Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - Amazon Redux - full transcript

Original footage from the first 27 days in the Amazon; the women come to terms with their new environment; Jeanne cooks following the ousting of JoAnna; Christy teaches sign language to her new tribe.

JEFF PROBST: Tonight, join us
for a special episode

of Survivor: The Amazon,
as we take a look back

at the first 27 days,
through highlights

and never-before-seen footage.

We're going to split it up
like-like a calendar,

and day one, two, three, and
we're going to make a crate...

'Cause Rob and I were
the great counters,

you know, for both tribes.

I had been painting with Heidi.

This is the hottest girl
I've ever talked to.

She has both natural

and man-made beauty qualities.

You know,
you guys want in the cage.

-Kind of going...
-ROGER: Christy, uh--

we have made her feel good
about herself.

CHRISTY: They thought,
"Yeah, that would be cool."

Be lots of signs, you know.

They were, like,
"We'll learn some signs."

Tambaqui is a fish,
so this is fish.

That is so great that people
really want to, like, learn.

There's been a lot more,

um, noises
in the jungle tonight,

and I just saw something
over there.

HEIDI: I mean,
it's definitely an animal.

It's so close to our camp.

So I'm a little freaked out
right now.

PROBST: 27 days ago,
16 Americans were stranded

in the middle
of the Amazonian rain forest.

Immediately, the castaways were
separated into two tribes.

As I call out your your name,

I want you
to climb down the rope ladder.

Jeanne. Heidi. Joanna.

And for the first time,
the survivors

were divided
along gender lines.

It is only fitting that, for the
first time, while we're here

in the Amazon, we have a tribe
of women versus a tribe of men.

(whooping and laughter)

I was absolutely just

overjoyed that
it was an all-female tribe.

It's an all-chick thing.

We can let our hair down.

We can pee
in front of each other.


DANIEL: All the guys
were really pumped up.

There is no way that women

are going to beat us
in anything--

physical, mentally.

We're never going
to go to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council-- we ain't
goin' to Tribal Council.

They're so freaking cocky.

I just want to beat them to just
kind of like shut them up.

PROBST: But the women
stumbled from the start.


(indistinct chatter)

SHAWNA: I just couldn't even
untie a boat,

and I just felt so stupid.

The guys going off one way.

The girls couldn't untie...

Well, I couldn't untie the knot.

PROBST: When the men arrived
at their camp,

they brimmed with confidence.


You know, we're all... we're
all friggin' men of pride,

men of honor, whatnot...


-And right now, baby...
-Tell it.

Yeah, we're the favorites
right now.

The Tambaqui men

aggressively began
to build their new camp.

I think I missed my calling
in life as a lumberjack.

PROBST: At Jaburu,
Christy revealed her secret.

I... It's not a big deal,
but I think it's something

that every tribe member
should know, that I am deaf.

I can't hear. I read lips.
Um, night time...

JANET: Christy has
a hearing disability.

She just asked us
to look at her

and speak slowly,
so she could read our lips.

It took us by surprise.

Oh, my God.

PROBST: Unlike the men,
the women struggled

to get their camp
up and running.


We almost got it.

PROBST: And unable
to read lips in the dark,

Christy felt like an outsider.

Did you notice

the guys stared at Heidi
when they got on the boat?

(laughter, indistinct chatter)

I'm missing out on a lot
of the information.

I could never be like them,
because I'm not.

I'm always totally different;
always have been.

(voice breaking): Just, like,
I'm at a big disadvantage.

I'm at a big disadvantage.


PROBST: By day two, Roger was
already annoying people.


Ryan, you want to stoke
that fire up

and check that water,
see if it's boiling, please.

ROB: Roger definitely
is very bossy.

Go-Go do this, go do that.

I just go-go and do it, but

I'll put it all
in a mental note.

PROBST: Ryan and Daniel failed
to impress their tribe mates.

ROGER: This kid Ryan
and the kid Daniel--

uh, they're just
not contributing.

They're just useless.

PROBST: Despite their
differences, the men seemed

to have it together.



We're like
the Eight Musketeers.

PROBST: But at Jaburu, the
women had different priorities.

We're having a difficult time

getting our tasks in order,

completing them and moving on
to the next project.

It's a,
"I'm kind of feeling like

I need to wash my buff now,"
so we wash the buffs.

I'm thinking shelter.

PROBST: On day three,
Janet found surviving

in the Amazon tougher
than she imagined.

