Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - Everyone's Hero - full transcript

One member of the Drake tribe is left out in the cold when a plan to deceive the Morgan tribe backfires.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on

At Drake, being undefeated

had its drawbacks.
>> I'm saying that a little

more help would be appreciated.
>> It's starting to get annoying

because we really want somebody
to leave.

>> PROBST: At Morgan, the tide
was up and spirits were down.

>> I think it's us against
everything else out here.

>> PROBST: At the reward
challenge, Osten almost drowned.

>> I need help!
>> PROBST: While Andrew and Ryno

saved him, Drake won their sixth
straight victory.

Drake wins reward!
In the dark of night, Burton

approached Rupert with a plan.
>> At some point, we should

We can do it, but we have to get

rid of Christa.
>> He's a traitor.

If this was a pirate culture,
he'd already be dead.

>> PROBST: Reluctant to go along
with the plan, Rupert sat out

while his tribe threw the
immunity challenge.

Morgan wins immunity!
But a surprise twist allowed

Morgan to kidnap one Drake
member until the next challenge.

Who's it going to be, Savage?
>> Rupert.

>> PROBST: Rupert became a
temporary member of the Morgan

>> It's all good.

>> PROBST: Back at Drake, Jon
was playing both sides of

the fence.
>> I got a five-way alliance

with Trish, Rupert, Christa and

And I have a four-way alliance
with Shawn, Burton and Michelle.

I'm a freakin' puppet master.
>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Burton's plan to throw the
immunity challenge backfired,

when the majority of his tribe,
including his ally Shawn, voted

him out.
12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
(theme song playing)

♪ ♪
>> Well, well, well.

♪ ♪
>> Well, well, well.

I know what Shawn wrote on his

>> My card said "Burton."
(Jon chuckles)

>> Shawn's card did say

Last night, en route to
Tribal Council, I looked over

at Shawn and I said, "I got
a little information for you.

Burton's gone.
Vote however you want.

I suggest you write 'Burton.'"

>> I had a core alliance which
consisted of myself, Burton,

Michelle and, I thought, Jon.
I've always been a little weary

of Burton, and, um, to be honest
with you, I've been looking

for a way to get rid of him.
Hey, listen, Burton annoyed me

more than... more than you

(Jon laughs)
>> Oh, I find that hard to

>> Do you really?

>> Yeah.
>> Well, then, you're wrong,

because he did.
>> The joke to me was Shawn

just starts trashing Burton.
I was insulted.

You know, it's like, "How stupid
do you think we are?"

I mean, you were with him for
13 days.

>> He thought he was better
than everyone else on this

tribe, and that bothered me.
We were tight, but you know

This is not a game about tight,

this is a game about strategy,
and for me, he was going to get

voted out, regardless.
So, I placed the vote, and I

shocked a couple of people
who had no idea I was going

to do it.
'Cause he was constantly wanting

people to do, it his way,
Burton's way.

Y-You know, it's like, well,

There's more than one person

Michelle is the one right now
who's clinging for her life,

because everyone knows she
voted against Christa.

And the other person who voted
against Christa's no longer

>> Michelle, everyone here knows

what name you wrote on that

I want you to know it doesn't

It doesn't.
It really doesn't.

>> They're saying, "Oh, now
everything's fine."

I'm like, "Everything's fine?"
>> Good night.

>> Good night.
I'm in trouble.

I am out here completely by

>> When I first got to the
Morgan camp, the beach was

pounding away at their shelter.
The surf is coming up, and

they don't realize that, as the
moon is changing, the tide's

going to raise another two
or three feet.

And they're using logs to try
and stop the tide from taking

their shelter away.
It's not going to work.

You need to tear your shelter
down and rebuild your shelter

>> Yeah.

Right now, we decided to go
ahead and move our shelter,

'cause, according to Rupert,
by the time the full moon comes,

it's going to... it would have
destroyed that shelter, with

the waves and stuff.
And just kind of clear some

of this stuff out.
So, we're going to move our

shelter 40 feet inland, more
towards the jungle.

