Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - The Chain - full transcript

The castaways received Tree Mail, along with blow guns, spears and bow and arrows. They were instructed to practice for the reward challenge. Alex won the reward. He chose Jenna to join him on the reward. While Alex and Jenna enjo...

Previously on Survivor...

Jacaré was worried about
Matthew's bizarre behavior.

I promise I won't harm anyone.

I don't like
the sight of blood.

Why does he need
the machete so sharp?

I think he's gonna kill us.

PROBST: So Rob pretended to form
an alliance with Matthew

for his own protection.

I am taking my life
into my hands

with the amount of lies
that I'm telling him.

But Rob's true alliance

with Alex, Jenna,
Deena and Heidi

was targeting Dave.

I've had an ax to grind
with Dave for so long.

He's a show-off, he's arrogant.

I can't take any more.

Dave's got to go.

He's a threat.

PROBST: And when Dave won
a muddy reward challenge...

Dave wins reward.

...he chose to share it
with Deena to plead his case.

I'm just trying
to salvage myself

to stick around
as long as possible.

I know.

I'll see what I can do.

But the immunity challenge

showed the tribe where
they stood with each other.


Dave and Matthew
were the first eliminated.

Welcome to the morgue.

And it was Jenna
who took home immunity.


Nice job, Jenna.

At Tribal Council, Jacaré's
decision was unanimous.

The eighth person voted out and
the first member of our jury:


The tribe has spoken.

Eight remain.

Who will be voted out tonight?


This is what I had to come

over here to talk to you about.

I am privy
to some information that

there are some females
with this tribe that are

somewhat unhappy
with the leadership role

that Deena has assumed.

Every morning, I give Matt

a debriefing
of the wild-goose chases

I want him to work on for the
day, just to keep his mind busy,

so he doesn't really
have any chance

to figure out
what's actually going on.

This is very
highly confidential.

Deena was saying that you are
the biggest threat.

Right. I would assume that.

I mean, people thought
I was the biggest threat

on, like, day two.

Yeah, that's true.

ROB: I've been really
filling Matt's head

with a lot of crazy stuff,

and I've been telling him
about how the men are gonna

vote off all the women

and that we need Butch's help.

So, Matt is off on a bunch
of wild-goose chases.

Because you're the person
I trust most in this tribe.

Okay, good.

Butch-- I pulled Butch in

because I think that
he's a, he's a good guy.

Butch is on, seriously,
on a need-to-know basis.

All right, let's-let's go back
before anybody misses us.

You go first.
I'll go to the bathroom.

All right.

You go that way
and I'll go the other way.

We gotta be...
we gotta be a chain.

A what?

Chain like a chain-link.

It's a chain,

and I'm Butch's link
to what's happening.

I've told him that
I will decide when we speak,

I will initiate
all communication.

I'll decide
how much information he gets.

I am his lifeline.

No one hears anything about our
conversations; they don't exist.

We don't talk about anything.

No, we don't
talk about anything.

And I initiate
all communication.

You initiate all communication.

I guess it's like a chain.

You got your big chain,
big four together,

and then you want to be
one of those links.

And you want to be
that, uh, seventh link,

then maybe sixth,
then maybe five,

and then maybe...
there may be a break

and you can jump in there
and grab on.

And that's what you want
to be able to do.

Okay, that's it.

No more talk.

It's funny because it's like,

I tell him what to do,
and then he feels like--

then he goes
and tells Butch what to do.

-Then it's like,

Butch is like--
it's like he's the operative.

And he's like, he's like,
"I told Butch, I said,

Butch, you're on
a need-to-know basis."


The fact of the matter
is that Matt is

who the group would like to
vote out next because we think

that he's mentally unstable,

and we're afraid
that he may kill us.

So, uh, we're trying
not to let him know

he's gonna be voted out.

We need to be very cautious

that he does not feel threatened
or he does not

feel like he needs to kill us,
any of us.

Is Matthew a physical threat?

Yeah, to my safety.


