world I would do is quit.

>> That's something he'll have
to live with for the rest of his

>> And I don't think that

he's going to fully appreciate
it until it... it's obviously

too late.
>> SANDRA: That was terrible.

too late.
>> SANDRA: That was terrible.

Horrible, horrible, horrible.
Who would have thought

they'd come back to haunt us?
When I first saw the

Outcast tribe, I was, like,
no way!

And then to see
Burton as their leader-- he's

so strong-- and everyone, I
know, was probably full of

anger and energy.
Who, do you think, is going to

come back?
>> Burton and Lill.

If those are the two...
You can't assume that, though.

Burton is not going to go down
without a fight.

>> I think it'll
be Michelle and Lill.

>> You wonder why those guys
were so happy about winning,

it's because they're a bunch
of losers that got a second

chance in life.
If you're a winner, you don't

have to go through the second
chance, uh, game.

So, you know, they're used to
that-- their entire lives,

they've been losers.
This is no different.

Well, somebody
has to go home.

Who wants to volunteer?
Raise your hand right now.

>> Anybody?
Hey, don't everybody jump up

at the same time.
Did anybody raise their hand?

>> No.
>> RUPERT: I don't feel

vulnerable tonight.
I have my three.

I'm not vulnerable tonight.
The two other guys

in the tribe are vulnerable.
Jon wrote my name down last

night, and fair is fair.
I should write Jon's name down

tonight, but I haven't
decided yet.

>> I mean, both of
them I would love to see...

>> RUPERT: Gone. Both of them
are lying their asses off to

>> SANDRA: What if you asked

them to give their reasons why
they feel right now that they

should stay, and see what they

>> They'd both say, "Because
he's a bigger liar.

Because he's telling you this,
he's telling you that."

>> But ask them.
Say, "We can't decide

on which one of you two will
go home, and we want to hear

why you should stay."
And let them fight it amongst

>> That would be hilarious.

>> You want to?
You want to?

RUPERT: Hey, Jon.
I have been talking with the

ladies, and I can't decide who
I'm voting for.

I want both of you, if you
would, this is your chance to

sit down and just say why we
should keep you.

>> SANDRA: No fighting.
Two minutes, 'cause we're

leaving in five.
>> The way feel it is, you know,

I feel I've been pretty honest
as much as I could be up to

this point, but, um, Jon, you
know, I feel like I can't trust

With the vote for you

yesterday, with the fact that
if we were to go into a merge

today and Jon didn't feel that
we were all with him, you

know, that that could be
dangerous for us.

>> Jon thought
he had it all in the bag.

He thought he was playing us
all and he had this whole game

figured out.
>> SHAWN: But I'm

going to do everything in my
power to make sure it's game

over for him.
You know, you

can't mess with me long
before I come back and get you.

>> I feel that, uh, I've...
I've shown that I'm loyal to

Um, and I also feel that

I'm definitely a much harder
worker, so... and I think

that's important when it comes
to, uh, to everyday living.

>> JON: I know it's between
myself and Shawn.

I'm sure Rupert's not happy
that I wrote his name on a

piece of paper last night.
But, uh, will he forgive and

I don't know. We'll see.

>> PROBST: Well, I think the
walk in says it all.

I've never seen
you guys this quiet,

this separated.
I know you didn't expect to be

here again this soon.
Rupert, you're already shaking

your head.
>> Two days in a row.

Two days in a row.
Never would I

have thought we'd be here two
days in a row.

>> PROBST: Christa, what
was your reaction at the

>> Oh, it was a little shocking.

I... I wasn't quite
expecting, uh, everybody else

to show back up.
I'm happy

that I really haven't
bad-mouthed anybody from our

own tribe that's over there.
>> PROBST: One of the unique

things about
today's change of events

is, you got to hear from people
who've been voted out.

Burton made a pretty honest
comment about, "You think you're

You don't know down

until you've been voted out."
Sandra, did that hit you at

all as a, "Wow, I never thought
about how these guys have been

>> Definitely.