I hit rock bottom today.

You know, I planned on it

being difficult,
but not brutal.

I don't think I've ever been
this physically exhausted.

I don't know
if I can do a challenge.

I'm having trouble walking.

At the immunity challenge...


...the men jumped out
to an early lead.

Men are out first.

Feet can't touch!

No, Daniel!

-No. Come on, Daniel!

But Ryan and Daniel

couldn't handle
the balance beam...


PROBST: the women
seized the opportunity.

Guys, you've lost your lead.

The ladies have completed
the balance beam.


And Heidi lead Jaburu
to victory.

(screaming and laughing)


Jaburu wins immunity.

(whooping and shrieking)

Back at Tambaqui,

Rob's strategy was to play
both sides of the fence.

Privately, Ryan has asked me

to vote with him
to get rid of Roger,

and Roger has asked me to vote
with him to get rid of Ryan,

and I've told them both
that I will do what they want.

At the first Tribal Council,

Rob's vote was the difference.

Roger had three votes, but

Ryan had four,
and he was the first person

voted out of the tribe.

Ryan, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go, man.

RYAN: It's-It's upsetting with
being the first one voted off,

and it's going to suck, 'cause
you know the boys back home

are going to give you
a lot of crap,

and the family's going
to be disappointed,

and when it's a tie vote,

and it was separated
by one vote,

and the one vote was somebody
that I kind of aligned with,

it's really tough
to swallow.

PROBST: Trying to improve
their situation on day four,

Jeanne and Joanna
set out for food.

There's some over here,
but they're hard to get into.

The natural resources
in the Amazon are fish.

There's some plants that
we can eat, plenty of nuts,

and lots of fruit, but we
haven't explored enough, so...

I just spend whatever time
I have available to go hunt.

-Oh, my...
-Oh, my God!

What? Did you find it?

-It's a pineapple!
-(both screaming)

-Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God! Pineapple!


(Joanna mumbles)

Are they under the ground?

Here's a pineapple.

-Oh, my...
-Thank you, Lord.


It's not ripe, but...

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

-So, I can't believe...
-Look at this.

JOANNA: Jeanne and I came back
to camp with the pineapple,

and I had the pineapple
concealed in my jacket.

And we wanted everyone
to be there

when we pulled out
this pineapple.

(singing a fanfare)

-Drum roll, please.
-Oh, no.

(all screaming and cheering)

That was a pineapple bush.


All right!

This is the Amazon.

This may be the size
of the pineapples here.

It's yellowing.

(indistinct chatter)

Wait a minute, girl. No.

This is good, thank you.

-Look at that, and...

-It's not green.
-It's not?

It is sweet. Mm-hmm.

-Oh, my God.

I don't know if it's because

we're starving, and probably
anything tastes good.

But it was so good,

and, uh, I think it kind of like
lifted everybody else's

spirits a little bit,

because we were just,
like, delirious.

Okay, I need about ten more,
and I'll be really good to go.


PROBST: But the good spirits
didn't last long

when controversy
arose in the camp.


What is that?

There's something in there
that shouldn't be in there.

JENNA: We put all of our stuff
in the box.

At the bottom,
there's a granola bar.

Somebody just needs to fess up.

DEENA: Everybody is
adamantly denying it.

And of course, I want to know
who took the candy bar.

Jeanne saw the little candy bar
thing inside of Janet's bag.

With all eyes looking at her,

Janet denied any involvement.

I don't know who smuggled it in,
but it wasn't me.

So if you're going to
vote me off,

that's fine, as long as
it's not for that reason,

because if it is,
you're making a mistake.

For immunity, the men and women

faced off in their first
mental challenge.

How many rungs are on
the outside ladder?

Deena says eight, Rob says six.

Correct answer: six.

And the men celebrated
their first victory...


...sending the women
to their first Tribal Council,

where Janet was the second
person voted out of the Amazon.

That's four and that's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

We'd gone, you know,

six days without food.

We were having trouble
getting water boiled,

so we were barely drinking.

And then hard, hard
physical labor all day long.

Janet, the tribe has spoken.

JANET: Here, these 23-year-olds
were dropping like flies,

so I had to wonder, at 46,
realistically here,

how much longer
could I really take out there?

So, I think this is a midlife
crisis gone extremely wrong.


PROBST: That night, after
Tribal Council, the women had

trouble sleeping,
as the Amazon came alive.