>> What... how is this going to
be set up, now?

This is absurd.
We haven't actually got hit by

the water yet, so, my thought's,
"Wait till it becomes a problem,

then deal with it."
But they think it's a state of

>> So, what do you think?

>> Looks good.
O.T. said, "Why don't we just

move it straight back, instead
of all the way over here?"

>> Up here to right here.
>> I mean, that's a smart idea

he had, just move it right here.
And this whole fire needs to get

>> Right this second?

>> There are reasons not to do
it over there?

>> But if you guys want it
over there, and it's a unanimous

vote... well, not a unanimous
vote, but...

>> I just don't agree with
moving it close to the jungle.

We'll get destroyed by
mosquitoes, "A," and then

potentially get lit up by a
snake, "B."

>> Osten was pretty aggravated,
because he was just wanting to

move it up from where we were

But that way, we're going to
have to dig up the whole fire

pit and move all the logs.
>> Oh.

>> These guys work very hard
at not working.

They fight and argue and bicker
and bitch amongst each other

so much that I know why it takes
them hours to do anything.

I know why they don't really do
great in the challenges.

I know why they're not really a
great team.

>> Make a vote, I guess.
Who's for here?

>> Osten, he had an idea, and
everybody kind of shot it down.

We're going to move our shelter
a little bit inland, more

towards the jungle, a little bit
higher ground.

>> Let's go.
>> It's kind of like remodeling

a house with four bad walls.
>> I want a can of something.

a house with four bad walls.
>> I want a can of something.

>> Well, don't we have an extra
can of Spam?

>> Yeah.
>> We do?

Are we going to wait for Rupert

before we open that?
>> Yep.

>> I hope we get him back.
>> Yeah.

>> Rupert right now is with the
Morgan Tribe.

He's got to sort of hang out
with the enemy and get to know

them a little bit.
My concern with Rupert is that

I'm afraid he's giving away
too much information about us

and not realizing it.
>> Well, you know they're

telling that the Morgans are
just like...

"You're... you're safe with us."

You know, anything in the world.
>> Buttering him up?

>> Mm-hmm.
>> I want Rupert back, 'cause I

want to find out what all
happened over there, what they

talked about, um, if he gave out
any pertinent information...

Everybody's kind of, um,

They don't know if Rupert went
to the other side.

>> Three days is a long time to
spend with another tribe.

>> I've been dying of thirst
since I've been here.

I've been hungry since I've
been here.

Maybe, at least for lunch, I can
get a... a belly full of fish.

>> Rupert, you see all those
fish jumping out there?

I think they're waiting for you.
>> I know they are.

I'm hoping to take Ryan out
there, and I'll swim around

with him and just kind of be
his buddy and see if he can go

catch a fish.
>> I thought you had to throw it

down, and...
>> No, no.

No throwing.
Get it in the crotch of your

Get it cocked, dive down, get

under a rock.
>> That's incredible.

Thank God we got you over here,
'cause I had no... no idea

on that, how that sling deal

>> Ryno?
Nice young kid, very willing

to learn, wanting to be the

Not knowing how to do the

Willing to learn on the spear.
Willing to go out with me.

I'm very comfortable with him.
Let's open the bag.

I'm very comfortable with him.
Let's open the bag.

(Rupert yells)
>> We had one beautiful one that

was almost in the bag, and...
Ryan lost it, and...

I screamed real loud at him,

I feel bad for him.
>> We let one go.

It was about this big... or I

>> Why'd you let it go?
>> I didn't let him go, I was

trying to get him off the spear.
>> He tell you about the ones

that got away?
These make it better.

>> Nicely done, fellow!

Nicely done.
>> Rupert's been a godsend.

He's an absolute workaholic,
work ethic is impeccable.

>> We eat a little lunch.
>> Oh, my God!