Treemail, treemail,
here we come.

-Oh, no!
-Oh, no.

"Practice, practice, practice,
Don't compete in haste,

Smell the aroma of victory,
Get Brazil's most famous taste."


You're right,
"the aroma of victory."

You know who's gonna win?

-JENNA: Alex.
-I would say Matt.

Oh, Matt. Absolutely.

"Smell the aroma of victory."

I don't know
how good an idea this is,

to give us a bow and arrow.

What you got there?

Bows and arrows.

Matt's gonna orgasm with this.

Think these are blow darts, too.

That's good.

MATTHEW: Everyone took
one of the weapons for a spin.

You know, everyone took
a couple shots with the arrows,

couple throws with the spear

and blew a couple darts.

Not bad.

ROB: Coming into this game, the
only spears I knew about were

Britney and broccoli
and asparagus.

Harder than that.

Do I need to, like,
totally put my mouth around it?

Yeah, I think so.

Very good.

Matt, I really-- I think
you got this one in the bag.

Not necessarily.

What do you think?

I think, I think
you're 100% right.

If I was in your situation,

I'd be thinking the same,
the same way.

Matt came to me and said,

"I'm not gonna
try my hardest today

because I don't want people to
think I'm a physical threat."

And I said,
"Matt, I think you're finally

starting to understand
this game."

You are, you are
figuring this game out.

Good. I'm learning, man.

Ow, that one hit my hand.

You okay?

Come on down, guys.

Everybody good?

Today's reward challenge is

going to test your proficiency
using three weapons,

all indigenous to the Amazon.

For the first round,
all eight will participate.

You'll shoot blow darts.

The four people with
the highest score will move

to the second round,
where you will throw spears.

The top two finishers
from that round

will move on
to the final round,

where you will
shoot a bow and arrow.

Person closest to the bull's-eye
wins reward.

-Want to know what your
playing for? -Yeah. -Mm-hmm.

Well, one of the things

that Brazil is best known for
is its coffee.

So we have constructed,
for the winner

of today's challenge,
your own Survivor coffee bar.

Have a little sampling here.

-Oh, my...

So, I'll let you guys
divvy this up.

Little piece of croissant there.

Heidi, you take it and
figure out what to do with it.

Everyone take a little bit.

Worth playing for?

-I think so.
-Yes. -Mm-hmm.

Okay, we'll draw numbers to
determine the order in which

you shoot your blow darts
and we'll get started.

All right, first round:
Christy, you're up first.

Let's go, Christy.

There we go.

-Nice job.

Christy, first on the board
with three.

Top four move on.


Bull's-eye. Ten points.

Nice job.


Loses the glasses.

Let's go, Butch.

Nice shot.

That's clearly a five.


Rob, you look like
you're gonna be good at this.


Not bad. Not bad.

Matthew in the lead
with ten points, Butch at five,

Rob and Christy at three.


Nice and slow, dude.

-Nice shot. Seven.
-Ooh. Good job.

With that, Alex moves
into second place.

Matthew's still in the lead
at ten points.



That's okay.

-Good job.
-Good job, Jenna.

-Thank you, guys.

And five.

Here's our countdown:

Matt has ten, Alex at seven,
Butch and Deena tied at five.

That knocks Jenna out,
along with Christy and Rob.


Gonna take a five
to keep you alive.

-That's not a five.


-Good try. -That's okay.
-Good try, Heidi.

Matt, Alex, Butch and Deena
moving on to round two.

You will throw spears.

The two closest
to the bull's-eye

moves on to the next round.

you drew first this time.

That'll work.

(cheering, shouting)

Wow, that's gonna be
tough to beat.

Deena, you're up.

Take your first shot.
The two closest move on.

(Deena blows a raspberry)

No score for Deena.

That's okay.

-It's all right, D.
-You made it this far.


Did okay with the blow darts,
see how you do with the spear.

That'll work.

Butch on the board.

All right, Alex.

Come on, Alex.