There's been a lot more,

um, noises
in the jungle tonight.

And I just saw something
over there.

I did hear something
over where our food is.

Heidi heard the same thing.

She got up.

She had to go to the bathroom.

The lantern's on the box.

HEIDI: I've never heard
any noises this close

to our camp before,
and that just creeps me out.

I really think that
they're just getting used to us.

I mean,
it's definitely an animal.

It's so close to our camp.

I'll go with you.
I'll bring my machete.

What is it going to do?


(makes whooshing sounds)

Something's breathing
over there.

What's that?

HEIDI: Literally, bats are
swooping down at our head.


So I'm a little
freaked out right now.

(anxious laugh)

And I've really got to go
to the bathroom.

-You afraid?

So we run over, trying to
get away from the bats...

I just-- I see something
glowing out there.

...and here are these sets

of glowing eyes
just staring at us.

-You see it?

Do you want to go down there
to go to the bathroom?

You can hold it?


I'm sorry,
I'm just a little freaked.

-Come on, let's walk down here.

Come down here
and I'll dig a hole.


HEIDI: There is
a million and one things

to fear in this environment.

And when it's in the dark,
it's just scary.

PROBST: By day seven, Roger and
Daniel weren't getting along.

Oh, Daniel...

can you get us some water?


I don't, I don't...

If you, if you--

I'll go do it.

It really got me hot.

I-- tempted to slap the kid
around, to be honest with you.

DANIEL: Roger-- he just
barks orders all the time.

I mean, he's not
very friendly about it.

He just tells people what to do.

Uh, I'm not really
speaking to Roger right now.

As Tambaqui was coming apart,

Jaburu was coming together.

So I think we should, uh,
maybe initiate a leader.

I, um, initiate Deena.

Do you accept the offer?

You know, I'm gonna--

All I want to do
is we delegate the tasks

that are important for the day.

DEENA: I didn't take that
with open arms

because that puts
a big target on your body.

And who wants to get
voted out of the game?

But, yes, I am going to do it.

PROBST: Deena's leadership
sparked new life into

the women's camp, and they
began to work in harmony.


DEENA: The net effect of
the leadership has been that

the camp looks like
it's organized.

Like, it looks as if somebody,
yes, lives there and cares about

their environment
and is going to take care of it.

It was what we needed
to get us at par,

so that we could play the game
against the men.

-Here it is.

Don't pull it yet.

Working together as a tribe,

the women claimed their fourth
victory in five challenges

by winning immunity...

Push it back!

Immunity, Jaburu!


...sending Tambaqui
back to Tribal Council,

where Daniel was
the third person voted out.

Dan. That's four votes,
that's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

DANIEL: I've never gone camping
before in my life, you know.

I'm a city slicker,
and I hated camping.

I would never, ever go
on a camping trip voluntarily.

It was really for pure ego.

You know, I wanted to be the
first Asian guy to win, but...

I'm sitting here, so that goal
didn't get accomplished.

It's time for you to go.

Bruce Lee once said,

"Low aim, not failure,
is the crime."

You know, it's sometimes
even glorious to fail.

PROBST: On day ten,
the younger women of Jaburu

sought to solidify
their positions.

The older women might try

to weed out the meek or prissy.

So I figured,

with my closeness to Deena,

that if we could
swing Deena's vote,

then it was, you know, game on.

I just need to know.


The other girls and I

talked very briefly,

and it just seemed natural to me

that that would be
a great alliance.

We need four.

Three fish for dinner.

Small but edible.


Over at Tambaqui,

Rob was worried
about his position.

I would say that maybe Matt

is the hardest worker
in the tribe.

I work very hard,
but I'm not nearly as strong

as anybody else in the tribe.

I try to do as much,
as much as I can,

but there's only so much
that-that I can do.

All right, Alex,
watch it, watch it.

I'm going to bring this in here.

One thing that I try to do
consistently through this game

is never be lazy,

be, uh, well-liked
within the tribe, and

scheme and plot my fanny off.

Those look pretty-pretty,
uh, tasty there, Rob.


I'm a little nervous right now

that Alex, Dave, Butch
and Roger are contemplating

making me the next person
to be voted out.

What makes me think that I'm the
next one to go is just the way

that Alex, Roger,
Butch and Dave

are always together and how
useful Matt is at catching fish

and doing things
around the camp.