>> I got to... I got to clean
and gut them, so...

>> We'll make... we'll make some

>> Ah!

>> Ah, thank you, baby.
>> Probably the smartest thing

this tribe ever did was get a
hold of Rupert.

>> We got tree mail.

>> We got tree mail.

>> Tree mail?
>> "Paddle on the clue, does it

give it all away?
Or the foreshadowing of a part

of what you'll face today.
Running through the jungle

for the best reward yet, staying
dry when you want to, get

cleaner when you're wet."

>> That tree mail, I'm really

>> It mentioned there's a
possibility we would be

clean somehow.
So we figured we would

potentially get something that
would dry us off and then

something that would keep us

>> I love Drake, and I don't
really want to beat them, but I

want to beat them bad and show
them, you know, the reason that

they've been winning might have
something to do with me.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
Take a spot on your mat.

Morgan, getting your first look
at the new Drake Tribe.

Rupert, getting your first look
at your tribe without Burton.

For the time being, you're still
with Morgan.

All right, let's get to it.
For today's reward challenge,

you will paddle out in boats
to a series of four wooden

At each crate, one tribe member

will dive down and retrieve two
pieces to a ladder.

Once you have all eight pieces,
you'll paddle back and begin to

assemble the ladder.
The ladder is a puzzle.

Each rung has a different shaped

Fit the ends into the holes in
the sides to complete the

At the same time, one member

from each tribe will split off,
race deep into the jungle to an

old Spanish well where you will
retrieve a golden idol sitting

at the bottom of the well.
Once you have your ladder

assembled and you have the
golden idol in your hand, one

tribe member will race up the

First tribe to get their golden
idol at the top of the pedestal

wins reward.
Want to know what you're playing

>> Yeah.

>> Hell, yeah.
>> PROBST: It's a water reward.

>> Yes.
>> PROBST: Several items:

portable shower, pot for boiling
water, two jerricans for

transporting water, rain
jackets, loofah, sponges,

shampoo, conditioner,
everything you need to get

clean, and if Morgan should win,
we still have the first piece

to your buried treasure.
Drake has already found theirs

and enjoyed it.
In addition, for the winning

tribe, a chance to loot from the
other tribe, something Morgan

has yet to enjoy.
Drake knows how delicious that

can be.
A lot at stake.

Wait for my "Go."
Here we go guys, for reward.

Survivors ready.

Drake out first.
Morgan right behind.

>> We're gaining.
>> PROBST: Drake having a lot of

trouble steering their boat.
Morgan at box number one,

Rupert in for Morgan.
Morgan has their first pieces.

Drake at box number one.
Shawn diving down.

Morgan on to their second box.
Drake still trying to get to

their second box.
>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: Morgan looking for
the set of puzzle pieces.

(indistinct shouting)
Rupert doing a heck of a job

for Morgan.
Shawn dives down looking for

(indistinct chatter)

>> Start going, guys!
>> PROBST: Morgan with a big

>> Come on, you got to steer

>> I am steering port.

>> You're steering the wrong

>> PROBST: Drake is completely
out of course.

>> To the other side, yeah.
>> On the right side!

>> Right side, hard.
>> Right side.

>> Hard, guys.
>> PROBST: Morgan is at their

last two puzzle pieces.
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Drake working their
way back on to the course.

Jon is using the rudder as a
paddle and not to steer.

Morgan has all eight puzzle

Turning around and heading back.

Morgan racing back to the

Drake, still in the middle of
the course, looking for their

third set of puzzle pieces.
(indistinct shouting)

Drake has six pieces now,
looking for their last two.

Drake is at their last two
puzzle pieces.

Once you hit the sand, you can
get out.

(indistinct chatter)
Through the course, Andrew.

Through the checkpoint.
Andrew off to the Spanish well.

>> Left, everybody!
Everybody on the left!

>> Come on, Jon.
(indistinct shouting)

>> Left!