And with those words, you also
say, "Damn, they're going to

give it their all and they're
going to come back."

And now I do feel a little bit
threatened because the way he

sounded, he's ready to come
back today, so I wouldn't be

surprised if he walked back
into camp.

>> PROBST: Burton?
>> Burton.

>> PROBST: The guy you couldn't

wait get rid of may be coming
home to roost again.

>> That's right.
>> PROBST: So, what happened

when you went back to camp?
>> Um, when we

got back to camp, um,
just before we came out here,

Rupert told the guys, "Okay,
you got two minutes apiece.

Tell us why we should keep you
around." And they said what

they had to say and, um, I
think we won't make our minds

up until we get up there and,
uh, cast our vote, so...

>> PROBST: So, Sandra, is it
safe for me, based

on what I'm hearing, to draw
the conclusion that it is

Shawn or Jon tonight that is
going home?

>> It is Shawn or Jon
that's going home tonight.

>> PROBST: Shawn, why not vote
you out tonight?

What are you going to
bring to this tribe that's

crumbling by the moment?
>> I'm dedicated to this tribe,

and I wish we could just wash
the slate from the past and go

forward as strong as we can,
because the only way that this

tribe is going to be powerful
is if we all stick together

and trust each other no matter
what, and I feel that I can be

a good part of that.
>> PROBST: Jon, convince

these guys.
Why not vote you out tonight?

>> I feel I care more about
this tribe than I do myself.

Uh, I feel that I know how to
split a coconut five ways as

opposed to Shawn.
I think I have shown

tribe loyalty, which, uh, I
don't know what, uh, Shawn to

be loyal to at all.
So, that's pretty much it.

>> PROBST: With that, it is time
to vote.

Rupert, you're up.
>> Jon...

Rupert, you're up.
>> Jon...

you and I know the truth.
Basically, you've been

backstabbing everyone
including myself.

>> (bleep) you.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,

Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.
The person voted out

will be asked to leave the
Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote... Shawn.

That's one vote Jon,

one vote Shawn.

That's two votes Shawn, one
vote Jon.

The latest member to
be voted out of the Drake

tribe-- Shawn.
That's three votes, that's

enough. You need to bring me
your torch.

Shawn, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

Maybe tonight you
reached your lowest point.

If it's any consolation,
Morgan is up next

to vote off one of their own.
And soon, you will both have

new tribe members.
What you do

from this point forward
will define your destiny in

this game.
Grab your torches,

head back to camp.
I should have seen this one

Jon basically went

back on everything he had
told me for the first three

days, um, about our supposed

I had hoped that
today would have brought a

Um, things probably

would have been a lot
different and I might have

been able to go a lot
further. I don't know.

What can I say? Game, set,

( thunder crashing )
>> PROBST: Well, Drake has been

( thunder crashing )
>> PROBST: Well, Drake has been

here and gone.
They were lucky

with the weather.
Unfortunately, you're not.

Been a while since you guys
have been here.

Had a nice run.

what happened when you guys
got back to camp?

Suddenly you're faced with
an unexpected Tribal Council

and you're going to have to
vote somebody out.

>> As soon as
we get back to camp, Osten

steps forward, says that his
mind and his body have shut

down and that he needs to go.
He can't take it another day,

absolutely insists that we put
his name on the parchment and

vote him out tonight.
>> PROBST: You had

enough, Osten?
>> Uh, going into

this, I was like, "I'll only
go as far as my body will

allow me to go." And right
now, my body's done.

Every bone in my body hurts.

I just can't go any further.
I'll be more of a liability

than an asset to my team,and
I refuse to do that.

>> PROBST: Savage,
how much of this experience

is about finding out
what you are made of?

>> It's all about that, Jeff.
It's all mental.

