Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Sleeping with the Enemy - full transcript

After returning from Tribal Council, Dave felt vulnerable after his ally Roger was eliminated. Dave attempted to secure his position in the tribe by helping Butch construct a dock. The team of Alex, Dave and Deena won the first round of the reward challenge, with Dave winning the final round. Dave chose Deena to join him on the reward. As Dave and Deena enjoyed their reward, Dave lobbied Deena to keep him in the game. Deena agreed to talk to her alliance about keeping him in the game.

Previously on Survivor:

The two tribes
were brought together

for some important news.

Today, the tribes will merge
into one final tribe.


Jaburu and Tambaqui are no more.

At the new Jacaré tribe,
Roger assumed

it was still a battle
of the sexes.

Everything is falling
into place,

exactly like we planned it.

We got six guys
and four girls, you know?

It should be,
just pick 'em off.

But Deena and Rob led Jaburu

in a plan to take out
the Tambaqui men.

-We're down with Jaburu, right?
-Hell, yeah.

Game is mine.

Dave, Roger, Butch.

It is not the battle
of the sexes anymore,

but it's the battle of
the weaker versus the stronger.

PROBST: At the first
individual immunity challenge,

it was Deena
who stood victorious.

All right, Deena!

Deena wins immunity.

-All right, Deena!

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
a surprised Roger

was the first person voted out
of the new Jacaré tribe.

Roger, the tribe has spoken.

Nine are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

DEENA: We do have
a lasting memory of Roger.

(laughs) Can we hang them up
on the flagpole?


No, we... we need to put them,
like, in the tree or something.

Yeah, that... that's...

(humming "Taps")

Roger was this

sexist, arrogant man,

and once Roger left,

it makes for a lighter,
happier tribe.

-No, that was flat.


I haven't tuned my bugle
in a couple weeks.

DEENA: I feel fairly in control
at this point in time.

My panties are still on fire,
and I'm going 120 miles an hour,

but I feel pretty in control.


What happened last night

was an interesting
turn of events.

It is a prime example
that nobody really knows

what's going on in this game.

I think that all my stability
and everything

has now been
turned upside down,

because I did put my roots
into an alliance with Roger.


we gotta play the game

according to how
things are right now.

We have to go out
at least past the tree.

We pull the boat in straight,
along parallel

-to these trees.

BUTCH: Dave and I are getting
ready to build a dock.

Uh, just a little courtesy

for everybody here at camp.

So feet don't get wet
and your shoes don't get wet,

'cause once they're wet,

your feet are miserable.

Let's go...
let's go get four logs

-and see what they look like.
-Okay. Yeah.

See, it's going to be caught
up top.

All right, I'm clear.

All right.

Is that one tree
that would be as comparable

than this one
that's 20 feet off the ground?

DEENA: Hey, that's
kind of funny, actually.

I've had an ax to grind

with Dave for so long.

He thinks he's the... the
smartest guy in the whole world.

He's Mr. Adventure,
Mr. Personality.

All the girls want
to get with him.

I can't take any more.

He's a show-off,
and he's arrogant.


ROB: Dave's got to go.
He's a threat.

The main alliance right now
is myself,

Deena, Jenna, Heidi and Alex,
which are the five people

that I would most like
to spend my time with here.

We all know that...

if he doesn't win immunity,
he goes home.


DAVE: I have approached
this game with a mentality of,

"I am going to be me,"
and what you get

is going to be Dave Johnson,
no matter what.

And, uh, I think I've been
on good terms with everybody,

and hopefully, just being

a hard worker, and dedicated,
motivated and fun to be with

will keep me around
for a little bit longer,

and start building, uh,
some alliances

with the people who are left.

That is not bad at all.

-I like it.
-I like it.

(metallic scraping)

The craziest man I've ever met

has been living with me

24 hours a day, nonstop.

DEENA: Is anybody else disturbed
with the fact that, uh,

Matthew is, uh, concentrating
so hard on this?

Ah, just doing...

Yeah, are you going to butcher
us all there?

I promise I won't, uh,
harm anyone.

I'm a pacifist, guys.

Blood scares me, too.

