Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Pick a Castaway... Any Castaway - full transcript

Drake is overcome with joy when Shawn finds a treasure chest filled with goblets, candles, candle holders, canned foods, sugar, honey, blankets, coffee beans, and chocolate.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on

The Morgan Tribe was in a slump

after Osten asked to be voted

>> He quit.
>> I think there's a big

difference between quitting
and pulling the trigger

and actually quitting.
>> PROBST: The Drake Tribe

searched for buried treasure
with the first piece

of their map, but came up

>> Hopefully, get another piece
of the map today, so we can get

the next clue.
>> PROBST: After reward

challenge, the two tribes
battled for new bedding,

a piece of their treasure map
and a chance to loot

the losing tribe.

With the help
of Rupert's brute strength,

the Drakes stayed afloat
and won their fourth challenge

in a row.

Making matters worse for Morgan,
Lill lost the tribe's last

fishing hook.
>> Oh, I'm gone for good now.

>> PROBST: At the immunity
challenge, with Darrah and

Michelle hanging in the balance,
it came down to a test

of strength and will
between Rupert and Osten.

But Rupert held on and secured
another Drake victory.

At Tribal Council,

Morgan chose Darrah's strength
over the scoutmaster's work

And Lill was voted out

of the tribe.
13 Are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
♪ ♪

Who will be voted out tonight?
♪ ♪

♪ ♪
>> This morning, we had a little

♪ ♪
>> This morning, we had a little

bit, uh, higher tides
'cause there's the storm

out at sea.
So, it kind of blew our

little fortress wall away.
It seems like, as the month

is going on,
the tides are getting

higher and higher.
So, the wall needs

to be bigger and bigger.
Otherwise, we're going

to need to move our shelter
somewhere else, and I really

don't want to do that.
Put the whole sand wall

right across here.
We need to just reinforce it.

We're in an uphill fight
and we have been ever since

we got here.
It's almost comical now.

>> Think about a double barrier,
so we got... you know, right

here the last wall of defense.
We are absolutely devastated.

Our morale is low.
We, at Tribal Council last

night, voted out Lill.
We definitely feel the impact

of her not being there.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> Okay, it's ready?
>> Yeah.

>> Darrah and T are taking over
the, uh, water responsibilities.

I think it's us against
everything else out here,

against the surf,
against the mosquitoes,

against the crabs.
>> This is a crab that we found

under our bed.
>> They were trying to get us

last night... from underneath.
>> Against the fire ants,

>> Are those fire ants?

I think they are.
There's, like, a log

where they live
and they're being smoked out

and coming out
all over our camp.

>> We desperately need fish.
The, uh, coconut, rice

and beans,
I mean, it's sufficient for now,

but we really need
just that extra boost.

Also, from a morale standpoint,
it would be a huge victory

for us to actually catch a fish.
>> Jon, need any help?

for us to actually catch a fish.
>> Jon, need any help?

>> I filled everyone
in on the status of...

of the jug all day.
>> Dude, I know, I...

>> And the day before.
>> Jon, I... I'm not...

>> You knew it had to be
done and you want to tell

everyone else it should have
been done, and... and you said

three hours ago,
then you could have done it.

So, then don't complain about

>> I've been doing
everything else.

>> That's not my point.
Everyone else has been doing...

what are you saying?
>> I am, mad, because everyone

>> Yeah, we took a rest

because it's hot today.
>> I know.

>> Are you trying to say you're
the only one who does

something around here?
>> Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

>> So then, what's your problem?
>> I'm saying that a little more

help would be appreciated.
I've been working for three

This is the first time

I stopped working
to complain about it.

It's not a big deal.
That's the problem.

>> Okay.
>> You know, the mood today

has been really funky, I think.
It's been really weird.

You know, I think people
are getting testy,

and they're just
sort of, you know...

we've been out here for ten days
and the personalities are

starting to get to one
another a little bit.

And morale for some reason,
today, has been really off and

on, and I can't figure out why.
>> You hear what Shawn said

this morning that him and Burton
are always the first ones to

wake up and to do everything?
That's a bunch of baloney,

'cause they're rarely
the first ones up.