I think that maybe they're
going to weigh it out

and decide that
the guy that does

the wisecracks isn't as useful

as the guy
that catches the fish.

PROBST: At the reward challenge,
the men were fired up.

Nobody touch it.

Cheer it on, fellas.




Burn! Burn! Burn!


Tambaqui wins reward!

While Tambaqui
toasted their victory...

Oh, yeah, boys.


...Jaburu returned
to camp empty-handed.

And Shawna was ready
to call it quits.

After we lost that Coke, it took
everything in my entire brain

to not make my body just want
to just sit on the sand

and be, like, I have to take
a three-hour break.

I don't see myself
lasting for 30 more days.

Are you at this point
right this very moment

where you say, "I want out"?

If we were going tonight,

I would be very tempted
to get out.

Yeah, I don't know
that I could do it.

PROBST: Shawna sat out the next
challenge and watched...

No! No!

-Ah! Damn you!
-(groaning) the men
fished their way to immunity.

Tambaqui, congratulations.


Even though Shawna was weak,

the alliance of
Deena, Heidi and Jenna

planned to keep her
trapped in the Amazon.

DEENA: I feel a tremendous
amount of compassion for her.

But at the same time,
you have an agreement.

And I don't want to get screwed
to help her out.

Joanna is clearly

the most physical person
that we have on this team.

She has too much power,
too much force.

Shawna, guess what?

You're not in charge here.

It's about the core alliance.

Suck it up, baby, 'cause
you're along for the ride.

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
despite Shawna's weakness,

the alliance voted Joanna
out of the tribe.

Need to bring me your torch.

JOANNA: I didn't expect
to be voted off that night.

I knew that

Deena would come after me

because I was-- my presence
was very strong there.

Joanna, the tribe has spoken.

The water's nasty,
I'm struggling,

I don't have any help out here,

nobody's fishing, everybody's
laying down looking crazy,

it's hot, I'm hungry.

I felt like I was playing
the physical aspect,

the survival aspect of the game
by myself.

PROBST: The next morning,
Christy proved

the women could still provide
for themselves.

Today, I kind of felt like,

kind of cool, you know,
and so I go out, I go fishing,

and bam, bam, bam, I catch fish,

and I provide lunch
for the tribe.

And it really does

make you feel good, you know.

It feels good knowing
that you can actually

get food for somebody,
you know?

So we can survive
without Joanna.

Jeanne and Shawna
are commiserating.

Is that like,
discussing, arguing?

No, feeling really bad
for each other.

CHRISTY: Really? -"I'm sorry
that Joanna's gone, I'm sorry

-that you're still here."
-Still here.

"I never would have let you
stay here."

Blah, blah, blah.




JEANNE: I'm not going
to roll over and die because

Joanna's not here.

I mean, I think you should have
been voted off.

As much as I love you--
I think you're the greatest kid

in the world, you know I do.

No. Actually, it's a good point.

I know exactly
what you're saying now...

JEANNE: I think we need
as much energy as we can get.

-And you don't have it.
-I agree. I agree.

Maybe the tribe has a plan
that they didn't share with me.

PROBST: Frustrated
by Joanna's departure,

Jeanne cooked up a plot
for revenge.

Mentally, I'm right there.

Joanna leaving made me sad,
but you know what?

In honor of her,
I'm going to kick their butts.

She would like that.

One meatball.

I, uh, cooked the fish, and
then they all wanted manioc.

And I opened the lid
on our container of manioc,

and it contained

pink fuzz, green fuzz.

I saw

white maggots, ants,
skinny little worms.

Half the barrel is mush.

Good eating.
Good eating, folks.

And I knew how to cook it
so that they would like it.

I went in, got a little
of the mushy stuff,

dipped it
into the crunchy stuff.

Got a little green mold,
a little pink mold

and kind of
rolled it all together into

little hot dog,
bite-size morsels, and...

kind of dried them slowly
over the ashes.

Meatballs are cooking, girls.

All right!

And they're gonna be... great!


-We're gonna have a good meal.
-JEANNE: Oh, it's gonna taste

like beef stew
and your mom's biscuits.

They devoured them.

They thought
they were sesame treats.


-God bless you.
-CHRISTY: Mmm, Jeanne!

-This is the ticket.
-DEENA: This really is too good.

I wouldn't eat one
if you paid me.

they'll all keel over.

-They might.
-Mm, wonderful.

-I could eat this all day.

PROBST: In the morning,
the tribes received treemail.