Let's go, Alex.

Gotta get inside the green.


-Yeah, baby! -Good job.
-That'll work.

Alex and Matthew moving on
to the final round.

I'll take it.

Good job, guys.

Let's go, dude.

You and me, baby.

Moving on to
the bow and arrow round.

You guys keep it
here on the bench.

Matt, Alex,
join me in the tower.

Here we go, Matthew.

Take your shot.

Not bad.


This guy is a nincompoop.

Alex, you're going to
have to hit it in the yellow,

red or black to win.

-And he does.

-Alex is drinking coffee.

-Good job, dude.

Good job, buddy. Well done.

-Nice job.
-Thank you.


(cheering, applause)

Oh, yeah!

Alex, congratulations, dude.

Thank you, my brother.

-Good job. Good job.
-Hey, that was good.

-Good competition.
-Guys, come on up.

Matthew, you can join them.

All right, Alex, so we have
this Amazon coffee bar.

-Oh, yeah.
-But of course,

one of the best things about
being in a coffee bar is what?

-Hanging out with somebody.
-Hanging out with your friends.

-Yeah. One friend.

So, Jenna, let's go
have some coffee.

-Jenna gets her wish.
-(Jenna shrieking)

(Alex laughs)

Guys, nice competition.

You can head back to camp.

Let me present to you your home
for the next few hours.

-Wow. -Nice!
-The Amazon Cafe.

-Very nice.
-Very nice.

ALEX: Going to the coffeehouse
was awesome.

It was this cool little
structure out in the,

out in the jungle.

We had a blast.

Guys, here's to surviving

-25 days in the Amazon.
-Thank you.

Right on.

Everything here is yours.

Have a good afternoon.

-Later, guys.
-Thanks, Jeff. See ya.

Oh, my God.



I'm so happy right now.

This is so cool.


That is so good.

This is so nice.

To you, for winning.

Thank you very much.

I couldn't have picked a better
person to spend an afternoon

-in the Amazon with.
-Oh, you are far too kind.

JENNA: I really, really
like Alex, and, uh, it was

really nice to, like, spend
time with him and talk to him.

And I was so excited
because I love to eat,

and me and Alex
are like bottomless pits.

We just stuffed our face.

I'm so thankful.

Oh, so am I.

So am I.


-Catch something, would you?
-I will.


I'm in the mood to do
absolutely friggin' ass nothing.

Reward challenges are great

when you get maybe
a full stomach, whatever.

But it also tells you
who's really here to play.

And unfortunately, it sets

those people up
with a really bad position,

à la Alex.

He clearly came out

as a dominant individual.

And that frightened me.

Hey, Heidi, I'm going to lay it
here all on the line for you.

How important is it for you
to advance in this game?

Totally, with all my heart.

All right, well, you tell me
how well you think

you're going to be able
to advance if-if, uh,

Matt or Alex is in this game.

Matt's not in the picture.

I understand that.

What if Matt wins immunity

I'm talking about
Alex versus Butch.

Who do you have
a better shot against?

Well, definitely against Butch.

So, it seems to me,

if Matt wins immunity,
then Alex has to go.


There you go, dear.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Any special way to drink this?

-We'll just get amped.

Yeah, we're going to be
zinging out of our heads,

and when we come down, like, in
the middle of the night tonight,

we're just going to be, like,
"Oh, my God, I'm gonna die."


Yeah, we could actually, like,
just sit here and not have to

worry about anybody
overhearing our conversations

and just hang out and...

And actually talk about people
without having to run away.


I would've never expected this

when I started this game.


To meet, like, such cool people.


You and Heidi and Rob
are just so much fun.

It's funny 'cause, like,
us four are, like,

like, the bonding crew.


I wonder if Deena knows it.

I don't know
where Deena's at anymore.

I don't, either.

And, like, I-I...

I've been, like,
known her since day one.

-Mm-hmm. -And I don't know
where she's at.

