Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - To Quit or Not to Quit - full transcript

The Morgan tribe has trouble sleeping as the cold nights have taken their toll on the contestants.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Deep in the Pearl Islands,

16 Americans were surprised
by an all-new beginning

to the game.
You're going into this game with

nothing but the clothes you
have on your backs, just like

if you really were shipwrecked.
Split into two tribes,

Morgan and Drake,
they were given

100 Panamanian dollars
and a chance to barter

for supplies.
>> How much?

>> PROBST: The Morgan Tribe
scattered and argued with

the locals.
>> Give me my money back.

I don't want it.
>> PROBST: The Drakes fared

better with the help of
Sandra, who spoke Spanish...

>> Aquel me dijo dos Balboa.
>> PROBST: ...and Rupert,

who pirated Morgan's shoes.
>> Pirates pillage.

>> PROBST: With their new
supplies, the tribes set out

for their separate islands.
At their camp, the Morgans

continued to struggle,
this time with shelter

and water.
>> They say we'll go later

for the water.
Personally, we need to do it

>> PROBST: At Drake,

Burton caught the first fish,
but Rupert showed him up

by bringing in a bounty.
>> I'm coming out here

to be the caretaker
and I think I'm doing it.

>> PROBST: At the first
immunity challenge...

Survivors ready?
Go! was a close race
at the finish,

but the Drakes
pulled off a narrow victory.

Drake wins immunity!
The Morgan Tribe blamed

their loss on skinny Ryan.
>> That sucked.

Skinny Ryan, he just hasn't
been pulling his weight at camp

or at the challenge.
>> PROBST: And Tijuana got wind

of Nicole's last-minute

>> You're not listening.
He told me, so I came

directly to you.
>> PROBST: At their first

tribal council, Nicole's
troublemaking caused her to be

the first person
voted out of the Pearl Islands.

Nicole, the tribe
has spoken.

15 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

>> When it comes time for night,
it's breaking us down.

Um, it's breaking me down,
I know.

It's very hard to not be able
to sleep.

It's very hard
to freeze every night.

And there's nothing you can do
about it.

The wind is coming...
you don't have any control.

It's beating all of us up.
It's freezing out here.

>> We need to... we need to get
a strong enough fire

that we'll be able
to get some heat.

I mean, I'm not expecting it
to be any Holiday Inn.

I mean, clearly not.
Just shivering every night,

that, that, uh...
that gets me.

And I know it's... to me,
it seems like it's only

a matter of time
before, you know,

something like pneumonia
or something like that

could settle in.
'Cause, I don't have

any clothes.
>> ( sighs ): Good night.

>> Good night.
>> Come on.

What's going on here?
( laughing )

A springboard for my head.
>> One of my biggest concerns

has been sleep deprivation.
We had one to two hours total

in three nights.
And, uh, you know, if we

don't solve that problem,
people are going

to start hallucinating.
>> Last night, I don't...

I don't even remember sleeping.
You know, I think I'm going

to be able to go.
Once I get a few bottles

of water in me
and a little bit of food,

I should be fine.
But I got to find a plan

for me, 'cause this isn't
working for me.

I'm going to try and come up
with a backup plan.

>> Skinny Ryan, his best day
doesn't equate to what I can do

on my worst day.
That's no knock on him.

It's just, physically,
he just has nothing to offer.

He just doesn't have
what it takes to...

to get it done.
>> Last night was 1,000 times

better than the night before.
>> As far as sleep goes?

>> As far as my whole
state of mind.

>> Yeah.
>> I am loving life

and loving this place
and loving the position I'm in.

I am in paradise.
What more do I want?

I'm living in a bounty of food.
I've got beautiful souls

around me.
>> You're doing a great job.

>> Oh, you are, too.
And I've got some help

being strong.
People are not

truly lazy per se.
People are having a hard time

in paradise.
( laughing )

>> Just jackass.
Did you not learn

how much is in
a coconut by now?

>> There's still a lot
in there, but maybe it's like,

uh, coconut oil.
Maybe it's like suntan lotion.

>> I love being in the middle
of a gigantic fish tank.

I love being able to go out
and, in a couple of hours,

bring a sack of fish home.
>> Okay, Burton...

bring a sack of fish home.
>> Okay, Burton...

>> Yo.
>> When it came back

today, it was... it was kind
of loose.