I woke up happy
until I heard that crap.

>> I think because, uh, we've
won so many challenges,

it's starting to get annoying.
Because we really want

somebody to leave.
Did you go to college, Shawn?

>> What's that?
>> Did you go to college?

>> Yes, I did.
>> Did you graduate?

>> Yes, I did.
How about yourself?

Did you graduate?
>> Mm-hmm.

>> There's definitely tension.
Christa's always had her

little issues with me,
and, you know, she's made

her little comments,
things that just get on my nerve

and I've just smiled right
through them and not said

anything back.
But, at the same time,

I take note of everything.
What you say is going

to come back to get you,
and in this case,

it's coming back to get her.
>> These guys that are here,

especially Shawn and Michelle
and Burton, I just don't

get along with them.
I don't feel the connection

with them.
I don't feel like I can

speak my mind like I normally

And I'd rather have them
out of here.

>> Dude, just, whatever you do,
say no to crack.

Nothing, dude.

>> I'll kill you.
>> Some plumbers wear skirts.

>> I'll kill you!
>> Some plumbers wear skirts.

>> Son of a bitch.
Snap your neck like

a damn chicken!
You know, I don't know,

I turned around and Burton's
pointing at my ass

and laughing at me
and just being an idiot.

You know, it's like high

The... the pretty boy
jock-ass idiots all got

to pick on me.
>> Rupe.

>> Rupe. Rupe. Rupe.
You know, you're the prettiest

one in a skirt around here.
>> The whole time we've been

here, Shawn and Burton and
Michelle kind of cliqued up

right away, and, you know, I
don't know why they did that.

I can only assume
that the two guys thought

they were just so strong,
that there's no way they were

going to get voted off.
And, of course, Michelle's

adorable, and so they cliqued
right into her.

But I don't think they realize
that they alienated everybody

else in the tribe.
>> PROBST: Drake, here's your

else in the tribe.
>> PROBST: Drake, here's your

first look at the new Morgan
Tribe minus another member.

Lill, voted out at
the last Tribal Council.

How you guys doing?
>> Great.

>> PROBST: Okay.
For today's reward challenge,

you're going to be
solving a puzzle.

There are 16 pieces to the

Eight are buried in the sand,
eight are floating in the water.

One tribe member at a time,
you're going to retrieve

a piece from either the water
or the sand in any order you

Once you have all 16 pieces,

the entire tribe can then begin
to solve the puzzle.

First tribe to finish
the puzzle wins reward.

Want to know what
you're playing for?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Got something a

little different this time.
To help you out

with your wardrobe,
old-fashioned sewing machine,

along with a sewing kit.
>> Make me a new dress.

>> PROBST: We've got all kinds
of material.

In addition, another piece
to the location

of your treasure chest.
For Drake, it would be your

third and final piece.
Morgan, it would be

your first piece.
Finally, the opportunity to loot

one item from the other tribe.
Worth playing for?

>> ALL: Yeah.
>> PROBST: All right, Drake,

because you have three extra
members, you're sitting three

people out in this challenge.
Who are you sitting out?

Shawn, Michelle, Christa,
take a spot on the bench.

Wait for my "go."
For reward, survivors ready?

Ryno and Burton

starting out the race.
Burton, with his first piece,

heading back in.
>> Way to go, Burton!

>> PROBST: Burton with the first
piece for Drake.

Sandra heading to the sand.
>> Dig like your name,

>> PROBST: Sandra gets the first

piece from the sand.
That's two for Drake.

Morgan with their first piece
of the puzzle.

Andrew Savage getting one
out of the sand.

We're tied up at two pieces.
Darrah ready with the mask.

Tijuana heads out instead,
showing a little booty.

>> Oh, nice.
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Skirted man with
the third piece for Drake.

Trish digging for another one.
>> I can't find it!

>> T!
>> Come on, T!

>> PROBST: Jon with another
piece for Drake.

That's five for Drake.
Burton heads back out

into the water.
>> Burton!

>> PROBST: Tijuana having
trouble without the mask.

Burton with another
piece for Drake.