It's hard for her
to get along with us

because she doesn't have the
same-- like, she's very strict.

She's not that much
older than me.

-She's three years older
than me. -But it seems like

-an eternity.
-But she's, like-- Yeah.

She's so different than me.

She just seems to be,
like, trying to, like--

even thinking of, like, another
angle or plot or something.

Yeah. Yeah.

We all have a chance
against one another if it's us.

-We don't have a chance

-if Alex is in this game.

I think that the wisest move
is to get rid of

the equal powerhouse.

ROB: I have a alliance
to the end with Deena.

That is a secret.

The other players,

I don't believe,
have any clue that Deena and I

have been working together
and are so close.

Do you think that Jenna
would agree to that?

Yes. I don't have
a problem with Jenna.

I just need to finesse that.

So I will let you know
when it's,

when it's time to talk to Jenna.

So it was settled.

If Matt won immunity,

Alex had to go.

They're there.

Yeah, they are.


Did you get it stuck?

I either got a bite
or something's caught.

DEENA: I feel as if
we're in control, Rob and I.

Ultimately, I'm in control,
you know, 'cause I always

have a backup plan
after my backup plan fails.

You have to be
thinking 24/7 here,

and it's making my head hurt.

This is getting so interesting.

I'm so full.

Me, too.

I'm not worried about, uh,

I'm not worried about eating
any manioc when I get home.


JENNA: I think I drank
four iced coffees,

and we both had
a cappuccino and then

Alex had one more iced coffee.


That's a lot of coffee
in a short amount of time,

so we-we were buzzing.

Let's eat a lot of manioc.


I'm so hungry.

I know.

Yes, the fun never stops
here in the Amazon.

Hey, how are you guys?

How are you?

Oh, we missed you.

We have an announcement.

Um, first off,

Jenna and I would like to, uh,
say that we're more than willing

to take at least the first two
fire watch shifts 'cause

her four cups of coffee
and my five

pretty much guarantees no sleep
for quite some time.

-Yada, yada, yada.
-But if you could all

just take a seat
over here for a minute.

Um, good thing about being

-at the cafe

is that cookies
can actually travel.

So everybody gets two cookies.

They kind of broke.

That's all we could make,

that's all we could
make it out of there with.

But I wanted to make sure that
there was some for everybody.

Thank you.

-So enjoy them.

Enjoy them, my friends.

I'd just like to say,
for the record,

-that I don't approve of this.


ROB: When Alex and Jenna
came back from

the reward challenge,
they brought back two cookies

for each of us,
which was a very nice gesture

and much appreciated
by the tribe.

But Matt and Butch
were in the boat,

and they didn't know
there were any cookies.

There's, uh, there's
a little bit there

for the two of them to grub on.

Yeah, there's two cookies there.

We could eat all the cookies.

Hey, hey-- ♪ La, la, la,
la, la, la, la... ♪

I was very fair.

ROB: I thought that
we could just eat the cookies

and Matt and Butch
wouldn't know.

I mean, they're really on the
outside looking in, power-wise.

Even if they found out,
what are they going to do?

Oh. Son of a...

Man, I want to catch
some ... damn fish.

BUTCH: Matt and I have been
trying to catch fish.

And we caught 12 fish
the first day we were here.

The next day,
we caught six fish.

We caught one this morning.

We fished for three hours.

It got so hot out there,
we could hardly take it.

Here we go.

Oh, oh.

Dude, he took my bait.

The bastard.

Got something going here.

Got him.

-Got one.
-Bring it in.

Good job, dude.

Got him.


Nice... Nice-size piranha, dude.

Piranhas have real sharp teeth
and they're really long.

I had one on the boat,
and I stabbed him in the head

two times with my knife, had
already cut him all the way up,

and I was getting ready
to turn him over to skin him...

Ow! Got bit.


It hurt.
And that fish was dead.

I don't know, it must have
just saw my finger,

come right around and bit me.

Yeah, that was stupid of me,

but I thought the fish was dead,
and he had one last bite.