I don't like the sight of blood.

I mean, human blood,
my own blood-- blah.

Matt is creepy.

Um, he's just creepy.

He's creepy.

All right, once again,
he is sharpening his machete.

I know.

ROB: He sits and sharpens the
machete for an hour at a time.

Why does he need the machete
so sharp?

I think he's going to kill us.

I'm afraid that,
when he is voted off,

that he may take out
the machete

and then kill us
after the vote.

There's a couple reasons

why it might be a good move
to vote for Matthew.

One, he is a physical threat,

and two, he's kind of
losing it out here.

I don't know--
everyone's feeling it.

There's just kind of
a weird vibe

coming from Matt these days,

and nobody is all that
comfortable around him.

Come on in, guys!


For today's challenge,
it is for individual reward.

However, it'll be played
in two rounds.

The first round will be played
in teams of three.

Behind me is a pool of mud
with colored flags,

one colored flag for each team.

Each team will be belted
to a bungee.

Your job: collect your team's
row of five flags.

the further away the flag,

the more resistance
from the bungee,

so the last flags will be
hardest to reach.

First team of three to get

all five flags
back in their flag slot

moves on to the final round.

For the final round,
the winning team of three

will now compete
against each other,

with the goal being to retrieve

three flags, in order,
closest to furthest.

First person back

with all three flags
wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


Here's the reward.

It'll be an afternoon
of refreshment.

-Oh, my God.
-You will have a chance

to take a nice cool bath--
cold water--

lay back and get clean,

and then whenever you're ready,
a banana split...

Oh, my God!

-...and chocolate syrup...
-Oh, my God.

-..brownie sundae...
-Oh, my God. -Wow.

...strawberries and cream,
and it'll all be there for you.

-All right. -All right, we're
gonna draw for teams right here.

Okay, Christy, Rob, and Butch
are on the green team.

Dave, Deena, Alex,
you're purple.

Jenna, Matt, and Heidi
are orange.

For a great reward--
survivors ready...


Matthew has the first one.

Gotta get it back in the slot.

Moving on for number two.

Matthew, Jenna, and Heidi
in the lead.

Pull 'em, Matthew,
let's go, baby.

Alex gaining.

Matthew has number two.

Alex has number two.

Butch has number two.

That's right.

We're very close right now.

Let's go, guys.

Going to have to dig deep.

Dig deep.

Matthew and Jenna
with a bit of a lead.

Alex gaining,
going for flag number three.

Go, go, go.

Let's go, guys.

Butch and Rob in the tail.

Alex has it.

Matthew has it.

It's a race back.

Rob and Butch trying
to pull Christy.

Go, go, go.

PROBST: Let's go, guys,
cannot slow down.

Got it!

Rob finally gets the third flag.

Starting to take its toll.

Getting tougher and tougher.

These last two are going
to be very tough.

Come on, Deena.

Reaching for that fourth flag.

Alex has it.

-Oh, my God. -PROBST: Matthew,
Jenna, and Heidi getting closer.

Somebody grab it.

Matthew has his fourth flag.

You can make up time.

Let's go.

You guys are still in it.

Matthew, dig deep.

Let's go, this is it.

Dave and Alex and Deena in the
lead, going for that fifth flag,

trying to move on
to the final round.

The winning team moves on
to the final.

Butch and Rob, gallant effort.


Don't look at them, guys.

Dig, let's go.

Dave has their fifth flag.

Get it back in the slot
and it's over.

Doing the backstroke.

Dave, Alex, Deena, moving on
to the final round.

Going head to head--
Deena, Alex and Dave.

First one to collect
their three flags wins.

For the reward, here we go.

Survivors ready?


Dave with the first flag,
Alex right behind him,

Deena bringing up the rear.

Dave has one in his slot,
moving on for the second one.

Dave has his second one.

-Alex with his second one.
-Go, go, go!

Dave moving on
for the third and final flag.

There it is.

Just like that, it's over.

Dave wins reward.

-Nicely done.
-Appreciate that.

So here's the deal.

Cold bath and then
we have a banana split.


But what is an afternoon
spent alone?

One person gets to come with
you-- your choice, only one.