Sandra going to the beach.
Tijuana with a piece,

struggling to get back now.
>> That's okay.

>> PROBST: Rupert heading back
out for a swim.

That a way, Tijuana.
Drake with seven pieces,

Morgan at three.
Osten heading into the water.

Rupert with another piece
for Drake.

Jon with another piece
for Drake.

Burton back out into the water.
>> Put that mask on.

It's right below you.
>> I'm about to drown.

>> PROBST: Are you okay?
>> No!

>> PROBST: Hold on to the rope
right there.

>> I need help!
>> PROBST: Hey, who's the best

Go give him a hand.

>> I need help!
>> PROBST: Osten's in trouble.

Give him a hand, Andrew.
Osten, you're okay!

Hang on!
>> Rupert, go!

>> PROBST: Great teamwork,

Way to not quit.
Drake moving on

with their 12th piece.
Osten safe and sound,

back on shore.
Rupert with another piece for

Ryno back in the water.

Let's go.
Trish looking for

the last piece in the beach.
She's still looking.

You guys are in it.
Savage going for a beach piece.

Trish still struggling.
Morgan still fighting.

Another piece for Morgan.
Darrah heading back out

in the water.
Darrah with another piece for

>> Back up!

>> PROBST: Tijuana digging for
a piece on the beach.

Trish going to use a stake
to try and find it.

Tijuana has another piece for
Morgan, fighting to get it out.

She has it.
Morgan closing the gap at nine.

Ryno back out in the water
for Morgan.

Trish finally has it.
Another piece for Drake.

That's 11 for Morgan.
Jon stumbling into the water.

Morgan with another piece.
That's 12 For Morgan.

Drake needs one more piece.
Burton going in for the last

piece in the water.
Morgan with two in the water

and two on the beach.
Darrah with her 13th piece.

Drake has all 16.
Flip them.

Start solving.
Osten going for the short beach.

That's 14.
>> Top of the head.

>> This is a corner.

That's perfect!

Ryno still fighting for Morgan.
>> Other way.

Other way!
>> PROBST: Drake wins reward!

Six challenges in a row.

>> Yeah!
(Drake members cheering)

>> Let's find out where the hell
that devil's fork is.

>> PROBST: Drake, another piece
to the location of

your buried treasure.
>> Great job!

>> PROBST: Your sewing machine
will be delivered.

>> Thank you.
>> Whoo!

>> ALL: Drake!
>> All right, let's see

where we're measuring today.
We'll do your waist?

>> Go underneath my hips.
>> You're gonna have a skirt,

too, Rupert?
>> Yes.

>> Let me move all the way

It's a big belly to move around.
>> You could have made shorts.

>> I don't care, I just want
something to cover my ass.

>> I love the sewing machine.
We couldn't have gotten

a better reward,
and I think Rupert is awesome.

He's the only man that I know
that would wear a skirt

out in the middle of nowhere
just to be comfortable,

and he's the only man I know
that would start sewing away

and have no shame.
All he has

is pride in his skills,
and I think it's awesome

that he actually knows
how to make his own clothes.

>> Hey, look at this guy
over here, Mr. Sewer.

What you making?
>> A new dress.

>> Ooh, sexy, sexy.
You gonna have slots up the

Beautiful work there.

When you're done, I got some
pants that need hemming.

>> Good for you.
You can get right on that.

>> Burton and Shawn never leave
Rupert alone about his skirt.

I mean, don't keep
talking about something

that keeps bothering somebody.
If you know it bothers somebody,

why don't you just shut up after

>> Look at that, you tied a
string in there and everything,

>> It's like a muumuu.

>> That is awesome.

>> Oh, God.
>> How's that feel?

>> Much better, huh?
>> Much better.

I feel lots better.
>> All right, guys, listen up.

"The easiest road for you to
tread will be to walk up

"the old creek bed.
After that, there's searching

"Take a left at the stump

and head up the hill."
Done that.

>> "Find the devil's fork
and your quest is complete.

"Go 15 paces due south
and it's under your feet."

>> We found it, baby!