>> PROBST: Drake finally working
their way back to shore.

(indistinct chatter)
Morgan still with a big lead.

Don't blow it on the ladder.
>> Go!

>> Run, run!
>> PROBST: Through the

checkpoint, Michelle, and around
the other flag.

Let's go, Drake.
Welcome to the contest.

>> Get on that end...
>> PROBST: Andrew back with the

(indistinct chatter)

Drake, glad you could join us.
>> Oh, oh.

>> PROBST: Morgan has it
assembled, putting the cotter

pins in.
Michelle deep in the jungle

looking for an idol that's
not going to matter.

Andrew has the idol in hand,
ladder going up against the

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Savage gets the

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: And just like that...
>> Oh!

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: Morgan wins reward!

Two challenges in a row!
>> Yeah!

Give me a hug.
>> PROBST: Morgan,

Two challenges in a row.

Very valuable.
Your first piece to your buried

The water reward will be waiting

for you back at camp, which
means, Rupert, if you want to

shower and shampoo and all that
stuff, you can go back to

Morgan, indulge, and then return
to Drake, or if you want, skip

the reward, go back to Drake

>> I love you guys, but I want

to go home.
>> PROBST: Okay, one other

Select one tribe member that

will get to visit Drake's
camp, and help yourself to one

of their items.
Drake, head back.

>> This was the first time that
I've seen the Drake Tribe

The first challenge that we

just really smoked those guys.
A lot of it was Rupert, but if

you saw us in the boat, the
Morgan Tribe was perfectly in

We're on a high.

We've proven to ourselves that
we can win.

And I think that's...
In this game, it's a mental

game, and that's critical.
>> I haven't smelled something

that smells so good in a long

>> I just cannot wait to wash
my body.

It just...
I just feel like the nastiest

person on Earth right now.
>> I don't care much for smells

like this back home, but, smells
really good.

>> We have a hanging portable
shower that we're going to latch

up to, a... a palm tree.
Take five gallons, and

everyone's going to shower.
It's absolutely fabulous.

>> The shower worked out fine.
I think the guys respected us,

you know.
They wasn't really watching us,

so, um, you know, I respect
them for respecting us.

So, you know, if they'll do
that every time I take a shower,

I'm fine with it.
>> The Morgan Tribe seems to be

riding a high, and it's... it's

I... I like that.
It's... it's a positive

>> None of us knew how to

>> I should have been in the

>> And you stepped up to the

plate and said that you would.
>> But, more importantly,

welcome back this guy.
>> Yeah.

I love being back home.
When Jeff said, "You can enjoy

your bounty or go home," there
wasn't even a question.

I didn't look back.
I come home.

I didn't need to go share in the

I need to go bond with my tribe.
>> How was Jenny Craig Island?

>> Hey, come and tell us, what's

going on over there?
>> Yeah, what's going on over

>> A hand full of rice was your

They have almost no food.

>> They... they can only take
one thing.

>> They have two meals of beans
left and two meals of rice left,

and that's all they have left.
Osten doesn't get in the water,

doesn't go in the jungle,
doesn't get water, doesn't

grab firewood.
>> Did they try to recruit you

the whole time?
>> They knew I was not going

They know that a Drake is going

to win this whole damn thing.
(indistinct chatter)

Thank God, I am so happy I am

>> Oh, you been missed, man.
>> You're gonna eat good, too,

you're gonna eat good.
>> You been missed big time.

>> You're gonna eat good.
>> Here they come, guys.

>> This should be very

>> I think he's coming with a
peace offering.

>> Big Jon.
What's up?

>> Welcome to Drakeland.
>> Good to see you.

>> Hey, this is from everyone.
>> Good to see you.

You can take whatever the ...
you want.

>> All right.
>> But I'm going to show you

what I want you to take.
>> Okay.

>> Okay?
>> I'm with you, brother.

