Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - United We Stand, Divided We... - full transcript

A challenge comes down to the wire between the Morgan and Drake Tribes for who will win immunity.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on

The Morgan Tribe continued

to struggle.
>> It's very hard

to not be able to sleep.
It's very hard

to freeze every night.
>> PROBST: At the first reward

challenge, the tribes learned
that a treasure was buried

on each of their islands.
You want to know what

you're playing for?
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First clue:
piece of the map

that will lead you
to your treasure chest.

The winning tribe
will also get to loot one item

one item from
the other tribe's camp.

During the challenge,

skinny Ryan's struggle
caused the Morgans

to fall behind.
Drake wins the reward!

>> One, two, three...

>> PROBST: Sandra was chosen by
her tribe to loot the Morgan

>> I want that tarp.

I got to do what I got to do,

That whole tribe is a bunch of

>> PROBST: The Morgan Tribe
was devastated, and Osten

contemplated quitting.
>> Do I sleep out in the cold

just until I get pneumonia?
>> If you're gone, we got no

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, the underdog Morgans
took an early lead.

>> Here we go!
>> PROBST: But in the end...

Drake wins immunity!
...having had enough,

Osten wanted to be voted out.
>> When it comes down to it,

it's mental.
I was personally upset

and disappointed
with Osten for quitting.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Second member voted out
of the Morgan Tribe.

...the Morgans decided to keep
Osten for his strength

and voted skinny Ryan out
of the Pearl Islands.

Fourteen are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

>> We only have six
tribe mates left.

I keep looking around
for, uh, two more.

It's kind of strange.
Morale is low.

We need a victory,
any kind of victory.

>> We need to stay in this,

Help us strive.
Give us strength.

I'm praying
to give us strength.

Maybe I'm praying for something
so personal--

my husband, my troop,
my new friend Ryan.

Tribal Council was difficult
because I lost, it felt like,

my best friend in the tribe.
And I did vote for Osten

after some conversation
that... yeah, he quit.

He's the one that
didn't have the heart.

So what I'm doing is
I'm just staying in here

as long as I can.
I'm just going to show

that I'm worthy to stay here--
maybe above, uh, Darrah.

She's sitting underneath
the shelter right now.

>> You don't think Darrah's
strong in challenges?

>> She's 102 pounds.
>> I know, but...

no, I mean, in terms of
endurance, stamina?

>> No stronger than me.
>> Fair enough. I'm just asking.

>> Well, I do appreciate
Osten understanding

that I just couldn't
vote Ryan out.

But see, that's...
that's the other thing, he quit.

He didn't... he didn't quit.
He said he was interested

in quitting, and I think
there's a big difference

between quitting and pulling the
trigger and actually quitting.

You know, there was one point,
uh, that Osten threw in the

towel and said that he
wanted to leave.

But my concern is that,
from a physical standpoint,

he's somewhat anchoring
our tribe.

>> We're not winning
challenges right now.

We're not winning
immunity challenges,

we're not winning anything.
It gets you down a little bit,

but, you know, just got to pick
it up, just use that as extra

You know, I sat back,

said a prayer to the good man
upstairs and, uh...

I'm not going to quit.
You know, would I like to be

sitting at home right now
eating about three

double cheeseburgers?

But... I'm not right now.
>> We got to get O.T.

fired up for this challenge.
He's got to get fired up

like the first one.
He was a madman.

He could have lifted
that cannon himself.

Every tribe mate has an
obligation to the tribe

that you have to check, you
know, your mental infirmities

at the door, get rid of those,
and just suck it up

and do what you need to do.
Really, for Osten, the key is

mental stability and it's...
it's something he's going

to struggle with
his entire time out here.

So, I'm just going to do
everything I can to help the guy

out, to get him back to that...
that awesome, larger-than-life

individual he was
when he set foot on this beach.

>> Everyone think we should go
look for the treasure in the

>> Yeah, I'd love to find

the treasure.
If it's got good, good,

goodies in it, like booze,
a big bottle of rum.