Gotta pick 'em now.

Alex and Deena,
"one" or "two" behind the back?


-Go ahead, Deena.


Oh, oh!

-You got it, Deena.
-I could kiss you.

PROBST: All right, you guys
are coming with me.

You guys are heading
back to camp.


I think you're going to like
what's been prepared for you.

Little afternoon hideaway
for you two.

Separate his and her bathtubs
with towels

and everything you need,

including bath balm--
those little white balls.

And, uh, here's the food.

You've got, as promised,

pitcher of ice tea,
banana split.

Also got, uh, strawberries
and cream and brownie sundae.


-It's your place, enjoy it.
-The bomb. -Great.

-All right, see you, guys.
-Thank you.

Well, I say we change plans,

-and do ice cream first.
-Yes, let's eat.

-Dave, thank you, oh.
-(Dave laughs)


Life could not be
any better at all.

You have got to have
some of this.

I am in strawberry bliss.

Mmm, mmm!

(Dave squeaking happily)

I'm feeling it.


Excuse me, somebody slap me.

This is about the best thing
in the world.

This is the best in the world.

I'm going to be ill.

-I am so ill.

(groans with pleasure)

Oh, my goodness gracious.

How absolutely bitching is this?

This is so unbelievably cool.

-You know what?

I've never used a loofah
before in my life.

I would like you to loofah away.

I'm gonna loofah myself up.


(both laughing)

Is this
what you were talking about?

(both laughing)

The rocket scientist
and the district attorney.

(both laughing)

All right, here's my dilemma.

It, it does not take a rocket
scientist to figure out...

-The writing on the...

in the proverbial,
proverbial sense,

I-I am quite (bleep).

(both laugh)

And, and while it is fantastic
that I have made the jury,

it would be nice to stick around
another couple days

because I'm having a good time.


All right,
so here is the problem.


(clears throat)

I, I have absolutely no power
to change the fate.

You, of course, are the
strongest person in the group

-as it is-- stands right now,

so you're the greatest threat
to everybody.

I know.

And the only way to do it is,
is that if, uh, uh,

we accelerate
the 5150 status of Matthew.


Which has been discussed
because he's getting funky.

Yeah, I mean, I'm just trying
to, t-to salvage myself,

to stick around
as long as possible.

I know and I understand.

I'll see what I can do.

I'll talk to them.

I owe you that for letting me
have a bath with you.

JENNA: This is
Dave's third time eating.

This is Dave's second shower.

-It's so wrong.
-Dave's cleaning up, man.


Let me put on my bathing suit
while I'm here.

I was thinking that--
yeah, where are you going to go,

-behind the tree?

ALEX: If you guys need
any help washing up...

JENNA: You'll be the personal
washing machine?

ALEX: I-I will be
more than happy to help.

So just holler.

We just got back from...

...reward challenge.

Sucky reward challenge.

-Terrible banana split loser
reward challenge. -Yeah.

JENNA: We've been talking
about ice cream for the past...

Since day two.

Banana splits specifically,

and today we lost it,
but, oh, well.

-We don't need the fat anyway.

-Yeah, exactly.

So I definitely think

it was a tactical move
that he took Deena.

-No doubt about it.
-No, I definitely think so, too.

I don't think it's gonna work.

I just hope
they don't come back

and talk about their banana
split for the whole night.

I-I'm going to ask them not to
'cause that-that's killer.

I seriously am going
to ask them not to.

(Jenna mutters)

Twigs and Sticks are

a nickname for Jenna and Heidi.

Their legs are
twigs and sticks.

I know that I certainly
would catch on fire

if I ever saw Twigs and Sticks
rubbing together.

We got whipped today.

-HEIDI: Yeah, so bad.

And that's just impossible.

ROB: I really like my alliance
with Twigs and Sticks,

but as much as I appreciate
Jenna and Heidi's company,

I don't know if either
of those girls would pay me

any attention in real life.

Super itchy.

ROB: And I don't ever
forget that fact.

I am aware
of how they're trying to use

their sexuality to get me
to do things that I wouldn't

normally do and make mistakes
that I wouldn't normally make.