I know where that is, baby.
>> So, after the last reward

challenge, we finally got our
third and final piece of our map

for the treasure chest,
and we were just bouncing off

the walls ready to find it.
>> I'm hoping there's candy

and maybe some canned juice
and peaches and pineapples

in there, I don't know.
Anything but rice-- if I see

one more grain of rice,
I'm gonna... I'll be upset.

I'm gonna go wild.
>> We talk about the treasure,

we dream about the treasure,
we fantasize about the treasure.

Like, I've had more, uh,
wet dreams about that...

that treasure than, uh...
than any girl in Playboy.

>> Rupe, anything?

>> No.
>> I bet it's here.

It's got to be here.
It's out all by itself?

>> I don't know, that, to me,
looks like a fork out

in the open, to be honest.
>> Why is this not jumping out?

>> Look at this map.
Come back here and

look at this map.
>> We have not found it yet.

We're still back to the same
dilemma we've been in

the whole time, which is...
the directions say

"find the devil's fork."
The clues say "go 15 paces

due south."
The map shows going 15 paces

due north, but there's no
obvious "devil's fork" out here.

>> Does that look like
a devil's fork to you?

If you think of what's in here,
there's nothing else

as big and obtrusive as
that thing right there.

>> I'm buying that.
>> What?

>> What about over here?
>> It is really soft.

>> Feeling anything?

Is that it?
>> That seems like wood.

Dude, I think this might be it.
Look, there's metal, see?

>> Woo-hoo! Keep digging!
Keep digging!

>> I think I got it!
>> We got it!

>> I got it!
>> It's over here!

>> So, show me the devil's

>> It's right there.
>> Right there, baby.

>> At that big tree.
>> Look at it from the other

>> Shawn, you're a god!

>> Yeah, baby!
>> We've won three challenges,

we've gotten three maps.
We searched this island

high and low, and here it was.
We were standing

on the freakin' treasure.
>> Barbecued potato chips!

>> Eight pair of pants.
>> Bacon cheeseburgers!

>> New underpants!
>> I'll be happier

when I see what's in there.

>> Hold on, dude.
Hold on.

(Rupert grunts)
There is a handle.

>> Where is the handle?
>> What if you can

just open the top?
Is it possible?

So, after trying and trying and
trying to bring the chest up,

they said, "Okay, the hell with
it, screw this.

Let's pop the chest open."
When they cleared away the

>> Just be careful with our key.

>> Don't break it.
>> ...and finally it popped

>> Oh!

>> And, oh, my God.
A stench so awful.

Smelled like death.
>> Someone open this.

Should we lay out a blanket
and put everything...

Oh, God.
>> It smells horrible,

>> They're moldy.

>> Everything's moldy and nasty.
>> They're all molded.

>> Hey, it's better
than nothing, you guys.

>> Oh, a bottle of something!
>> Yeah.

>> Candy!
>> Candy!

>> Get the candy out!
Get the candy out.

>> I have to say the one thing
that put a smile on everyone's

face-- and thank God it was in
there, was this thing of

I mean, I don't...

I think we would have ripped
each other's heads off

if those chocolates weren't in
there, because that's how

disappointed we were.
>> Rupert, take a break.

Everybody sit back
and have chocolate.

>> Oh, my God.
>> I'm in heaven.

>> Oh, my God!
>> So, we open it up,

there were goblets,
candleholders, candles.

We got a lot of canned food.
There's sugar, there's honey.

>> Sugar!
>> Moldy beef jerky.

>> Some coffee beans,
there were some chocolates,

which made everyone
feel a lot better.

The treasure had leaked a little
bit, some of the stuff was wet,

and I wanted to say,
"You guys grow up.

You're being babies about it.
"We got something, and anything

is better than nothing."
>> The blankets smell like crap.

The hammock smells like crap.
The mosquito net smells like

I-I'd call it a ghetto

It's like asking for an

Incredible Hulk doll and... and
getting your sister's Ken doll

painted green.
It's just not the same thing.

>> It's a quick shot
to the other side here.