>> After winning

the first reward challenge,
we got the first third

of our treasure map.
We'll be heading east,

that way.
It said, "If you go

when the time is right"--
and the only way time

really affects things
around here is tide--

so, it must mean something you
can only get to during low tide

or see during low tide.
>> So, we took out the boat--

we decided to go and look
for big landmarks--

and we went around for...
I don't know how long

we were out for.
And it was hard because

the more we were searching,
the more possibilities

we were coming up with.
>> I want to find

that treasure so bad.
What about right here?

It just eats me up
that there's a treasure

out there
that could have warm clothes

or junk food or potato chips
or, I don't know,

something in there.
>> What about...

is there something around
this way, too?

>> There's probably more sand
around this way.

We're baffled right now.
We've been searching

and searching
and haven't found the treasure

yet, but we'll find it.
It's going to take almost all of

us to dig in this one part.
>> I know.

>> Our tribe went out

I played into that
for awhile, too, until I

started thinking about it.
Pirates were not idiots and

people are not idiots.
And you don't bury things in

the sand that you don't want
to be washed back up.

>> You guys just want us
to dig up the whole island?

>> Sounds like it's about it.
Kind of got a little discouraged

and decided to, um, take a
break and check another time,

and hopefully get another
piece of the map today,

so we can get that next clue.
>> Tree mail.

>> Tree mail, tree mail, tree

"Ever get that sinking feeling
that you just can't stay

Is it the fault of a lazy crew

or a problem with your boat?
Should you bail out of

trouble, or steer the other way,
Will you get a good night's

sleep, will your possessions
go away?"

>> If we screw up on this one,
they're gonna come

and take whatever.
>> Steal something else.

>> Right now, we need this win,
I think, more than anything.

When we read the tree mail,
it was a reward for some

sleeping material.
So, I'm assuming, like, blankets

and pillows and stuff like that.
And then, we get to raid

the other tribe's camp.
>> I want is some clothes.

>> Oh, clothes? Yeah, child.
>> A blanket.

>> If I have to be as cold
as it was last night--

I was freezing.
>> Well, we alternated

in thinking about
is who's going to sit out.

>> If it... if it's physical,
I'll sit out this one.

If it's not, I won't.
We're heading

into a reward challenge,
so we have to think about who

we're going to sit out,
because we are getting the

advantage over the Morgan Tribe
and we will have to sit out,

you know, two people.
If it happens to be

a swimming challenge,
Sandra's not the best

swimmer in the world.
Sandra wouldn't be a bad one

to do today,
because the immunity

could have swimming.
>> So what makes you

a better swimmer than me?
>> I'm not saying

that you can't swim!
I'm just saying we want...

>> The day we jumped off the
boat, where were you

when I was already onshore?
Still in the damn water.

I said, "When we jumped off
the boat the very first day,

I had already landed on shore."
He was still out there

doggy paddling.
So, he's weaker than I am.

But he gets mad.
He doesn't want to seem like

he's the weakest one out here,
which he is.

>> Okay, like, when we
were swimming to shore,

I had her glasses
in my sock, I couldn't

kick my legs,
so I swam with just my arms,

and how much did you beat me by,
using your entire body to swim

and me just using my arms?
>> What day? What day?

>> Day one! Day one!
Swimming from the boat,

you beat me by so bad.
How much did you beat me by?

>> Swimming to the boat?
What are you talking about?

>> Swimming from the boat, when
we jumped off the (clang) boat

and we went to the shore.
If you beat me so (clang) bad

and I just used my arms,
how bad did you beat me?

>> You know what?
I can get loud, too!

What the ...
I can get loud, too!

>> I don't want to (clang)
argue with you.

That's why I'm (clang) from you.
You're the one who wants

to fight.
I walked away because she could

argue all day long.
That's because she's foolish.

>> I can have a bigger mouth.
>> Good, have the (clang) last

That's all you (clang) want.

>> Well, then, be quiet,
so that I can finish it.

Screw Jon, 'cause he's an ass.
Everything that comes out

of his mouth is just ridiculous.
>> Her days are numbered.