>> Yeah, I tightened it.
And when I was

spear-fishing yesterday, this
thing fell all the way off.

>> Oh, really?
>> Make sure that's always

tight, and when you're fishing,
check that and make sure

that's tight.
If we lose that...

>> I try to check in between.
>> ...we got no tools

to tighten it with.
>> Yeah.

It's more of a pain in the ass
for me to give him my spear

and worry about it being lost
or being, you know, broken

or whatever where I...
then I will be in trouble

because that's my food.
I need to eat meat.

>> That's pretty good, huh?
>> Man...

>> ( sighs ): I don't know if
I can eat anymore.

This is great.
>> Guys, that is yummy.

>> I'm full.
>> Tree mail, tree mail.

What, what?
The tree mail.

Ah, tree mail.
Oh, we just got some tree mail.

It's a big one for us.
And a super big one for me.

There may not be more pressure
for any survivor

in the history of Survivor to do
well at a challenge than me.

"Stormy weather,
ran ships aground

Most fortunes were lost,
A few, they were found

Salvage the quickest,
silver and gold,

You'll then be rewarded
like pirates of old."

( cheering )
>> There's all this talk

about how I didn't give 100%
in the last challenge.

And what really sucks is,
I gave more than 100%.

So now, I've got to come up
with some kind of extra,

extra strength that I may...
may not even have harnessed away

in this poor little body.
>> PROBST: Come on in, Drake.

Take a spot on your mat.
Morgan, come on in.

Drake, getting your first look
at the new Morgan Tribe,

minus Nicole, voted out
at the first Tribal Council.

You ready for today's challenge?

>> Yeah.
>> Yeah.

>> Big time.
>> PROBST: It is for a reward

and here's how it works.
Scattered along

the ocean floor,
marked by floating buoys,

are five treasure items.
One at a time,

a member from each tribe's
going to swim out,

dive down and retrieve an item.
There is also a treasure chest

on the ocean floor.
Once your tribe has all five

items in that chest,
and the fifth person

is back here at the start,
your entire tribe will then race

out, return the treasure chest.
First tribe to get

their treasure chest up
on the platform wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

>> Yeah.
>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: It's two parts.

There's a shovel and a key.
These are yours to keep.

>> Yes!
>> All right!

>> This is nice.
>> PROBST: Buried on each

of your islands somewhere
is a treasure chest

with enough bounty to last you
for a long, long time.

The reward for today's
challenge: first clue,

piece of the map that will lead
you to your treasure chest.

This is the first
of three clues.

The winning tribe will also get
to loot, that is steal,

one item
from the other tribe's camp.

This will apply to all future
tribal reward challenges.

So you have something extra
to play for now.

Ready to get this going?
>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, Drake,
because you have one extra

member, you're sitting somebody
out-- who's sitting out?

Sandra, take a seat
on the bench.

Guys, take your spot,
wait for my "Go."

You guys ready?
For reward, survivors ready?

( cheering )

>> Come on, Ryan!
>> Come on, Ryan.

( cheering )
>> Come on, Ryan.

>> Come on, Ryan!
>> PROBST: Drake with an early

big lead.
>> Go! Go!

( all shouting )
>> Why doesn't he tag out?

>> Come on, Ryan!
>> Come on, Ryan!

( cheering )
Come on, Ryan!

>> PROBST: Ryan!
You can bring the item

back and tag out!
( yelling )

You got to take the goblet,
put it in the chest,

then get your item.
Ryno decides

to not take the mask.
Drake with two items,

Morgan still trying to get
their first one in the chest.

>> Go, Rupert!
>> PROBST: Drake with three

Christa heading for the fourth.

Morgan with one.
>> Come on, Ryno!

>> PROBST: Christa with another
item for Drake.

>> Okay, I got it.
>> Yes, Chris, yes!

>> All right! Let's go!
>> Come on, Morgan!

>> PROBST: Drake needs one more

Burton, you're going to get
the bowl to put it in.

The bowl is your last item.
Ryno's worn out, passing off

the pearls to Lill.
>> PROBST: All seven, go get the

the pearls to Lill.
>> PROBST: All seven, go get the

Lock it up and bring it back.

Morgan's still working on
their third item.

>> That's it, Lill, come on.
>> All right, let's go get it.


>> PROBST: Andrew is heading out
to get another item for Morgan.

>> One, two, go!
( grunting )

>> One, two, go!
( grunting )

>> Wait, wait, wait.
( yelling )

>> PROBST: Open it up.
Let's see your items.