I've been through here.
It's a really thick, thick

>> Then just walk along

the coastline...
>> Ryno and I are going to have

a go at fishing today
with the spear because we

lost all of our fish hooks.
So we decided to go on the other

side of the island.
The big map indicated some

dorsal fins, indicating sharks
or fish, so we thought,

since we haven't had any luck
around here, although we've

seen some fish, that we thought
the other side of the island

may have a multitude of fish.
We going the right way?

What do you think?
>> I don't know.

That looks like
an opening down there.

See where the light is?
>> Let's have a look.

>> We're going to make it.

>> I can see the coast?
>> Yep.

>> There is looting this morning
for the Drake Tribe,

and they'll be coming over
to take another item

from the Morgan Tribe.
>> If they want to cripple us,

they'll take our pot.
They take our pot,

Morgan, as we know it,
is no longer, 'cause there's

no longer... we can't cook food,
we can't boil water,

we'll be dehydrated, end of

>> I hate to do this.
>> Whatever.

>> I'm Trish.
>> Hi, Trish, I'm Tijuana.

Nice to meet you.
>> Hi, Tijuana.

>> Come on.
>> I feel so bad.

>> Yeah, whatever.
>> I really do.

>> How are you guys doing over

>> We're doing okay.
Hi, you guys.

>> Hi.
>> I'm Trish.

>> I'm Darrah.
>> Nice to meet you.

How are you guys doing?
You making out okay?

>> Yeah. Our boys went to go

>> Oh, they have?
Wow, yeah.

>> What?
Not any further down?

>> This is definitely
The Blair Witch Project.

>> All right.
It could be just

a little farther down.
>> Do you realize how dangerous

it is to not have water?

>> So what do you think you
guys are looking for?

>> Um...
This is the coolest shelter

you have.
>> Thank you.

Our tough men put that together.
>> It's nice.

>> Yeah.
>> Um, I guess what they want

is the lantern.
>> You guys are gonna take our

>> I know. I hate it.

I was trying to talk them into,
like, not taking anything.

I was, like, so shot down, man.
I was, like, just no way.

>> We're relieved they didn't
take our pot, 'cause that's our

only pot, and that's kind of
what we were wanting them to

take was the lantern.
That's what we were wanting

them to take last time.
We probably ruined it

by putting cooking oil in it,
so it's probably not going to

>> Is that it?

Why is this side so choppy?
I thought the other side was

supposed to be calmer.
>> That's where I think we are.

>> Oh, yeah?
>> Yeah.

>> This is not accurate though.
>> Clearly this is not the big

cove as indicated on the map.
It seems to me we went due east,

pretty much a straight line.
We should have hit the cove dead

on and, uh...
we didn't, so it's major league

frustrating for us.
We need fish very, very badly.

I mean, we don't have any

We don't have any water.
Phenomenally frustrating.

>> Both me and Savage are done.
I mean, we're pretty much

I don't even know how long

we've been out here, but, uh...
I think the tribe's going

to be a little bit upset
that we don't, uh...

have anything for them.
>> So, last night, I woke up

have anything for them.
>> So, last night, I woke up

in the middle of the night.
Couldn't sleep.

I saw that Rupert was up.
I'd been meaning to talk to him.

I was a little hesitant
because he's so gung-ho

on the whole Drake Tribe.
I've been running every

single scenario through my head.
>> Yeah?

>> Because you and I are

You and I are the two toughest
of the 16.

>> Right.
>> As soon as there's a merge,

the strongest people are going
to be the first people to go.

I know right now Rupert and
myself are the biggest threats

in our tribe.
Between Jon, Trish and Sandra,

if they do really start putting
it together, hell, yeah, they

should get rid of us now.
We don't need to win any more

>> Right.

>> At some point, we should

We can do it, but we have to get
rid of Christa, and we have

to get rid of Trish, and we have
to do it soon.

Can you do that?
If to keep us... to keep this

tribe together, yeah.
Heck, yeah, I can.

>> That's what I wanted to hear.
>> When Burt comes to me and

says, "We're going to get rid of
some of our Drakes..."

As soon as he said that,
I wanted to smack him

and say, you know, "Traitor."
If this was a pirate culture,

he'd already be dead.
>> If we go to immunity,

and we don't win,
and we get rid of Christa,

we're in a good position.
But, God, we've got to get rid

of Christa.
So this conversation is between

you and me.
>> Oh, most definitely.