We have bigger threats to get
rid of first, but she's not one

of the final four.
So... And I, and I got a mil

that says she won't be
the final one.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
Okay, you guys ready

for the challenge?
>> Yes.

>> PROBST: For today's reward
challenge, you will battle the

opposing tribe from separate

There will be two boats
for each tribe,

three people in each boat.
Your goal: sink both

of the other tribe's boats.
Each boat will have eight holes.

Those holes are plugged
with corks.

Using your grappling hook,
get ahold of that cork

and pull it out of the boat,
causing the boat to sink.

You can also use it
to grab the boat

and bring it closer to you.
You can also use it

to push down on that other boat
and try and sink it.

The bucket can be used
for bailing water

out of your own boat.
You can also use it to put water

onto the other boat.
Want to know

what you're playing for?
>> Yeah!

>> Whoa!
>> Oh.

>> PROBST: You got a mattress,
you got four pillows,

and you have four blankets.
In addition, another piece

of the puzzle to finding your
buried treasure.

For Drake, it'll be
your second piece.

Morgan, it would your first.
And the fun part

of reward challenge
is the winning tribe

gets to loot one item from
the losing tribe.

Drake, because you have
two extra members,

you're sitting two people out,
keeping in mind you cannot

sit out the same people
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?
Jon, Michelle, sitting out.

Everybody else, swim out,
wait for my "Go."

Here we go, guys.
Last boat floating

wins reward for their tribe.
Survivors ready?

Drake making

a beeline for Morgan.
Shawn and Osten battling.

Lill throwing some water.
Christa throwing some water.

Osten almost out, but hangs on.
Trish pulls the first cork

from the Morgan Tribe.
Osten pulls a cork

from Rupert's boat.
All boats are taking on water.

Darrah doing damage to Drake
with her bucket, soaking Rupert.

Drake taking on a lot of water.

Osten's boat
has moved away from the action.

>> Get over here!
>> PROBST: Rupert using brute

strength against Morgan.

Osten's boat
taking on a lot of water.

Osten, you're
sinking your own boat.

You need to bail.
Morgan's boat is down.

Osten, Lill, Tijuana,
you're out.

Morgan down to one boat,
getting double-teamed.

You guys need to get
out of there.

Get out of there.
Ryan trying to get

some force on Drake's boat.
Rupert putting the hammer down

on Morgan.
Morgan taking on a lot of water.

Drake wins their fourth
challenge in a row.

Wins reward.

All right, Drake--
your mattress,

four blankets, four pillows,
will be delivered to camp.

We'll do the looting
tomorrow morning.

Morgan, expect
another visit from Drake,

and we're gonna take one item.
>> Yeah, we just got

and we're gonna take one item.
>> Yeah, we just got

our ass kicked again.
It takes all the fun away.

It's just demoralizing.
God. How can you not

take it personally?
How can you

not let it affect you?
Well, we just came back from

our second reward challenge.
We lost miserably.

All-time low, the Morgan Tribe.
They won, they get the bed,

they get the pillows
and the blankets

and that's something
that strikes so near

and dear to our hearts,
because the only thing

we ever complain about
is the, uh, sleeping,

um, facility.
>> So, why do you think we're

getting our ass kicked?
>> I think a couple

of their players
were stronger than

a couple of our players.
>> In every situation?

>> No, not in every situation,
but Rupert has killed us.

We had as many plugs out
as they did.

Rupert was stronger.
Right now, the problem

with the Morgan Tribe
is we're doubting ourselves.

We're doubting whether
we can actually win.

Osten's on the fence.
I don't... I don't know

if he has the confidence.
He definitely doesn't have the

confidence he had in day three.
All's you need

is something to roll,
like, just something

to start you off.
Like, for instance, like,

when a tugboat
pulls out those big ships,

it just needs something
to get it started.

>> I think we're doing fine.
>> So do I.

>> There's a couple
of things I think...

Like, I want to go
fishing in the morning.

Do I know anything
about fishing? No.

But am I going to try it? Yes.
>> What are you smiling

But am I going to try it? Yes.
>> What are you smiling

about, sleepy head?
You'd get fired,

if you were working for me.
>> Where's Lill?