You need all five.
Drake wins reward!

( cheering )
>> Whoo, baby!

( cheering )
>> One, two, three,

>> PROBST: Drake, great

teamwork-- you guys worked
together, you had a great plan,

you didn't give up.
Here's the first clue

to your buried treasure chest.
You'll both head back to camp,

then Drake, you will decide
which member's going

to give Morgan a visit.
And you can help yourself

to one item from their camp.
( cheering )

>> ( chanting ): Drake! Drake!
Drake! Drake!

( chanting continues )
>> I'm guessing this

( chanting continues )
>> I'm guessing this

is a third of the map.
>> What's the back say?

>> "There's a treasure buried,
so be on your way.

Make sure you leave
at the right time of day.

You'll be heading east,
travel by land,

and don't plan to stop
when you run out of sand."

>> So, when they say,
"run out of sand,"

they're talking about right
there where it turns to rock.

>> It's really exciting
knowing that there's

treasure out there.
We're just...

our hands are tied right now
'cause it's high tide

and we can't do anything.
But as soon as it's low tide,

we're going to go out there
because who knows

what could be in there.
And I'm sure, whatever it is,

it could be beneficial.
>> We need to figure out who's

going to the camp to take
their stuff.

>> Well, I don't know if
anyone else is in agreeance,

but if I could think of
one thing we don't have...

We need a water jug
like the one that we ruined,

because if we could
fill that thing up...

>> Also something to keep
in mind, though, if...

if they have more
than one water jug

and if all they have is a tarp,
it would be good to hurt them

by taking their tarp.
>> Honestly, we don't

need to hurt them.
>> You can live by being wet.

>> We don't need to hurt them.
>> I'd let Sandra go.

Okay, cool.
>> Sandra, I'm for it.

>> Good.
>> No matter who goes,

if you're a nice person or not,
if you had another tribe member

come up to your camp
and take something of yours,

you wouldn't like them either.
I was happy that she went

rather than myself.
>> Pirate good, baby.

Pirate good.
>> Oh, my God!

I can't breathe.
( laughs )

>> They kicked our butts today.
And one of the reasons

it hurts so much
is because we did so miserably.

We are at a subsistence level
right now.

I mean, we're just getting by.
So, when some little punk from

Drake comes by here to take
one of our items, it doesn't

sound like a big deal.
But when you're living this,

it's huge.
>> What if the little

motormouth from Drake
says he wants our tarp?

>> Hell, no.
Are you-- oh.

There is no ifs, ands or buts
about it-- he takes that tarp,

I'm going home.
I'm not lying.

( laughing )
>> So, how y'all doing?

( laughing )
>> So, how y'all doing?

Are you the ambassador
of the Morgan Tribe?

>> I'm the goober
of the Morgan Tribe.

>> Why do you say that?
I'm Sandra.

>> I'm Ryan.
Good job today.

>> You guys doing okay?
>> We're doing good.

How are you?
>> I'm Sandra.

>> Congratulations today.
>> Sander?

>> Sandra.
>> Sandra, Andrew.

>> Ryan.
>> Nice to meet you.

This is nice.
>> How does it compare

to your camp?
>> Ours is nice, too.

When I arrived at...
at the Morgan Tribe,

I could not believe
that they...

they just didn't have anything.
It's unbelievable.

I don't know how
they're getting through.

We managed to buy
a lot of stuff

at the village.
I mean, we bought tons

of stuff at the village.

So, there's more stuff.
Where's the rest of it?

And so I looked around
and I went looking

for the water jug.
Where the ...

is the water jug?
Well, they had no water jug.

So I said, "Wait a minute."
>> Did you make a decision yet?

>> Yeah.
I want that baby up there.

The tarp.
>> Okay, you're going to have

to take it down yourself, right?
>> Yep.

>> I have to take it
down myself?

>> Absolutely.
>> Okay.

>> Go ahead.
>> Damn, I didn't think

I'd come out here to work.
>> She's going to ruin it.

I'm going to lay it
nice and neat

so you guys can fix it back up.
I'll be done in a minute and

I'll be out of you guys's hair.
In order for me

to get the tarp,
I had to destroy

their whole shelter,
which I started feeling bad

until they started
running their mouths.

Can I use one of the knives?
>> No.