I really do play this game
with this head,

even though it does, today, look

like a different head.

Honey, we're home.

Was it fun?

Yeah, it was fun.

It was, it was a dumbed-down
bungalow type place.

How was your afternoon?

We did-- we ate lunch.

I was just getting ready
to make dinner.

Good, I'm hungry.

ROB: When Dave and Deena came
back from the reward challenge,

they started talking
about how hungry they were.

No, I'm hungry,
Jenna, I'm hungry.

I want some manioc.

I was like, "Screw you,

"you fat pig.

"You had ice cream all day
and we are starving

and you want to come back
and eat my manioc and fish."

I've been talking about
banana splits since day two.

I wanted to cut myself
with a machete

-when we were walking back.
-The banana split

wasn't really "a banana split."

It was more...

-But it was ice cream.
-...two bananas

in a bowl, and then it had--
you know, there was

-a couple little condiments.
-Ice cream on it.

It wasn't very much ice cream...
and it was all melted.

JENNA: Wasn't so much Deena;
it was Dave.

Common courtesy would say
since you just ate

three different types of
ice creams, you would come back

to your camp from people
who have been eating manioc

and let them eat the fish.

But I guess
he doesn't realize that.



I haven't spoken with Heidi

about her relationship
with Dave, but I do

sleep right next to them,

and I know that I hear
a lot of rustling around

at nighttime, and Dave has
his arms around Heidi.


Supposedly she's playing him,

but then, in my mind,
potentially, I say, "Well,

is Heidi just trying
to play me?"

If anybody wants-- is gonna be
having pillow talk with Heidi,

I want to it be me
and not Dave.

I do think that maybe
I'd have a better chance

if Dave wasn't around,

that maybe my arms
would be around Heidi.

It's very annoying,
the whole thing.

I don't like the fact that

somebody in my alliance
is sleeping with the enemy.


ROB: I don't know what it is
about the dirty human head,

but for some reason,

gnats hang out
at a dirty human head

like it's Studio 54.

They just flock

and circle and hang out, and
they're having a party on top,

on top of my dome, and there's
about a million of them,

and they're
in a flight pattern orbit.

I don't know
what's going on up there.

I didn't rub my head
in anything.

There's no food in my head
that, that I'm aware of,

but it is funny,

when somebody is talking,
and they've got

a million gnats
hanging around their head like

they're Pig-Pen
from the Peanuts.


I'm feeling kind of energized

about-- kind of-- the group.

You know, I'm getting,
getting my, my own groove.

We've been lucky, all right?
It's a good group.

Yeah, I mean,
after such a long time,

you know,
it's been a bumpy ride,

but I think, like,
this is a really good group.

I really appreciate and value

my relationship with Rob,

'cause he knows the game
inside and out.

I mean, I'm clueless.

And he's, he's taught me a lot
about how, how to play it.

And he's also a great guy.

Are you comfortable with,
if Dave wins immunity,

Butch going tomorrow?

Yeah, yeah.

I feel bad, I'd like, I'd like
to keep him, keep him around.

No, I agree.

To keep Matthew

from turning on the five,

I need him to believe

that he has
a different deal going on

than the actual one he has.

What do you think about Alex?

Do you think
that Alex would betray us?

I think you and I--
we have nothing to worry about,

because I completely trust you.

-Yeah. -And I hope you feel
the same way about me because...

I definitely do, so...

I've come up with this
fake story to Matthew about

how Matthew, Alex, and I
are going to be the final three.

Also, we'll try to keep-- try
to keep what we have going on

a secret,
because if people find out

that-that-that we're really
in cahoots,

then they'll try to ta--
we'll be targets.

Good deal.

In reality, I would like
to get rid of Matt,

the sooner the better,
because I am taking my life

into my hands
with the amount of lies

that I am telling him,
just to keep him happy.

It's hard to tell.


-Oh, boy, look at this.


This is interesting.

Whoa, yeah, I know.

Let's see.


-Cool masks.
-We each get our own mask?

You guys are going to like this.

It's pretty cool.

Look at these.

(Rob sings a fanfare)

-The mask.