>> And, as long as no one else
knows, we can run the game.

>> Right.
>> Knock, knock.

Who's there?
Sea mail.

Sea mail who?
Sea mail.

"Familiar with the game of

"Familiar with the game
of chess?

"Heard of professional

>> Uh-oh.
>> "Combined make a worthy

>> "Formulating strategies,

"take some time to think.
To avoid the next

"Tribal Council, send your
opponent in the drink."

>> In the water, homes.
>> Full contact chess, man.

>> Someone has to be dunked?
>> We are, as a group, thinking

about throwing the challenge.
The alliance that I'm with,

we're all ready to get
Christa out right now.

And, therefore, are willing to
back off from the challenge,

and not give it 100%.
>> My alliance is interested

and not give it 100%.
>> My alliance is interested

in throwing the challenge
to cut out a little bit of

cancer in our tribe: namely,

In that, I can sit out
on a challenge.

I already told them that,
if I'm in a challenge,

there's no way in hell
that I would lose.

Throwing a challenge
is the stupidest thing

that Drake could ever do.
But will I stand back

and let them do it?
Yes, if that's what they want

to do.
>> PROBST: Welcome, Drake,

First things first.

Burton, I need the immunity

Get that up here.
Immunity back up for grabs.

Okay. For today's immunity
challenge, once again we look

to the world of pirates.
Back in the day,

when they ruled the seas,
it was only a matter of time

before they wanted
to board your ship.

And the only way to stop them
from doing that was to engage

in battle.
Each tribe member will move one

space at a time across
the platform.

Your goal: get to the other

If you are blocked by another
tribe member,

you will have to engage
in a showdown.

When two people decide
to show down, it will be

a battle of strength
and balance.

First person to hit the water
is out, has to swim back to the

beginning, start again.
The winner moves forward

one space.
The first tribe to get all their

tribe members to the other side
wins immunity.

And, along with immunity,
a little something else we'll

save for after the challenge.
All right, Drake, because you

have three extra members,
you're sitting three people out.

You cannot sit the same people
out in back-to-back challenges.

Who's sitting out?
Rupert, Trish, Burton,

you stay in the boat.
Everybody else strategize,

wait for my "go."
At stake: immunity, and a

surprise reward for after the

Drake, you won the coin toss.
Who's moving first?

Sandra makes the first move.
First move for Morgan.

Osten on the course.

Michelle moving out

onto the course.
Andrew makes his first move.

A lot of showdowns lining up.
T on the course now,

with a smile on her face
and ready to take somebody on.

Jon saves himself for last.
Darrah on the board.

We have all ten
tribe members out.

Now it's going to get good.

Osten challenges Michelle.
Here's what's going to happen.

I'm going to tell you
to put one foot in the white,

and then, when you both have a
foot, I'm going to say, "Go."

Once I say, "Go," it's on.
First person in the water

is out,
and goes back to the start.

Here we go.
Foot in the white.


Michelle in.
Osten doesn't even get wet,

moves forward.
Michelle goes back to the start.

Got another showdown:
Ryno and N.Y.C.

Ryno in.

Shawn doesn't get wet.
Shawn moves forward.

Ryno back to the start.
Morgan, got another showdown.

Osten challenges Jon.

Jon takes a bath.
Osten moves forward.

That is one for Morgan.
Take a spot in the Morgan boat.

Andrew challenges Michelle.


Waged a good battle,
but Michelle's first in the

water, she's out.
Andrew moves into the last spot,

and, with that, it's two Morgan,
nothing Drake.

We have another challenge:
Shawn taking on T.


T first in.
Gave it an effort.

Very good.
T back to the start.

That's one for Drake.
>> Good job, Shawn.

>> PROBST: So, I got to ask
at this point:

Obviously, it's a strong
physical battle and your two...

two of your strongest guys
chose to sit out.

Why come?
>> Wasn't my choice.

>> PROBST: Wasn't your choice?
You guys have a rotation

that doesn't change.
All right, that works.