>> These are our knives.
>> I go to a grab a knife

and the black girl's like,
"No, no, no, no, no.

"You're not going
to use our knife

and you better not
cut our rope."

So I was like, "Okay.

I'm taking the tarp down."
>> Do what yoygot to do.

>> Not a problem.
>> Don't wreck the shelter,

>> No, no, no.

Hey, I got to do
what I got to do,

>> No, not necessarily.

>> Wrapped around...
look, there we go.

It's not that bad.
It's all good.

But look, it's coming
apart fairly easy.

>> Sandra came over
and she was just...

I don't know.
That whole tribe is just...

is a bunch of ( bleep ).
I didn't do

any unnecessary harm.
You guys will have this up

in no time, I'm sure.
>> She acted like she was nice

about taking the tarp.
But I think she was a little bit

too snatchy about it
and tore it down

kind of on purpose.
>> You don't know how good you

have it until you see others.
Well, you guys sleep tight.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.
And, uh, no hard feelings

and I'll see you guys tomorrow,
okay? Take care.

>> Bye-bye.
She's such a bitch.

>> Andrew... it's getting dark.
>> I know.

>> Let's...
( thunder rumbling )

>> We all need to get
in the shelter.

>> But I'm going to help
with the shelter.

We're gonna get this
all done first.

>> We'll have time
to talk after that.

>> All right, we're going
to get this all done first.

>> Everyone was devastated
by the loss of our tarp

and Osten was
throwing in the towel.

He was finished.
He was ready to walk off.

We need people around
that are on the ups,

that are digging this game.
And this is great stuff.

We don't need people
just walking around,

"I don't... I want to go home,"
you know.

It's a real morale-killer
for the tribe.

>> Well, let's look at
the reality here.

There's so many things
and aspects to the game.

When it comes down
to it, it's mental.

>> I'm in here in shorts, and
it's gonna be raining and cold.

I'm gonna get sick,
and I could

potentially get pneumonia;
I've gotten it before.

I'm just not gonna...
I just don't feel

that-that I need that.
>> Yeah, but you're saying

you-you may be.
You don't know.

>> I will be at the end of
this, tonight.

>> Osten had mentioned to me
that he was potentially thinking

about quitting.
And I just wanted to talk

to him in a calm fashion
and truly understand

and then give him
my personal opinion.

My opinion is that
you're giving up.

You would be a loss,
not only for us,

but for me.
We're here in this together.

I'm just asking you
just to try, at least.

>> All right.
>> And that means

being here tonight
throughout the

whole night.
>> All right.

I'm gonna let that
marinate a little bit.

>> I think I'm done now.
I've made my peace;

I've said what I needed to say.
It's up to him,

what he wants to do.
Only he knows

what's best for him.
>> It's impossible.

what's best for him.
>> It's impossible.

You can't even swim out there.
>> Really?

You see anything cool?
>> Went fishing,

to catch some fish, and I was
out there in the, um,

heavy tides and the currents.
Shot the spear, and, um,

the tip winded up coming off
and, um,

either got lodged under a rock
or is swirling around somewhere

in the tide.
But I just couldn't swim

so I had to come back in

and break the news.
Yeah, we have a problem.

>> What's wrong?
>> This. My spear is dead.

Where is the spear?
You didn't even get it?

It'll go to the bottom.
>> I looked all over.

The tide's so hard,
it keeps whipping me

back out to sea.
>> The current was so strong,

and it was throwing him
into the rocks, and...

Now, remember this is
in our little inlet

where it's a bathtub.
He couldn't find the spearhead.

He gives up.
That's why I wanted...

that's why I was...
>> I kept tightening it, too.

I wanted to be the
only one that did that.

You lost my bag and
you killed my spear.

>> And I didn't do it
on purpose.

>> I know. I know.
Can I be mad?

>> Yes, you can be mad.
But do you want to come

help me find it?
>> That is gonna ... us.

>> I know.
>> That right there

is gonna ... us.
>> I know.

Trust me, I know.
That's why I've been looking

for the last hour.
I had a little mishap, and

I lost the tip of the spear.
When I confronted Rupert,

he kind of freaked out a little
because he, you know,

he got attached to that as well.
That became his little thing,

you know, catching fish.
And I was pretty upset about it

because, you know,
I do care about

what others think, of course,
and I know how

certain people feel.
>> That is our meat.