We have about this much rice
left, and that's it, so I'm

going to take a bag of rice.
>> How much rice do you guys

have at your place?
I never even looked.

You got about this much?
>> Probably half.

>> You got about half of this?
>> Yeah.

>> I know.

You can say, "This is good."
You can say, "Give me more."

You can say, "Give me that."
>> I can take that whole thing?

>> Yeah.
Of course, I'll kill you...

>> I wouldn't do that.
You know I wouldn't do that.

>> Right.
Do you want me to pour you a

little more rice in here?
I will.

I poured two more bowls full of
rice in his bag, and he was

That truly was not a looting.

That was friends helping

>> All right, you guys, I got to

>> Okay.
>> Thanks so much.

>> Tell everybody hey.
>> Yeah.

>> There is probably a lot of
danger in being too much in

control of both tribes.
Who knows what my own tribe even

thinks of me, but if I push too
hard, I will end up alienating

>> Thanks, guys, so much.

>> See you later.
>> Okay, see you later.

>> Good luck.
Tell everybody we said hi.

>> All right.
I think this speaks volumes on

diplomacy, and, uh, there'll
be no hard feelings, because

I'm hoping, ultimately, in the
next handful of days, to be

part of their tribe.
>> Got to love the sea mail,


We got something.
All right, here it comes.

"The ocean yields you lots of

Some pay a fortune for what
you guys eat.

So prepare yourself for a
seafood feast.

Down it all and earn three more
days at least."

We eating, folks!
>> It looks like, for this

immunity challenge, they're
going to blender up all kinds

of crazy stuff from the ocean,
and we're going to have to

drink it.
This is going to be my toughest

challenge, because I'm just
not good at that kind of stuff.

>> Hold your nose, and...
>> Right.

>> Don't breathe and don't stop.
>> That's really true.

I don't really have too many
problems with eating disgusting

Actually, I don't really have

a problem at all.
>> Hey, who's the least likely

for them to think they eat?
>> If someone has to go twice,

Michelle seems pretty darn

Just have her act like it's the
worst thing in the world versus

Trish so they pick her instead
of Trish.

>> So, my plan for the challenge
is to play it up and act like

I really hate it and just, you
know, try to be all girly-girl

about it.
>> What we're thinking is the

other tribe is going to have
to pick one person to drink

twice, so we're going to
make her be a decoy for all of

>> He needs bandaging.

He's hurt.
>> Bring him to the challenge.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
What's going on, Drake?

>> Morning.
>> PROBST: What's going on,

Rupert, who is the new tribe

>> This is Balboa.

I found him in the ocean just
barely hanging on.

So we bandaged him up, and
we're going to keep him as our

>> Balboa.

>> PROBST: All right, let's get
to today's immunity challenge.

First things first.
Thank you, Savage.

Immunity back up for grabs.
Welcome to the Survivor smoothie

>> Oh.

>> Awesome.

>> Oh, my God.
>> PROBST: The spinning wheel

has been divided into 12

Each section represents an
ingredient that we will use

in our smoothies.
We have sardines, red shellfish,

mango, octopus, razor clams,
rock oysters, squid, conch,

coconut juice, sea water,
bleeding clam and my favorite,

Jeff's special, where I get to
mix up a little something for

you guys.
>> Somethin', somethin'.

>> PROBST: One at a time, tribe
members will come up.

I'll spin the wheel.
You will each roll a ball.

They will land on two different

We'll mix those ingredients.
You'll slug it down.

It's not a race.
You just need to get it down.

Morgan, because you are two
members shy, first person and

the second person will have to
drink two times.

First two: Savage, Sandra, come
on up.

Spot right here.

Roll 'em.
Sardine and bleeding clam.

All right.
Bleeding clam.

>> That's disgusting.

>> We like clams.
We like clams.

>> PROBST: Boy, I can smell

>> I'm ready.
>> PROBST: Three, two, one, go.

>> Oh, God!
>> Go, Andrew!