Michelle challenges another

Ryno moves into the spot.

That's three Morgan members,
one Drake member.

Morgan giving T the chance
to take Jon in.

Jon first in the water!
Take a swim back.

Christa in the water.
Back to the start.

Darrah moves forward.
Darrah, you move forward.

Sandra takes her last move.
And, with that,

Sandra's in for Drake.
T moves to her last spot.

Morgan has their
fourth member across.

Michelle is in,
and off the course.

Darrah, the only remaining
member of Morgan, needs to get

Here's where we're at.

Morgan at four, Drake at three.
First tribe to get

all members in wins immunity.
Drake... and a little something

Morgan... just a matter of

playing it out now.

Darrah, make the only move you
can-- the last move.

And, with that, Darrah moves in.
Morgan wins their first

Morgan wins immunity!

Morgan finally on the board.

All right, Morgan,
immunity for your tribe,

and a little something else.
I shall read the note.

"Choose one tribe member
from the opposing tribe

to come live with you
until the next challenge."

Here's what that means.
You are going to choose

a tribe member from Drake
right now.

They will leave with you right

They will not go to Tribal
Council tomorrow night.

They cannot be voted out.
They will participate with you

in the next reward challenge and
share in that reward if you win.

Who's it going to be, Savage?
>> Rupert.

>> PROBST: Rupert, for the next
short while you are now going

to be living with Morgan.
Out of the boat, into the Morgan

>> Rupert, all right, baby!

>> We love you, Rupert.
>> It's all good, baby.

>> It's all good.
>> We love you, Rupert.

>> Love you guys.
>> Hey, it'll only be temporary.

>> PROBST: And a nice welcome
from Ryno.

I think Morgan likes you,

Here you are, Darrah.
Morgan, congratulations.

Head back to camp.
Drake... I will see you

at Tribal Council.
We have a lot to talk about.

Head out, guys.
>> It was a little scary that

Head out, guys.
>> It was a little scary that

Rupert went away with the other

It was kind of a shocker.
And, uh, I got a little nervous

after this immunity challenge.
I'm thinking that I could be

the next to go.
>> Come on, it's me and you, the

macho man versus the little man.
>> I'm thinking that maybe Jon

may go with Michelle, Shawn and
Burton, but I highly doubt it.

So, I'm going to keep positive
thinking and continue to think

that he's with Trish, Sandra
and I, even though Rupert's

And, uh, hopefully it will be

Burton to go instead of me.
>> The way I see it... the way

I see it, Jon, to be honest
with you, there's four of us

right here.
I don't give a ... who they

vote for because there's no
previous votes cast.

Sandra can go ... me.
When... when we hear four votes

for Christa, whatever the other
three votes are for, you know

that one of those votes were
cast by those three people right

And when they come back here,

they're going to know they just
sunk their own ship.

>> Jon claims he's fully onboard
and, I've got to be honest, all

the actions and all the things
that Jon has said have been

very consistent over the past
week about getting Christa

>> You're a little nervous, but

once you've voted, uh, Christa
gone, you know, show your

loyalty, we're all cool.
We'll carry you to the end.

That's... Burton's just worried
right now, but he's going to be

going like, "Oh, okay.
I... I understand."

>> There is a lot of scheming
going on.

It's very funny.
Some of the things that Jon

comes back and tells, uh, Trish
and Sandra and I.

>> Who do they think we're going
to vote off-- Michelle?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> They think Michelle?
>> Yeah.

>> I am somewhat afraid that
Jon could be playing me.

>> Crack it open.
>> It's just that he is talking

with Shawn and Burton and
Michelle with such truth in his

eyes, and I see it and observe
it every day, and he does the

same thing to me, and it just
makes me feel uneasy.

I just wish that he would talk
to them a little bit less

>> Do you want a little sugar

in your drink?
>> Don't drop it, dude.

>> Hey, you need to not drop it.


>> I am so stoked to go to
Tribal Council.

I am stoked!
I want to see it.