That is our best meat source.
>> Well, can we just

make a pact, then,
not for Shawn to go

fishing with the spear?
>> Oh...!

>> No, I mean, I don't know
how to go spearfishing.

If you would try, you know,
like everyone else,

then, you know, it's a chance
you're gonna lose something.

I mean, you know?
It's try or not try.

>> Shawn is the biggest puss I
have ever met in my entire life.

>> But I say, as a tribe, we go
out there and try and find it.

>> Absolutely.
>> I mean, I don't mind

going back out by myself.
>> That is more...

That is as important to me
as that damn treasure chest.

My spear is gone,
the head is gone.

There's no more meat.
There's no more meat.

They're talking about
tying the damn fork off to it.

He could not even tell me
where he lost it at.

So I go out and I start
doing a grid pattern.

I start from the trees, start
from where I know he wasn't,

and on my grid pattern,
I'd do about a size

of a football field.
You're looking

at a general area
that's five or six

football fields.
>> Yes!

football fields.
>> Yes!

>> Where was it?
>> In the ocean!

>> Where in the ocean?
( laughing )

>> I am so happy.

I feel better.

I stopped yelling and screaming
at him and cussing at him

and calling him bad names.
Do they know we found it?

>> I think they heard you yell
and they assumed.

( laughing )
They assume you did,

but I had to come and confirm.
>> I know finding that spear

made him feel better.
If we hadn't have

found the spear,
he, for sure, would have been

done, done, done.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys doing all right?

>> Yep.
>> Great!

>> Doing good.
>> PROBST: First things first.

Let me ask about the looting--
who ended up going over

from Drake?
>> I went over.

>> PROBST: How'd it feel to be a

>> It felt good to be a pirate.
>> PROBST: Just remember,

payback can be painful.
Okay, give me back

the Immunity Idol.
Immunity, back up for grabs.

Win immunity, your tribe is safe
from Tribal Council

for another three days.
For today's challenge,

three tribe members
from each tribe

will become prisoners
for the other tribe.

One person will have
their hands tied.

They will be on a raft
leaning against a pole.

The other two will be
draped across the raft--

their hands will be tied.
Using a rope-and-pulley system,

the other four members
from the opposing tribe

will pull as fast as they can,
taking you out to sea.

Meanwhile, the guy on the raft
is untying his hands

as quickly as he can.
Once he's untied himself,

he can then untie
the other two tribe members

who are draped across the raft.
When you're all three untied,

you swim
back to shore,

bringing with you
two ropes and the bamboo chute

which is tied to your raft.
Inside that bamboo chute

are compass points.
Go inside the compass ring.

You'll use the compass points
and your two ropes.

Where the ropes intersect
is a tribe flag.

Dig down, get it up
and get it in its sleeve.

The first tribe
to raise their tribe flag

and have all members with a hand
on the flag wins immunity.

Drake, you're sitting somebody
out-- esterday it was Sandra;

today it's Christa.
Everybody else strategize,

wait for my "go."
All right, the prisoners

for the Drake Tribe,
Rupert, Michelle and Trish,

will be pulled out to sea
by the Morgan Tribe.

Andrew, Ryno and Darrah,
you'll be pulled out

by the Drake Tribe--
immunity at stake.

Survivors ready?
>> Ready.

>> PROBST: Go!
>> Let's go, let's go.

>> PROBST: It's a race to see
who can get untied first

and back to shore.
>> PROBST: That a way to pull,

and back to shore.
>> PROBST: That a way to pull,

Andrew and Rupert

are both untied.
They're trying to untie

their teammates.
It's gonna be a race

back to shore.
Keep pulling.

>> Keep going, guys.
>> Here's mine.

>> PROBST: Andrew's got
everybody done-- he's going for

the bamboo chute.
>> Pull! Pull!

>> PROBST: Andrew trying to
untie the clue.

Rupert has his clue.
Both tribe members are free.

Morgan swimming in.
Bring your ropes.

Morgan swimming in.
>> Go!

>> Let's go!
You guys are doing it!

You guys are doing it!
Let's go!

>> PROBST: Morgan comes ashore
with a huge lead.

All right, give me
the coordinates.

>> PROBST: Go!
Start solving it.

Get in the ring.
>> Let's go!

Come on, run, run!
You guys got it!

Good job!
>> Nobody panic.

>> PROBST: Everybody's got
to get here first.

>> Come on!
>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: That a way, be

Morgan struggling to
get their coordinates open.