ROB: "We hide behind masks
to disguise what is real.

"Take some time to paint yours
to represent how you feel.

"Let's see what you know.

"This isn't a race.

With immunity at stake,
who will save face?"

They gave me
such a motley haircut.

I look like Moe
from the Three Stooges.

A little more white
around the eyes.


I'm just trying to draw what I
think I remember about my face.

ALEX: I started out
with the, uh, eyebrows

'cause the eyebrows are
quite obviously prominent.

Very nice.

DAVE: I feel that my head is on
the chopping block right now.

I think this immunity challenge
is key, so my goal is--

for today's immunity challenge--

is, first and foremost,
make sure

Matt does not win.



Come on in, guys!

Looking good.

Rob even put a Survivor bandana.


Long hair.

Oh, nice!
I like the glasses, Butch.

All right, first things first.

Deena, immunity necklace.

Once again, immunity--
back up for grabs.

Okay, for today's
immunity challenge,

I'm gonna ask you
a series of questions based

on Brazilian
and Amazonian culture

and basic survival skills.

Your masks will be hanging
in front of a suspended log.

Each time you get
a question correct,

you're gonna take your machete

and take a chop
at somebody else's log.

The logs are secured
in three places--

one, two, and three.

One chop brings you closer.

Second chop brings you closer.

The third chop
will release the log...



...which disintegrates
your mask.

That person is out of the game.

Last tribe member left
with their mask fully intact

wins immunity, is safe from the
vote tonight at Tribal Council.

We will randomly draw numbers
to determine the order

in which you guys chop,
and we'll do that each round.

Let's get them up,
and let's get started.

First question.

What is guaraná?

A: Brazilian bat droppings,

B: a Brazilian
religious philosophy,

C: a Brazilian energy drink,

or D: a Brazilian game
of chance.


"C" is correct.
It's an energy drink.

Deena, Dave, Alex, Matthew.

Everybody else, step back.

Dave, you're up first.


Matthew takes his first hit.



-That hurts.
-Matthew, they're telling you

-something early.

-That hurts. -Matthew takes
the first two hits.

Matthew, you're up.

Matthew gets back at Dave.

Alex, you could put Matthew
out of the game, if you wanted.

Nah, not yet.


-Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.

PROBST: After the first round,
Matthew takes two hits,

Dave takes two hits.

Next question.

In the unlikely event
you are attacked

by an alligator, crocodile
or caiman, you should:

A: punch it in the snout,

B: cover its eyes,

C: try to get on its back,

or D: all of the above.

All right, everybody reveal.

Correct answer is
D: all of the above.

Deena, Dave, Christy, Heidi,

Alex and Matthew.

Heidi, first chance
to chop at somebody.

-Where's she going?
-Spare me, Heidi. Spare me.


That's gotta hurt.



-I still get my licks, right?
-You still get your licks.

All right.

It's payback.

-Boo-yah! Boo-yah!

-Bangarang. -PROBST: Matthew's
out of the game.

Dave, you're out of the game,
but you still get one last chop.

I'm sorry, Alex.

Eye for an eye.

I knew.

Alex takes his first hit.


Alex takes his second hit.

It's a tough room.

-Got a lot of people
to pay back. -I'm telling you.

Deena takes her first hit.

Christy, who's it going to be?

Oh, man. Wow.



And... bury Alex!

-Welcome to the morgue.
-PROBST: Alex, have a seat.

Two rounds down,
three people out of the game.

Next question.

If you find yourself

with a bushmaster,
you're looking at:

A: a giant white toucan,

B: a Yanomami tribesman,

C: the world's largest viper,

or D: an Amazonian
forest ranger.


Everybody but Rob is right.

-It is the largest viper.

You thought it
was a forest ranger?

I thought it was a porn star
before you read the choices.

Take a step back.

Oh, man,
that was horrible, Rob.

Deena, you're first.

Rob takes his first hit.

Heidi thinking about it.

Rob takes two hits in a row.

One chop away from being out
of the game, Rob.

Jenna, first chance
to use that machete.

Butch takes his first hit.

Christy knows exactly
where she's going.


-PROBST: Just like that, Rob.