>> Oh, I don't know.
She went by herself fishing.

This needs to stop, guys.
She just... people just

going off
in different directions.

A little bit ago,
Lill went fishing by herself.

I think we need to be
more of a team

and we're still doing this
separatist stuff

and I'm... I'm tired of it.
It's nothing against her,

it's just, here we are again,
spreading out.

>> I decided last night--
we need some food.

The rice had sand in it.
I can't even swallow that

without throwing up.
So, I told the guys

I was gonna go fishing,
and they said,

"Well, you need two people."
Well, they still are in bed.

Okay, God,
I need some help here.

(Jaws-like theme playing)

Oh, my God.
I just lost the hook.

Oh, I'm gone for good now.
I think we started

with three or four hooks.
We're down to one.

There was
a blowfish in the water--

which I know you can't eat--
and they're the ones

that kept taking my bait.
And then I lost the hook.

>> How we doing?
>> Great on blowfish.

They love me.
I gave them breakfast.

>> Nothing else?
>> Nothing. I couldn't

even see anything else.
And I lost the hook.

>> Seriously.
You lost it on the rocks

or something?
>> No, they just took it.

I had the fisherman,
uh, knot on there,

and it was strong.
>> I'm shocked, actually.

I'm a deer in headlights because
she's a Boy Scout troop master

and she knows
many different knots,

including the fisherman's knot.
The only way you lose

a hook like that is two ways:
either the line breaks,

which it didn't,
or your knot wasn't secure,

which it wasn't.
I don't know, man.

We got to... We got to have
a talk with Lill, I guess.

She's just not...
>> She's not accepting of

any talks, you know that.
>> Well, hey, she's gonna

have to accept something.
I'm pissed.

She's being
a little bit impatient

about the whole issue
of going fishing.

If she waited
just that little bit,

I would have been able
to go with her,

but next thing you know,
she's gone,

and I wasn't
too happy about it.

>> If we lose the next
go-around, it's either me or

So, I was hoping that I

could, you know, just shine
a little bit here.

>> Oh. See?
See? We're going

around the island.
That's all the rocky stuff.

Just need one more map.
>> Yeah, he only said

there were three.
Anyone want to go

for a quick treasure hunt?
>> Last night, it was decided

that the treasure hunt
was the last thing on

our list of things to do.
We should do everything

else before that.
>> Yeah, but we got

everything else done.
>> Hey, you guys,

pillage the village?

>> Hello.
>> Am I going?

>> To pillage?
Yeah, oh, yeah.

>> I was chosen among our...
our tribe here

to go loot the other tribe,
as part of our reward

for winning the challenge
the other day.

Just take what you have
to take and then just leave.

>> Don't tell them
anything about us,

and try to find out
all the dirt on them.

>> The last time,
Sandra came back and reported

that they had one water pot
for all their food

and all their water.
So, group decision,

we're taking their water pot.
But if they only have one pot,

you guys, how are they
going to boil water?

>> I know. How are
they going to live?

>> How would you
boil water, Burton,

and survive without a pot?
>> Because, if they come to us

and take ours, we're screwed.
But if we have two then,

they can take one back
and we're not so screwed.

>> Just like we have two tarps
now, they take one...

>> Water is a little
different than a tarp.

>> You have to have
water to live.

>> Really, we're taking
away their life.

>> If their pot is the only
water cleaning source they have,

my God, I feel terrible
about taking it.

But I have to remind myself,
we are pirates

and this is our game.
And Drake is the power

to be reckoned with.
>> They would do the same to us,

if they could.
>> Absolutely will.

>> They hate us.
>> Right now, I'm making a,

uh... or trying to make a
dragnet, maybe to catch some

fish. I got to become
MacGyver out here

to be able to survive, I guess.
>> Won't they take it?

What if we just bunch it back up
like a useless net

and stick it in the dinghy?
>> Okay.

>> Not a good morning.
One of the, uh, infamous Drake

tribe members is coming over
to loot our camp to take one

of our prized possessions.
We don't have

a whole lot right now.
>> They can't take

our canteens, right?
>> No.