PROBST: That'll do.
>> You got it, girl.

Keep it going now.
Keep it going.

>> Nasty.
>> You can do it.

You can do it.
>> You'll be stronger after

>> I'm going to be sick after

>> PROBST: That a way, Sandra,

keep going.
(clapping and cheering)

>> Yeah!
>> Oh, that was hell.

>> Great!
>> PROBST: Both tribes score.

Have a seat.
>> We love you!

>> PROBST: Michelle, Ryno, come
on up.

>> Michelle's looking the least
forward to this out of every

one of us.
>> PROBST: Michelle and Ryno,

roll them!
What do we have?

Oh, Jeff's special.
>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Razor clam and Jeff's

>> Oh, my God.
>> PROBST: Jeff's special means

I can pretty much put whatever I
want in here.

And I'm feeling colorful today.
>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: Razor clams are

>> I've never had a clam

>> PROBST: I am loving the

>> Oh!
>> We love octopus.

Extra tentacles.
>> That's humongous.

>> PROBST: That's, uh, that's
eight arms coming out of his

head is what that is.
>> Sick.

>> PROBST: I'll tell you, red
shellfish is really good.

>> Oh!

>> One hell of a smell.
>> PROBST: Wait till you taste

>> The Oreo cookie shake.

That's what that is.
>> Ew.

>> PROBST: One Jeff's special
coming up.

>> All right, Michelle.
>> PROBST: Three, two, one, go!

>> Michelle, go, girl, go!
>> Yeah, Ryno!

>> Go Ryno!
>> Let's go, Michelle.

You got it.
>> PROBST: Michelle having no

>> Yeah, girl!

>> Yeah!
Drink it, baby!

(clapping and cheering)
>> Kicked my ass.

>> PROBST: That'll work.
>> Good job, Ryno, good job.

>> PROBST: Nicely done.
>> All right, Michelle!

>> PROBST: Morgan scores, Drake

We're two-two.
(Michelle burps)

Next two, Jon, Darrah.

Jon, let me ask you a question.
What is this about?

This is...
this is...

that's-that's Jonny Fairplay
right there.

That's the "F." That's the "Y."
I'm all in between.

Jonny Fairplay.
I play fair.

No-no cheating.
>> PROBST: All right.

Here we go.
Roll them!

Conch and coconut juice.
>> Hey, actually, we might eat

some funky stuff, so if you want
to kiss before, that's cool.

>> No, I think I'll pass.
>> All right.

>> PROBST: What are the odds, if
you didn't have a boyfriend,

what chance would he have?
>> Nothing.

No offense.

>> No offense, but none.
>> To you, baby.

>> All right, drink it up,


>> PROBST: Jon's good.
Darrah, taking her time, no

>> Thinking of me?

Don't go...

(Rupert laughs)
>> PROBST: Nice job.

We are even.

>> Very good!
>> PROBST: Next two.

Christa, Osten.
Roll it!

Squid and rock oyster.
>> Blah!

>> PROBST: Nicely done, you

Next two.

Trish, T.
Roll 'em.

Jeff's special and a little

>> Ooh, goodie!
>> PROBST: Drink.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah!
>> PROBST: Fighting through it.

>> Yes!
We are even, five-five.

Shawn and Savage, you're
going again now.

Jeff's special and red

>> You got it.
>> PROBST: Nicely done.

Nicely done.
We're at six-six.

Ryno, you're up again for

And the big man.
>> Yay, I get to eat.

>> PROBST: Sardines and rock

That'll work.

We're tied at seven-seven.
We're now going into a

tiebreaker round.
This will be a timed trial.

That is, the first person to
finish their drink wins

immunity for their tribe.
Drake, who's it going to be for

>> Darrah.

>> Yeah, Darrah.
>> PROBST: Darrah, come on down.

Morgan, who's it going to be
from Drake?

>> Sandra.
>> PROBST: Sandra.