How bad?

Eh, he nailed me.

He got me pretty good.

Good news first:
we caught fish.

Bad news:
a few small, puny fish.

-We brought you back
some cookies. -Boo-yah!

-Oh, you guys are the best, man.
-Thank you.

I mean, they kind of
didn't travel well.

Everyone's gotten theirs
except for the two of you.

You got to split this up.

I'm sorry I could not
take you with me, Matt,

but I did promise Jenna.

You know, promises are really
what it's all about.

We'll be right back.
We're gonna go to the bathroom.

ROB: Deena had told Heidi
not to say anything to Jenna

about Deena's plans
to get rid of Alex.

But following

Alex and Jenna's return
from the reward challenge,

Heidi told Jenna everything.

Yes, I do... I don't know...

HEIDI: Alex and Jenna
were my original alliance.

I'm not going to turn
my back on them.

So, I mean,
I just told Jenna about it,

and I knew she'd
speak to Alex about it.

So, wait,
what did Heidi say to you?

Heidi said that
she-she ... turned on us,

so we need
to get her off after Matt.

How did Heidi find this out?

I guess, Deena said something
to her and, like...

JENNA: Deena stabbed us all
in the back

because she's being selfish.

I'm really pissed at her.

She's obviously trouble.

She's starting trouble already.

That doesn't need
to happen around the camp.

We still got two days.

-But I'm-I'm worried about Rob.
-Butch, Butch...

Why would Rob pick her over us?

Because, see, I know
he gave her a word.

ALEX: And so, I grabbed Rob,
and I was, like,

"Rob, dude, what's going on?"

He goes, "What do you mean?"

I was, like,
"So, now, I'm on list?

I'm-- My head's on the block?"

He says, "How do you know that?

That just happened this
afternoon while you were gone."

I was, like,
"Dude, 'cause I'm good.

I know what's going on."

And he was, like, "Yeah.

Deena wants to get rid of
Matt next, and then you."

She wants you done
sooner than later.

Dude, you know what?

Here's-Here's my,
here's my plan then.


In two days, we vote off Matt.

Three days after that,
we keep Christy

and we keep Butch
and we get rid of Deena.

Things have

really gotten interesting
over here at Jacaré.

It's Deena versus Alex,
and both think that

they're calling the shots
in this game.

I feel so retarded right now

because of some spider bite.

Oh, wow.

It's getting bad.

-Can't bend it at all?

-What's the status?
-I don't know.

I mean, it just won't bend now.

Like, I mean, it was such
a sharp pain, I almost lost it.

It started off sore, and it
started turning black and blue.

I am not even able to touch
my knee without extreme pain.

I mean, I literally
cannot bend it.

Your-Your knee is hot from here.

It-It's... pretty much to here.

You want me to carry you over
and put you down over there?

No, no, I'll-I'll walk.

ROB: Heidi has been bitten by
some insect, and it has now

reached the size of
one of her breasts on her knee,

so it's very hard for her
to walk around.

she'll have it drained.

Stupid bugs.


Let's see
what's in the old mailbox.


Oh, yes.

What do you got?

Is it something fun?

"What do you crave more,
immunity or food?"

I'm eating.

"The thought of
going home tonight

"might put your palate

-in the mood."
-In the mood.

What's that mean?

That I don't understand.

-Oh, wait. No. I don't know.

I'm confused.
Maybe I'm just an idiot.

-This says right here...

..."immunity or food."

No, I'm hungry.

The plan leading up to
the immunity challenge

has always been Matt first, Matt
first, Matt first, Matt first.

"What do you crave more,
immunity or food?"


But we've decided and we've
agreed, if Matt wins immunity,

Alex must go.

He's gone.

Period, end of statement.

I'm so ready for--

-Let's go now.

Anybody feel like canoeing?

You keep eating the manioc.

Come on in, guys.

Got a wrapped knee.

-Thank you so much.

What happened?

We believe a spider.

Stupid spiders.