>> No, I don't think
they can take all of them.

>> The two boiling pots
are in a strategic area.

The one thing
that I hope we don't lose

is the silver pan, because
we need it to boil water in.

But it's got
some really, really nasty,

uh, blanket in it right now
that's been cooking for a while,

so, you know, let them,
uh, take the thing hot.

I don't care. Burn their hands.

Is there a boat coming?
>> Who is it?

>> It's Drake.
Looks like the blonde chick.

>> The tall blonde?
>> It's all right.

It's all right. How are you?
What's your name?

>> Christa.
>> Christa, I'm Tijuana.

Nice to meet you.
Congratulations again.

Come on to our humble abode.
This is Christa, guys.

>> Hey, I'm Andrew, by the way.
We haven't formally met.

Good to meet you
after all this time.

>> After all this time.
Everything good?

>> Everything's good.
>> Good night's sleep?

>> I bet, with those
pillows and blankets.

>> Did everyone fit on...?
>> No, nobody could fit all

on the mattress.
>> I use my buff, and I roll

it up for my pillow at night.
(Christa laughing)

>> You guys, I hate to,
you know, cut it short.

I'm going to take the...
your big old pot behind you.

>> It's hot.
>> Yeah, watch your fingers,

that's very hot.
>> Thank God they had another

pot. Thank God.
I would've felt horrible.

I don't even think I could have
looked at any of them

in the eyes when I left.
>> They don't have any pots?

>> I don't know.
>> It's really cool

in your tribe, pretty much?
or you got some...?

>> Yeah, yeah. Everybody's
getting along.

>> So, who's the leader?
Do you, have a...

did you designate a...?
>> Uh, nobody.

Everybody just kicks back.
It's just the strangest thing.

It was just really hard
because I was just put

so on the spot.
I felt so under pressure--

everybody was trying to hammer
me with questions,

and I was just trying to think
of the right thing to say.

>> The first immunity challenge
you lose, who do you think's

gone in your tribe?
>> I have no idea.

Well, that's the funny part...
>> Come on.

>> No, I really don't.
I really don't.

>> I mean, it doesn't matter
if we know because we're not

in your tribe.
>> I know.

I don't know, you guys.
I didn't tell them anything.

At least I was trying
not to tell them anything,

and it was just really hard.
It was overwhelming.

It was overwhelming.
I just wanted

to get out of there.
I just wanted to get

out of there.
You guys, it's been a pleasure.

I'm sorry.
Give me a hug, you guys.

>> It was nice meeting
you; you're sweet.

>> All right, you guys.
>> Bye.

>> Later on, Ryan.
Later on, Darrah.

>> I asked her,
if they lose immunity,

who gets voted out?
Said she has no idea.

>> She's lying.
Just think about it.

The girl's trying to be crafty.
She ain't as dumb and dorky

as she's trying to play off.
Her Big Bird-type personality

she's trying to portray
on us is ridiculous.

It's a farce,
it's a phony.

>> I think, right now,
the Morgan Tribe, mentally,

is probably stronger
than the Drake Tribe,

because we have experienced
so much defeat.

You know, they've probably
been sleeping better than us,

probably have the same
amount of water.

They definitely have the same
amount of bug bites.

But they have this euphoria, the
adrenaline that naturally

results from winning,
and that's huge out here.

We haven't had that yet.
So I can't wait for Drake

to suffer some defeat
and see if they just crumble.

>> Oh, baby. Oh, baby.
This looks like a compass.

We got mail, guys.
Here's our flag.

>> How cool.
That's awesome.

Look at that thing.
>> "Your flag holds tribe pride,

never let it fall.
Select a friend to represent,

choose the one most small.
You must also

choose your strongest,
on their shoulders

your fate will rest.
'Pure Will'

in a game of fortitude,
defines this final test."

>> We just got some, uh,
tree mail.

It indicated we should select
our smallest and our strongest.

You the strongest?
>> I hope so, yeah.

>> I agree.
>> Yeah.

>> Osten has struggled
a little bit, uh,

psychologically in the last
couple of days.