>> You can do it, baby.
>> You can do it.

>> PROBST: First ingredient,

>> Lord help me.
>> PROBST: Little bit of rock

Need a little bleeding clam.

I want a hit of squid.
>> No!

>> PROBST: Sea water.
>> Aw, that's going to be

>> PROBST: Now for the garnish,

which you must eat.
First person who gets it down

Here's what's at stake:

immunity, three more days out

For the losing tribe, you're
going to Tribal Council

Somebody going home.

Three, two, one, go!
>> You can do it!

You can do it!
>> Come on, Darrah.

>> You can do it, Sandra!
>> All right, Darrah.

>> PROBST: Keep going, Darrah,
get it down.

That's it.

>> You got it, Sandra.
This is cake.

>> Come on, just throw it down
as fast as you can.

>> PROBST: That a way, guys,
you're doing great.

Gulp it, Darrah.
Gulp it down.

That a way, Sandra.
That a way to fight.

Darrah, moving on to the

Get it down, get it down.
It's a race.

Get it down, Sandra.
Let's go, Darrah.

Both women trying to get the
sardines down, scales and all.

Sandra's came back up.
Twice it's come back up.

Keep catching it, Sandra.
You're still alive.

>> Swallow that bad boy!
>> Swallow the other piece!

Hurry up!
(excited shouting)

>> PROBST: Swallow!
Show me.

>> Turn to Jeff!
>> PROBST: Let me see it.



Morgan takes immunity back home

Safe from the vote tonight.

Three more days on the island.
Great effort by Drake.

Not enough.
Somebody going home tonight.

You guys have this afternoon
to think about it.

I'll see you at Tribal Council.
>> I just hate that it's my

I'll see you at Tribal Council.
>> I just hate that it's my

fault we're going to go to
Tribal Council tonight.

>> You did beautiful.
>> I am so worried because I

feel like it's my fault that we
lost the immunity challenge.

I just couldn't get the
sardine down.

Why did they have to pick me?
>> I don't know, man.

I should have played it up more.
>> And so, I feel when we go

to Tribal Council tonight that,
why shouldn't I be the one going

home if this is all my fault?
Nobody wants to be the cause of

the tribe going to Tribal

>> Dude, it doesn't matter.
It's okay.

I mean, you did your best.
That's all you can do, right?

>> All of that is easy to say
when you're not on the chopping

Lord have mercy.

>> I'm pissed the ... off.
That was the easiest...

challenge we, easiest
challenge we'll have the

entire ... game.
I feel like the last immunity

challenge was mind over matter.
Obviously, a sardine is bigger

than Sandra's mind.
Secondly, I'm extremely pissed

off at Michelle.
Michelle was planning on

pretending as though she would
be the worst in the bunch when

in reality she was technically
the best.

>> I almost fell off my chair
when she chugged that thing.

The plan was she was supposed to
gag that down.

>> But her freakin' ego wouldn't
let her do it, and, uh... that's

what I feel about her ego right

>> You and I know about these
physical challenges.

You know what I mean?
>> Yep.

>> Michelle can run.
>> I know.

But this isn't the time right
now to talk about it.

>> I know, but you know what I'm

>> I know.
>> I'm thinking about winning.

We need to.
>> We're back two damn minutes,

and he's already trying to get
somebody out.

He better watch out, or it'll
be him.

>> What are you thinking about?

I know majority goes me.
I'm-I'm just having big

It just, it bothers me that...

we have maybe one more challenge
before the merge, and Shawn,

who is, you know, just...
I can't trust him further than

I could throw him.
>> You know, they say that he

did something when I'm gone.
But when I'm here, he does

nothing, and he eats more than

He does nothing.

What could we say to convince
people to vote for Shawn and

convince them that we don't need
the damn strength of Shawn

'cause he's not that strong

>> There's, like, one more

>> Michelle feels like she is

She is trying to make a plea

that she works as hard, if not
harder, than Shawn, and she

eats lots less.
She never takes more than her

>> My point is that once the

merge comes, which will happen
really soon...