So, in a physical competition,
you're in trouble right now.


We've all gotten bit.

27 days you've been out here.

Not bad.

And probably, from day one,
the most common thought

-in your head has been...

-Food. Mmm.

-I'll be the first to say.
-Oh, yes.

You want food,
today you're getting food.

Oh! All of us?


There's a catch, guys.

We've prepared a nice
Amazonian menu for you.

Many of the items on the menu

are actually things that can be
found in your own camp.

They're all delicacies in the
Amazon, and, more importantly,

in a survival situation,
they are a necessity.

There will be four courses.

The last two people to finish
their food in each round will be

eliminated until we're left
with the final two.

Last one left standing
wins immunity.

Speaking of which,
give it up, Jenna.

I know that's nice to have
around the neck.

Do well today,
you can have it again.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

We will draw numbers
to determine

your order at the table,
and we'll get started.

Hope you brought an appetite.

Okay, go ahead
and take off your tops.

-Okay. -These are
Amazonian grasshoppers.

They're a little larger than
a traditional grasshopper

and, I might add,
a little tastier, as well.

Have you tried one?

-I certainly have.

So here's the rule.

You need to show me
an empty mouth.

Now, once I've said you're good,

if it comes back up,
that's okay.

But you gotta get it down
for me to see it.

-I can't eat this.
-The first six

to finish their grasshopper
move on to the next round.

The last two are out.

-Everybody ready?
-Yep. -Yeah.

Survivors ready?


It's a little dry.


-I'd say so.
-And once you finish

and I say you're good,
step away from the table.

Christy having a little trouble.

Heidi's trying
to convince herself.

Mind over matter.
Mind over matter.

Matthew's in.

You're good, step back.

Looking for five more.

(gagging, coughing)

Keep it down.

Deena, you're good.

Uh-uh, I'm not going
any farther.


Alex, you're good.
That's three.

Looking for three more.

-It's really dry.
-Rob working on it.

-It's dry. I mean...
-It's hard to swallow.

-It doesn't taste that bad.
-You got it down, good.

Christy, get the rest in.

Keep it down.


Sorry. I'd rather have manioc.

Y-You're that confident
about immunity?

No, I just can't eat it.

Rob, you're, you're
still a ways away.

You got half
that grasshopper left.

-How you doing, Butch?
-I'm enjoying it.

Go, you got it, Christy.
Do it.

Ooh, crunchy.


Come on, Heidi.

I just gotta get it down.

-It's hard to swallow.

It is a bit hard
to swallow, man.

You're good.
That's four.

Two more moving on.

-Jenna's already...

-Oh, no.
-That's good, Butch.

Christy, it's you and Heidi.

Swallow it, Heidi.

That's it.

Christy's in.

Christy's in by a second, Heidi.

Good try, Heidi.

Good try.


Heidi and Jenna,
have a seat on the bench.

Guys ready for the next round?

-Open up.

See if these look familiar.

You have ten babassu worms.

These are coconut worms.

You guys have had these
at camp, I'm sure.

Now it's just a matter of

getting ten down the fastest.

Four of you will move on.

Two will not move on.

-Everybody ready?

Survivors ready?


-Matthew's in.
-All right, Matt.

Deena is in.

Alex is in.

That's it.

-Christy's in.
-Mm, mm, mm!

Rob and Butch, you're out.

Sorry, buddy.

You gonna go ahead
and finish, Rob?

-I like them.
-Here's the deal.

Two of you will move on
to the final.

Two of you will be out.

Go ahead and take off your tops.

Oh, blech.

-Five beetles.
-Oh, God.

Medium-size. They're not large.

That's disgusting.

Oh, marone.


A little crispy.

Survivors ready?



Christy having trouble.

Get 'em down, Christy.

That-a-way, Deena.

Matthew looking good.


Nobody rushing.

-Hurry, hurry.
-Let's see. Show it to me.

-Hurry, hurry, hurry.
-Down, down, down. That's good.