He clearly has the physical
strength, but he also has to

have the focus and the mental

Not to put any pressure on you,
so our entire fate

is on your shoulders.
>> Play it, don't say it.

>> All right.
It says to choose your smallest.

You're the smallest, right?
>> I guess.

We need to win this challenge
today bad, because going

to Tribal Council is not fun,
and, you know, who wants

to vote off a member of your
own tribe, you know?

And now we have six
and they have eight.

Sounds like a two-man show.
>> We're down four.

Four challenges we've lost.
We go to another Tribal Council,

we're finished.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

I like the tribe flags.
Looking good.

You'll be bringing those
with you to challenges.

Okay, first things first.
Thank you, Shawn.

Immunity back up for grabs.
We talk a lot about

pulling your own weight
in this game Survivor.

Today's challenge
is going to put that notion

to the test literally.
Dangling over the water are

your two smallest tribe mates--
Michelle for Drake,

Darrah for Morgan.
The rest of you are going

to hold them up,
using a rope and pulley system.

The two tribe mates that
you chose as your strongest--

Rupert for Drake,
Osten for Morgan--

are going to be your anchors
at the back.

And, every five minutes,
a tribe mate at the front

will let go of the rope,
which will put more weight

on the people in the back until
only Rupert and Osten remain.

At that point,
it becomes a showdown between

these final two tribe members.
For the losers,

a trip to Tribal Council,
a lot at stake.

Drake, you sat out Jon and
Michelle in the last challenge.

Who are you sitting out today?
Burton and Trish.

All right.
Everybody gear up,

wait for my "Go."
Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready?

You guys doing all right?

First five minutes.
Jon, Lill, let go of the ropes.

Take a spot back on your mats.
And then there were four.

How you doing, Sandra?
>> Couldn't be any better.

>> PROBST: You got another five
minutes in you, right?

>> Six, if I have to.
>> PROBST: Okay, we've reached

another five minutes.
Tijuana, Sandra,

let go of the rope now.
You guys need to take

as much of this off
of these final two as you can.

Five more minutes have elapsed.
Christa, Andrew,

let go of the rope now.
Ryno, gonna have to do

some work now.
Shawn having to do some work.

Michelle, tell me
how you're feeling.

So-so? What's hurting?
The legs?

>> I can't even feel my legs.
>> PROBST: Darrah, how are your

>> Numb.

>> PROBST: You want them to let
you go?

>> No.
>> PROBST: Another five minutes

have elapsed.
Shawn, Ryno, let go now.

This is it,
down to the big men.

Remember, guys, we're going to
make this harder as we go along.

Michelle does not look
comfortable right now.

>> Looking good, baby,
looking good!

>> That's it, Darrah.
>> Hang in there, Darrah.

>> Good job, Darrah!
>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: You guys feeling the
bugs crawling around you,

coming out of the sand?
>> There's no bugs.

>> PROBST: Or is the pain
overriding that?

>> We sleep in bugs.
We love crabs

on our head at night.
>> PROBST: Let me throw out a

notion-- What are the odds that
Darrah or Michelle will quit?

Do you have any idea
how much pain they're in?

Someone will quit.
One of you two

or one of those two will quit.
All right, guys,

you've reached 90 minutes.
The rest of the challenge is now

going to play out on your feet,
so go ahead

and transition to your feet.
(rope creaks)

Down to the nitty-gritty now.
Osten's struggling to hang on.

Rupert is using his midsection.
Michelle and Darrah

are doing their best
to keep some circulation

in their body.
Rupert's showing some signs

of struggle.
>> Uh-oh. Be careful.

>> PROBST: Michelle dropping a
little bit.

Rupert trying to find a new

Nothing comfortable.
Everything hurts.

You guys are at two hours.
Gonna move to the last phase.

There will be no leaning against
the hitching post with your body

and no wrapping the rope
around the hitching post.

It's going to be on your feet,
back, rope in your hands.

It's coming down to pure
body strength and will.

Five, four, three, two, one.
Get it off, off, off.

Keep it off your hitching post,

Get it up off there, Osten.
Don't quit, guys. Fight.