>> Get to your coordinates.
>> You got it.

Morgan still trying to get
their clue open.

Drake has their
first coordinate.

>> Down here.
Northwest to east.

>> Northwest south.
>> PROBST: Morgan finally has

their clue open.
Find the intersect!

Start digging!

>> Get out of the way.
Get out of the way.

>> PROBST: Don't quit.
Dig deep.

>> Let's go, guys.
Let's go!

>> PROBST: Drake has their flag

>> Pick it up!
Come on, you guys!

>> Here we go!
>> Plug it in!

( cheering )
>> PROBST: Drake wins immunity!

>> Yeah!
( cheering, shouting )

>> Oh, yeah!
>> PROBST: Great effort.

Drake, once again,
immunity going back to camp.

( cheering )
>> Okay, guys, touch it.

Touch it.
>> PROBST: Next time I see you

guys will be at Tribal Council.
You can head back to camp.

See you in a while.
>> We lost immunity challenge

See you in a while.
>> We lost immunity challenge

Tribal Council tonight.

Tribe's pretty devastated,

Of course,
the critical decision tonight

is who's going to go?
Who's leaving the Morgan Tribe?

( thunder rumbling )
>> At first,

( thunder rumbling )
>> At first,

when Osten told me that
he wanted to quit,

I was really shocked.
But then,

the more I thought about it,
the more it made sense.

This is a game where you've got
to have your whole heart

into this and it just doesn't
seem like he's got it.

It's only day six.
>> What's happening?

>> It's between
Skinny Ryan and me.

>> Huh?
If you're gone, we got no hope.

If you think
about Osten's strength,

his physical strength is huge.
We can't compete with,

you know, Grizzly Adams,
and those other two horses.

Without Osten?
It's impossible.

I mean, it's
clear over here.

The clouds are
going this way.

>> Enough's enough.
Feel like...

sleep out in the cold
just until I get pneumonia?

Just to win a million dollars?
And, if I don't win it,

then I got fluid in my lungs,
potentially, blood in my lungs.

It doesn't matter who you are.
You have no control

over your body.
If your body wants to make

you stop, you're stopping.
>> You know what?

Osten didn't win,
so he wants to quit.

How fair is that?
Osten's excuse was

his body was giving out.
I saw him on the beach.

He's running up and down,
throwing coconuts,

lifting logs, playing.
There's nothing wrong

with his body.
That's a piss-poor

attitude, isn't it?
>> Uh-huh.

>> He just got beat,
and he couldn't take being beat.

>> Did Osten come to you
and talk to you?

>> He came up to me and asked
me, face-to-face,

"Would you please vote
for me tonight?"

>> He told you that tonight?
>> Yeah.

Like, I'd say, less
than 30 minutes ago.

>> I was personally upset
and disappointed with Osten

for quitting.
I just can't understand.

I just can't fathom it.
>> You mean, vote myself off?

I thought about it, yeah,
but I don't know yet.

>> He has what it takes,
in my opinion.

That's what pisses me off.
It's because I care about him.

How can you cut yourself short?
You know, you got here.

When it comes down to it,
if that's the decision

that he makes, then it is
his heart that's not here.

And if that's the case,
he would have to go.

>> PROBST: Here we go again.
I know you guys don't

want to be back here.
So, Andrew, what are

the camp issues right now?
>> Still sleeping, Jeff.

The floor of our
shelter is still

not as comfortable
as it needs to be.

We had to rebuild
the whole roof because

Sandra from the Drake Tribe
came and, uh...

took our tarp,
which was our whole roof.

>> PROBST: But Sandra took
the tarp yesterday.

So what did you do for the
first five days? Ryan?

I mean, what's going on?
This is the second time

at Tribal Council
we've talked about sleep issues.

>> Uh, I... I think we're
kind of hurting in focus.

I don't think we've
ever actually sat down,

come up with an agenda, and
actually followed it through.

I think there needs to be more
teamwork, more unification.

>> PROBST: So Andrew, when...
when you look at this tribe,

they sort of appointed
you the leader.

You know, they sacrifice leaders
in some cultures that are as

decimated as this tribe is.
When is this going to change?

Because it isn't going
to get any easier out here.

>> Yeah, I know.
It's going to change tomorrow.

We're going to--
first thing in the morning--

finish the floor
to where we get a solid sleep.