"Prepare to have a little fun.

Unfortunately, for only one."

"The map will show
the place you're after.

Send your youngest
for wine and laughter."

No way. Is that just--
Jenna's going?

PROBST: So Dave and Jenna met
for date night in the jungle.

-JENNA: Oh, my God.
-(Dave laughs)

We were so excited

to actually talk
to someone of the opposite sex.

We were, like, ready
to just, like, chat away.

Jenna did go into great detail

about the status of her tribe.

Heidi, who I've become
really close to...

-I expected that.
-She's, like,

really, really upbeat
all the time,

and Shawna's falling apart.

She doesn't want to be here.

We just keep her on the tribe.

DAVE: However,
you gotta think, do you want

to be revealing all this
about... about your tribe?

I'm telling you all this stuff,
but, oh, well.

PROBST: The next morning,
Dave and Jenna's getaway

took a turn.

Good morning.

-We had fun.
-PROBST: Yeah?

-We, really...

And we didn't... we didn't
hold back anything.

We told it all.

We pretty much know everything
about each other.

Well, I am glad to hear

that you guys shared
a little bit of information,

and that information's gonna
come in real handy.

We're gonna have a little draft,

and you two are in charge
of picking new tribes.

You go first.


I'm gonna have to pull Alex.

-Deena. Deena by far.

PROBST: When they were done,
Dave had picked Heidi,

Christy and Jeanne to join him
at Tambaqui.

Honey, we're home!

PROBST: And Alex, Rob
and Matthew went to Jaburu,

where their arrival had
an immediate impact on Shawna.


DEENA: It's amazing
what a little bit

of testosterone can do
for somebody.

Boys come into the camp, and
Shawna is 180 degrees better.

Hi. (giggles)

How are you?

We all stink really bad. Hey.

Oh, it's okay. How are you?

-ALEX: Good.

-This is nice...
-(indistinct conversation)

PROBST: At Tambaqui, Christy
was made to feel right at home.

CHRISTY: The one thing
I like about this tribe is,

they're very aware that, okay,
we got somebody who's deaf.

BUTCH: So, I'm making
an extra effort to make sure

she knows what's going on.

That way, she can be included

in the evening conversations,

and make her feel
even more welcome.

I'm just really glad
to be in a group

where this lantern is useful,
you know.

In that Jaburu tribe,
it was never possible.

So I really, you know...

And me feeling comfortable,
I will definitely do,

put my 110% into this tribe.

At the immunity challenge,

former tribe mates squared off
against each other.

That's it, Tambaqui.
Don't quit.

But it was the new Jaburu that
took home the immunity idol.

-Jaburu wins immunity!



PROBST: Facing a vote
split down gender lines,

Dave approached Heidi.

Um... I picked you because

I want to carry you over
into the merge.

If you were in my position,
what do you think you would do?

I'd come... I'd come with us.

I am really in, just,
a rock and a hard stone.

I mean, I am just right there.

I am, like,
the key factor right now

to this whole
voting process tonight.

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Heidi sided with the men,

and Jeanne was voted
out of the tribe.

JEANNE: Heidi sold herself off,
and I knew she was gonna.

I had this deep-down feeling
she's gonna turn on me.

I, obviously, was intimidating
to her and some of the guys.

I thought I could change.

I thought I could be sneaky
and cunning and...

and maybe shirk
some responsibilities

like the others,
but I-I realized that

I just couldn't do that.

Jeanne, the tribe has spoken.

JEANNE: I was out there hunting,
I was gathering.

And I wanted to play the game
hard and fair,

and it didn't work that way.

PROBST: By Day 16, everyone
at Jaburu was getting along.

I felt like a lot of the other
people on the other tribe

definitely were, you know,
very tactical and strategic

about the type of information
they released.

But coming here,
it's just like, man,

it was like a breath
of fresh air.

-DEENA: Because girls
are different than boys. -Yeah.

PROBST: And Alex and Shawna
were getting close.

Okay, you know, Shawna, that
I'm never gonna stop you,

so if you're done, you can,
you can stop whenever you want,

but I'm not gonna ever
tell you to stop. (laughs)

Is there romance in the air?

There's definite interest
in the air,

there's definite
flirting in the air.

It's great. It feels good.

JENNA: I feel like
I'm at the drive-in movie,

and I'm...
you guys are like the couple,

and I'm, like,
"Hey, guys, can I tag along?"