>> Come on, Osten.
>> You got it. You got it.

>> That a way.
>> Come on, Osten.

Come on, Osten.
>> PROBST: Stay strong, you guys

have been out here a long time.
Get it up off that.

Don't use it as leverage.
Osten, you got to keep your body

off it.

Boom, Osten can't hang.
Rupert wins immunity for Drake.

>> Yeah!

You are the king!

>> PROBST: Drake, third straight
time, immunity.

Go on back to your camp.
>> (screams): Yeah!

>> PROBST: Morgan, I wish we had
different news.

Great effort.
Did what you could do.

Hung in there a long time,
just wasn't enough.

Tribal Council once again.
Voting somebody else out.

You guys can head back to camp.
See you at Tribal.

>> You know, after this

>> You know, after this

immunity challenge, you start
thinking to yourselves, "What

do we have to do to win?"
This was different than

a couple of the others,
because this, there's nothing

else we could've done to win.
I couldn't believe

you lasted that long.
I thought it'd be...

five minutes.
>> The weight of the world

was on my shoulders for a day,
and I didn't come up at the end.

I just didn't have the energy
left to hold it up.

I was spent,
my hands were chopped up,

and the rope just slipped...
was slipping through my hands,

so it was just a matter of time.
>> Facing Tribal Council

the third time in a row is,
uh, disheartening.

It's one of us,
and I don't want it to be me.

>> Who does more around camp?
(laughs softly)

>> Um, well, of course.
Her work ethic, she never quits.

Even when she could slack off
if she wanted to.

>> Is there anything that
Lill does that D can't?

>> That's what I'm saying,
like, who can't do a fire?

Who can't go get water,
day in and day out?

>> Ryno, O.T. and myself and T
have... an alliance,

I guess you would call it.
So we're not going anywhere.

So it's either Darrah or Lill.
Raw intelligence.

>> Raw intelligence.
Her ability to think

outside the box.
I haven't seen any of

that from Darrah, tell you...
tell you the truth.

Not that it's not there, but...
This is a critical vote--

we're down to six,
we're gonna be down one more,

as of tonight.
Clearly, Lill's up here--

contributes a hell of a lot more
than Darrah,

from what I can see at camp.
In the challenges,

Darrah's probably stronger.
I don't think Lill could have

done what Darrah did,
being suspended in the tripod.

The person that is...
least valuable to the tribe is

the one that should go tonight,
and whoever that is,

shouldn't have any problem
with it, because they should put

the interests of the tribe
ahead of their own personal

Now, that's a good theory...

(chuckles), but...
How would you feel if you were

the one to go tonight?
>> Very, very resentful.

>> Well, we'll have to have
a conversation.

>> Well, you know what?
>> I mean, it's a tough issue...

>> Listen, I'm so glad you had
the balls just to talk to me.

>> Oh, hell, either way, Lill,
you've been an unbelievable

asset to this tribe.
The least you deserve is

the brutal, honest truth.
If it's not going your way,

I'll tell you.
If it's going your way,

I'll tell you.
>> I'm just looking at it

that we need to win the
next challenge.

>> Right.
I think what's been looked at is

the strength and
weaknesses on both ends.

Just curious, um, if you
thought more about it,

or if it was a factor to be
concerned about or not or...

>> I mean, yeah, I want to say,
too, but I'm not gonna go

whine and mope around like she's

>> Darrah and I, we walked
around the cove.

We talked about, basically,
what's going on.

I let her know that...
she potentially would be

on the cutting block tonight,
and she was pretty nonchalant

about it.
Which kind of concerns me.

I don't know what that means.
I could very well take it as,

does she care, or is she overly
confident to know

that that's not gonna happen?
She didn't have anything

to say, actually.
>> Really? Did she say that

she's stronger or...
>> She didn't say anything.

>> You're kidding.
Does Darrah think

she's not going anywhere?
>> I have no clue.

>> Does Darrah deserve...
has she earned her spot in our

tribe to make it another
three days?