Your mind controls your body.
If your body's shutting down,

it's because, in my opinion,
it's because your mind's

shutting down.
>> PROBST: Okay, so, Osten,

your body, although it appears
to smack anybody's body that's

still left in this game, I
would argue probably your mind

has had enough, as well.
So, when you hear a guy

like Burton come back and say
today, "You don't know what

down is until you've been
humiliated by being voted out,"

and yet he still has a burning
desire enough to be back in

this game that he'll risk it
again, is there any part of

you that questions your own
will to go on when your body

may be saying, "I'm tired"?
>> Absolutely not. I equate my

temple to a car.
If it has no gas, it cannot run.

from what I gathered at that

second Tribal Council, it was
Osten who was the mysterious

person who wanted to quit.
So, this goes back to day five

or six.
What's going on from

your point of view right now
with Osten?

>> Um, I can't dictate
to Osten or understand where

he's coming from.
This experience may not be

enough of a sacrifice for him
versus his health.

It is for me.
I'm willing to go until

probably I'm dead here, either
that or I'm voted out, but

that's just me.
>> PROBST: Darrah, I'm

watching your body shrink by
the day, pulling your top up,

nothing's staying on
Do you want out of this game?

>> No, I do not want out of this

Like T said, you know,
I guess you'll have to be

carrying me away because I'm
not going to leave this game

until I have to.
>> PROBST: Ryno, what's

your take on this happening

Is it, "You know what?
Fine, Osten. You've wanted to

quit twice. Go home"?
>> As far as I'm concerned, if

it was me, I'd be clawing and
scratching and have to have

pneumonia and stuff, but you
know, Osten's going to do his

That's... that's his

I'm going to grant him

his wishes.
>> PROBST: So, I'm going to

go back to you, Osten.
I think you know I'm not

picking on you.
>> Oh, that's

fine if you are.
>> PROBST: So, when you

hear your four other tribe
mates, who obviously adore you,

when you hear them say,
"I wouldn't quit, not for

nothing, Jeff," you can't tell
me somewhere in the back of

your mind, there's not a little
part of you saying, "I am

>> It's... take it for

whatever you want
I mean, if you want to say

you want to say stopping,

yeah, I'm quitting.
My health

to me is more important to me,
um, than the million dollars,

I guess, right now.
Does the

mean justify the ends?
No, it doesn't.

>> PROBST: Let me ask you
something, Osten.

Have you wondered what
the hell you're doing out here?

>> You know what? I'm clearly
out of my element.

As a situation,
I would have thought that,

"Hey, give it a shot."
I can at least say, "Hey, I went

and tried it."
I like to have been

Apparently, I'm not

going to be, but, you know, I
won't live my life saying,

"What if."
>> PROBST: Savage, you're

shaking your head.
>> If I were to do this,

I would have a
"What if," flat out.

What if I went another two days?
What if I went one more day?

I mean, but that's just me.
You know, I... I don't pretend

to-to walk in his shoes, Jeff.
I-I can't understand what

he's going through.
It's his decision.

>> PROBST: Well, Osten,
I don't pretend to know what

you're thinking either, but I
know this-- I've been at about

a hundred Tribal Councils, never
ever seen anybody lay down

their torch.
So this is a first for me.

Seems unanimous.
I just want to make sure.

Savage, you're going to indulge
Osten, send him home?

>> Yes.
>> PROBST: Darrah?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Ryno?

>> Yeah.

>> Yes.
>> PROBST: No need to vote and

waste any more time.
Grab your torch.

>> PROBST: Osten, per your

go home.
With all due respect to Osten,

go home.
With all due respect to Osten,

people work too damn hard to
get in this game and fight to

stay alive.
If he wants to lay

his torch down, so it shall be.
Who knows?

Maybe this is the best thing
to happen to the Morgan Tribe.

All I know is, you will head
back to camp.

Soon after,
a new tribe member will arrive,

and I can promise you this--
that person wants to be in

this game.
Grab your torches,

head on back. Good night.
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>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor-- Drake and Morgan
dread the arrival of their

new tribe members.
>> Who is gonna come to our

>> If it's Burton, I will fall

>> And I'll be damned if

one of those Outcasts is
ever going to get a foothold

in the Morgan Tribe.
>> PROBST: And at Tribal Council

Time to find out who's going

back into this game.