Over at Tambaqui,

the tribe was coming together
in their own way.

Now, do you have headphones
when you listen to music?

-Rather than...
-CHRISTY: Um, yeah. Really loud.

-Yeah. -So, it's embarrassing
to, like, take them anywhere.

'Cause everyone is, like,
"Shh! Turn it down," you know.

DAVE: The new Tambaqui,
I think, is coming together.

It has been an interesting
couple days.

Old alliances are kind of...

melting into a-a more:
"We gotta focus on the team."

I've come to many a stoplight,

and the car next to me,
I mean, it sounds like it's...

-CHRISTY: But some deaf people

really overdo it.

They add, like, bass,

and like
"a-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom,"

and then they get the techno
music, and it's just, like,

"boom, boom, boom"
the whole time.

We really don't want

to lose no tribe member
because we've,

you know, bonded pretty well,

and we really like, um,
everybody on our team.

Uh, Christy, uh--
we've really, um...

I think she's... We've made her
feel good about herself.

Okay, do you guys want me
to teach you a new sign?

-Yes. -Yeah. -You know,
come up with, like, a new cheer?

-"Tambaqui" is a fish.

So this is "fish."

Hold one hand...?

It doesn't matter what hand,

but, um, kind of like, you know.

They said, "Yeah, you know,
it'd be cool if we had

some signs," you know,
or they could learn some signs,

and I was, like, "Yeah, man."

Like, that is so great
that people really want to,

like, learn, 'cause, I mean,

I'm able to
contribute that, you know?

And I was, like, "Okay, so if
we could have a cheer,

"how could
I come up with, like,

a little, like, name thing

for the team?"
And then "Tambaqui..."

-So we got "team."

-DAVE: I like that.
-Fish-- "Tambaqui."

And they all practiced it, and

they would, like, tap me, and
be, like, "This, or this or...?"

You know?
I'm, like, "Yeah." Fix it up.

-Did I do it right?

Okay, you're going like this.
Okay, see how I'm doing it?

I'm doing it...
more of like a... Yeah.

Drawing a circle around.

And-And that made me feel
so good.

Just, like, "Yes!"

Tambaqui is my home now.

I think we are a tribe.

I like that.

Team Fish.

I like that.

I see no reason why we need
to add anything more.

Survivors ready! Go!

At the immunity challenge,

Tambaqui gnawed their way
to victory.

By a tiny margin,
Tambaqui wins immunity.

(whooping, indistinct chatter)


PROBST: So Jaburu went
to Tribal Council,

where a rejuvenated Shawna
said she wanted to stay.

You are in this
for the long haul, then?

Are you here?

Of course
I'm in it for the long haul.

But the tribe had other plans.

Shawna, the tribe has spoken.

While Alex helplessly
looked on,

Shawna was voted out
of the Amazon.

As a 23-year-old,

I went in thinking, you know,

"Of course I'm a bad-ass,"

and what I found out
in the end was this

total facade that I had,
that I was such a rock.

Well, I'm disappointed that
I physically gave in,

and I got the label of being

kind of a pantywaist,
so, basically,

when it comes down to it,
I dug my own grave.

This is the hardest thing

I've ever done
in my entire life.

ROB (imitates computer voice):
"Welcome. You have treemail."

On Day 19, the arrival

of treemail
sent both camps packing.

There it is.

As Jaburu prepared to leave,

they plotted their next move.

You know what? We're here.

We're down with Jaburu, right?

-Hell, yes.
-We're here...

Yeah, you guys have really...

Dave, Roger, Butch.

Amen to that, "sistah."

Jenna, thanks for
bringing us all together.

-Oh, no problem.

All for one...

One for all.

PROBST: The tribes paddled
to a new location,

where they were informed

they would merge
into one tribe.

You started this as a tribe
of women and a tribe of men.

Today you will form
one final tribe.

Jaburu and Tambaqui are no more.

They were given new buffs

and sent to their new home...

-No, I'll help you out.
-...where they found a feast

-waiting for them.
-Hot dogs!

-Oh, no!
-(all shouting, screaming)

Dig in!

indistinct chatter)

Got any ketchup?

They picked a new tribe name.

We have some ideas
for a new tribe name.


-...which is Portuguese

-for "alligator."
-For "caiman."

Hey, here's to the new tribe,
and here's to new friends.

-New friends, new tribe. Cheers.