I don't know.
>> PROBST: Welcome to another

I don't know.
>> PROBST: Welcome to another

windy Tribal Council.
So, let's get to it.

As of now, you're one
of the losingest tribes

ever, and with many more
challenges to go, chances are

you may set a record
that won't be broken.

So, Tijuana, is the Drake tribe
simply a better tribe?

>> No, they're not.
I think we have a better tribe.

Um, we are very focused.
It's just us coming together

when it comes time
for challenge time,

and we're not doing that.
>> PROBST: Ryno, do you agree

with that?
Is this tribe really

unified and focused?
>> Yeah, I believe we're...

we're pretty unified.
It's just one of those

things right now.
You got to get over a hump.

You know,
you're gonna get a win.

It's-it's inevitable.
>> PROBST: Really?

>> I believe it's so.
I mean, at our challenge,

Osten was the man-- I mean,
I think we did great.

>> PROBST: Osten, are you
surprised at where this tribe

is at?
>> I feel still we have a lot

of fight left in this team;
it's not over.

We still have a pulse;
heart's still beating.

And everybody goes
through a slump.

It's just the ability to come
out sooner than later.

>> PROBST: So, this is the
thing I don't get.

You guys don't seem worried.
You haven't won a challenge.

In fact, you've self-destructed
at several challenges.

And here you come and you're,
like, "Eh, you know what?

We'll get it together.
It's a slump."

>> Everyone's worried about it.
There's nothing worse than

going O-and-five,
and it's demoralizing,

but the good news is
that we're all strong-willed,

and I predict,
the next challenge,

we're gonna be on-on the top,
on the winning side.

>> PROBST: Well, you know,
four more Tribal Councils,

we have no tribe left.
So, Tijuana, do you think about

"We got to do
better challenges"?

Do you think about,
"I need something to eat"?

What's the overriding thought
that's going through your head

out here right now?
>> I think, overall,

um, just working together,
understanding what our strengths

and weaknesses are,
and how are we gonna stay

together as a team,
no matter what.

>> PROBST: Darrah,
you're living with

virtually nothing.
What areas are you

uncomfortable with?
>> Um, I guess not knowing

really how to build a fire,
you know.

I'm not good at fires.
That's Lill's job.

But, you know, I put out my 110%
at the challenges.

Just like yesterday,
I thought I was gonna die,

but quitting never
went through my mind.

>> PROBST: So, Lill,
you got to feel pretty good

about your place in this tribe
and what you bring to it.

>> I'd like to think I'm

You know, I was never more proud
when, um, Andrew said

that I had good work ethics,
which I do.

Now, hopefully,
they'll look at that

and consider that
when they're voting.

>> PROBST: It is time to vote.
Ryno, you're up.

>> Lill, you're a great woman
and a hard worker,

and you contributed
well around camp.

>> Darrah, you are like
the Mississippi belle.

You're fragile
and know very few skills.

No hard feelings, honey.
>> This is totally based

No hard feelings, honey.
>> This is totally based

upon a strategy.
We'll see if it works.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...


That's two votes Lill,
one vote Darrah.

Three votes Lill.
Third person

voted out of the Morgan Tribe...

That's four votes,
that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.
Lill, the tribe has spoken.

Try that again.
They don't want you to go.

>> Yeah, right.
>> PROBST: It's time for you

to go.
Well, I don't think

tonight's vote was easy.
Don't give up on yourselves.

Get your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night.
Stay tuned for scenes

Good night.
Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.
Next time on Survivor...

At Drake,
winning has a downside.

>> A little more help
would be appreciated.

>> It's starting to get annoying
because we really want somebody

to leave.
>> At some point we should lose.

Can you do that?
>> He's a traitor.

If this was a pirate culture,
he'd already be dead.

>> PROBST: And Osten's in

Osten, you're okay?
>> I need help!

>> PROBST: Hang on!
>> My biggest regret is that

I didn't stay in longer
to represent

my beautiful state of Ohio.
It bothers me that our leader

said he would get back to me
after I stated my case,

and he didn't.
Because it does seem to be

a game of a lot of deceit
and a lot of lying, and I'm not

real good at that.