Have a seat.


Butch is going
right back to Jenna.

That's fine.

Jenna takes her first hit.

PROBST: Christy and Heidi--
the only players

that don't have any hits, yet,
on their rope.

Next question.
True or false:

Amazonian tribesmen
still use primitive weapons

like bows and arrows
and blowpipes

to hunt birds and monkeys.


Everybody says true.
Everybody is right.

Take your first move, Heidi.

Butch, you are one chop away

from being out of the game.

Where you going, Butch?

Gunning for you, Heidi.

-Feel good, didn't it?
-It sure did.

All right, Jenna.

The southpaw.

No. No. No. No!

-PROBST: Bye-bye, Butch.

You know how many students
would like to do that?


Take a seat.

Where you going, Christy?

Deena takes another hit.

-Deena? -Hmm.
Where are we going to go?

Christy takes her first hit.

Next question.
True or false:

the Amazon is the longest river
in the world.

Hide your answers.

Everybody reveal.

Everybody got it right.

The Nile is the longest river
in the world.

Christy, you're up first.

Heidi, you are down
to one chop left.

Deena, you could put Heidi out.

Christy, you're down
to your last chop,

and it may be over for Christy.


Christy takes a seat.

We're down to three.

Deena's threat
is coming into play.

No, not a threat,
'cause she's already won it.

She's already won it.

Somebody else is wearing
the necklace now.

-You want to share the immunity.
-Share the necklace.

So here's where we're at.

Jenna, you've got
two chops left.

Heidi, you're down
to your last one.

No matter what happens,

if Jenna gets this question
right, game's over.

Here we go.
Immunity at stake.

A pirarucu is:
A: fish,

B: snake, C: ritual,
D: rainfall.

Immunity at stake.

A: an Amazonian fish
is correct.

Heidi, you'll go first.

(everyone groans)

Nice job, Jenna.

(cheering, applause)

Well earned. Well played.

You are safe tonight
at Tribal Council.

Everybody else is vulnerable.

Guys, get your stuff
and head back to camp.

MATTHEW: I destroyed these shoes
one night by leaving them

a bit too close to the fire,
so they're impossible to wear.

My objective for this afternoon

is to MacGyver these
into suitable sandals.

I'll be a much happier person
as a result.


I'd vote off Matt because,

you know, I don't know
what is going through his head.

And he just
gives me the creeps,

and I don't know how long
I can, like, be around him.

DAVE: I am going to vote
for Matt tonight because...

it's the only way that I can
stay on for another three days.

And, hopefully, my vote
and a couple other people's

will... will be enough

to get the majority
of votes against Matt.

-If I can get one more
out of you guys... -Right.

as, you know--
and really, I mean, it's...

-it's a sympathy vote.

Two things working
against you, though.

One was, you know, Roger--

-Right. -The other is, I mean,
you're a threat, dude.

You're a ... badass.

-Nobody wants to ... around
with you. -I know.

I am voting for Dave tonight.

He's probably
the single biggest

threat out here right now.

I'd rather not compete
against him anymore.

So what's Heidi thinking
about this whole thing?

What, you mean, like, about...

-about, like, Dave?
-'Cause I...

-Yeah, you know...
-Did you see when I went...

-Yeah, with Dave. -When I
went... when I went to...

did you see when I...
I went to bed last night

that-that, uh... that-that Dave

and Heidi
were in a full embrace?

Dave always embraces Heidi.

I don't know how she feels
about him, personally.

It's either me or Matt,

and, uh, I'd like to go...

I'd like to go three more days.

I would like for you
to go three more days,

especially compared to Matt.

I think... honestly, I think
Deena feels the same way I do.

-Deena does.
-I think she really does.

But that's only three people.

I need two more.

I don't know. I... seriously,

I think you stand
a 50-50 chance right now.

-I have a 50-50 chance.
-You do.

-And, uh... -And that's the way
I'd look at it.


Hello, guys.


Let's talk about
how people are fitting in now.

Matthew, in the past, when we
talked about fitting in,

you were pretty honest
in saying,

"I haven't totally fit in."

Has that changed?