As members of the new

Jacaré tribe got
to know each other,

Rob got to know Heidi.

What we're gonna do--
we're gonna split it up like...

like a calendar
and day one, two, three.

'Cause Rob
and I were the great counters,

you know, for both tribes.

I have been working today

on painting the story
of Survivor: Amazon.

Heidi has an amazing body.
She... has...

both natural
and manmade beauty qualities

to her presence.

The arrow is the guy.

-DAVE: The arrow looks like a...

-HEIDI: Just make a big circle.

Day One: men versus the women.

This is the hottest girl
I've ever talked to,

even though she's wearing
a retainer all the time.

How about on the days
that there were challenges,

we make... we-we box it out
a little bit like this,

to indicate
what team won the challenge?

HEIDI: Rob and I together
are pretty creative

about this whole calendar
of events.

We both know,
like, seriously know,

day by day, of what has happened
in both the tribes.

-Okay, so... -You guys won the
challenge, though, then we...

-Then that's blue.
-The box... Blue.

And then you guys won the reward
challenge for the, in the box.

-Day Seven.

It's very exciting for me

that... to have a chance to be

in such close contact
with this girl,

and not have to have
a handful of singles in my hand.

-Where did Roger go?
-PROBST: At Jacaré,

the tribe enjoyed getting

but Roger brought an end
to all the fun.

ROGER: We had a tendency
to be festive all afternoon,

forgetting the fact that we had
to get a shelter built.

CHRISTY: Um, can I start
putting the floorboards down?

ROGER: Well, we got that...
we have that under control.

Helping Rob split the fronds
would be really great.

Okay? Can you lift...?

I'm not working on the shelter,

which really pisses me off

I really would like
to be a part it.

Roger felt

everything was falling
into place.

ROGER: Yeah, we got six guys
and four girls,

and our original game plan was,

the six guys against...

against, the, uh...
against the girls,

and you know, it should be,
just pick 'em off.

PROBST: But he was unaware of
the forces working against him.

DEENA: But you understand
what we have to do.

We have to start
picking off the stronger males.

Yeah, but please
let Roger go first, please.

Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, no...

I don't care
what you want after that, but...

-But then after Roger, who?

I don't know,
but he's got to go.

Roger is of the belief

that we are all, um... all
the guys are together, and, um,

unless he wins
individual immunity,

he'll be the first one to go.

PROBST: Feeling confident
at the immunity challenge,

Roger jumped in early.

All right, I've had it.

Roger has given up.

With little fanfare,
he's out of the game.

PROBST: Deena won the first
individual immunity.


-All right, Deena. Yeah!
-(whooping and cheering)

At Jacaré's first visit

to Tribal Council,
Roger felt safe...

You gotta feel
a little bit confident.

I would say, yeah,
I-I probably do.

You know, obviously,
if I really felt

that I needed that immunity,
I would have given it my all.

...and was blindsided

when seven votes came up
with his name on them.

I was a cocky...

You know, and I still am.

You never lose
that self-confidence,

that positive, you know?

I'm a Type-A personality;
I am a leader, I don't sit back.

I'm opinionated, and that never

goes away.

Roger, the tribe has spoken.

I came to win the game, but

I wasn't deceptive enough.

I should've bit my tongue
and laid low.

I should've not exuded
that confidence.

And, uh, I've no one
to blame but myself.

They were better
than I am at the game.

PROBST: The next morning, Dave
pondered his new situation.

What happened last night

was an interesting turn
of events.

All my stability and everything

has now been
turned upside down,

because I did put my roots
into an alliance with Roger.


I gotta play the game according
to how things are right now.

Dave tried to prove

he was still valuable
to the tribe.

DAVE: Hopefully, just being
a hard worker and dedicated,

motivated and fun to be with

will keep me around
for a little bit longer

and start building, uh,
some alliances

with the people who are left.

PROBST: That evening,
while tending the fire,

Dave pleaded his case

to Christy and tried
to swing her vote.

I felt guilty in a lot
of the way I acted at Tambaqui.

That's kind of why I wanted

to have fire duty
with you tonight.

(whispering): I voted for you
last time and I felt bad.

You know, at my point,

it's cleaning the slate,
making sure

that nobody's harboring
any hard feelings,

and, uh, also, you know,
maybe get a vote or two.

I'm a little stronger than
some people, so I'm competition.


People want to get rid of me.

And, uh, it kind of sucks.