Matthew's in.

Looking for one more.

-Hurry! -Between Christy,
Deena and Alex.

Get it down.

Come on.

-Deena's close.
-Come on.


Come on, Christy.

Deena is in.

Christy's throwing up.

Christy and Alex, you're out.

The final round,
the final course.

One for you, Deena.

Specially prepared
for you, Matthew.


They ordered ahead
just for you, Mateo.

Thank God.

Okay, comes down to this.

One final course.

Immunity at stake.

You guys have proven you can eat
pretty much anything.

Take a look at your last course.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

-What is it?
-What is it?

That is just nasty-ass.

-Let me see.
-What do you got?

-Show it.
-It's alive.

-What is it?
-It's a big grub.

It's just a big, old nasty--
what is it?

-Oh, that's foul.
-Big grub and it's alive

and it's got big teeth.

Sweet, dude!

And it's got really sharp claws.

Put it back down now.

Beetle larva found
in the trunks of dead trees.

Very common out here.

The only difference is
it's alive.

It's not been
baked or barbecued.

We've taken the pinchers off,
so it won't hurt you going down.

Here we go.

For immunity, Deena and Matthew.

It's real simple, guys:
get it down first

or you could be in trouble
at Tribal Council.

Huge stakes. Here we go.

Survivors ready?


-Wow, you swallowed it whole?


You didn't even kill it?

-Good job, Matt. -Wow!
-That thing is

still working its way down.

I'm hoping my digestive juices

are going to do battle
and hopefully win.

-This guy is crazy.
-Dude, that was awesome!

You are nuts.


Hey, hey, wave, guys.


Yeah, baby!


All right, Matt.

You are safe
from the vote tonight.

-Cool. Thanks a lot.
-Nice effort.

Everybody else,
you know the drill.

Somebody's going home.
You can head back to camp.

I'll see you at Tribal later.

I'll be right back, guys.
I'm gonna...

we're going to wash.

DEENA: The mistake that Alex
made at the immunity challenge

was to lose
the immunity challenge.

Alex needed to win

to save his heinie.

Didn't happen.

My ass really had to have
been on the line today

for me to have eaten
that grotesque thing.

If everybody is still with me,

why even try?

So what's going on?

Um, Alex is, by far,
the next in line.

Alex has to go next.



That's understandable,
'cause when...

I convinced Jenna

Alex is too great of a threat,
so he's gone.

Bye-bye, Alex. Bye-bye, Alex.

I'm-- we're completely
in control of this.

Oh, yeah.

So you're with me, right?

-Okay, pinky swear.

-All right.

JENNA: Deena's been
in alliance with me and Alex

and Rob and Heidi,
but she stabbed us all

in the back, and I am

so incredibly disappointed
and shocked.

And I can't ever forgive that.

So, this is the first time I've
been pissed off in this game.

-You, too?

I'm just tired of
sitting on those logs all day.

Deena took me aside
and talked to me.

What'd she say?

You know, Alex needs to go next.

She wants the final four to be
you, Heidi, Christy and her.

She just wants all the girls--
all the guys gone first.

She told me, quote,
"We control this game."

And I was like, hmm,
you've said that to everybody.


She's like, "I have Rob around
my finger and he has Matt."

So that's where it stands
at this point.

It's just... if Rob turns on us,
then we're screwed.

That's true.

...the cat?


ROB: I'm sort of in both circles
in all this right now.

I get information
from Deena and Alex, too,

which is sort of
a precarious position to be in,

'cause it could backfire.

Alex is a, is a greater threat,
only because

he's gonna make a power play
with the girls to get rid of us.


I don't want that to happen.


And you have more control over
the Butch and Matt thing because

they can be led
in different directions

-to vote for whomever.

DEENA: Rob is doing his own
little work with, uh, Matt,

and Matt, of course,
then, will talk with Butch.

And so it all kind of--

our little fingers
are out reaching,

and it's all falling into place.

Girls are playing their part.


So... we'll do it.