It's completely changed,

When we merged here
and, uh, started to spend

more time together,
I found that, uh, people

were a lot more interested
in what I had to say.

I feel like I have
some true friends,

and I feel like we have

some great, uh, genuine,
uh, relationships.

Rob, a lot of facial expressions
during that answer.

I'm just so happy
with Matthew's progress.

I was with Matthew for the first

14 days of this game
at Tambaqui,

and he really was kind of, uh,
secluded to himself,

and now I think that he's fit in
so well now,

and he really has become

an invaluable part
of this tribe.

Heidi, let's talk
about the immunity challenge.

There really was no hiding
what was going on.

It's designed to let people know

where they stand
within the tribe.

What was your thoughts
on how that game played out?

I thought it
was really interesting

that the four girls

were the last ones left.

Um, I really didn't expect that
to happen, like, whatsoever.

The guys pretty much
eliminated themselves,

instead of working
against the girls.

PROBST: And Matthew,
on the other hand,

you were the first one
taken out of the challenge,

followed closely by Dave.

That's got to tell you something
about what people

-are thinking about you.
-MATTHEW: No kidding.

I-I-I wasn't very happy
where I fell,

but hey, that's the way
the ball bounces.

Dave, same question.

Why do you think
you were taken out?

You, know it is a game.

It's an individual game
at this point,

and, uh, a group of people
might see me as a threat

and, uh, therefore want to
get me out as soon as possible.

I am in a precarious
position right now.

I know that... that my name
will come up tonight,

and hopefully, it won't
be the majority,

but... but we'll see.

These next three days are...
are important to me,

and, um, I would like
to spend them

with the... the eight people

that are sitting down here
in front of me.

PROBST: Deena, can a obviously
heartfelt plea like that

ever sway a vote,
if indeed that vote

is already heading Dave's way?

If I've learned anything

during the course
of my lifetime,

human emotion can be dictated
by human sentiment,

and I absolutely think there's
people who had question marks

in their head and said,
"All right,

"well, I told these people
I would,

"but, oh, gosh,

he... it's just...
I just can't do it tonight."

So... so yes.

PROBST: Jenna, you have
immunity around your neck.

If you feel comfortable enough
within the tribe,

you could offer it to anyone
else in exchange for something.

I couldn't see anything that
could be exchanged for immunity.

It's mine,
and I'm going to keep it.

All right.

Well, as we have clearly
illustrated tonight,

at this point,
the game definitely changes,

because you are no longer
just voting people out;

you're voting people out
who you're then going to ask

to come back
as a member of a jury

and decide, ultimately,
who will be the sole survivor.

It is time to vote.
Deena, you're up.

He's a great guy.

Really enjoy his company, but...

his time has come.

We've been honest
with each other since day one.

Think it's interesting
how both, I guess,

perceived physical powerhouses
are now dueling it,

one for one--
it has to come down to this.

I hope it's you and not me.

Nothing personal. Take care.

I have total, total respect

for everything
you've done in this game.

You've played it well.
You've played it hard.

Those are reasons
we have to get you out.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out
will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council
area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



One vote Dave, one vote Matt.

That's two votes Dave.

Three votes Dave.

That's four votes.

The eighth person voted out

and the first member
of our jury: Dave.

That's five votes.
That's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

Dave, the tribe has spoken.

Well, clearly, this is a game
about relationships.

With only 15 days left,

the question
you have to be asking yourselves

is: "Are the relationships
I formed out here genuine?

Can they get me to the end?"

Something to think about
as you head back to camp.

Good night, guys.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

Butch gets a bite

-on the finger.
-Ow! God. -How bad?

BUTCH: The fish was dead,
and he had one last bite.

PROBST: And a power struggle
erupts at Jacaré.

Deena thinks that she's
pulling the strings.

Alex thinks
that he's calling the shots.

Who's really calling the shots?

I wish the best
for everybody out there.

And I think, uh, you know,
on closing terms,

there's a great, uh, Nepalese
saying that goes, uh...

"K garne neparne."

It means, "What to do?"

And, uh, I'm here right now,
and I'm hungry,

and it's, uh,
it's food time, so...

take care.