I can't wait.
I think it's going to be

Ric Flair is voted off the

Knowing that I'm going nowhere.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're
going to get funky like a

The game's going great for

Jonny Fairplay.
I got a one-on-one alliance with

I got a five-way alliance with

myself, Trish, Rupert, Christa
and Sandra.

And I have a four-way alliance
with myself, Shawn, Burton and

He can do the strut, too!

He can do the strut twice as

I'm having a blast.
It's even more fun than I

I'm on paradise, and, uh,

I'm a... I'm a freakin' puppet

That's all a guy can ask for.
>> Turn around!

Turn around!
>> Look at his white heinie.

There's, like, this red back and
then there's this pure white

>> That's a sight to be had

right there.
>> Darth Vader!

>> PROBST: Behind each of you is

a torch.
I want you to grab a torch,

approach the flame, dip it and
get fire.

We do this because fire
represents your life in this

As long as you have fire,

you're in the game.
When your fire's gone, so are

Once you have fire, put it in a

slot and take a seat.
For the first time, we have the

Drake Tribe at Tribal Council,
minus Rupert, temporarily a

member of the Morgan Tribe.
So, he can't be voted out

Jon, give me the state of

affairs for this tribe.
>> Awesome, awesome, awesome,

Happy tribe.

That's it.
Good tribe, couldn't be happier.

>> PROBST: Are you loaded?
>> Yeah.

Like, you know, this isn't the

happiest of occasions, but you
might as well make it as happy

as possible.
>> PROBST: Michelle, any

friendships developing 12 days

>> Tons of friendships.
Everybody's a friend.

We've, uh, been through some
really strange, wild times

together, and everybody's kind
of keeping an open mind about

the situation.
And we do come together more

than... than I thought we did,
so it's hard not to become

friends with people.
>> PROBST: Let's talk about

yesterday's challenge.
I'm still a little confused.

A very physical challenge, the
first challenge we've had like

that, and you sit out Rupert and
Burton, two of your strongest

And they tell me it's rotation

with immunity at stake.
Christa, is that true?

>> Yeah, I think it's only fair.
All of us want to have the

opportunity to participate.
I mean, we only get the chance

one in a lifetime to be out

>> PROBST: Is there a
double-edged sword, Burton, to

being a very successful tribe?
The good news is you're not

losing anybody.
The bad news is you can't get

rid of anybody.
>> That's true.

It is great to win everything
because you avoid immunity,

but at the same time you have
absolutely no control over the

game itself.
At some point that can come back

to haunt you because if you
wanted to send someone home,

you wouldn't have the
opportunity to.

>> PROBST: Jon, self-proclaimed
"good strategist," what are you

basing your vote on tonight?
>> Um, by whatever the

astrological signs tell me.
>> PROBST: Is that a respectful

way to treat somebody that
you've lived with for 12 days?

>> Maybe, maybe not.
We'll find out in a few minutes.

>> PROBST: It is time to vote.
Trish, you're up.

>> (whispers): You're the
biggest threat that we have.

We'll see you, buddy.
>> Christa, this is a tough...

tough game, but I'm making
strategic decisions.

>> Now, can you dig that,

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: Once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...

One vote Burton, one vote


That's two votes Christa.

Two votes Burton, two votes

That's three votes Burton,

two votes Christa.
First member of the Drake Tribe

voted out...

That's four votes.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.
Last vote will remain a mystery.

Burton, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

Well, there was a lot of talk
tonight about one big happy

It should be interesting back at

Grab your torches.

You can head back.
Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

A voting betrayal is exposed.
>> I know what Shawn wrote on

his card.
>> My card said "Burton."

>> PROBST: With Rupert at
Morgan, Drake worries.

>> My concern with Rupert
is that he's giving away too

much information about us and
not realizing it.

>> PROBST: And things are
looking up for Morgan.

>> Probably the smartest thing
this tribe ever did was get a

hold of Rupert.
>> I'm, uh, disappointed beyond

what words could explain.
But, being a strategic player

and knowing the threat that I
posed in my tribe, I probably

would've done what the majority
ended up doing.

It's going to be a lot harder
without me.

Uh, challenges are not going to
be guaranteed as they were when

I was involved.
Good luck to those left, and

I'll see you on the other side.