Do Alex next?

I think so.

ROB: Deena and Alex both think
they have the exact same people

to vote the other one off.

And both think that their plan

is going to work
without a hitch.

It's like we're in the Mob,
and that there's gonna be a hit

on one of my friends,
and I really have to look

the other way and act like
everything's hunky-dory.

But when we go to
Tribal Council tonight,

the one person
that's gonna get the hit tonight

is gonna be the person
that least expects it.

Welcome to Tribal Council.

We'll now bring in
the first member of our jury.

Dave is here only to observe.

Just gathering information to
help in a very important vote.

Heidi, what the heck
is going on with your knee?

I wish I knew.

I mean,
it's getting better, though.

It's getting better,
and I think honestly,

probably in two days,
I-I'll be good to go.

Did it concern you at all?

-I mean, this is
an individual game. -Yes!

Oh, my gosh, yes.

I'm sitting here,
okay, my strongest

assets to this group are

athletic ability
and intelligence.

And, hello, one of those
is gone right now.

-Which one?

Well, uh, that's
a very good question.

Deena, now that we are in
the jury phase of this game,

have you noticed
any palpable change in the game?

Game is on.

People are jockeying
for positions.

There is a struggle for--
and I wouldn't say power--

but there's a struggle
to see who has power.

You bet. Absolutely a change.

People are a little on edge.

It's no longer about
survival in the Amazon.

It's survival
in the Survivor game.

Alex, you start to notice,

or maybe think you're noticing,
people whispering

or pairing off a little more
often than they used to?

To some extent, sure.

You can't help but get
a little bit paranoid.

And you start asking yourself
questions about, like,

whether or not ethics
enters into the game or not.

Do you stab someone in the back?

It's a balancing act, for sure.

See what happens.

Matthew, how important
was immunity for you to have?

Immunity was a nice thing
to have today,

but for me, uh, personally,
based on what I know

about the tribe
and, uh, feelings

and the mood of the tribe,

it wasn't, uh,
absolutely essential.

Hmm. So are you willing
to negotiate for it?



Alex, how nice would it be

for you to have
that necklace tonight?

I'd love to have that necklace.

I want to finish this game.

I want to win this game.

I don't get into competitions
to go, "Eh, that's cool.

I'm done now."

It's not why I do it.

And if my name comes up,
well, then my name comes up.

I don't have
any control over it.

Deena, feel good about
how you played the game?

Thus far, yes.

If my name comes up, it would
have come down to a bug.

I mean, essentially,

okay, spawned out of
the pit of hell,

but that thing-- that's what
separates Matt and I,

is swallowing
one giant, ugly grub.

It is time to vote.

Christy, you're first.

I vote for Alex tonight,

because he's a serious threat
to the tribe,

so I'm trying
to get rid of him tonight.

You lied to me, you betrayed me,
you screwed me.

Now screw you.

'Cause you are a mental
and physical powerhouse,

you're standing between me
and the big prize.

Deena, you couldn't even stick
by your word for three days.

I'd actually love to go up
against you in court any day,

'cause you're the worst liar I
think I've ever met in my life.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote:



Two votes Deena.



Two votes Alex, two votes Deena.

Three votes Deena.

That's four votes Deena,
two votes Alex.

Ninth person voted out,
the second member of our jury:


That's five, and that's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

No need to read the last vote.

Deena, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, you've survived
nine Tribal Councils,

lasted 27 days.

You're doing something right.

These last 12 days
will raise one very simple

but important question:
How badly do you want it?

And what will you
or won't you do to get it?

Guys can head back to camp.

Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

They saw me as a threat,
and I wanted to change

the, uh, the face
of the game a little bit

and vote off the people
that were the strongest

so that we could
finish off until the end.

Things happen,
people change their minds,

relationships grow, and there's
attachments, so I got nixed.

But remember that you're
going to have to live with

the decisions
for the rest of your life,

so make sure that they count.

Thanks for the ride.

I had a good time.