Shortly thereafter,

Christy said how much
she loved to dance.

I happen to also like to dance,

and when I asked her
if she knew how to swing dance,

she responded that she only knew
how to salsa.

Swing dancing is on six beats

instead of four beats, right?


So I took the opportunity

to teach her
a little swing dancing.

-(snoring) -DAVE: The guy leads,
and the girl follows,

and it has to work like that,

because if we both try to lead,
it's not gonna work.

-(Christy whispers)

So, in this case,
it works pretty good

'cause I know what I'm doing,

and you don't know
what you're doing.

So, for you,
the beat is one, two...

All right.

Over here, like this.

-Piece of cake, right?
No problem? -Yeah.

So now that we got that...

Or we can do this.

Yeah. Not too bad.


CHRISTY: It was a fun
fire watch, you know?

It was entertaining.

Dave, in general, seemed
like a really good guy,

but I-I think he was
exaggerating a little bit

on how much
he really appreciates me.

That's it.
So now you're a pro.

CHRISTY: If you really
appreciate me,

maybe you could show that
a little bit throughout the game

instead of, like, the day before

you think you're going
to get voted off.

PROBST: At the immunity
challenge, Dave needed to win.

It's payback.

But his hopes were smashed

when he was taken out early.

Jenna was
the last one standing.

So at Tribal Council, Dave made
a final plea to the tribe.

These next three days

are... are important
to me, and, um,

and I would like to spend them
with the-the eight people

that are sitting down
here in front of me.

But it wasn't enough,

as eight votes made him
the first member of the jury.

DAVE: I guess that's what
really kind of caught me

surprised when I finally
realized that,

you know,
I am perceived as a threat.

It was, "Wait a minute.
Now I'm the bad guy."

Dave, the tribe has spoken.

DAVE: My case is a prime example
how it is very difficult

to plan any more
than a few days in advance.

I miscalculated and found
myself walking on thin ice,

and it broke and sent me home.

PROBST: By Day 25, the alliance
of Deena, Rob, Alex,

Jenna and Heidi started
to unravel.

DEENA: Heidi, tell me
how well you think

you're gonna be able
to advance if-if Matt

or Alex is in this game?

Matt's not in the picture.

I understand that.

What if Matt wins immunity

It seems to me, if Matt wins
immunity, then Alex has to go.

(indistinct conversation)

PROBST: That evening,
Heidi went straight to Jenna.

HEIDI: Alex and Jenna were
my original alliance.

I'm not gonna turn
my back on them.

So, I mean,
I just told Jenna about it,

and I knew she'd speak
to Alex about it.

She's... turned on us.

So, we need to get her off.

Deena stabbed us all in the back
because she's being selfish.

I'm really pissed at her.

Backed into a corner,

Alex decided
to turn the tables on Deena.

And so I grab Rob,
and I was, like,

"Rob, dude, what's going on?"

She wants you done
sooner than later.

You know what?
Here's my plan then.

We keep Christy,
and we keep Butch.

And we get rid of Deena.

PROBST: At the challenge,
the tribe's appetite

for immunity was put
to the test.

Deena felt confident
in her position,

so instead of battling Matthew
in the final round...

Survivors ready. Go.

...she gave up her chance
at immunity.



-You are safe
from the vote tonight. -Cool.

PROBST: Deena's decision
cost her the game,

and at Tribal Council,
she became

the second member of the jury.

DEENA: The moment that
I got there, it was game on.

People are jockeying
for position.

It gets very intense,

and it's okay
to be downright dirty.

The tribe has spoken.

DEENA: Alex clearly
had greater influence

on the girls than I did.

I thought I had it all
under control and,

you know,
in one fleeting moment,

I showed my hand, and my house
of cards came crashing down.

Seven castaways remain.

For Rob, Jenna,
Matthew, Christy,

Butch, Heidi and Alex,

the stakes
have never been higher.

How will their decisions
affect the jury?

And what adventures await them
over the next 12 days?

Join us and find out who
will outlast all the rest

to become the sole survivor.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

The alliance of four
flaunts their power.

Jenna and Heidi, Rob and I

have the luxury
of doing a little less work.

We hold a majority,
and the other three know it.

That's just... ridiculous.

PROBST: And an emotional event
leads to tears.

-I'm sorry.
-HEIDI: When she started crying,

I started crying,
because I was so happy for her.

I'm not going any farther.


Come on, Christy.