>> I know.
>> just doesn't seem to

make sense to me that people
would want him around at the

merge rather than myself.
>> She swayed me enough that I

will mention it to others.
Do we want to take Shawn out of

this game?
It's day 15-- he was our first

pick on day two.
>> PROBST: What a difference a

pick on day two.
>> PROBST: What a difference a

few days can make.
In the last four days, you've

lost three challenges and, by
the end of the night, two

Sandra... you got selected to be

in the tiebreaker.
Gave it a great effort.

It wasn't enough.
Are you worried that it might

be you tonight?
>> If it's me, I know why.

Then I'll deal with it.
I'm just sorry.

That's all I can say.
>> PROBST: Is this tribe

starting to splinter a little

Is that a fair assessment,
losing this many challenges

in a row?
>> No.

We-we didn't expect to lose this
challenge here.

And I've apologized to the tribe
a couple of times today because

of the fact that I didn't pull
through it.

We didn't even plan to lose this
challenge but, you know, things

>> PROBST: Let's talk about the

challenges since we-we jumped to

Let's go back to the last
reward challenge.

From where I'm looking at it,
Jon, you didn't know if you had

a rudder or a paddle or what to
do with it.

Was that discussed among the
tribe, or was that just an

observation I saw?
>> Uh, the last reward challenge

was the first challenge of all
the challenges that we actually

lost, as far as, uh, we saw

>> PROBST: Okay, what do you
mean, "as far as we saw it"?

'Cause, we went through this
charade last time.

>> Well, last time, we felt, uh,
that no one really needed to

know until it was time to be
told, uh, what was really

going on.
>> PROBST: So now that you've

lost three in a row, you want to
come clean and say, "Well, we

actually didn't lose the first
one, we threw it."

>> Yeah, absolutely.
>> PROBST: My point is, throwing

a challenge in a game like this
is really cocky.

Michelle, is there a part of you
that, looking back now, says,

"You know, by throwing a
challenge, we gave them the

ability to believe in

Now we're the ones scrambling
to get back, and they are the

powerhouse in their mind"?
>> Uh, that's a load of crap.

Um, I don't think that how much
they built up themselves for

winning that one challenge and
then continuing for two after

that is enough to keep on

Um, I don't expect that Drake
will have to lose to Morgan

>> When they decided to throw

that damn challenge, I knew it
was the worst mistake in the

world, but I could not convince

If we would not have thrown that
challenge, we would have not

lost the immunity.
We would have not lost the

I would have not had to go to

The one good thing about going

to Morgan, I learned a lot
about them.

If I can take what I learned
and use it against them, then

maybe, you know, we got some
good out of it.

>> PROBST: Fair enough.
It is time to vote.

You're up.

>> If anybody was going to jump
ship, buddy, I think it's you.

Hope you don't.
>> You're a good girl, but say

Hope you don't.
>> You're a good girl, but say

hello to the bad guy.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

(man singing in foreign

>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.
Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.
First vote...


That's two votes Michelle.

That's three.

Second person voted out of the
Drake Tribe:

That's four votes.

That's enough.
Last two votes will remain a

Michelle, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.
Grab your torches, head back to

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

The Morgan Tribe has an
unexpected visitor.

>> I don't like animals.

I've been bit by a couple

>> PROBST: And at Drake, tempers

>> No, what's ... ridiculous is

not doing anything!
>> Jon, just shut up, all right!

>> Maybe Shawn should get a
clue, or he's going home.

>> I'm really upset that I came
all this way, but it didn't

I think I have learned stuff

about myself.
When things suck, and you're in

crappy situations and being able
to carry through it.

And I learned how much I can
deal with.

But regardless of all the
politics, wish I could have been

here longer-- just had more time
to kick some butt and really

get into the game.