No more sleep deprivation,

mentally shutting down--
all that stuff.

And we're just going
to take care of it tomorrow.

Enough is enough.
>> PROBST: Lill, as

a lifelong scoutmaster,
assess this tribe.

If this was your
pack of Boy Scouts,

how do they rank?
I would give them an A+

for spirit.
You have to understand,

the last two challenges, we were
this close to winning.

I don't think,
if the spirit's not there...

>> PROBST: Whoa. Wait a second.
The reward challenge, you guys

would still be out there.
So you weren't close to winning.

Assess the tribe.
You guys, you aren't sleeping,

you've lost every
challenge so far.

Give me some truth here
about the tribe.

There's a problem somewhere.
Where is it,

from your point of view?
>> The only thing that I think

that we ought to be doing
is maybe fishing a little more.

>> PROBST: That's all you see?
Anybody here want

to own up to the fact
that they're a little...

they're a little on edge about
being out here?

>> Listen, I ain't going
to lie to you.

Normally, under
normal circumstances,

I would not be here.
Absolutely not.

>> PROBST: So, once Survivor is
over, however long

you last, you won't anytime soon
be going on another trek?

>> Absolutely not.
No. No doubt about it.

>> PROBST: Again, you have
to vote somebody

out tonight.
It's a big vote.

You can't continue
to lose tribe members.

So, Lill, what do you base
the vote on tonight?

I would base my vote on who has,
uh... contributed

to the troop--
I'm sorry-- to the tribe,

whether or not
they have accepted

defeat, or did they just
give up and say,

"This isn't for me."
That would be what my...

my vote would be for.
>> PROBST: Andrew, how

about for you?
It's tough.

What's your vote going
to be based on?

>> I look for the weakest link.
And I... I don't

care if you're 100 pounds.
I don't care

if you're 250 pounds.
Who's bringing the tribe down?

Who's not laying it all
on the line

and willing to just go crazy
to get it done

to further the tribe.
That's my analysis, and that's

how I'm voting tonight.
>> PROBST: Ryan, how

about for you?
>> Uh... normally, I would go

for, uh... whatever
the weakest person, uh...

But, uh... a person

came up to me today and, uh...
told me that they...

they were ready to go,
so that's probably

what I'm going to base mine on.
>> PROBST: So somebody came to

you today and said they're ready
to go, meaning they want

out of the game?
>> Right.

You going to tell me
who that is?

>> Of course not.
>> PROBST: We'll see how it

plays out.
It is time to vote.

Andrew, you're first.
>> Osten, I think you're great,

Andrew, you're first.
>> Osten, I think you're great,

but you gave up on us.
You're the one

who's saying, "My big burly body
has shut down."

I don't believe
it was because of your body.

So I'm voting for you tonight.
>> Ryan, you're a great kid.

So I'm voting for you tonight.
>> Ryan, you're a great kid.

You got a bunch of heart.
You just don't have

the strength for this game,
and I'll see you

when I'm out of here.
>> You would have never

when I'm out of here.
>> You would have never

gotten this vote if you hadn't
asked me to.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: Once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council
area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote:

Skinny Ryan.

Two votes Osten.

One vote Ryan.

That's two votes Ryan,
two votes Osten.

Three votes Ryan,
two votes Osten.

The second member voted out
of the Morgan Tribe,

Skinny Ryan.
That's four votes.

That's enough.
Last vote will remain a mystery.

You need to bring me your torch.
Ryan, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.
>> PROBST: You can head back to

It's time for you to go.
>> PROBST: You can head back to

camp-- good night.
>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

camp-- good night.
>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.
Next time on Survivor:

>> Osten? He quit.
>> There's a big difference

between quitting
and pulling the trigger.

>> PROBST: At Drake, the hunt is

>> I want to find that treasure
so bad.

>> PROBST: And there's trouble
in paradise.

>> You know what?
I can get loud, too!

What the...?!
I can get loud, too!

>> I don't want to...
argue with you!

>> Screw Jon. He's an ass.
>> I think I lost

this game in the, uh...
first five minutes

I was out here,
'cause I didn't make friends

with the right people.
It was really hard

turning things around.
I wish I would

have just gone and just tried to
be friends with everybody.

I'm upset that the
ride's already over.

This is a game I
know inside and out.

I would have to say that I'm
kind of disappointed in myself

and I'm not sure I gave it 100%.
Sorry if I let anybody down.